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This story is based on actual events – although the names of the participants have been altered.


A Visit to Mistress Elaine

by Saffron


It is almost 10:30am. I am driving on the motorway towards Sheffield and the next service area is just in sight. I pull over to the inside lane and start to indicate left. From the service area I will make a pre-arranged call to Mistress Elaine. They are expecting this call for it is the signal for Elaine to dress John in female underwear and to prepare him for my visit! I ring the number on my mobile phone and the call is answered quickly by Mistress Elaine. "Hello Elaine this is Lucy, I'll be at your place in about 20 minutes", I say. "Everything will be ready by the time you arrive Lucy" she answers. "John will be dressed, handcuffed and pantie-gagged as arranged – and I think a nice butt plug would be good as well", she adds with a laugh. "And don't forget to make sure that his little clit is nicely locked up" I reply. "We don't want him to become over excited do we?" We both have a chuckle over that! I feel my own cock becoming hard in my panties at the thought of where it will soon be lodged – between the sissies's waiting mouth! "Did you bring some cum with you?" Elaine asks. I reply that I have indeed been saving and freezing my cum especially for this visit. "There will be plenty to thoroughly coat the cock gag which we can strap on him. He will able to suck on it nicely while we have some fun!" I add. "Well, he will be all ready for you when you get here and he can have a little welcome suck on your cock to start with – I will put it between his lips myself and 'encourage' him to take it, and later he can have a proper 'feed' of cum – whether he wants it or not" she laughs. "After all, he really does need to become a full cum-slut as part of his sissy training. We both chuckle and I feel myself becoming very aroused at the thought of her sissy forced to swallow my cum!

We end the call and I continue on my journey. I am very aware of my feminized state under my male clothes. I am wearing black female lingerie and the tug of my suspender belt on my lacy nylons and the feel of my bra straps feels just delicious! I approach the outskirts of my destination and temporarily have to concentrate on taking the correct route - but too often, the mental image of the delectable Elaine forcing my engorged cock betweens her sissy's lips threaten to disturb my concentration!

I eventually pull-up outside the house and Elaine opens the door to greet me. She is looking gorgeous in her red PVC dress – the feminine swelling of her breasts pushing out the PVC in a delightful and provocative way! We kiss and hug each other and I allow my fingers to feel the trace of her suspenders and stocking tops. After a brief chat she leads me upstairs to the bedroom where her sissy is nicely bound and gagged on the bed. I am pleased to see he is firmly gagged with Elaine's special pantie gag and she pulls his panties down to show me his cock – firmly locked up in the pink CB2000 which Elaine has fitted to him. "Lucy's here", she says, "take your clothes off Lucy". I need no encouragement and I am soon standing there in my bra, panties and suspender belt. Elaine's hand reaches out and strokes the front of my panties. I feel my cock growing again – even more so when Elaine's fingers finds it and pulls it from my panties. "Time for a welcome kiss!" she says to her sissy who is mute – Elaine's panties providing a very effective gag. She quickly undoes the gag and pulls the panties from his mouth. She leads me over to John and holds my cock at his lips. "Kiss it slut!" she says, holding the head of the cock at his lips. Sissy complies and plants a kiss on it. "Good girl", says Elaine "you can do better than that!" She then takes my cock and feeds it between his lips. Slowly, most of it is now firmly embedded in the sissy's mouth and it feels wonderful – just like a nice warm female cunny in fact". "Get sucking slut!" she says. "Fuck the sissy's mouth, Lucy – imagine it's me you are fucking!" I need no encouragement and start to thrust in and out of his mouth. I can feel myself starting to reach a climax and Elaine realizing it also tells me to stop and I pull out. However, there is plenty of pre-cum oozing from the cock-head and the sissy is forced to lick and suck any remaining traces from the shaft. "Can we have that cum that you have been saving Lucy?" Elaine asks. I produce the little plastic container that now is about half-full of the sticky white stuff. I have been carefully saving and freezing my cum especially for this occasion and now there is at least 10 days worth – all of which is intended for the cum-slut firmly helpless before us! "I think we could now put that nice cock-gag to good use, but first we need to make it ready for him with a nice coating of your cum" she says. I produce the rubber and leather gag from my travelling bag and proceed to give the rubber cock a nice thick coating of cum from the container. I hand it to Elaine. "Open up slut – this will keep you quiet while Lucy and I have some fun". She shows the prepared gag to the sissy who clearly intends to resist with the sight of the rubber cock approaching his lips – it's surface shiny with cum. "We'll have to make you then", she says, holding his nostrils closed and after a few seconds forcing him to open his mouth to breathe. Quick as a flash the rubber cock-head is pushed between his lips and the full length pushed home. With Elaine firmly holding it in place I reach over and quickly apply the straps and buckles. Finally it is nicely secured and we step back and admire our handiwork. The sissy groans and wriggles but the bonds and cuffs have been well applied. One glance at his panties and his imprisoned cock is enough to tell us how much he is enjoying his humiliating treatment especially with the butt-plug embedded firmly in his 'pussy'. Elaine laughs "does that taste nice John?, she laughs, "Better get used to it, as you will be getting it nice and hot straight from source soon whether you like it or not!". I remind her that the cock gag has a convenient 'attachment' so that she can insert a rubber dildo into her own cunny and ride his face – giving her pleasure while the sissy must endure the sight and smell of her womanhood without being able to react himself…

Elaine smiles at me mischievously. "Perhaps you would like to get me 'ready' to ride him", she says. I need no encouragement an my fingers slip between her thighs and brush against her pantie-covered crotch. We caress and our fingers explore our respective hardware of our bras and suspender belts. Our nylon covered legs brush together –and produce a wonderful tingling sensation. I run my hands over her delightful bra-cups – admiring the warmth and softness of them while Elaine's hands lightly run over the front of my lacy panties and she starts to squeeze my cock and balls through the thin pantie material. "Let's make sure the sissy gets a good view", she says. She takes my hand and places it between her thighs. "Caress me there, Lucy", she whispers, "Feel my cunt – put your fingers inside and feel the essence of my womanhood". I need no encouragement and gently explore the lips of her femininity while nuzzling her soft breasts. "Would you like to suck them?" she whispers. I reach behind her and release the catch of her bra. For the first time I cup her breasts and admire their shape and form. "Here you are Lucy", she says "Suck on this….". My lips make contact with the proffered nipple and I draw it into my mouth. I feel Elaine give a slight shudder as I begin to suck on her teat. My hand returns to the exploration of her pantie crotch and my index finger gently parts the lips of her sex and slips inside. We glance over at the sissy who is looking at us – fully restrained. His mouth full of rubber cock, his engorged cock restrained in a chastity belt and his own 'pussy' nicely stretched a filled with a butt-plug. We smile at him and just to reinforce his helplessness we kiss and caress once more…..

"I think you should explore me more thoroughy", Elaine murmurs. "Lie on the floor so that I can sit astride your face – I need my cunny to be licked and sucked properly". I do not need any encouragement and I am soon facing upward. Elaine discards her panties and playfully holds the crotch over my nose and mouth so that I can inhale her feminine scent. She carefully positions herself and lowers her cunny directly over my mouth. "Stick your tongue all the way in Lucy – I want to feel you inside me…" I do as she bids and begin to explore her womanhood with my tongue. At the same time I reach up and caress her breasts – rolling her stiff nipples between my fingers. My head is now trapped between the nylon clad thighs of this lovely female – a virtual dream come true! "Oh, look at the poor sissy", she says, referring to John who is struggling and groaning into his rubber cock-gag. Elaine reaches back and caresses my cock and balls. "I hope these have lots of lovely cum for Sissy", she says. "I've promised some nice fresh cum for our little slut over there", she adds. Her remarks only seem to increase the sissy's frantic struggling. "Awwwwww", she laughs, "I do believe he is trying to bring himself off". "Not much chance of that, with his cock imprisoned in that CB – and that's where it is staying – locked on!" I continue to lick and suck her sex, listening to her teasing and tormenting the sissified John. "Is it getting nice and wet down there, Lucy?" With my mouth full of her sex and juices I nod in the affirmative. "Well I think I am wet enough now for a nice ride on the slut's face and after that we can give him a nice warm feed of cum straight from those well-filled balls", she says while handling the items in question…

Elaine stands up and hands me a tissue to wipe my mouth which is thoroughly covered with her female juices. "I think the sissy needs a refill for his nice rubber cock", she says. "Is there anymore cum left?" I hold the cum container up for her inspection. "Oh, good, another for another feed – fetch a teaspoon Lucy, we can feed him just like a baby". I do as ordered and fetch the teaspoon. Elaine releases the leather head harness from the sissy and withdraws the cock from his mouth. She then hands it to me. "Can you fit the penis extension please, while I feed the sissy". I do as bidden, then watch fascinated while Elaine dips the teaspoon into the container and fills it up with some of the remaining cum. "Don't be such a stubborn sissy", she says, chiding him. "Open your mouth – nice fresh cum is very good for a slut like you!" His lips remain defiantly closed, so once more his nose his held firmly. "Here comes the choo choo, going into the tunnel", she chuckles, just like a young mother feeding her baby. Eventually of course sissy has to open his mouth and the brimming spoonful of sticky cum is deftly slid between his lips. "It will be much harder if you resist", she says. "Now swallow it all up like a good little girl!" The sissy realise that he cannot win this particular battle and watches as Elaine gather the remaining cum onto the teaspoon. This time there is no resistance and sissy even complies when ordered to lick any remaining cum from the spoon and the container. "That's much better", swallowing cum is an important part of your training. In future, I want you to swallow Lucy's cum whenever I require it. In fact you will eventually become addicted to sucking cock and swallowing cum, and you won't need to be forced – and remember that in a few minutes - when the real thing is filling that pretty little mouth of yours…", she adds with a grin….

I hand her sissy's cock-gag together with its attached penis extension, but before pushing it back into his awaiting mouth she reaches down and parts the lips of her sex and pushes the gag part into her cunt. "I'll just get it nice and flavoured with some cunny juice to compliment your cum that he's just had", she says, working the short rubber cock in and out of her sex. It is soon nicely coated with her sex juice and the gag is forced back between the sissy's lips and tightly secured in place. The rubber penis now projects obscenely from the front leather panel of the gag strap firmly buckled around sissy's head. "Does Mistress's juice taste nice, slut?" She asks him. He slowly nods his head and the protruding rubber cock looks quite comical as it nods as well. Elaine now climbs on the bed and sits astride sissy's face. Parting her sex lips she carefully lowers herself onto the erect rubber cock and I watch fascinated as it is absorbed completely into the depths of her womanhood. Adjusting her position for comfort, she slowly starts to move her lower body up and down, so that the rubber cock glides smoothly between her sex lips which greedily suck on the rubber cock. I watch the incredibly erotic sight of the bound sissy, his mouth filled with rubber cock still tasting of our combined sex juices – having to endure the sight and smell of Elaine's womanhood - so close and yet so far! Elaine increases the pace of her fucking and I notice how her sex juices are glistening on the surface of the dildo – firmly planted between her thighs. "Suck my tits, Lucy!", she orders. I need no encouragement, and now I enjoy her soft breasts moving against my lips and face as she pleasures herself on the rubber cock. With a final shudder and a groan she reaches a climax. The leather panel of the cock gag and the sissy's face are now awash with her sex juice…

Elaine raises herself and withdraws the glistening cock from the depths of her womanhood. "Lie on your back Lucy", she says, "You can clean up my cunny for me". I do as she orders and soon my head is held firmly between her smooth thighs, as I eagerly lick and suck the nectar from her sex. She reaches back and feels my cock and balls. "Hmm, nice and heavy and filled with lot's of cum", she murmurs, "I think it must be feeding time for the slut". I am released from my sweet confinement between her thighs and she leads me over to where the sissy is still lying – helpless; his cock now clearly bulging through the bars of his pink CB2000. "What a shame he is going to stay locked up", she laughs, as she start to fondle my cock – which is by now very stiff and eager to do her bidding. "Don't go off yet!" she orders. "Undo his gag for me please!" I do as I am bid and withdraw the dildo from sissy's mouth. Still grasping my cock firmly, she brings the head close to the sissy's lips. "Now sissy, is this what you really want?" "Yes, mistress….." murmurs the sissy - somewhat reluctantly. "I can't hear you slut!" she growls. "What do you want slut?" she repeats. "I want to suck cock mistress…" the sissy haltingly replies. "Well in that case your request is granted, open up – here it comes!" she says, holding my cock firmly and placing it between his lips. She then feeds the shaft into his mouth, and I feel my cock deliciously lodged in the warm, wet confines of the slut's 'cunt-mouth' until it is fully enveloped. "Give him what he wants Lucy", she laughs. "Suck hard slut", she warns him. "Suck hard for your reward!" I began to thrust my cock between his lips, withdrawing the cock-head enough for Elaine to see him eagerly licking and sucking the pre-cum from the end. "Good, he really wants it badly, fuck his mouth Lucy – hard!" I pick up the pace and Elaine grasps my balls. I feel my climax fast approaching, and with one last thrust my cock explodes – completely filling the slut's mouth with hot warm cum. "Swallow it slut" – she orders "All of it!" The sissy does as he is ordered, and I imagine a quantity of viscous sticky cum slowly sliding down his throat. Elaine has clearly enjoyed the sight of her sissy undergoing the enforced cock-sucking experience. "Good girl!" she says to sissy. "Wasn't that nice?" "You ate up all your nice spermies for mummy…" she adds in a babyish voice. "Must be time for some lunch Lucy, I don't expect sissy wants any lunch now, after that nice feed of cum you just gave her…" We both smile at the remark… "Shall we leave sissy tied up and re-gagged or be kind to her?", she turns to me. "Well, he did quite well taking his feed – I think we should unlock him", I say. "Ok", she replies, "He will need a rest anyway before he is thoroughly fucked with the strap-on this afternoon", she adds with a grin, "Yes, sissy – an afternoon of cock-sucking and fucking for you!" Sissy says nothing – perhaps contemplating the humiliation which he so desires and that awaits him….

We finish our lunch and Elaine looks across to me – still dressed in my black lacy panties, bra and suspender belt. "Would you like to get changed into your baby things Lucy?" she says. "I expect you would like a nice baby bottle of formula after your lunch". I reply that that would indeed be very enjoyable and I go back upstairs and don my frilly baby trainer pants, baby girl tights and my lilac baby dress. While waiting for my 'nanny' to appear, I find my favourite dummy and lie contentedly on the bed sucking the comforting rubber teat. I hear the microwave 'ping' downstairs and realise that Elaine is preparing my feed of baby formula. After a short while she appears dressed in her blue, nurses uniform, with its smart white belt and holding my prepared baby bottle in her hand. "Ready for your titty bottle baby?" she says with a smile. "Let's put you into your baby harness – we don't want baby running away do we?" I stand up, still sucking on my dummy and put out my arms, while the strong pink leather baby harness is placed around me and the straps and buckles firmly tightened. "That's better, you look much more like a big helpless baby wearing that – come here baby and have your nice titty bottle!". She sits on the side of the bed and motions me to sit beside her. "Swing your legs over Lucy and lie with your head in my lap." I do as says and gaze up at her lovely face, framed by the swelling of her bosom.

The delightful symmetry of her breasts confined under the fabric of her uniform is enough for me to feel my cock beginning to become aroused in the confines of the plastic baby pants. Elaine notices the effect she is having and chuckles. "Naughty baby", she says, "Babies are not supposed to get aroused by their nannies…". I groan with delight as her hand reaches down to my plastic covered cock and balls. " Baby is very naughty", she says, hugging me close to her bosom. "Let's remove your dum dum shall we?" she says, pulling it from my mouth with a soft 'plop'. "Now where shall I put this for safekeeping?" She queries with a mischievous smile. "I know, we will put it into nanny's special place", and her hand slips between her thighs. I realise what 'special place' means, and mentally picture my favourite dummy - safely lodged between nanny's sex. "Don't worry baby – you can have it back soon", she says. "Nanny is just keeping your dum dum nice and safe for you", couched in that tone of voice reserved especially for talking to infants. She reaches over and holds the baby bottle - placing the rubber teat between my lips. "Here is your nice baba – drink it all up like a good little baby", she whispers encouragingly. I do as my nanny bids and start to draw the warm baby milk from the bottle teat held firmly in place.

I relax and enjoy the bliss of being fed and cuddled by nanny as I continue to take my feed. Before long the bottle is empty and Elaine gently removes it. "What a good little baby", she says in the same teasing tone of voice. "Milky all gone…." "Perhaps baby would like to suck nanny's titties?" Knowing that I would enjoy nothing better, she unbuttons her nurse's uniform to expose her soft bra-encased breasts. She slips the strap of the nearest bra cup from her shoulder and cups the exposed orb in her hand. "Here you are baby, suck on nanny's tittie", she whispers, directing the swollen nipple between my lips. I latch on to the proffered breast and suck eagerly like a starved infant. "Baby must be so very hungry", she says, planting a soft kiss on my forehead as I continue to nurse.

After a few minutes I am switched to the other side and I luxuriate again in nursing from her soft feminine breast. Eventually Elaine is satisfied that 'baby' has been 'at the breast' long enough. "There we are baby, was that nice?" she says with smile. "Now where did I put your dum dum?" "Oh yes, silly nanny, it's just where nanny left it…" Her hand reaches down to her panty covered crotch and retrieves my dummy from her sex lips where it has been held in by her panties. "Here it is baby – all nice and flavoured for you". Held by the plastic ring, the dummy is held by Elaine so that I clearly see the teat glistening with her sex juice. "In it goes", she says, pushing it between my lips. I cuddle up to her while enjoying nanny's 'special treat'….

We lay for a while like this while Elaine's hand moves to the front of my plastic baby pants – rubbing and caressing there while I continue to suck on my little rubber and plastic 'comforter'. Eventually she announces that it is time for her slut to have another feed of cum, her hand slipping beneath the waistband of my baby pants and feeling for my balls. "You can feed him Lucy with your special 'formula' from this bottle!" grasping my cock so that I know what she intends. "We can put that nice 'strap-on' that you so kindly brought with you to good use at the same time!", she adds. "You can help me get him prepared so that he is suitably restrained for a good fucking from his mistress", she says with a grin….

"Take off your baby stuff Lucy and put on your pretty femme undies again, while I change into my red vinyl outfit". When we have both changed I remark that we will need something to support the sissy – such as a stool. A suitable stool is found and placed in a clear area in the bedroom. The sissy is then summoned to the bedroom and ordered to bend over the stool. "Handcuff his hands Lucy to the front of the stool, while I secure his ankles at the back. We don't want him to struggle – while he is deflowered by my cock", she adds – busying herself with securing his legs and ankles to the legs of the stool using the leather straps conveniently provided. "That should be about the right height for me to fuck his 'pussy' while you do the same to his mouth", she says, stepping back to admire sight of the helpless sissy awaiting his fate. "Shove this in his mouth", she says, handing me the cock gag, "While you help me with the strap-on". I push the rubber cock into the sissy's mouth and do up the leather strap to keep it firmly in place.

I produce the strap-on and show Elaine the extra attachment that can be used to fill her own sex while fucking sissy. I help her strap it on around her waist adjusting it for size and fit. Finally I help her ease the dildo attachment into herself and show her the range of cocks that can be attached to the front panel of the belt. Her eyes alight on a large flesh coloured latex cock – which looks very realistic. "Wow, that must be at least 8 inches!" she says with a whistle. She picks it up and weighs it in her hand. "Hmmm, a bit too big for sissy at this stage I think – even with those butt plugs helping to stretch him…" she grins. "No reason why I can't fuck his mouth with it though", she adds, while attaching the cock to the front panel of the belt. She moves around to the front of the stool – looking incredibly sexy with the large latex cock wobbling in front of her. "How would you like to be fucked with this?" she says, waving the monster cock in front of the sissy's face. Of course the sissy can only emit a moan – all that the rubber cock gag will allow… "I'm not sure whether that was a yes or a no", says Elaine, grinning at me. Anyway, he's going to get a taste of this", she says, releasing the strap of the cock gag. Before he can object she moves forward and slips the large head of the cock between his lips. The sissy wriggles and struggles in his bonds and handcuffs as Elaine pushes the cock in further until it almost completely fills his mouth. "It really turns me on when he struggles" she says, slowly starting to rock backwards and forwards – the monster cock between her thighs moving in tandem. "Hmmmm, that dildo feels so good inside my cunt", she whispers to me, as the motion of her movements cause the dildo to start her juices flowing. "Suck my cock – hard!" she orders the slut and picks up the pace. The stimulation of the rubber dildo inside her and the large cock being forced into sissy's mouth all combine to sexually arouse her.

"That is soooo good…" she murmurs, eventually withdrawing the latex dildo from the slut's lips. "I just have to fuck him, right now!" "Help me fit the smaller dildo please Lucy", she says, pointing to the remaining black latex dildo. I kneel down and remove the 8-inch monster from the leather crotch panel and attach the alternative. I hand her a tube of lubricant so that the dildo will slide into position easily. Elaine positions herself at the rear of the stool, and after moving aside his nylon panties she aims the head of the dildo at the slut's waiting hole. "Position yourself at the other end Lucy and plug his mouth with your cock, we don't want any moaning and groaning!" she orders. I move to my allotted position and without hesitation force my cock-head between his waiting lips. I slowly push the shaft all the way, in until sissy's mouth is well and truly stuffed with my full length. Elaine nods her approval and moves forward until her dildo is just in the right position. "Ready Lucy?" she says. I nod to her and she pushes the dildo into the sissy's waiting 'cunt'. Any resulting moans from the slut are effectively silenced by his mouthful of cock. "Keep pace with me, Lucy," she says and begins to fuck him with her strap-on. Very soon, I feel my shaft hardening as the sissy sucks hard on his 'gag'. Elaine is also clearly getting aroused. The dildo embedded in her sex synchronized with the thrusts of her pelvis, as she and I near our climaxes. "Cum together!" she almost yells. With one last thrust the hot cum erupts from my cock straight down the slut's throat while Elaine climaxes with a shudder – her sex juices running freely down the rubber dildo still embedded in the slut's pussy.

"Wow!" she says, "that was quite amazing! I think the slut enjoyed it as well". She points at his still imprisoned cock – now almost bursting from the confines of the chastity device. I totally agree, and withdraw my shaft from between his lips. I hold it out so that the slut can lick any remaining cum from the cock-head. "Good idea Lucy, he can clean me up too". We release the handcuffs etc and Sissy is ordered to lie on the floor. Elaine sits astride his head and orders him to clean her up. He needs no encouragement, and I watch as his eager tongue eagerly licks and sucks at her sex until she is satisfied.

It's been one amazing day for all of us – a voyage of discovery in fact… I think back and feel how fortunate I have been to have such good friends - willing to share both mine and their own intimate desires and sexuality with me….

The End




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