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The Diaper Gang         by: Jennifer Allison


It was President’s Day weekend. What I didn’t know then. It was the weekend that would change my life forever.

I was what you might call a Juvenile Delinquent. I ran around in a sort of a gang. There were six of us, 3 boys and 3 girls. We weren’t what most people would call a gang, we ran around together having what we call fun and everybody else would say trouble.

One time a neighbor had an important meeting to go to one morning. So for fun, we pulled the air valves out of three of his tires. Another time when our school putting on its major play for the year. Patricia my best friend won the lead actress part in the play. Then lost the part to the richest girl in town. The only way she could get the part was for her mom to write a blank check and pay for everything. So two days before the play was suppose to start. We let a skunk loose in the theater. By the time they removed the skunk he had left so many calling cards, it took them two weeks to air out the theater. So that anyone could be in there for than five minutes. The brat didn’t get to do the part anyway. Two days before the night of the play, she came down with the mumps. She looked like a little chipmunk.

We just cause all around trouble for our families, neighbors and the school.

Shortly after New Year’s, a meeting was held down at the school. We thought it was a normal PTA meeting. It wasn’t, the only topic of conservation was about us. It took over three hours to decide what to do. And this is the story of what happened.

* * *

I woke up 7:30 which is strange, cause on Saturday I usually sleep in until at least ten. When I arrived in the kitchen I notice Pat and her mother were there.

"Hi, Pat. Mrs. Larkin. What’s for breakfast?"

"Good morning, Dear. Just plain cereal. Mary and I and some of the other moms, plan on going shopping and we don’t won’t to waste a minute. That is why Sue isn’t here. Sue and some of her friends are going to babysit some of the younger kids." Sue was my fourteen year-old sister who gave me the greatest pleasure of making her life a living hell.

As I sat down at the table I glance at the kitchen clock. It read 7:55. Then I heard these words. "Baby in a Trance, Baby in a Trance, Baby in a Trance." From my mom and Mrs. Larkin. These words didn’t mean a thing at the time. I soon found out different.

As the clock struck, 8 o’clock.

"What is that smell?" asked Mrs. Larkin. Then she noticed the liquid on the floor underneath the table. "Pat, did you just wet your pants?"

"MOM! You have to be kidding. I am sixteen years-old."

"Stand up, and show me," Mrs. Larkin told her daughter.

As Pat stood I noticed a spreading wet spot near the conjunction of her legs.

"Ha! Ha! Look at you, Pat needs a diaper, Pat needs a diaper." I kept ribbing her, as Pat’s face started growing redder and redder.

My mom’s answer to this was. "Please Jack, stand up. I don’t think Pat is the only one who needs a diaper."

As I stood up, I reached down and felt my pants. They were soaking wet.

"It looks like we have two babies here. Mary, everything is setup for you and Pat in our guest room, Jack please come with me, and I’ll get you changed."

"I can change my own clothes."

"Be quiet, and come with me."

I tried to say something else, but for some reason I couldn’t. Unable to control myself I followed my mom to the master bedroom.

As I entered the bedroom I noticed a couple of things. On top of the bed was what look like a diaper laying on a plastic sheet. On a hanger, hanging from the closet door was what looked a baby dress, but it was too large for a baby.

"I want you take off all your clothes." Handing me a bottle. "Then go to bathroom and rub this all over your body. When you have done this. Come and tell me."

I tried again to say something, but as before nothing came out. What was even stranger I started to strip right there in front of my mom. I tried to stop myself, but it seemed as if I had no control over my own body. A minute later I was in the bathroom rubbing Nair all over my body, I found out later.

After I finished I stepped out of bathroom. "I am done, mom," when I tried to say something else, I couldn’t.

"Now I want you sit on the throne until I tell you to take a shower. When you have finished the shower come back in here and lay down face down on the diaper laying on the bed."

I tried again to say something, but all I could do was go back and sit on the throne. What seemed like an hour mom finally told me to take my shower.

After the shower washed all my body hair from my body. I went back in the bedroom and climbed onto the bed and laid on top of the diaper. I tried to stop myself from doing this, but again I couldn’t control myself.

"I see by baby is ready for her diaper." I heard my mom say as she walked up behind me. I could feel baby powder being put on my backside. "Turn over, Jennifer." Why did she call me Jennifer.

My mom powdered my privates, then put on the diaper. She kept a running conversation. Like most moms do while changing a baby. "You are such a good girl, Jennifer. Most babies cry and cry when their mommies change them, I don’t hear a peep out of my good little girl."

"I have a question for my little girl. How do you like your new name?"

For the first time I could say something. All that came out though was, "Goo, Goo, Gaa, Gaa."

"So you like it. I think I will want to keep you as my little girl. Even after this weekend. What do you think of that."

All I could say in reply was baby talk.

"So it’s settled. Jack, doesn’t live here anymore, Jennifer does."

As she was talking to me, the plastic pants went on over the diaper, followed by a pair of white tights, then a white slip. Finally she got up and went to the closet and got the dress. When she came back she noticed something that I didn’t even realize that I was doing. I was sucking my thumb.

"Bad girl, Bad girl. Mommy doesn’t know where your thumb has been." With that she pulled my thumb out and replaced it with a pacifier. I didn’t miss a beat, I laid there sucking away.

"Jennifer sit up," as I did she pulled the put dress over my head and pulled it down. "Jennifer, don’t you look beautiful. I have always wanted another daughter. Now I have one."

Now she started arranging my hair. She cut it so I had bangs hanging over my forehead, then she parted it. Then braided it, so I had two pigtails. She tied the ends of the pigtails with two pink ribbons.

"Now Jennifer, come over here and look in the mirror at the new you:"

As I tried to stand. I fell right on my padded bottom.

"Jennifer, you are only ten months old. You haven’t learned to walk yet. So crawl."

Which I did. I couldn’t believe the sight I found when I finally gotten a look at myself. There sitting on the floor was I. Looking very much like a baby girl.

Then I heard footsteps. I knew from the sound that it was my dad. He’ll put a stop to this crap, right away.

The first words I heard came as a complete disappointment. "How are my girls today?"

He then bent down and kissed me on the forehead. "Good Morning, Jennifer." he said. Then turning to mom. "Are you done here?"

"Yes. Is Mary done with Pat?"

"They’re waiting in the living room." Turning towards me, he said. "Jennifer, I want you to crawl to living room and sit next to Pat. I will in shortly and explained what has happened and what is going to happen."

Still unable to control myself I started crawling, all the time giving my pacifier a good sucking. Reaching the living I found Pat sitting on the floor. Dress up as a baby. Baby dress, tights and sucking on a pacifier. She gave me a good looking over as I sat down next to her.

Then my dad and mom entered the room. Dad started the conversation with these three words. "Talk, talk, talk."

"You can both remove your pacifier now." He said sitting down on the couch. "I know both of you have a millions questions. Let me explain and that will answer most of them.

As if in unison both Pat and I asked. "What did you do to us?"

"It’s very simple. Over the last five nights the two of you and the other four members of your little gang have been listening to Hypnotic tapes. They have been playing all night long. What they have done is make your brain think that you are a baby. Using certain phrases we can control the suggestion. Like this morning both your moms at 7:55 used the phrase Baby in a Trance. Within 5 minutes both of you had a little accident. This also made it so you had no control of your actions and had to obey every word said to you."

"How long are you going to do this to us?"

"As for being in diapers. Just for this weekend. After that it will up to the rest of the parents. No more questions until I am finished."

As it was before I couldn’t talk

"It was decided six weeks ago to put the six of you in diapers. You have had your little fun. Now it is time to pay the piper. You know I almost got fired when you pulled that tire trick on Mr. Nelson. I was the one who had to take him to his appointment. What the six of you didn’t know is that if he had missed it he would have lost everything, his house, his car and his family would been out on the streets. You think your classmates love you for that skunk. When Veronica Bates got the mumps her mom canceled her check so all the kids had to come up the money to do the play themselves. And who do think had to pay for airing the theater. Us, your parents.

"So for the next three days, the six of you will act and be treated and dressed as baby girls. You see and hear everything going on, but your body will react like that of a baby.

"You have noticed some of things already. When we tell you to do something, you do it. Like when I said no more questions. You were unable to talk. The six of you will not be able to do anything, until we release you; there is nothing you can do. Except take your punishment.

"Sally and her friends have volunteered to baby sit. Now do you have questions?"

"You mean a baby in every way?" Asked Pat.

"Yes, you will not have any control of your body unless it is given to you. The way Susan and her friends talked. You can count on it. I do mean. You will have to be feed, and you will use your diapers the whole time."

"What happens on Tuesday, and school?" I asked.

"A phrase will be said to you, that will reverse earlier suggestions. So that there is no way you can be reverted back to being a baby. As for Tuesday, I don’t know what the Larkins are going to do. But in your case, Jennifer you will stay as a girl until the start of school next fall."

"NO! Please don’t do that to me. Every kid in school will torture me and pick fights with me."

"No they won’t. Any boy, who does, gets to spend a weekend in diapers and then joins you in dresses. Any girls get put in diapers and you’ll have the pleasure of babysitting them for a weekend. Every parent of the PTA has agreed to this." I found out later that some of the boys picked fights with me so that their parents would put them in dresses.

I asked again. "Have the others been put in diapers too?"

"Yes, Mr. Nelson has let us set his playroom as a nursery for the next three days."

"You mean, we are going to go outside looking like this?"

"Yes you are. I know Susan and her friends are planning to take you all down to the park all three days."

"Please! PLEASE!!! Don’t do this to us. PLEASE!!!!! We promise we will be good, VERY GOOD."

"You said that before, and within a day you are back to doing the same old things. If you do now we will keep a very large supply of adult size diapers ready for just in case."

"I think your mothers have your breakfasts ready. And when you have finished with your morning bottles I will then take you over to the Nelsons. Now crawl into the Kitchen."

"I forgot one thing," my father said. "You might figure what we are doing is costing us a lot. It is in some ways. In your case Jennifer, you remember that Sports Camp you were going to this summer. Not anymore, it is a camp for boys not girls. Some of your classmates chipped in. And Mrs. Bates, made a very large contribution."

I had no control of body, and as before I started crawling. Along side me was Pat. The first thing I noticed entering the Kitchen was two adult size high chairs. I knew whom they were for.

"Climb up here Jennifer." I did what I was told. Before the tray was put in place. I was tied in. "This so you won’t fall out and hurt yourself."

"Baby, Baby, Baby," I couldn’t help myself. I started acting just like a baby being feed. Playing with my food, making a mess all over the tray, even refusing to take the spoon until my mom started playing the old airplane into the hanger. My breakfast consisted of baby oatmeal.

I could see Pat acting just the same I was. After we finished the oatmeal we were given our bottles. I even held the bottle with both hands like a normal baby. I told myself to take away one hand, but my hands didn’t listen. Then I heard a click, then another. My dad was using our video camera. Taping the whole business of breakfast.

"Both of you haven’t noticed. But you have been on tape all morning. Some reminders after Monday."

We found out later when they took a picture of the six of us all dressed up and together. It ended as full page in our high school yearbook. This was Veronica Bates’ special punishment. She wanted everybody to remember.

As Pat and I finished our bottles, our moms holding a wash cloth in front of mouths started patting our backs. A minute or so later we both burped. Like a normal baby would.

"Now it is time for your trip to the nursery."

As Pat’s mom and mine started putting on the rest of our clothes, baby bonnet and booties. My dad wheeled in a very big baby stroller. It was built large enough to hold two teenagers. So you can guess whom it was for.

"Jennifer, Pat climb into to your stroller."

After we strapped in. I started crying, not like a grown up, but crying, like a baby. I couldn’t help myself. I couldn’t figure out why.

"What’s wrong, Jennifer?" asked mom. Then she noticed the pacifier lying on the table. "Look, Jennifer wants her pacifier." As soon as it was placed in my mouth I quit crying.

Our humiliation was just beginning. As we were pushed out the door, we were greeted a crowd of people. All of our neighbors, and most of our classmates.


"Oh look at the lovely babies, aren’t they cute." It seemed like my dad stopped every few steps so someone could pinch our cheeks. "What are their names?"

"The one on the left is little Patty Cake Larkin, on the right is my daughter Jennifer."

As the ugliest girl in school bent down, she is the girl who hated me the most. It seemed I picked her with a passion. I had an accident. I could feel it coming but I couldn’t do anything to stop it. "PPPPPPUUUUU, I think Jennifer just went poo poo in her diaper. Hey everybody Jennifer just crapped in her diaper." I could feel the crap in my diaper. But all I did was sit and act like it was a normal occurrence.

"I think the excitement is getting to the little ones, so I had better get over the nursery."

As we approached the Nelson I noticed two more adult strollers outside the door. "I see that the other four babies are already here." He then let out of our stroller. And without being told I started crawling towards the door. "That’s a good girl, Jennifer."

Looking around the room I could see, six adult sized cribs, two regular beds. They were for the babysitters. And in the middle of the room I saw Susan and five of her friends, and on the floor were the rest of my friends. All dressed up as babies, sucking on their pacifiers.

"Susan, little Jennifer went potty while we were coming over here."

"That’s no problem. She is the third baby we have had to change already. It seems like none of the boy/girl babies can control themselves. Jennifer crawl over to that plastic sheet in the corner, and lay face down."

As I lied down on the sheet. Susan said these words in my ear, "Change Baby, Change Baby, Change Baby." I soon found out why she said that. It was so I could cause no trouble during the changing.

"Listen to me closely, Jennifer. I am going to enjoy this weekend. To see you all babied up is the best thing that ever happened to me." Susan kept talking while she was diapering me. "Don’t worry your little head, about paying you and your friends back for all the fun and games you have at our expense. You see, one of the conditions that we had to accept to get this job was that at all times the six of your must be treated as babies. If it is found out that we haven’t done that. The offending babysitter gets to spend next weekend wearing diapers too. And guess who will be her babysitter. The one she offended. So let’s say, I don’t plan on wearing diapers next weekend." Susan whispered these words as she finished the diapering, "Baby, Baby, Baby."

"Now Jennifer, crawl over an meet the others."

We were set down in a circle. Pat to my right. Colleen started introducing us. Next to Pat was Vanessa, who was my best friend Vince. Next to Vince was Michelle, who everybody called Mike. She hated being a girl. Next to Michelle was Biff, the official leader of our little group, he played high school football until they kicked him off the team. He played dirty and liked to hurt anybody that he played against, the other team or his teammates. His parents gave him the name Tiffany. Next to Biff was Abigail, who we called Abby.

"As of this moment. The six of you are now babies. With the help of your tapes you can do nothing but act like a baby. Your babysitters have a lot of things planned. Trips to the park, the mall. And we expect a lot of visitors. I know most of your classmates plan on coming over."

"Now it is time for your morning nap. We know with all the excitement you must be all tired."

As we started crawling over the cribs. Each babysitter help each of us in a crib. Thinking since I had gotten up a little while ago, I wouldn’t be able to sleep. I was wrong, I was asleep within five minutes.

This is the way this weekend started.

We spent the weekend either in the nursery, park or the mall. My sister is one those girls who spent most of her spare time window shopping in the mall. No money, just walking and looking. Now she had the pleasure of pushing me along with her. It seemed that we ran into every person in town at one time or another. When the word got out that any one of the babies were in the area. Cameras came out of the woodwork. Parents wanted a picture of their kid with one of us. They used this picture to keep their children in line.

It must have been the food. I needed my diaper changed twice as often as the others. I could see and hear and understand everything happening. But just as my dad told us. We acted as a baby in every way.

As Monday afternoon finally came. I was ready to get out my diaper for good. My parents waited until till it was time for bed, to say the magic words. "Jennifer is back. Jennifer is back. Jennifer is back."

"Jennifer, I am sorry, but you’ll have to wear a diaper to bed tonight. The manufacturer of the tapes advises it. It is best to wear one for at least eight hours after, you are change back to normal."

I was so happy to back to normal. I couldn’t say anything.

So for the last night I had to sleep in my baby clothes.

My mother woke me up two hours earlier than normal.

"Time to get up, Jennifer," she said shaking my shoulder.

My reply was. "It is to early."

"You’ll to get up early to get all the extra things that a girl has to do to get ready to face the world in the morning."

"I thought you were kidding when you said I would a girl until next Sept."

"No we weren’t. I told you that Jack doesn’t live here anymore, Jennifer does. I want you to in the bathroom and use the Nair again, to remove any stubble. When you are done I will then show you how to apply your makeup and get dressed.

This is the way it started.

It is now President’s Day seven years later.

And today is the biggest day in my life.

Before I close let me pass on some information about what has happened since that weekend.

The parents had very little trouble with their kids; the pictures taken must have done their work. There was some good news, too. It seemed our town has very little if none of a drug problem. I heard that the police and the court had a special nursery setup for all drug offenders. It seemed that the pushers didn’t like wearing diapers.

As for the other members of the Diaper Gang. There was a major problem with Biff or Tiffany as she is called now. When his parents tried to reverse the regression, nothing happened. Biff has the mind of a 10 month-old baby girl. It was a side effect no one knew about. Biff’s parents settle for a huge settlement with hypnotic company. He lives in a place for grownups with special problems. For as long as he needs it. The hypnotic company had to pay for it.

As for Vince, his parent left town a month later. They promised that Vince would stay in dresses until September. I heard from him or should say her a couple years ago. Vince now works in Entertainment. As a female impressionist, in Las Vegas. He was a breast man in school. What I hear now is that his breasts compare to Dolly Parton’s, Dolly needs a training bra.

As for the girls. They were always minors in the gang. The only thing that happened to them was the diapers and the memory of that weekend. And there was always someone who remembers that they were members of the Diaper Gang.

A funny postscript to this story, is Veronica Bates. For some weird reason she wanted to try a little babyhood herself. She liked it so much, she is now a 24/7. When she is home she is almost always under the hypnotic suggestions.

As for me. In a few minutes, my dad will be walking me down the aisle.

I never went back to being Jack. I fell in love with my new female self. With the help of hormones I had a normal body of a seventeen year old girl, by the time September rolled around.

I was never an outstanding student. Around a B average. As an extra incentive my parents offered me a deal I couldn’t turn down. If I averaged straight A’s through my senior year. I would get anything I wanted. I think they knew exactly what I would want. They just couldn’t come out and say it. I got my A’s. It wasn’t a sports car. Two weeks after my graduation I entered the hospital. And the next the next day I made the final step to make me the woman I was suppose to be. The removal of my penis.

As for my special day.



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