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Please note: This story is rather lengthy, but it is set in different times. Please send me comments or to ask if you want to post it somewhere else.
My inspiration has come from many different stories in the past, but most recently is "Future House" by the great Kelly Davidson. So, please, cuddle up warmly and enjoy, "7 Days".


7 Days

by: Miss Annie



What else could go wrong? I was literally driving in the middle of no where when suddenly my car broke down. I knew absolutely nothing about cars so I decided to look for help. I found this old house a couple miles later and since the rain had gotten pretty heavy, I decided to try and take a look. I knocked on the door a few times only to no answer. The door eerily crept open so I decided to take a look inside.

"Hello?" My voice echoed throughout the old mansion as I looked around.

There was just enough moonlight for me to be able to see where I was going.

I was a scrawny little boy so I didn’t make that much noise. I walked up the grand staircase to find a hallway with some bedrooms. It was much darker upstairs as all of the curtains were closed shut. I found a room and considering it was getting pretty late I decided to take a quick little nap. What was the harm? This house has probably been abounded for years now. I collapsed upon the bed into a deep sleep.

I woke up with sun shinning and a figure standing before me. As I open my eyes, I noticed something. It was a robot. It looked eerily human though and after a long gaze I could tell she was a robot. Also, the decor had changed. A new, furnished mansion replaced the eerie run down old house. I found out that I have wandered into a little girl’s room so I decided to take my leave. Suddenly, the robot grabbed my shoulder in a menacing clutch and talked to me.

"Mary Beth, where do you think you are going? It’s Sunday. We better get ready." Her voice sounded very motherly, nothing like a robot I had seen before. Her grip was vice like and no matter how hard I tried, I could not brake free. She had me and would not let me go.

"Who are you and what are you talking about? Let me go! I’m sorry." I was pleading with her to let me go, but it was useless. She took every word in stride.

"Silly girl, I am your Nanny and we have to get you ready for church."

"Church? What?"

"Also, since it is such a beautiful day outside, I’ll take you for a little ride in the park. So come on, let’s get ready." She was leading me to an open door that I saw was a bathroom. She pushed me inside and locked the door. I thought finally I could brake free and stay away from that monster. I heard some button pushing outside and suddenly I saw two metallic hands come out and grab my hands. Their grip was like the Nanny and their actions were very calculated. Another two hands came out and began to undress me.

In a very short time, I was completely naked. They led me over to a tub and set me down in the water. The water was warm and the pink bubbles tickled my skin. A pair of hands reached from the bottom and held me to the floor while another pair with some gloves on began to put water all over my body.

First they shampooed my hair and then they put conditioner in it as well.

The hands were very thorough and reached every part of me. I was stood up and soap was put all over me including my private parts. When they washed the soap off, I had noticed that all my body hair was gone and my skin shined like never before. Suddenly, the arms began to bend me over and now my butt has high in the air. I felt very vulnerable as suddenly something entered my rear. Warm water became rushing inside and then they putt a plug in my ass. I was screaming in pain as the enema was being performed. With the plug still in my butt, the hands took me out of the bath.

A large towel first dried me off and I was sat down on a chair. A blow dryer began to dry my hair while another hand took a brush out and began to brush my hair. Another hand began to pluck some hair off my eyebrows, I winced in pain as they plucked my eyebrows and the cramps began to hit.

They put a little bit of makeup on me and set me on the toilet. I released my insides and I was able to finally feel release. The hands grabbed me and took me to the first room.

I saw the Nanny waiting for me in the corner as the hands moved me to this strange looking device. It was completely black and was the size of the entire wall. It suddenly opened and the hands pushed me inside. The lights went on and another bunch of hands come out of the woodwork. I could not do anything as the doors were sealed shut. The hands grabbed me and put me on the floor. I felt something against my bottom as I was lying on the floor.

The hands first sprinkled heavy amounts of baby powder against my now hairless groin. Then I felt the cold metallic hands massage baby oil all around me. I could smell the powder already in my closed area. The hands then concentrated on my diaper. This felt a little strange, even though I have a baby sister. I could not quite put my finger on it until the pinned the diaper on. I was in TWO diapers! The first was a small disposable and the second was a large cloth diaper. My diaper was incredibly large and was very prominent. I felt like I had a bubble around me. "Now my baby will have extra protection for her long day today." It was the Nanny’s voice. I could hear her through the box as her motherly sounded voiced echoed throughout.

A pair of sparkly white tights quickly went up my legs as the hands continued to dress me. I did not know how they had clothes this size for me. After the tights were finished, a pair of pink rhumba panties with layers of white ruffles was pulled over my diaper bottom. "I know how much my little girl loves her panties." I was then sat up and my arms were put over my head as petticoat was drawn over me. Another one was drawn over the first as the hands made me stand up on my feet. A pair of pink baby booties with some lace around the end was placed and tightened upon my feet.

Finally the dress came down and put on top of me. The dress had large, short puffy sleeves and was a bright baby girl pink. There was a row of at least 20 buttons in the back that the hands made quick work out of.

Suddenly the dress began to tighten in my chest area and around my neck.

The lacey collar began to tickle my bare skin as the hands finished tying the large bow in the back of my dress. Suddenly I felt something begin put on my head as a large pink baby bonnet was tied under my neck. Then finally a large pink pacifier came down and tried to get inside my mouth. I first refused, but then was forced as the pacifier was tied around my neck. I could not spit this out no matter how hard I tried.

Suddenly, the box open and I saw a large old-fashioned baby carriage. I was laid down inside. I tried to move, but I couldn’t move an inch. Every bone was stuck against the carriage and I was of mercy of my Nanny. She wheeled me out of the room and carefully down the steps. The only action I could do was suck my pacifier and watch my Nanny. The carriage was covered so I had no idea where I was going. As she was walking I could take a closer look at my nanny. She was wearing a lovely French Maid outfit. The short dress, petticoat, cap and apron was all there. I continued to suck on my pacifier and before long she said that we were there. I could hear voices and movements, but still I could not see anything. A priest came over and popped his head into my carriage; "This must be your daughter, Mary Beth." I smiled and cooed quietly as he looked me over. I saw his face change when suddenly I knew that he could see my diaper, everybody could see my diaper. I was also aware that the priest was human and so were most of the people. I actually did not see one robot. I did my best to keep quite. We went inside and sat in a pew near the front.

"I know you must be hungry, so I brought you some breakfast." I didn’t even know if I was hungry, as my appetite must have been loss with all of my nerves. She handed me a bottle as she replaced my pacifier. She held the bottle there since my hands were still useless. The mass started as I began to suck the bottle. It was definitely not regular milk, so it must have been baby formula. The formula was warm and tasted differently to anything else. I finished my third bottle when the pacifier was replaced and I saw her leaving.

"Oh, no. It’s communion." I thought to myself as I was at the end so every person who passed by would see my diaper and me. I was burning red with embarrassment as everybody passed me by. Some old ladies would stop and look at me; some would even pinch my cheeks. My nanny just smiled proudly at the people. By the end of the service, I wet myself cause of the complete embarrassment that I went through. She finally got up and rolled me out of church. She said goodbye to some people and then left. It was strange seeing all these normal people, with a robot nanny and an oversized baby.

"Since you were so good, time to go to the park, sweetie." I completely forgot about the park, as I just wanted to go home and go back to sleep to wake up from this nightmare. We were suddenly walking up and down rolling hills as I heard children playing in the background and some children near the playground. She stopped the baby carriage and sat down on a bench.

"Let me feel if you are wet." She placed her cold hands inside of me and felt my dampness. "You’re only a little wet, so you can stay like that. I brought your lunch here so you can eat outside." She pulled out some jars of baby food and I became sick to my stomach. She reached for my pacifier when a young woman appeared next to her.

"What an adorable baby girl." She sat down next to my Nanny. She had large D-cup breast that was straining against her blouse. She was a very attractive young woman and I would probably get an erection under different circumstances. I decided to play along while she was here.

"Her name is Mary Beth and I’m about to feed lunch to her." She took out my pacifier and I stayed quite. The first jar was some mashed carrots, then some mashed corn, and then some applesauce. Jar after jar after jar went down me and I was relieved when we reached the end. My Nanny turned to the woman, "Would you like to giver her bottle to her?" She nodded as my Nanny handed her the bottle and fed it to me. I stared at her breast the entire time while she was feeding me the bottle. I drank down the baby formula till it was finally over with. She took out the bottle and I let out a gargled burp. Both of the ladies giggled and my Nanny put the pacifier back inside my mouth. They exchanged phone numbers and before I knew it we were leaving the park. I was getting very tired as we were walking back home.

"Right on time for your nap. Little girls need their naps to grow up to become beautiful ladies." I released myself right before I fell asleep.

When I awoke I found myself in a large crib. Once again, I was pinned against the bottom. There were some toys, but I couldn’t do anything with them. I saw that my diaper was changed and a new one was in its placed.

Also, I was wearing a long pink nightgown. The nightgown covered my feet and was long-sleeved with button around my wrist. I looked around and saw my Nanny coming to me. "I prepared some dinner for you and then right back to sleep for you." She picked me up and literally carried me downstairs.

She put me in a large wooden highchair that when the tray was in placed I was locked in. She then began feeding me the baby food. Since it was impossible for me to drip, a bib was useless. Afterwards I received two bottles of warm formula from her. She picked me up and carried me to my room. The hands went quickly to work as they took off my nightgown. A frilly pink nightie was replaced on my body. A new soft-sleeping bonnet replaced the large bonnet. I knew by now that it was useless to try and overpower these machines, so I stopped fighting. I was led over to my crib where a large blanket was wrapped around my entire body. She put a soft little doll next to me, as I could not move. "I know you have a big day tomorrow so I put some sleeping pills in your bottle. Good night, my baby Mary Beth." No sooner had she said that I started feeling tired and by the time she was at the door I was out like a light. My last glance was of the sunlight trying to get through the curtains. Falling asleep in the daytime, I was a real baby girl.




I began to wake up in the early morning hours and once I opened my eyes, I noticed that the room had changed. I was no longer in a baby girl’s room as the crib was gone. I was now sleeping in a large pink, canopy bed. There was also a large dresser and some shelves with many porcelain dolls. Once my eyes were fully awake, the hands began to work. They picked me up and carried me to the bathroom. I was quickly stripped of my diaper and nightie. Like the day before, I was given another bath with another enema much to my dismay. The hands set me down on a chair in front of a mirror and held me there. Another set brushed my teeth and did my makeup. I thought they were finished, but I was proven wrong. The hands began to work on my hair. They took out some tight hair curlers and a bowl of mix that smelt terrible. They quickly put my hair into the tight curlers as each one hurt more than the next. After each curler was used up, a large, tight net was put over them and they began to burn significantly.

They picked me up and moved me to my bedroom. The hands stopped when I saw my Nanny walk in front of me. "Good Morning, Rebecca. I hope you had a goodnight sleep last night as your friends are almost here. You better get going as you have a busy day today." I was even more confused then yesterday. The hands led me over to the same large black box and I knew what was coming. The lights went on as the hands went to work.

First a pair of soft blue panties were pulled up my legs. They had rows of lace around my butt area and were nylon, which made me shiver all over my body. The panties felt strange as my penis began to stir. The machine ignored my quandary and continued to dress me. My hands were raised as a petticoat was lowered onto my body and positioned over my panties. Another, more elaborate petticoat was put over the first. This petticoat had five lacy tiers and was very full as it just barely covered my panties. After the petticoats were positioned correctly, the dress began to fall. The dress was a soft blue with white lace trimming around the collar and sleeves. It floated over the petticoats and the hands quickly began to work on the dress. The dress barely covered the petticoats and stood out very prominently. Suddenly, the dress began to tighten as the many white buttons were buttoned in the back. The dress was very tight against my chest and the lacy collar tickled my throat. A surprise was next as a lacy white pinafore was put through my arms. The pinafore had large ruffles on the shoulders and a large white bow that tighten the pinafore close to me. I was surprised when I saw what the pinafore did to my dress. I looked almost like Alice from "Alice in Wonderland". Next, a pair of white lacy socks and some tight black Mary Jane shoes was put onto my feet. I was stood up and the hands began working on my hair. That net must have done something to my hair cause when they were finished it was a bright blonde and had short tight curls. A large blue bow was placed in my hair on top of my curls.

Some silky white lace gloves were put onto my hands as well as some perfume sprayed all around me.

I could not believe what has happened to me. I felt a little relieved that I was not a baby anymore, but now I was a little girl. I was aging like a real woman. The doors opened as my Nanny grabbed my hand and led me downstairs. "You look beautiful Rebecca and your friends will be here sooner than you think." We went into the living room where my Nanny sat down and held me in her arms. She fed me two more bottles of baby formula, which oddly filled me up. The feeding was the same and I wondered if I would ever eat solid foods ever again. As soon as I finished the second bottle, the doorbell rang.

My Nanny opened the door to my surprise. There were two little girls on the other side. They were real little girls. Neither of them were robots and I was scared beyond my belief. They both curtsied in unison and said hello to me. My Nanny stared down at me and I did my best curtsy. One girl was wearing a beautiful peach party dress while the other wore a violet party dress. I was the only one with petticoats so I felt a little overdressed. My Nanny led us up to a playroom and I did my best to act like a little girl. I had this strange feeling that maybe my Nanny or some other robots were watching me. We had a tea party with our dolls, played some jump rope, patty-cake, and we even played a little house. After about 4 hours or so, my Nanny came into the room. "Come on, Rebecca. Tell your friends good-bye as you still have a bust day today." The two kissed my cheeks and ran out of the room. My Nanny grabbed my hand and led me back to the bedroom. "You need to get changed, Rebecca. You have practice very soon."

I was getting confused when the hands pulled me into my changing box. The lights went on and very quickly all of my old clothes were removed. A pair of bright pink panties was raised up my body. These too had ruffles around the rear and were tight against me. A pair of shiny pink tights was put on my body. I shivered when the tights rubbed against my very smooth skin.

When the hands snapped my tights over my panties, a large pink tutu was put over me. "Oh, no. I’m going to ballet practice." I thought in my mind as the bright pink tutu was pulled over my body. A pair of tight ballet slippers with long silky laces was pulled upon my feet. A bright pink ribbon replaced my large blue bow. The doors open and I see my Nanny.

"You look beautiful Rebecca. Come along, we have your ballet lesson to attend to." She took my hand and led me outside. My slippers hardly make a sound as I walk down our large staircase. I am embarrassed when we reach the outside and I notice a large SUV in the driveway. I was even more surprised when I saw a large car seat in the back. My Nanny had strapped me in tightly as my legs dangled off the seat. The door closed and my Nanny started the car. Suddenly, a hand came down and another bottle of formula was placed in my mouth. I wanted to cry of my embarrassment as we drove away. If anybody looked into our car, they would see me sucking on a baby bottle in a ballerina outfit where everybody could see my panties through the tights. After the second bottle, the car stopped. My Nanny helped me out and led me inside the room.

There was a beautiful red-haired French woman inside with many little girls looking exactly like me. My Nanny stood in the corner and watched as my ballet lesson began. "Hello Rebecca" She spoke in her heavy French accent.

They did some stretching exercise first to warm up. I was exhausted and my feet began to hurt especially my toes. The teacher showed us some new moves and we followed along. Soon enough, I was dancing to the music just like all the other little girls. After a few hours, class was over with and I was drained. My Nanny led me home and put me in a waiting bath. I was finally able to use the restroom, even though my Nanny watched me and told me to sit down like a lady.

"We better hurry up, Rebecca. You still have your meeting tonight." I was totally confused to what she was saying and what was in store for me tonight. The hands took me into my changing box. The lights were on quickly and the hands went to work with my clothes. First a pair of white silk panties were drawn up my legs. These panties had a little bit of ruffles on them and a little white rose in the front. Then a white lacey camisole that went a little above my knees was put over my panties. Then a short sleeved white blouse with buttons on the back was put on me. I noticed that there were brown spots on the blouse. As I looked closer, I realized that the spots were the emblems of the Girl Scouts. I was going to be a brownie! Suddenly, the blouse became tighter around as the hands buttoned me up. I was in total shock as they put a female tie around my collar. After the tie, a brown jumper was put on me. There was a little zipper and a button on the side that the hands finished. Next some white knee-his and some black Mary Jane shoes were put on my feet. Some brown and white ribbons were put in my hair and the doors open. "Oh, Rebecca. You look beautiful in your little Brownie uniform. We better hurry to make the meeting." She grabbed my hand and led me downstairs. I was beginning to feel nervous again.

We reached the outside and the day had turned into night. We were walking along the road as my Nanny held my hand tightly in her grip. She handed me another bottle of baby formula and made me drink it, which I did not want to in public. She made me drink two of them before we reached the house. My Nanny knocked on the door and a 40-year-old mother came to the door that must have been the troop leader because of her Girl Scouts outfit. "Oh, hello. This must be your daughter, Rebecca. We have been waiting for you and now we can start the meeting. You may come inside and watch with all the other parents." We went inside and saw a whole room full of little girls in Brownie uniforms. I even saw my two friends from earlier, so I immediately had to blend into the crowd.

The troop leader started the meeting so I sat on the floor next to the girls who visited me from earlier in the day. The troop leader said that she would teach us how to sew tonight and to be careful because the needles are very sharp. I felt so childish as she talked to us in that manner. She gave us practice-sewing kits and under the watchful eye of my Nanny, I began to sew. Sewing was hard. At the end of the meeting, I was able to sew a heart pattern. The girls next to me told me that it was so cute. The troop leader told us to stop, as it was the end of the meeting. She told us to practice and she would see us next week. My friends said goodbye and I was beginning to yawn. My Nanny came over, picked me up and carried me out of the door. I was totally embarrassed and buried my head into my Nanny’s shoulder. She carried me home and told me that it was way past my bedtime.

My Nanny led me up to my room and put me into my changing box. The hands quickly took off my brownie uniform and got me ready for bed. A long, white, frilly nightie was put over me as I kept my panties on. I was led over to the bathroom and let to go potty again. They also brushed my hair and my teeth very diligently. They put me down in my large, pink canopy bed. Once again, I could not move once I touched the sheets. My Nanny gave me a white teddy bear to sleep with as she pulled the covers up to my neck.

She fed me one more bottle of formula to help me sleep. "Good night Rebecca. Get some sleep as you have a big day tomorrow. I will see you bright and early in the morning." After I finished the formula, I was getting very drowsy and soon enough I was fast asleep.




"Good Morning, Annabelle." My eyes fluttered open as I saw my Nanny standing next to my bed. She was gazing down at me as she pulled my covers off and I noticed that the room had changed again. The room still looked feminine, but not as childish. The canopy was off the bed and I didn’t have my porcelain dolls. In place of the dolls was a poster of the Backstreet Boys. I had a bad feeling about this. After my Nanny took off my covers, I noticed a nagging pain in my stomach. My stomach felt like it was tying knots and I moaned out loud as I grabbed my stomach. "Oh no. It seems like my little girl is becoming a woman. It’s okay dear. Every girl goes through this at your age, Annabelle. You are just having your first period." I seriously thought this woman was insane as the hands picked me up and brought me into the bathroom.

They washed me and gave me yet another enema. This part was really aggravating me. The strange part came after I was able to release my fluids. The hands bent me over at my waist on the bathroom floor so that my rear was sticking high in the air. I heard some tearing and then something was stuck into my rear. Soon enough, it began to expand and I noticed that they put a tampon in me. I could actually see the string hanging from my rear! I just wanted to cry right there in the bathroom. The hands then quickly brushed my teeth and brushed my hair. My tight curls from yesterday were gone and replaced were hair down to my shoulders with some bangs.

After the meticulous brushing, my blonde hair was shining like the sun.

They also put some pink nail polisher on my manicured fingernails; some soft pink lipstick, some blush and they trimmed my eyebrows. Soon enough, the hands were moving me to my changing box to get ready for the day.

The lights went on and the changing box went to work. Quickly my nightie was pulled off of me and a pair of white silk panties went up legs. These panties felt different from yesterday and I noticed that these had a pad inside. I was wearing a pad and a tampon! I was about to faint right there in my changing box. The hands then pulled a white training bra over my shoulders. The bra felt tight to my body and it actually gave me cleavage.

I thought I was hallucinating when I saw my chest. A white camisole came down to just a little above my knees. The material felt smooth against my skin and I shivered when my body touched it. A small, soft white crinoline came down after the camisole. The crinoline wasn’t as full as the petticoats and looked like another camisole with some frills at the end. My hands were thrust forward as a blouse was put over me. I don’t know why, but they put me in another blouse that buttons in the back. This one was white and had a large Peter Pan collar in the front. The sleeves were cupped and poofed out on my arms. After my blouse was finished, a jumper was put over me. It was a little school girls jumper! I could not believe myself as the jumper fitted my body and crinoline perfect. My skirt poofed out a little and the jumper was zipped up and buttoned on the side. The jumper had a back that covered my blouse buttons and the colors were green and white that went with a plaid pattern. A pair of white knee-his and some small black heeled Mary Jane shoes were put over my feet. A feminine bow was put under my blouse collar to complete the outfit. Also, my hair was pulled back in a high ponytail with a large white bow on top of my ponytail. I was in complete shock as the doors opened and my Nanny was there to greet me. "Come on Annabelle. Today is your first day of school and you better not be late." She handed me another bottle of formula and led me downstairs.

I don’t know what these bottles are doing to me, but by the second one I was full. We reached some large wooden doors and my Nanny handed me a bright pink book bag that I knew was not empty. "I hope you do well today, Annabelle." As she spoke, she opened the large doors and I was shocked to see what was inside. It looked like a large classroom. There were about 20 girls already sitting in large separate desk lined in rows. The girls looked to be about middle school age or even High School and all of them turned around to see me. I saw an open desk in the middle so I quietly took my seat as I saw my Nanny go to the head of the class. My mouth dropped opened as I realized that my Nanny was my teacher!

I sat down and class began with all the girls looking straight to my Nanny. We studied Algebra, History, English and Humanities before we had a break before lunch. I was in disbelief at what was happening as we all filled out and I followed suite as my Nanny walked behind us. We went into a cafeteria type place and we were all handed lunch. We sat down at a large rounded table and we all ate quietly. After we were finished, we went back into the classroom. We finished up our studies in the afternoon and I thought we were finished. My Nanny spoke after the bell rang, "All of the cheerleaders, meet here in about a hour for practice." My Nanny quickly grabbed my hand and led me back to my room as I watched all of the girls’ walk outside. Once we reached inside my room, the hands began to work on me again.

The hands led me inside the bathroom and I was quickly stripped of my clothes. They put me in the shower and my nipples felt weird as they hit the hot water. After I was thoroughly washed, I was bent over again and I knew what was coming. They gave me another enema and my tampon was changed. My hair was brushed again while my makeup was retouched around my face.

The hands quickly grabbed me and pulled me into the changing box. I had an ominous feeling that I was going to become a cheerleader. A pair of white shimmering panties with a hint of lace was placed over my genitals. I could feel that they put another pad into my panties. Another training bra was put over my breasts that gave me a feeling that I did have breasts. The short cheerleaders’ uniform went on next. The colors were green and white with a large "S" printed on the front. The short pleated skirt was green and white as well. The uniform was closing in on me as I heard it being zipped up in the back. Some ruffled socks with some white girls tennis shoes were put on me as well as a large green and white bow was put on top of my ponytail. The uniform made my breasts very prominent and I was very embarrassed. My Nanny handed me some pom-poms and she taught me some preliminary moves. She then took my hand and led me downstairs to the room. There were a group of 5 or 6 girls that looked exactly like me in their uniforms.

My Nanny then led us outside to an open field and we began to practice our cheers. After a while, we began practicing on a pyramid and a large girl told me to stand on her shoulders. I was scared at her seeing my penis and finding me out. "I guess it’s your time of the month, too." I only blushed and nodded as we continued on. The sun began to set and my Nanny told us that was enough for practice today. After they left, she took my hand and led my back upstairs to my room. I was stripped again and I was led to a bubble bath. I sat down and the hands fed me two more bottles. The hands then got me ready for bed by changing my tampon and then I was led over to the changing box. I was put into some panties and then a pink nightie for tonight. I was led again over to the bed and I was tucked in very tightly.

"Goodnight Annabelle. Get some rest cause tomorrow you have a big day."

She left me for bed and I began to wonder how long this would last. I was growing older day by day and hopefully in the end I wouldn’t be killed.

These fleeting thoughts soon left my mind as I drifted off to sleep.

**END OF DAY 3**



Soon enough I felt my Nanny’s hand gently waking me up. The sun was shinning brightly through my curtains into my bedroom. The décor had changed, but only slightly. The Backstreet Boys poster was taken down and the room had a feel of a slight maturity. "Good Morning, Bridget. You better hurry cause you have a very special day today." The hands grabbed me and pulled me into the bathroom. A hot scented bath was ready for me and I was set inside. This time seemed a little bit different compared to the other days. The hands were more thorough and the time I was in the bath was almost doubled. By the end, every inch of my body smelt like roses. I was getting that bad feeling again. The hands immediately gave me another enema, but this one lasted longer than the others did. By the end, I was just happy to be able to release my bowels. My hair was then pampered while some makeup was put on my face. The makeup made me look more elegant than normal. The changing box opened and I was moving inside.

My nightie was taken off and I was completely naked inside of my box.

First a pair of white satin panties was pulled up my body followed by something new. Something tight was pulled over my panties that felt like it was pinching my panties. I looked down and saw a long-legged girdle over my panties. The garters at the end tickled my upper legs. The girdle gave me a feminine butt, which felt different because my butt was nonexistent as a male. A pair of white shimmering stockings were pulled up my legs and connected to my garters. A bra that matched my underwear was put on my chest. As I looked down at my chest, I could definitely see cleavage that was peeking out of my bra. I was shaking as a full slip was pulled over my lingerie. The slip hugged my body and felt tight to me as it reached to a little below my knees. A crinoline petticoat was put over my slip that wasn’t as full as before, but would still be noticeable to the naked eye.

Finally, the dress was slipped over my body. The dress was a white short sleeve flower dress with light pink roses printed all over. It had a tight waist that expanded to fill out my petticoat and fall about mid calf. The top was tight as it was getting zipped up behind me. I was worried at what I was doing as I felt some high heels being put on feet. The shoes were a little tight around my feet. Then a white sweater was put over the top of my dress. The pearl buttons in the front were buttoned up and the long sleeves tickled my wrists. The sweater was tight and did not hide my cleavage at all. My hair was then pulled up and a large white bow was tied on top. Some white gloves and a gold cross necklace finished my outfit as the doors opened to my smiling Nanny. She took my hand and handed me a white purse to hold. "You look beautiful, Bridget. I know you will have fun on your date today." I heard the doorbell ring and my knees began to shake.

My Nanny went downstairs to talk to him while the hands grabbed me. The hands fed me the normal 2 bottles and then I was led to the stairs. At the top of the stairs, the hand let me go and I could see a boy at the bottom.

He had a letter jacket on and he was staring at me. I shyly walked downstairs to stand next to my Nanny. "Bridget, I would like you to meet David." He held out his hand and I slid my hand inside of his as he kissed the top of my hand. "I told you Bridget he would be a gentleman. But I still want you home by 10 tonight. I hope you have a nice time today." She led us outside where the sun was shinning brightly overhead. It is only noon and I’m going on a date with a real boy. My nerves came back as he led me to his car. He opened the door and I slid into the passenger side. He drove away from my house and we were off.

The drive was very quite, so I was able to look inside my purse. It held all of the essential female materials. Some lipstick, blush, mascara, and even some tampons were all put into my purse. We reached a park and he parked the car. He reached into the back of his car and he found a picnic basket. He led me to an open field and he put a blanket on top of the grass for us to sit on. I fluffed out my dress and I took a seat on the blanket.

He gave me a salad and a diet Pepsi. "I hope you enjoy your meal. I called and asked what you liked to eat." I told him that this was great. We made some small talk over the meal and soon enough we were both finished. He helped me up from my seat and wrapped up the blanket in the basket. He told us we should go for a walk and I told him that would be nice. We walked around the park and we began to talk a little more. He said he was a bit nervous because he had never been on a blind date before and was surprised to see how beautiful I was. I only blushed and continued to walk. The trail then began to reach a covered area that shielded us from the fading sun. We reached some rugged terrain and he helped me get across the rocks in my heels and dress. He used that opportunity to hold onto my hand as we walked out of the forest. We were actually holding hands and I had to think of something fast. The sun was setting so I told him that I was beginning to feel a bit chilly. He then smiled and took off his jacket and put it over my shoulders. The jacket smelt like his cologne and I was relieved to see his car. He opened my door and soon enough we left the park.

We drove for a little while and we parked outside a restaurant. I gave him his jacket back and he walked inside. He told me that all that walking had worked up an appetite. We went inside and we were seated near a dimly lighted window. He ordered a steak and then ordered a small salad for myself. It felt weird being ordered for without having some say on my meal. We continued on talking as I watched him devour his steak. He paid and we left the restaurant. I tried to stay interested and quiet at the same time to not send him any messages. I saw the clock and it said that it was only 7. I only had 3 more hours until I was able to go home. He pulled into a popular movie theatre with a lot of kids his age. As we walked inside, many boys went up to him and said hello. I was introduced to all of his friends and I could feel all of them looking me up and down. We went inside the theatre right before the previews had started. He chooses two empty seats in the back for us to sit. The movie started and I knew that it was some foreign martial arts film that I was not interested in at all. I was getting bored quickly as we sat quietly watching the movie. About halfway through the movie, he pulled his arm around me and brought me closer to him. I didn’t mind cause the movie was utterly boring to me and I almost fell asleep against him. The movie ended and he led us back to the car with the two of us still holding hands. He drove me back home and parked on the street. He told me that he enjoyed himself and said he would see me tomorrow. I was a bit thrown off, but told him that I enjoyed it too. I then reached for the door, but saw that it was locked and when I turned around our lips met. I was trapped so I had to keep on kissing him. I was in complete shock as he continued kissing me. His tongue slowly went inside of my mouth and his hand went up my side looking for my breasts. Before he reached my breasts, I pulled away and saw that the door had been unlocked.

I stepped outside and told him to have a good night. He then drove away and I walked up to my door with my Nanny standing in the doorway. She had a knowing smile as she led me upstairs.

I was then prepared for bed per usual. I was changed into a white nightie and put back into my bed. She fed me two more bottles and asked me about my date. "I can’t believe my little Bridget is growing up so quickly. I know that you will have many more dates in the future so you better get your beauty sleep." She left and another day had passed. I wondered what I would experience tomorrow as I drifted off to sleep.

**END OF DAY 4**



Soon enough, I felt myself being awakened. The sun was burning through my curtains and I saw my smiling Nanny looking down at me. I noticed that my room wasn’t dramatically changed so I was curious of today’s happenings.

"Good morning, Elizabeth. I woke you up just in time cause you have a very special day today." I was still pinned to my bed as my Nanny hand-fed me my bottles. Afterwards, the hands grabbed me and pulled me into the bathroom.

Another bath was ready for me and I was placed inside. The hands scrubbed me all over, twice. I was bent over and the enema began. Every inch of my body was cleaned, inside and outside. It felt like I was in the bath for hours.

I was then sat at my makeshift vanity table and the hands went to work on me. They gave me some acrylic nails that was at least a half of inch and painted a light pink. Some oils and then powders were put all over my body from head to toe. My face was made up very elegantly. My hair was then pulled up on my head as I felt two sharp pains in my earlobes. I saw that my ears were pierced with small diamonds. The hands spent hours with me and I was beginning to get worried. My Nanny came up behind me and placed something on top of my head. "I know you will enjoy yourself tonight, Elizabeth. Every girl will remember their first prom." I looked up and saw the tiara placed snuggly into my hair. This was not good.

The hands led me over to the changing box as I saw the sun beginning to fade into the night. The first piece of clothing that was pulled on me was a pair of shimmering pink panties with some rows of lace on the back. Next, a soft pink full corset was pulled over my body. The corset went to my mid-thigh and acted like a girdle. The hands would not stop tightening the corset. Each time I took a breath, the corset was pulled tighter. I felt I was going to pass out in pain. The lacing took forever, but finally the hands seemed satisfied. While I was being laced, a pair of white stockings with a hint of pink was pulled up my legs and connected to my garters. I looked down and saw cleavage. My cleavage was pressing against the firm corset and as I saw myself, I had a full female figure. I had full supple breasts, a flat crotch, a small waist, and an extenuated behind. I could not believe this was really happening to me.

Before I had time to dwell any longer, I felt something being pulled up my legs. I looked down and saw a shining white petticoat. The first petticoat was made out of taffeta and went down to my ankles. A second net petticoat was pulled over the first and a third made out of taffeta. They were long and rustled with every slight movement that I made. I have never seen so many petticoats used before. Finally, the dress was slowly lowered over my body. The dress was a soft pink one that had no straps. The dress fit my corseted figure like a second skin and I finally realized why I had to be laced so tightly. The dress was then snuggly buttoned in the back and seemed to float over all of my petticoats. A pair of 3 in soft pink high heels was put on my feet. The heels fitted firmly on my feet and were strapped on my feet. A black choker and some elbow length gloves were put onto my hands. I was then handed a small pink handbag and I was led out of my box.

The first thing I saw was my Nanny smiling at me. With my heels, my dress did not touch the floor and gave the look like I was floating. "You look absolutely enchanting, Elizabeth. Your date is downstairs and I will see you at the Prom because I will be a chaperon. Have a wonderful night, Elizabeth." I was then led downstairs to meet my date. He was standing near the door in his tuxedo. He was at least a head taller than me and was a bit muscular. He gave me a corsage, which he put on my hand. He then led me outside to a waiting limousine. The stars were out brightly and the air was quite warm. My stomach was in knots as the driver drove away. I could not believe what was happening to me. We reached a nice looking hotel and we were lead into a ballroom. I figured this must have been a small school cause there weren’t that many couples in the ballroom. We were lead to our table and he helped me sitting down. It felt strange sitting with all those petticoats and the corset making me stiff and erect.

We started to make small talk as the rest of the couples arrived. He was interesting and under different circumstances, we probably would have been good friends. Soon enough, everybody found there seats and our meals were served to us. This was the first solid food that I have seen in days, but I couldn’t eat a bit. I ate the salad, but that was all. I tried to eat the chicken, but I could not stomach it. Usually, I would have eaten everything and asked for seconds, but tonight was totally different. The girl next to me asked about my eating habits. She said she was so nervous that she could only eat her salad too. At least, I did not feel alone as the waiters came around and took our plates away. The lights dimmed and some music began to play. The music was some up-tempo dance music and my date asked if I would like to dance. I declined and we began to talk some more. We watched all of the people dancing for some time until the music slowed down. My date stood up and took my gloved hand. He told me that we were dancing and I had no say about it.

I didn’t know what I was feeling as I was led out on the dance floor. He took my arms and led me across the floor. After a couple of songs, he pulled me closer and wrapped his arms around me. I laid my head against his chest and I did feel a little content. While we were dancing, I saw my Nanny talking to some people and keeping an eye on me. She gave me a knowing wink and I continued to dance. He whispered some sweet remarks into my ear and slowly he moved his lips to mine. We kissed softly as the dancing stopped and the lights were turned back on. Our kiss was broken and our attention was drawn to the stage. The principal came on over the microphone and he announced the Prom King and Prom Queen. I was just relieved that I was not elected. After they were crowned, we were told to have a good night and my date led me outside. The night had become cold so my date pulled me close to him as we waited for our limousine.

We snuggled as the driver took us around the town. Soon enough, he was kissing me and his hands were roaming up and down me. He was on top of me kissing me and his hands were feeling my breasts against the tight corset.

My mind suddenly started to race, as he wanted a little more. I didn’t know what to do as one of his hands reached for the back of my dress, but I stopped him just in time. I swallowed my pride and tried to satisfy him. I bent down on my knees on the floor and undid his pants to let his cock out.

I was amazed at the size, as it was almost double the size of my own. I kissed the head and put my mouth around it. I slowly put all of the cock inside of me and used my tongue all around it. I almost gagged, but was able to control myself. I tried my best and very soon he was clenching tightly. I felt all of his cum go inside of my mouth and it was so much that I had to swallow it. I smiled and he had a satisfied expression on his face. He told me that was wonderful and thanked me profusely.

The driver stopped in front my house he told me that he had a wonderful time. I got out and walked up to my front door to see my smiling Nanny.

She led me upstairs and got me ready for bed. I was given a bath and my dress was taken off. I was happy to get the corset off of me and was able to breathe again. My nightie was put on me and I was put on my bed. My Nanny was smiling down at me; "My little Elizabeth is finally now a woman.

I know we’ll be seeing a lot of gentlemen around here now. Good night Elizabeth and get some rest cause tomorrow you have a big day." The lights were turned off and I drifted off to sleep. I went asleep contently thinking of my night tonight.

**END OF DAY 5**



I felt my Nanny rustling me awake. I wiped the sleep from my eyes to see a dimly lit room with the sun just beginning to rise. My room had changed drastically from the night before. The childishness was replaced with an adult look with femininity oozing through the seams. I heard my Nanny’s voice as she began to feed me my normal bottles. "I cannot believe that I still have to wake you up, Jessica. You are such a lazy slouch sometimes."

I was wondering what that meant as the hands led me to the bathroom and put me inside the bathtub. The hands washed me and gave me another enema. They weren’t as thorough as yesterday so I was a bit confused. I was sat down and my makeup was put on me. They replenished my nails with longer, mature looking nails. My makeup was put on with more of an adult look. My hair was pulled back into a tight bun and some pearl earrings were put on my ears. The hands then led me into my changing box.

My nightie was taken off and a lacey black thong was put on me. The thong felt weird as it went inside my bum. A lacey black garter belt was put over and some shimmering white stockings were pulled up my shaved legs. Then something new was added to me. The hands put some cold feeling solution against my nipples and then something heavy was put on top. I looked down and saw breasts. They were real and looked to be about a size C. I touched the nipple and I was immediately turned on. I could not believe that I had breasts. A lacy black bra was put over my breasts and it felt nice to have them protected. After the bra, a lacey white half-slip was put on me that was constricting whenever I moved and went to a little above my knees. Then a blouse was put over me. The blouse buttoned in the front, but it was so tight that it could not be buttoned all the way so my breasts were pushed out into the open. The blouse had long billowing sleeves with some tight cuffs. There was also a line of lace that went up the middle. A tight black skirt was then put over my slip. The skirt went over my bulging hips and zipped up in the back. A matching jacket was put over my blouse. The jacket only had one button in the front and it seemed to outline my breasts. Some matching 4 in high heels were put on my feet and I had to adjust to the new height. A white pearl necklace was put around my neck and I was handed a feminine briefcase. I was then led out to my smiling Nanny; "You look absolutely dignified, Jessica. I really hope you have a good day at work today." I was going to work? This was not good at all.

I was then led outside to her car and I got inside of the passenger side.

She drove me downtown and we stopped in front of a large office building.

My Nanny told me to have a nice day today and she would pick me up this evening. I walked inside and the security officer smiled at me. I heard someone call my name and saw another female employee walking towards me.

She told me good morning and said we better get going or Mr. Matthews would get mad at us again. I followed her to the elevators and we went inside and upstairs. We got off on the 6th floor and I followed her around the floor.

She went inside a cubicle and next to hers was mine with my name on it. We had two small cubicles and there was a large office next to ours. I set down my briefcase and turned on my computer. I heard a voice behind me telling me good morning and I saw a man standing behind me. He told me I better get going on typing those reports from yesterday.

The rest of the morning I was planted in front of my computer typing reports. It was new learning to type with my new nails that my typing was slower than normal. Around lunchtime, the girl next to me said we had our lunch break now. I followed her outside and we found a restaurant where we had lunch. We chatted over some salads and some diet Pepsi. We went back to work after the hour and Mr. Matthews called me inside of his office. He dictated a memo to me that I had to write down. It was weird to be in such an inferior position as I tried to write as quickly as possible. I could feel his eyes staring at my breasts while I was writing the memo. I was then told to type it out and I had to send it all over the office. By the end of the day, my feet were killing me and I was just happy to be told we could go home. I grabbed my briefcase and walked outside to my waiting Nanny. She drove me home and led me back upstairs.

I was then bathed again and my clothes were removed in the changing box.

My nightie was put on me and it felt different on me with my new breasts. I was then laid down on my bed as my Nanny looked down at me. "I know you worked very hard today, Jessica. So you just rest here now. Tomorrow maybe the biggest day of your life so you need your beauty sleep." She left the room and I had a weird feeling already. After some thought on over what tomorrow will bring, I finally was able to fall asleep. Maybe tomorrow would be the final day and I would be free.

**END OF DAY 6**



Suddenly, I felt the bright sun shinning through my room. I rubbed my eyes awake and saw that my room had basically stayed the same. I looked up and saw my Nanny smiling down at me, "Good Morning, Josephine. I hope you had a good long sleep last night cause today you have a very important day." This morning instead of two bottles, my Nanny fed three bottles to me. Afterwards, the hands picked me up and put me into the bathtub. The bathtub was full of bubbles and very warm. The hands spent a very long time washing every inch of me. They were very precise and I spent the longest time ever before in the bathtub. By the end, my entire body smelt wonderful and my skin seemed to shine brightly. I was then bent over and given two very painful enemas. I would be very happy when I would never have to receive another one again. The hands then picked me and led me over to my vanity table. The hands redid all of my make up. All of my hair was plucked off and I was given feminine arches. Some lotions and powders were put all over my body and my face. Some soft blush was then put on my cheeks while long lashes were put over me. The lashes tickled every time I would blink my eyes. Three shades of lipstick were put on me to give a soft pink look. All of my bright blonde hair was curled very tightly while the makeup was being put on me. Some diamond earrings were then put into my earlobes.

My curlers were then taken off and I had the curliest hair I had ever seen.

My hair was then pampered while some long pink acrylic nails were put on my fingers. My hair was just set for the time being and I was then pulled into my changing box.

I had a really bad feeling about today cause when I looked at myself in the mirror I looked absolutely stunning. A pair of shimmering white satin French panties with lace all around the rear and the leg holes was pulled up my legs. I looked closely at the panties and noticed that they were different from the other white panties I wore. A matching bra was put over my breasts and I felt secure as my new breasts felt nicely snug against my body. Then a white garter belt and some while silk stockings were pulled up my smooth legs. I was amazed at how my lingerie had made me look so feminine. Then a white satin corset with pink trimmings was pulled down over my body. The hands then began to lace up my corset and I felt my body being crush. After what seemed like hours, I heard my Nanny tell me to suck in as much as I could and I did. The corset was then tied and knotted in the back. With the mirrors I could see what happened to my figure. The entire back of the corset was pulled together and my waist was the smallest I have ever seen. My breasts were pushed and strained against the satin material of the corset.

A long tight slip was then pulled up my legs and went around my waist. The slip was of shimmering white satin and matched my lingerie that went down to my feet. Something new was then pulled up around my waist. I realized that it was a long hoop skirt. The skirt extended beyond my waist at a new angle and went all the way down to my feet. The hoop skirt gave an entire different look compared to all of the petticoats I wore before today. Then a voluminous, layered, tulle petticoat was pulled over my hoop skirt. The petticoat had layers and layers with the outer one being made up of six deep, lacy, frills edged in pink and a pink ribbon waistband. This was the most elaborate petticoat I have ever seen. The hands then tugged the second petticoat down over my head and teased out each layer, until my legs disappeared under the expanse of sheer frothy material. Finally, the dress was pulled down over me.

IT WAS A WEDDING DRESS! The dress had a beautiful satin bodice elaborately decorated with lace and pink slotted ribbon, huge puffed lace trimmed sleeves, and a voluminous skirt of glistening silk taffeta over layers of wispy tulle. It had a high collar that would tickle my neck and did make me choke. The back of the dress cascaded down from the waist in a waterfall of pink edged lacy frills. The tight bodice fitted my corset like a second skin and was very tight around my waist, but then expanded over my petticoats. The dress had a full line of buttons on the back that the hands made a quick work of and pulled my dress close to my body. The sleeves were puffed out and buttoned at my wrist with matching buttons from my back. The hands then arranged the layers of petticoats under the skirt to make it stand out right. Some white gloves were then put over my hands and ended with a little lace just where the sleeves ended. A pair of 5 in high heels was put on my feet and I was finally led out of my changing box.

I saw my Nanny smiling proudly at me as she took my hand. "I can’t believe you take this off, Josephine. I don’t think your fiancé would be very proud of his soon to be wife." An engagement ring was then slid over my gloved finger. She then handed me a bouquet of pink roses for me to hold. My Nanny then fitted a headdress on my waiting hair and deep veil. My Nanny grabbed my hand and led me downstairs cause it was very hard to see through my veil. Each step of my nosily petticoats could be heard as well as the clicking of heels. I was led outside to an awaiting limousine where it took me forever just to sit down. My Nanny told me that we were driving to a church and told me not to be nervous. I did not know what I was feeling as we drove to my wedding. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me.

The limousine stopped and my Nanny helped me outside. She straightened out my dress and I could hear voices all around us saying how beautiful I looked. We walked up some stairs and into some doors. My Nanny took my arm and I could hear the organ beginning to play. I was slowly led to the altar where I was stood in front of everybody in attendance. The veil was finally lifted and I could now see more clearly. The church was full of everybody looking straight at me. I also saw that I had a bunch of bridesmaids. I looked at my fiancé and could see that he was quite a bit older than I was.

He was at least in his thirties and dressed exquisitely in his tuxedo.

The priest began the service. I had to play along so I said, "I do." I also accepted a wedding ring and gave him his. The priest then said, "With the power bestowed on me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride." He then pulled me close to him and gave me a sweet kiss on my lips. We then walked down the aisle and into our awaiting limousine.

The driver then drove us away. He continued on kissing me and then whispered into my ear, "I have married my virgin bride and tonight I will make her a complete woman." This did not sound good at all.

We then were driven to our reception hall where many of guests were already there. We received many wedding gifts for our new home. We danced the annual first dance and also cut the cake. I felt very strange throughout the entire day, especially when the reception was over. My husband then led me to the limousine and I saw that night had already swallowed the day. We were driven to his house and he helped me out of the limousine and carried me into our new home. He then carried me upstairs to a large master bedroom where he laid me down on a very comfortable bed.

He then began kissing me and I knew what was coming. All day I was thinking of ways to avoid this, but by now I realized I had no choice in what happened to me. He began kissing me all over and disrobed me all the way down to my lingerie. He kept my corset, panties, stockings, garter belt and high heels on. I then began to disrobe him until I saw his large throbbing penis in plain sight. His penis was massive and much bigger than I have ever seen before. He whispered softly in my ear, "You better moisten me up before I enter you." I then put my lips around his cock and began to suck him off. After I got him wet enough, he told me to stop and he turned me around with my bum facing him. He pulled my panties down and whispered again to me, "Since you are now my wife, you better get used to doing it from behind because that is how I like it." His massive cock was just outside bum and he slowly began pushing inside of me. The pain was excruciating as he went deep inside of me. After what felt like forever, he finally went all the inside and then he began thrusting back and forth inside of me. I moved with his motions and I could him here moan very loudly. "Oh, you are so tight." After what felt like forever, he finally came inside of me. He fell on the bed in complete exhaustion and so did I.

He held me close to him with a glazed look over his eyes as we both drifted off to sleep. I had so many thoughts inside of my head about my future, but I just went quickly asleep.



The next morning, I slowly began to stir. I looked around and saw I was pinned down. I also saw that I wasn’t where I was last night. I saw a very large crib. I was wearing a diaper, plastic panties and a pink nightgown.

My Nanny was standing over me. Her smile was very broad, "Good Morning Mary Beth. You better hurry up cause we got church very soon." It was repeating. Oh, no, I am stuck like this FOREVER!




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