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Learning to Spell 2005 Complete: Yes Rated: G
Part 03 - Kaitie wakes up for the first time in her "new" form... And now has to deal with the changes she brought upon herself with the miscast of that spell...
Part 04
Kurt, now Kaitie, finally figures out just what the heck is really going on. With a lot of the mystery cleared up this chapter displays the dramatic effects on reality that the magic that made Kaitie had. It also sets up all the upcoming chapters changes and the basis for the "universe" I commented about at the end of Chapter 2 or 3.

Age: Teen to Pre-Teen AR     Categories: Age Regression, Crossdressing/TV, Magical Transformations, Stuck     Keywords: Cheerleader, Hair or Hair Salon, School Girl

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A CD Cheerleader Experience 2005 Complete: Yes Rated: G
My TRUE STORY of my first full CD experience, it was in private, but it was my first time fully dressed - and it was my dream outfit - a cheerleader's uniform!

Age: Teenager 13-18     Categories: Crossdressing/TV     Keywords: Cheerleader

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