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Dog Walk

by William a. Brown


My mistress was lending me to Master K and his mate, Slave An for the weekend. After weeks of dieting, hormones and training and having almost all of my body hair removed by laser I could now pass easily for a woman. That is as long as I added a bit of makeup and wore some appropriate clothing.

If I dressed in male clothing I still looked like a man, though somewhat feminine. When dressing as a man I had to bind My breasts with an elastic bandage for they had grown fairly large (for a man) with the hormone treatments.

As a break after the strict routine of feminization by Mistress. I mistakenly dressed casually in jeans, sneakers and a sweatshirt to go over to the house of Master K.

I had been ordered by Mistress to arrive promptly at 4pm on Friday afternoon but she had not dictated any particular dress.

I rang the doorbell and was escorted quickly inside by Master K.

He took one look at my clothes and said, " I was under the impression you were trained? Well we will soon take care of that problem."

He ordered me to strip. I first took off my sneakers and socks. Next wiggled out of my baggy sweatshirt and pulled down my jeans. This left me dressed only in a bra and panties.

After a smack on my ass, and a curt command "Everything!" I quickly removed the offending items.

He then tossed me a package of thigh high nylons and told me to put them on. I felt very naked and exposed as I struggled to don the nylons. He then handed me a pair of black high-heeled pumps I recognized them as my training pumps by the locking straps. My mistress must have sent them over. I wondered what other training goodies she had sent. It took me only a few moments to pull on the nylons. I was glad I had just shaved my legs Mistress had dictated there be no stubble on them at any time. I then donned and locked on my training pumps after all the time I had spent in them I could now walk quite confidentially in them.

He then quickly moved behind me and pulled my hands behind my back. I felt the cold steel and heard the ratcheting of the handcuffs as they closed on my wrists.

I then smelled the leather as a thick posture collar was put around my throat. I had to lift my chin high to accommodate its width. It was chinched tight around my throat and this allowed very little movement of my head as it ran from my shoulders to my up-tilted chin.

He then forced a ring gag into my mouth; this increased the tilt of my head to maximum as the gag forced my mouth wide open.

"There", he said, "I like to hear you suffer but I don't want any intelligent complaining".

He then pulled my cuffed hands up and connected them to the back of the posture collar.

Leather Cuffs were then attached just above my elbows.

Connecting a dog leash to a ring in the front of the posture collar he marched me down to his so-called playroom.

Naked except for my nylons and high heels I minced carefully down the stairs. My training heels are 5 1/2 inches and with my hands cuffed and my head staring at the ceiling due to the posture collar and gag I found the stairs very difficult.

When we reached the playroom he moved me under some hanging chains. Glancing to my right I glimpsed a woman naked except for a discipline helmet.

This was of heavy leather that covered the head and neck the only opening was at the nose so that she could breath.

I had spent some time in one and knew you could not hear or see and this forced you concentrate on your punishment since there were no distractions.

Her hands were cuffed like mine to the back of the collar attached to the discipline helmet. A string tied her big toes together and this was attached to the ring at the top of the helmet. This ring was attached to a heavy chain hanging from the ceiling. This forced all the weight of this poor girl onto her knees. Under her knees I noticed two pencils.

Master K noticed me looking at the girl and said "that is my mate, Slave An.

She did not kneel when she should have. She has been like that for two hours, when I release her; she will have a hard time standing and will not repeat her digression soon I think.

My heart skipped a beat as I also glimpsed on a table near by, a needle and some silver rings.

He then attached the chains to my elbow cuffs lifting my elbows up to do so. This arrangement effectively immobilized me.

He added to this by attaching a spreader bar to my ankles.

There, he said We are ready to begin.

As part of your training as a slut you will not to wear any underwear under your skirts. You must be shaved also. I see that you are not.

He left me there balancing on my high heels and went on to explain.

"Mistress Tina has told me that you keep ruining your image as a woman when you get excited while wearing a skirt.

I will be adding some rings to the offending member. They will be used to restrain your penis but still leave you naked under your skirt as your training dictates.

All I could do is murmur some objections, the ring gag stopping me from articulating anything intelligent.

One piercing will be placed though your foreskin; this will be a rather large set of holes unfortunately since they will have to accommodate a small padlock. The second will be a permanent ring at the base of your penis between your balls. I will be used in your training, for from it will be attached a small spiked ball.

This will force you to take smaller and more feminine steps, Mistress Tina has been telling me you still walk like a man."

He let me stew about this as he moved over and started to release Slave An. First he untied her toe bondage and pulled her to her feet. Two ugly red indentations marked her knees and she had a hard time standing up.

Next he removed her wrist cuffs from the helmet and re-cuffed them in front of her by some chains to a ring in the front of the collar; this gave her limited movement of her hands.

Undoing the straps holding the discipline helmet he pulled it off her head. She blinked and squinted from the sudden light.

Her hair was damp and curled and her face red from the heat and restrictions of the helmet.

She jumped when she saw me near naked and bound and started to say something but her training kicked in and she quickly shut her mouth.

"Go get cleaned up and put on some nylons and your 5 1/2" heels." ordered Master K.

My Mistress had told me that Slave An is required to wear high heels almost all of the time. She wears 3 Ĺ to 4-inch heels to work, 5 to 5 1/2 inch when Master K takes her out or around the house and 6 and 6 1/2 inch for bondage and discipline sessions.

Master K interrupted my thoughts with a slap. Wake up slave!

While we are waiting let's address the problem of your casual attire when you came over.

You know that as part of your training you are to be dressed as a woman at all times.

The only exception is when you go to work. Even then you are to wear a bra and panties under your male clothing.

Jeans and a sweatshirt are not feminine enough.

You are to be in a skirt or dress at all times. No pants or panties allowed." I tried to nod but could not in the posture collar.

He went over to the wall and picked up a wicked looking switch.

"You wore four inappropriate items and so will receive four blows.

That is for the running shoes" and brought the switch down hard across my ass it felt like a hot brand and I screamed with the pain.

"This is for the jeans" and again the pain streaked across my ass.

"This one is for wearing panties " a third blow to my burning ass.

And this is for that disgusting baggy sweatshirt" this time my breasts took the blow and I screamed again.

I stood there sobbing balancing on my high heels three red streaks on my ass and one across my breasts when Slave An returned.

"Make sure you remove all the hair from his balls and crotch", he told Slave An and do it as painfully as you can, I suggest waxing.

Ignoring my sobbing and discomfort she went and got the materials for a good waxing.

The wax was hot as she spread it on by balls. I felt her press on the cloth. Breath in she said and then there was a painful ripping from my most sensitive areas.

I yelped and then I heard from the other room Master K.

" Slave An have you taken a pee yet?" "No master" she said, "You have not given me permission yet.

"Good", he said "go pee into some of your soiled panties from the laundry room and stuff them in that whining bitches mouth.

I, I donít have any panties Master I am not allowed to wear any. "Oh yea" he called back "find a rag and use that".

A few minuets later the sodden urine soaked rag was stuffed through the ring gag till my mouth was full.

The waxing continued but all I could now get out was a small murmur.

After this painful process was finished Master K returned. "You will be responsible to keep your crotch bare," he said and donned a pair of rubber gloves.

He then picked up a wicked looking pair of pliers from the table.

They had a hole in the tip and had a ratchet so they could be locked closed.

He came over and grabbed my foreskin pulling it out and down.

He then proceeded to clamp it with the pliers.

Leaving my smarting foreskin with the clamp attached he went back over to the table and picked up a rather large looking needle.

I must confess I only had a glimpse these proceedings and none whatsoever of what he was doing to me as the gag and posture collar held my head in an uncomfortable tilted high position.

I did however feel quite well and let out a yipe although it came out a small murmur as a burning ripping sensation was felt below from my foreskin.

There was more pulling and pain as I felt something cold and heavy being forced into the piercing.

"There", he said standing back and sounding very pleased with himself. "You won't be having any sex with that installed in fact you won't even be able to masturbate.

Keep them feminized and Horney is Mistress Tinaís motto.

The second ring went much quicker and less painful as it required a much smaller needle.

He undid the leg speader and replaced it with a short chain.

He then undid the chains attached to my elbow cuffs. It was a great relief as I could lower my arms and bring my legs together.

He then undid the posture collar and undid the wrist cuffs from the back of it. It felt so good, my only bondage was the ankle cuffs and my wrists cuffed behind my back. My mouth however was still full of ring gag and urine soaked rag.

He led me over to a full-length mirror and I saw a tall feminine looking man with full breasts. The red mark from the switch was clearly visible. Then I saw the padlock. It went through my foreskin just at the tip of my cock. I could pull the foreskin back only far enough to pee I knew now what he meant that I would be having no sex including masturbation.

Now to get you ready to go out for our little walk.

He went over to his bondage closet and brought back a black collar.

This was a stainless steel collar it was ĺ of an inch wide and covered with black velvet it had a small silver ring in the front of it.

He put the collar around my neck and squeezed it I heard it clicking as it closed snugly around my throat.

In the mirror I saw that there were some black velvet tabs that covered the ratchet parts.

He saw me looking at the collar and said," this is an excellent collar for going out in public. It looks just like a black velvet choker but it is very secure and can not be removed without a special tool.

Iíll just add another ring to the back for your posture harness." He took another ring from the kit. It had Two small flat plates with crimped edges. These he fitted over the collar at the back and tightened the small bolt holding the plates together. This pulled the plates together attaching it firmly to the collar.

He then attached my cuffed hands to this added ring. I was now back in the position with my hands cuffed behind my neck.

He went back over to his closet opened a drawer and came back with a massive looking butt plug and a pot of Vaseline.

This will help you with getting the knack of a more feminine walk.

I shook my head and squeaked No.

He only grinned as he dipped his rubber-gloved fingers into the Vaseline and stuck one, two then three up my ass greasing it up good.

Then putting the butt plug on a low stool and set this behind me.

"You have five minutes to get that up our ass slave."

I squatted over the stool and started to ease it up my ass by sitting on it. I felt massive as it stretched my ass the pain increased as I tried to get it in.

"Times up", he said and pushed down on my shoulders.

There was a very sharp burst of pain as the widest part went in and then subsided into the familiar urge to take a shit.

"Now for the posture harness", he said.

Standing me up he went back over to his bondage closet and returned with some black leather straps.

He took a wide belt and put it around my slim waist. He pulled so it tight I could hardly breathe. It had three small rings attached to the front of it; the buckle was around the back so it was not noticeable under a skirt.

"Till you have the operation I guess we will have to use the two outer rings." He took a harness that had three thinner straps complete with buckles and snaps attached to a ring.

He attached two of the straps to the two outer rings on the front or the belt around my waist. He adjusted the length of these straps so the ring came just under my balls.

He took a longer strap with a snap on it and undoing my handcuffs from the ring at the back of my choker and connected this strap to the ring at the back of the choker collar.

Threading this strap through a loop on the waist belt he connected it to the buckle on the third strap of the harness hanging between my legs.

The purpose of this whole harness became apparent as he started to pull this strap tighter.

The front straps pulled tight with my balls and cock between them.

The strap running up to the choker pulled tight between my ass cheeks and pushed the butt plug further in.

The whole harness made me pull back my shoulders and arch my back this pushed my breasts out.

If I relaxed the strap up my back began to tighten causing the collar to choke me.

"There that sure improves your posture", he said.

Using a switch he make me parade back and forth on my high heels to get the full effect.

He then lead me over to the full-length mirror and said, you stand here and admire yourself slave Iíll send in Slave An to get you ready for our little walk".

I looked in the mirror and saw a masculine looking woman dressed only in thigh high nylons and high spike heels her mouth was distorted by a ring gag and her hands were secured behind her back with steel handcuffs.

The black straps of the posture harness framed my cock and balls and the silver padlock hanging from my foreskin. The posture harness also made me stand straight and put feminine curve in my spine and made me thrust my small breasts out.

Slave An Arrived with an armload of clothing and a makeup case. She came over and led me to a chair by the table and made me sit down.

I was reminded of the butt plug as it was forced deeper.

From previous experience with butt plugs there would be very few times I was not aware of it and the constant urge to expel it.

Slave An Pulled out the foul tasting urine soaked rag from my mouth then undid the strap holding in the ring gag.

As I exercised my strained mouth she put a finger to her lips indicating I must remain silent.

Slave An then applied makeup and put a blond wig on my head. She stood me up and led me to the mirror.

She had done a wonderful job, other than the cock between my legs; I looked like a woman. "You will have to practice putting on your own make up our masters will not tolerate sloppy make up." Said Slave An.

She then went over to her case and returned with a spool of dental floss.

I wondered what it was for as she knotted one end into a slipknot.

I became aware as she tweaked my nipple and slipped the knot over it and pulled it tight, It pinched my nipple a little.

She ran the floss over my neck and put another slipknot into the floss above my other nipple she then cut the floss off the spool.

Tweaking my other nipple she lifted my breasts and slipped the knot onto my other nipple.

Now they both pinched more now as the weight of my somewhat small breasts pulled the slip knots tight.

I was very glad I was not better endowed.

" To bad I was not in charge of your discipline", Slave An chirped up. "I would have first put on a breast harness. The harness squeezing the base of your boyish breasts would have made your nipples a lot more sensitive.

Maybe I will suggest it to Master K" I shook my head vigorously my nipples sore enough already.

Slave An then minced (since she was dressed in only thigh hi nylons and 5 1/2 inch heels) over to the bondage closet and returned with something with lots of buckles and made of black leather.

Putting this down she proceeded to remove my handcuffs and quickly slipped a white blouse up my arms and over my shoulder.

With one hand she had held my wrists together. She picked up the leather thing and began to slide it over my wrists and up my arms.

It was at this point I recognized it as a single-glove.

A single glove when strapped into place pulls the hands arms and elbows tightly together. It is a bit uncomfortable at first but this gets worse with the elbows and upper arms cinched tightly together putting a strain on the shoulders.

She pulled it all the way up my arms and tightened all the straps. "There she said donít that feel good?" laughing.

She then pulled my blouse together and did up the buttons.

The blouse was so thin you could see my pinched, engorged nipples through it.

I was to learn the second use of the single glove as she attached a short chain to the padlock in the piercing in my foreskin.

This chain was attached to a ring in the hand end of the single glove.

The chain was short enough that it pulled my cock between my legs and if I moved my arms too much it pulled painfully at the lock in my foreskin.

Slave An went back over to the pile of clothing and returned with some high heeled boots.

The boots were of gray leather and a medium height heel of only 3 Ĺ or 4 inches. She removed my leg cuffs then making me lift one foot unlocked and removed one of my training heels.

Balancing on one 5 Ĺ inch heel with my arms bound was no fun.

It was preferable to sitting as I later found out, the single glove chained to my foreskin made that quite painful.

Slave An then pulled and zipped one of the boots up my leg. It came to just below my knee. She quickly exchanged my other training heel for the twin of the first boot.

Going from 5 Ĺ heels to a 4 inch heel was quite a relief. This was to be short lived when I found out just how far I was going to be made to walk.

Returning to the now diminished pile of clothing she extracted a gray skirt. It was unusual in the design. It had a wide belt at the top and the bottom at the back was normal. What made it unusual was it had no seat.

She made me step into the skirt and she pulled it up to my waist. The skirt was quite short stopping a good 6 inches above my knees and fairly tight.

She tighten the buckles on the wide belt at the top telling me to breath in When she was finished the belt pulled my stomach sharply in.

I was lead over to the mirror and saw that my whole bottom was bare with the gray skirt framing it with a heart shaped opening the single glove and attached chain now disappeared between my legs. My thighs now pulled tightly together by the bottom of the tight skirt walking was now reduced to small quick steps.

She returned to the pile of clothing for the final item.

Walking over I could see it was a cape of gray material. Fastening it around my throat it covered my neck choker and fell down my back hiding both the single glove and my bare ass.

I looked in the mirror and you could not tell I was in severe bondage and only my swollen nipples visible through the thin blouse showed me as a slut.

Pulling down a nose-hook attached to a heavy weight she hooked it into my nostrils and adjusted the weight so I had to stand with my head held high. "There that should hold you till Master K is ready to take us out". Said Slave An as she strutted out the room to get ready leaving me standing in front of the mirror admiring my outfit. Both slave An and myself were to accompany Master K for a long walk in public as he walked his three charges for a dog walk.




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