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This writing is designed for entertainment. It is somewhat fictional but the beginning is the truth as I remember it from long ago. It is not the typical story line of a boy coming to terms with dressing. This is a story of a boy who is embarrassed by what is done to him.


Diapered and Dressed


Laurie Ann B

Part 1


Synopsis: At age 6 Bobby still had an occasional wetting accident. His Father decided to cure him once and for all. Little did he realize that the cure was the cause of Bobbie’s life style change at such a young age.

Young boy, diapers, forced fem.

I was six years old and had finished kindergarten and awaited the start of 1st grade that summer. My two sisters, Carol two years older and my younger sister, Beth, 11 months younger, were spending the summer in rather blissful play and such. The small neighbor hood had few children our ages and most of the time we spent playing or fighting together as siblings of close age do. Carol being the eldest was always the bossy one and had kind of a mean streak in her at times. This usually surfaced when she got bored with her two younger siblings or if we in fact might be getting the best of her, which was rare.

Beth on the other hand was the baby of the family and took on the typical role very well. She was always hanging on me and I really didn’t mind as she wasn’t bossy like Carol and I liked being around her. In fact at our ages we were very similar in size and looks and were mistaken for twins on most occasions. My only embarrassment at this was when they thought we were both girls due to my longer hair which was allowed to grow during the summer vacations. I never really thought much about having long hair and to Mom & Dad it was just another summer savings like not having the heating bill.

Now I want to explain a little about me back then so you will understand what happened. I was a preme, born 6 weeks early. As a result I was always behind the development curve for boys my age. Additionally I was late in learning to walk and late in being potty trained. However, at age six I really think back that rather than a weak bladder, I was just a little lazy. As a result it would seem on occasion that I always waited to long to get into the house and to the rest room to relieve myself. On more than one occasion I wet my pants because I was just to interested in what I was doing outside to interrupt it to get to the bath room. In spite of the teasing about being a baby or sissy pants when this happened I endured it and swore it wouldn’t happen again. But it did happen again.

It was late July and my sister’s and I along with one of Carol’s girlfriends were all out in the backyard playing board game under the shade of the grape arbor. Since the day had been so hot we had consumed a quantity of Kool-Aid and it was having it’s effect on me. I really had to pee but we were in the middle of the game and I even had a shot at winning. Carol saw very plainly to that I was in a good position to beat her and she didn’t like that.

"Ah.. . Carol", I said, "I call a break. I have to go in the house. I have to use the bathroom." I squirmed as the urgency of the act became greater.

"Oh, No", She said, "If you leave you lose your turn if your not back. No times out in this game." She saw her chance to win the game from her doomed position and with slow deliberation took her turn.

" Carol, let him go in and pee. I don’t care we’ll wait for him," piped in Beth in my defense.

"No way. He can either run in and get back before his turn, lose his turn or pee his pants like he usually does anyway," Carol shouted.

Emily her friend and Beth both giggled at that and I turned red in the face as I sought an equally devastating reply to her.

"I.. I.. I haven’t peed my pants for a long time and Mom said you weren’t supposed to tease about that anymore. Anyway you pooped in your panties this year," I retorted with inference to her pooping her panties when she had been sick.

"Yeah well I was sick so what’s your excuse, BABY", she shouted.

Well by now I was really in trouble. I could feel the urine leaking in spite of my hardest efforts to hold it back. I knew it would only be moments till the dam would burst. I jumped up grabbing at the end of my penis through my jeans to try to squeeze off the on coming flood. I ran for the house and as I started up the stairs towards the bathroom it let loose. Soaking my pants and warm urine running down my legs soaking my socks and shoes and spilling out on the floor. Tears formed and flowed down my cheeks as I ran on into the bathroom with a puddle of urine forming around my feet as I fought to get my penis free and direct what might remain into the toilet bowl.

I stood there crying as I dropped my jeans to the floor and stepped out of them. That’s the way Mom found me as she looked down on me in anger and disgust. "What the hell happened? You peed your pants again. Look at this mess, the whole way down the stairway. Get out of those clothes while I go clean this mess up. What is wrong with you? You’re too old to be peeing your pants like a baby. Even your sister Beth doesn’t have these accidents," Mom ranted as I continued to cry without response to her belittling.

I sat on the toilet seat and picked my soiled socks, shoes, pants and under wear off on the floor in front of me. I kicked the door to the bathroom shut as I heard Beth, Carol and Emily coming to investigate the scope of the disaster giggling and asking "where’s the baby? Did he have another accident?"

My tears were just subsiding and I was looking for a wash cloth to clean myself up with when the bathroom door burst open. There towering above me was my Dad. I could see the anger in his eyes. Not only had I committed an act of un-manliness but I had woke him from his afternoon sleep prior to going on his night shift of work at the plant. I was frozen in fear. I had already had my bottom spanked by him for other times I had peed my pants. I just knew I was in for it again and probably twice as hard for waking him.

"What the hell happened? You pissed your pants again? What’s wrong with you? You can’t control yourself like some little baby? What the hell are we going to do with you? You sure as hell can’t go to school this fall still peeing your pants. Do you want to wear diapers to school?" He shouted, and paused slightly as some idea or something surfaced in his mind. "Get out of those clothes and get in the tub and clean yourself up. I’ll deal with this when your done and you better be quick about it."

I didn’t reply as he turned and left presumably to go get dressed for his work. I quickly took the rest of my clothes off and got in the tub quickly. I scrubbed in quicker time than I usually do and in minutes was out of the tub drying myself and awaiting further instructions. I didn’t wait long before Mom stuck her head in the door and with a dis- heartened voice told me to go to my room, my father was waiting there for me. With great trepidation and the towel wrapped around my waist I moved as a prisoner to the electric chair might. I could just imagine the beating I was about to get, and with out any clothes to protect me from his calloused hand.

I walked into my room and Dad sat on the bed as the three girls stood over in the corner of the room all anxious to witness my humiliation. They stood silent.

"Get over here baby. You act like a baby you’ll be treated like one. Now get over here and lay down," Dad instructed in his commanding voice. It was then I saw the diaper laying on the bed where he had instructed me to lay down.

That was it I wouldn’t take anymore. "NO, DAD! I’m not a baby. I’m not going to wear any diaper. It won’t ever happen again", I shouted as tears started flowing.

"Oh yes you will! And you’ll wear them till I’m sure your potty trained", He shouted as he grabbed me by the arm and swung me on to the bed on top of the diaper.

Mom had abandoned me to my punishment at his hands and the girls stood in shocked silence as the battle raged. It wasn’t much of a battle for as much as I kicked and struggled and squirmed I was no match for this man as I was pinned to the bed and baby powder sprinkled on me and the diaper wrapped up between my legs and pinned securely on me. I cried and continued my struggle begging him not to do it. Let me go. In the next instant a pair of rubberized panties with white and red ruffles across the bum were being pulled up my legs and around my waist. I kicked and screamed more and all at once he released me and I jumped up from the bed to begin pulling the sissy panties and diaper off me.

"You take those off and I’ll give you the licking of your life and you’ll be wearing them everywhere you go. Now pull them back up and get back over here."

I hesitated but fear got the best of me. I half-heartedly pulled a little on the waist band to restore them and stepped back towards my Dad.

"Since only babies and sissy’s pee their pants and your to old to be a baby you must be a sissy. And this will make changing your diaper much easier, now hold your arms up over your head".

I was bawling like a baby as I held my arms up and he pulled one of Beth’s old baby dresses down over my head and arms. The white and red trimmed lace matched the panties he had squeezed my diapered bottom into. The back was pulled tight as he buttoned me onto the dress and pulled the waist which was up around my chest tight as he tied the sash into a bow behind me. As I look down through tear filled eyes the flounced skirt of the dress barely came down over my bum. I cried even harder if that was possible. I was sobbing so hard it was impossible for me to even respond to him or shout my protests or promises or even beg.

The girls remained in the corner watching the entire process of the sissifacation of their brother and friend. Dad stood and turned to them as he stepped around me to exit the room.

"Here’s your new sissy sister. Take good care of her and be sure and tell your Mother when she needs her diaper changed. And you sissy, you better be still wearing your diaper and panties when I get home tonight. And you’ll be staying in your panties and dresses till you can prove your potty trained. Your mother’s even getting out Beth’s old potty chair for you so you can practice going potty", He glared at me as he left.

As soon as he stormed down the steps and he and Mother had words we heard the front door shut. That broke the silence in the room as Carol, Beth and Emily surrounded me.

Carol began, "Oh look at the pretty little sissy girl. Isn’t she so cute in her pretty little dress and ruffled panties to match them.

Emily added, "Oh he does look like a girl baby, doesn’t he. Maybe baby is hunger and needs his tittie bottle."

They all laughed and I pulled away from their giggles and teases and the dress flew up as I spun around exposing my panty covered bottom. The strange feel of the teasing of the dress hem on my legs and the fullness of the diaper being held in the panties made my tiny penis hard. I had no control of it. Emily saw it tenting out the panties as I tried to retreat.

"Oh look, his little thing is making his panties stick out in front. Does sissy like his diaper?", she teased amid a new flurry of giggles.

Mom finally came to the rescue. Through the door way scattering my tormenters she came. She took me by the arm as she pulled me towards the door.

"Alright that’s enough you three. And you, quit bawling or I’ll give you something to bawl about. You brought this on yourself. I’ve told you a hundred times if I told you once your Dad was not going to put up with your accidents forever. Now come on down stairs and you can play in the house till supper."

I sniffed and sobbed a few times trying to control myself in fear of additional punishment. I went into the family room and turned on the tv jumping up on the couch and folding my arms tightly across my chest in hopes of hiding the little dress wrapped around me. My legs were crossed under me Indian style.

The girls came down and Beth came into the room with me while Carol and Emily paused at the doorway as they headed back outside.

"Look at the pretty baby pouting. Oh hers so mad. Poor baby probably wants to go outside with her big sister. Oh you be a good baby and we’ll go see if any of your little friends want to come over and play with you", Carol teased.

"Mom", I screamed, "Carols teasing me again. She said she’s going to bring kids here to see me. Tell her she can’t."

"Carol, Quit teasing your brother or you’ll spend the rest of the week in your room grounded", Mom retorted. Carol and Emily left as Beth came into the room and sat up on the couch with me. As she did she turned to me feeling the lacy hem of the dress.

"That was one of my favorite dresses. But it looks pretty on you. Will you pretend to be my sister", Beth coaxed.

Sniffing I replied, "Beth don’t tease me. I hate this. I’m a boy. I hate Dad. He shouldn’t have done this. I told him I wouldn’t ever pee my pants again."

"Yeah, but you have to wear it and we could pretend and play house or something. Pleaseeeee, Bobby"

I thought about her coaxing and for some strange reason was responding to her and the kindness she was showing.

"Well, I guess." I whispered.

"Oh Bobby, thank you," She squealed. As she ran up the stairs to return with dolls and tea set bulging in her arms. She dumped them on the floor in front of me and began setting the plastic tea service out on the coffee table in front of me. I slowly slid off the couch to set at the table. Beth handed me a doll which I took without hesitation and began to cuddle it in my arms as she started our little fantasy. Two ladies at tea with their children talking about raising the children and house work.

I had gotten deeply engrossed in the fantasy and Beth was calling me Barbara and I felt in place with the pretty dress on. I didn’t hear Mom come in the room and as I turned to see her standing there.

"Well, well isn’t that nice you girls playing so nice and quiet together like this", she said.

"Ahhhh Mom, please I was just playing with Beth."

"I know dear and I think it’s really nice you do. You almost look like twins sitting there like that. Why don’t you let me put a ribbon in your hair like your sister’s while you play and I have the socks to match the dress. Wait here. I’ll be right back."

"Mom, I’m not a girl. You called me a girl", I protested as she left the room. I don’t know why I didn’t protest her suggestions of hair ribbons and girls socks. But then I guess I was pretending to be Barbara for our game.

Mom returned and tied a ribbon under my hair pulling it back from my face and tying it on top separating my bangs. While she did this I slipped the white lace top ankle socks on and as I raised my legs I again exposed my frilly clad bottom. She had also brought me a pair of black shiny mary jane style shoes, old ones of Carol’s which I added and buckled the strap.

"Now you really do look like twins. The prettiest girls in town", Mom said smiling at us.

I just ignored her reference to girls and smiled back at her. I mean after all here I was sitting here in a diaper, rumba panties, dress, lace socks, hair ribbon and girls shoes. Beth and I continued our game. I finally had the urge to pee once more and called Mom. She just came and took me by the hand and led me to the kitchen where the little potty chair sat. She told me to hold up my dress as she pulled the panties down and unpinned my diaper. She told me to go in the potty for Dad would be checking to make sure I used it.

So I squeezed on the potty holding my dress up and made tinkle in the potty. As I stood up Mom reached under me with a wipey and wiped my penis of any drops of urine left.

"Mom, please can I change clothes now. I used the potty", I begged.

" I wish you could but your Father would have a fit if he came home and you weren’t wearing the dress and diapers. But I’ll tell you what, I’ll get you some under wear to put on till bed time then you’ll have to be back in your diaper."

"Ahhh welllll, I guess."

Mom disappeared and returned with a pair of girls pink panties. I didn’t even protest as she held them out for me to step into. She pulled them up my legs and around my waist. They actually felt really nice and now the dress and lining of petticoats really felt ticklish over my panty clad bottom. Something the rumba panties prevented from happening.

I pulled my dress down and returned to the room to finish our tea party. As I passed the hall mirror I saw the cute little girl in the mirror. It was me. It was Beth. I did look just like her. Even our hair looked the same length. I pause and had to do a turn to look at myself completely. I was pretty. Walking without the diaper and rumba panties felt nice and maybe I wouldn’t get teased about being a baby, at least.

Beth and I played awhile longer and then it was a little boring. It was Beth who suggested we go out back and play on the swing set.

"Barbie, I’m tired of this, aren’t you? Why don’t we go out and play on the swing set?", Beth quiried.

"Beth, I can’t go out like this. Someone might see me."

"Oh pooh! None can see over the fence. And I’ll even push you on the swing. Anyway your not wearing diapers anymore, so who cares."

"Beth, I’m still wearing a dress and ribbons in my hair and everything."

"Oh come on please, Barbie? Please I’ll lock the gate and no one will see you, pleaseeeeeee".

Against my better judgment I relented and got to my feet and headed for the back door. "OK, but no one better see me."

Now wearing a dress and swinging on a swing was a really new experience. I climbed up on the swing for Beth to fulfill her promise to push me. I was surprised at her ability to push and as I pumped my legs I was really going high. The tummy tickles started and I was trying to hold the giggles back and keep from peeing in my panties. My dress would fly out as I cut through the air pushing the crinolines up over my lap. I loved the feeling that had never been felt while swinging in my boy clothes.

I was giggling like a little girl and Beth encouraged just kept pushing harder. I never heard them or saw them till Carol yelled, "Oh Bobby you have to be more careful swinging when wearing your dress. We can all see clear up to your pretty little panties. What happened, did Mom run out of diapers."

There on the back porch stood Emily, Carol and George ( An older friend of Carols). They were all laughing and pointing as I tried to slow the swing to escape the ridicule. Yes the back gate was locked but they had come through the house.

Carol continued, "See we told you. He’s wearing a dress and even hair ribbons. He’s just my little sissy sister."

"Bobby, I didn’t believe them. You really do look like a girl. What a little sissy. And girls panties too," George almost bend over laughing and pointing at me.

I burst into tears and jumped from the swing landing on my hands and knees with the dress up over my back exposing my pink panty clad to them all as the roared in laughter. I gained my feet and the only escape was directly through them into the house. I had my head down in shame as my face burned and the tears rolled down my cheeks, sobbing as I ran. I tried pushing through them as they continued their taunts.

George grabbed me on the way through by my arm and swung me around from the door. "Oh my what a pretty little girl you make, Bobbi." He reached down with his free hand and lifted lifting the back of my dress while holding me against him. His hands grabbed the cheeks of my bum and he squeezed them as he continued his teasing. "Wow, nice set of buns for such a little sissy."

"Look he’s even wearing a hair ribbon and my shoes," giggled Carol.

I was in full out rage and embarrassment with tears flooding over my face and my whole body flushed and hot. I tore away from George’s grip as I stumbled into the house and made my way up the stairs to my room. Blinded by the tears and the leather soled mary- janes slipping on the carpeted stairs, I stumbled upwards fully exposing my pink pantied bottom to my tormenters gathered at the foot of the steps.

"Mom! Mom! Bobby isn’t wearing his diaper. Come look Mom! He’s wearing pink girls panties," Carol shouted. "Boy are you in trouble little girly when Dad finds out."

I had attained the safety of my bedroom and locking the door behind me I fell on the bed and sobbed. How would I ever be able to show myself in the neighborhood again? Maybe Carol, Emily and Beth would keep a secret under threats from Mom, but George I knew would tell everybody exactly what he had seen.

I heard Mom finally reach the group at the bottom of the stairs. "What’s going on here? Carol, I thought I told you not to bring anyone here today?" Turning to Emily and George, "You two should be ashamed of yourselves. Bobby is being punished by his Dad and is embarrassed enough by what has happened to him without your teasing. I think you had better be going and you had better keep this to yourselves or I’ll be calling on your Mothers to tell them how terrible your acting." Now get going and if I here you spreading this story around you’ll both be in trouble, understand."

"Y.. Yes, Mrs. Brown, we w..w..won’t say anything," Emily spoke for both children as they back out of the door to scurry home.

"Now, you young lady," Mom said turning her anger towards Carol. "You deliberately disobeyed me. You think it’s funny the punishment your brother’s going through, do you? Well, we’ll see just how funny you think your punishment is going to be. Now get up to your room and stay there. Don’t even think of going anywhere."

"B..but, Mom, I.. I didn’t know he’d be still all dressed up like a girl and wearing hair ribbons and girl shoes and everything." I didn’t even think he’d be anywhere anyone would see him. And he isn’t wearing a diaper like Dad said he had too," Carol whined.

"Don’t you even worry about what your brother is wearing or what your Father said. You just get to your room and stay there till I have time to deal with you. What do you think is going to happen if Emily and that George spread this story all over the neighborhood? What do you think his life at school this fall will be like if the kids there find out? I just don’t understand you and how mean you can be to your brother. Now move it missy," Mom raising her voice in a disgusted tone as Carol escaped further wrath as she made the confines or her bedroom slamming the door behind her.

I had heard most of the conversation from the raised voices and this only made my plight embed deeper in my mind as I tried to think what school might be like for me if the guys in my class heard about this. I was turning from self pity to anger as the tears subsided and I heard Mom’s attempt at opening my bedroom door.

"Bobby, Bobby, Open the door. Come sweetie let me in so we can talk," Mom cajoled from behind the door.

I reluctantly unlocked the door and scurried back to the bed as I crawled up on it and curled into a fetal position. The short frilly dress and crinolines were pushed up in back exposing my bottom now stinging a little from Georges earlier grouping.

Mom entered and eased herself onto the edge of my bed as her soft hand brushed my girly bangs up off my forehead and she began, "I’m really sorry all this happened. You know how your Father is at times. But you really do need to learn to control yourself better. And I know how means your sister can be at times and I’ll see that she doesn’t tease you anymore. Tell you what, why don’t you put your jeans and shirt on and you can wear them for supper and till bedtime, OK. What your Dad doesn’t know won’t hurt us, right?"

"But Mom, George and Emily will tell everyone. How can I ever go to the playground again or school this fall. Everyone will know," I sniffed.

"Oh let’s not worry about that right now. I don’t think this story will go any further. Now come on dry those tears, change your clothes and I’ll call you when supper is ready." Mom kissed me on the forehead and exited my room heading for Carol’s room to deal with her.

As the door shut I was up off the bed struggling out of the dress and into jeans and a tee shirt. Then I quietly stood next to the door trying to hear what was going on between Mom and my sister. I heard Carol sob a few times but I couldn’t hear what was being said or done.

It wasn’t long till I heard Mom calling, "Come on kids, supper is ready. Hurry up before it gets cold."

I was quite hungry after the emotional day I had suffered through and was first to the kitchen table flowed closely by Beth. Beth look at me and frowned saying, "Oh Bobby, you changed. I wish you hadn’t. You looked so pretty before."

"Beth don’t tease me please. I’m a boy and I don’t wear dresses."

"But your still wearing your hair ribbon and my socks, aren’t you? Do you have panties or a diaper on under you jeans?"

I was turning red, I was so excited about getting out of the dress I didn’t even think about the panties, hair ribbon, socks and shoes I was still wearing. "Ah.. ah, I.. I, Oh I just forgot about them," reaching up to pull the ribbon out of my hair as it fell down around my face.

Mom laughed a little and taking the ribbon from my hand fixed it back into my hair holding it back off my face. "It’s ok, Bobby. I think you better wear the hair ribbon to eat or until we find a way to hold the hair out of your face or you’ll be eating hair with your dinner."

I just sat down and started fixing my plate as Mom yelled, "Carol, get down here for supper. I don’t care if you eat or not but you’ll sit with us at the table."

I dropped my fork as Carol entered the kitchen. There she stood in a frilly pink satin and chiffon little girls party dress. Amazing as it was one of her old dress and she was still squeezed into it, although now it barely covered her bum. Her hair was done in high set ponytails on either side of her head tied with pink ribbons with long tendrils hanging down. Her feet were in white maryjane style shoes and she was wearing little girl style pink lace top anklet socks. The short dress made it apparent she was wearing pink ruffled plastic panties over a diapered bottom."

Beth started, "Oh Carol, you’re so pretty. Oh I always thought you looked so pretty in that dress. But, Mom said I could have it when you out grew it."

I had to get some measure of revenge, "Oh my look at the baby girl, and now look who’s wearing the diapers!"

"Yeah, well I am a girl not a boy wearing a dress. And look at you still in your pretty shoes and hair ribbon," Carol retorted. "What do you think Dad’s going to do to you when he finds out your not wearing your dress and diapers?"

"That’s enough you two. And if his Dad finds out we didn’t follow his instructions, I’ll know where it came from. And let me tell you something young lady, it you don’t want to be wearing diapers and little girl clothes the rest of the summer you’ll keep your mouth shut. Do you understand me?" Mom said ending the conversation.

We ate in silence and watched the television till bedtime. I couldn’t resist smirking and making faces at my older sister all babied up for the evening. She would retaliate with her own smirks and making faces at me. These actions, of course, all out of site of my Mother.

I finally got to get out of the panties, hair ribbon and socks as I took my bath and headed to my bedroom to get into my PJ’s. My mother met me in my room. There on the bed was a white diaper and pink-headed diaper pins along with a pair of yellow ruffled rumba rubber panties. "Mom, I.. I thought you said I could wear my own clothes," I whined.

"Sorry Bobby, but when your Dad comes home and if he checks on you, you had better be wearing the diaper or it’s hard to tell what he might do. Don’t worry about it. It’s just for tonight and nobody is going to see you," Mom said as I reluctantly climbed up on the bed and onto the spread diaper.

Mom powdered my entire bottom explaining that the diaper might rub me raw under the Rumba panties if she didn’t powder me well. The diaper was pulled up around my waist and under my crotch as it was pinned into place. She then slipped the panties up over my legs and as I raised my bottom off the bed pulled them up around my waist. I had lost the initial embarrassment of being put in a diaper and the my diapered bottom being held in the panties and the smooth powder on my bottom felt rather nice. In fact as this though crossed my mind I was embarrassed again and just thinking how nice it really did feel.

"Can I put my PJ’s on now Mom?" I Ask.

That’s when she turned around holding out a yellow frilly nightgown of Carols. She said, "Sorry honey, but I think you better be in a night gown for Dad’s inspection. We don’t want to give him any reason to get mad again, do we? Now hold up your arms and stand up."

I stood and holding my hands over my head had the gown pulled down over my head. It felt like I was in a dress again. The sleeves were short and gathered with lace and a bow on them. The neckline was open but trimmed in white lace and again the little bow at the neck line. The hem fell to my knees and the lacey hem tickles my knees as it settled into place.

"My you do look pretty in that. Your blond hair and big blue eyes are prefect for that gown," Mom said smiling as she pulled back the coverlet on the bed for me to crawl into.

"Mom quit teasing me please. Today was bad enough and having to wear this."

"Oh I’m sorry honey. It’s just that you look an awfully like Beth. Do you want me to brush your hair out before I go?"

"Mommmmmmm! No just let me go to sleep and get this over with. Good Night, Mommy.. er I.. I meant Mom."

"Goodnight Sweetheart, I see you in the morning."



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