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Stories by Donna Spencer

A Gifted Child

2001          Complete : Serial       rated: G

Part 1 - A teenage piano virtuoso has trouble communicating his secret wishes with his loving mother.
Part 2 - Christie Speaks - Donnie's cousin Christie relates her experience.

Age: Pre-Teen Under 13   Categories: Crossdressing/TV, Sweet/ Sentimental   Keywords:

part 1

28 K

Added : 09-24-2001

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part 2

9 K

Added : 10-02-2001

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My Life As Jennifer

2001          Complete : Serial       rated: X

Jimmy has a bad habit of teasing his female classmates and must discover for himself how degrading it can be.  To his surprise he discovers what girls really want him to be like.  Also to his surprise he learns new things about his mother.

Age: Pre-Teen to Teen AP   Categories: Crossdressing/TV, Sweet/ Sentimental    Keywords: School Girl


135 K

Added : 10-01-2001

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November First

2001          Complete : Yes       rated: R

Ralphie has been trying on his mother's clothes and decides he wants to dress up as a girl for Halloween.  It goes so well he decides to try it again on November 1.  A subplot takes us into the world of femdom and bondage. 

Age: Teenager 13-18   Categories: Crossdressing/TV, Seasonal, Sweet/ Sentimental    Keywords: Bondage, Very High Heels


80 K

Added : 10-29-2001

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