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This is my first attempt at writing an adult story. All the usual disclaimers apply. If you don't like to read about bondage, chastity belts, and forced feminization, please look elsewhere. If you do, then I hope you enjoy my humble attempt, and if it is received well, more will follow.


Andy's Training

by Cissykay


Chapter One:

I had been enjoying myself in my aunt's photo studio ever since I came to live with her after my stepmother died six months ago. Aunt Betty isn't really my aunt. You see, I was adopted and she was my adopted mother's sister.

Aunt Betty made a very good living as a photographer for a magazine that catered to men who were into alternative lifestyles. She photographed male models wearing outlandish attire consisting mostly of woman's undergarments, and at times certain articles used for restraint. She would get a big kick out of having her models arrive to an empty studio, with the attire for the shoot laid out, and a script on how he was to dress and what he was to do during the shoot. If she arrived to see that her instructions were not carried out to the tee, she would go into a fit and make the poor man suffer for the entire session.

Aunt Betty was in her mid forties, but looked twenty five. She was a stunningly beautiful woman, and she knew it. She loved to tease me whenever she got the opportunity. She took particular pleasure in calling me to her bedroom to help her lace one of her very expensive corsets. She always took notice of the bulge in my slacks, and never missed an opportunity to comment on how naughty I was.

Betty's daughter Cissy was about my age, and was Aunt Betty's photo assistant. Cissy liked to boss me around like she owned me. Being quite small and thin for my age, Cissy and I were about the same size. She was quite a bit stronger than I was, and always liked to wrestle with me to prove it. When Aunt Betty would look on, she would cheer for Cissy and yell at her to put me over her knee and spank me. Lucky for me, she never tried.

I always knew what time her appointments were because she kept everything written in her notebook. Today she had no appointments, but she had one at 8:00 AM. All it said was "very, very special project". I had no idea what that meant. I pity the poor guy if he pisses Betty off.

I knew that everything would be laid out for her session in advance, so I took the opportunity to go the studio in the huge barn behind the house, to see what was going to take place. As I thought, everything was in place. As usual, the lights were on, as she never turned them off. I guess she wanted any passer-by to think that there was someone in the barn.

As always, I was very careful not to damage any of the articles that were laid out, because if Aunt Betty ever found out that I enjoyed wearing the clothes that were to be modeled, I know she would force me to move out. Most of the time there were undies, corsets, shoes, and different sorts of cuffs that locked in place. She always left the keys for the locks with the clothes. I'm sure that it made the model feel more comfortable knowing that he had the keys to all of the locks. The clothes for this shoot were dtfferent. After I had stripped, I put on the black undies, the black, very lacy bra, and the black fishnet stockings. These were different than usual insofar as they were crotchless. As I read the script, it said that the next item was a male erection inhibitor. It consisted of a stainless steel tube that was supposed to go over the penis. It was rather small and it took what seemed like hours for me to get my penis to shrink to the point that I could force it into the tube. Since I wasn't really well endowed to begin with, it fit very tightly when I was relaxed. The tube had a bend in it.

Next was what appeared to be a stainless steel belt that I stepped into. This was lined with a very hard plastic that made it very tight around my waiste. It had a steel plate in the front with a slot in it. The metal tube had a knob on it with a built in lock. Next it said to place the knob on the top and slide it into the slot on the metal plate. I heard a click, and was certain that the lock on the tube was in place. You now needed a key to remove the tube from the belt. Next, was to fasten the belt around my waiste, by inserting the steel tab on one side into the opening on the other. As soon as it was inserted, I heard a second click. It hit me like a rock. This was an inescapable chastity belt. When I looked in the mirror, I immediately began to swell, and the bigger I got, the more uncomfortable it became. After a few seconds, it was almost unbearable. I had to do something to to relieve the tension. I soon found out that the normal method was out of the question as I couldn't even touch any part of my privates.

It was getting near time for Aunt Betty to get home, but I didn't want to take this contraption off. It was exciting to wear it. As I was peering at myself in the mirror, I heard Aunt Betty coming into the drive. I had to move quickly, although she never came into the studio unless there was work to do.

As I reached for the keys to the belt, I was shocked to find that the keys didn't open the lock. It must be because I'm nervous, I thought. I'll come back this evening and do it then. I got my slacks on over the undies and the belt, finished dressing, and went to the house. I had on a dark colored shirt, so I was pretty confident that the bra couldn't be seen.

When I got back to the house Aunt Betty and Cissy were both there. They were discussing the upcoming shoot. I listened as Cissy said that this was going to be the most fun she'd ever had. "How do you think our little sissy maid slut will react when he learns that the only key to his inescapable chastity belt is safely locked away in your safety deposit box?" "Oh, he'll fight us tooth and nail at first. That's why it is so important that he be restrained for the entire time we are training him. Remember this is a young man that is not homosexual, and believes that he can make some money and have some fun at the same time. Have you put out everything we will be using?" "Not yet." Do you think we should dress him in the maid's outfit, or the slut's outfit for the first series of photos?" "It doesn't really matter. What is really important is that he realize that we are in total control, and his life is now ours. We need to start the feminization process as soon as possible".

I was terrified. They were soon to find out that the sexy lingerie and chastity belt were missing. I could leave now, but I knew that there was no way to extract myself from this hideous device without the key. and the key wasn't there. If I told them about what I had done, Aunt Betty would probably kill me for ruining their shoot tomorrow. After all, it was going to be there biggest, and most profitable adventure yet. I didn't know what to do.

We all sat down for dinner, and the conversation ran between tomorrow's shoot, and the magazine deadline that Auntie had. I was totally silent for the entire time. "What's wrong Andy? You haven't said a word all night." Oh, nothing. I'm just wondering if I can be of any help." I don't know where that came from. "Aren't you sweet. Cissy and I have most everything under control, but there is one thing you can do for me this evening. It's a bit out of the ordinary, but it would be a great help. "Sure, I'd love to, but it's a little cold to be working in the studio tonight." Oh, we won't need the studio for this. Everything we'll need is in the house." "O.K. I'll be glad to help."

When we finished dinner, Aunt Betty called me to the parlor. "We need to practice on you so we'll have everything perfect for tomorrow." "Practice what? I'm confused." "Cissy, please go and fetch the equipment. I don't know how hard it will be to figure out, but with Andy's help, we'll struggle through. It's called a body harness honey, and we have to use it tomorrow for some photos. I promise it will be painless. You do know what type of shoot it is, don't you dear?" I played dumb. "I know what type of photos you take, but I have no idea what you have to do tomorrow." "Just some simple clothing, and mild restraint. It should be a snap once we learn how to put the harness on."

Cissy returned with a heavy leather device and two objects that looked like leather mittens, except they were very short. "O.K. honey. First we have to put these on. You will see shortly how they work. Please hold you hands straight out, and make fists." As soon as they were laced up and locked on my wrists, I knew why I was asked to make two fists. It was impossible to open my hands. "Now, we'll need your input for the next step. Please stand with your hands at you sides." I did as she asked. I was already starting to get an erection, and I hoped they were too busy to notice, although with the chastity belt making it impossible to become fully erect, I saw no problem.

They busily worked fastening each of the four heavy straps. The first one encased my arms at the top of my chest and held them against my body. The second, did the same below my elbows. Third was a strap that was buckled around my waist, and had a wrist cuff on each side. Those were attached to my wrists just above top of the mittens. "O.K. that was much easier than I thought it would be. Is everything nice and tight?" I could move my arms slightly, but definitely not enough to escape. "The top two straps might be tightened one more hole," I suggested. The straps were undone, and redone at the next hole. This made the harness extremely tight on all fronts, and absolutely impossible to move a muscle. The last strap was the most surprising of all. It was a leather 5" posture collar that was riveted to the top strap. Once that was in place, I was totally helpless.

"Are you able to breath satisfactorily honey?" "Yes Aunt Betty. This is extremely confining but nothing else." "Oooh, I just had an idea." Cissy had a smile on her face as she said that. She looked like the cat that swallowed the canary. " Can we add one more thing to see if it will work tomorrow Andy?" I had come this far, and was more aroused than I've been in my life so I said sure. Cissy ran out and shortly returned with a gag, like something I had never seen before. It was heavy leather with what looked like at least like a six inch dildo sticking out the front. "Open up" she said. Well, in for a penny, in for a pound, so I opened my mouth, and when she put the gag in, it had a smaller penis on the inside. The gag filled my mouth, and made it impossible to close my mouth except around the penis. When she snapped the small lock on the back, it was not going to be removed without the key. I quickly found that it had a hole completely through the penises, so it was possible to suck in air through the gag with some difficulty. My nose was also free, so I could breath that way.

"Can you still breath darling?" All I could do was nod from the waist since I was gagged, and I was wearing a posture collar. "Do you think that you are totally helpless now?" Again I bent in an effort to say yes. "Only two more questions and we're done for the night." I was so aroused, that I wanted this to last for a few more minutes, although it was beginning to get uncomfortable. The chastity belt made it impossible to get an erection, and became painful. Question one. "Do you think Cissy can take your pants off now, so we can see how pretty you look in your undies and chastity belt? And, do you know that you're to be the model for the shoot tomorrow?" " My eyes said it all. I was in total shock. I began To cry immediately.

Cissy pushed me onto the sofa, and pulled my pants off. I was sitting there as exposed as I could be. She then lifted me to my feet and I was ordered to strut around the room for the two howling women. "O.K. Cissy, take our little slut up to bed and tuck her in for the evening. Make sure to secure her ankles to the bed so she doesn't run off during the night." They both started laughing hysterically. "Oh mom, this has made me so horny. Can I have our new sissyslut take care of me." I really need some relief." "O.K honey. You two girls have some fun. Goodnight Andrea darling." Now I was spewing tears like a faucet.

When I was led upstairs, Cissy attached ankle cuffs and a spreader bar to me and had me lay on the bed face down. She then attached the bar to each of the bottom bedposts, effectively immobilizing me. Then she sat up against the headboard and pulled her panties off. She was sitting so my head was right on top of her pussy. "O.K. slut. Go to work, and I want to cum at least three times, or I'll punish you for disobedience. I promise you, you will not like that. I worked my head down until the entire dildo was inside her, and began to pump for all I was worth. As she exploded the first time, her wetness made it easier for me to slide in and out. After what seemed like hours, she was finally satisfied. As she left the room I heard her say, "sweet dreams Andrea, and think about what's going to happen tomorrow. I assure you that you won't come close." With that, she turned off the light, shut the door and left me to ponder my fate.




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