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Alice List




When Jenna Alexander stepped out of the limousine, the slit in her black satin cocktail dress fell open. It extended all the way up to the top of her shapely leg. Passers by caught a tantalizing glimpse of the lacy tops of her hose, black satin garter, and black satin panties. When she stepped out and stood up, she ran her black satin-gloved hands down her voluptuous sides smoothing her dress. Karen Anderson followed her out of the limousine. She too wore satin opera gloves. However, they were white. They matched the white strapless satin mini-dress. It had a black 1-inch wide hem along the top and a matching band sown into the waist. The dress dramatically emphasized her incredible body.

Jenna glanced over at Karen. She could see the insecurity and anxiety on Karen's face. The pair had just come from a charity gala. As usual, men vying for her attentions surrounded Karen. Her shoulder length blond hair, trim petite body, and beautiful face made her the center of attention. It was attention that she would rather not have. When Karen picked up a cocktail napkin from off the floor, every man around looked down her dress and leered at her grapefruit size breasts.

Karen was on the "Alice List." She had gone down the "Rabbit hole" several weeks ago. Tonight Karen was going to find out how deep the rabbit hole really went.

Leather clad patrons entered the club allowing the driving music to escape. Its pounding beat and piercing tone unsettled Karen. When one woman in a leather mini-dress leading another in a training harness and chains entered the club, Karen grew frightened. She didn't want to seem like a prude, but this place was like none she had ever been to before. Jenna tossed her long golden blond hair over her shoulder and looked at Karen.

"This is an exciting club," Jenna said with a smile. "The 'Leather Fox' is the hottest new club in town. I know you're going to love it."

"I don't know," Karen cringed. "I was expecting a fine restaurant not this."

"This is the most fashionable club in town," Jenna said coyly.

"It is," Karen replied contorting her face. "Why?"

"It's easier to show you than tell you," Jenna said walking to the door. "Let's go in, and you can see for yourself."

The two ladies approached the door and a very large tattooed man opened it. Colored lights flashed as a mob of people ground against each other to the rhythm of the music. Along the perimeter were booths and tables. Men and women, wearing only leather harnesses, were bound and gagged throughout the club. They were fastened to pillars walls and many other surfaces. Jenna was already halfway across the dance floor. Karen scurried to catch up with her. In the flashing lights unseen hands touched and fondled her. She anxiously pushed her way through and emerged on the other side. Jenna was already seated in their horseshoe shaped booth.

Karen tried to say something to Jenna, but the music volume was up to high. Even her shouts failed to get Jenna's attention. Jenna held up her index finger and mouthed, "Wait," and slid out from the booth. Karen watched Jenna walk down the steps to the bar.

Two women wearing black leather and latex slid in one either side of the booth. Karen anxiously slid to round back of the booth. The women reached up and closed the curtains to the booth. Karen tried to ask one of the women if she could get out. Instead her partner on the other side grabbed Karen's arms and pulled her over the table. Her hips pressed against the edge of the table and her skirt hiked up in back revealing her black satin panties and garter belt. It strikingly contrasted her white satin mini-dress. The woman near Karen's bottom opened a sack. She quickly took out a massive butt-plug and lubricated it. Karen grimaced and struggled trying to break free. She cried out for help, but no one heard her.

The woman near Karen's bottom slid her hand under the lacy waistband of Karen's black satin panties. The woman felt her hand slid under the cool soft fabric of Karen's panties. When it was in the right position, she used her other hand to press on the plug. Karen's eyes grew wide and her mouth hung open. The woman at her head grabbed a fist full of her blond hair and yanked her head back. She shoved a black penis gag attached to a black leather neck-corset into Karen's gaping mouth. Meanwhile her partner pushed the last little bit of the plug into place. She smiled and patted Karen's pantied bottom.

After lacing up the neck corset, the other woman forced Karen's arms behind her. Her partner tossed her a black leather armbinder. Karen struggled as the armbinder slid up her arms pinning them behind her. Karen let out muffled cries of protest as the armbinder secured her arms. The other woman was busy too. She pulled open the crotch to Karen's panties and nestled the top of a huge black dildo between Karen's vaginal lips. With one swift thrust, she pushed the dildo into Karen up to the hilt. With that done she fixed Karen's panties and wrapped a thin white satin chastity belt around Karen's waist. Adjusted the interior strap so that the waist strap would be very tight. Straining and grunting, she pulled the two ends together. The flat silver locking clasps in back snapped shut and locked. She then pulled the crotch strap between Karen's legs. As it pulled tight, the strap sunk into Karen's bottom drawing her black satin panties with it. With that done she pulled down Karen's dress and moved to the next item. She forced Karen's legs into a white leather hobble skirt. She worked the tight leather garment up Karen's legs and up over her hips and pelvis. With great speed and dexterity she laced up the dress in back. Karen could not only move her legs a few inches. The last item secured on Karen was a white collar and leash.

They dragged Karen out of the booth and led her to a back office. When the door closed, the pounding music diminished considerably. The two women left leaving Karen bound and gagged in a strange office. Jenna and a strange woman entered a short while later. The woman wore a black latex hobble skirt, black latex waist cincher, and a white silk schoolmarm blouse. She had long raven black hair and anemic white skin. Her face was pretty but harsh at the same time.

"I want her fully trained," Jenna said Mistress Victoria in regard to Karen.

"Any particular emphasis," Victoria inquired.

"As a matter of fact, yes, I want her conditioned to be a bondage submissive."

"Very good. Has she had any experience?"

"No. She is a newbie. I want her to like it in the ass."

"It will cost extra then, and I will need at least a year perhaps two."

"That's fine. I want the job done right. I have a number of customers who will pay a great deal to tie her up and fuck her pretty little ass."

"I'll get started tonight," Victoria said, slapping her riding crop into her hand.

Jenna started to leave but stopped and paused. She looked Karen in the eye and said, "Welcome to your new life. I'm sure you'll learn to love it…in time that is." She then left the room for the club.


Jamie scanned the cocktail party. Never before in his life had he seen so many beautiful women. The fact that he was on his first deep cover assignment made it all the better. If he broke this story, he might even get national coverage. This story was his ticket to stardom. Across the crowded patio, he spotted his quarry. Jenna Alexander mingled and chatted with her guest. They were a virtual whose who of corporate world executives.

After begging and hounding for a chance for months, his editor pulled a few strings and got him an invitation. This was his big break. He had to make it.

Jamie picked up a glass of Champaign from off a serving tray and took a sip. He glanced up at the darkened mansion. Now was the perfect time. He casually wandered into the mansion and made his way to the third floor. If any evidence was to be had, he figured it would be there.

Using a small flashlight, he searched the office. There had to be some incriminating evidence. The grapevine had it that she was up to her eyeballs in illegal activities. Some suspected drug trafficking other thought it prostitution. He search through books and files with no success. Everything he came across was perfectly legal and legitimate. Frustrated and sullen he left the office. He had built the whole scenario up in his mind. He would find some incriminating evidence and rush into his editor's office the next day. His headline would be splashed across countless newspapers. Instead, he now had to explain his failure to his editor. It was a task that he was not looking forward to.

Jamie hurried down the main stairs to the first floor foyer. He handed the valet the claim ticket to his beat up Ford Probe. He looked up at the night sky and gazed at the stars. They seemed so close he could touch them. His car pulled up sputtering and backfiring ruining the serene moment. After tipping the valet, he left for home.


(One year later)

Since his failure, he had been reduced to fact checker. It was humiliating. He bragged to everyone how he was going to break the big one. Now every time he saw them, they had contemptuous smiles on their faces.

With his reduction in pay, he could no longer afford his apartment. His roommate moved to another state and another job. Finding an affordable apartment and a roommate you like living with is not as easy as it might sound. It was only then that he came upon the listing for a part time personal assistant, which included free housing.



Jamie waited patiently by the front door of guesthouse. Clair Foster, the estate owner and his new part time boss, returned to the main house to fetch the key. The guesthouse, food, and a small salary were all included in the compensation package. For the moment, it was just what he needed.


"Sorry to keep you waiting," Clair said, rounding the corner of the house. In her hand, she held the key to the guesthouse. "The lower level is a garage. Since I'm using it to store my Porsche, go ahead and park in the driveway behind the guesthouse." Clair led Jamie up a side stairway to the second floor. The door led to into a modestly furnished living room. "As I mentioned the house is fully furnished. The living room furniture is new so no smoking inside please." She led Jamie through a swinging door into the kitchen. She opened the refrigerator door and said, "The refrigerator is fully stocked. In the garage you'll find two freezers and two refrigerators. I entertain from time to time. They come in handy. Feel free to take whatever you wish, but please jot down a note for me on the clipboard hanging by them."

They headed into the bedroom. A grand canopy bed and matching bedroom furniture gave the room a luxurious feel. Oddly there was a makeup table. Clair opened the top dresser drawer. Inside were panties of every color and description. "My former assistant, Laura Everson, died in a tragic automobile crash. Since she had no family, her belongings were left here unclaimed. You'll need to pack them up before you can move in your belongings."

Jamie looked over the contents of the drawer and asked, "What should I do with them?"

"There's storage space behind your this bedroom. The door is over there," she said pointing. "You'll find boxes and packing tape. Go ahead and move in, and I'll meet you back at the main house when you are done. Oh one more thing, the main house has a workout room, swimming pool and Jacuzzi. Feel free to use them anytime, but no cut off shorts please. They clog up the filter."

Jamie gazed at Clair's bottom with lust as she exited the room. For a woman of 35 she still had a very sexy body. She could easily pass of 25 or younger. Primarily being an ass man, he watched hers with lust as it swayed out of the room.

Jamie quickly got to work packing up Laura's belongings. More than once he held up a seductive piece of lingerie and wished that he could have met Laura before the accident. After it was all packed up and stowed away, he unpacked his clothing, what little there was. When he moved out of his apartment, he put many of his belongings in storage. The dehumidifier for the units failed spoiling many of his possessions. Now he only had what he had packed in his knapsack and that wasn't much. However, with his first paycheck from this position he planned to buy more clothes.

That evening he felt like a burglar in someone else's home. He halfway expected Laura to step in the door and yell for the police. His reason, however, overruled his fears, and he forced himself to relax. Lying in the huge canopy bed, he did everything he could to sleep. However, fears and concerns about his career as a reporter abounded. If he didn't get some sort of a break soon, he never would.


The buzzing alarm startled Jamie out of his blissfully sound sleep. He grumbled and shut it off. It was Saturday, and he didn't have to work at his job at the Tribune. He tried, however, to roll over and go back to sleep. It was no use. He was awake now. Wearing one of his two remaining pairs of boxer shorts, he shuffled out to the kitchen. He yawned as he scanned the refrigerator. Nothing really appeared all that appealing. However, a blueberry yogurt caught his eye. After tearing opened the lid, he took a spoonful of the creamy milk product. It tasted incredibly good going down. When he finished it, he hungrily grabbed another. It too soon joined the first in his stomach. After a cup of coffee, he dressed in a pair of jeans, t-shirt, and sandal, and then he walked over to the main house.

The door opened the precise second he reached out for the doorknob. It was Clair. After calming down from the fright he gave her, she scanned his attire.

"Um Jamie," Clair said, "I need you to dress in a more appropriate fashion. I have guests in my house from time to time. I need to present a professional image. Now you don't have to wear a suit or tie, but nice well kept clothing would be appreciated."

"Oh…err ah…sorry," he sighed. "I didn't know."

"That's okay," she replied. "Change and come back. I left a list for you on the kitchen counter."

"No problem," he replied. "I'll be right back."

After his storage unit debacle, he only had one pair of nice tan cotton trousers. However, not wanting to offend his new employer he put them on along with a white oxford shirt. He returned to the main house and found the list. It read as follows: "Clean all six bathrooms, clean kitchen, vacuum second floor family room, and if any time left, dust." Jamie groaned. He had in mind typing or filing. Cleaning was not his favorite thing to do.

The day went quickly. He managed to get through all his assigned chores. Clair phoned and said that she was running late so Jamie returned to the guesthouse. He raided the refrigerator and prepared the best meal he had in months. It felt so good to be full.

Feeling tired and weary, he went to bed early. Although he got to sleep much quicker, he sleep was restless. He didn't understand why. He had always been a very sound sleeper. He reasoned it was stress.


Sunday was his official day off. He was eager to try out the pool and gym, but he had no swim trunks. He didn't want to spend what little cash he had on a new pair. He considered going in the nude, but his better judgment prevented him from doing so. Then he remembered packing Laura's belongings. She had a black two-piece bikini set.

He opened several boxes until he found the right box. Back his room he held them up to his hips. The stretch polyester bottoms appeared much like a pair of male Speedo swim trunks might. He slipped them on and examined himself in the mirror.

"Not bad," he commented. "Not bad at all."

Jamie grabbed a towel and set out for the pool. Clair was already swimming. She was wearing a gold-metallic two-piece bikini. He hesitated unsure if he should disturb her. However, when he turned to leave, she called out to him and waived.

"Come on in," she said. "The water is fine."

Jamie changed his mind and entered the through the gate to the pool. He tossed down his towel on a lounge chair and dove in headfirst. The water was perfect. He and Clair swam and talked a while. He was relieved to hear that she approved of his cleaning job the previous day.

When Clair exited the pool, Jamie leered at her amazing body. He wondered how a rich sexy woman like her remained single. Her breasts, hourglass figure, and tight round bottom aroused him. He dried her long sandy blond hair and threw on a T-shirt and flip-flops.

"You going to join me for a work out," she asked him with an inviting smile.

"Sure, I'd love to," he replied. Now Jamie had never deliberately exercised a day in his life. However, he was not about to turn down his attractive, single employer. He climbed out of the pool and dried off.

The exercise facility was oblong with all glass on the longer walls. She opened a refrigerator and tossed him a protein drink. "This will give you energy," she said. She stripped off her shirt and climbed onto an exercise bicycle. Jamie wished he was that bicycle seat. Her gold polyester suit cleaved tightly to her round, firm bottom. Jamie used the other exercise bike immediately behind her. He tried not to stare, but it was so difficult. Over and over he imagine thrust into her perfect ass. After Clair finished her drink, she fetched them another drink and continued. Jamie gulped down the second one as fast as the first. Although he cycled for more than an hour, he was disappointed when she stopped. He loved looking at her ass.

"I work out ever morning," Clair volunteered. "Why don't you join me? We can be exercise buddies."

"Sounds great," Jamie replied almost too enthusiastically.


Monday came too soon. Jamie joined Clair for a swim and cycling. Once again she used the same bike, and once again he got a prime view from behind.

After showering back in the guesthouse, he fetched his sole pair of dress slacks. They had bleach stains on them. There was no way he could wear them to work. They were ruined.

Being late or improperly slovenly dressed for work was not an option. It would result in his immediate termination. Once again, Laura's belongings came to the rescue. He remembered her having a pair of navy blue polyester stretch pants. He fished them out of the back and brought them back to his room. They fit him a little snug in the waist and loose in the seat, but they were passable. However his manhood was embarrassingly bulging out. He returned to the closet and fetched a pair of white nylon panties, He pressed his equipment back between his legs and pulled them up the panties. They snugly held him manhood in place. Now the slacks fit properly. He threw on his dress shirt and left for work.

Jamie's clothing raised a few eyebrows at work. However, he was well within the defined office dress code. Jamie seemed oblivious to the stares and hushed conversations. He had a great deal of work to do, and he had no time to worry about such things.

The guesthouse started to feel like home to him. He stripped off his shirt and turned on the TV. He didn't have to help Clair until the next evening.


The remainder of the week went much as Monday had. Every morning he joined Clair for exercise. Every day he used a different pair of Laura's slacks.

After Saturday morning exercise, Jamie returned to his room for a shower. While lathering up and washing himself, he noticed how soft and supple his skin was. While his slight potbelly had disappeared, his butt felt larger and padded. Jamie shampooed his shoulder length blond hair. He made a mental note to get a haircut.

Growing weary of going in and out of the storage closet for more clothing, he carried in the boxes and unpacked them. From out of his dresser, he retrieved a pair of antique white silk with lace trim panties. He held them up before him. They were cut higher on the thigh than he was used to but they would due. He reasoned that it was better than going naked. Positioning his manhood was easier. They did not spill out of his panties as much as they had been. They fit his bottom and hips better also. They were no longer tight in the waist and loose in the seat.

There was one problem. There were not more slacks left amongst Laura's things. They were all dirty in the laundry hamper. Biting his fingernail, he considered what to do. "I might as well," he said to himself. "Clair is gone for the weekend. It's only going to be me."

A black satin skirt and a baby blue silk blouse seemed appropriate. When he put them on, however, his noticed that his chest was tenting out his blouse slightly. He was happy to have his chest muscles develop, but he didn't remember doing any chest exercises. He shrugged it off and retrieved an antique white silk bra. Though his chest did not fill the cups, he felt it was more discrete to wear it. When he put on the shirt though, he noticed that he could detect his bra through his blouse. Once again he removed his shirt and put on a white silk camisole. It seemed a shame not to wear the matching white silk half-slip. He slipped it on and worked it up underneath his skirt. His legs felt cold. From out of the dresser he retrieved a pair of tan pantyhose. Sitting on the edge of his bed, he gathered them up in his hands and inserted his feet. The nylon material glided up his smooth shapely legs. He lifted up his skirt and slip long enough to work the hose over his hips. Somehow his tennis shoes seemed wrong. Instead he wore a pair of 2-inch open toe black pumps.

Jamie sat at the makeup table. After drying his hair, he inspected his face in the mirror. It needed some color. He started by applying foundation and then moved on to rouge, eyeliner, mascara, eye color, brow liner, lipstick, and lip-gloss. Years ago he had his ears pierced. His slipped on two sapphire set silver setting earrings. A silver chain completed his ensemble.

After finding the note pad in the main house, Jamie read his duties for the day. Today's list of duties was more what he had in mind when he took this job. It read as follows: "Type documents, file manila folders, answer calls, and organize office." The office was on the second floor. He sat at the secretarial station and set about his duties.

When the phone rang, he answered, "Clair Foster's office how may I help you?" While he listened on the phone, Jamie tried to clear his throat. His voice seemed an octave too high. "Yes sir…you need the Montgomery folder right away…yes I can bring it to you. Very good I'll meet you in twenty minutes at the South Brook Shopping Mall."

Without giving it much thought, Jamie gabbed a set of keys to Clair's Lexus and set out for the mall. When he stopped at a traffic light, he noticed some men staring at him. It annoyed him how rude people could be. Later at the mall, he found a spot in the parking garage. With every step he took Jamie noticed his chest bouncing up and down. Two cantaloupe sized breasts filled the cups of his bra to over flowing. They strained the buttons on his shirt. He stride had to shorten. His black satin skirt was feeling very snug around the hips now. With his free hand, he ran his hand down his back. It slid up and over the swell of his soft, curved bottom and down to his tapering thighs.

Inside mall, he looked for Clair's client, Mr. Bennett. A distinguished looking man lingered in the center of the lounge area. He hurried over to him. Using his fingers, he brushed his long wavy blond hair over his shoulder tucked in his blouse.

"Hello, Mr. Bennett?" he asked hopefully.

"Yes I am. You must be Jamie, Clair's new assistant."

"I am. I have the folder you wanted," he said and handed it to the man.

"Thank you very much. I need this for a meeting tonight," he thumbed through the folder checking to see if it was complete. "Good, all set. I appreciate you doing this me."

"Just doing my job," he replied.

"As long as you're here, you should do some shopping," Mr. Bennett stated cordially.

"I don't have much money. It looks very expensive here."

"Nonsense, Clair told me that she provides an expense account for her assistants to dress properly."

"She does?"

"Of course, I'll tell her that I told you. You go ahead and shop. It will be fine."


Jamie left Mr. Bennett and went on a shopping spree. He bought sexy lingerie, skirts, blouses and dresses. He also needed makeup. Some of the supplied he used this morning were low. No trip would be complete without shoes. Five pairs later he carried his armful of bags out to the car. They barely fit in the trunk. A sudden pressure in his bladder, though, informed him that he needed to use the restroom facilities. Back inside the mall, he used the map to find the nearest restrooms.

Without thinking he entered the men's restroom. A man standing at a urinal instantly became uncomfortable. He pressed in tightly as Jamie passed by and entered a stall. Jamie hiked up skirt and slip, and pulled his panties and hose. However, his could not get a grip on his manhood. It was far too small. With no other recourse he sat down to pee. Relaxing his bladder, he dumped the liquid waste out of him. After cleaning up with a tissue, Jamie pulled his panties and hose up. He noticed how flat his pelvis appeared. There was no longer a familiar bulge in it. The implications never really registered with him. After fixing his skirt, he exited the stall and surprised several more men.

After returning home, Jamie unpacked his clothes and makeup. He then returned to work. He had a lot to get done by the end of the day.

That night Jamie wore a long silver silk nightgown. He found matching panties to with it. For the first time in a week, he got a restful night's sleep.


Despite the fact that it was Sunday, Jamie arose early. His morning exercise sessions with Clair had become a matter of habit. He however was not going to do so today. Sunday was rest from normal activities. He stripped off his nightgown and stepped into the shower. After washing his long blond hair, he lathered up his body. His soapy hands slid over the peaked surface of his breasts. The slightest touch sent chills through him. His right hand slid down his belly and between his legs. The index finger of his right hand slid into a slit and plunged deep into his body. In that moment, he awakened as if from a dream.

"Oh my god!" he kept chanting like a mantra. "This can't be real. It has to be some sort of dream." Yet when he pinched himself, he found that he was awake. Bolting out of the shower, he wiped the fog off of the mirror. The reflection he saw was that of a very attractive 18-year-old woman. She had a blue eye, a pretty slightly upturned nose, full lips and a delicate chin. The twin peaks crowning her chest appeared gargantuan to him. Palming them was like holding two cantaloupes. He looked through the 'V' shaped valley they create and spread his legs while thrusting his hips forward. Nothing was between his legs. There was something just not the something he wanted to see. The glistening surface of a fully functional vagina greeted his eyes. Once again he inserted a single finger into the orifice. His finger easily plunged in up to the last knuckle.

Jamie leaned on the marble bathroom counter for support. The room began growing dark. Taking deep breaths, he tried to regain his composure. When he came back around, he looked up again and saw her looking back. Jamie questioned his sanity. He brushed a wet tress of hair behind his right ear. Something about the woman in the mirror seemed familiar to him.

Naked and wet he ran from the bathroom in search of his wallet. He found it inside a black paten leather purse. With trembling hands he flipped open his wallet and inspected his driver's license. The young woman from the mirror appeared in the photo portion. The personal information read, "Name: Laura Ann Everson, Birth date: 07/08/1981, Sex: Female…." The wallet slipped from his fingers. His trembling hand covered his gaping mouth. Desperate to prove his real identity, he searched out his male clothing from the storage area. They were gone.

Pausing deep in thought, he wondered what to do next. His father passed away when he was a boy and his mother only a few years ago. There were no other siblings to contact. The best that he could come up with was banking records. His computer seemed to take forever to boot up. When it did, he hastily typed in the web address of his bank. After entering his personal information, he pensively waited for a response. "ERROR: inaccurate account information entered," appeared on screen. He repeated the process and received the same message.

"Jeff, I have to see Jeff. He will know who I am," Jamie reasoned. He and Jeff were best friends all the way through high school. He was married now and lived in the suburbs. Jamie grabbed the car keys and ran down to the garage. It was only when his foot touched the cold cement floor that he realized that he was naked and wet.

Running back up to his room, he searched for something to wear. What he wanted to do was simply throw something on. This was not that case. As if on some predefined script, he dried off and styled his hair. He selected a pair of dark pink silk hi-cut panties. They had light pink eyelash lace embroidered stitching. The ostentatiously feminine garment molded to his new body perfectly and complimented his amazing figure. The matching garter belt and basque style corset completed the set. Along with this set he wore white sheer nylons with lacy tops. He searched through is closet until he came upon a lilac silk mini-slip-dress. After unzipping it in back, he let it slide down his body. He pinched the material in back and pulled up the zipper. Topping it all off he selected a pair of pink 4-inch strap-on spiked heels.

Jamie sat at his mirror and effortlessly applied his makeup. With in minutes he looked prettier than a Hollywood actress. It was not until he put on the last earring that he realized what he was doing. Jamie jumped up from the makeup table and held his arms out to his sides. He gazed down at his feminine adorned body.

"SHIT!" he exclaimed anxiously. "What is the matter with me?"

He did not stay around to find out the answer. After collecting his purse and car keys, he jumped in car and raced out of the mansion grounds. While driving he was forced to spread his legs apart. This left him feeling exposed and vulnerable. Men and women took long leering glances at him as they passed him by.

It had been a long time, but he managed to find Jeff's suburban home. It was a blue and white single story home. Jeff was out in the front yard watering the flowerbeds. As if his life depended upon it, Jamie parked and hurried up to Jeff.

"Hi Jeff."

"Um do I know you miss," Jeff replied, turning off his the hose.

"You know Jamie Clark don't you?"

"Yes I do. It's a real tragedy. Why?"

"What's a real tragedy?"

"Well…he died a couple of weeks ago. Sharon and I attended his funeral. Were you a friend of his?"

"You might say that," Jamie said nervously. "I didn't know he died. How did it happen?"

"There was an accident on the highway. From what I'm told he was killed almost instantly. It's a real shame. He never really did get his career as a reporter going…."

Jamie was speechless. He listened as the details of his life and death were quoted to him. He silently wondered, "How can this happen? Did the universe hiccup?" After saying goodbyes to Jeff, Jamie drove away not really knowing where to go or what to do. The only thing he could think of was to return to the mansion.

Across the street from the estate, Jenna Alexander watched Jamie with her binoculars. She dialed her cell phone. When the other party picked up, she said, "Alice is down the rabbit hole. Take her to the tea party."


Jamie paced back and forth. With every step he took he felt his garter straps tug at his nylons and his dress brush against his thighs. Although supported by the corset, his breasts jiggled slightly with every step. The empty feeling between his legs drove him to distraction. He called old friends, colleagues, and news organizations. All testified that Jamie Clark dies two weeks ago in an automobile accident.

When he heard Clair's car pull into the driveway, he hurried to meet her. Jamie dodged under the closing garage door and hurried up to the car. Clair was just getting out.

"Oh hi Laura," Clair said, pressing her hand to her upper chest. "You startled me. You're all dress up for a Sunday. It's a good thing though. It turns out I'm going to need your help. I'm hosting a party this afternoon. I'm going to need your help organizing the caterer. Now I've hired on extra serving help so you don't need to worry about that. I just need you to supervise."

Jamie stammered, "But…"

"I've invited some of your old friends from college. I knew how much it would mean to you. Tracy and Gail called late last night to the main house and told me they were in town and wanted to see you. I knew how happy you would be to see them so I invited them to come and join the party."


Jamie followed Clair into the mansion still jabbering away, "Now the serving staff will arrive in less then ten minutes. The name of the organization is, "Maid for You." The wear the cutest French maid costumes. You know the kind. They wear black seamed nylons, black satin maid costume with petticoats, and other cute neck, head, and wrist adornments. I don't see how they work in 5-inch heels, but they do." The doorbell rang. "Be a dear and get that. It must be the maids."

In stunned silence, Jamie watched Clair hurry up the stairway. The doorbell rang again. With a crestfallen face and drooping shoulders Jamie opened the door. Ten women in French maid costumes waited outside.

"Come on in," Jamie said with a monotone voice. "We are expecting you."

"My name Elise," a brunette woman said. "Where is the kitchen?"

"It's straight back to the right and through the formal dining room."


Before he could close the door, the caterer arrived. She had a crew of five women in white satin mini-dress chef costumes. The ladies hurried inside and one of them handed him a business card.

"My name is Dakota, like the state," she said beaming. "I've been hired to cater a party."

Jamie said, "The kitchen is straight back to the right and through the formal dining room."

"This way girls," she said waving to her associates. The ladies carried trays of food and folding chairs. Jamie hurried after them to keep up with them. Between the maids and the caterer he was kept very busy. He silently agonized about what was happening. However, he did not want to do or say anything to loose his job. He needed someplace safe to figure things out.

Clair emerged wearing a designer black lace over a silver princess style satin mini-dress. As ever, her black nylon adorned legs were very appealing. Guest appropriately attired for a cocktail party began arriving.

A distinguished looking gentleman said to Jamie, "Hello Laura, you're looking lovely as ever."

"Thanks Mr. Wilcox," he replied without thinking.

"Hi Laura," another woman said. "I love you in that dress. It's so pretty and feminine."

"Thank you Ms. Thompson," he once again replied. He had no idea who these people were, but he seemed to know all their names.

Two women screeched and rushed at Jamie with their arms extended. They hugged him and jumped up and down. Jamie contorted his face not exactly knowing what to do or say.

"It's so good to see you," Gail said happily.

"I have been looking forward to this trip for so long," Tracy added.

"It's good to good to see you too," he said with a lack of sincerity in his voice.

"I know high school graduation was only 9 months ago, but it seems like forever," Tracy admitted. "So much has happened." She held out her left hand and showed off a fat diamond engagement ring. "I'm getting married." Both ladies screamed with joy. "His name is Tom, and he works as a landscaper…."

Jamie tried to fain interest, but it was hard. He wanted to leave and run screaming into the wilderness. However, fear of the unknown kept him from leaving. Tracy droned on and on about her romance. She described in painful detail how he had asked him to marry her. She described every facet of their relationship. When she began describing the shape and feel of his manhood, Jamie looked for a reason to get away.

"Oh I see that they need me for something," Jamie said, interrupting Tracy. "You two keep talking. I will be back as soon as I can."

Jamie hurried up the patio steps to the main house. He wanted some privacy to think things over. Clair waved to him. She was talking with a group of important looking people.

"This is my assistant Laura," Clair said introducing Jamie.

"We met the other day," Mr. Bennett said with a smile. "She's a real gem Clair. I could use twenty girls like her."

Ms. Farnsworth said, "Clair tells us you graduated from high only 9 months ago."

"Um…yes," Jamie replied playing along.

"Have you lived in the area long?" Ms. Farnsworth asked and then took a sip of her martini.

"I moved here from Michigan two years ago with my parents. A year and a half ago my parents were killed in an automobile crash. I lived with friends until graduation came. That's when I went to work for Clair," Jamie said to his own surprise. Suddenly a severe headache made his temples throb. "If you will excuse me," Jamie said, rubbing his temples, "I need to check on serving staff and see how they are doing."

"Of course," Clair replied, "tell them I love the hors d'oeuvres."

"I will," he replied and left.

Once inside the mansion, Jamie hurried into a bathroom. Waves of nausea swept over him. Kneeling before the toilet, he vomited and then began to dry heave. As he gazed into the toilet a long drop of spittle hung from his ruby red lip. Jamie winced and squeezed his eyes shut. A bright flash went off in his brain as though a thousand light bulbs had gone off at once. He began gasping for air. He winced as another flash occurred. Again Jamie dry heaved and then gasped for air. "Oh god," he moaned.

When the nausea began to diminish, he flushed the toilet and closed the lid. After turning on the sink's cold water faucet, he cleansed his mouth of the foul tasting bile. Inside the medicine cabinet was a package of antacids. He took two and chewed them up. They soothed his sour stomach. When he closed the door, he saw his female reflecting in the mirror. Like watching a movie on fast-forward, he saw his life…his female life. As one might copy over a videotape, his new memories erased the previous.

Laura, formerly Jamie, struggled to remember her male name. Try as she might, it would not come to her. She clenched her eyes shut and rubbed her temples. She remembered her fifth birthday party, and how happy she was to receive a Betsy Wets Doll. At thirteen she had her first period. It happened while she was outside playing jump rope. Contrary to the new female memories, she still possessed fragmented male memories and a male psyche. Underlying it all was the certainty that she was, in fact, a man, although everything testified to the contrary.

Exiting the bathroom, Laura made her way into the kitchen. Maids carrying trays of food hurried past her on their way out to the party. The chefs were busy heating further appetizers.

Laura said to Dakota, "Clair told me to tell you that she likes your appetizers."

"I appreciate it," Dakota said. "These are my own special recipes. You only get them with our service."

"I'll tell her. The party is going to last another hour or so. Will you have enough?"

"We sure will. We have several more trays out in our van."

"Very good," replied Laura. She exited the kitchen and returned to the party. Once again Tracy and Gail were on top of her.

Gail asked, "Do you remember when we snuck into old man Jones house? When he came in and caught us, I thought we were dead."

"Yes I remember," Laura said with all sincerity. The memory had the feeling of a movie she had once watched and not reality. Yet Gail and Tracy knew it to be real.

Tracy asked, "Oh do you remember dating Jason Mullins in your junior year?"

"We broke up because he ruined my favorite dress," Laura replied.

For the next hour Laura continued sharing memories with Tracy and Gail. With each story that was told, her new memories became increasingly tangible and real. All the while they talked, she struggled to recapture even a portion of her male memories.

Across the patio, Jenna Clarkson flipped open her phone; "The tea party is nearly over. Have Alice meet the Queen of Hearts."


"Are you sure this is where you want to go?" asked Laura, peering out from the back seat of Tracy's car.

"Come on," Gail replied hurrying up to the door. "The 'Leather Fox' is the best from what I've been told."

Laura reluctantly exited the car. The leather-clad patrons entering the club intimidated her. The club interior only compounded her concerns. The sight of bound men and women disturbed and unsettled her. Tracy and Gail were already on the dance floor. Two guys zeroed in on them and began dancing with them. Laura reluctantly descended the steps to the dance floor. Grudgingly she began to dance. The only thing she wanted was a psychiatrist. Everything she remembered and the way she looked was wrong. It was as if she were in some waking dream.

An arm reached around her waist and a sharp pain came from her bottom. She struggled and cried out as the fluid entered her body. Within seconds, she was barely able to stand. In a dazed state, someone led her from the dance floor and took her into a private backroom.

Laura laid limp bent over top of a desk. With her face lying on the cold wooden desktop, she felt her dress being lifted up in back. "Why are they pulling the leg hole to my panties open?" she silently wondered. "Ow ow ow," she mumbled. She felt her puckering ring of flesh in back being forced open by a hard round object. She tried to reach behind her and stop this, but her arms merely flopped around at her sides uselessly. Ever wider she felt her hole stretch until at last her rectum swallowed up the massive butt-plug. She soon felt a huge dildo sliding up into her vagina. It was like taking a log between her legs. When it was up to the hilt, her pink silk panties covered up the two intruders. The tightening of the thin white satin chastity belt made her wince in pain. It drove the dildos in even deeper and drew her pink panties up into her crevice.

Mistress Victoria drew a long bondage glove up each of Laura's arms. After drawing tight the side laces, she sealed them with a zipper flap. The zipper locked at the top of each glove. At along the sides and at the tip of each padded mitten were D-rings. Victoria began attaching them via crisscross clips. Two bondage leggings were then secured Laura's legs. The upper thighs were secured with tight clips and her ankles with a short hobble chain. Victoria strapped a complicated head training harness on Laura. It allowed her to quickly change gags and other bondage items. When she was finished, Laura received a second injection to revive her.

Laura slowly emerged from her drugged state. Her shoulders ached from the way her arms were pinned behind her. The full feeling between her legs next crowded into her brain. When she stood up, she found that her legs were also bound. Mistress Victoria watched Laura with amusement.

"I know what you must be thinking," Victoria said strolling over to Laura. "What is happening? Why am I all bound? What is she going to do with me? I can sum it up in one word…SLAVE! You are Jenna Clarkson's property, and she has contracted me to train you for your new life." Victoria began circling around Laura. "I will explain the rules. You may call me Mistress or Mistress Victoria. You will not speak unless spoken to. You no long have any rights to your body. You will keep your eyes downcast at all times." When Laura continued to look her in the eye, Victoria brought her riding crop whistling down on Laura's ass. Laura winced and looked down at the ground. "Better slave. You may not…."

Laura partially listened to the list of rules. Her thoughts were on escape. Somehow she had to get out to the club and get help. Knowing what Laura was thinking, she attached a leash to Laura and led her out into the club.

Barely able to take baby steps, Laura shuffled along behind Victoria. When they reached the center of the dance floor, Victoria signaled an assistant. A long narrow cage began lowering from the ceiling. When it reached the dance floor, Victoria unlocked it and forced Laura inside it.

Laura's heart began racing as the padlock sealed her inside the cage. She jumped when the dildos inside her hummed to life. When the cage began rising, she fearfully looked upward to see if the cable was strong enough to hold her. Up toward the ceiling she rose. Only then did she notice two more cages like hers. Inside one cage was another girl. She had a look of terror upon her face. Far down below on the dance floor, she saw Tracy and Gail still dancing. She did everything she could to gain their attention. It was no use; the music was too loud. Her heart sunk when they left without her.

Due to the narrowness of the cage, Laura was unable to sit or even kneel. Like the other girl, she was forced to stand and watch the partying crowd below. Every so often a spotlight would shine up on them. The occupied cages would begin raising and lowering randomly. The dancing patrons below would raise their arms and wiggled their fingers at them.

Laura watched as a girl with long blond hair entered. She wore a shiny silk mini-slip-dress. When she passed by a booth with the curtains drawn, two pairs of arms reached out and grabbed her. Struggling and writhing, she tried to break free. They, however, forced her inside the booth until only her feet thrust out from under the curtain. Laura watched helplessly as the girl's feet kicked and struggled for footing. An arm reached out and dragged her legs inside the curtain. After a long while the curtain opened. The girl was now wearing all latex. It consisted of a black pair of ballet shoes, black hose, black miniskirt, a white waist cincher and a black pushup bra. Her mouth was filled with a latex gag and a training harness held it in place. Her arms were tightly pinned behind her in a black leather armbinder. Her captors led the girl into the back office. A short time later, Victoria returned with the girl in tow. The empty cage lowered and the girl was forced inside it. Like Laura she was hauled up above the heads of the crowd.

Time seemed to drag on forever. Her vibrating dildos took her to the point of orgasm and then stopped. It was maddening. Over and over this process repeated itself. Somewhere during the night, she passed out form exhaustion.


Laura stood in the center of a small octagonal room. She lifted up her left leg but the foot long hobble chain would only allow her to move it up so far. With every move she made her garters tugged at her black nylons. The latex material of her tight black knee length skirt prevented her from spreading her thighs. She pressed her black latex covered ass against the metal pole behind her back and tugged upon her bound wrists. The black satin waist cincher only let her bend over so far and then pushed all the air from her lungs. Two clips were secured to her nipples and a chain hung from them. Two small weights hung from the chains.

Through her ring gag she managed to mumble, "...ELP EE…ease et eee ooo."

A trap door opened and Mistress Victoria climbed up into the room. She wore her traditional black latex catsuit, boots, waist cincher, and latex cloves. In her hand she carried a black satchel. After depositing it on the floor she bent over unzipped it. Laura tried to see what she was getting, but Victoria amazing black latex covered ass blocked her view. When she stood up and turned around, in her right hand she held a remote control. She pressed a button and a door in the ceiling opened and a motor started. A cable lowered holding what looked like a two-gallon jug of whitish liquid with three black hoses attached. When it was just above Laura's head, Victoria reach up and grabbed the hoses and pulled them down.

Laura turned her head quickly to the right and left trying to avoid Victoria's hand. She held a large black penis gag. Victoria grabbed Laura's chin and held it firmly. "Oooo ease…UUNNnnnKKKLLL," Laura gagged as Victoria shoved the dildo into her mouth and fastened to the ring gag. A long black tube extended from the gag and hung down by Laura's chest. Victoria connected the hose to another hose connected to the jug.

Victoria tugged and worked the latex skirt up Laura's legs. When Victoria nestled the butt-plug into Laura's butt crevice, Laura squealed and wiggled her hips from side to side. Victoria used her palm and roughly shoved the butt-plug home. "UUUUMMMMNNNN," Laura squealed. A second hose was connected to the butt plug.

A button on the remote caused a small door to open beneath Laura's feet. It was just wide enough for a dildo on the end of a silver rod to extend upward. Laura shifted her hips trying to avoid it. The rising rod thrust up and sunk the dildo up into Laura's vagina. The last tube was connected to a fixture at the base of the rod.

With that done, Victoria pulled Laura's latex skirt back down her nylon-covered legs. Victoria held the remote up before Laura's face with her finger on a button. Laura shook her head no, and Victoria smiled. She pressed the button and the rod began ramming the dildo up and down. Laura squealed again and lifted up her right leg pulling the hobble chain and skirt tight. After releasing the stopper valve on the three hoses, Victoria climbed down the stairway and closed the hatch. Laura squealed and moaned with each thrust of the dildo into her.

All at one the eight wooden side panels slide down with a "Thud." Eight glass walls now surrounded Laura. On the other side club patrons mingled about. Some gawked at her while others continued to party.

The first taste of the white fluid entered her mouth. It was salty and thick. It tasted putrid like ammonia. One drop at a time dripped into her mouth. The same process was occurring with her bottom and vagina. Fluid was entering them too. With the fluid in her mouth was of too great a volume she was forced to swallow it. She gagged and coughed afterward. The thrusting dildo began to vibrate, as did the butt-plug. Like some wild dance she alternative lifted each foot and tried to press her thighs together. She grimaced and clenched her eyes shut.

The patrons watching her struggle simply laughed. Laura could see three women pointing at her and giggling. One man was obscenely rubbing his crotch.

Mouth full after mouth full she swallowed of the dripping cum. The fluid in her ass was backing up into her intestines. The black corset kept her belly from bloating out. The discharge from her vagina trickled down her legs and onto the floor. Laura tried to prevent herself from getting excited, but it was no use. Intense sensations rocked her body. Her vaginal walls squeezed the plunging dildo. She shuddered violently as the orgasm rocked her.

When the customers all saw this they laughed in unison. Laura hung her head down and stared at the floor. She swallowed another mouthful of the fluid and stood motionless.

One drop at a time, the fluid filled her to capacity. Her inner thighs glistened with the fluid. A large puddle of it lay on the floor around her feet.

When the jug was empty the doors closed automatically, a short time later Victoria emerged from the trap door. When she removed Laura's gag, she said, "Please let me go. I won't tell anyone."

"I know you won't dear," she replied and pressed a white cloth to Laura's face.

The cloth was soaked in an acrid smelling liquid. It burned her lungs when she breathed it in through the rag. She struggled wildly shaking her head from side to side. Strength fled from her body and her limps grew weak. The room began to grow gray and she slumped down unconscious.


Laura woke up with a start and tried to sit up. However, she heard the clang of metal and a leather collar restrained her neck. Unable to sit up, her head feel back down onto the pillow. When she tried to move her hands, she also felt something restraining them. She gazed in horror at her wrists. Long black latex gloves were on her arms and stainless steel and black leather manacles were on her wrists. A short chain prevented them from moving more than 6-inches apart. Attached to the wrist chain another ran up to her neck and down to her legs. Her hands followed the chain up to her neck. She felt the stainless steel and leather collar. Her mouth was filled with smooth cloth material and a black leather bit gag held in the cloth.

She gazed down at her chest. A black PVC push up bra tightly wrapped around her torso and contained her melon size breasts. Her eyes continued their downward travel. The roamed down the black latex dildo panties running between her legs. The sight of her flat pelvis renewed the fear and anger she felt at the loss of her manhood. With every move of her legs she felt the black latex garter belt tugging on her black latex hose.

The chain running from her wrist continued down to the hobble chain securing her ankle cuffs. It then continued down to the foot of a brass bed. She glanced at the bed she lay upon. The king-size bed was covered with antique white satin sheets

Laura tried to reach up to the brass headboard, but her chains would only let her reach up so far. She yanked up her legs. When the chain snapped taut the ankle cuffs dug into her flesh. Pad locks secured the chains at all points. Frustrated and alarmed she let out muffled cries for help.

When the door to the room opened, she lay back down and fearfully watched. Mistress Victoria entered the room. She wore a long black latex hobble dress, white latex jacket buttoned only at the bottom, and a black satin waist cincher. She held the leash to a woman following behind her. The blond girl Laura had seen in the club being bound trailed behind her. She now wore a black latex French maid costume, black latex hose, black ballet shoes, and long black latex gloves. Her mouth was filled with a massive red ball gag. A black head training harness connected to a thick leather collar held it in place. Her arms were bound behind her. Her wrists were suspended in the middle of her back by a short chain running to the back of her collar. A leather strap around her upper arms secured them tightly behind her. It was hard to walk in the ballet shoes and the hobble chain did not help matters any. A pneumatic hoses in front and another in back ran up under her skirt. With ever step she took they swung back and forth. A tray was secured around her waist and two chains holding it up ran up to her collar.

Mistress Victoria sat down on the bed beside Laura. She ran her hand up and down Laura's body. Her hand caressed Laura's curvaceous bottom and then slapped it. Then she slid her hand down the black latex material covering the heart shaped crevice of Laura's ass. When she came to the butt plug, she used to fingers to press it in farther. Laura grunted and tugged at her chains. Victoria worked her hand between Laura's legs and pressed on the embedded dildo. Laura squealed even louder this time. With her free hand, Victoria took a remote control from off the tray the girl carried.

"UUUUMMMMMNNNNN," Laura grimaced as the dildo violently vibrated to life. Victoria rubbed her hand between Laura's legs with all the strength she could muster. She ground in the two dildos. Laura desperately squirmed. She whined and whimpered as the stimulation of her body pushed her to unknown regions.

"That's it princess," Victoria commented, "let it happen. I hope you like the taste of my panties. You have them in your mouth. That little cocktail you consumed is changing your body even more than it already has." Victoria climbed on the bed and forced her knee between Laura's legs. She ground her knee against Laura's vagina. "When you come this time princess, not only will you be forever sealed as a woman, but you will be a bondage nymphomaniac on top of it. Your mind will be consumed with thought of being tied up and getting fucked. You'll especially like bending over and getting it in the ass." Laura pulled violently on her chains. She grimaced and let out a loud soulful moan.

As Laura squirmed with non-stop orgasm, Victoria turned on a TV on the wall. The image flickered to life. Jenna Clarkson appeared and said, "Hello Jamie…oh yes, I know who you are. I find revenge is a dish best served cold. Do you like it? You tried to fuck me and put me in chains; I'm just returning the favor.

I know what you are thinking, how? How did she do this to me? The food at Clair's house was spike with a specially tailored nano technology. It changed you into a girl from the inside out. At night a specially designed subliminal system, mounted in the attic above your bed, programmed your memory. It's amazing what science can do these days.

Mistress Victoria is going to be training you for me. When she is finished with you, you will be taken to a slave auction. You will be sold, tattooed and shipped out for your new life as a slut bondage slave. The orgasm you are experiencing will stop…in a day or two. In the meantime, enjoy your transformation, BITCH!"


(Two Years Later)

Mistress Victoria led Laura out on stage. Laura now wore an antique white satin corset, matching panties, black silk hose, and ballet shoes. Her hands were shackled behind her and her ankles hobbled. Spotlights shone down on her. From out in the audience flash bulbs lit up like stars. The crowd began murmuring.

Jenna stood back on the stage and said, "What am I bid for this choice slave? One million…do I hear two million in the back…please ladies and gentlemen. This beauty you see was once a virile young man. He now has the perfect mixture of innocent girl, slave, and rebellious male. She will give you countless hours of pleasure. Imagine breaking her spirit and having go down on you. Three million…five million…eight million…eight million going once…twice…sold to the husband and wife in the back for a sum of eight million dollars."

As Victoria led Laura off stage, Jenna approached them. She whispered in Laura's ear, "It's a shame. Now you have all this wonderful evidence for your story, but you will never be able to use it. Enjoy your new life as a slave girl. Oh and the Montgomery's slave crest is two intertwined roses. Victoria will see that your ass is appropriately tattooed with their brand. Have nice life sugar," she said swatting Laura's pantied bottom.


Jenna lounged in her living room. She curled up in a ball wearing her white silk pajamas. She read the latest financial reports from her various enterprises. They were, of course, laundered as legitimate sources of income. Her lips curled up into a smile. This had been a very good year.

She took notice of the ringing of her doorbell. Her maid answered the door. Jenna observed the cable repairman her maid let in the mansion. He was young, handsome, and definitely no cable repairman. Cameras covered every square inch of her mansion. She would find out who he was and what he wanted. Once that was done, she would put him on the top of the "Alice list." She mused, "He's probably a news paper reporter. Perhaps he is with some law enforcement agency? I needed another girl for auction. I have the loveliest pair of pink silk panties for him to wear, after he is changed that is."




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