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D is for Delia - Vigilante Babe Bethany Jacques
Daddy Becomes Mommy Marci Manseau
Daddy Leon's Babydoll Sweet Tush
Daddy's Girl Janet L. Stickney
Dallas Doll (2) Dee Eon
Dana's Account Patricia Violet
Dana's Coming Out Weekend Walt Williams
Dancer's Legs (2) Julia Manchester
Dancer Jacki Pett
Dancing With Destiny (2) Conrad Lee
Dancing for Freedom Peg Thebois
Dancing the Night Away Sara Rever Eveille
Dani's Story, Book II - First Days (6) Sissystevie
Dani's Story, Book III -- Decisions (8) Sissystevie
Danielle and the Blustery Day Danielle Gee
Daniís Story, Book I Ė Awakening (5) Sissystevie
Danny's favorite Summer Florentine
Dark Creatures Shinigami
Dark Encounter (2) Elaine
Darren's Dilemma Suzie Q. Haff
Das Ist Normal (8) Maddy Bell
Date Night 5 Mwmsissy
Date Night 6 Mwmsissy
Date Night 7 Mwmsissy
Date Night1 Mwmsissy
Date Night2 Mwmsissy
Date Night3 Mwmsissy
Date Night4 Mwmsissy
Date with a Mistress (2) Patricia Anne Anderson
Daughters of Venus (15) Desiree Jones
Dave and Mary Jenni 35
Davey (4) Caroline Bradley
David Goes to The Party Jennifer
David to Debbie Debra Lynn Messer
David to Dee Dee Davey Fahrner
Davidís Story (3) Teddie S
Dawn Gets Married Janis Elizabeth
Dawn of a New Dave Jennifer White
Dawn of the 70s Jojo Bruno
Day Home From School Jessica Marie
Day of Reckoning Susan Petty 2000
Daydreams Can Come True Lisa Skye
Dead Meat Margaret Jeanette
Dead or Alive Shmuel Yacobi
Deanna The Dominant (7) Kayla Kelly
Dear A Dominatrix (2) A Dominatrix
Dear Diary Barbi Satin
Dear Mandy Patricia Violet
Dear Sissy Jane Sissy Gray
Dear Son Dave Hicks
Dear Tab Deborah Leigh Johnson
Dearly Departed Ray Kitten
Debbie Goes to School Debbie Cybill
Debbie at 15 Debbie Valentine
Debbie at 16 Debbie Valentine
Debbie at 17 Debbie Valentine
Debbie at 18 Debbie Valentine
Debbie at 19 Debbie Valentine
Debra Janet L. Stickney
Deceit Janet L. Stickney
December Joanne Hillier
Deedi Emerges (8) Rob Henson
Deep Sea Fishing Fixed Form
Deep Thoughts Jennifer White
Deeper Jennifer White
Deity Arms Bridget (3) Barbie Lee
Delta Dip Peter Joseph
Demon Lord of Meralosa Austin Henshaw
Demoted to Diapers Derry
Denise and Monica Denise Plus
Denise Leigh de Santa Fe
Dennis' Addiction Deane Christopher
Derry's Tommy Derry
Design Flaw Rachelle Walker
Designing Janet L. Stickney
Desperate Housewife Jennifer White
Destination Unknown Miss K
Destiny of Control Jennifer White
Detective's Blues (7) Joeshmoe547
Devi Does Dallas Roy Del Frink
Devil With A Blue Dress On Web Dazell
Devil of a Deal Constance Grant
Devin's Torment The Hivemind
Devina is Caught Devina Johns
Devoted Sisters (5) Sara Rever Eveille
Diamonds in the Ruff (5) John Hudson
Diane Janet L. Stickney
Diaper Gang Jennifer Allison
Diapered and Dressed (4) Laurie Ann B
Dick on Jane Jill M.I.
Didy Derry
Dining with Mistress Brent Mundy
Dinner Surprise Kristy Kay
Disabled for Life Rachel Ann Cooper
Disco Queen Kara Babe
Discoveries Jennifer White
Discovering Melissa (2) Melissa Losely
Discovering Mitsy Robin Diaz
Disease Nullifying Apparatus Jamie B.
Distrust - A Life Altering Noun SparkyX
Divine Seraph (2) Austin Henshaw
Djinn Game II Ellie Dauber
Djinn Game Ellie Dauber
Do Any Man Wear Saree Ramu
Do Anything Jennifer White
Do Over (6) Tanya Lynn
Do You Believe in Magic? Zephyrus
Do You Mind Jennifer White
Do You, Earth, Take . . . RJMcD
Does It Matter? Virginia Kane
Dog In A Day Paul G Jutras
Dog Walk William a. Brown
Dogging Revenge Paula Mortenson
Doggy Style Afstories
Doll's House Trainmaster
Dolls Paul G Jutras
Dolly From Another Planet Kim Babe
Domestic Dilemma Janet L. Stickney
Domestication of a Parisian Bourgeois (4) Monica Graz
Dominant Jean Rachel Ann Cooper
Domination Triptych (2) Cissy Gaye
Don Becomes Donna (2) Ms. Bianca
Don't Bet On It! Sissy Demi
Don't Bet Your Underwear Samantha Michelle
Don't Ever Get Caught (2) Cissykay
Don't Knock It Emily Ross
Don't Mess With Jenny Ashley Miller
Don't Talk to Strangers Champina
Don't Wait Up: How My Wife Made Me a Cuckold Kim
Donna and Marie Rachel Ann Cooper
Donna Anne's Halloween Lisa Elizabeth
Donna Reed Show Carolyn Collins
Doo Wah Diddy Diddy Dum Samantha Michelle Davies
Door To Door Jack Andrews
Dormitory Fire Drill Lia Monde
Dorothy Was Different (10) O.Y. Dalziel
Dorothy Margaret Jeanette
Double In Trouble Jennifer White
Double Insanity Anonymous1
Double Take (7) Nom de Plume
Double Trouble (2) Paula Mortenson
Down Under Odyssey Starhawk
Downsized, Upsized Jennifer White
Draft Girl Jennifer White
Drastivocic Yarblov! Bea
Dream 2: Out of the Blue (6) Paul G Jutras
Dream Come True? Jennifer White
Dream Come True Paul G Jutras
Dream Fantasy 2 Paul G Jutras
Dream Fantasy Paul G Jutras
Dream Girl Janet L. Stickney
Dream Shoes Kelley Rigney
Dreamcatcher Jennifer White
Dreaming or Wishing Christy Lake
Dreaming Mikki
Dreams Good Dreams Bad 2 Paul G Jutras
Dreams Good Dreams Bad 3 Paul G Jutras
Dreams Good and Dreams Bad Paul G Jutras
Dreams R Us Paul G Jutras
Dress Shopping With Brenda Joyce Devries
Dress Up Day (2) Angel O'Hare
Dressed for Disaster (5) Nom de Plume
Dressing Fashionably: A Teenage Experience MichelleCD
Dressing For Melissa Cissy Gaye
Dressing for Pleasure Kassie Hugo
Dressing for Sis Karen Anne Summerfield
Dressing Janet L. Stickney
Drinking Games Melissa Daniels,  Renee Carter
Driving Miss Debbie (4) Caroline Bradley
Drug Bust Ellie Dauber
Druid's Ring: Criminal Justice Destiny
Druid's Ring: Family Planning Destiny
Druid's Ring Destiny
Drummer in High Heels (3) Abby Rhodes
Dungeons Are Always Dark! Ann O'Nonymous
Dust on the Mind 2 Paul G Jutras
Dust on the Mind 3 Paul G Jutras
Dust on the Mind 4 Paul G Jutras
Dust on the Mind 5 Paul G Jutras
Dust on the Mind Paul G Jutras
Dust on the mind 6 Paul G Jutras
Duty, Honor, Country (8) Brandy Dewinter
Dying, Or Is It Living Janet L. Stickney


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