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(She said) Something About Tulips (5) Bright Eyes
...' would you ? (3) Julie
...A Picture Perfect Sissy Meeah Soo
...and the winner is! Sara Rever Eveille
15 Minute Make Over New Manager Paul G Jutras
2 Fast 2 Feminine EX: Preview Edition One Hit Wonder
2 Fast 2 Feminine One Hit Wonder
3 Days Henceforth Rachelle Walker
3 Times A Charm Joyce Devries
4 Kids Paul G Jutras
7 Days Miss Annie
96 Clitty Lane Sarah Acklin
A 'Lisa' New Year Lisa Elizabeth
A Bad Trip (Experience) In Self Bondage Hiliary Mariadubh nicSeamus
A Better Solution Than Divorce (19) Jennifer Allison
A Biography Alyssa Davis
A Blue Dress and Green Shoes (2) MJ
A Blushing Husband A Happy Wife
A Body To Remember And One To Be Pregnant917
A Boy Called Gillian (5) Gillian Ogilvie
A Boy in Saree Sreelakshmi
A Bridesmaid for Real (8) Joyce Devries
A Brief History of Tina Bethany Jacques
A Brother in Need, is a Sister Indeed! (3) Missy
A Bunny's Tail (2) Daisy Attaway
A CD Cheerleader Experience GirlyCheerBoy Kitten
A Cab Ride Ann O'Nonymous
A Case of Mistaken Identity Anyport
A Certain Perception (2) Cherysse St. Claire
A Change For The Better (2) Steffani St. James
A Change For The Better (2) Amelia Allyrw
A Change in Heroics (3) Jamie B.
A Change in Our Marriage (4) Sara Girl
A Change in Time (2) Karen Anne Summerfield
A Change of Direction (3) Tigger
A Change of Life (3) Paula Mortenson
A Change of Orders Tigger
A Changed Man Jennifer White
A Chat A Happy Wife
A Chic with a Dick Jannine
A Christmas Carol Susan Brown
A Christmas Carole Abby Rhodes
A Christmas Star 2 Paul G Jutras
A College Cross-Dresser's Weekend C Johnson
A Conversation, III Ann O'Nonymous
A Conversation, II Ann O'Nonymous
A Conversation, IV Ann O'Nonymous
A Conversation Ann O'Nonymous
A Crack in the Closet Door Conni Baby
A Cure for Depression Rachel Ann Cooper
A Cure for Priapism Debbie Cybill
A Day In Wall Market AshleyKetchum
A Day With Mom Paul G Jutras
A Day at Central Park Hiliary Mariadubh nicSeamus
A Day at School Mistress Cindi
A Day at Work, Dressed Cathy_t
A Day at the Beach - 5 Paul G Jutras
A Day at the Beach 2 Paul G Jutras
A Day at the Beach 3 Paul G Jutras
A Day at the Beach 4 Paul G Jutras
A Day at the Beach Paul G Jutras
A Day at the Charity Shop Samantha
A Day for a Knight Paul G Jutras
A Day in the Garden Jennifer
A Day in the Life Conrad Lee
A Day in the Life Paul G Jutras
A Day of Firsts Kathryn Nelson
A Day of Surprises Valentina Michelle Smith
A Delightful Arrangement (7) Carolyn
A Difference Plane of Existence (5) Karen Page
A Different Kind of Freedom Julie O
A Different Road Victoria Silk
A Djinn's Solution to Marital Strife Lorna Samuels
A Dominatrix Diary (10) A Dominatrix
A Dominatrix Returns A Dominatrix
A Doubled Birthday Surprise (4) Wannabe ginger
A Dream Come True 3 Paul G Jutras
A Dream Come True for Lucy Lucy Dawlish
A Dream Waiting To Cum True SexyAlyssa
A Dream of a Dream Kailea Noir
A Drop A Day Margaret Jeanette
A Dutiful Wife (7) Sydney Michelle
A Fabulist's Tale Rachel Anne Keller
A Fair Cop Karin Roberts
A Family Affair Ginger Collins
A Family Affairs Jennifer White
A Family Change Patricia Pendragon
A Family Reunion Janet L. Stickney
A Fantasy - Part Four Caitlin Rose
A Fantasy - Part One Caitlin Rose
A Fantasy - Part Three Caitlin Rose
A Fantasy - Part Two Caitlin Rose
A Fantasy in Shades of Scarlett Lesley Renee Charles
A Fantasy Ann O'Nonymous
A Favorit Bar Jock2basissy
A Feminine Reality (4) Robbin Renee Wells
A Fetish Doll for Mommy Barbi Satin
A Few Notes on Starting a Second Career Juliette Lima
A First Time For Anything Pamela
A Fistful Of Dragons (4) Hypatia
A Fitting Revenge Prissy
A Fitting Sentence. Virginia Kane
A Flash of Lace Andy Grayson
A Frilly White Dress for John Joanna Maguire
A Full Service Bookstore Kristen Satin
A Gift From Mistress Michelle Rose
A Gift Of Kindness (2) Hayley Winters
A Gifted Child (2) Donna Spencer
A Girl By Accident Jennifer White
A Girl Next Door Jennifer White
A Girl Want to Be Jennifer Allison
A Good Bet Lisa Skye
A Good Offer Michelle Rose
A Grateful Gal Jim Rossi
A Happy Sissy Cuckold Tina Marie
A Hubby's Life A Happy Wife
A Humiliating Punishment Jennifer
A Hunter's Tale Scrambler J
A Joke That Goes Bad Jennifer Allison
A Journey to Reality (2) Laura Reynolds
A Kingsley Investigation (5) Heather Sinclair
A Lesson For Cathy Constance Grant
A Lesson I'll Never Forget Catherine Rose
A Lesson In Love Jennifer White
A Letter Home Ann O'Nonymous
A Letter To My Therapist (True) Trish5160
A Letter from Laura Donna Dee
A Letter to a Plastic Sissy (2) Ms. Bianca
A Life Ever Changing (45) Angel O'Hare
A Life-Changing Experience SandraB
A Little Bit of Knowledge Stacy Bolan
A Little Game of Poker Rocketman
A Little Knowledge Ann O'Nonymous
A Little Problem Paul G Jutras
A Little Quiz Ann O'Nonymous
A Losing Season (2) Tigger
A Loving Doll Ann O'Nonymous
A Maid Man Patricia Violet
A Maiden Gamble (12) Sydney Michelle
A Man Named Quinn Asylum
A Man Taken in Adultery (2) Vickie Tern
A Man's Place Slater
A Married Marilyn Brett Lynn
A Match Maid in Heaven Jennifer White
A Meaningful Relationship Virginia Kane
A Meeting With a Daddy Tim price
A Military Wife Justincbenedict
A Moment of Decision Patricia Pendragon
A Mother's Lottery Win Julia Thomas
A Murder Misstery (7) Nom de Plume
A New Beginning Amanda Stone
A New Body Off the Rack Paul G Jutras
A New Bunny Carolyn Collins
A New Education For The Modern Woman (2) Little Dick
A New Fantasy 4 Paul G Jutras
A New Job Heather
A New Knight - The Soul Mates Robert the Horseman
A New Life A New Boss and A New Wardrobe (6) Zoez
A New Life Begins Patricia Anne Anderson
A New Life III (4) Sara UK
A New Life Patricia Anne Anderson
A New Little Girl Janet L. Stickney
A New Position Heather Alexander
A New Season Approaches (3) Ann O'Nonymous
A New Waitress Janet L. Stickney
A New Woman Michelle Rose
A New Year (2) Adam Smith
A Night Downtown Karen Anne Summerfield
A Night Made By Exotica Kevin Moore
A Night On The Town B'Ellana Marie Duquesne
A Night Out Sara Rever Eveille
A Night With Mistress Lana Ellen
A Nymph Transformation Zedd
A Pal So Nice Dee Eon
A Peeping Tom's Punishment Jennifer
A Pink and White Dress Janet L. Stickney
A Plastic Sissy's Salon Visit Ms. Bianca
A Pleaser's Tale Christy Lake,  Misty Dawn
A Potty Mouth Gets Washed Out Chrissy Bubbles
A Practical Joke Made This Boy Into A Happy Woman Steve Matyas
A Princess From Atlantis Amelia Allen
A Professional Proposition (2) Robbin Renee Wells
A Psycological Thriller Danielle L. Richards
A Quiet Evening at Home Eskylr
A Rapists Punnishment Susan Petty 2000
A Real Girl For a Night Danielle Jones
A Real Man Sissy the Maid
A Really Mild Night Joyce Devries
A Reckless Act Virginia Kane
A Redirected Life (4) Holly Day
A Reflection on Mischief Solon Plorry
A Regular Girl : Chloe's First Orgasm Monica Ikon
A Relationship Killer Danielle L. Richards
A Return To Normal Danielle L. Richards
A Road Less Travelled (2) Aoife Martin
A Rose By Any Other Name Alice Ellis
A Royal Bender Commentator
A Schoolgirl Story (4) Jessica Swift
A Scouting Family Patti
A Season of Darkness (3) Kristyleigh
A Second Life (2) Jennifer Contrisciani
A Second Season Tigger
A Sexy Girly Family (7) Sharom Memmbers
A Shemale Ponygirl's Letter to Her Master Rachael Anne
A Simple Mistake Can Change Your Life Rachael Free
A Sissy Ensnared Sissy Billie
A Sissy Lifestyle DJ711
A Sissy is Born Donnainlace
A Sissy's Wedding Icequeen666
A Sky Full of Terror Valentina Michelle Smith
A Small Accident C.M. Ellis
A Small Matter of Equity Maggie Finson
A Small Time Alabama Girl Danker
A Soft Safe Place Slothrop
A Solution to Noise Pollution Jill Micayla
A Special Anniversry Michelle Rose
A Special Holiday Lisa Elizabeth
A Special Kind of Love Kristen Satin
A Strange Fall Day - First Meeting C Johnson
A String of Dates Minnie
A Stroll In The Park On Carnival Day Minnie
A Study In Satin - Epilogue and Afterward: Mens Sano in Corpore Cito! Tigger
A Study in Satin - Part 3:Dum Vivimus Vivamus (16) Tigger
A Study in Satin Part 1: Semper Cogitus (20) Tigger
A Study in Satin Part 2: Veni, Veni, Vici (18) Tigger
A Sucker for a Stud and His Woman Cute Little Thing
A Suitable Case for Treatment (2) Bethany Jacques
A Summer I'll Never Forget Sakura
A Superhero Saga Blake
A TS Birthday Paul G Jutras
A TS Dream Birthday Paul G Jutras
A TS Fantasy 10 Paul G Jutras
A TS Fantasy 11 Paul G Jutras
A TS Fantasy 2 Paul G Jutras
A TS Fantasy 3 Paul G Jutras
A TS Fantasy 5 Paul G Jutras
A TS Fantasy 6 Paul G Jutras
A TS Fantasy 8 Paul G Jutras
A TS Fantasy 9 Paul G Jutras
A TS Fantasy Paul G Jutras
A Tale From The Wall Valentina Michelle Smith
A Tale of Tanya (2) Tanya
A Taste of Sugar and Spice Anne Browning
A Temporary Schoolgirl Rob Willson
A Terrible Thing That Happened To Me Catherine Rose
A Time To Marry Dave Hicks
A Time to Every Season - Part 1 (4) Tigger
A Time to Every Season - Part 2 (5) Tigger
A Time to Every Season - Part 3 (4) Tigger
A Town Called Hope (3) Ann O'Nonymous
A Tragic Beginning Teresa Ann Wood
A Trainer A Happy Wife
A Travesty of Justice 2 Paul G Jutras
A Travesty of Justice 3 Paul G Jutras
A Travesty of Justice 4 Paul G Jutras
A Travesty of Justice 5 Paul G Jutras
A Travesty of Justice 6 Paul G Jutras
A Travesty of Justice Paul G Jutras
A Trip to Toronto Debbie Cybill
A True Story of Transformation (2) Walt Williams
A Turnabout Party (2) Teddie S
A Turning Point Justine Macoure
A Valentine's Day to Treasure Janis Elizabeth
A Very Difficult Test (2) Young_Ovidius
A Very Special Birthday Present (2) Jennifer Allison
A Very Unusual Proposal Heather Alexander
A Virtual Vacation (2) Michelle Rose
A Visit To Mistress Ann Tim price
A Visit to Mistress Elaine Saffron
A Week In My Life Debbie Valentine
A Week at The Queen’s Way Inn (2) Mary Kay
A Whole New Life Debra Lynn Messer
A Whole New You Paul G Jutras
A Whole New You Jennifer White
A Wife's Fury Margaret Jeanette
A Wife's Indulgence (14) Wannabe ginger
A Wife's Revenge Christina Shelly
A Wigging Janet L. Stickney
A Wild Satin Seduction Georgina
A Wish the Heart Makes - ForNever in Blue Genes (27) Tigger
A Wish? Autumn Winters
A Woman Forever Jennifer White
A Woman Scorned Anyport
A Woman's Love Dave Hicks
A Woman's Story Danielle Gee
A Woman's Thoughts About Her Sissy A Happy Wife
A Wonderful Day at the Beach Jeremy Shawn
A Wonderful Trip Debra Lynn Messer
A Year In My Life - Part II (4) Teddie S
A Year In My Life - Part I (4) Teddie S
A is for Andrea - Sisters are doing It for Themselves Bethany Jacques
A-Nu-U: Kerri C.Sprite
A-Nu-U: Mondo Kool C.Sprite
A-Nu-U C.Sprite
AF: Best Laid Plans Danielle J
AF: Sisters Revenge Kathryn Nelson
AF: Tailhook - Medallion of Honor Joan Banks
AF: Teacher's Pet Ellie Dauber
AF: The Hustler Danielle J
AF: The Missing Episodes of the Fugitive Danielle J
AWU - Abused Women Unite (2) Jennifer Allison
Abba Started It All Bethany Jacques
Abbi's Punishment Serena Lawhead
Abducted and Transformed into a Human Barbie Doll Susan Petty 2000
Abducted Susan Fraser
Absolute Power - 2nd Season (6) Joan Banks
Absolute Power - 3nd Season Joan Banks
Absolute Power 13 - False Profit Joan Banks
Absolute Power (5) Joan Banks
Accidental Life Rachel Ann Cooper
Accidental Momma Slothrop
Act.Female J. R. Anthony
Acting Dominant (23) Tigger
Acting Out Gingerfred Man
Acting Up Gingerfred Man
Acting Janet L. Stickney
Addicted Abby Rhodes
Admission Janet L. Stickney
Adolescent Seduction Emily-ann Thomas
Adonis and Aphrodite Rachel Ann Cooper
Adopted Life Stacy Bolan
Adorable Debbie (2) Misty Galant
Adorable Melody Sims
Adrians New Uniform (3) Josie Brian
Adrienne's Surprise MichelleCD
Adrift Julie O
Adventures in Gender Dawn DeWinter
Adventures of American-Man : Dreamworld Paul G Jutras
Adventures of American-Man Paul G Jutras
Adventures of a Novice Janet L. Stickney
Adventures on the USS Hornblower Maggie Finson,  Bad Irving
After a Fashion Anyport
After the Crash Roy Del Frink
After the Dance Becky Marie
After the Garden Party Justincbenedict
Airport Arrival Kristy Kay
Alack, A Lass Commentator
Alan's Girl (2) Desiree Is Down Here
Alan's Penance (10) Ann O'Nonymous
Alex(andra)'s Story Andrea
Alexandra's Story Lesley Renee Charles
Alexis (4) Britney
Alice List Denver
Alice (2) Lisa Fox
Alistair's Beard Debbie Cybill
All 18+ Straight and/or Bi- Curious Men Must Read This! Master
All Alone in the Night Valentina Michelle Smith
All American Boy Grows Up to Become Jailhouse Slut Steve Matyas
All Dressed Up Janet L. Stickney
All For The Love of Becoming a Girl (4) Robyn Smith
All Hallows Eve (2) Volatile Desire
All Hers Jennifer White
All In The Family Jennifer White
All Mine Jennifer White
All Pretense Aside (2) Diane
All That Matters Cal Y. Pygia
All The Way Jennifer White
All To Be Jennifer White
All To Win Her Over Jennifer White
All You Can Eat Cal Y. Pygia
All at Sea (6) Jenny Jenkins
All for Jasmine (2) Samantha Jay
Allen to Britney Jasmine
Allie's TG Adventure Anne Baker
Allison's Call Alicia M. Hart
Ally In Wonderland Maggie O'Malley
Allyssa Applies for a Job Allyssa Davis
Almost A Girl Janet L. Stickney
Alpha Male Jennifer White
Altered Fates - Gun Moll Geoff
Altered Fates: Chess Prodigy (4) Danielle J
Altered Fates: The Husband Ellie Dauber
Altered Fates: The Wife Ellie Dauber
Alternate Players (2) Slothrop
Alternate Reality: The Bear Market Valentina Michelle Smith
Alternative Education Gingerfred Man
Alternative Medicine Chiara
Always Put the Seat Down Judy Pines
Amanda's Little Woman Anyport
Amanda's Maid (8) Anne Bauer
Amazon Institute Ann Cousins
Amazon: Beth's Story Itinerant
Amazon: Regenesis (14) Itinerant
Ambassador's Second Maid Monica Graz
Amber Smith Rocketman
Ambition (2) Julie O
American Geisha 2 Paul G Jutras
American Geisha Paul G Jutras
American-Man At War Paul G Jutras
American-Man Returns Paul G Jutras
Amphetamine Solon Plorry
Amy Dear Amy Donna Allyson
Amy's Problem Carlito Esperanza
An Afternoon with Mother Deborah Leigh Johnson
An Appointment for Sissy Caroline Richards
An Apprentice Needs Help (14) Wannabe ginger
An Early Chastity Story Chastityman2
An Eight Year Old's Halloween Marnie Smith
An Embarrassing Game (2) Dick Dunham
An Exchange Student 2 Paul G Jutras
An Exchange Student 3 Paul G Jutras
An Exchange Student Paul G Jutras
An Exciting Night Allison
An Indian Dream Tata
An Invitation From Crystal Peter Joseph
An Invitation To Come Out Patricia Marie Allen
An Old Friendzy (2) Peter Joseph
An Old Maid Kaj-Denmark
An Open Book Rocketman
An Ounce of Prevention (7) Cleo Girlie
An Unbelievable Summer Amy N
An Unexpected Swim Debbie Cybill
An Unexpected Tryst Janey
An Unexpected Turn Heather Sinclair
An Unfaithful Wife (3) Vickie Tern
An Unusual Day Swishy
An Unusual Sort of Wedding Sara Rever Eveille
An Unwanted Gift Reising
An Unwelcome Visitor Anne Zvesteit
An Unwilling Baby Jennifer
Anastasia's Life (3) Anastasia Elizabeth Messier
And All My Dreams Torn Asunder (6) Darkside
And Life Goes On (2) Patricia Anne Anderson
And Shalini Born Shalini Sharma
Andersonville 1 - Home, Sweet Home Kelly Davidson
Andersonville 10 -- Boy Trouble Kelly Davidson
Andersonville 11 -- The God Slayer Kelly Davidson
Andersonville 12 -- The day Linda Anderson came to town Kelly Davidson
Andersonville 13 -- Three Finger Jack Kelly Davidson
Andersonville 14 -- The Mailman Kelly Davidson
Andersonville 15 -- The Rich Bitch Kelly Davidson
Andersonville 16 -- Venus Child Kelly Davidson
Andersonville 17 -- Childhood Kelly Davidson
Andersonville 18 -- Love and War Kelly Davidson
Andersonville 19 -- P.O.W. Kelly Davidson
Andersonville 2 - Judge-less Kelly Davidson
Andersonville 20 -- The Cure Prudence Walker,  Kelly Davidson
Andersonville 21 -- Sins of the father, sins of the son Kelly Davidson
Andersonville 22: The Awakening Kelly Davidson
Andersonville 23 -- A twinkle in her father's eyes Kelly Davidson
Andersonville 24 -- Dr. Jensen I presume Kelly Davidson
Andersonville 25 -- Dr. Jensen I presume (Part II) Kelly Davidson
Andersonville 26 -- Hate Crimes Kelly Davidson
Andersonville 27 -- What if Kelly Davidson
Andersonville 28 -- Freedom Fighters Kelly Davidson
Andersonville 29 -- Terror From the Sky (2) Kelly Davidson
Andersonville 3 - The Price of Revenge Kelly Davidson
Andersonville 4 - Fallen Star Kelly Davidson
Andersonville 5 - The Guilty Soul Kelly Davidson
Andersonville 6 - Friendship Lines Kelly Davidson
Andersonville 7 - Soul Mates Kelly Davidson
Andersonville 8 - The Return of Tom McClain Kelly Davidson
Andersonville 9 - Never Cry Wolf Kelly Davidson
Andi's Story Samantha Michelle
Andrea Wears Her Mom's Wedding Gown Janis Elizabeth
Andrea's Beginnings (21) Candy Heels
Andrea's First Day Janis Elizabeth
Andrea's Story (6) Misty Dawn,  Christy Lake
Andrew's Birthday Surprise Jacques hughes
Andy to Angela Julia Thomas
Andy's Training (10) Cissykay
Angel Maids Margaret Jeanette
Angela's New Girlfriend (2) Laura Lawrence
Angela, TV Maid Joyce Devries
Angela Sydian
Angelina - Why Can't A Man Be More Like A Woman? Slothrop
Angels With Smudged Wings Cathy_t
Anita and I Samantha Michelle
Anna Janet L. Stickney
Annabel's Story (5) Annabel Naismith
Anne and Sandy Karen Flynn
Anne's Reunion Austin Henshaw
Annie Gets Blackmailed (5) Anne Zvesteit
Annie's Birthday Sarah Bayen
Another Bound In Rubber Hiliary Mariadubh nicSeamus
Another Christmas Story Sandra
Another Daughter for Shelly Saintly
Another Day Love Those Lashes Dainty Danielle
Another Fun Day With Earl, Lunch and Erotic Times.... Joyce Devries
Another Mission Jane Hudson
Another Ranma 1/2 Story Gerri Becken
Another Satisfied Customer Maggie Finson
Another Type of Makeover Paul G Jutras
Another Visit to Mistress Ann Tim price
Anthony/Antonia Georgina
Anthro in Secret (3) Dave Hicks
Antique Store Samantha Michelle
Antonia Brian Houlihan
Anya Janet L. Stickney
Anyone Could Do It Janet L. Stickney
Anyone for Tennis Alison Barlow
Anything For a Date Jennifer White
Anything To Please Jim Rossi
Anything for a Fast Wheelchair? Dawn DeWinter
Anything for a Moped (18) Dawn DeWinter
Anything to Make a Sale Karen Petties
Anything to please... Meeah Soo
Aphrodisiac Rachel Ann Cooper
April Margaret Jeanette
Aquarium Slothrop
Archie Weird Mysteries (SWI) Paul G Jutras
Archie's Weirdest Mystery (14) Joe Six-Pack
Are We Not Men? Way Zim
Armed Forces (9) Virginia Kane
Around the World In 30 Days Paul G Jutras
Arranged Marriage Heather Alexander
Arrogance Doesn't Pay Jennifer
Artists Rendition Karen Flynn
As Girl As It Gets Meeah Soo
As Good As A Woman Denise Em
As You Wish Eve Monroe
Ascension A Happy Wife
Ashely Mastermind
Ashley's College Experience Alex Storm
Asking for More Evie
At Risk Cal Y. Pygia
At Wanda's Insistence Paula Mortenson
At the Airport Minty Fresh
At the Supermarket Laura Brooks
At the White House B'Ellana Marie Duquesne
Athens Jennifer White
Attacking the Fairies Shy
Attention Deficit Jennifer White
Attitude Adjustments Rachel Ann Cooper
Auctioning Rachael Anne Rachael Anne
Audra: A New Life Redux (2) Joanne Foxcourt
Audra: A New Life (7) Joanne Foxcourt
Aunt Anna's Plastic Salon Ms. Bianca
Aunt Cindy's Bizarre World Barbi Satin
Aunt Karen and Her Niece Andy Kresha Matay
Auntie's New Panties Gingerfred Man
Auntie's World Stephanie Lace
Austin's Angels Laurie S.
Autumn 1980 Sue Jarvis
Autumn To Spring Denise Em
Autumn is the Season of Doom - Chihuahua, Mexico Team -Slothtrop's I Can See For Miles Valentina Michelle Smith
Aw, Come On Emmie Dee
Awakening Rachel Ann Cooper
Awkward Moments Janet L. Stickney
Ayesha (4) Cordellian


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