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A Road Less Travelled 2002 Complete: No Rated: G
First person narrative in which the narrator and his wife are invited to a fancy-dress party. She wants him to wear the fancy dress. He reluctantly agrees and discovers a part of him he didn't know existed.

Age: Adult 26-55     Categories: Crossdressing/TV, Humor, Sweet/ Sentimental     Keywords: Prom Girl or Fancy Dance

part 1 9 K Added : 08-19-2002 Reader Comments
part 2 9 K Added : 08-27-2002
The Homecoming 2002 Complete: Yes Rated: M
Lesley returns home to visit her dying father.

Age: Adult 26-55     Categories:     Keywords:

story 16 K Added : 12-09-2002   Reader Comments
Jennifer 2004 Complete: Yes Rated: G
A young person's journey into womanhood.

Age: Teenager 13-18     Categories: Caught with Consequences, Crossdressing/TV, Sweet/ Sentimental     Keywords:

story 19 K Added : 11-23-2004 Reader Comments

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