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Don't Wait Up: How My Wife Made Me A Cuckold

A 90% True Story

by Kim



Stan/Kim (me): Husband, 39

Betty: Wife, 38

John: Son, 16

Darlene: Daughter, 14

JoAnne: Betty's friend, 33

Mike: JoAnne's fiance, 28

Jack: Mike's business partner, 34

Dr. Brown: One of Betty's bosses, 43

Jim: High school strength coach, 32


My wife Betty and I married when I was 22 and she was 21. I'm 5'7" and quite slender, although in great physical condition, and while Betty has put on a few pounds, at 5'4" and 36C-27-36 she is still very attractive. She had been getting a touch dowdy in her early middle age, but she recently began to tone herself up.

As newlyweds we were very fertile and compatible, and our son John, now 16, and our daughter Darlene, now 14, came along quickly—Darlene even though we were carefully observing the rhythm method. We had such a great sex life in those days, we barely slowed down during the pregnancies!

But the compatibility also became somewhat of a curse. We're both very leery of surgery, so that ruled out a vasectomy for me and tube-tying for her, and we were also concerned about side effects of the pill. So we relied exlusively on rubbers, and we used them all the time, and while our sex continued for some time, it became less than intimate. It had been years since I injected her with my sperm, and by early this year our sex life had come to an end, although we did still snuggle.

At the same time I was involved in a large real estate venture that was failing, and we were under great financial pressure. So Betty, who had been a homemaker for our entire marriage, went back to work. Her position as the office manager of a doctors' group in our small town helped pay the bills—a situation that she was reminding me of more and more. And as I said she had been toning up, and for the past six months she had been attending evening exercise classes at the high school on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. So she saw me less and less. It seemed like Jim, the high school strength coach who conducted the classes, saw her and talked to her more than I did. In fact she was very taken by Jim, and went on and on about him and how strong he was. But like I said it's a small town, and everybody knows everybody's business, and I knew that Jim was making it with a delectable high school senior (the establishment of our community was beginning to giving him some heat, but she was 18, so he just told them to stuff it), so I wasn't too concerned.

A few Fridays ago she wasn't home from class by 10:00 PM. The class ends at eight, so I had some concern. Like I said, it's a small town where everybody knows everybody—Jim's coached both of our kids—so I called him at home to see if there was any problem. "No problem that I know of Stan. I saw her leave with JoAnne right after class."

I made a quick call to our local police to make sure no accident had been reported. None had.

Betty and JoAnne had become very close while taking the class together, and I knew that JoAnne's fiance Mike was negotiating a sale of his Internet startup. As Jim had told me that not only hadn't he seen a problem, "but as a matter of fact, Betty and JoAnne spent the entire class whispering and giggling," and there had been no car wrecks, I assumed that JoAnne had taken Betty out to treat her to a few drinks, and I finally gave up and went upstairs to bed.

Despite our growing distance we still slept in the same bed, and Betty woke me when she came in at four. "Oh, I'm so sorry Honey, I hope you weren't too worried, I guess I forgot to call you. Mike's deal went through, so to celebrate he and JoAnne hired a limo and invited a few friends to go clubbing in the city, and afterward they rented a honeymoon suite so they could share their good fortune by treating a few friends to a very private party. I had some real fun! You don't mind, do you Dear?"

After grunting "No, I'm glad you had fun," I got up to go take a leak. I was surprised when I saw Betty's wedding ring on her nightstand, lying next to her purse, and next to a pack of Salems.

"Betty, why's your ring here?"

"Did I forget to put it back on? At the club there were eight of us—Mike and JoAnne, two other couples, and Mike's business partner Jack, and me—and I was the only one who is married, and, well, I just felt out of place and even rude with a wedding ring on! Be a dear and bring over to me and I'll put it back on right now."

"And Betty, when did you start smoking again?" We had both smoked when we dated in college, but she had stopped upon her first pregnancy and never started back up.

"Oh, those? All the other couples at the party were smoking, and Jack kept plying me with cigarettes, so finally I caved in and joined the crowd. You know, I'd forgotten how pleasurable a good drag feels, and now that I've started again I'm not planning to stop! You shouldn't mind, it's not like I'm ever going to have another of your babies!"

I'll be darned if smoking didn't seem to do her some good, she was in a great mood all that next week, humming and with a bounce in her step. Every evening, she was home right on time from work or her exercise class.

As soon as Betty got home Friday night, JoAnne phoned. I didn't try to eavesdrop—the way Betty was whispering it would have been difficult -- but I guess it looked like I was, and when Betty told JoAnne "I can't really talk right now" I took the hint, opened a beer, and went out on the porch, closing the door behind me. Twenty minutes later Betty came out and said, "I know you don't like JoAnne, Dear, and I know she has a reputation, but she's my friend now. I'll be seeing even more of her! And when she calls me, I expect some privacy!"

"She has a reputation all right, Betty, everyone in town knows how she cheated on her exes!"

Betty smirked, "the correct term, Dear, is cuckold. She is an expert cuckolder, and last night at the party she took me aside for an hour and told me exactly how much fun it had been to turn her husbands into cuckolds! She promised to give me lessons!" With that Betty started laughing, and she couldn't stop laughing as she walked back inside.

When I went inside she said, "John and Darlene are spending the weekend with friends. I have a feeling that this is going to be an exciting weekend, for adults only!" With that she gave me a wink and a smile. Or was it a smirk?

The next morning she was up and out early. She gave me a peck on the cheek while I was still in bed, "I"m getting my hair done and then doing some shopping, I'll be home around six. I'm sure you can find something to amuse yourself, Dear!"

When I got up she and the kids were gone, so I made myself breakfast and read the Saturday newspaper. Then I went to the garage and pulled my stash of magazines from a locked compartment of my tool chest. You see, with a blah marriage, but not wanting to cheat on Betty, my sexual outlet for some years had been jacking off to porn magazines. And not just any porn! I had become obsessed with shemales, and I have every issue of Female Mimics ever published. I"ve even bought 1960s issues on E-bay (very carefully covering my tracks). I'm especially turned on by the pictures of the 60s-era female impersonators as they slowly developed their own breasts and hips! Hans Crystal, Bambi, and Coccinelle are particular favorites. Betty was right—it was fun to have nobody around!

I stopped wanking about five and waited for Betty. She was home right at six. My mouth dropped when I saw her. She gave a fake pout and said, "What's the matter, Honey, don't you like my newly platinum hair? I had it done this morning at a salon that JoAnne recommended, and if I do say so myself, all the men seemed to admire it when I was shopping this afternoon!"

I stammered, "Gee, it looks great." After the past 15 years of mousy brown, I must say that it certainly was different. And hair wasn't all. Her nails were blood red and a half inch long, and her eyebrows looked like they'd been shaved.

"Don't be silly Dear," she snapped, "I didn't have them shaved, I had them permanently removed, and my new ones tattooed on—JoAnne really has connections!. Why would I want to have to shave them every week?"

Her lips also seemed fuller. "Yes, they are. Dr. Brown is starting a cosmetic practice, and just an hour ago I was his first lip enhancement patient. He calls them 'cocksucker lips' but I didn't have time to test them out this afternoon." She laughed and said, "maybe I'll find time this weekend."

Then she cooed, "But first I need your help getting dressed. Everyone had so much fun last week that we're having another party this week, and the limo arrives at eight. I've got to hurry!"

So I followed her upstairs, carrying her purchases. She stripped to her bra and panties, then put on a robe and said, I'll be in the bathroom for a while, Dear." When she came out it looked liked she had on only her robe, and when she took it off I had another surprise! She had shaved all her pubic hair and was now bald down below. For a moment she acted like she didn't know what I was gaping at, then she laughed and said "Oh Honey, I'm just being fashionable. All the men in JoAnne's crowd like for women's pussies to be shaved. You don't mind, do you? Now help me get my new corset on."

That took some time, because it was so hard to fasten, as it squeezed her waist to 22 inches. Then she attached her new garter straps and stockings, and then asked me to help her get into her new black minidress.

"O.K., Betty, but aren't you going to put on some panties?"

She shook her head. "None of the girls wears panties to the honeymoon suite parties, it is considered rude. But don't worry, if my pussy gets too wet I'll have these." With that, she pulled out a box of Kotex. "I've used tampons for years, but now that I've given up panties I don't want to stain anybody"s furniture! She smiled slyly and winked, "If you want you can have all my old panties. If you shave your legs tonight you can wear any of my stockings too, Dearie!"

As she unpacked her new shoes, she smirked, "This is why I wanted the kids to be gone. I didn't want them to see me in my new 'fuck me' heels." Like her lipstick they were bright red, and the spike heels must have been at least 5 inches.

About then the limo pulled up. "Go out and greet JoAnne, Honey, I'll be down in a few minutes."

I walked to the limo and JoAnne opened the window. She was alone in the back, ours was the first stop. "Oh, Stan, it's so good of you to let Betty have some fun. Sorry we don't have any room for you! And do you know how you'll know if she really had fun?"

"How?" I asked.

"If she's wearing a Kotex when she gets home, she had a good time!"

Betty was now at the car so she heard, and with that she and JoAnne couldn't stop laughing. Betty said, "Oops, I almost forgot!" and took off her wedding ring and handed it to me. "You wouldn't want me to be rude, would you Dear?" She got in the limo and put her head to the open window and cooed, "Give me a peck for good luck, Honey!" I did, and as the window went up JoAnne smirked, "Don't wait up!"

After they left I drew a nice bubble bath and took Betty's advice and shaved my legs. After I toweled off and was deciding which stockings to wear, the phone rang. It was JoAnne. She laughed, "you were just cuckolded! Another man's cum is in your wife's pussy as we speak, and his sperm are fighting their way to her womb! Hold on for Betty please."

Betty could barely speak for all her moaning and gasping. "Cucky, JoAnne isn't exactly right. Last week when she and Mike were fucking in one room of the suite, Jack and I were watching porno in another. I got really excited because it was my time of the month to ovulate, and one thing led to another, and as he undid his pants and laid back I just couldn't help climbing on his nice thick cock. At first I was going to remain true to you and just let him put his tip in, but I was a little tipsy from the drinks that he and JoAnne had been giving me, and I guess I lost my balance, and before I knew it he was all the way inside me. I gave him a few quick humps just for teasing fun, but then I thought of how rude it would be not to let him cum in me, and I rode him until he did. So you've been a cuckold for a week now, and I'm probably pregnant! You're not mad, are you?"

"I'll be home about five, and I have another surprise!"

I did wait up, and when she got home she smiled from the most perfect set of cocksucker lips I've ever seen. "Cucky, I told you that we didn't have time to give them a set this afternoon, so I invited Dr. Brown to the party. He gave me a number of new injections, and each time I sucked another cock to set my lips. The first time through all the men used rubbers, but I just got carried away after that. I'd forgotten that cum tastes so good!"

"Do you like them Hon? Dr. Brown says that every time a date comes to pick me up he'll take one look at my lips and get an instant erection! Every man who looks at them will know what I do!"

"And Hon, could you hand me a fresh Kotex from the box? The one I'm wearing is soaked!"

With that, it really sank in that she and JoAnne had made me into a cuckold. But the more I thought about it the more it turned me on, and I began to get an erection that my panties couldn't hide.

When Betty looked at my panties and laughed, I couldn't help laughing too.

She smiled at me and said, "I'm so glad you're happy being a newly made cuckold. And I have a present for you! I told everyone about your magazines—you didn't think you could really hide them from me, did you Darling? -- and Dr. Brown is going to write you a prescription for premarin pills so you can turn your fantasy into reality. I made an appointment for you for Tuesday, and if you want he'll start on your lips too. Who knows, with a nose job and a little here and there you might get invited to one of our parties in a year or so!"

"Oh, and I'll be late Monday night. I ran into Jim yesterday after I had my hair done, and he wants to give me few hours of special instruction....Don't wait up!"





Priss: Fully developed pre-op, 27

Christine: Beginning pre-op 40


That all happened seven years ago.

Dr. Brown could not keep my appointment, because he was arrested that Monday for the illegal sale of perscription painkillers. That made Betty lose her job, but she found a new and rewarding line of work, as I shall relate in her epilogue. But first, let me tell you how being cuckolded brought about some wonderful changes in my life.

Betty was spending most evenings getting fucked by Jack and/or Jim (and I suspected an affair with JoAnne), but we still cared for each other after so many years together, and she felt bad that Dr. Bown had not been able to give me estrogen pills. So she decided to hook me up with a pre-op transsexual who lived in the city and made her living by helping boys and men become good, passable transvestites. She called herself Miss Priss.

The morning of my first training session, Betty sneaked up behind me as I applied some light lipstick and eyeshadow, put some contraption on my right ear, and pow! pierced it and put in a stud. As I admired it in my make-up mirror, she repeated the process on my left ear. "Honey, I just wanted to make sure that Priss understands that you're not afraid to undergo permanent changes!" I thanked Betty and we both laughed as I left to see Priss.

Priss was serious about transvestism, and she gave me an hour of make-up instruction. She was dressed in a pair of hot pants and a man's shirt, and I could tell that the hormones had made her very curvy, but I was careful not to touch. But when I stood up to stretch, she could tell that I had a hard-on in my panties, and she smiled and said, "Do you want to see them?"

I drooled and nodded and she took her shirt off. She had beautiful breasts, one slightly larger than the other. They looked very firm, and stuck straight out. She smiled, "I see you've noticed that one is a small C and the other is a large C. That's the way that boys like me and you often develop, just like the girls do. I've been on 'mones about two years, and I don't sag at all, but I do wear a 'date bra' when I go out on dates."

"I used to be a hetero male, although I did perform in a female impersonator club to make spending money when I was in college. I married right out of college, and we had a daughter. But once you're hooked as a transvestite, you're hooked, as you will find for yourself, and after a few years of marriage I began dress again to go to F.I. clubs. The owner of one offered me a job, and I took it. One night he took me aside and said that times had changed since my college days and that the customers wanted to see more than falsies nowadays, and what did I think about using hormone therapy to develop? I said of course I'll be glad to, when can I get them, and he gave me a bottle of pills. He left and came back with a glass of water, and as I swallowed the first pill he laughed and told me I was hooked. All the other performers giggled."

"I was a good match for the estrogen and my nipples began to puff in a month. As I acquired a pair of perky breasts I also lost my erections, and a year ago my wife gave up and left me.

"Would you like to see my little dick?"

Of course I did, and she took off her shorts. Her dick was a little larger than mine is when it's soft, about two inches.

"Do you mind if I take a closer look?"

"I don't care a bit, silly, do anything you want to do. Since the hormones have taken over, pussy doesn't turn me on at all, all I want is a man's dick, and I love 69s with men. But I've got to warn you, it takes about an hour of a man sucking my dick for me to get satisfaction, so don't start something you don't have time to finish!"

With that we went into her bedroom and she sat on the edge of her bed. I got on my knees and for the first time kissed a dick. "Just once and you'll be addicted!" she giggled.

That was fine with me, and I began sucking on it. It was easy to fit her entire length in my mouth. After thirty minutes she was breathing heavily so we began 69ing, with her on top. She was about 5'9", only few inches taller than me, so we fit together well. I came in a few minutes and she swallowed every drop. It was my first time for that too!

A little later her soft cock spasmed a teaspoon of clear cum. I followed her example and swallowed. She groaned, and then turned face-to-face and we began french kissing.

After ten minutes she smiled. "Is this your first taste?" As I nodded yes she purred, "it won't be your last!"

As I was dressing to leave she admired my slight body. "You're a naturaI for hormones, it would be a shame if you don't begin therapy!"

I worried about the very slight paunch that I had developed lately, but she said, "Oh no Dearie, that's good, the hormones will shift that right down to your hips." She turned around to give me a good view of her ass, and it was as shapely as Betty's and JoAnne's. And being on a 'boy', much much sexier.

"Betty told me you were considering 'mones. I can get them for you. I go to Mexico twice a year and bring back a supply of pills for several boys. But just remember that they're very potent, and after just a few months you'll be permanently impotent. It's a much bigger change than getting your ears pierced, not that yours aren't sexy. So go home and talk it over with Betty."

When I got home that evening I surprised to find that Betty was there.

"Tell me all about it! Are you an official cocksucker now? Do you want to look like Priss? Did she give you any pills?"

She laughed when I told her about swallowing Prisses' cum and mine too. "You're hooked now, sucking dick will always be what you are thinking no matter what kind of sex you're having. From now on, it will be your primary sex fantasy."

I told her about Prisses advice concerning hormones. Betty was very considerate and said, "Naturally you'll never fuck me again, but I can understand why you want to keep erections. Until we condition you, pussies will still have some appeal. And as you become more and more homosexual, some of your boyfriends may want a hard one to suck on."

That was the first mention of boyfriends and turning gay, but before I could reply Betty told me, "JoAnne has a friend that you should see. Her name is Christine."

So bright and early next morning I was at Christine's. She was about 40 and had been on 'mones for four months. Like Miss Priss, she was a professional transvestite advisor. I sat on her bed and she began talking.

"I dressed for a party last Halloween, and some friends convinced me to stay that way. Dressing full-time can be challenging as I'm quite tall at 5'11", even though I'm very thin. So I began hormone therapy to help me pass, and I highly recommend it to any boy who dresses often."

Unlike me, Christine had always been gay. "I played only with girls when I was little, but when we got to be 12 or so I stopped getting invited to their slumber parties. So I lived most of my life as a gay boi, but last Halloween my friends convinced me it was finally time to let the girl become dominant."

I asked what her parents thought. "My mother is very supportive, but she did say, 'At your age, don't you think it's a little late?' But when I told her to think of the fun we were going to have shopping for bras and corsets, she gave me a hug and a kiss."

She was clad in only a bra and panty hose, and with that she took the bra off. "Do you like my breasts? I think I've made a good beginning."

Her nipples were sexy and puffy, and she had small, cone-shaped A cups. She came over to the bed and snuggled beside me, and peeled off her hose. Her soft cock was about twice as big as mine, about 4".

"Can you still get hard?" I asked.

"Yes, although it takes a while. But I can still come. Do you want to see?"

I didn't need to be asked twice and I knelt and began sucking her. She was bigger than Priss, but I could get all of her in my mouth. During a time-out I put both her balls in my mouth.

With that she said "Let's both have some fun" and we began a 69 with her on top. I don't know what got into me, but I went past her cock and balls and began rimming her. She had washed herself beforehand, and it felt entirely natural.

She moaned, "Oh, sweetie, now we're both hard" and I redirected my attentions to her dick. I was hard too, and we began sucking away.

She was somewhat taller than me, but we soon adjusted. She was 7" hard, a little longer than my 5", and I could take her about half-way in.

She took a break and said, "Don't try to deep throat your first time, Sweetie. Just follow my example and in a few minutes you'll be an expert, gay cocksucker."

She began giving rapid sucks to the end of my dick, pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop, and I returned the favor. It was all I could to to hold back until she could cum, but I did, and we both came at once. She easily swallowed all of my cum, and after her first shot I easily took all of hers.

As we relaxed, she kissed my cheek and cooed, "You're sweet. We just made perfect gay love."

When I got home, Betty was there again. After I gave her the play-by-play and she stopped laughing, she asked me if I had brought anything home.

I showed her my six-month supply of premarin and asked, "How did you know?"

"It was all arranged, Honey, depending on how you and Christine hit it off, and I must say you hit it off well. Last night Chritine told JoAnne that she was getting near the danger point for permanent chemical castration, and there was enough boy still in her that she wanted to stay functional. You can tell me the rest."

Then I understood my luck. "Christine told me that she wanted us to be lovers, but only if she could have hard-ons and come in my mouth. So she came up with the idea of us alternating on hormones, with her four months on and then me six months on, and she had plenty of extra pills for me to begin with. I took my first dose at her appartment."

I continued, "Let me show you my goal." I went out to the garage and came back with a 1970s magazine that featured the beautiful transvestite Kim Christy. Kim had great A cups, sexy and feminine arms, and a curvy ass, and could still maintain a semi-exection. But, he still often dressed and passed as a feminine man. "That's what I want to be, and I'm even going to use that name."

I could see that Kim's pictures were turning Betty on. "If you look like that next year, maybe I'd reconsider about us fucking again." But then she shook her head no. "Oh, that will never work, Honey, I forgot about the training we have in store for you."

Over the next several months, that training was intense, hours and hours a day. I was strapped to a chair naked, with electrodes around my arms. Betty and JoAnne would show me pictures of real women with shaved pussies, and every time I started to get an erection they would give me a shock. They nearly zapped me off the chair, and they hurt! Christine was there too, and when they would show pictures of sexy cocks from gay and shemale magazines, Christine would give me a blow job. As my breasts developed, she would massage them. As I progressed, I was required to say "eeeewww" every time a pussy was exposed.

My final exam came one day when JoAnne sat down beside me on a couch and started paging through Transformation magazine. The centerfold had 40DDs and 11" of hard dick, and my nipples immediately began to swell, and I got a rare semi hard-on of 4". Then she turned the page, and to my surprise and disgust she and Betty had pasted in a shaved-cunt centerfold. I immediately screamed "EEEEWWWWW" and ran to the bathroom to throw up!

When I returned, Betty and JoAnne were on the floor laughing. "You passed the test, Cucky, you're 100% gay!" said JoAnne. "I'm so proud of you," said Betty.

Christine and I soon moved to a loft in the city, and I hired a lawyer to legally change my name to Kim. To this day we continue to go on and off hormones, retaining just enough masculinity to pass as men when we need to (I'm getting very close to total, permanent chemical castration, and I'm beginning to have a very difficult time going off the pills! And with a nose job, lip enhancement, facelift and permanent corset training it's also getting very difficult to pass as a man!). Today I am a man only at work, where my very, very femme appearance is actually an advantage. You see, we have a large and affluent gay population in our city, and in some sections gays own, buy and sell almost all of the houses and condos. I put my real estate background to use and got a realtor's license, and began selling for a firm that deals exclusively with gays. I have become a top, million-dollar agent. Maybe it's because of the bonuses that Christine and I give after every closing!

Oh, and you'd never guess the couple that I sold a house to recently. It was Jack and Jim! (When he made me a cuckold, Jack's conscience had got the better of him, and he had set up college funds for John and Darlene, both who have since graduated, so I have always liked him.)

Their relationships with Betty didn't turn out like they had planned, and soon Betty and JoAnne had trained them too! They told me they were done with both small towns and women!

They seemed very happy together. They told me they didn't recognize me until I thanked Jack for cuckolding me all those years ago, because they thought that I was a beautiful lesbian real estate agent! Needless to say, they both got a very special bonus!



Jason and Julie: adventurous 24-year-old lovers, husband and wife

Shovanna: Georgeous 6'3" transvestite with D cup implants and 12" fully functional cock

Shortly after Betty and Jack cuckolded me, Mike and JoAnne got married. Mike soon joined the brotherhood of cuckolds, and JoAnne came away with his millions. I won't go into details of the divorce, but suffice it to say that the blackmail involved drugged drinks and JoAnne's teenage niece, and that Jack and Jim were brought down too.

Now financially set, Betty and JoAnne moved to the city. Just for kicks, JoAnne had a very lifelike portrait of Mike tattooed around her pussy, with his mouth where her pussy is, and Betty got a similar tattoo of Jack! Now whenever they are getting fucked they can look down and see their former lovers sucking cock, and they laugh and orgasm at the same time!

They operate a very popular B&D clinic, and they have modified their appearances to help in their new profession as dominas. They both have had multiple "cats-look" facelifts and DDD cup implants. Betty gets a thrill from tattoos, and has full sleeves of flowers on each arm, daisies on her breasts, and a rose on the right side of her face; she's thinking of having her whole face done and changing her name to Rose.

They also run a transvestite advisory which is not what it seems, since their true love is in turning men into cockolds. I recently met a young female impersonator in my local gay bar who told me this story. His male name was Jason.

"Julie and I were in our early 20's. We had been happily married for two years, completely faithful, purely hetero. Then one Halloween, Julie's office threw a big party. Attendance was mandatory if one wanted to get promoted, roles were assigned, and the impersonation had better be good! I was to come as Cher."

"A week before the party Julie and I were worried that I was not going to be able to pull off a convincing transformation, but Julie's boss came to the rescue. He gave her a free gift certificate for a session at Betty and JoAnne's transvestite advisory. 'Don't worry, Julie, the sky's the limit, they promised me they'll do a full job. They asked for you to come along, so Jason won't feel uncomfortable.'"

"To make a long story short, beginning with my legs they shaved me all over, and except for the head I do mean all over, pierced my ears, styled and dyed my longish hair and then put a Cher wig over it, shaved my eyebrows and made me up, glued on nail extensions, put me in a corset, and then into a very tight dress. Oh, and under everything else there was a very restrictive gaff. There was no way I could even go to the bathroom, much less have sex as a man."

"They had an assistant named Shovanna who was a slender, beautiful 6'3" transvestite who had her own long blond hair and D-cup implants. She wasn't on hormones, though, and she also had a 12" fully functional dick."

"They could all see that Julie was somewhat turned on as I became Cher, and after a few rounds of complimentary drinks Shovanna took Julie aside and whispered, 'Jason will be in the gaff for several days. You'll have a great time when he it comes off, though. Would you like to get an idea of how arousing he's going to look to you?'"

"Being curious and strangely turned on, Julie nodded yes, and Shovanna led her to a day bed. Shovanna slipped out of her dress and reclined on the couch, clad only in a corset, stockings, and high heels. Julie couldn't take her eyes from Shovanna's huge, erect cock, sticking straight up."

"Betty took Julia by one arm, and JoAnne by the other. 'It's really something, isn't it dear?' said Betty. 'Look, Jason will be in his gaff for a few days, if you want her to Shovanna can let you rub your pussy against her dick, that will give you a thrill to tide you over. And it's on the house, a bonus because Jason makes such a good Cher.'"

"Julie looked at me for approval. By this time I was turned on myself, so I nodded yes. It wasn't like they were going to fuck."

"As Julie walked to the bed, Shovanna moved back, so Julie had to climb on the bed and straddle her to rub against her."

"'Umm, doesn't that feel sexy?' asked Betty as Julie did a very slight grind, but with no penetration."

"As a distracted Julie turned to answer, Shovanna slipped her cockhead into Julie's pussy. Julie gave a little gasp, then a smile, then a frown."

"'Is something wrong, dear?' asked JoAnne. 'Doesn't it feel good?'"

"Julie stammered, 'It's just that I don't want to cuckold Jason.'"

"'I understand, dear, said Betty. Let me lube Shovanna up so we can help you get off easily.'"

"That puzzled me, because Shovanna's cock was only in about an inch. Then, after Shovanna was all lubed, Betty and JoAnne supported Julia by each arm and began to pull her away. But the Betty slipped—or pretended to slip—and as JoAnne jerked her arm, Julie's pussy slid all the way down on Shovanna's big cock."

"When Julie looked down and saw Shovanna completely in her pussy, she gave a slight smile. Betty purred in her ear, 'It's already all the way in honey, and Jason's already a cuckold. It would be a waste to not enjoy it.'"

"Confused, Julie looked to me, but all she saw was a sexy Cher. Shovanna slowly began pumping, and she must have hit the right spots because Julie started riding. Up and down on the big cock, until it almost came out, then all the way in again. Finally, Shovanna spurted and Julie came too. Julie smiled as Betty and JoAnne cooed over her cum-filled pussy."

"Julie went to the party by herself, dressed as Pamela Anderson, and came home at five the next morning and told me she'd cuckolded me again, and that she couldn't stay married to a cuckold. I was really getting into being Cher, so I really didn't care. I'm Cher nearly all the time now, and I'm loving it."

"So, tell me, do you know Betty and JoAnne?"


Well yes, I certainly know Betty and JoAnne, and no doubt they're out there helping some wife cuckold her husband even as I write my story. And let there be a moral to my story. When you're lying in bed with your wife one night and she wakes you up and says, "Oh, I forgot to tell you honey, I cuckolded you last week, your don't mind, do you?" give her a peck on the cheek, tell her you're proud of her, and prepare yourself for some wonderful lifestyle changes.




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