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A Superhero Saga 2004 Complete: Serial Rated: M
Blake, an aspiring almost-13-year-old superhero, gets more than he bargained for, when he agrees to "play" a comic-book based role playing game with his two older cousins, Jill and Lisa. Stopping by Blake's house on the way home from their ballet class, they found him reading a "Batman" comic book, and, as he turned the page, Catwoman was standing over a tightly-bound Batman. They convinced Blake to let them "capture" him, but first, he had to look like a superhero. No problem! The girls ran to their house and returned with miles of rope and a bagful of different colored tights, leotards, and, a few "surprises that Blake hadn't counted on! Thus begins a young boy's journey into a life full of kinky fun and adventure...

Age: Teenager 13-18     Categories: Bad Boy to Good Girl, Body Suits, Bondage, Crossdressing/TV, Physically Forced or Blackmailed     Keywords:

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