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Daddy Becomes Mommy

by Marci Manseau


Chapter One


As I write this story, I'm thirteen. My name is Kristen and this is a story about my very unusual family. It's a long story with lots of twists, so please bear with me. And please don't forget that I'm still a kid.

My mother left my father and me when I was four years old. Daddy says one day she just packed up some of her things, left me with our neighbor next door, then walked away and never came back; not a word or a letter from her after that day. Daddy thinks she had a boyfriend that she ran away with. As a result, Daddy has filled the role of both parents for me ever since then.

This story is also about my best friend, Jill. She and I have lived next door to each other since we were born, just seventeen days apart. Her mother died when she was five, so she and I have a lot in common, like having no moms and all. Her dad is almost never home so she practically lives at our house. We're a lot like sisters, sharing clothes and almost always sleeping together. Her father doesn't know how to deal with her, so my father has sort of become her unofficial guardian. We both call her father "Dad" and my father "Daddy".

My father cooks all our meals, and very often Jill's dad has dinner with us when he's in town, or he'll take us all out to eat. My Daddy takes us both shopping for all of our clothes, and other than one another, he's our best friend. He's even taught us how to cook and sew, how to do laundry and he's had detailed discussions with us about boys and how to deal with them when we begin dating, which is less than a year away. Both our fathers have decided that we have to wait until we're fourteen to date and that's ok with Jill and me because we both think boys our age are dumb. We're like so much more mature than they are. All they do is make jokes about our breasts and try and look up under our skirts.

Daddy gave us baths in the same tub until we were about eight, held us when we were sick, and took us to the doctor for all our shots. He even helped both Jill and me buy our first training bras when we were eleven, and then calmed us both down when we got our periods not too long ago. He did a lot of research about puberty on the web, so he knew how to talk to us when our periods began. He took us to buy our first sanitary napkins and to our first visit with a gynecologist. He's like both father and mother to both of us. It's so cool.

Jill's dad was very grateful for all my father did for Jill as it relieved him of the task of talking to her about embarrassing things. It also allowed him to travel most of the time without worrying about her.


-------------- * * * * * -------------


Daddy knew that Jill and I had begun doing some sexual experimentation, kissing and touching one another in bed at night. It had all begun with us trying to learn how to act when we began dating boys, but we'd quickly discovered that we really liked kissing and touching each other, and so far that's all we'd done. One morning Daddy found Jill and me in my bed totally naked and we were kissing deeply. Thankfully, he didn't make a big deal about it, but instead he'd had a long talk with us about sex. Jill and I decided then that we were probably bisexual, and Daddy said that he was too, although he hadn't made love with another man since he'd met my mother; he was eighteen then. That was almost fifteen years ago. Both Jill and I thought it was so cool that he'd tell us that he was bisexual too.

One night about eight months ago just before bed time, I was looking through my underwear drawer for my favorite new pink panties as I wanted to wear them the next day, and after looking everywhere, even in the laundry, I put on my robe over my white undies, then when I saw my father walking down the hall past my bedroom door, I asked if he knew where my pink panties were.

For some reason when I asked him about them, his face got very red and he got real nervous, which is something he almost never does. "I don't have any idea where they are!" he told me. "Why are you asking me about them? It's your job to keep track of your own things."

His tone was very harsh, and I began to cry. "I looked every where, Daddy," I told him. "You know which ones they are. We just bought them last week when we went shopping for school clothes. Even you told me that you thought they were very pretty because of all the lace."

"Of course I remember them. You and Jill both bought the same pink bra and panty set, as I recall. Are you sure she didn't take yours with her by mistake?" That day was one of the few days that Jill wasn't staying with us. She was visiting her grandmother for the weekend. Her taking them by mistake was very possible as she and I were always wearing each other's clothes, but not this time. "No, she's a size bigger then me, Daddy. She's even bigger than you are, remember?"

My father was small and slender, just like me. I think he's the smallest man I know. We're both are five-feet two and weigh about one hundred pounds. Jill is five feet four and Jill's dad is well over six feet tall and very muscular. We both think he's very handsome too.

"I know she is," he barked back at me. "I can't help being small, and I don't need you to remind me about it. I've been teased about it all my life, Kristen."

"Why are you being so mean to me?" I asked between sobs. "All I wanted to do was to find my new panties. It's not like I'm accusing you of stealing them!"

Right then his face went from red to pure white and he seemed unable to speak. "Why... I never... That's... What would I do with your pink panties?" he finally managed to ask me.

I could tell then he was hiding something from me. He and I are so close that neither of us is able to lie without the other knowing it. "Look, I don't care what you've done with them," I began, and I was sort of mad at him then. "I just want to know where they are. Please give them to me now if you have them. I can tell you have them, so don't tell me you don't."

He was more nervous then than I've ever seen him. "I... I... I can't give them to you now. Please don't keep asking about them. I don't want you to think I'm weird."

"I'd never think that, Daddy. Did you forget where they are?"

"No, I know where they are. I just can't give them to you right now. Please just let it go. I don't want you to hate me."

"I could never hate you," I honestly told him. "You're the world's best father." Just then, I had a flash of insight. I knew exactly where my panties were. "You're wearing my panties, aren't you, Daddy? You have my panties on under your jeans, don't you?" Once again, his face turned a bright red and he was unable to talk. I knew without a doubt that I was right. "I don't blame you for liking them, Daddy," I told him. "They're the prettiest undies I've ever seen. Both Jill and I knew we had to buy them the moment we saw them. But why are you wearing them? Do you like how they look on you?"

He nodded his head agreeing with me. "Are you mad at me for taking them, Kristen? I don't know what came over me. I was emptying the hamper to do the laundry this morning when I saw them. They felt so nice that I just had to see what they felt like if I wore them."

"I would never be mad at you, Daddy," I told him then gave him a hug. "If you want to, you can wear my panties anytime. It's not like it hurts anything. Why are you so embarrassed about it?"

"I know it doesn't hurt anything," he replied, "but most people would say I was weird or gay if they knew I liked to wear lacy panties, and I'm not either."

"You're my Daddy, and that's all I have to know," I said and I meant it. "If you like how you feel when you wear my panties, then it's cool with me."

After hesitating for a few minutes, Daddy smiled at me and said, "Kristen, I think you're old enough to know why I like to wear them. It's something I've been meaning to talk to you about, and now that Jill's not here, this is the perfect time. Sit down, please." I sat on my bed, very anxious as I had no idea what he was going to tell me.

After thinking for a minute or two, he began: "All of my life I've felt like I should have been born a woman. I've never felt comfortable as a man. Actually I hate being male most days. I know you've heard men on 'Jerry Springer' or some other talk show saying they were women trapped in a man's body. Well, that's me too, honey. That's exactly how I feel. I can't help it. I've tried to fight it all my life, and until lately I was succeeding, but seeing you and Jill blossom into womanhood has just been too much for me. When you and she wore plain cotton undies, I never had an urge to try them on. Now that you and she are both young ladies and you wear adult underwear, I just can't seem to resist them."

"So is this the first time you've tired panties on?" I asked, wanting to know what was making him do this.

"Oh, no," he said and blushed again. "I began trying on my mother's things when I was about five. I got away with it for a long time, but when I was around eleven, she caught me and I was severely punished. After that, I stopped doing it until I was married to your mom. Once in a while I'd try on her panties. She never knew about it though as I was always careful to wear panties she'd already worn so she wouldn't miss any if she looked for them in her lingerie drawer. Wearing panties makes me feel a lot more feminine, especially panties a woman has already worn."

"Why does that make a difference, Daddy?"

"I'm not sure why," he admitted.

"Maybe it's because they smell like a girl after we've worn them," I suggested.

"I guess maybe that's it, or maybe it's sort of intimate sharing, like when you and Jill share clothes."

"Yes, we both like to share clothes," I told him, as if he didn't already know that. Jill and I spent hours trying on different outfits or looking through magazines at different styles. Daddy often was there with us when we tried on clothes and he knew enough about clothes and fashion to make some great suggestions now and then. Jill and I were both comfortable enough with him there to undress down to our undies in front of him. After all, he's been seeing us both naked since we were little kids.

"Have you tried on my bras or slips? Or maybe my clothes?" I asked in a gentle voice, not wanting to make him feel bad. "It's ok with me if you have."

"No, just your panties," he said, blushing again. "I've been able to resist the rest so far. Sometimes I picture myself in the different outfits we see in the stores when we go clothes shopping. That seems harmless enough. Ever since my mother caught me wearing her red silk dress and heels, I've been too nervous to try on other things. That was really a very traumatic experience. She called me a sissy for years after that."

I began sobbing again, this time because I felt sorry for Daddy. I hugged Daddy close and for a few minutes we both cried.

"That must have been awful for you," I said softly in his ear. "Just so you know, if there's anything I can do, I will, and I'll never make fun of you or call you a sissy. I know Jill won't either. Is it ok if I tell her?"

"I guess so," Daddy said. "I know how close you two are; you and she have no secrets, but please try and make her understand that I'm not trying to be weird."

"I'll make sure she's ok with it. She's real open and understanding, so I'm sure it will be fine. She loves you too, you know. You're much more a part of her life than her father is." He nodded as he dried his eyes on a tissue I'd given him. "Can I ask you another question, Daddy?" I began. "If it makes you nervous, I won't though."

"It does make me a bit nervous," he admitted, "but I'd rather get it out in the open now so there won't be any misunderstanding. Ask me anything."

"You said you feel like you should have been born a girl. Is that why you wear your hair so long?" His hair was naturally blonde and wavy. He'd let it grow until it was a few inches past his shoulders, and he wore it in a ponytail. As he worked at home doing data entry for a medical group nearby, he didn't have to worry about having long hair or wearing suits. He didn't make a lot of money, but as Jill all but lived with us most of the time, her father was very generous when he reimbursed Daddy for all her expenses.

"Yes, I guess that's mostly why I let it grow long, although I've never liked it short because it's so wavy. It was either long hair or a brush cut. If I have it cut short like most men do, it looks totally feminine, more so than now even."

"I guess it would," I said. I'd never thought of that. My hair was long too, and I often wore it in a ponytail as well. Jill had long hair too, a really beautiful shade of auburn. We often set one another's hair in the large rollers that were in style then.

"Ok, I have just one more question, Daddy. Do you shave your legs and arms? I've never seen any hair on them."

"No, luckily I don't have to. I'm just like you, Kristen. The only place I have body hair is under my arms and on my pubes."

"Jill and I were wondering about that the other day when we saw you in those short white shorts you had on. You have really nice legs. Jill has to shave her legs now, but just below the knee. Sometimes when we shower together I even shave them for her because she tends to cut herself with the razor. I'm glad I don't have to shave mine."

"I only have to shave my face once a week," he added, "and even then there's almost no beard there. I'm not much of a man."

"Yes, you are. I love you, Daddy," I told him, "and that will never change. Jill loves you as much as I do. No one is more important to us than you are."

"I love you both too," he told me. "You're my special girls. That's why it's so important to me that you and she understand all this. I don't want you to think of me as being weird or scary."

"I could never think of you that way," I honestly replied. "And why is it weird? It's not considered weird when girls wear boy's things. No one makes a big deal of that. Besides, if it's how you like to be, then that's all I care about. Do you think you look scary in panties? That sounds silly to me." And then I giggled.

"Maybe scary isn't what I was trying to say," Daddy said after thinking about it for a while. "Maybe I..."

"I know!" I interrupted. "I want to see how you look in them. Show me, please?"

"I'd be too embarrassed," he told me. "I know you see my in my briefs all the time, but this is different."

"Why is it different?" I responded. "I know what you look like in your undies and I know what panties look like, so it's no big deal. "You see Jill and me in our panties all the time and we see you in your briefs. Stop being so shy, Daddy."

"Ok, if you insist! But if you even think of laughing, I'm going to be so mad at you!"

"I promise I won't," I said and hugged him again. "I love you way too much to make you feel bad, Daddy."

I let him go, and he stood up, unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, let them slide down his slender legs, then stepped out of them. As the pink panties came into view, all I could think of was how nice he looked in them, and how much he looked like a woman. But then I was sort of shocked because I couldn't see any sign of his male parts.

"You really do look nice in them," I told him. "And it doesn't bother me at all that you like to wear my panties."

"Thanks. I'm glad you don't mind sharing with me." I could tell he was beginning to relax.

"Why should I mind? After all, you paid for them. You buy all my things, silly. I like sharing with Jill, and I know I'll like sharing with you too."

"You're so generous, Kristen. I love you so much," Daddy said as he kissed my cheek. "And that's probably why Jill loves you as well."

"I have to ask why you don't have a bump in the front of the panties like you do when I see you in your briefs," I asked.

"It's still there," he said with a blush. "I just tucked it back so I'd look more like a woman."

"You really do," I said with a smile. "From the waist down you look almost like me."

"I look nice," he began, "but there's no way I look as pretty as you do, Kristen. Every day I wish I'd been born with the same parts between my legs that you have."

"If I didn't know better, I'd say you were a girl there." I meant it when I said it. "It's so cool that you can hide it so well."

"Maybe that's because it's so small to begin with," he said with a grin. "That's what your mother always told me. But there's no way I look like a woman now."

"Yes, you do!" I insisted, laughing along with him at his joke. "I wouldn't lie to you. Come over and stand in front of the mirror with me and I'll show you." I took his hand and walked over to the mirror on the closet door. I took off my robe and stood next to him wearing just my white lace bra and matching panties. "See?" I said as we stood hip to hip facing the mirror, our arms around each other's waist. "From the waist down, you look as good as I do. I think I have a new girl friend," I giggled.

Then he laughed too. "No wonder I adore you, Kristen. There's nothing more I'd like than to be a girl and be your best friend, but we both know that's not possible. If only I had lovely breasts like yours," he said as he looked down at my smallish A cups. The bra I had on really made them look nice.

"You could have them, you know," I said. "All you'd need is a bra with some padding in it. At least then it would look like you had breasts."

"That would be nice, but I'd really prefer to have the real thing," Daddy replied. "I've always dreamed about that."

"Well, you're sure flat chested now," I teased him as my hand ran over his T-shirt and smooth chest. "Do me a favor. Take your T-shirt off now. I want to try something." Without waiting for his answer, I took hold of the bottom of his shirt and pulled it up over his head.

"Hey, what are you doing?" he cried out from under his shirt. "You're not going to find boobs there, you know! I'm not Jill!"

"I know that," I said as I removed his shirt and gently prodded his flat nipple. "Not much there now. You look like Jill and I did when we were seven."

"So what's the point of this then?" he asked. "Why did you take my shirt off?"

"Because I want you to try on my bra," I told him as I reached behind my back and unhooked it. "I think with some padding in it, you'll look great. I'm sure it will fit you. Please do this for me?" As I said that, I let the bra slide down my arms and then I held it out to Daddy. I could see that he was staring at my bare breasts and that made me feel sort of like I was in charge. I didn't feel at all shy or bashful at being partially naked in front of my father either.

"Wow, you're so beautiful," he said as he took the bra from me, still staring at my chest. I'd love to have breasts just like yours, Kristen. I really want to try your bra on but I don't know how. I've never worn one."

"Then let me help you," I replied, and for some reason my nipples got swollen. "Hold your arms out," I told him, and he did. I slid the lacy bra up his slender hairless arms and realized that they looked almost like mine. Then I moved behind Daddy, slid the straps up onto his shoulders, and hooked the single hook. When I saw that the front of the bra was too high, I reached in front of him and pulled it down. As I did, my bare breasts and hard nipples pressed into his back. A shiver swept over me.

"How does it feel?" I asked him once the bra was adjusted.

"Nice and warm," he said, and sort of pressed back into me with a smile.

"I meant how does the bra feel, not me, silly," I giggled.

"I meant the bra too, double silly," he said with a laugh. "It's still warm from your body." As I moved back next to him, he told me, "I love the feel of the bra. It feels like I should have been wearing one all my life."

"Maybe you should have," I agreed. "It looks nice on you now, but wait until I've padded it. Then you'll look even better." I found some of my old cotton panties that I no longer wore and stuffed a pair into each of daddy's bra cups. The bra looked sort of lumpy so I sort of squeezed each cup to shape the padding more like real breasts. "There, that looks a lot better," I commented. "How do you like having breasts, Daddy?"

"Maybe I shouldn't admit it," he began as he turned from side to side to get every aspect of his new appearance, "but I love it!" And then he turned to face me again. "I only wish my breasts were real, and lovely like yours are, Kristen." He looked down at my still bare chest, and it was very obvious that he was envious.

"Do you really like mine, Daddy?" I asked, then cupped them and sort of lifted them up. I'd seen a girl do that in an X rated video that Jill and I had watched one night at her house. Her father had rented it and I'm sure he had no idea we'd seen it. It had made us so hot that we'd kissed and played with each other for hours afterwards.

"They're perfect, sweetheart," he said. "No wonder Jill can't stop snuggling with you. You may not know it, but I can usually hear you two when you play in your bed at night. I'm so glad you and Jill are so close. But now don't you think you should cover up now? After all, even thought I'm your father, I'm still a man, and the sight of such a lovely young woman practically naked is very sexy."

When I looked down at the front of his panties, It was very obvious what he meant. I could see a small bulge appear there, and I was thrilled to know that my father had an erection all because of me. A wave of excitement passed through me, and I smiled at Daddy.

"You sure don't look like a man now," I teased him, "not in that pretty bra and panties. There's no need for me to cover up. It's just us girls here now, right? Jill loves it when she sees me like this, and I love seeing her like this too."

With that, I leaned forward and kissed Daddy on the lips. A few moments later when I felt him respond to my kiss, I put my arms around him and I could feel his bra pressing into my bare chest. I could also feel the bulge in his panties pressing into my mons as my tongue parted his lips and entered his mouth. I was kissing him just like Jill and I kiss.

But then I was disappointed when Daddy pulled back. "You know I love you more than anything else in this world, Kristen, but this isn't what we should be doing. As wonderful as it feels to me, you're too young to start this, and you're also my daughter."

"Sorry, Daddy," I said. "I just got carried away."

"We both did, so just let's forget it. I'm probably the only man in the world who could resist you, sweetie, especially practically naked like you are now. You're so beautiful. I really wish my body was just like yours, so I'd really to wear need this bra I have on."

"I wish your body could be like mine too, if that would make you happy, Daddy. But then I'd have to call you Mommy. You know, you really should be wearing a pink bra to match your pink panties."

"I know that much, my lovely daughter. All my life I've paid very close attention to how women dress. I even read your 'Seventeen' magazines so I can keep on up the latest styles. Now it's time for you to cover up before I get carried away again."

"Ok, Daddy, but you hardly got carried away. After all, I was the one that kissed you. Are you going to keep wearing my bra? If you are, I'll get a clean one."

"Maybe one day I will, but not yet, Kristen," Daddy said as he slipped my bra off and handed it to me. "But I'm going to wear the panties, if you don't mind. I just love how they look on me."

"Of course I don't mind. I told you that already. I hope you wear them all the time. You look really good in them," I said, and I meant it. "Promise me you'll wear panties all the time? You know you want to."

"Ok, if you insist," he replied, acting silly, like he was just doing it to make me happy. "I really spoil you, do you know that?"

And once again, we both laughed. Without thinking, I put my arms round his neck and kissed him again, forgetting that I was still bare chested. This time, it was his tongue that invaded my mouth, and I willingly pressed my nearly naked body into his. God, he felt wonderful. As was my habit when I kissed Jill, I slid my hand down to his bottom and caressed it through his silky pink panties. His hands found my breasts as he pressed into me, and a moment later I felt him shudder as he rubbed into me.

A few minutes later, Daddy released me and began to sob. "Damn it, Kristen!" he said. "We shouldn't be doing things like this! After all, I'm your father and you're just a child!"

I stepped back, then pointed to the mirror. "Look at me, Daddy. I'm not a child anymore. I know I'm still young, but I'm a woman, not a kid. And you look a lot more like a woman than anyone's father right now, so please don't feel bad. It's no big deal. Jill and I do a lot more than kissing and touching boobs."

That stopped his sobbing, and he gave me a weak smile. "You're right, you're not a child anymore," he said. "You're an incredibly sexy young woman. God, how I wish I looked just like you do! I'd love to be as pretty and feminine as you are."

"I bet I could help you be more like me. That sounds like fun. It would be so cool for Jill and me to make you more like us. Would you like that?"

"I would but I'm not sure if it would be more of a dream come true or a nightmare for me. That's such a huge step to take. I might never go back to being male once I've tried being a woman."

"So don't go back, if you don't want to. I sure wouldn't complain. You're already a lot more like my friends' mothers than their fathers. Jill and I both think you're really cool. We're glad you're not one of those sports loving, beer drinking fathers. We love that you like to go shopping with us and watch romantic movies."

"You guys are really special too, Kristen. I feel a lot closer to you and Jill than I ever did to your mother."

I held Daddy close again for a minute, then kissed him. "I love being this close to you. You make me feel so safe and loved," I whispered in his ear. I reached up and took the rubber band out of his hair, letting it fall around his shoulders. His face was surrounded by the blonde waves of his long hair. "I like you better like this," I admitted as I began to brush his hair, making it almost the same style as mine.

He turned to look in the mirror, and then smiled. "I do too, Kristen. It makes the outside of me look more like what I feel like inside. I'm going to sleep with my hair down tonight."

"Good idea, Daddy, and I'll brush it again for you in the morning." I put down the brush then went over to my closet and got put my nightie. It was new too: knee-length white nylon with pink ribbon worked in through the lace. Jill's nightie was hanging there also, the same as mine. She and I wore all the same sizes except for bras and shoes. She's a 34B and I'm a 34A. Her shoes are just a half size larger than mine.

As I slipped my nightie on over my head and let it float down over my body, I had this really cool idea. "Close your eyes, Daddy," I told him. "I want to surprise you with something."

"Ok, but it's getting late and I'm sleepy, so hurry up, lovey," he said in his soft voice.

When I saw that his eyes were tightly shut, I turned his back to the mirror, then said, "Hold your arms up," and as he's as tall as I am, it was easy for me to slide Jill's nightie down over his body. "Do not even think of looking until I tell you to!" I ordered him in my strictest voice.

"All right, but I think I know what you've done, Kristen," he replied with a really wonderful smile.

Quietly, I reached the perfume on my dresser, then sprayed Daddy's neck and chest with it before he could object. "Ok, it's time to look now," I told him, "and you're going to love it!"

I turned him slowly back to face the mirror, and I had to hold him as he almost fainted when he saw what he looked like. With his face framed by his long blonde hair and his slender body encased in the sheer white nightie, Daddy looked almost as much like a girl as I did.

"Oh, Kristen! This is so wonderful!" he gushed. "I love how I look! Thank you so much. I don't know if I would have ever gone this far on my own, but now that you've shown me how much more feminine I can look, I'm certain I'm doing to do it a lot more!"

"You are awesome!" I told him, and I meant it. "We look like a mother and daughter now." I snuggled up next to him and admired our appearance in the mirror. "Can I call you Mommy now, please? It's so great having a mother again. I love you so much!"

"I'd love to be called Mommy," he said and his eyes were running again, this time from happiness. Turning to me, he hugged me. "Give your mother a kiss, Kristen. I can't believe how excited I am."

This time my new mother kissed me very slowly, making the pleasure linger as we held one another close. I ran my hands over her deliciously silky nightie, and we rubbed our mons against one another. When her hand found my breast, I moaned and sucked excitedly on her tongue.

"Seeing as Jill's not here tonight, I want you to sleep with me, mommy," I said, really in the mood for more kissing and touching. "Please say you will. I love cuddling so much."

"I'd love to but that's a dangerous thing to do," mommy told me, her fingertips still playing over my very hard nipple. "As excited as we both are, bad things might happen, Kristen. I'm not sure I can control myself. I haven't had sex with anyone since your mother left us. Do you have any idea how horny I am?"

As my hands moved to cup her bottom through her panties, I kissed her once more, then said, "I sure can feel how hard you are. I like when you rub it against me. I'm very wet now. Please don't stop."

"Ok, I'm going to have to sleep with you tonight because I can't stop hugging and kissing you, but we have to have limits. I don't think things will go too far if we both keep our panties on. The kissing and touching isn't too bad then. Remember you're a woman now, Kristen, and that means you can get pregnant."

"I know I can. Ok, no taking our panties off."

Right after I said that, I got into bed and held the covers up for my new mother. She joined me after turning out the light. It was hours before we got to sleep. She gave me four orgasms, one just by kissing my bare nipples, and the others by caressing my clit through my panties with her fingers. I made her cum twice in her panties by rubbing my pussy against her erection. Just before we fell asleep, we got up and put on dry panties. I got to see her soft, almost hairless penis then thanks to the light coming in for the street, and I think it's so cute! I wanted to kiss it then but she had her panties on before I got a chance. When she got back in bed I rubbed it with my hand through her dry panties for a while, and she began to get hard again when I fondled her balls, but we were both too tired by then to do anything more. We fell asleep in each other's embrace and I had the most wonderful dreams that night.




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