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Daddy Leon's Babydoll

by Sweet Tush


On my eighteenth birthday I went to the mall to my favorite store, Victoria's Secret. Before that day I'd only peered at the lovely lacey girl's intimates. Silk, satin, spandex and ruffles…they all put me in a state of overwhelming excitement. But that day I did more than look. I'd been working up the nerve to make a purchase. What would they think of a small teenage boy buying a girl's sexy panties. Would they call the police? I didn't think there was a law. Would the pretty girls at the cash register laugh? I'd seen older men make purchases there and they seemed more flirtatious than anything. I was hoping that would be how they would treat me.

I picked something out quickly not wanting to be noticed by anyone and walked casually up to the register with the pink silky thong clutched tight in my hand. I was too frightened to be aroused. The girl at the counter was about the same size and age as me, and very cute. She looked at me. She looked at the thong with a pretty bow at the back. She seemed to think nothing of it.

"Were you looking for a bra to match these?"

"I wish." I was thinking. "She already has one," I ad-libbed.

When I got home, I ran to my room, pulled off my shoes, my jeans and my boring little boy briefs and took a deep breath. The sexy pink thong lay there on my bed waiting for me. I picked it up and lay it against my cheek. It smelled of girlish perfume. My head spun.

I lifted my leg and slipped it into my first prissy prison. My legs felt the silky heaven of the fabric and I involuntarily squealed. When I got the panties up to my crotch the soft material enveloped me like paradise. I was truly a girl, like I'd always wanted to be.

I spent fifteen minutes rubbing myself through the liquid fabric, luxuriating in the sensation of feminine abandon. There was no hope for the boy in me. I might have a boy's body, but my soul was utterly girl.

I put my low cut jeans over the thong, pulling the panties tight into my sissy ass and proceeded to the fridge where I got out one of my mom's alcoholic lemonades. I was legal is some ways after all. After two lemonades I felt downright silly, wishing there was a man around to treat me like his baby. Fortunately, mom was on weekend trip to visit her sister. And my hunky, sex-crazed daddy was on his way home from work.

Actually, I should explain. He's not really my dad. Mommy and he just live together and fuck. A lot. Leon is a big athletic dark black man with a serious sex drive. Which is definitely OK with my Mommy. She's from planet Fuck too. And nearly always, I jerk off to their performances that I cannot help but hear through the bedroom wall. My Mommy really knows how to get Leon rocking and obviously he knows she likes it rough and nasty. I'd seen her all dolled up for him on occasion and I want to dress up like a slut just like my Mommy.

I was rubbing myself and sipping on my third lemonade when I hear Leon come in. "Honey can you get me a beer," he said before he walked in the kitchen. I bent over to get the beer as he's coming around the corner. "New panties, honey?"

I turn around and could see he was just remembering that Mommy left this morning for Pittsburgh. I look at him demurely.

"What have we got here? I think it's a prissy boy with a little bow on his sissy butt."

For a moment I was worried. I thought this man would lust for anything in panties, but you never know. I'm sure my panic showed in my face because almost immediately he said, "Don't worry li'l sweet stuff, you look good and sexy to me. Have you worn them before?"

I smiled sheepishly and handed him the beer.

"I'll tell you what Baby…." I really liked that he called me Baby. "Why don't you take it all the way." I couldn't help but stick my thumb in my mouth. "Why don't you go into your Mommy's room and pick out something really pretty to wear. Put on some make-up and get all dolled up. And I'll drink a beer or two and wait out here for my sexy thaing. How's that sound, sweets?"

I didn't want to say anything, but it sounded too good to be true. Was it a trick? I said nothing, not knowing what to say.

"It's OK, Baby. Your Mom and me have known a long time that you wanna be a girl, and it would be just wrong for me to deny you what you want. Especially today, on your eighteenth birthday."

I was pretty sure Mom had forgotten that. She hadn't given me a present. But apparently Leon had a present for me. That made me feel so much better. He seemed to really care. Or was it lust? I was hoping.

"I'm gonna give you a glass of Pink Zin to drink while you play dress up. That way you'll feel really sexy for your Daddy Leon."

Daddy Leon. Mmmmm. I shivered with feminine anticipation.


It was heaven. Mommy's bedroom was a garden of sexy delights. My Stepdaddy had told me to come in here to put on a sexy outfit. He was my daddy, sort of. So it was something I had to do, right? Where to start?

It was a nearly hopeless situation, but I decided to begin with the underwear drawer. I was trying to find something to match my pink thong, but it was hopeless. Every pink is so different. I needed to wear a matching set. And I found it…a pair of sheer pink polka dot low cut bikini panties with pretty yellow ribbons and a padded bra to match. Would it fit me? It did. I had to remember that for the next time I was in Vicroria's Secret: 36B and M. Of course I needed something to fill the bra, so I used some pink perfumed tissues, 3 in each cup to filled the bra out nicely.

I looked at myself in the mirror and my little pee-pee was bulging in the bikini panties and I could see a teeny wet spot. The elastic pulled sensuously across my ass. Ooo, it was wonderful. I couldn't understand why everyone didn't want to wear these sexy things. But then I was glad they didn't. Sissies need men to make them happy after all. And I knew now that I was nothing but a trashy little sissy hoping my Stepdaddy would treat me like his sexy babydoll.

I pulled out a nylon t-shirt with "Sweet Stuff" printed in sequins on the front. And then I found a school girl's pleated pink plaid nylon skirt to wear. Mommy as a schoolgirl was little hard to picture, but looking in the mirror I looked believable. All I needed was some make-up and jewelry and there was plenty of that in my Mommy's room. False eyelashes weren't really necessary because mine were long and dark, but there's no such thing as too dark with eyelashes, so some mascara did the trick. Pink sparkly lipstick that tasted like cherries covered my pouty lips. Dangly earrings, a necklace and an anklet. Charcoal eye shadow made my eyes look sultry. And finally a pair of 5 inch silver strappy heals to lift my girlish tush. I looked in the mirror and gasped at how slutty I looked.

Some of Mommy's berets were perfect to give me some school girl pigtails. The last thing I put on was Chanel #5. I was enveloped by my utter girlishness. Strutting in front of the mirror, I knew that I would be irresistible to my Stepdaddy. I was a slut with a mission. I wanted to suck my stepdaddy's cock. My pretty pink glossed lips were ready.

I walked out of Mommy's room knowing that I was a younger version of my very slutty Mommy. I could feel the bikini panties rubbing across my sweet sissy ass.

"Well, well. I had a feeling you'd find something you liked. You look cute as a button, doll baby. You know it, don't you?"

I pouted at his suggestion and squeaked, "Yes, Daddy."

"That's what I like to hear doll. I'm gonna be your horny daddy."

I sashayed toward my Daddy Leon, getting a little dizzy looking coyly into his intense brown eyes. He had taken off his work clothes and was wearing only a pair of tight boxer brief that showed off his big bulge rather nicely. I was so pleased he still smelled of outdoor work, like any real man would. He was rank actually, but he was rich with male hormones and I was captivated by that powerful masculine scent. I spun around with girlish pleasure, showing him how the skirt was short enough to show off my sexy pink panties. When I stopped my eyes rested right on his crotch. I couldn't help myself.

"You like, baby?" He paused. "You like it, don't you pretty girl?

"Ooo, Daddy, you… you're so huge. I'm not sure I can do this."

"Come on over here, sweet baby, and sit on your big Daddy's lap. It'll feel really nice…I promise."

I wasn't sure. He had a wolfish grin on his face. He was in complete control of me. As I swished over to the couch, I spun again and showed off my pink panties again and felt the elastic panty waist across my ass. I was completely helpless with this brawny man. I lifted my pleated little miniskirt so his brief would be touching my sheer pink panties. I lowered myself and felt the massive mound in his briefs press against my silk covered ass. It was so nice…soooo nice. I caressed his muscular torso and pecked his cheek. He lifted my arms up and rested them on his powerful shoulders. He smelled so strong, so manly. Then I rubbed my silk covered tush against his growing cock. I was a little girl trying to seduce my daddy man. I knew that for tonight I would be his slutty little doll baby.

"You're a horny little slut, aren't you, sweet thaing?"

I didn't say anything right away, so he slapped by silk covered ass. "Yessss, DADDY. I want to be your sassy whore. Teach me what a naughty girl does for her horny daddy." I guess it was the wine talking. "I'm your sexy sissy. Tell me what to do Daddy. Make me…I wanna do you."

He said nothing, just grabbed my pigtails and pulled my mouth to his and thrust his tongue deep into my pink lipsticked mouth. I knew that now he could do whatever he wanted to me. No way could I say no to my studly black daddy man. I was his helpless white nympho wearing panties and a short little schoolgirl skirt. My hands slipped down to his muscular chest and I caressed the curly hairs. He grabbed my waist and slipped down to my checks massaging my silk covered ass. He was in complete control. He whipped one hand suddenly across my pretty little fanny and I yelped.

"Oooo, Daddy. You're making me feel so naughty. I want to be your naughty girl, tonight."

"That's the plan, sweet stuff. Your gonna discover what it means to be a real sissy girl, aren't you? You're gonna find out what a girl gets when she dresses up in sexy lingerie and a short little skirt."

"I'm really scared, Daddy."

"You should be, baby." His tongue darted in and out of my mouth. I was overwhelmed by his powerful masculinity. I wanted him so much I just sucked on it like his tongue was my baby pacifier. I knew I was his teeny girl slut. His hands were all over me at once and my tiny body collapsed in his strong arms. I was his sissy girl, his plaything, his little girly toy.

"Ok, Baby. I want you to dance for me." I really felt like dancing. The wine had really wound me up for him. He clicked the remote and Shania Twain was singing "Man, I feel like a Woman" and Ooo did I. I could feel my silky panties rubbing my butt, the sexy miniskirt brushing across my sweet upper thighs and the underwires lifting my fake tits. I closed my eyes and swayed like a girl to the music. I was hypnotized by Shania's sexy voice.

I was a woman wanted by a strong, sexy man. I could see and feel his eyes staring at my slinky skirt, my slutty made-up face, my stilettos and my butt. Spinning and spinning I got dizzy with my girlhood. I was lost and ready for some action and so was Leon.

"Suck my cock, Babydoll." Daddy Leon was rubbing his big pole through his briefs and I started to stare at it. "Make me really hard and juicy and wet."

Dizzy, I sunk onto the couch between my Daddy's knees. My silky panties landed on the edge, so right away I start rubbing it at the same time I took care of my horny Daddy. I stared at his hard cock like it was the tastiest candy I could imagine. I melted with utter helplessness. I opened my mouth and looked up into his deep black eyes. He looked so powerful and completely in control. I licked my pink lips and then I licked his manhood through his underwear, licked it till the fabric was soaked. Then I pulled his briefs down and stared at his powerful tool, standing at attention for his sissy girl.

"Suck it, baby. Suck it like a naughty little babydoll. Show me how much you like it."

No need to pretend. I loved it. I loved it so much. What could I do? He smelled so strong and manly. His pole looked completely delicious. My lips pursed and I found myself kissing the stinky cockhead, feeling intoxicated from the masculine odor. I kissed it. I licked it for all the girliness I felt. My mouth opened instinctively.

The head slipped deliciously over my lips, like a tangy lollipop. It tasted like a salty piece of manhood. My whole being was focused on what was in my mouth. I pulled it in like a lamb wishing for her dream man. And he was. So big, strong and black…such a horny animal. I spit on it. I sucked it good. I went down far…really far. My mouth was so wide, I took the whole thing in like a pussy receiving something humongous.

It was a heavenly thing. Knowing that I was making my Daddy hard with my desire. Sucking his penis was the best I decided. Feeling the complete humiliation of a man's cock in your mouth. Suck. Suck. Suckle. Lick…lick….lick…underneath. The balls. The heavenly balls. Hairy and stinking…I loved those balls.

Suddenly, I felt a warm wetness in my panties and I blossomed like a flower. I suckled the head of his cock. I whimpered and moaned on that head. I was a flower of pleasure. My orgasm was impossible to hide and Daddy said, "What is this, slut? Stand up."

I blushed and pulled my tongue and lips off his hard cock. I stood up slowly and pulled Mommy's schoolgirl skirt up thinking I didn't want to get any baby cum on it.

"Look at the mess you've made of your Mommy's panties."

"I'm sorry, Daddy! I didn't mean to. I couldn't help it." I paused and took a breath. "Your dick tastes so good."

"Of course you couldn't help it, Babydoll. You're helpless with a piece of black meat like this." He grabbed his big cock and waved it at me. "Pretty little white girls can't control themselves when they get some of this big, black man stuff. You're just like your Mommy. A helpless little slut once I pull this big dong out. But sweets, you know you're supposed to get me off first."

I couldn't help but cry, because I knew he wanted to get there first. And I wanted that too.

"It's OK, sweety. But you're gonna have take off those soiled panties and slip into something sexy and fresh. If I'm gonna fuck it, you gonna have to be wearing some fresh panties."

"I'll put on some clean patties, Daddy." I still wanted to satisfy Leon so I went back into Mommy's bedroom. I was still crying because I knew there weren't any panties that were right for this outfit. A few minutes later, Daddy creeped up behind me and grabbed my pink pantied ass.

"Hey, baby. You know, I almost forgot…I got you a birthday present. I turned girlishly on my hi heels and saw that he was holding a pretty pink thong. It was sexier than anything I'd seen at Victoria's Secret. It had a big butterfly all over the front and a tiny butterfly on the back.

"Ooo, daddy. I love those pretty panties. Let me be your sexy butterfly." I squeaked like a girl.

"Let me put them on for you, slut." How could I resist? He pulled down creamy bikini panties I had on. I lifted each heeled foot as he took the dirty panties off me. Now he took the thong and lifted each heel one at a time and pulled that sexy thong up my legs, slowly and at the end he pulled it tight into my horny ass.

I turned to face him and went up on my tippy toes to kiss him. He grabbed my ass and pulled me to close his tongue thrust hard into my mouth. I sucked it and found my erection slowly returning in the sexy butterfly panties Daddy had given me. I slipped down to my knees and once again took his manhood into my pink mouth.

More sucking, lots of sucking. I knew I needed more of his big, black cock. It was still the tastiest thing I'd ever had in my sissy mouth. So strong, so manly, such a nasty, black cock.

I sucked for…not long enough. Maybe 15 minutes. I was in a heavenly place and didn't want to stop. "Please don't make me stop," I said more than once.

"Baby it's hard enough now. I'm gonna pull it out of that pretty puss."

"But I wanna keep sucking it, Daddy. Pleeease, Daddy. Let me keep sucking it. I want it, Daddy. It's so tasty."

"Sure it is, Sweety. But it's ready now. That big cock is gonna fuck you silly. Fuck You Silly. I'm gonna ram you till you're squealing with panty pleasure."

I couldn't help but giggle for my Daddy. I wanted my panty parts to have pleasure. I wanted to get fucked silly. So I pulled away, just like he'd ordered me. I was his sex slave, his love silly little love bunny.

I looked up into his big dark eyes, helpless and lost; wishing for more feminine humiliation. I was his lost little girl.

He grabbed me from under my arms and swung me around so my pantied tushy faced his powerful member. I could feel it rubbing against my butterfly thong. Against my bare cheeks. I was completely under his control. So completely helpless and horny. There was nothing I could do to protect myself. He pushed the short little schoolgirl skirt up to my waist and exposed my wishful butt to his powerful manhood. I couldn't help but bounce myself against him, even though I was scared. I whimpered.

"Oh, Daddy. I'm really scared. You're so big and hard. It's gonna hurt."

"Baby darling, I'll be easy on you." He said as he chuckled and I knew it wasn't true. He was gonna fuck me hard.

He pulled my thong back out of my ass and rubbed his manhood against my sissy asshole. He was going to be rough on me like he was with my trashy Mommy. That's the way he liked it.

He waited a moment letting my bare ass get used to the cold and then he plunged his cock mercilessly into my inexperienced, exposed hole. The pain was overwhelming but it didn't take long, not long, really no time at all before I was pushing back at him, loving that is was getting harder, bigger. The feeling was heavenly and it went on and on. I was thinking I hoped it was forever, the pounding in my tight sissy hole. Oh heaven, make it forever. "I'm your little fuckee, daddy. Keep on, Daddy. Fuck me. Fuck me. I'm your helpless little girl. Sexy little sissy. Panty boy. Make me Daddy. Fuck me hard." As I passed out from all the wine and the pounding, I felt him cum dripping down my pantied ass and legs.


I was asleep. I could feel the tight bodice and ruffled skirt of a babydoll nightgown around me. I wasn't sure when I'd changed, but it felt lovely and ladylike. On the other hand, I felt Daddy Leon's cum dripping from my sissy pantied ass. I was wearing low-rise bikinis again. Stepdaddy woke me by pulling down the panties and sticking his huge pole into me again, pumping me slow at first. I started to respond by pushing my tush at his dick. Ooo…it was nice. He lifted my backside up into the air. My face was on the pillow and he was thrusting his manhood into my hole. My hear started racing as he pounded my sissy ass. He was getting bigger and bigger. I could feel that big black cock invading my girly tush. He grabbed my shoulders so he was in complete control, pulling and grabbing, pounding and thrusting. It went on so long that I was getting sore.

About the time I felt like I could take any more, he flipped me around so my face was in front of his gigantic member. It smelled of my nasty hole, but I still couldn't resist. He grabbed my head and forced me onto his pole.

My mouth involuntarily sucked his huge black dick like it was a sticky candy pole. I moaned with involuntary delight. I was his sissy girl. In my dream I'd been itching for his huge black manhood. I was so glad he was doing it again. He was the stud to me, his helpless baby slut.

After he squirted another huge load into my sweet mouth, he told me, "This afternoon I'm going to invite over a friend of mine. We can both do you. You'll like that, sweet baby. You'll like it a lot." I knew he was right. I hoped his friend was huge. Just like my big black daddy, Leon.




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