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The Oracle of New Delphi

© 2001          Complete : Yes       rated: X

Post apocaliptic science fiction yarn. Action adventure guns and tg all in one very long story.

Age: Adult to Teen AR   Categories: Age Regression, Body Swap, Sci-Fi    Keywords: Pregnant/ Having a Baby, Wedding Dress or Married

part 1

248 K

Added : 06-23-2001

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part 2

232 K

Added : 06-25-2001

part 3

241 K

Added : 06-26-2001

part 4

223 K

Added : 06-27-2001

part 5

231 K

Added : 06-28-2001

part 6

204 K

Added : 06-29-2001

The Kingdom Of The Blind

© 2001          Complete : No       rated: X

Part 1 - Present day alien abduction science fiction with lots of twists. Give it a try what have you got to lose?
Part 2 - Sarah and seeker continue their adventures. Sorry it took so long but with school holidays...

Age: Adult to College Age AR   Categories: Age Regression, Mind Altered/ Hypnosis/ Brainwashed, Sci-Fi    Keywords:

part 1

250 K

Added : 07-02-2001

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part 2

188 K

Added : 09-01-2001

A Fistful Of Dragons

© 2001          Complete : Yes       rated: R

Part 1 - A delve into a twisted fantasy for my own light relief and amusement.
Part 2 - The further adventures of Cyrena and Yedda as they go in search of an allies to face the dark forces.
Part 3 -
The long delayed conclusion of the saga of Yedda and Cyrena.

Age: Teenager 13-18   Categories: Magical Transformations, Medieval Times, Sci-Fi     Keywords:

part 1

213 K

Added : 07-18-2001

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part 2

184 K

Added : 10-06-2001

part 3

130 K

Added : 08-04-2003

part 4

121 K

Added : 08-04-2003

The Sins Of The Fathers

© 2001          Complete : Yes       rated: M

A grim look at a future and the effects of actions.
An experiment in what if? After the WTC bombing. This includes So this Nation as the first part and follows on with two other stories to make a trilogy, I have bundled them together as I feel they should be read one after another.
This is a replacement for the story entitled "So This Nation..." It adds about 110k.

Age: Not Applicable   Categories: Sci-Fi    Keywords: Hormones


151 K

Added : 09-28-2001

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The Telepath Chronicles

© 2001          Complete : Serial      rated: R

Part One - The Hippocratic Oath - To break a Telepathist out of a catatonic state, another must enter the fantasy and make the fantasy world unbearable. Without it the telepathist and those poor souls unwittingly trapped by the troubled mind would die. These people, who enter minds ripping fantasies to shreds at the risk of their own lives, are the Curative Telepathists and the question they must live with everyday is "Who am I going to be today?". Quite violent at times and another experiment on the part of the author. Based on an idea by John Brunner.
Part Two - Above All Else Do No Harm - A Psychotic Telepathic Grouping is a subtle and seductive thing. With the Prime of the grouping, being a qualified telepath it becomes a dangerous proposition to try and break it. But first, you have to find it.

Age: Multiple Groups   Categories: Adult to Pre-Teen AR, Sci-Fi    Keywords: Diapers or Little Girls

part 1

77 K

Added : 11-27-2001

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part 2

71 K

Added : 12-03-2001

The Bequest II

© 2001          Complete : Yes     rated: R

When the final battle, Armageddon comes its outcome will be decided by the deeds of men, humanity though is not yet ready. While neither force is willing to commit to open battle without a clear advantage, both sides seek to influence the path man takes.
A lone player in this earthy drama, Constance, has been foiling the Devils plans for over a century and a half. Now knowing her time is nearly over she must seek one without hope, with nothing to live for and offer them a purpose to their life at a price...

Age: Adult 26-55   Categories: Crime Punishment, Magical Transformations    Keywords: Diapers or Little Girls


84 K

Added : 12-04-2001

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The Good Ship Venus © 2002 Complete: Yes Rated: R
Take a trip back to the Golden Age of Science Fiction…with a TG twist. Join the crew of the Aphrodite Anadyomene on the first interstellar trip to Tau Ceti in the year 2075. Not exactly a pleasant little story…but then again my stories are rarely what could be called pleasant…R rating for language.

Age: Adult 26-55     Categories: Sci-Fi, The Operation     Keywords: Pregnant/ Having a Baby

story 109 K Added : 07-27-2002 Reader Comments
While the Muse is away © 2002 Complete: Yes Rated: M
A short comedy I wrote for Maggie Finson and Joan Bank's story contest...

Never trust a Muse with wings who goes by the name of Tinkerbelle.

Age: Adult 26-55     Categories: Humor, Magical Transformations     Keywords:

story 32 K Added : 08-05-2002 Reader Comments
The Lady Lies Sleeping © 2003 Complete: Yes Rated: X
An experiment in horror…good versus evil; blood guts and monsters galore…with a TG element. X rated for violence and language.

Age: Adult 26-55     Categories: Magical Transformations, Sci-Fi     Keywords:

part 1 116 K Added : 04-08-2003 Reader Comments
part 2 108 K Added : 04-08-2003
part 3 78 K Added : 04-08-2003
Puppy-Walking © 2003 Complete: Yes Rated: G
I am hitting a few problems coming up with a concise description of this one…I seem to keep coming back to “Monty Python meets Hill Street Blues in a world where only the probabilities separate the impossible from the merely improbable”

Age: Adult to Pre-Teen AR     Categories: Age Regression, Humor, Magical Transformations, Misc. Stories, Sci-Fi     Keywords:

story 69 K Added : 08-01-2003 Reader Comments
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