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Dallas Doll 2003 Complete: Serial Rated: G
Part 1 - Chapter Thirty-Six of an inspired take-off continuation of a beloved series on Crystal's Story Site. The names have been slightly changed to enhance the coy fun!
Part 2 -
Part Two of a take-off of Crystal Sprite's spirited "Texas Gal." The spiteful conspiracy of embittered fired employees against Darla Anne Drake and her family launches with a glove of silk and iron as a professional beguiler woos her. Can her famous wits and brains shield her against her first crush?

Age: Teenager 13-18     Categories: Crossdressing/TV     Keywords:

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part 02 58 K Added : 09-22-2003
Snowed Bunny 2003 Complete: Yes Rated: M
A ski trip to the Catskills leads to awakening TS feelings in a straight high school freshman after he tries to slyly trick snow-bunny obessed ski instructors into paying him attention for some lessons...but the one he learns he never bargained for.

Age: Teenager 13-18     Categories: Caught with Consequences, Crossdressing/TV     Keywords:

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My Best Friend's Sischick -- Me?? 2004 Complete: Yes Rated: G
Part 1 - A teenage jock is unwittingly magically mind-swapped with the nine-year-old sister of his best friend and both experience a new relationship neither ever bargained for!
This is a Part Five take-off of "My Best Friend's Sister, part 5" by The Insomniac. Please read "My Best Friend's Sister" first!
To protect the innocent, names have been changed but the characters the same...
Part 2 - Continued take-off of The Insomniac's "My Best Friend's Sister" where transformed jock Jay's odd new relationship with best buddy Tim's almost literally comes to a head.

Age: Teen to Pre-Teen AR     Categories: Age Regression, Magical Transformations, Mind Transfer/ Mind Possession, Stuck, Sweet/ Sentimental     Keywords:

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A Pal So Nice 2004 Complete: Yes Rated: G
A junior high jocks senses the blossoming rewards of tolerance and keeping a friend's deepest secret.

Age: Pre-Teen Under 13     Categories: Caught with Consequences, Crossdressing/TV, Sweet/ Sentimental     Keywords:

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