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Acting Up             by: Gingerfred Man


Act One, Scene One Meet the Players FIRST SUNDAY

"I think we have everything," the beautiful, 40-year-old divorcee, Charlotte Himes said. "Thank you again, Laurie for taking care of David while the four of us are on this wonderful cruise."

"Yes, thank you, Laurie," the equally beautiful and equally divorced Mary Kay Walsh said. "I know Ryan is in good hands with you, too."

"Do we have to go through this again?" Laurie asked. "Don’t make me sorry that you were my sorority sisters, lo these many years ago. Now don’t keep those big stud boyfriends of yours waiting. They’re eager to get you on that ship, get those panties off and pound your pussies."

Charlotte and Mary Kay giggled. "You’re so naughty and you always have such a funny way of saying things, Laurie," Mary Kay said. "I guess it comes from being one of the country’s great stage actresses."

"You’re right. I’m great," Laurie said. "But someone else usually writes my lines. I’m very glad that I have these three weeks off and can take care of the boys. Now get going or you’ll miss your plane."

Charlotte and Mary Kay kissed Laurie goodbye, then went to give final instructions to 13-year-old David and Ryan. They were good, intelligent boys, but had dull personalities. They liked the Internet and video games. Sports and the outdoors challenged them. So did personal hygiene. They had long, unkempt hair. But they were fairly clean that day. Other kids called them nerds, so they figured that was what they were. Girls terrified them. Worse, girls also ignored them

Laurie Drew knew the boys their whole lives, although she only visited them once or twice a year. They liked her a lot and called her Aunt Laurie.

Laurie was a truly gorgeous woman. Since her work was confined to the stage, she was not broadly famous. But men who saw her, often fell in lust. Laurie was usually on the road, but she kept a beautiful home one hundred miles from David and Ryan’s hometown. That was where they were headed for the next three weeks.

The boys loaded their stuff and got in Laurie’s car. David said, "This is great of you Aunt Laurie. Thanks again."

Ryan agreed. "Yeah, thanks. Will Danielle be home when we get there?" he asked, about Laurie’s 16-year-old daughter.

"Oh, my little darlings, I’m sorry. I didn’t tell you. Danielle is spending July with her father in Nice. I know you like her. But we’ll still have lots of fun."

The boys were disappointed, but they loved Aunt Laurie. Plus, they were glad to get away from some of the nasty bullies in their neighborhood. It takes a nerd to like a nerd, they always said.

Laurie asked the boys about their lives and didn’t like what she heard. No fresh air? Scared of girls? We’ll see about that.

Now as the old saying goes, if the only tool in your bag is a hammer, you tend to treat all problems like nails. Laurie was an actress, so she looked for acting solutions to problems.

At noon, they were twenty miles from Laurie’s home. They stopped for lunch at a diner. Over burgers, Laurie asked they boys if they would like to be able to talk to girls and have the other boys like them more. David and Ryan agreed, of course.

"Well darlings, I have a way to do that, but it will take some commitment on your parts. Are you willing to try?"

The boys looked at each other and nodded. "Sure, Aunt Laurie," David said. "Who do we have to kill?

"Only your bad habits, boys. Here’s what I propose. I want you to do some acting with me. One of you will play the role of a girl for a week. I’ll dress you in Danielle’s old clothes and fix your hair and make-up. The second week, the boy will become the girl. You’ll learn acting skills, but you’ll also see what it’s like to be a girl and how to relate to a girl your age as a boy."

David spoke first. He looked horrified. "Aunt Laurie, I could never.."

"I’ll do it, Aunt Laurie," Ryan interrupted. "I’ll go first."

Laurie was very pleased.

David looked at Ryan and said, "Are you nuts? She’s going to make you wear panties and stockings and paint your toenails."

"I know. I want to see what it’s like. It’s a great opportunity to learn acting from a world-famous star. Plus, it can’t make us less popular, can it? We won’t have to ring bells and shout unclean when we go back to school."

David was stunned. His best friend as a girl. What would it be like? Himself as a girl? Shiver. It sounded horrifying, but very sexy and dangerous.

He said, "Do you double-swear that you’ll never tell anyone we know about this?"

"I double-swear," Ryan said.

"Okay, then, Aunt Laurie. I’ll try it too."

"Very good boys." Laurie was pleased.

Ryan had a question. "Aunt Laurie. You said a week for each of us. What do we do the third week?"

"That will be up to you, my darlings."


Act One, Scene Two – Inventory

Laurie and the boys arrived at the house at 1:15. The boys carried their suitcases upstairs. Laurie asked David to put his suitcase in the guest room. Ryan would be sleeping in Danielle’s room. Both had private baths and queen-size beds.

Laurie said, "David, you may leave your suitcase for later. Here is ten dollars. I want you to walk out of the front door, down my driveway to the end, it’s about a quarter mile, then turn left and walk another half-mile into town. You can go to the library, the video store, ice cream parlor, bookstore, or anything. Just do not come back here until 6:30! You’ll be meeting a nice girl at that time, so think about what you’re going to say to her and how you’re going to act around her."

Wow! More than five hours to kill, then I come back to find my best friend in a dress. All David could say was, "OK, Aunt Laurie." He bounced out the front door.

"We can’t call you Ryan, anymore," Laurie said. "What will your new name be?"

"Cindy," Ryan said rapidly.

Oh my. He’s been thinking about this, hasn’t he? "A very pretty name that is, Cindy. Now let’s get you looking like a Cindy. Off with those awful boy clothes. You’re getting a bath. Get them off. Now. Now."

Cindy blushed. "But I don’t want you to see me naked, Aunt Laurie."

"Girls aren’t ashamed in front of other girls, Cindy. Let me have the clothes. I would burn them, but you’ll need them next week. While you’re bathing, I’ll find some of Danielle’s clothes for you. Remember to pat dry, not rub. Use this conditioner on your hair. If you have to pee, sit on the toilet seat to do it. And call me when you’re dry."

Cindy complied with the instructions. She was covered in a big towel when she called Laurie. Laurie swooped in carrying girlie underwear, a hairbrush, various cosmetics, a razor and shaving cream. The first order of business was to grab the towel and fling it outside the bathroom. Cindy stood there naked, covering her privates with her right hand and her nipples with her left arm. Laurie thought, she has thought this through.

"If it makes you more comfortable, Cindy, you can put this underwear on while I style your hair."

Cindy nodded. "Yes, please, Auntie."

Auntie! The kid’s an actress, all right. "Here are some nice white cotton bikini panties and a white training bra. Hook the bra in the front. That’s right, Honey. Very nice. Now the panties. How do they feel?"

"They’re very comfortable," Cindy said. She loved the feel of them, but didn’t want Auntie to know how long this had been her dream.

Auntie already suspected. "Now let me dry and style your hair. Pay attention, because tomorrow, you can do it yourself."

Auntie had only caught a glimpse of Cindy’s pink package, but it was certainly promising. A nice, short, pink cock, hanging down from embarrassment, but with a nice uncut foreskin covering the nut. Cute, pink balls, filled with thick girlie-juice. Cindy was blessed. She had a nice, slim body and a pretty-boy face, which would take very well to cosmetics. A lot of good material for Auntie to work with.

When Auntie was finished with Cindy’s hair, the transformation was well underway. In bra and panties and with styled, long hair, Cindy was already a looker. A few more touches and she would be a traffic stopper. Auntie was ready for those touches.

Cindy stole glances at herself in the bathroom mirror. By the bulge in her panties, we can believe that she liked what she saw.

"Now we’re going to get rid of that nasty body hair, Sweetie." Auntie shaved Cindy’s armpits and legs. Then she shocked Cindy by pulling down Cindy’s panties and shaving her pubic hair into a neat patch, centered on her cockie. Cindy was embarrassed by her obvious arousal.

"Relax, Cindy, I’ve seen those before. And I hope I’m not so old and ugly that you wouldn’t be aroused by my attentions. I consider your stiffie to be a deep compliment."

Cindy relaxed a bit at this, but her woodie did not.

"Let’s see what we can do with those toenails. They’re trimmed, but you need a pedicure. Let me shape your fingernails a little. That’s better. Let me paint these, but tomorrow, we’re going for manicures and pedicures."

Cindy was horrified. "But, Auntie, we can’t. I mean, people will see me and laugh."

"No one will be laughing when I get done with you, Honey. The boys will be drooling and chasing you with their stiff cocks."

That horrified Cindy even more. Boys’ cocks. It was awful. It was horrid. It was incredibly exciting. Her poor prickie got even stiffer. Cindy had never had a waking orgasm, but she was curious and eager to learn.

Auntie did the best she could with Cindy’s toe and fingernails. Then she did her cosmetic magic on Cindy’s face. Auntie’s stage career had made her a make-up expert and her work had produced a gorgeous angel.

Cindy looked at herself in the mirror. She was so happy that she started to cry. This meant a touch-up to the mascara, but Auntie didn’t mind. She was very pleased with what she had done and very happy for Cindy.

Auntie whispered, "This has been a dream of yours, hasn’t it Cindy?"

Cindy hesitated, then told the truth. "Yes, Auntie."

"Have you ever dressed before?"_

"No, but I think about it a lot. Please don’t tell David. Or my Mom and Dad."

"Of course not, Honey. We girls have our secrets. But, Cindy?"

"Yes, Auntie."

"Now that you’re a girl for at least this week, I have to show you all kinds of things about being a girl, all right?"


"First, I want you to understand more about your body. We girls are objects of sexual desire, so we have to understand what we have before we give any of it away. I’m going to demonstrate some things to you. First, your lips. Do you feel my finger against your lower lip? Does that feel good? I thought so. Girls use their lips to kiss their partners. Nothing feels as good as a sensuous kiss. You can kiss the other person on the mouth or use your lips to kiss someone on any part of their body. Let me show you how to use your mouth to kiss another person’s mouth."

Auntie gave Cindy a deep, wet kiss, with lots of tongue. Cindy responded eagerly, holding Auntie in her arms and putting her tongue deep into Auntie’s mouth. Cindy was enraptured. She was so excited that her ears were hot.

Aunt Laurie’s panties were also soaked, but this was a lesson, not a date. She reluctantly pulled her mouth away, pulled herself together and said, "You’ll want to use your mouth to kiss your man’s cock and your tongue to lick it. We’ll discuss that a bit more later on."

Cindy was mildly surprised at this, but didn’t show it.

"Here are some other important parts of your beautiful young body. Your ear loves to be kissed and your earlobe loves a little kiss and suck, like this."

Joy. Joy.

"Your pretty toes like a nice sucking now and then, like this."

Giggle. Joy. Giggle. Joy.

"Your powdered tummy likes to be rubbed and stroked, like this."


"Everyone likes the inside of her thighs rubbed nicely. It’s better with warm oil, but this is how it’s done."


"If your lover is creative, every inch of your body is an erogenous zone. Now let me show you the really good parts. Let me just push your bra up a bit. Let’s roll these panties down to your ankles too, so they don’t get in the way. That’s it. You’re less shy already. You have nice, puffy nipples, Cindy. How does that feel, when I wet the tip of my finger and just rub it on this one?"


"You like that? How about the other one? "

Cindy moaned, flinched, then came back for more.

"Your little titties also love to be licked and sucked. I‘ll just give you a little taste of that." Aunt Laurie covered Cindy’s right nipple with her mouth and licked it gently with the tip of her tongue."

Cindy shuddered. She said, "Auntie, I think you had better stop that. Something’s happening to me. I feel like I…. Ohh Oooo." And Cindy gave up thirteen years of stored-up girlie goo. It leaped from her stiff prickie, landing on the sink, the bathroom mirror and the floor. Auntie gently milked her balls as she came.

"What was that, Auntie?" the over stimulated young sweetheart asked shakily.

"That was your future, Honey. Good things happen from here on out. Are you calm now? OK, because I have more of the lesson."

"It’s been a great lesson, so far, Auntie. I would love to see more."

"As you were giving up your juice, what was I doing with my hand?"

"You were stirring my stones, Auntie."

"That’s right, Honey. Your balls are the source of all the wonderful cream you will produce and expel over your long. happy life. They are very sensitive, but licking them and touching them are an important part of lovemaking. Yours are pink, pretty and full of girlie-goo. Am I getting you aroused? Your stiffie seems to be returning."

"Oh, yes, Auntie. This is all so exciting."

"Already it looks bigger than it did before. That’s progress. Now let me show you something very interesting." Auntie licked her left, middle finger, gently stroked Cindy’s ass cheeks and inserted the finger, only to the depth of the nail, into Cindy’s pink and brown rosebud. Cindy lurched. She moaned softly. Auntie wiggled the fingertip in her sphincter. Cindy pushed her ass back until the entire, wiggling finger was buried. Cindy thought it was heavenly. Auntie surprised her by putting a second finger in. That was twice as nice, but her little prickie was all red and stiff and sore again. Auntie noticed.

"The anus is a very sexual part of your body. Since you don’t have a vagina, the boys you choose to entertain will want to but their big, hard, hot cocks up that tight little hole where my fingers are. Don’t look scared, Honey. You’ll love it and so will they. You just have to make sure they lubricate you properly first, either by licking your hole with their stiff, wet tongues or using some other lubricant.

Cindy was terribly excited. Auntie said, "I see you need some relief, again. I can help. I’ve saved your cocklet for last. It’s a wonderful source of pleasure for you and for the boys who will eagerly suck it, lick it and fiddle with this pretty foreskin that I’m massaging right now. Do you like when I move the fingers in your ass in tandem with the handjob I’m giving you?__"Mmmmm. It’s paradise, Auntie. It’s so…..Oh. Oh. There it is again, like a pinch. Bigger one. Oh…I….you….SQUEAL!" And Cindy gave it up into Auntie’s practiced hand as she tightened her pooper muscles on Auntie’s fingers.

As Cindy sat recovering on the edge of the tub, Auntie wiped her cummy hand on a towel. Secretly, she tasted some of the almost virgin seed. Yummy.

She sat next to Cindy and hugged her. They kissed sweetly, tongues enlaced. "Thank you, sweet Auntie. Thank you."

"Thank you, Cindy. You’re an excellent student actress. Now let’s get dressed. We want you to look nice when Ryan’s best friend comes for dinner. How about this pretty white garter belt and tan hose? I have a yellow print dress that would look beautiful on you and matching, yellow shoes with two-inch heels. And I think we should get you some panties that are a little more grown-up, don’t you? We have about an hour and a half until David comes back. We can work on your walk and some mannerisms. There’s much to do."

Cindy thought. Auntie’s right. It’s all good from here on.


Act One – Scene Three Now Presenting, Cindy

As David was walking back to Aunt Laurie’s house from the center of town, he was very nervous about the next three weeks. He thought, "What if I can’t act the part of a girl right? Everyone else thinks I’m a dork. I don’t want Aunt Laurie to think so too. And how do I treat Ryan or whatever sissy name he’ll call himself? We’ve been best friends forever. How will this affect that relationship? What if he wants to kiss me or something? Yuck! I’m not gay. What if I’m dressed as a girl and some other guy hits on me? I wish I could go back on my promise, but I can’t."

David had spent the afternoon checking out the town. Since there was no video arcade, he was forced to spend most of his time in the unfamiliar fresh air. His lungs were full of it.

Passing a florist late in the afternoon, David was seized by inspiration. "I should buy Aunt Laurie some flowers," he thought. So he bought a large bouquet with money his mother had given him. When the sales woman asked him if there would be anything else, inspiration struck again and he bought a second bouquet. This was for his friend Ryan’s sissy self, whatever her name was. Why did he do it? It seemed right to him.

So at 6:30 precisely, David showed up at Aunt Laurie’s and knocked on the door. Aunt Laurie answered it and said, "You don’t have to knock, David. Oh. What are you carrying?"

"These are for you, Aunt Laurie, because you’re so nice."

"Why thank you, Darling. Their beautiful." She kissed him on the cheek and hugged him. David blushed.

Laurie said, "Let’s get these into water. What else are you carrying?"

"Oh, these are for, you know."

"For Cindy? That’s so sweet." Laurie was very impressed.

David thought, "Cindy. That’s a pretty name."

Laurie called out, "Oh, Cindy. Your boyfriend, David is here."

David thought, "Boyfriend? Is that part of the act? I guess it is." He looked around for Cindy.

Cindy walked slowly down the stairs, still a little unsure in her pretty, yellow, high heels. Her hair and make-up were perfect. The skirts of her dress flounced prettily. Her stocking-covered legs were heart stoppers. Her beauty and smile set the room en fuego.

David’s heart skipped three beats and his prick was hard against his flat belly. This was an angel from heaven, not his nerdy pal. How had Aunt Laurie done it?

"Close your mouth, David," Laurie said. "There may be a fly looking for a safe haven." David did, but his heart was beating audibly.

Cindy minced over to where David was standing and said, "Good evening, David. How are you?"

David recovered enough to say, "These are for you." He handed Cindy the flowers.

Cindy took them, looked him in the eyes and said, "Oh they’re beautiful. Thank you. They’re just what I like. You’re so sweet." Then she did what David had thought one minute earlier was unthinkable. Cindy kissed David on the cheek.

He was terribly aroused. He wanted more. She smelled delicious. She was beautiful. She’s a boy playacting; get a hold of yourself. But she’s everything I’ve always dreamed of in a girl and she likes me.

Aunt Laurie snapped him out of it. "David, I’m sure you’re all sweaty after all that time outside. Why don’t you go empty your suitcase, take a nice shower and put on clean clothes? We’ll eat in an hour."

"OK, Aunt Laurie. So, Cindy, I’ll see you in an hour then, OK?"

"Bye, David. Thanks again for the flowers."

David smiled. "You’re welcome, Cindy." He floated up the stairs.

When he had shut the door to his room, Laurie and Cindy giggled. "Is he acting, Auntie?"

"If he is, he convinced that big lump in his trousers to play along, Honey." And they giggled some more.

The ladies fixed dinner and a scrubbed, neat David, with his long hair in a ponytail, showed up for eats. The lump was still there. He eyed Cindy with a mixture of curiosity, disbelief, and lust. She was acting as if they had been boyfriend and girlfriend for quite some time.

After a good dinner of chicken, boiled potatoes and salad, and a quick cleanup, the actor, actress and their director moved to the family room to watch TV. Cindy sat on the couch and patted the seat to her right to indicate where David should sit. He complied, sitting warily. Auntie was observing.

After a few minutes, Auntie said, "Cindy, what are you doing wrong right now?"

Cindy didn’t know and said so.

"You have the remote, Honey. You know that it’s one of the few situations where we give men control. Now give it to David, please."

Cindy giggled and handed the remote to David.

"And, David," Auntie said, "what are you doing wrong?"

"I don’t know either, Aunt Laurie."

"Your beautiful girlfriend is sitting next to you on the couch, she’s all perfumed and powdered and pretty for you and you don’t even have your arm around her."

David considered this. He looked at Cindy. She looked spectacular, all right. He put his arm around her. She sighed contentedly and eased into his embrace.

A few minutes later, the director asked, "Is there anything else you two would be doing if I weren’t here?"

They looked at each other. David took the big leap and said, "We would be kissing, Aunt Laurie."

"Gold star, David. Now as your director, I’m telling you that you must act as if I’m not here and do what you would normally do."

David looked at Cindy again. Her heads was nestled in his armpit. He could see the garter snaps shaped in her skirt. Her long legs rubbed against each other. She smelled like wildflowers. He thought he could see the outline of a stiffie in her skirt.

David’s own woodie was fierce. He took a deep breath and said, "Cindy?"

"Yes, David?"

"May I kiss you?"

"I wish you would."

David looked at her red, moist mouth, looked into her beautiful eyes, pulled her to him and put his lips on hers. The effect was electric. It was the first kiss of young David’s life and he never wanted it to end. He felt something moist in his mouth. It was Ryan’s, no, remember, it’s Cindy’s, tongue. David met it gently with his own tongue. It was thrilling. His poor stiffie was growing even more.

Cindy purred as they continued their passionate embrace and soulful kissing. She had never enjoyed anything more. In her secret dreams, she had thought of herself dressed as a girl and David kissing her. Never any further. Just kissing. How rare it is to have your specific dreams come true. Now she was about to build on the dream.

David and Cindy were both extremely aroused, the evidence showing through trousers and skirt respectively. They were at a loss as to where the next scene was going. The play’s director offered her suggestions.

"Please stop a minute children. That’s it. Take a breath. Did you enjoy that?"

"Oh, yes," they both said and looked lovingly into each other’s eyes.

"If I weren’t here and you were boyfriend and girlfriend, what would you do next?"

They didn’t know and said so.

Laurie thought to herself, "Actors! Hmph!" She said, "Well what’s changed since you started kissing?"

Cindy caught the drift. "David’s thingie is all hard and so is mine."

"Right. Is that painful?"

"Sort of," David said.

"It only gets worse," Laurie said, "unless you provide relief. Remember relief, Cindy?"

Cindy remembered relief fondly from that afternoon. "I do, Auntie." Taking the initiative, she said, "David, please remove your trousers and pull your shirt up to your chest."

David looked at each in turn, then complied, a bit more eagerly than he would have thought possible two hours earlier.

Laurie gazed at David’s naked legs and tummy. He had quite a nice, slim body for a "nerd." With a little attention, there were many possibilities.

Cindy seemed to agree as she considered his nearly naked form. She reached over with her left hand (she was left-handed) and rubbed his thighs and tummy. Then she kissed him as she continued to rub. When she had gotten him into a bit more of a state, she stopped kissing him and held his hard penis in her soft hand. She spent several minutes examining it, feeling its various parts. She softly rubbed her lacquered fingertips on the shaft. She felt the corona where the foreskin meets the head. She opened the tiny lips of the peehole with her delicate thumbs. A little spurt of boy-juice drooled out. Cindy giggled, smiled and kissed David again. After the hot kiss, she turned her attention to the glans, or head, where the sensitive nerves are centered. She surprised everyone, including herself, by rubbing David’s cockhead, right on the pee hole, with the flat palm of her delicate hand. David jumped. Laurie stared. That was a new one on her. Ah, the power of the Internet in exchanging ideas!

Cindy decided it was time to give poor David the first relief of his young life. David was ready. Kissing David deeply, she took her girlie hand and did magical things to his hot, hard plunger. She stroked. She teased. She even scraped her nails gently against his pink ball sac. And David did what you would expect. He groaned. He told her how beautiful she was. He groaned some more. He asked Cindy not to stop. Then he exploded, shivering with lust and throwing thirteen years of hot cum eighteen inches into the air. David shook with delight through six ropes of ejaculate. Most of it landed back on David’s pubic area. A good half-cup was on Cindy’s soft little hand. Looking David straight in the eye, she lifted her cummy hand to her mouth and licked it clean. David fell back in complete contentment. He was in love.

The director became the prop manager and handed Cindy a warm, wet towel. Cindy cleaned David’s pubic area and he dressed himself again. He kissed Cindy lovingly.

Laurie said, "Cindy, that was marvelous. My panties are soaked. That’s the best handjob, I’ve ever seen. How did you learn to do that?"

"Thank you, Auntie. Oh, just the Internet and the dirty dreams of a teenager."

"Did you enjoy that, David?" Laurie asked.

"It was the best thing that ever happened to me, Aunt Laurie. I think I’m a bit in love with you already, Cindy."

Cindy blushed and batted her eyes at David. David was getting hard again already.

"But David," Laurie said. "Aren’t you forgetting something?"

David looked at them both quizzically. "Am I?"

"You feel better now, but does Cindy?"

David asked her. "Are you all right, Honey?"

"My stiffie is still all red and hot and sore," the sweet, little angel said.

"How could I be so dumb? I’m sorry, Cindy. Could I give you some relief too?"

"That would be wonderful, David. Would you take my panties off for me?"

"Gladly. Would it be uncomfortable for you to stand up a minute in those high heels?"

"No, I’m very comfortable in them." And she stood up, lifting her skirt.

David had a great view of her filmy panties, put on over her pretty garter belt for easy removal. The head of her pricklet was extended above her panties. It was so red, it was almost purple. Her creamy thighs above her tan stocking tops were making David harder, but he had better get to work here. David slowly peeled Cindy’s sweet panties. She gasped as the elastic touched her sensitive balls. David pulled them all the way down and Cindy stepped out of them, one high-heeled foot at a time.

Still sitting, David considered his prize. Two pink little balls brimming with girlie goo over an embarrassingly aroused prickie. Not big, but very cute. Soft and smooth. David examined every square inch with his gentle fingertips. Cindy gasped and moaned appreciatively. He hefted her balls and stirred them tenderly. She shuddered. David stood up, removed his trousers and shirt and stood naked with his chest to Cindy’s clothed back. Cindy held her skirt up as David rubbed his splitter against Cindy’s smooth, soft buttocks, right in the pillowy crack. He reached around Cindy’s waist and softly massaged her enflamed cockhead. Cindy turned her head back for a sweet kiss. All this arousal brought matters to an all-too-swift conclusion. Cindy squealed softly, called out David’s name and filled his hand with her precious bodily fluids. The friction of David’s cock against Cindy’s delicious backside caused him to bedew her butt with his manly seed. Cindy turned and rubbed her body against David’s naked form. They kissed.

Laurie excused herself for what turned out to be an hour of vigorous clitoral masturbation. These kids were spectacular, she thought. When she came back, they were fully dressed, cuddling and watching TV again. They kissed occasionally, but seemed satisfied for the moment.

At ten o’clock, Laurie said she was going to bed, but she would be giving Cindy an hour’s instruction first. She told them both to sleep in their own rooms tonight, but she also told them that she was a very heavy sleeper and probably wouldn’t hear anything that happened all night.

Laurie and Cindy kissed David goodnight and went upstairs.

When they got to Laurie’s room, she said, "Cindy, you are an absolute delight. And so is David."

Cindy blushed. "Thank you, Auntie. You’re a good teacher."

"You’re doing most of this on your own, Honey, but I want to make sure you can do what you need to do. I was going to do blowjob instruction tomorrow, but you may need it sooner than that. Did you suck David off when I was out of the room for that, ahem, hour of rest?"

"Oh no, Auntie," the little princess answered truthfully. "David and I were just kissing and giggling at all the funny sounds coming out of your room."

"Yes, well, OK. So let me tell you about blowjobs. You do want to learn, don’t you?"

More blushing. "Oh, yes, Auntie."

"Do you expect to be giving one of them to a young fellow whose initials are David Himes pretty soon?"

Poor Cindy was red as a beet. "If he wants to, Auntie."

"In history, the number of sane, hetero males who ever turned down a good blowjob is less than a hundred. Psychologists are still puzzled, but they are continuing to investigate."

"I’m eager to learn, Auntie."

"All right, Honey. Then go to your room, wash up, especially your make-up, for bed and put that cute nightie on that I laid on your bed. If you run into David, kiss him a little, but don’t delay too much."

"All rightie."

Laurie thought, "She could make Viagra obsolete."

Fifteen minutes later, following a soft knock on Laurie’s door, the student actress was back for instruction. She was a lovely sight, wearing a pink, knee-length, almost-see-through nightie with spaghetti straps and high-heeled mules. She smelled like soap and little girl.

Laurie was wearing a black shortie nightie with black panties. Her pussy was soaked again.

"Now Honey, this little object is called a dildo. It’s a fake penis. Have you ever seen one before?"

"No Auntie."

"The first thing you should remember about a blowjob is that it’s part of lovemaking. You don’t walk up to someone, suck his cock until he comes in your mouth, then walk away. You kiss first. You involve the 95% of your body that isn’t genital. You get all the sights and smells and involve your most powerful sex organ, your brain. OK?"

"Yes, ma’am."

"After you’ve kissed for a while and you decide that you want to suck the boy’s or man’s cock, you get on your knees. Do you know why?"

"Because it turns the man on?"

"Very good. That’s one of two reasons. The other is that it’s the way we’re built. It’s the best angle for being able to do the kinds of things you want to do."

"I want to do a lot."

"I thought so. As I explained before, some believe that you should never cap the penis with your mouth. They believe that licking and sucking of the head make the best blowjob."

"Is that right?"

"It’s a matter of preference. Personally, I believe that ‘deep-throating’ is way overrated. The nerve endings are all in the head of the penis. That’s where the bulk of the effort should go. The shaft deserves some licks, but you will never get a man to orgasm just by doing that. The balls on the other hand seem to arouse a man when you lick and suck them and a good ball bath with lots of saliva is a real turn-on."

"Oooohh." Cindy was all stiffed up again.

"Be very gentle with the balls, though, Sweetie. One false move and the date is over."

"I will be."

"You may also want to consider some extras, such as licking the area under the balls, even back to and including the asshole. A nice tonguing back there will wake the dead. And as you saw this afternoon, a finger in the rectum during a handjob or a blowjob adds to the pleasure immensely."

"So much to learn."

"You’ll get it. You’re a natural. Hand me that dildo and I’ll show you some techniques, like the figure eight and the butterfly flutter."

She did so, then washed the dildo off and had Cindy try it. She was an apt pupil. "That’s it, lots of saliva and enthusiasm!"

"Cindy, dear, I think the best way for you to learn about a blowjob is for me to give you one. Is that all right with you?"

The little girl was thrilled. "That would be heavenly, Auntie."

"All right. Can you balance all right in those high-heeled slippers or do you want to take them off?"

"I feel more femmy with them."

"Fine. Now, remember, it’s part of lovemaking, so what do we do?"_ Cindy answered by stepping forward and kissing her Auntie with great passion.

"Mmmmm," Laurie said and her pussy juice was running down her thighs.

After five lovely minutes, Laurie broke off the kiss. "That was very enjoyable, Darling. Let me give you some nice oral relief, now."

Laurie slipped to her knees. Cindy pulled up her nightie to her belly button. Laurie planted soft kisses all around Cindy’s inner thighs and pubic hair, while holding and examining Cindy’s pink prickie. It jumped and drooled girlie juice when she first touched it.

Then Laurie licked Cindy’s pink ball sac. Cindy moaned softly. Laurie bathed the entire area with her sweet tongue. She lifted the scrotum and licked the soft underside. Cindy shivered.

Laurie moved her hands to the soft globes of Cindy’s ass and licked the shaft of her pricklet. Cindy gasped. Laurie applied her experienced tongue to the sensitive glans of Cindy’s party pole. A larger amount of girlie juice drooled out and onto Laurie’s rouged cheek. Laurie intensified her licking efforts and Cindy’s balance began to waver. Cindy said, "That’s so heavenly Auntie, but I don’t want to make a mess on your... Oooooh... your.... Aaaah..... your pretty...... Oh, Auntie!!!" And Cindy shot three ropes of girlie goo in the air, landing on the carpeted bedroom floor.

Cindy’s eyes filled with tears of love. "No one has ever been this good to me in my life, Auntie. Not until you and David today. I love you, Auntie." And they sat on the bed and hugged each other lovingly.

Then Cindy snapped up. "But Auntie, don’t you need some relief too?"

"That’s very kind of you, my sweet darling. Yes, I do. Would you like to lick my pussy until I scream?"

The little girl had longed to do so. "Tell me what to do and I’ll lick you until you beg me to stop."

"Wonderful idea! I’ll get on my back and we’ll learn by doing. First, remove my filmy black panties. Peel them off slowly. That’s it. Do you like my pussy?

"It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, Auntie. It’s soaked with your juices and smells delicious -- like musk and perspiration and pee. It’s complicated, though, with all these lips."

Laurie’s pussy was a work of art, as was her entire body. Her long, silky legs ending in pink, girlie toes. Her gorgeous ass, quivering with anticipation of a fine pussy-licking.

"The part above the big lips with the little hood is my clitoris. That’s the only body part God made on either a man or a woman whose only function is pleasure."

"Why is it hiding?"

"It’s the star of our play, but it only comes from behind the curtain in the last act. You can kiss it and lick it then. You may softly massage the hood as you’re licking my inner pussy. When it comes out, lavish your love on it. For now, use your thumbs and gently separate the pussy lips. What do you see?"

"It’s all pink and gooey with your juice."

"Would you please lick in there, softly?

"How’s this?"

"Ooooh. That’s marvelous! Have you done this before? Don’t answer. Just keep licking. You can do it a little harder now. That’s it. Put your tongue in more deeply. Oh! That was deep all right. Mmmmmmm. Nice technique. What?"

"Auntie, the actress is here for the last act. Should I greet her?"

"By all means."

Cindy licked Auntie’s stiff red clitoris; then impulsively, she sucked it. That sent Auntie on her first trip around the world. It was a trip in Warp Nine and the g-forces were intense. Nobody told her not to, so Cindy kept her face in Auntie’s bush and kept licking and sucking Auntie’s clit. It wasn’t easy, what with Auntie’s body bucking all over the place and Auntie screaming. But Cindy held on somehow through six paralyzing orgasms. Auntie finally found her voice. "Please stop," she croaked.

"OK, Auntie. Was that fun?"

"Oh yes, Honey. You nearly killed me, but it was incredible." This girl was a sex prodigy, like Mozart, only with orgasms. "You just stay right here and sleep in my arms tonight, dear."

David could wait one more day for full tire rotation.


Act One, Scene Four – More Acting Lessons FIRST MONDAY

Cindy slept soundly cuddled up to Aunt Laurie. She dreamed that she was walking down a street in her hometown. She was wearing a short, pretty party dress and her long, delicious legs were covered with black stockings. The stiletto heels of her strappy mules were clacking and her tight, sexy ass was swaying. She was walking by men and boys she knew and their tongues were literally hanging out, as in a cartoon, when they saw her. She was ignoring them, though, as payback for the way she was treated as Ryan. It was delightful. But all dreams end with a passage back to reality. Cindy’s involved a soft wake-up kiss from Auntie.

"Come on, Sweetie. Rise and shine. It’s seven o’clock and your makeover is scheduled for eight-thirty."


"You’re getting the whole treatment. Hair, nails, massage, skin treatments, make-up. Then we’ll go shopping for some pretty new clothes for you. Anybody who can eat pussy like you deserves the best of everything. It’ll take about six hours, but you’ll be amazed at the results. It’s also a full girlie experience if there ever was one."

"Thank you, Auntie. That’s very generous and kind."

"Anything for my sweet little niece Cindy. Now get in the tub. I’ve drawn your bath. Don’t worry too much about make-up this morning. Just lipstick is OK. But I’ve laid out a cute pink dress for you, black stockings, pink panties, bra and garter belt. You’ll undress at the beauty parlor anyway, but we’ll go directly from there to shopping. Now scoot."

Cindy giggled. "You’re the best Auntie in the world!"

"You are a fine judge of character, Cindy. You’ll like Elena’s beauty parlor. I’ve been going there for years. The neighborhood around it has deteriorated somewhat, but her place is an island of femmy serenity."

"It sounds enchanting!"

"Breakfast in 30 minutes. Let’s move, soldier."

"Yes, ma’am," Cindy saluted.

Cindy took a quick bath, did her lipstick, put her hair in a ponytail and dressed. The stockings felt dreamy going up her shaved legs, giving her a serious woodie. "I’ll probably have to wait until tonight to get some relief," she thought. The idea of relieving herself didn’t occur to her, since there were two people in the house and a world full of others who would be willing to attend to her relief problems for some time.

She showed up precisely on time and was pleased to see the loving smile on David’s face when he saw her. Cindy kissed David good morning, but went no further. This was a busy day, after all.

Driving to the beauty parlor, Aunt Laurie expanded on the agenda. "After David and I drop you off, Cindy, we’re going to my photographer’s. He’s taking some publicity shots of me for my agent. We’ll pick you up at 2:30. If we’re a few minutes late, wait inside. The neighborhood is rough, OK"

Cindy said, "Yes, Auntie," but the cutie wasn’t paying attention. She was looking at David and dreaming about sucking his cock. Tonight, all that delicious cum of his was going to be drooling down her chin and onto her bare nipples.

Auntie dropped Cindy off, gave the beauticians instructions and took David to the Jeff Adams photography studio. David liked Jeff right away. He took the time to treat David as a person and even explained what he was doing and why he was doing it. The session lasted until 11:30. Then Laurie took David home for lunch and an "acting lesson."

Laurie and David were sitting at the kitchen table sharing a light salad lunch. "How did you like Jeff Adams?" Laurie asked.

"He was really nice. I should have known that you would have nice friends."

"How kind of you to say that, David. How have you enjoyed the last 24 hours?"

"They’ve been the best of my life, Aunt Laurie and I’m guessing that things will be getting even better."

"Right you are, David. How do you feel about Cindy?"

"I told her I loved her yesterday and I still mean it. She’s a terrific girl."

"Do you miss Ryan?"

"Who? Just kidding. Ryan will be back. I’m enjoying Cindy while she’s here."

"You’re very wise for thirteen. Would you like to learn a skill that will last a lifetime?"

"I already know how to cut grass, Aunt Laurie."

"No, I meant ass-fucking."

Gulp. "That would be super. You mean learn with you? In your ass? I mean…"

Laurie giggled. "Yes. With me. In my ass. Upstairs. Now. I’ll meet you in your bedroom in five minutes. Get naked."

Wow. David streaked upstairs and disrobed. And sat on the bed. And waited. When the door opened, Aunt Laurie walked in wearing only her garter belt, black stockings, high-heeled pumps, and a smile.

David’s eyes bugged out. She was spectacular. His poor boner was red and achy.

Laurie said, "If you’re going to love Cindy and other girls properly, you’re going to have to know how to lubricate and fuck their sweet asses. I’m offering mine today as a test dummy. We only have about two hours until we pick up Cindy, so you’ll have to learn quickly. I see your little friend is ready. But you’ll need a lot more than him to do this properly. Think about it. What’s the first thing you would do in this situation?"

David thought. "I would hug and kiss you, Aunt Laurie."

"Gold star, David. You don’t just walk up to a girl and put your bear in her cave. You make love to her first. Mmmph. Like that. Very good David. Move your hands all over me. That’s it. Very nice."

David’s senses were on overload. He was naked. Aunt Laurie was naked and rubbing her gorgeous, big titties against his chest. His tongue was down her throat. He reached around and felt her velvet ass cheeks. She purred. He felt like the stud of the 21st Century!

He reached for her pussy. Oh my! It was sopping wet. Should he fuck her there too? No. That’s not in the program. She said ass-fucking and he shouldn’t take advantage of her giving nature. He held her by her slim waist and kissed his way from her mouth to her titties. He steered her to and laid her on the bed. Her titties were delicious! Is she moaning because of what he was doing? Oh my. She grabbed his prick and was fondling it as he kissed her titties. "Please stop that, Aunt Laurie. I’ll need that juice for your lovely butt."

Laurie stopped fondling, flipped to her stomach, then, with her shoulders and titties still on the bed, raised herself to her knees, offering her entire, fantastic ass to the lucky lad. "Lick my hole, David," she groaned.

Remembering that the only stupid question is the one that is not asked, David said, "Which hole, Aunt Laurie? They’re both winking at me."

"What’s the title of today’s lesson, David?

"Oh right. Sorry." And David slurped his tongue in and out of Laurie’s incredible anal crevice. It was the most delicious thing he had ever tasted.

Laurie shook all over. "Very nice, Honey. Now more."

More she got. A lot more. Hot, wet, enthusiastic tonguing from a lad in no hurry. Yow! It was good for them both. David dug his tongue into the poopie pit and drew it out a bit dirty. He touched his soiled tongue tip to his palette and loved the taste. This was a license to be very nasty and he took it. He excavated her smoky hole and she squirmed and giggled with joy. Another prodigy!

Eventually, Laurie asked David to stop licking and put his cock where his tongue was. Then, she asked him to push in gently. It’s love, not darts. He did so beautifully. His first fuck. Her 2,657th, but it was very, very good. He savored the moment, then, under her instructions, began a slow rhythm. After a few minutes, he picked up the pace. Laurie was fingering her clit in sync with David’s thrusts. She was close. She told him. "What do I do?" he asked.

"Keep doing what you’re doing, but my ass will clench when I.. holy…sweet…ohhh. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee," she squealed.

David was frightened for a second when Laurie screamed bloody murder, but he loved the pressure on his cock. He also was delighted that he made a woman come under his carnal attentions. Then he felt the pinch. Stop now and you may be able to hold back. The second pinch. Bigger this time. No stopping now. Stroke. Stroke. Ahhhhh. Stroke. She’s so beautiful. Stroke. Her asshole is so hot and tight. Stroke. Stroke. I can’t wait to show Cindy what I learned in school today. Stroke. Here it comes!!!!!!!!!! Gush. Nnnnhh. Gush. Aaaahhhh. Gush. Three ropes of goo up Aunt Laurie’s world famous ass. What a great summer this was going to be!


Act One, Scene Five -- An Unlikely Hero

Laurie and David, the little hedonists, stuck around for a second go and, as a result, were on their way to pick up Cindy five minutes late. David was smiling and thanking Aunt Laurie. Laurie was smiling back. Such wonderful children. And so little trouble.

Meanwhile, the prettiest teenager in town was finished with her first spa day and the results were spectacular. There was no boy left in her except for her stiffie, which was fiercely back now that she was about to see her David again.

Cindy thanked the ladies and stepped outside to see if her ride was there. It wasn’t, but the day was beautiful and so was she. The breeze was up her skirts. Her garter belt was tugging comfortably at her nylons. If she only had bigger titties! Well, what girl hasn’t wished that? Was that Aunt Laurie’s car? I guess not.

Then Cindy heard, "Hey Foxy Mama!" Was that directed at her?

A different voice said, "Yeah, we’re talking to you, sweet thing. What are you doing in this part of town?" There were two rough-looking, sixteenish boys between Cindy and the door of the beauty parlor

"I went to the beauty parlor," Cindy answered.

"Well, it sure worked. You got a boyfriend, Foxy Mama?"

"I do and my name is Cindy, not Foxy Mama,"

"Whoa!!!" the two thugs said in chorus. "You need a ride somewhere? I could give you a long ride somewhere on a big, hot pole."

This was getting ugly. "Leave me alone," Cindy said and her eyes filled up with tears. "Get away from me or I’ll scream."

"No police in this part of town, CINDY. And the neighbors know what’s good for them. You know what we always did in school, CINDY? We used to flip the girls’ skirts up and look at their panties. What color panties are you wearing, Baby?"

"None of your business; leave me alone," The thug flipped her skirts up.

"They’re pink! Can I have them?"

"Get away."

"I want those panties, now."

Cindy screamed. Just as she did, she heard a car wheel up quickly and a blur leapt out of the passenger side. The blur kicked the first thug in the back of his knee. The thug went down. The blur punched the second thug in the face. He went down too. Hard. Then the blur grabbed Cindy by the hand, hustled her in the car, closed the door and the driver sped off. Cindy was sobbing as she looked up at her Auntie and David. David looked very concerned.

"Did they hurt you, Honey? Are you all right?"

"I’m fine. Oh, David. You were wonderful. I didn’t know you could fight like that." She hugged him.

David smiled. "I didn’t either. Are you sure you’re all right?"

"I’ve never been better now that I’m with the two of you."

"You amaze me, David," Laurie said. "You’re a real hero. How will you surprise us next?"

"I’ve been surprising myself most," David said.

David and Laurie asked Cindy for all the details, which she gave, breathlessly, looking at David with adoration the whole time.

"By the way, Cindy, you look stunning," Laurie said. "Do you still want to go shopping?"

"I can’t, Aunt Laurie, for two reasons. First, I’m afraid I got so scared that I peed my panties. I’ll need to change them before I do anything. But most importantly, I have to take my hero home right now and suck his cock until he faints from dehydration."

"Two solid reasons, Honey. Let’s go home."


Act One, Scene Six -- A Hero’s Welcome

Laurie had business calls she had to make, so she left the children to their playtime in Cindy’s femmy bedroom. They were certainly being rambunctious up there.

When they got home, Cindy ran up the stairs with David and into her room. She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply. David responded fully. Cindy broke off the kiss because her wet panties needed to be removed. Cindy asked David to get naked and wait for her on the bed. That was the second time today he had received a man’s most welcome order and he complied eagerly.

Cindy removed her panties, dress, and slip, cleaned herself off, fluffed her hair, touched up her make-up and stepped out to greet her lover boy. Her professionally made-up face shone with beauty. Her long, black-stockinged legs promised sexual delights. Her bra concealed two delicious, puffy nipples, eager for sucking. And her pink stiffie stood proud and tall, its tiny peehole lips awaiting a lover’s sweet kiss.

David was smitten again by love. Despite his hard work with Auntie, his cock was engorged with hot blood. Let the Games begin.

Cindy strode to her lover in her black spikes. David stood and embraced her almost naked body. They kissed sweetly. "You saved me from who-knows-what today, David. What would they have done if they had seen my little pink prickie?"

"Let’s forget those bad boys and concentrate on us, Honey."

As an answer, Cindy sat David on the foot of the bed, got on her divine knees and engulfed his cock in her mouth. This was David’s first blowjob and he was enraptured. The hot, wet, passionate sucking was blissful. David locked eyes with the exquisite Cindy and entered another plane of existence.

This was also the first time Cindy had ever sucked a cock and she didn’t want to stop. It was David’s cock. Her hero’s big, hot, hard, beautiful, meat pole. And it was delicious. It was a little sweaty from when her hero had fought off those two evil boys. It tasted a little salty from her hero’s urine. He did pee with that cock, too, when he wasn’t romancing pretty young girls named Cindy. There was something else too. She couldn’t place it. Then she did. It was the taste of poopie! David had put his big cock up someone’s poop chute! Was he cheating on Cindy already?

Cindy stopped sucking. "David, Honey. You’ll always be my hero, but I can taste poopie on your cock. Whose is it?"

David weighed his options and selected the truth. "It’s Aunt Laurie’s, Cindy. I fucked her ass twice today. I did it for you! She said I had to know what I was doing when I made beautiful, passionate love to you for the rest of our lives." Very smooth lad, that David.

Cindy considered that, then said, "Oh. OK. I think that was the right thing to do, since Auntie has been so good to us. Plus, she sucked my cock last night and I licked her clittie through six knock-down, drag-out, screaming orgasms."

"I heard. I think they heard in the cemetery down the road. Can we continue?"

"Gladly, Sweetie," Cindy said. She reached up and hefted David’s tight ball sack. "Is there any juice left for me?"

"I saved the best juices for you, Kitten."

Cindy held David’s shaft with her left hand and ran her lacquered nails along his scrotum with her right. She smiled at David and began licking his cockhead in earnest. It was a wonderful way to spend a summer afternoon.

David was moaning appreciatively and telling Cindy how beautiful and sexy she was. Cindy licked with copious saliva and great eagerness to please her hero. Her hero was enjoying himself fully. He was looking down at a person who, as a boy, had been his best friend. Now exploring her girl side, Cindy was a living doll. Cute. Sexy. Ready for hot, wet love. And she wanted him desperately. Life was good.

Cindy’s current objective in life was to bring her hero to a groaning orgasm, dousing her with his hot bodily fluids. The moment for Cindy’s fulfillment came when David blew his hot load all over her heartbreakingly pretty face. Her mouth opened to catch David’s cascade of cum, but most ran out of her little mouth, down her chin and all over her puffy little tittie bumps. Just as she had hoped! Was David happy? He certainly seemed to be.

Cindy rubbed David’s hot cum all over her powdered tummy and her puffy nipples. It felt awesome! David looked on in wonder, amazed that he could receive such pleasure and offer it at the same time to his Cindy. He drew her off her knees and into his arms. They embraced on the bed and rubbed their naked bodies together. David’s cum was everywhere.

David kissed Cindy for several minutes, then began to worship her sensitive nipples. She cooed appreciatively, telling David what a strong, handsome lover he was. Her little stiffie was fiery red. David noticed and stroked it lovingly as he sucked her nipples. The little girl squealed with delight. She embraced David and told him how happy she was. Then David made her happier by kissing his way from her sensitive nipples to her even more sensitive pink package. Ooooooh. David placed a soft kiss directly on the enflamed cockhead. Then another. Then he took his tongue and slurped her little cock and balls until Cindy felt all tingly. He kept slurping, concentrating on her cockhead and she received her first cum alert from her body. He slurped through the second warning and Cindy told him that her hot little cummies would be dancing on his face soon. David smiled and said, "Fire away, Sweetie." So she did. She gave a big sissy scream and shot four big globs. Up David’s nose. In his left eye. On his left cheek. Into his eager mouth.

David swallowed his first cum. It was very tasty. Cindy rubbed her stockinged thighs against his ears. He locked eyes with her. Her eyes were moist with love. He moved up to hug her. They kissed. All the excitement and adrenalin of the day caught up with them and they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Act One Scene Seven -- More lessons applied

Two hours later, Laurie slipped into the room where Cindy and David were locked in slumber. "It’s 6:30, darlings. Time for dinner.

"And time to make cum in my poopie-hole soon after!" Cindy said.

"Nicely put, Cindy. My water bills have been high, so you can share a shower. I’ll change these sheets and give us, I mean you a fresh start tonight."

The kids popped up. Cindy removed her garter belt and peeled down her silky black stockings. What a thrill it was each time to put them on and take them off. Men miss so much in life.

Giggling, Cindy and David raced for the shower. David was taller and had longer legs, so he got there first. He turned on the arm water. Cindy put on a shower cap to save what was left of her makeover hairdo, then joined her naked lover under the warm water. They kissed, belly-to-belly and cock-to-cock. The friction of cocks rubbing was heavenly. It also reminded Cindy of something important. "I have to pee, David," she said.

"Don’t leave my arms, Honey."

"OK," she said and let the golden stream pass from her erect prickie all over David’s tummy and chest.

David was thrilled with the sensation of such an intimate act. "Two can do that," he said. Then he proved it.

Hot pee was all over their midsections and they were giggling like pre-schoolers. Love is supposed to be fun.

When the pee was gone and washed away, David took a washcloth and began washing Cindy sensuously all over. He finished his rounds on her soft scrotum, where he abandoned the cloth and soaped her privates with his hand. Cindy purred appreciatively.

David then soaped the middle finger of his right hand, reached behind Cindy and entered her anus with the finger. Cindy gasped and kissed her lover. It was an awkward position, so Cindy spread her legs a bit to allow David freer access. "I’m such a roundheels," she thought. David wiggled his finger and thrust it back and forth. A second finger joined the festivities and both sought and found Cindy’s tender prostate.

"Daviddddd, Honeyyyyyyy!!!! What are you doing? Don’t stop. It’s just so intense. I love it. Oh my! Kiss me, you big stud. Oh. More. More. Aaaaahhh."

Without being touched, Cindy’s stiffie became a volcano of hot cum. David regretted that the shower was washing it away. He would have loved a taste. So he did the next best thing. He carefully removed his fingers from Cindy’s butthole and licked each one sensuously. Cindy shivered with lust. She was dying to feel his battering ram up her little heinie hole, but it would have to wait until after dinner.

David and Cindy dried and put on the clothes Laurie had left for them on the bed. David had only bedroom slippers and a football jersey that barely covered his butt and the jewels. Cindy had a pretty, blue, shortie nightie with matching filmy panties, blue thigh-high stockings and blue, high-heeled-mule, bedroom slippers. She was scrumptious!


Act One, Scene Eight – Attacking from the rear

When David and Cindy joined Laurie in the kitchen, they were surprised to see that she was also dressed for bed, even though it was only 7:30. She had a red peignoir set, red silky stockings and red, high-heeled-mule bedroom slippers with a little red puffy on each shoe. Was that her hairy pussy you could see through the layers of satin?

After another light dinner with joyous conversation and a quick cleanup, Laurie asked, "Now who’s for some fucking?" Three hands went up. The kids were happy to see that Laurie wasn’t leaving herself out of the fun.

They gathered on Laurie’s king-sized bed. Laurie began by asking, "Cindy, would you like David to fuck you tonight?"

"Oh, yes, Auntie. Very much."

"Then ask him, Honey."

"David, would you please make me a happy girl by lubing up my tiny little pink rosebud, then somehow putting every square centimeter of your big, hot, red cock in it?"

Nicely phrased, Laurie thought. And irresistible.

"Nothing would make me happier, Sweetheart. May I lick you back there first?"

Cindy trembled. "OK. But please be gentle. You’re so big and hot and hard!"

Laurie thought, "Cindy will go a long way saying things like that to men. His peter already grew two inches from what he heard."

"I would never hurt you. I love you. Please follow me."

David took Cindy’s hand and led her to Laurie’s vanity table. He asked Cindy to put both hands on the table and spread her pretty legs. Cindy eagerly complied. David then moved the low vanity to a position where he could sit and attack Cindy’s butthole from the rear and below with his tongue and mouth. It was an inspired move.

Cindy’s nightie was so short that she didn’t have to lift it. She put her palms flat on the vanity table and awaited developments. David peeled her pretty panties, but only to a point below her buttcheeks. He thought they looked so much sexier half off. He was right.

David kissed and licked Cindy’s inner thighs. She liked that. He tickled her balls as he kissed the globes of her gorgeous ass. She liked that too. He moved his face forward so that he could take Cindy’s droopy prickie in his mouth for a quick suck. It perked up immediately. He licked from the underside of her prick, all over her balls, to her butthole and up her asscrack to the small of her back. Wow! Cindy really liked that. Then he did it six more times. Cindy was panting with desire. At last, he dove into her rosebud. First he used the stiff tip of his tongue. Then more of his tongue. Then the tip of his nose. Cindy was ready to make a big cummy mess already and it was still foreplay. After a few more minutes of David’s terribly intimate licking in her most private place, Cindy’s brain was so overheated with lust, it sent signal to the prickie that the moment had arrived. The prickie obeyed. Poor Auntie’s vanity table, Cindy thought. It was all cummied up. And David kept licking. What a guy!

When her heart returned to only double-quick beating, Cindy asked David to please fuck her. Now. All you’ve got. In me. Now.

Eager to please, David rose off the stool and kicked it away, a fine macho move. Cindy was looking back at David, panting with need. Her look implored him to fuck her and her asshole was soft and ready. David enjoyed the great moment briefly, then put his pilgrim at the gate of Paradise. He passed the sphincter ring with only a delicious "Oooooh" from his Cindy. No pain. Just gain. He was moving slowly and deliberately until he ran out of cock. He paused.

Cindy asked, "Is it all in, Sweetie?"

"All of it, just for you."

Cindy felt a delightfully full feeling in her midsection. At first, she felt a strong urge to poop, but that feeling was going away quickly. "Thank goodness. I don’t know if I could have taken any more. You’re so big and hard. It feels wonderful. Can you move it around?"

David was glad to do that. Three slow strokes. Six. Cindy was so tight and warm. David never wanted to leave. Twelve strokes. Cindy’s ass muscles tightened. She was coming again and she wasn’t even hard. Though there was less girlie goo, this one was more intense than the first. It was her first orgasm caused by her man in her sweet butt. She was very happy and looked back at David to smile. "You’re a wonderful lover, David. Thank you. Keep moving. I want you to enjoy."

David couldn’t be happier, but Cindy’s loving words had an effect. On the 33rd stroke, it felt as if his eyes were crossing. His whole midsection seized up and a flood of cum was wrenched from him. If he hadn’t been a macho guy, he would have fainted. Cindy squealed when she felt her lover’s hot load in her tight butt. She drooled out more of her girlie goo and wiggled her ass appreciatively.

Eventually, David’s tosser popped out of its lovely home. David and Cindy stood, faced each other and kissed passionately. Again, Cindy was weepy, but David kissed each tear as it emerged.

Aunt Laurie, who had, unnoticed by the kids, tossed herself off twice during their lovemaking, applauded. "You two are incredible. You make love better than people three times your age. I’m proud to be your director and aunt. Now would anyone like to help me out a little?"

Two hands shot up.


Act One, Scene Nine -- Memory Lane FIRST FRIDAY

The next three days shot by in a blur of erotic fulfillment.

Cindy and David and their "hands-on" director made love in numerous combinations with consistently explosive, fantastic results. Auntie often left the kids to amuse each other, because she felt they needed the time alone and because they had a heck of a lot more stamina than she did.

Both Cindy and David had become first-rate pussy eaters and David frequently drilled Auntie’s perfect ass. She had not yet allowed him the comfort of her pussy, but that Friday had been set aside for eight hours of uninterrupted pussy fucking for Laurie and David alone. Cindy was about to spend a day on her own, but at the moment, she was enjoying a delicious carnal two hours with David.

David had just fucked Cindy’s luscious ass and his blade was still seated in its sheath. They were lying on their left sides and David was stroking Cindy’s spent prickie with his right hand, while kissing her neck and ears.

David’s heart ached with love. But he was very concerned about how he would handle his week as a girl. He didn’t feel like a girl. He liked to fuck girls and apparently he was good at it. Still, there was something exciting about it all and at this point he had no choice. He had made his deal, received an enormous payoff and had to keep his bargain.

"I’ll miss you today when you’re fucking Auntie, David."

"I’ll miss you too, Honey. Are you surprised that Aunt Laurie said we should be looking for other partners besides each other?"

"I think Auntie is looking at what’s best for us in our total lives, David. I don’t know how we’ll be able to go on like this when we get home. And you already have another partner. You’ll be fucking Auntie’s poor pussy raw all day today. I hope you enjoy it. I really do."

"Thanks. Going home scares me. Everything is different now. I feel my eyes have been opened and that’s not always good."

"I know what you mean," Cindy said. "For example, I’ve been thinking about the way our moms have always punished us when we were really naughty."

"You mean like the time we unwrapped all the Christmas presents in November?"

"Yes. And just two months ago when they caught us smoking in the woods."

"Ouch," David said. "I didn’t think we would still get naked spankings at thirteen."

Cindy and David’s moms had always punished extreme naughtiness with naked spankings. Cindy’s mom said that her daddy didn’t just pull her panties down to spank her. He took every stitch of clothes off, so that humiliation would add to the punishment. So she passed that on to the next generation. Since David and Ryan were often naughty together, the naked spankings were often done in the same room.

"What did you think about the last naked spanking?" Cindy asked.

David thought about it, then admitted, "It excited me tremendously."

"Me too," Cindy giggled. "Especially what we did after."

David remembered. "It had been a year and a half since our last joint spanking, so I hadn’t seen you all bare in a while."

"You looked scared, but very hot, David. You were sniffling and begging for mercy before the spanking, but your prick was hard as iron when you looked at me."

"So was yours. I wanted to come over there and touch it so bad. I even thought about kissing it!"

"You did? I felt the same way. Of course then we were put over our moms’ knees and they swatted us about twenty times each. That hurt!"

"Yeah, but that was exciting too. I was looking into your eyes, Cindy, and I liked what I saw. Plus my prick was rubbing across my mom’s lap and that was wonderful."

"Mine too. Remember when they finally stopped and they hugged and kissed us? We promised to be good and they told us they still loved us. I was so excited I almost fainted."

David said, "I think it excited our moms too. Remember how they told us to stand naked in the corner for a half hour? Then they went upstairs together."

"And there were all those funny noises coming from the bedroom. I didn’t understand then, but I sure do now. I liked what happened next best."

"Me too, Cindy. After a few minutes we realized that they wouldn’t be checking on us, so we started whispering to each other. I asked if your heinie was sore and you said yes, it was very hot. I put my hand on it to feel the heat and one thing led to another."

"I was shocked when you hugged your naked body next to mine, David. It felt so nice, but I was scared of being a queer."

"Me too. That’s another thing I know more about now. Anyway, as we hugged, I liked how your prickie rubbed against mine. If we had had a few more minutes, I think we would have made a big cummy mess. That would have been hard to explain, Cindy."

"Unless we licked it off! That’s what I would do now. Remember how flushed our moms were when they came downstairs and let us get dressed?"

"They were eating each other’s pussies, I’m sure."

"Oh, David, I think all this talk has excited you. I feel something big and stiff in my tight little butt."

"All the better to love you with, my dear." And he did.


Act One, Scene Ten – Enter Michael, stage left

Later that morning, Cindy was poking around the house with nothing to do. David was upstairs fucking Auntie for the first of what Auntie promised would be eight blissful hours! He probably wouldn’t have much left for her tonight. Her butthole missed him, although it was still oozing some of his cum from this morning’s three-bagger. Thinking about those naked spankings was getting her all excited again.

Cindy had dressed very nicely today. She wanted to look her best for David when he emerged from the coital chamber. She and Auntie had gone shopping twice in the past two days and had even dragged along David. Danielle’s clothes fit Cindy well, but next week, David was going to need a few things in his bigger sizes. Auntie convinced him that he should be measured for them and should help her pick them out. Cindy thought David was embarrassed, but he was excited too.

Cindy had on a pretty blue sundress with very sheer, nude stockings and strappy, high-heeled sandals. She tried watching TV, but it bored her. Then she heard a lawnmower outside. Curious, she looked to see who it was.

Pushing the lawnmower was an incredibly handsome, sixteen-year-old, blond, studmuffin. His shirt was off in the hot weather and he was whistling as he cut Auntie’s grass.

"Who’s that?" Cindy thought. Then she remembered Auntie mentioning a boy who cut her grass every Friday. Michael, she thought it was. Wait! There was a note in the kitchen for Cindy about paying Michael when he cut the grass. It was clipped to $25.

Dreamily, Cindy watched Michael at his work. "I wonder what he’s packing in those boxers?" she thought. Then she called herself a little tramp. Then she decided that if she were to be a little tramp anyway, she would like Michael’s cock up her butt.

Cindy raced into the kitchen and made some lemonade in a big pitcher. She put the $25 in the waistband of her panties (she had no cleavage and the sundress had no pockets). Then she took a tray of lemonade and glasses out to the worker as he was putting away his mower.

"Hi," she said. "You must be Michael."

Noticing Cindy for the first time, Michael did a double-take. This girl was beautiful! A bit flat-chested, but she’s young. Who was she?

"Yes, I’m Michael," he stammered. "What’s your name?"

"Cindy," she purred, giving him a shy look as she put the lemonade tray on the patio table. "I’m visiting my Aunt Laurie this week. Would you like some lemonade?"

Michael was enchanted. "Yes, thanks." Since a lady was present, he put his shirt back on.

"Darn," Cindy thought. Then she said, "Did you grow up in this town?"

Cindy and Michael chatted amiably for several minutes. Cindy girlie-giggled at a lot of things Michael said. Then Cindy asked, "Do you have to go home right away? Can you come into the air-conditioned house for a minute?"

"Thanks. My folks are away for the next two weeks. Surprisingly they trust me, because I’ve always done what they asked."

"Oh goodie," Cindy thought. She said, "Great. Please come in and I’ll get your money."

Michael’s heart sank. This sounded like a brush-off.

They moved inside. "Oh, darn, I think I left the money upstairs. Would you come up with me to get it?"

That was definitely not a brush-off. "Sure," he said.

As they climbed the stairs, Michael’s eyes feasted on the way Cindy’s ass swayed. She’s a doll, he thought. Then he heard squealing and screaming from behind one of the bedroom doors. "What’s that?" he asked Cindy.

"Oh that’s just my cousin watching some video. He’s visiting Aunt Laurie too."

Michael thought it was a very lifelike video, but he followed Cindy to her room.

Cindy closed the door, turned to Michael and said, "I’m sorry, Michael. I was fibbing. I had the money all along. It’s in my panties." Cindy hiked up her skirts, showing her pretty panties, garters and stocking tops. "Would you like to come get it?"

Now that was a scene for young Michael to remember.

He moved to Cindy and kissed her with great ardor. He took Cindy’s breath away. "My first older man," she thought. Michael hugged her and she felt his cock throbbing against her tummy. Then Michael felt Cindy’s cock throbbing against his tummy.

Cindy knew this was the critical moment. She broke the kiss, stepped out of her dress and extracted her cock from her panties. Any honest man will tell you that the sight of a beautiful girl sporting an erect prickie is intensely arousing. Michael was an honest man. He didn’t ask. Cindy didn’t tell. He kissed her and stroked her stiff cocklet. She excused herself for a minute. Did a little sissy run into the bathroom and back out again. She had removed her panties and lubed her anal passage with vaginal jelly, so she was now ready for anything. So was Michael.

They kissed again. She reached for his cock. It was warm and hard. The erotic heat was boiling. Cindy flopped on her back on the end of the bed and spread her stockinged legs. Michael stepped forward, still standing. Cindy gripped his cock and guided it to heaven. She squealed with pleasure as he slowly entered her. He smiled at her lovely face and told her how beautiful she was. In that position, Michael’s cock was doing a full-court press on her prostate, so Cindy was grunting, wiggling and squeaking on every stroke. She broke into a cold sweat. Michael bent at the waist and kissed her. She wrapped her long legs around his waist and pulled him to her. It was too intense. She squealed, came in three spurts, lost her erection, screamed his name and came again, this time in a powerful and prolonged drool of girlie goo.

Michael had never had such a hot, skilled partner and it was driving him to the brink, then over it. He gave Cindy an enema-like load of goo. Six powerful squirts of boyjuice. Exhausted, he sank on top of her.

"You’re incredible," he gasped. "Is it too early to be in love with you?"

"No, but you’ll have to get in line, if that’s all right."


Act Two – Scene One – New Girl in Town SECOND SUNDAY

Ryan was back and he was not happy. Just when things were getting hot with Cindy and Michael, she had to lie and say that she was going away for a week, but would be back. Michael had fucked her three times on Friday and four on Saturday, each one more erotic than the last. She had also swallowed a half-gallon of his cum and sprayed his hand, face, throat and tummy with a gallon of her own.

Then there was David. If Cindy had hoped that fucking Michael would make him jealous, she was right. But it was a good jealousy. He was more attentive to her and he only spent four hours on Saturday with his cock pounding Auntie’s pussy.

Now it all had to be put on hold because of that dumb agreement they made with Aunt Laurie.

Ryan didn’t want to be a boy again. At least not now. He loved wearing frillies and being fucked. He was going to have to put up with it for a week and then things would change back. Ryan knew David wasn’t happy being a girl either.

That wasn’t entirely true.

David didn’t think he would like being girlie, but standing in Laurie’s bedroom in his stockings, heels, bra and garter belt with his nails painted and his hair styled, David, now Jenny by her choice, was reconsidering.

Jenny had been sporting a huge erection since Auntie shaved off her body hair and she slid on her nylon stockings. What a sensation! Auntie had just given her the same inventory of body parts lecture she had given Cindy last Sunday and it had aroused poor Jenny even more. Auntie had to give Jenny relief twice to calm her down.

Still Jenny was fighting the girlie part of her nature that was trying to take over.

Laurie said, "Listen to me Jenny. All women have two X chromosomes. Men have an X and a Y, so all men, even studs like David, are still half woman. Most men try all their lives to suppress their girlie half, but the ones who visit it occasionally are happy they did. All men are part Ginger, part Fred.’

Jenny understood Auntie intellectually, but was far away from real acceptance. Still she was looking forward to a roll with Ryan in the very near future. "At worst," she thought, "I can pretend to be David with Cindy."

That night, Jenny got her chance. After dinner, she went to her room and changed into a black nightie that was so short it didn’t even cover her pink goodies completely as she walked in her high-heeled mule slippers. She was trying a girlie walk and getting better at it. Ryan joined Jenny.

They kissed. Jenny got on her knees and gave Ryan an inspired blowjob, complete with slobbery ball bath. He came happily and plentifully.

But Ryan understood that Jenny was not quite there yet.

An excellent anal shagging by Ryan moved Jenny a lot closer to "there." Never having been fucked in the ass, Jenny only knew the joy of giving. Getting was incredible!

Nestled in Ryan’s arms in a post-coital glow, with Ryan’s boy-juice oozing out of her butt, Jenny knew that she liked certain aspects of her new condition. Still, the mannerisms, the sissiness of it all just made her uncomfortable.


Act Two, Scene Two – Oops SECOND MONDAY

The next morning, Laurie had requested the services of one young Ryan for his first vaginal exercises. She told Jenny that she would have time to think things through a bit and please don’t disturb the proceedings. Ryan was thrilled.

Jenny was bored. Late in the morning the doorbell rang. Jenny answered it and opened the door too quickly. Oh no, it was that nice thirty-something Jeff Adams, Laurie’s photographer, who had been so nice to David last week. Would he recognize David in Jenny?

"Good morning, miss. I was just dropping off these proofs for Laurie Drew. May I leave them with you?………David! Is that you in that pretty dress with that gorgeous make-up?"


"You’re mistaken. I’m Jenny, David’s sister. I…"

"You can’t fool a portrait photographer, David. I mean, Jenny. Faces are our business. Don’t be ashamed. You’re beautiful! How did this happen?"

Jenny told him.

Jeff chuckled. Then he apologized for doing so. "I think it’s great. All men need to explore their X side now and then."

"They do?"

"Sure. Have you had sex as Jenny yet?"

Jenny blushed. "Yes. With Ryan."

"Is Ryan that cute little Cindy I met last week?

"Yes. I had sex with Cindy about a million times last week."

"That many? Wow. You’re not sold on being a girl though, are you?"

"No. I don’t want to be queer."

"Was Cindy queer last week when she had sex with you a million times?"

"No, she was being a girl.’

"And what are you doing this week?"

Good point, Jenny thought. She looked at Jeff. She thought about her X chromosome and summoned it from within her. It washed over her and made her feel totally girlie.

Jeff observed the metamorphosis and asked, "Do you feel girlie now?"

"I do. Very much. I have an urge to watch Oprah and spend half a day talking to some guy about our relationship and how he’s not holding up his end."

"You’re there," Jeff said.

"Thanks so much, Jeff," Jenny said. She leaned toward him and kissed him on the cheek. Then on the lips. Then she put her tongue down his throat. They raced upstairs to Jenny’s room. Jeff got out of his clothes quickly as Jenny doffed her dress and slip. She stood there in heels, stockings, garter belt, bra and bulging panties.

"Please fuck me, Jeff," she said in a little-girl voice.

Jeff was never one to let a lady down.


Act Two, Scene Three – Toeing the Line

Jeff’s rammer was finishing its second excursion up Jenny’s Love Canal. The first had stretched Jenny’s pooper to its limit, she thought. This trip was a bit easier. A considerate lover, Jeff had sucked Jenny to a raging orgasm between his penetrations of her cum-filled anus. He was grunting softly and telling Jenny how she was the sweetest, tightest fuck of his life. Jenny glowed with girlie pride. Jeff spewed his goo, kissed Jenny for several minutes, then rolled, exhausted onto his back. He was quite elderly, compared to Jenny, after all.

Jenny snuggled against Jeff’s hairy chest. She tickled his nipples, making them erect, then sucked each one softly. After a few minutes of this, followed by some sweet kissing, Jeff asked if he could remove her stockings.

Jenny agreed warily, although she did point out that she would not look as girlie without them.

"I have something in mind," he said mysteriously.

Jeff stood at the foot of the bed and sensuously rolled down each of Jenny’s stockings until they were only covering her tiny, painted toenails. Jeff then got on his knees, removed both stockings completely and sucked the little toe of Jenny’s left foot.

Zowie!!!! There was a new sensation!

Jeff sucked each toe in succession, spending more than a minute on each one. Then he tongued the area between each toe.

Cowabunga, Buffalo Bob!

Poor Jenny was wiggling helplessly. Her hands were clenched in two sissyfists that she shook from bent wrists. She thought about asking him to stop, but was afraid he would. Her prickie was rock-hard. Then it wasn’t, because, untouched, it gave up three nasty globs of girlie goo all over her powdered tummy.

Jeff noted the approval of his technique, but didn’t stop. He licked the soles of her feet. He licked her ankles and insteps. Then he sucked all five toes of her right foot at once. Then all five from the left. Jenny drooled out a long stream of cum from her limp prickie and shuddered uncontrollably.

Fearing he had gone too far, Jeff stopped and moved his naked body next to Jenny’s. Her eyes were filled with love tears. She hugged him and kissed him tenderly.

Maybe I could do this girl thing, she thought.


Act Two, Scene Three – Girl Power SECOND TUESDAY

The next morning there was a lovely domestic scene on Laurie’s king-sized bed. Jenny was on her back. Her sweet, little, pink nightie was pulled up to her nipples. Ryan was on his knees, straddling her as he pumped his cock in and out of her pretty mouth. Laurie was on her knees in the middle of the bed sucking Jenny’s prickie and licking her balls.

Jenny decided to be playful. When Ryan warned her that he was about to douse her face with his boyjuice, she pulled his cock out of her mouth, aimed it at her face, but put her lacquered fingertip on Ryan’s peehole. The moment came for Ryan and the cum was blocked. Fearing, she would injure Ryan, Jenny pulled her fingertip off a hair and cum sprayed in all directions. The bed was doused in a fine haze of cum. Jenny giggled. Ryan groaned.

"It’s very misty in here this morning Auntie," Jenny said.

Since her mouth was full, Laurie didn’t answer, but doubled her marvelous cock-sucking efforts. She was soon rewarded with more than a mouthful of Jenny’s girlie goo. Doctors recommend it over orange juice by three to two.

"I’m amazed you have all this goo left, Jenny. I thought Jeff dehydrated you yesterday."

"I thought all of Ryan’s cum went into your pussy yesterday, Auntie, but I guess we were both wrong." They both giggled.

Laurie asked Jenny, "Have you thought about what you want to do next week, Jenny?"

"Oh, yes, Auntie. I want to be a girl. It’s so much fun now that I’ve let myself get into it."

"What about you, Ryan?"

"Definitely a girl, Aunt Laurie. I love making love to you with my cock, but I could do that as a girl too."

Laurie considered them both. "So you could. How would you both feel about Ryan being Cindy for the rest of your visit? We would be the three girlieteers. All for one and one for all!"

Ryan quivered with anticipation, but it was Jenny’s decision. Jenny looked at him and said, "What are you doing, Cindy? Go get dressed." Cindy kissed him and went off to fix herself up.


Act Three, Scene One – Double Dating SECOND TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY

Michael’s heart fluttered with joy when he heard that Cindy had returned early. They had gone on a real date on Tuesday night, with dinner and a movie, followed by a passionate sleepover at Michael’s house.

Michael was proud to have Cindy on his arm. She drew drooling stares from men of all ages, just like in Cindy’s earlier dream. She looked like a million bucks in her little black dress with flouncy skirts and strappy heels. Auntie even gave her a little padding help in her bra.

Unfortunately, Jenny had no date, so she was forced to stay home and rotate Laurie’s tires all evening.

Cindy felt sorry for Jenny and asked Michael if he had a friend for Jenny, whom Michael hadn’t seen yet.

"What’s she look like?" Michael asked.

‘She has a great personality."

"What’s she look like?" Michael asked.

"All the girls love her."

"What’s she look like?" Michael asked.

"She makes all her own clothes."

"What’s she look like?" Michael asked.

"She’s as pretty as me, has a great body and fucks like a pornstar."

Wow. "Does she have your little extra something?"

"Actually, she has a bigger extra something."

Double Wow. "I think my friend Harry would be perfect for Jenny."

"What’s he look like," Cindy asked.

"He’s very funny."

"What’s he look like," Cindy asked.

"He’s a good student and plays football."

"What’s he look like," Cindy asked.

"He’s pretty much like me."

Triple wow.

On Wednesday evening, two freshly scrubbed and handsome lads showed up at Laurie’s door at 6:30 p.m. Laurie answered the door. They each gave her a bouquet of flowers, keeping one bouquet each for their pretty dates. There was a concert in town that night and Michael had mortgaged his dad’s house to buy four tickets.

"Good evening, Mrs. Drew. Isn’t it a lovely summer night?"

"Thank you for the flowers, Michael and you too, Harry. How are your mothers?"

"Fine, thank you, Ma’am."

"Now listen. I want you to take good care of my nieces. Make sure you lube their assholes properly before you fuck them. And don’t tire them out too much. Five orgasms apiece, twenty for the four of you, should be plenty. And make sure you have them home by nine………AM. They have a beauty appointment at ten."

"Yes, ma’am," the nice young men said to Laurie’s reasonable requests.

Laurie clacked over to the staircase and called up, "Girls, the boys are here."

"We’ll be right down, Auntie."

Minutes later, the two lovelies descended the staircase. They were spectacular! Form-fitting dresses with femmy touches. Long, black-stockinged legs with four-inch, strappy heels. Beautiful hair. Gorgeous faces and smiles that set the room ablaze.

Poor Harry was speechless. He had been a shade apprehensive when Michael shared everything he knew about Jenny, his date. Now he was ready to walk her down the aisle. Cindy and Jenny were simply the most feminine people either boy had ever met, seen or dreamed about.

The girls gushed about the flowers and each kissed their dates on the cheek. Harry almost creamed his pants from the peck on the cheek. He hoped the concert didn’t have many encores.

As the happy four departed, Laurie considered her lonely evening without the girls. It’s a good thing Jeff was free tonight. She hadn’t had her toes sucked in a long time.


Act Three, Scene Two – A Date to Remember

The four teens chatted easily, enjoying each other’s company. They had a delicious dinner at an Italian restaurant and loved the concert.

When the girls had gone off to the restroom, Harry asked Michael, "Are you sure they have you-know-whats?"

"I’m sure. I sucked Cindy’s you-know-what several times, I’m proud to say."

"Surprisingly, I would like to do that with Jenny very much. Along with other things, of course."

"Of course."

The four arrived at Michael’s empty house at 10:30. The boys offered the girls a soda, but they declined.

"I’ve been eager all night to get to know you better, Harry," Jenny said. "Would you undo this zipper for me in the back? Thank you. Now you just sit down. Do you mind if I sit on your lap?" Jenny stepped out of her dress and stood there in her lingerie.

Michael closed the living room shades and helped Cindy remove her pretty dress. He sat in an easy chair and she sat on his lap. They kissed hungrily.

Jenny was teasing Harry a bit. "Do you like me?" she asked.

"Very much," Harry said. "I’m already wondering how I lived this long without you."

"Would you like to kiss me?" she asked in a little-girl voice.

Harry answered by kissing her softly, then with increasing passion. He stole Jenny’s breath away.

"I think I’ll make you very happy now, Harry," Jenny said. She slipped to her knees, opened his pants and administered a world-class blowjob, swallowing a large helping of squirmy cummies.

Meanwhile, Cindy was on the couch on all fours. Michael had peeled her pretty panties down below her buttcheeks and he was feasting on her pungent asshole. She was squealing, wiggling and clearly enjoying herself immensely.

"Would you do that for me, Harry?" Jenny asked.

"Gladly. Just tell me what you like because I’ve never done that before."

"I like it all, Honey," he said.

The couch was big, so Jenny got on all fours at the other end and was facing Cindy as Harry deliciously and enthusiastically ate her butt out. The girls kissed, which was even more of a turn-on for the guys. After fifteen minutes of this, Cindy said, "We’re ready now, boys."

Jenny escorted Harry back to the easy chair. She peeled off her panties completely, turned her back on Harry and sat on his boner. Harry groaned with delight. It was the tightest, hottest place he had ever been in and it was the most exciting moment of his young life. He reached around and fondled Jenny’s nice, big prickie. She cooed with appreciation.

Cindy removed her panties, put two couch pillows on the floor and plopped her tummy on them, giving her Michael a nice big anal target. He did not miss. His long, fire-engine-red douser put the fire into her butt instead of out of it. She shrieked with pleasure as he clipped her tender prostate over and over. Her prickie was rubbing against the soft pillows. She hoped Michael knew a good cleaning service because Cindy was about to spread her goo all over them.

What a scene! Four beautiful people making passionate love. Four cocks about to explode. Two girls in black stockings, garter belts and very high heels screaming with carnal delight.

The scene was repeated four more times that night.


Act Three, Scene Three What’s next? THIRD SATURDAY

The days flew by, each more spectacular than the last. They shopped. They primped. They dated Michael and Harry. They fucked.

As the last days wound down, they began to despair.

Auntie was talking to them about the rest of their lives. "You know, darlings, you will always have your femmy sides. You can call them up whenever you want."

That was little consolation to the girls.

"We’ll be with our mothers for eight more years, though, Auntie. They’re not like you about this. They would hate us," Jenny said.

"You may be underestimating Charlotte and Mary Kay, girls. They were pretty cool when we were in college."

"Yeah," Cindy said. "But now they’re just moms."

"Have you ever heard of an organization called Prisoner Exchange?"

Blank stares.

"I didn’t think so. They help girls like you by giving them an opportunity to live as girl exchange students somewhere. I’ll tell your moms about it."

The girls’ hopes rose. "Would you, Aunt Laurie? You’re the greatest. Thank you." Kiss. Kiss.

"I can’t promise anything, but Prisoner Exchange would even give you breasts."

The girls were stunned. Cindy said, "We could have titties? Oh joy" And the girls chanted, "Titties! Titties!"

"I said I’d talk to them. Right now, I would like one of my sweet girls to put her prickie up my pussy while the other puts hers up my asshole. I believe we’ve perfected that maneuver in the last week, don’t you?"

The girls took their places eagerly.


Act Three, Scene Four — The End? LAST DAY

The plane carrying Charlotte and Mary Kay was right on time as Laurie stood waiting for them to deplane. She spotted them and waved happily.

They waved to Laurie, kissed her, and thanked her again and again.

"They were no trouble, girls. Really."

"Where are Ryan and David?" Charlotte asked. "Playing some video game?"

"No, Honey, I don’t think they’ll be doing much of that any more."

"Where are they then?" Mary Kay asked.

"They’re here, ladies. But first I’d like you to meet two wonderful girls sitting on my left. Cindy! Jenny! Come over here and say hello to your mothers."






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