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This story was not written with any other purpose than to entertain. I hope you like it.


The Donna Reed Show                    by: Carol Collins


The town of Hilldale in 1963 was a sleepy little town in anywhere, USA. In a quiet little neighborhood, in a well kept home on one of the many residential streets, Doctor Alex Stone, a tall, very handsome man with dark hair, wearing a white lab coat, worked busily on his project in the clinic adjoining his family’s home. His Wednesday morning foursome at the golf course had been canceled because he was nearing the final phase of years of private research.

If Dr. Stone had been funded by one of the medical research foundations, he could have completed his project a year earlier, but he was only a lowly Pediatrician, in private practice, and had never received funding of any sort. Of course, that meant that the profits, what little he would charge, would be all his, his family’s and would finance the new children’s wing of the Hilldale hospital.

There were so many children who had learning problems. Even Alex Stone’s only son had such problems. He had never made the Star Role, as his older sister had. Mary, a beauty with dark blonde hair, had only dropped to the Honor Roll once during her time in high school. She had been very upset and had doubled her study efforts in next few weeks. Last year, she had graduated at the top of her class. Now, Mary was already on the Dean’s List at the college that she attended two hours drive away. Alex and Donna were very proud of their daughter and hoped to be equally as proud of their son. They would be, if only this machine worked correctly.

Jeff Stone, a handsome young man with his father’s dark hair and good looks, was now in high school but had never made the Honor Role. Of course he had athletics to distract him from his school books. Also, he had discovered the charms of the female gender last year and had dated several girls. If his grades did not improve, he would never be accepted to medical school so that he could follow in his father’s footsteps. It was Alex Stone’s dream that he and Jeff would some day work side by side in their own clinic. Alex’s research was insurance that his dream would come true.

Donna Stone knocked softly on the door to the laboratory before she entered. Even though it was early morning, she was fully dressed in a blue serge two piece suit that complimented the color of her eyes. Her blonde hair was arranged in an absolutely perfect bouffant style that flipped up all the way around the back of her neck. Around her neck were a string of pearls that she wore almost all the time. The hemline of her skirt came just below her knee, and tan nylon stockings covered her legs. On her small feet were a pair of matching blue high heel shoes. As she turned to quietly close the door, Alex glanced at his beautiful wife. His eyes automatically scanned up and down her shapely figure, noticing that the seams up the back of her stockings were as straight as ever. He knew how lucky he was to have Donna for a wife. Donna realized how important Alex’s research project was to him, so she usually tried not to disturb him when he was working. This morning, Alex had started working without eating breakfast and Donna, being a loving wife, had brought him his breakfast on a serving tray. When she set the tray on a bare section of the workbench and removed the cover, the wonderful aroma of fresh brewed coffee, fried bacon, scrambled eggs, buttered toast, orange juice and strawberry jam was too much for Alex’s empty stomach to ignore. Donna apologized for the unusually meager breakfast and explained that she had been busy getting the donations ready for the charity auction.

Alex pulled up a couple of stools to sit on as he sat down to eat. Between sips of steaming coffee, he explained, "You know, Donna, every since Jonas Salk discovered the cure for Polio, I have wanted to make a mark in medicine. I want to leave a legacy to Mankind that will live on after I am gone." He stopped talking just long enough to take a few bites before he continued, "I don’t have to tell you that Jeff can really benefit from this research. There are many other kids out there that also have trouble concentrating on their studies. This machine will help thousands of children."

Donna spoke several words of encouragement to Alex. She had the utmost faith in her husband, but, even if his research was a complete failure, she would still consider him a hero. She was so caught up in her thoughts that she almost did not hear what he was saying. "I will have the last vacuum tube circuit ready in about five minutes. All we have to do is get a Jeff and a neuron pathway donor volunteer hooked up the machine and we can give it a preliminary test."

The idea of having her only son being used as a guinea pig in this experiment scared Donna. She wrinkled her brow in thought for a moment before she offered a suggestion. "Alex, Dear, why don’t we try the machine out? That way, you won’t have to wait until Jeff gets home from school."

Alex Stone knew that Jonas Salk had tested the Polio vaccine on himself and his entire family before it was approved for use on the school children of America. It would only be fitting if he and his wife were the first to make use of his machine. He would have preferred testing the machine on chimpanzees first, but they were too expensive for a doctor in private practice to be able to afford. He did not anticipate any problems with the test. As he finished the orange juice, he decided to take his helpful wife up on her generous offer. After all, he just knew that this test would be perfectly safe.

As Donna carried the empty tray and dirty dishes to the kitchen, Alex completed the wiring and flipped a few switches, bringing the machine to life. Donna was impressed with the high voltage hum and the colorful lights. Alex gave Donna a pill to swallow. It was a drug to enhance the neural patterns in the brain. Alex gulped down a pill, too. He placed a pair of plastic bowls that he had modified with sensors and electrodes onto each of their heads. Donna was worried that her hairstyle would be mussed, but decided that it was a worthwhile sacrifice in the name of science.

Alex paused, with his thumb poised over the switch, "Donna, are you sure you want to do this?"

Donna smiled at her husband and replied, "Yes Dear. You built this machine. Surely, nothing could go wrong." Alex pressed the button. Both slumped to the floor as they were rendered unconscious for the next hour.


Donna was the first to awaken. She carefully brought her hand to her forehead and rubbed it for a moment to get rid of the slight headache that she felt. She opened her eyes, and slowly the room came into focus. She did not remember there being a mirror in the laboratory. She looked at her reflection but noticed that it did not move when she did. Her brain was groggy as she stumbled to her feet. Everything felt weird and out of balance. She stood alongside the lab bench and held on to control the vertigo that swept through her. She tried to look at her reflection in the mirror again only to find that there was no mirror at all. She was still lying on the floor, unconscious. Donna collapsed back to the floor as her knees gave way.

Like morning fog lifting from the countryside as the morning sun comes up, Donna’s brain slowly cleared of the grogginess. She had once read a book about out of body experiences, but had never thought that she, herself, would experience it. Yet, here she was just a couple of feet from her own body. She calmly examined her appearance for the first time from outside her body. She had always been a perfectionist. Every hair had to be in place before she would let anyone see her. That’s why she got up two hours before everyone else each and every morning. She was very concerned that Alex’s modified salad bowl hat had messed up her hair that she started to reach across to remove it and inspect the damage. Her hand stopped half way to their goal as she noticed that her hands were those of a man! Plus, she was wearing a white lab coat!

Alex was awakened by the sound of a man’s scream. He had a headache, too, but that did not prevent him from opening his eyes to see who had screamed. A few moments were required for his eyes to come into focus. What awaited him was a sight that he would remember the rest of his life! He saw himself rising unsteadily to his feet. He could not understand how he could be standing, even as he sat on the floor. That’s when he looked down and saw the pretty blue skirt and noticed that the hemline had crept up to his knees. That’s when he also screamed!

Donna was caught by surprise when she heard the high pitched shriek. She looked down and saw the same face that she had seen in mirrors all her live. For the first time, she was not behind that face. She had difficulty speaking, but when she did, it was a man’s voice. She realized that she sounded like her husband as she asked, "Alex, is it you?" She dreaded his answer.

It took over a minute for Dr. Alex Stone to be able to mumble a reply. "Yes. I’m afraid that it is me. I don’t understand what happened. All my research. All my calculations. All my preliminary testing. I was trying to transfer some of my medical knowledge to you. That way, you could become a nurse." It never occurred to Alex that Donna could use his knowledge to become a doctor. He knew that women did not want to be doctors. He was amazed to hear his wife’s voice when he spoke.

Alex attempted to stand, but the tight skirt and the high heel shoes were a serious hindrance. Donna came to her husband’s aid as she helped him to his feet. The new center of balance and an unfamiliar body, along with the dizziness that he experienced, would have made him fall down again if it had not been for Donna’s support. Donna was amazed at her new strength as she slipped a muscular arm around her transformed husband’s slender waist and supported him until he could maintain his own balance.

Alex had not felt so helpless since he had broken both legs in a skiing accident when he was in college. He had to depend on others for almost every thing then. Now, he could not even stand up without assistance. He also found himself looking up into Donna’s now masculine eyes. Science and technology was supposed to solve all of societies problems. He felt certain that in another twenty or thirty years, science would find a cure for every disease, every criminal will be cured by taking a pill and there would be no hunger anywhere on the globe. He was surprised that such an laboratory mishap could even happen in this modern age.

Alex looked up at Donna as he said, in Donna’s soft voice, "There seems to be a problem with my learning machine." That was a gross understatement! Even Alex realized it after the words had been spoken by his red lipstick covered lips. He added, "I think that we should change back before Jeff gets home from school." Donna agreed.

Dr. Alex Stone attempted to place the helmet back on his wife’s head, but found that he, in her female body, was shorter that she was, in his male body. Donna took the helmet and attached the wires to the machine when they had been pulled loose as they had slumped to the floor. She found that she understood the wiring of the machine and the theory that made it work. It felt strange to realize that she had so much knowledge at her disposal. She felt that it was a shame that she could not keep it when they changed back.

Donna was surprised when she saw that her husband, now in her own body, was still able to operate his machine. "Alex, Dear," she asked in her deep pitched voice, "How is it that I seem to have your medical knowledge while I am in your body, but you seem to also have it in my body?"

Alex stopped flipping switches for a moment to give Donna’s question some consideration. Like a revelation, it came to him. "I had adjusted the machine to transfer my medical knowledge to you so that you could become a nurse. You know how you have been moping around the house since Mary left for college. Jeff is in high school and will be leaving us in another year, too. I thought you might like being able to have a career as a nurse. That way, we could work together. I guess that was the one thing that worked correctly."

Donna was so glad that she had a caring husband that she leaned over and kissed his cheek. Alex stepped back a little. He was not accustomed to men kissing him. Even if it was his own wife. Donna saw the look in her husband’s big blue eyes and asked, "What’s the matter, Alex? Don’t you love me anymore?"

Alex almost broke one of his newly acquired long red painted fingernails as he nervously adjusted the settings on the machine. He really did not know how to react to this situation. He and Donna had been married for almost twenty years. He was a medical doctor. But, there were things that he and his wife had never discussed about their bodies. His mind was having difficulty adjusting to the fact that he was now in his wife’s very beautiful feminine body. He turned to look into Donna’s brown eyes and said, "I am sorry for being rude, but I am worried about this situation. This should never have happened and the sooner we are back in our own bodies, the better I will like it." He twisted another knob and told his wife to put her cap back on. He fumbled with his own hat until Donna leaned over and helped him hook the chin strap. Donna was afraid that her hairstyle was ruined by the cap this time.

Alex looked up at his wife and asked, "Ready?" A nod in answer and he pressed the button. The room flashed and they slumped to the floor once more. This time, however, they did not loose consciousness. Alex opened his eyes expecting to see Donna back in her own body. Instead, he saw his own body sitting next to him on the floor. He looked down to see that his blue skirt had ridden up his thighs as he had fallen and was exposing the darker tops of his nylon stockings. He knew that would never happen to Donna as he pulled the hem down to a more modest position and struggled to stand.

"Why didn’t it change us back?" Alex turned his eyes up to see what facial expression his wife had on her masculine face. He saw that she was as confused as he was. He glanced at the clock on the wall and noticed that the time had slipped away. It was almost time for Jeff to return from school and his parents were switched around and had not been able to switch back. How would they explain such a transformation to there only son?

Donna offered, "Honey, since it is about time for Jeff to get home from school, shouldn’t we be thinking of a plan? Just in case we can’t get switched back in the next half hour. I know you can switch us back, but what if it isn’t in time?" For the first time, Alex Stone had to admit that he was stumped. The experiment had gotten completely out of control. Now, it appeared that it might not even be reversible. His loss of confidence in himself made him feel vulnerable and timid. Donna stood next to her feminine husband, placed her strong arms around him and pulled him to her. Alex was so disoriented by the switch, he found himself standing in his laboratory, with his breasts compressed between their bodies and his head on Donna’s masculine chest as he thought about how best to handle the situation.

Donna was whispering words of comfort to his dazed and confused mind. "Don’t worry, Dear. We’ll get this old machine working tomorrow. Jeff will be in school and we can do whatever it takes to fix it then." Alex lifted his head to look up into Donna’s eyes as she used her strong hands to smooth out a few places in his slightly mused hairstyle. She saw the worried look on her husband’s face, smiled and explained. "We can’t let Jeff know about this. It would be entirely too embarrassing to talk about." Alex nodded his head in agreement.

Donna laid out her plans for the evening. "I don’t have the time to prepare dinner before Jeff arrives, so, we can go out to eat at Garbino’s. It’s your favorite restaurant. Jeff loves it, too. That way, Jeff won’t think that it is funny seeing me, who he’ll think is you, in the kitchen cooking supper. Then, tomorrow, we can get your machine to working again and we can be back in our own bodies and no one will know about this mix up."

Alex was almost ready to say that he didn’t know if he would know how to behave as a woman in public when he was interrupted by the juvenile yell of their teenage son as he entered the front door of their suburban home. "Too late to make any other plans now!" Donna told her confused, but very pretty husband. Then she called out, "We’re both in the laboratory. And, don’t yell when you enter the house, Jeff."

A moment later, Jeff stuck his head around the opened door and said, "Sorry for being so noisy, but I got an A on a Math exam today!" Both of his crossed up parents congratulated him on his outstanding achievement. Mary had always made A’s. Unfortunately, Jeff had never been as good of a student. That was the main reason that his father had started on the learning enhancement machine experiments that had gone so wrong this afternoon.

Donna seized the opportunity and exclaimed, "Jeff, to celebrate your excellent grade, why don’t I take you and your mother out to Garbino’s tonight!" Jeff whooped and jumped up in the air. They were going out to eat on a week night. He thought that his father really must think that this was special occasion.

Donna fumbled with her tie as she tied the Windsor knot. She looked over at her husband and, once again, told him to just relax and everything would be all right at the restaurant. She had just rearranged his hair to repair the damage done by the modified plastic bowls in the laboratory. "Just pretend to be me. I’ll open the doors for you, hold your chair for you. Oh, and you’ll have to let me order the food. After all, I’m the man tonight and you are my wife. All you have to do is to set back, relax and look pretty."

Alex felt as if there were butterflies in his tummy as Donna handed him his purse to carry and opened the bedroom door. He had to admit that she did look handsome in his dark blue wool suit. It complimented the color of his blue suit that he still wore. He wobbled just a little on his high heels as they started down the stairs. He had to reach out to grab Donna’s arm to steady himself. He now understood why it was considered gentlemanly for a man to offer his arm to a woman. He held on as they descended the stairs.

Jeff was impatiently waiting at the front door. "Come on, Mom and Dad. I am about starved." Jeff climbed in the back seat of the station wagon as Donna held the door for Alex to sit down. She had told him the proper way for a lady to enter and exit an automobile. She saw that they should have practiced as his skirt slid almost up to his stocking tops when he turned to bring his legs in front of him. Donna was troubled by the sensations that she felt when she had seen the extra inches of nylon encased thigh. She wrote it off to the male brain and body that she was temporarily trapped in as she slid behind the wheel to drive into town.

Dinner went without any major problems until, as they were being served desert, one of the customers at an adjoining table began to choke on his food. Alex leapt to his feet and moved to help the choking man. Donna, not being encumbered by high heel shoes or a tight skirt, reached him first. She used her newly acquired medical knowledge to administer the Hiemlick Maneuver. Everyone in the crowded restaurant had stopped eating and talking as they watched Donna save the choking man’s life. As the shaken man sank back down into his seat, his face purple and gasping for breath. Donna and Alex both made sure that he was okay before returning to their seats. As they sat down, most of the restaurant customers applauded their life saving efforts.

Mr. Garbino came out to tell them that their meal was on the house. When Donna said that would not be necessary, he responded, "Can you imagine how bad it would have been if it was reported in the newspaper that some one died while eating our food? No, Dr. Stone, it is my pleasure to pick up your check." He even insisted on them trying a glass of his specially made wine before they left. Jeff, being too young to drink wine, was given an ice cream desert. Donna thanked Mr. Garbino.

As they were leaving the restaurant, Donna and Alex checked to make sure that the man had fully recovered. On the ride home, Jeff sat silently in the back seat. His father was a respected man in their town. He felt bad that he could never be like his father. Jeff realized, and had come to accept, his own limitations. He had never made good grades in school. When he made a good grade, like today, it was so unusual, his father took them out to eat in the middle of the week. He just wished he could make the kind of grades that Mary had always made. If he could do that, he could some day become a doctor just like his father. That’s when he thought of the learning machine that his father had been working on. A plan began developing in his young mind.

Donna held the door for her husband as he twisted to get out of the passenger seat of their car. Donna’s feminine body was not accustomed to the effects of alcohol. Poor Alex was tipsy. Alex’s skirt rode all the way up past the tops of his stockings, showing the band of the dark reinforced tops and the white garter strap and clip that held his nylon hose tightly stretched over his legs. Donna felt the same sense of excitement that she had felt earlier. Surely, just the glimpse of too much thigh did not effect all men this way, she thought to herself as Alex accepted her arm as he wobbled beside her.

Jeff waited impatiently as what he thought was his father unlocked and opened the front door to their house. Jeff said good night, kissed his mother’s cheek and dashed up the stairs to go to his room and work on his plan some more. He had heard his father say that his machine would be ready to test this morning. If everything worked out, Jeff would be an honor roll student by the following week.

Alex looked up into his wife’s brown eyes. The wine had relaxed him and he felt as if the swapping of bodies was not that much of a problem right now. After all, by tomorrow afternoon, they would be switched back to their proper bodies. He smiled as he remembered the applause that they had received when they had helped out that man in the restaurant.

Donna was also feeling more relaxed as a result of the potent glass of Mr. Garbino’s wine. When she looked down at her husband’s pretty face and saw a smile play across his red lips, she could not control the urge to kiss her beautiful husband. Alex was caught in his wife’s muscular arms as her lips pressed against his own. It was a new experience for him to be enfolded in a pair of strong arms as his head was tilted backwards and a pair of masculine lips kissed him. His breasts were almost flattened between their embracing bodies. His alcohol clouded mind just relaxed and enjoyed the avalanche of new emotions that coursed through his system.

Donna felt male hormones surging through out her new body as her hands cupped the curved cheeks of her husband’s shapely bottom. She felt her lower brain function take over as she swept Alex up into her strong arms and carried him up the stairs toward their bedroom. Donna was reminded of the scene in "Gone with the Wind", where Rhett Butler carried Scarlet up the sweeping staircase and to their boudoir, as she carried her shapely husband across their bedroom threshold. She paused just long enough to push the door shut with her foot before carrying Alex to their marriage bed.

Alex could not explain the weakened state that he found his feminine body in. It was as if his body was too weak to resist anything that Donna wanted to do to him. He had never experienced the condition that passionate women knew all too well. It was the state of sexual surrender.

Donna gently lay her husband on the bed and sat along side as she leaned over to kiss his sweet lips once more. Having lived her life as a woman, Donna had no experience controlling a man’s sexual desires. She knew that the male portion of her brain wanted to seek release and satisfy it’s primitive needs. Poor Alex was even more confused by the hormonally induced waves of unfamiliar desires sweeping through his female body. He wrapped his arms around Donna’s broad shoulders as he felt her large hand covering his breasts.

Donna’s hands fumbled with the large buttons that held Alex’s blue serge jacket closed. She was the one that had buttoned the jacket early this morning, but found that her larger fingers had some difficulty unbuttoning them. She flung the jacket open and glanced down to see the white satin lace covering of the fancy slip that she had put on only a few hours earlier. She looked down into the blue eyes of her unresisting husband and smiled. She felt her penis stiffening in her trousers as she anticipated what was about to happen.

Donna asked her husband of nearly twenty years, "Alex, do you trust me?" Alex looked up into her big brown eyes, unable to move or speak. It felt as if all the strength in his feminine system had been drained. All he could do was manage a hesitant nod. Donna’s lips closed onto his and her tongue snaked between his painted lips. They had French kissed only on the most passionate of occasions. The combination of wine and hormones were too much for Alex. He wrapped his arms around Donna’s neck as he felt her large hand moving first onto his nylon covered knee, then begin to slide upward.

Alex and Donna had always maintained an appearance of proper behavior in front of their children. Behind closed doors, it had always been a different story. Tonight, however, was to be the most unusual night of their marriage. It had always been Alex who was the aggressor, and Donna the willing victim. Tonight, their roles, as well as their bodies, were reversed. Alex lay passively as Donna slowly peeled each article of feminine clothing from his shapely female body. As Donna was sliding the white satin panties down over Alex’s nylon covered legs and high heel shoes, she decided that she could not wait any longer. Donna rose from the bed and began to practically tear her suit and tie from her excited male body. She never once took her eyes from Alex’s seminude feminine form. The white satin garter belt nipped into the tiny waist, its straps connected to the dark tops of the nylons that stretched tautly over the shapely legs and the blue high heel shoes on the small feet were icing on a very attractive cake. Donna had spent her entire life in the female body lying on the bed, but had never been this turned on before.

Alex could not help but wait with baited breath as Donna lowered her trousers. There was an unmistakable bulge in the front of her under-shorts. Alex had never had a homosexual experience. He knew that it was a medical fact that such people were sick and that most could be cured with counseling. His mind had trouble with the excited condition his body was in, but, he reasoned that this was still sex between a husband and wife.

Donna stripped the last article of clothing from her male body, climbed onto the bed and lay on top of Alex. Alex’s mind was saying no even as his legs parted to make room for his wife to move into position. When he felt her throbbing tool entering his body, he knew that this was the most exciting event in his life. Donna had hardly finished whispering to him that he should wrap his legs around her waist than his nylon covered legs were locked tight around Donna’s thrusting body. They lasted only about ten minutes. But, it was long enough for each to understand exactly what the other side feels during sexual activities. Alex’s orgasm had triggered Donna’s. Alex had let loose with a high pitched squeal as the fireworks began going off in his female brain. Donna had one of his big pink nipples in her mouth and was sucking on it at the time. She was amazed at the intensity of Alex’s climax. She did not think she ever had as big of a climax as Alex did. Then, hers began. Never, in her life, could she have imagined such violently pleasurable pulsating sensations. Both were covered in perspiration as they lay beside one another in their bed, panting for air as their heart rates slowly returned to normal. Alex and Donna’s bodies were both trembling from the after shocks of the intense orgasms. Each knew that they would have to try this again before they switched back to their proper bodies.

Alex and Donna had always thought that the walls of their bedroom were thick enough to filter out the sounds of their lovemaking. They had failed to take into consideration that when Jeff went into his closet and pressed his ear against the side wall, he could hear almost everything that they did in the sanctity of their bedroom. He had a boner as he crawled back into bed. He knew it was wrong to masturbate, so he saved it for the date that he had with Candy on Saturday night. They had already done some heavy petting and he hoped that she would let him go all the way on their next date.

Alex awoke first. Donna’s female body was conditioned to get up early enough to shower, shave her underarms and legs, arrange her hair, get completely dressed, put on her make up, prepare breakfast and cheerfully awaken her family. Alex sleepily entered the bathroom and almost made the mistake of standing in front of the commode as he relieved his bladder. He sheepishly raised his nightgown and sat on the seat. He had to adjust to Donna’s routine until they managed to switch back to their proper bodies. Both he and Donna were a little embarrassed by the experiment gone wrong.

If the news ever leaked out, he would be talked about for the rest of his life.

He had to fool even his own son into believing that he was Donna Stone.

Luckily for Alex, Donna got up early to help him with his hair, make-up and feminine clothing. She laid out the lingerie and dress he was to wear today. He sat on the stool in front of the vanity as she instructed him on the proper way to hook the white garter belt around his small waist and roll the nylon stockings up his smooth and shapely legs. He managed to attach the garter tabs to the re-enforced tops before she gave him the sunflower yellow panties that were embroidered with "Thursday" just over one of the legs. Alex marveled at the silky feel of the day-of-the-week panties as they were pulled up to snugly contour themselves to his feminine genitalia and rounded bottom.

Alex’s bare breasts swayed as he bent down to slip his high heel pumps onto his small feet. The visual effects were not lost on Donna’s new libido. If it were not necessary to get Jeff up so that he could go to school, she would have taken Alex back to bed for a repeat of last night’s activities. She did give in to an urge to take her feminine husband into her arms and give him a passionate kiss. Alex was troubled by his own acceptance of his new roll of femininity. Of course, after last night’s session, he would not have complained too much if Donna had carried him back to bed and had her way with him. Donna reluctantly released Alex and helped him with his white brassiere, half slip and yellow dress.

Jeff came down stairs to find his father helping his mother in the kitchen. He had never seen such behavior before in his entire life. A woman’s place was in the kitchen, and yet, here was his own dad, acting as if he had to show his mom where everything was located. Jeff ate his meal in silence as he watched in complete amazement. He had lost track of time until Smitty blew the horn of his old jalopy as he pulled into their driveway. Jeff quickly told his father goodbye, kissed his strangely acting mother on the cheek, grabbed his books and dashed out the door to ride to school with his best friend.

Alex and Donna made eye contact and simultaneously breathed a sigh of relief. It would have been very embarrassing for them if they had to explain how they were in each other’s bodies. Quickly, they finished their own breakfast and washed the dirty dishes. Alex had to wash the dishes, the rubber gloves were too small for Donna’s larger male hands.

Donna had already gone to the laboratory to get the equipment ready to switch them back. Alex joined her as soon as the dishes were dried and put back into the kitchen cabinet. Working together, they checked every wiring connection and vacuum tube to see if they could fine what had went wrong the previous morning. After an hour, Donna found a vacuum tube that did not have a light glowing inside. Alex, in his new feminine voice, said, "That’s why it would not switch us back yesterday. We had a bad heater element in a triode."

Another vacuum tube was quickly found and was installed in the circuit. Donna and Alex picked up the modified plastic bowls and each hesitated for just a moment before raising them up to set atop their heads. Each had remembered the great sex that they had enjoyed the night before. Each had wanted to try it again. At least once more to experience the joys and ecstasy of sex as the opposite gender. Their hesitation was why the hats had not been actually set on their heads before the front door bell rang.

Alex and Donna froze in place with the modified plastic bowls just inches above their heads. They turned to look at one another as the door bell rang a second time. They could have ignored the bell. They could have proceeded with the reversal experiment. They probably could have returned to their own bodies. They also knew that since Alex was a Pediatrician and worked out of his home, that it could be someone with a seriously ill child waiting impatiently on their doorstep. The door bell rang again. Donna and Alex turned off the switches and put down the caps as they went to open their front door.

It was not a parent with a sick child at their door. Instead, it was Sam Badall, a reporter for the local television station and he had heard about how Dr. Stone had saved a man’s life the previous evening. He wanted Donna, who he thought was the doctor, to demonstrate to the evening news viewers the proper way to save a choking victim. Donna surprised her husband when she said, "Why, I would be happy to demonstrate the proper technique on the evening news."

Her handsome face smiled as she figured that she and Alex could switch back in only a few minutes after the reporter left. Then, Alex, back in his own body, could appear on television. Things might have gone as planned if the telephone had not rung. Donna answered. It was a nurse at the hospital calling. "Dr. Stone, thank God you are home. There was a school bus wreck this morning and we need you here as quickly as possible."

Donna was in shock. The reporter had stopped carrying on small talk with the doctor’s wife when they noticed from Donna’s expression that something was wrong. Donna told the nurse, "We’ll be there in ten minutes." The nurse hung up. She was too busy to wonder who the "we" were.

Donna informed Alex and the reporter of the accident. The reporter grabbed his hat and said that he would meet them at the hospital. Donna handed him her purse as they went out the door to get into the station wagon. It was decided that since Donna now had the medical knowledge that her husband had, each could help the children. To be on the safe side, Alex, since he was now only a doctor’s wife, would not perform any surgery.

Thankfully, when they arrived at the hospital, there was nothing more serious than cuts and abrasions. After five hours of giving medical treatment to the children, soothing their frightened minds, then soothing the frightened minds of the worried parents that had flocked to the emergency room, a very tired Alex and Donna Stone were ready to take a much needed break. The television news man had called his station’s cameraman and they had gotten some very good footage of the good doctor and his concerned wife in action along with the nurses on duty.

When Donna and Alex finally sent the last little kid home with her parents, the news cameraman took off for the studio. If he hurried, he could have the film developed, edited and ready to roll for the six o’clock news. They would scoop the other television stations with their coverage. He even had plans to hit the station manager up for a raise after this.

Sam Badall shook Donna’s hand and told her, "Maybe it would be better to have you on the news one evening next week to demonstrate that new technique to save a choking victim. Can you be at the station at five thirty on Monday?" Donna answered that she, meaning her husband, could. "Great! Oh, Don’t forget to watch the evening news tonight. I am going to make both of you heroes." Before either Donna or Alex could protest, Sam Badall was out the door. They looked at each other, not knowing what else to do but go home.

When they arrived back home, each was famished. Donna and Alex both helped out in the kitchen to quickly prepare a small meal of last night’s leftovers. Each talked about how well the other had performed in the emergency room. Time had slipped away. When they looked at the clock, they were shocked to see that it was time for Jeff to arrive from school. It was realized that they would have to wait until the next morning to switch back.

Jeff came rushing in to talk to his parents. He had heard of the school bus wreck and wanted to tell them about it. Jeff passed on the rumors that had circulated around the school about the twenty-seven kids that had been killed. Donna and Alex listened patiently as the Jeff continued. When he finally stopped to inhale, Donna informed him that, thankfully, no one was killed in the traffic mishap. Jeff at first seemed to be disappointed that the rumors were untrue, then felt relieved that no one had died.

Alex, in order to further conceal the fact that they had switched places, prepared Jeff a plate of leftovers for his supper while Donna sat sipping her cup of coffee. He ate in silence as he once again thought about the equipment that his father had built in the laboratory. He would get his dad to show him how the learning transfer was supposed to work after supper. Then the next evening, Mary was coming home from the university. He already had plans.

Everyone moved to the living room to watch the six o’clock news. Jeff was very impressed with the news film showing his father and mother busy dispensing aid to the injured children. The newscaster used the words, "Heroes", "Selfless" and "Angels of Mercy" when talking about his parents. Alex and Donna were blushing. When the newscast was over, Donna turned off the television.

Everyone sat quietly for a few minutes. Donna and Alex held hands as they sat beside each other. It was one of those times in a couple’s relationship that helped to strengthen the bond that holds them together. The unusual timing of them being in each other’s body caused some consternation in each of their minds. Since Donna was now taller than Alex, he lay his head on her shoulder.

Jeff slipped up off the sofa and, while his parents were still enveloped in their cloud of euphoria, quietly entered his father’s laboratory and examined the equipment sprawled across the top of the workbench. It was too complicated for him to understand how to work it. He was determined to learn, though.

Donna and Alex’s conversation was interrupted when Jeff came back into the room. They had discussed how they would change back early the next morning. Jeff wanted to see the learning machine. Alex, to maintain his roll as mother, went to wash the dishes while Donna gave her son a tour of the laboratory. She had always been very attentive to her son, who was her baby boy. She answered each and every question that he had about the equipment that her husband had built. She even gave him a detailed description on how to operate the learning machine. She was so proud that he had finally showed interest in something other than sports.

Jeff made mental notes on everything about the operation of the machine. All he had to do now, was to talk Mary into cooperating with him. If necessary, he was ready to blackmail her. His grades were going to be bad enough to get him kicked off of the team if he did not bring them up. The learning machine was going to be his salvation!

Donna had turned to take one last look at the learning machine before she turned out the light and everyone went up stairs to bed. Early the next morning, she and Alex would exchange bodies again. She missed being a woman, although with every passing minute, she became more comfortable with her new masculinity. She placed her muscular arm around her husband’s narrow shoulders and helped him up the stairs. She was secretly glad that she was going to make love to her husband again as a man.

Jeff unknowingly kissed his father’s cheek and went into his own bedroom and closed the door. Alex turned to look up into his wife’s eyes. The lower brain functions in his beautiful feminine body was still female and were receptive to the intimate embrace that Donna gave him before she lead him to the privacy of their marriage bed.

Jeff spent almost an hour with his ear pressed up against the wall in his closet. He had been listening for several years but had never heard the moans, squeals and squeaking bedsprings that he heard this night. He finally went to bed, but could still hear a few of the sounds of passion filtering through the connecting walls. Even though he was stiff as a board, he did not masturbate. He did not want to wear glasses or hairy palms. He forced himself to think of how his parents would be proud of his grades as soon as he knew what Mary knew in school. Sleep overtook him a few minutes after his parents quieted down.


Alex awoke later than Donna normally did. When he got out of bed, he almost felt bow legged. Donna had ridden him like a pony for the first hour, then had rolled over only to have Alex climb up and sit on Donna’s erection. He had lost count of the number of orgasms that he had experienced. He knew that he had five additional climaxes as he rode Donna’s manhood. Never, in his entire life, had he enjoyed sex so much. He knew that after they had managed to get the learning machine to switch them back to their proper bodies, he would miss the fantastic sex that he had enjoyed in Donna’s body. In a way, he actually enjoyed wearing the feminine clothing as it supported, hugged and caressed his shapely female form. He still felt as if he were a full-fledged klutz as Donna constantly had to demonstrate how to properly apply make up and style his blonde hair. He had learned as much as it was possible to learn in only a couple of days.

Donna had adjusted to the male’s dominant role rather well. She had jumped in front of Alex in the restaurant to save the choking man. She had to remind her husband in the emergency room of the hospital that she was now the doctor and all he could legally do is give first aid. There was an old saying, "Behind every successful man is a woman." Donna, through the learning machine mishap, had stepped around her successful man to become him. And, Donna knew, the sex was not bad, either. She knew the pleasure points of her original body better than her husband, even though he had medical training. She was prolonging the sex act as she held back from her on orgasm and she watched Alex’s beautiful face and his eyes roll back during his mind shattering orgasms. He had never given her such intense climaxes when they had made love before the experiment. Donna had begun to prefer the male orgasm over what she had experienced as a woman.

Before Alex arose from his bath, Donna showed him the proper way to shave his under-arms and legs. They had not been shaven since the morning of the experiment, and Donna had noticed that there was some stubble as she had caressed Alex’s legs while they had made love the night before. Alex was impressed by the sensuous feel of running his delicate fingers over his smooth thighs.

Donna helped her feminine hubby from the bath and arranged his hair as she instructed him in the fine art of painting his fingernails. As he carefully applied the bright red polish, Donna was worried about the condition of her coiffure. "Honestly, Alex," she said in her deep toned voice, "I have a beauty shop appointment this morning at eleven. If we don’t get changed back in time, you will have to go or else I will look a complete mess until next Friday."

Alex asked what could possibly keep them from changing back as soon as Jeff had left for school? Donna was a worrier when she was a woman, and, she still figured that things sometimes do not work out as planned. Donna had never quite shared Alex’s confidence in technology. After all, what about the learning machine experiment?

Donna stood silently as she watched her husband cast aside his silken dressing robe and stand before her in the nude to fasten the pink ruffled garter belt around his very narrow waist. She felt her penis rising to the occasion as Alex rolled the cinnamon colored nylon stockings up one leg to attach the garter tabs, then up the other leg. The garter belt and stockings provided a picture framework around the junction of his shapely thighs. As Alex slipped on his high heel shoes before sliding his pink "Friday" day of the week panties up over his nylon encased legs, Donna decided that it would not hurt Jeff to much to be late to school once in an entire year. She bent Alex over the bed rail at the foot of their ornate bed and had her way with him before they woke Jeff from his long night of slumber.

Alex was smiling as he prepared breakfast for his son. He might never become accustomed to having Donna’s semen draining out of his vagina and soaking the crotch of his pink panties, but he loved the way it had been deposited inside of him. Jeff hurriedly came down from his room just a minute or two before Smitty blew his horn. Alex gave him a couple of sausage and biscuits to eat as he ran out the door.

Donna came up behind her much smaller husband, wrapped her strong arms around his petite waist and hugged him. "You know something? A girl could get used to being a guy when they have sex like we have been having. What you say if I proposed that we remain in each other’s body for just a little longer?"

Alex was about to say, "Not a chance!" When he felt Donna’s erect penis pressed against his round buttocks. He felt a tingling run up and down his spine. He tuned in Donna’s embrace to look up into her eyes to see if she was serious. His male pride would not let him say that he enjoyed being a woman. It also prevented him from agreeing with Donna. Donna’s lips being crushed against his own prevented him from saying no to her proposal. Donna swept him up in her arms and carried him back up to the bedroom. Alex never even considered protesting as his dress and most of his lingerie were removed and Donna made mad, passionate love to him for the next hour and a half. Donna truly enjoyed her masculine role as she watched Alex’s beautiful facial expressions each time he had a climax. Having a pair of nylon covered shapely legs tightly wrapped around her own waist as she pounded her stiff penis deep inside of a feminine belly was thrilling to Donna. She decided that she never wanted to change back to her own body.

Alex was the one who showed up at the beauty parlor at the appointed time. Donna had used the excuse that the machine might cause them to loose consciousness again and then she would miss her hair styling session. Madge, the beautician, remarked about the smile and radiant glow that Alex wore on his pretty face. Alex thought to himself that he had never experienced over fifteen orgasms in less than twenty-four hours before. Madge said that she had never seen a woman look so happy.

Alex was pampered and waited upon for the next two hours. His blonde hair was washed, rolled, permed, set, dried, combed and styled as he received a manicure. After he had slipped his high heels and nylon stockings off, he also received a pedicure. He loved all of the attention and even enjoyed the casual conversation with Madge and the manicurist seemed interesting.

By the time Alex arrived back at home, it was almost time for Jeff to arrive from school. Donna told him that they may be able to switch back some time during the weekend as she held her feminine husband in her strong arms and kissed his painted lips. Alex felt so comfortable in his wife’s powerful embrace, he felt that he would be sorry to return to his male body.


Jeff had made his plans. Mary would be home by five o’clock. He learned that his father and mother intended on going out to a fancy restaurant to eat supper, leaving him and Mary alone in the house. He would have her talked into sharing her knowledge with him within an hour after their parents had left the house. He would be able to make good grades in school, allowing him to remain on football team. He might even make high enough grades to get into medical school. That would make his father and mother proud of him.

Every one went out to greet Mary when she arrived. Jeff was impressed with the beautiful redhead in the MG Midget that Mary had ridden home with. He carried Mary’s bags as Donna and Alex asked her about how her classes were doing. She had gotten all "A’s", naturally. Jeff could not wait to tell his parents that he had made such grades. Jeff moved the bags up to Mary’s old room and returned downstairs with his father, leaving mother and daughter alone in Mary’s room.

Mary babbled on about the new boyfriend that she had at school as she closed the door to her room. Jack Armstrong was the quarterback for the college’s football team. Alex sat on the side of his daughter’s bed as he listened intently to her description of the big man on campus that was her latest heart throb. He even unbuttoned the buttons along the back of her dress when she asked him to. She slipped the dress down and stepped out of it. Alex was surprised to see just how skimpy his daughter’s lingerie was.

Mary paraded semi-nude in front of her shocked father. Of course, she thought that he was her mother, and she had few secrets from her mother. Her light blue satin brassiere was so low cut that her firm breasts were almost spilling out of the tops of the thin cups. Her delicate light blue satin garter belt held up a pair of sheer seamless tan colored nylon stockings. What was most surprising to Alex was the tiny light blue satin bikini panties that snugly fit his daughter’s hips. Mary, like Alex, wore her panties over her garter belt. Her tiny feet were encased by a pair of four inch high heel shoes. Alex managed to mumble the question, "Mary, when did you start wearing such revealing under wear?"

Mary paused as she was selecting another dress to put on, turned to face her mother. She noticed that her mom’s hair and nails had just been done. She, unlike many of her friends, thought that her mother was beautiful. "Why, mother, don’t you remember, I showed you my new lingerie the last time I was here. All the other girls at the sorority house wear them. If I didn’t wear them too, I would not fit in." Alex decided that it sounded plausible. Mary added, "Perhaps your should buy some of these newer styles of undies too. You have a nice figure and they would look great on you." Alex shook his head no.

Donna and Alex offered to take the entire family out to eat. Mary knew that her parents had very little time to themselves. Mary told her mother and father to get ready to go out. She would fix something for Jeff and her to eat. While Alex and Donna were upstairs getting dressed, Jeff commented that their parents had been acting strangely this week. He told her that it may be because of the television coverage of Dad saving the choking man’s life, the television coverage of the hospital emergency room coverage of the school bus accident children being treated by his father, mother and nurses. After hearing of the stories, Mary felt that her parents really deserved a night out on the town together.

Donna came down the stairs first. She was so handsome in a tuxedo. Alex followed her down the stairs. Every one stared as he slowly descended the staircase. He wore a blue taffeta off the shoulder evening dress. Stiff petticoats held out the full cut skirt and made rustling sounds as he walked. His dark hosiery hugged his shapely legs and a pair of strappy high heel shoes adorned his small delicate feet. His hair and make-up were perfect. He was beautiful and he knew it!

Alex loved every compliment that was bestowed upon him. He smiled radiantly as Donna opened the door and led him out to their car for a glorious night on the town. Neither of them were concerned about the malfunctioning learning machine that was setting in the laboratory, nor of their two children. If they had only suspected what was to happen while they were gone!

Mary was shocked by Jeff’s request. For over an hour he had badgered her into letting him hook both their brains up to some contraption that was supposed to help her brother do better in school. It was when Jeff threatened to tell her mother and father about the time that he had caught her and Scotty sitting on the sofa one evening, when they thought that they were alone, and Mary’s top was unbuttoned, her brassiere was pulled down and Scotty was kissing her pert young breasts. It was the only time that she had ever done such a thing. Some one at the party they had attended earlier in the evening had spiked the punch and she had not known it. Now, her younger brother was black mailing her. She had no choice but to agree.

"Jeff, if I do this for you, I want your solemn oath that you will forget about what you saw that night and never, I repeat never, mention it again." Jeff agreed and even crossed his heart and hoped to die if he ever brought the subject up again as he lead his older sister towards their father’s laboratory. Mary mumbled to herself, "Darn those guys that put alcohol in the punch! I hope Dad’s learning machine works so that I will never be reminded of that night again."

Jeff had practically taken notes when his father had shown him how the learning machine operated. He and Mary each took a pill before he placed the plastic bowls on their heads. Mary balked at first because she was afraid that her hair style would be ruined. Jeff had only to say, "I promise to forget about the shameful little incident on the sofa if you wear this on your head." Mary buckled the chin strap herself as the bowl was adjusted on her head.

The machine was humming as Jeff pressed the button that he thought would solve all of his problems. He and Mary were both rendered unconscious by the machine. Mary’s body had slumped to the floor and her dress had slid up, exposing her beautiful legs almost to the tops of her nylons. It was a sexy sight that no one was around to enjoy.

Jeff was the first to awaken. He raised his right hand up to his aching head and felt, as well as saw, a golden charm bracelet slip up his thin forearm. His startled eyes opened wide, causing his headache to worsen. Jeff had not worn a charm bracelet! Nor, had he painted his fingernails pink! It felt as if his head was going to explode as he tried to stand. He lost his balance and collapsed back down onto the floor, causing the skirt of his dress to wrap around his waist.

Poor Jeff was almost ready to faint. He looked down and saw that his small and delicate feet were wearing a pair of four inch high heel pumps, a pair of nylons hugged and caressed his beautiful long legs, a pair of light blue satin garter straps were attached to the reinforced tops of his hosiery and that his skirt was swirled around his hips.

Mary was awakened by the high pitched scream. She opened her eyes to see herself, with the silly plastic bowl still strapped to her head, looking around with an expression of terror on her face. She saw her mouth open and heard another scream. The strangeness of the situation made Mary scream too. Her head ached and her voice did not sound right at all. She saw and heard herself speak, "Mary, what happened?"

It was at that time that Mary looked down at the body that she was in. She was wearing Jeff’s clothing, which was shocking enough, but, she was also in his body. She screamed, which set off Jeff again. Each of them, brother and sister, sat with just a couple of feet separating their bodies, but an entire universe separating their minds from their bodies. As a realization of their situation dawned on them, they screamed again.

All the screaming had not helped their headaches. Finally, Mary spoke out loud in her new voice, "Okay, Jeff. This was another one of your hair brained ideas. Now, how do we change back?" Jeff was at a loss. He was so confused by what had happened, he had no idea what to do next. He had always trusted his father and his father had always trusted technology. How could it have let him down?

Jeff tried to stand up, but the unfamiliar body, and the high heels, conspired against him. Finally, Mary climbed to her feet and helped Jeff to stand. She was certainly glad that no one was around to see how much of her lingerie her little brother had put on display as he had tried to get up. It was very gauche to let others see the crotchband of your panties! Her sorority sisters would have never let her forget such a transgression of etiquette.

Jeff looked at the learning machine and thought for a moment. "If we just press the button again, it should change us back." Mary told him to try it. She certainly could not go back to college on Sunday night if she was in Jeff’s body. For the first time in her life, her world had been turned upside down and she was on the verge of tears. Jeff’s charm bracelet rattled on his wrist as his pink painted fingernails flashed in the laboratory light when he press the button again. Both slipped to the floor as they almost lost consciousness.

Jeff opened his eyes and the room slowly came into focus. He looked beside him. If he was not looking at a mirror, Mary was still in his body. He raised his hand and saw the pink fingernails and charm bracelet. "No! No! No!" He yelled in his new higher pitched voice.

Mary roused and immediately saw her brother still in her body. Tears began flowing down her boyish cheeks. Jeff was at a loss about what to do next. He looked over and saw Mary crying. He was embarrassed. After all, he had not cried in front of anyone else in years. Then, he remembered that this was his sister that was crying. He leaned toward her and let her lay her head on his narrow shoulder. Jeff reassured his sister, "Don’t worry, when Dad gets home, he will know what to do."

Mary quickly raised her head, "Jeffery Stone! You will not tell Dad or anyone else about this! I would just die of embarrassment if anyone found out that we had been in each other’s body for even a moment. We will have to change back on our own." Mary looked into her brother’s pretty eyes and said, "You must promise me that you will never tell anyone about this. Never!" Jeff nodded his cute head. Mary glanced down and saw that Jeff was showing off his light blue satin bikini panties again. "And pull your dress down! Honestly, Jeff, you don’t have the slightest idea of how to behave like a lady."

Jeff had never considered what it was like to behave as a lady. But, over the next couple of hours, Mary gave him a crash course on how to conduct himself as a college sophomore sorority lady. She had said that if he could not fix the infernal learning machine, at least he could spent the rest of the evening learning something useful. Both of them had decided that all that was necessary to switch back was to ask their father a few more questions about how to reverse the process without letting him know that they had switched places. To do this, each of them would have to behave convincingly as one another.

Jeff was finally getting the hang of sitting down without exposing the tops of his stockings and his panties. Mary had practiced how to walk like a model all of her life. She was horrified as she watched her brother stomp across the living room floor. When she showed him the correct way, he swiveled his hips like a cheap lady of the evening. She desperately prayed that they would be able to reverse the process early the next morning.

Donna and Alex returned home to find their children sitting in the living room and talking. Donna had taken Alex to dinner and dancing. Alex had found it a wonderful experience to be held in Donna’s strong arms as they danced around the floor. He had even learned to let his wife lead. They were recognized by many of the patrons at the restaurant and were treated as if they were celebrities. The restaurant manager even refused to accept their money when they tried to pay their bill. His niece was on the school bus and had been soothed and treated by Mrs. Stone. They thanked him as they left the restaurant to return home.

Donna and Alex were so happy that they never noticed the strange behavior of their children. The strawberry daiquiris that they had consumed had made them giddy. They said good night to Mary and Jeff and retired for the evening. Actually, Donna could barely wait to get her feminine husband alone in their bedroom. And Alex was hoping that Donna would do to him tonight what she had done earlier in the day. Mary and Jeff were too preoccupied with their own problems to notice the squeaking bed springs and loud moans coming from their parents bedroom.

Jeff was tutored on behaving as if he were a lady for another two hours before Mary let him go to bed. It was agreed that they would sleep in each other’s bedrooms so as not to cause their parents to become suspicious. Jeff closed the door to Mary’s bedroom and sighed as he dropped in a very unlady like way onto her pink and white lace covered bed. He had a date the next night with Candy, and he was in a girl’s body. He sure hoped that everything could be put back tomorrow morning.

Jeff got up from the bed and, after several minutes of searching for zippers, buttons and hooks, managed to remove his dress. He looked down and saw the sexy light blue satin lingerie covering his lovely young female body and nearly fainted. He had learned the meaning of the praise "wet dream" a few weeks ago. He knew that he was now the definition of "wet dream". He slowly removed the skimpy little satin brassiere. His breasts were perfect. He could not resist the urge to tweak his pink nipples a little a he looked at them in a mirror. "So this is what it feels like for Candy when she let me play with her tits." He mumbled to himself.

Jeff turned to look at his cute derriere in the full length mirror. The bikini panties covered only the bottom half of his round bottom. He peeled them down and could not take his eyes off from himself as the triangle of dark blonde hair came into view. He let the tiny scrap of satin flutter down over his nylon cover legs. They came to rest around his tiny feet as he stood in the four inch high heel shoes. He stepped out of them and ran his pink fingernails up and down his curvy form. He had never felt such excitement in his life.

Jeff lay on the bed as his small hands roamed up and down his young feminine body. He loved it when he pinched his nipples and rubbed the little nubbin in the upper part of his pubic mound. The tension kept building until he had the most mind blowing orgasm of his life. He forced himself to get up off the bed, remove the garter belt and nylons, and put on a night gown before crawling back into bed an falling asleep.

Mary had been getting undressed for bed when she heard sounds coming from Jeff’s closet. It sounded as if some one was in pain. When she got closer, she could her mother crying out to her father, "Stick it to me harder!" Mary was in shock! She had never imagined that her parents behaved in such an uncouth manner. She finished undressing and noticed that her penis was erect. She had been out with her dates when she knew that they had erections. She had always considered it to be their personal problem and had never offered to help them out. Now, it was her personal problem and it did not seem as if it was going away.

Mary put on Jeff’s pajamas but her penis would not go down. She tried laying on her back, but the covers were tented up in the air and would not let her go to sleep. She tried laying on her side but found that to be no relief, either. Laying on her stomach was out of the question. Finally, out of desperation, Mary reached into her pajama bottoms, griped her stiff penis and tried to will it to go down. All she accomplished was to learn how good it felt to have a warm hand holding her penis in a tight grip.

It was as if Mary had no control over her hand as she stroked up and down on her stiff tool a few times. She mumbled, "So this is what it feels like for a guy when a girl plays with him." Mary uncontrollably began to stroke her hand up and down faster and harder. She had been the subject of quite a few fantasies as many a boy had masturbated. Now, she learned first hand what they had experienced. When her semen sprayed up into the air, her whole world spun around several times.

Mary felt embarrassed by what she had done and the sperm that now coated her hands. She slipped out of her room and into the bathroom to clean up the yucky sperm coating her fingers. She wanted to check in on Jeff to make sure that he was not doing the same thing to her body that she had just done to his, but was not sure what she would say if she caught him in the act. Mary went back to Jeff’s bedroom, climbed in between the sheets and went to sleep.


Since the next morning was Saturday, Donna and Alex had let the children sleep in. A call from the hospital had summoned Dr. Stone to consult on a child’s physical condition. Donna was in the good doctor’s body and had all of his medical knowledge, so, she had left to answer the call. When Jeff, in Mary’s body, and Mary, in Jeff’s body, came down for breakfast, they found their father, in their mother’s body, humming happily in the kitchen as he prepared their meal. Alex wore a pretty pink dress, with Donna’s pearl necklace, matching earrings, seamed nylon stockings, and white high heel pumps on his small feet. Mary wore a white dress shirt, dark gray trousers, a black belt and penny loafers. Jeff had wore what his sister had laid out for him. She had told him that their parents would notice if he went around dressed like a slob. He wore a pale blue angora sweater, a tight navy blue skirt that ended just above his cute knees, a pair of navy blue high heel open toed pumps adorned his tiny feet, a pair of cinnamon colored nylons held up by a white satin garter belt that looked too thin and delicate to do the job, a matching white satin low cut brassiere and bikini panties. He had felt ridiculous as he had donned the feminine apparel, but his sister had insisted.

Alex was delighted to see how much his son and daughter were upset that they had missed their father. He had always hoped that they loved him and wanted to be around him. Of course, Mary and Jeff were mainly interested in getting their father to show them how his learning machine actually worked so that they could reverse the problem that had befell them when they had used the machine. Alex did not know that as he told them that their father would be home sometime in the afternoon. He was inwardly pleased with their looks of disappointment.

After breakfast, Mary reminded Jeff that it was the daughter’s duties to clean up the kitchen and wash dishes after each meal. Jeff looked at her, then at his mother, who was really his father, then at the stack of dirty dishes and greasy pans. Mary elbowed him in his ribs. He looked back at her and saw the face she was making. He and Mary had agreed to do whatever it took to keep their parents from discovering that they had used the learning machine without permission and had switched bodies. He slowly rose to his feet and began washing dishes for the first time in his life. Mary sat in the same chair that her little brother had always sat in and grinned. Maybe, Mary thought to herself, this wasn’t so bad after all.

If Donna had been in Donna’s body, she would have noticed that Mary and Jeff were not acting correctly. However, Alex had very little to compare their actions to. Alex did think that it was unusual for Jeff to hang around just to watch his sister doing household chores. He just chalked it up to the idea that Jeff had missed his older sister since she had moved off to live on campus. That still did not explain the silly grin he had on his handsome boyish face nor the unpleasant looks that Mary gave her brother.

As soon as Jeff had finished washing the last pan, wiped off the kitchen appliances, drained the sink, dried the dishes and put them in the covert, the front doorbell rang. Alex went to answer the door, leaving his two children alone in the kitchen. Jeff nearly collapsed onto a kitchen chair and exclaimed, "I’ll be glad when we switch back. It’ll be great to never have to wash dishes again."

Alex lead Scotty, Mary’s old boyfriend into the kitchen. The young man’s eyes lit up when he saw Jeff, who appeared to everyone as Mary. "Gosh, Mary, you look so sophisticated! You are even prettier than when you left for college!" Mary could not believe that she had ever been interested in such a hay seed as she watched Scotty’s facial expressions, while he was enthralled by Jeff’s feminine appearance. Jeff, on the other hand, was practically speechless. He had no idea on how to handle Mary’s erstwhile suitor. He had just learned how to talk to girls, himself. Now, he had an older guy that he knew had wanted desperately to get into his sister’s panties, wanting into his panties. Alex Stone, in an honest effort to imitate his wife’s social graces, sent Scotty and Jeff, whom he thought was Mary, into the living room to be alone. He had to reach out and take hold of his son’s arm, who was actually Mary, to restrain and prevent him from following his older sister and her old boyfriend. Alex figured that Mary and Scotty probably had some things to catch up on, and could talk more freely without a nosy little brother tagging along.

Mary had no idea about how to explain to her mother that she needed to be in the living room with Scotty and her brother. A few minutes later, Alex said, "Jeff, I have a few boxes of donations for the charity auction that must be delivered this afternoon. Would you be so kind as to load them in the back of the station wagon?" Donna had reminded her husband before she had left for the hospital that today was the deadline for the donations to the hospital fund. Since the real Dr. Alex Stone was filling in for his wife, it was up to him to insure the arrival of the boxes on time.

Mary marveled at the ease with which she lifted the heavy boxes. In only minutes, she had helped her mother load the station wagon. Mary had hoped that she could stay at home, but ‘Donna’ asked her to go along to unload the donations. Poor Jeff was abandoned in the living room, sliding closer to the end of the sofa, as Scotty moved closer and closer.

"Now wait just a minute, Scotty!" Jeff exclaimed in his soft girlish voice. "You sit on that end of the sofa, and I’ll sit on this end." Scotty slid even closer.

"Don’t try to pretend with me, Mary Stone! I’ve heard all the stories about sorority girls! I’ve heard about the wild parties that you attend. The girls go there wearing togas, and little else, and pretty soon, they are wearing nothing at all!" Scotty pushed Jeff up against the arm of the sofa and kissed him. Jeff was in shock. He had never even heard of a guy kissing a guy before. He jumped to his feet when he felt Scotty’s hand clutching his breasts through his angora sweater. When Scotty tried to wrap both arms around Jeff’s small shapely form, Jeff cried out, "I’m not that kind of girl!" and slugged Scotty in the nose with his tiny fist. Jeff was entirely to frail, in his sister’s body, to do any real damage to Scotty, but he had managed to get the point across that he really was not the kind of girl that Scotty thought that he was. Scotty apologized and left the Stone residence a few minutes later. Jeff’s hands were trembling as he sat on the sofa. He wondered what would have happened if he had let Scotty kiss him. Part of Jeff regretted that he had not found out what it felt like to be a girl when a boy wanted to romance her. Donna and a worried Mary returned home an hour later. Jeff and Mary went upstairs to talk about what had happened while Jeff and Scotty were alone. Alex wandered off to his laboratory. Mary’s suspicions were confirmed. She swore to herself that as soon as she was back in her own body, she would give that no good Scotty a piece of her mind! How dare he say such things to her, even if it was her brother that they were actually spoken to!

At three in the afternoon, they found out that their father, actually their mother, would be at the hospital until late. Changing back into their respective bodies would not happen tonight. Jeff informed Mary that he had a date with Candy Samson, the head cheerleader and most beautiful girl in high school. Mary told him that he would simply have to miss his date. Jeff pleaded with her to go on the date. Mary refused to go. Jeff pleaded some more. Mary still refused. Jeff had an idea. He hated to blackmail his older sister, but Candy was certainly worth it. If he canceled this date, she may not consent to go out with him again. He had a devious look on his very pretty face as he stated, "Mary, either you go on the date with Candy, and make a good impression on her, or I will call up Scotty and make a date with him."

"Jeffery Stone! You wouldn’t dare!" Mary exclaimed with a look of total shock on her handsome face.

"Oh yes I would." Her evil little brother threatened. "And not only would I go out with him, but I would give him something to brag about to all the other guys in town. Your reputation in Hilldale would be so bad, you would never be able to return." Mary studied the smug smile on her brother’s lipstick painted lips and decided that she could not take the chance that he would do such a thing. She agreed to go. Jeff added, "Okay! I want you to make her like me." Mary nodded her head. She would be nice to Candy so she would like her brother, the snake.

Mary left to pick up the bubble headed blonde cheerleader at a quarter to seven. Ten minutes later, she pulled Jeff’s old jalopy into the Samson’s driveway. She was nervous. She had been picked up for dates, but had never rang a doorbell and had to introduce herself to an over protective father before tonight. When a burly looking man in rough work clothes opened the door, Mary said, "Good evening, Sir. My name is Jeff Stone and I’m here to pick up Candy for a date." She had to answer questions about where they were going, what grade in school Jeff was in, and had to agree to have Candy back home by eleven o’clock.

Candy and her mother entered the living room before Candy’s father had a chance to ask any more questions. Mary had to admit that Candy was a beautiful girl. Candy wore a red and white candy strip dress that suited her name and her looks. Her blonde hair was worn in a bouffant style that was know as a French Twist. Candy’s father told them to drive carefully as they went out the door. Mary had offered Candy her arm and Candy had slipped her delicate arm through Mary’s. Candy’s father told his wife that boys like Jeff only wanted one thing from a girl as he watched them drive off.

Jeff had laid out the itinerary for Mary to follow. A Drive In Theater, with pop corn, hot dogs and soft drinks. All Mary had to do was to be nice to the girl. She could do that, she figured. As soon as the car was parked and the speaker was placed in the driver’s window, Candy slid across the seat. This was not a good sign, Mary thought to herself. She looked into the smiling blonde’s eyes and recognized the gleam. She had seen it when some of her sorority sisters had when they were with the football players. This girl was looking at what she thought was Mary’s younger brother the same way.

By the middle of the first picture show, Candy had wiggled up against Mary’s side. She said, "Jeff, it is all right if you want to put your arm around me." Mary took the hint and placed her right arm around the shoulders of the bubble headed blonde. If she hadn’t, Candy would have been mad and Jeff would have found out. By the opening credits of the second feature, Candy was practically demanding a kiss.

Except for Greta, Mary’s sorority sister, kissing her on the way home this weekend, Mary had never kissed a girl the way that Candy wanted to be kissed. Candy’s lips were soft and warm as Mary slowly, hesitantly, kissed her brother’s girlfriend. After a rather chaste kiss, Candy wrapped her arms around Mary’s neck and kissed her very well. Mary could not control her penis as it rose up and became erect. Her boyish face became red when Candy noticed the bulge in her pants after the kiss ended. Candy smiled and kissed Mary again.

Mary saw Candy unbuttoning her dress and opening it. A moment later, her brassiere was also undone. "Come on Jeff. I know you want to feel them. You have shown me how much you respect me and I want to reward you for being such a gentleman." She took one of Mary’s large hands in her own and placed it inside of her dress and on her right breast. Mary could feel additional blood rushing to her penis as the large warm firm mound filled her hand. This time, Mary was almost a willing participant when they kissed.

Mary had not masturbated very often, but she did know what to do to a pair of breasts to make their owner feel very good. Within a few minutes, Candy was breathing heavily and had dropped her hand to the front of Mary’s trousers. Mary and Candy never broke their kiss as Candy unzipped Mary’s pants and fished out her erection.

Candy’s hand stroking Mary’s penis was the best thing that Mary had ever felt in all of her life. Mary moved a hand from Candy’s tits to slip up under Candy’s dress. Candy’s legs spread slightly as Mary’s hand caressed the insides of her nylon covered thighs. Mary found the tops of Candy’s hosiery and moved to the soft warm flesh on her way to the white crotch of Candy’s silky panties. Mary rubbed across the spot where Candy’s little nubbin of pleasure was located. Mary sprayed sperm over Candy’s hand at almost the same time that Candy reached her climax. Candy wiped her hand on a paper napkin that had come with their popcorn and told Mary that this was the best date that she had been on and that she wanted Jeff to take her out again next weekend if he wasn’t busy.

When Mary returned home, after walking Candy to her front door and kissing her good night, Jeff wanted to know the entire story. Mary left out some of the details about Candy giving her a hand job, but hinted that the two of them had kissed. Jeff was shocked to hear that his sister had kissed his girlfriend. He reminded himself that he had set up the date and had blackmailed Mary into keeping the date for him. Jeff masturbated when they went to bed. Mary was already satisfied and went right to sleep.

Neither of them noticed the moans and squeals of delight still coming from their parents bedroom.


Sunday morning, every one got up as if everything was perfectly normal, and went to church. Mary had helped Jeff pick out the correct clothing for the morning services. The other church members complimented Jeff on his pretty dress. He thanked them just as Mary would have done. Of course, they also compliment Mary for the suit and tie that she wore. Donna and Alex were proud of their handsome son and beautiful daughter.

Donna straightened her tie and Alex picked at his corsage as they made their way out of the church and through the throng of people on the church steps. The sermon had been on the Good Samaritan and the preacher had compared the biblical story to the saving of the choking man at Garbino’s and the treating of the children after the school bus wreck. Dr. Alex Stone and Donna were local heroes. The rest of the afternoon was spent at the preacher’s home having dinner. By the time that they returned home, it was nearing the time for Mary’s ride to arrive to take her back to college for at least another week. Mary and Jeff were crest fallen when Donna told them that the learning machine had turned out to be a failure and that it was to be dismantled. Donna and Alex had decided to put the research on hold until they had time to study the effects of the learning machine on the human mind and body. Mary and Jeff almost had a panic attack when they realized that Jeff would have to return to Mary’s college sorority and attend his sister’s college classes. They had found that he had retained her academic knowledge after the switch. So had Mary. They would just have to pretend to be each other for another week.

Mary had not gotten a chance to warn Jeff about Greta, the one he would be riding back to school with. Greta had kissed Mary on the way to Hilldale when she had pulled the car over to rest for a few moments. Mary had told her in no uncertain terms that she was not that type of girl. She had thought that she would ride back to the sorority house with Greta this week, but would make other arrangements for a ride next time.

It was a nervous Jeff that sat in the passenger seat of the MG Midget convertible as it drove off toward a college that he had only visited once. The beautiful redhead driving the little sports car was smiling and acting very friendly as soon as they were on the highway. Both of them wore scarves around their heads and butterfly wing shaped sunglasses. A couple of times, when Greta shifted gears, her hand had accidentally touched Jeff’s thigh. His eyes were drawn to the fact that Greta’s skirt had ridden high on her legs and the smooth white skin above her stocking tops were exposed. Black garter belt straps clasped the darker reinforced tops of her stockings. Jeff continuously reminded himself that he was a girl and was not supposed to get excited by pretty girls. Greta told Jeff of her weekend and asked if anything exciting had happened to him. Had it ever! He thought about telling her, but decided not to. About half an hour later, Jeff began to doze off to sleep. When he awoke, the car was pulled into a grove of trees and the engine was stopped. What had actually woken him was the fact that his legs were being held apart and a hand was moving inside of his pink silk bikini panties.

Jeff was wide awake as he felt Greta’s fingers massaging his little nubbin. Greta was grinning as she manipulated the clitoris of the prettiest girl in her sorority. Poor Jeff had no chance at stopping the redheaded lesbian from doing what she wanted because of the waves of debilitating sensations that coursed through his feminine body. Within twenty or thirty seconds, he had surrendered to the ecstasy. Greta smiled, thinking that the wholesome Mary Stone was now hers.

Jeff was too weak to protest as Greta sealed her lips to his. Red lipstick and pink lipstick smudged as she passionately kissed the girl that was considered the sexiest ice queen at the college. Greta brought Jeff to two climaxes before she removed her hand from his panties. Greta finally spoke to her sorority sister, "I’ll come to your room tonight and teach you what you have been missing." Greta French kissed Jeff before restarting the sports car’s engine and pulling back out onto the highway.

Jeff sat back in the passenger seat and tried to get his thoughts in order. Until two days ago, he was a normal boy and high school senior. At that time, he, like most other boys his age, would have done practically anything to become intimate with a girl as beautiful as Greta. Now Greta was actively pursuing him. He had punched Scotty in the nose for trying to kiss him, but this was a girl. Then again, he was now a girl, also. Life was so confusing to Jeff.

The rest of the trip back to campus was spent with Greta lightly running her long red fingernails up and down the smooth white thigh above the tops of Jeff’s stockings. Greta did not remove her hand even as they passed big trucks. Jeff had looked up and had seen the lustful expressions on the trucker’s faces. The first time he had noticed, he had tried to pull his skirt down to cover himself but Greta told him not to as she flipped his skirt up around his waist and slipped her hand back inside his pink bikini panties. Jeff was made to have an orgasm as they drove alongside of the big rig. After that, he no longer objected when Greta only wanted to expose the tops of his bare thighs.

When they arrived at the sorority house, each had their hands full carrying in their luggage. Jeff cleverly got Greta to let him know which room was his. He had not, however, counted on the passionate kiss that Greta demanded before she left him in his room. The room was done all in pink. "It figures that Mary would love pink," he said to himself as he unpacked his, actually Mary’s bag, and got ready for bed. He put on a frilly little white baby doll nighty with matching panties. Mary had said that he had an eight o’clock class, so he wanted to go to bed early.

Jeff had just slipped between the cool crisp cotton sheets when the door opened and Greta entered his room. She closed the door and let her robe slide to the floor, revealing the layered green chiffon baby doll nighty and matching panties. She turned out the overhead light and joined Jeff in bed. Jeff was kept awake for over half the night as he was initiated in the joys of sapphic love.


The following weekend, Jeff accepted a ride back to visit his parents and sister from Greta. Neither of them had slept alone since the previous weekend. Jeff had managed to attend all of Mary’s classes and had actually done well. He was interested in finding out how well Mary had done impersonating him at Hilldale High School.

Donna and Alex thought that Mary and Greta were just being good friends when they hugged each other as Greta got into her car to drive to her home. Mary, the real Mary, was not so sure.

Mary had attended classes at the high school. It was all remedial to her and she had made all 100’s on all of the tests and homework. Some of her teachers had worried that she was cheating because "Jeff’s" grades had improved so suddenly, but had not figured out how she was doing it. She was still the star quarter back on the football team, although she had to relearn some of the plays. Candy, the bubbly blonde cheerleader, was hanging around every night of the week that was free. Mary had learned what the girl could do for her when they were up in her room and supposedly studying.

Donna and Alex had reached a decision. Since they would have to remain in each other’s body indefinitely because they had no success at getting the learning machine to change them back and would adapt to their new roles. Actually, both had discovered that they got far more sexual enjoyment in each other’s body and did not want to give up the extreme pleasures they experienced as the opposite sex. Alex helped out at the emergency room a few hours a day to relieve the boredom of sitting at home all day.

Mary had a date with Candy after the football game. Donna, Alex and Jeff sat in the bleachers and cheered Mary as she scored the winning touchdown. Mary disappeared into the locker room with the rest of the players after the game. She emerged freshly scrubbed to take her girlfriend on their date to Make Out Point. Mary had arranged to pick up a box of prophylactics to prevent pregnancy, just in case she and Candy went all the way. That night, she used one of them and discovered the joy of sex as a male.

Saturday afternoon, Mary left to go to Candy’s house. Candy’s parents had left for the state capitol and they would have the house to themselves. Mary knew that there was not much hope that she and Jeff would change back because she knew that her parents had disassembled the learning equipment. At least she could try out a few more of her box of rubbers this afternoon.

Jeff sat in the kitchen, sipping coffee and telling his mother and father of the classes at the college. He omitted the experiences he had each night with Greta. He knew that they would disapprove. The door bell rang. It was Scotty. He asked to speak to Mary. Jeff escorted his visitor to the living room. "Mary," he nervously began, "I want to apologize for my behavior. I never should have thought those things about you. I want to say that I am sorry and ask you to forgive me." His face was so sincere, Jeff could not help but forgive the boy. Scotty left the Stone residence with a smile on his face and lipstick marks on his cheek. Jeff thought that a kiss on the cheek was the least he could do after punching Scotty in the nose the week before.

When Jeff and Mary finally had an opportunity to talk, they agreed that they had no other option other than to continue with their masquerade. They did not know how long it would take their father to resume research on his learning machine, but they each secretly hoped that he waited a very long time.


The graduating class of 1972 marched, individually across the stage to receive their medical school diplomas. Mary was extremely handsome as she accepted hers. Donna, now the director of Hilldale Hospital, had arranged for his son, who was still really his daughter Mary, to attend Pediatrics school to become a specialist. Alex, as beautiful as ever, helped eight year old Trish to see over the heads of those sitting in front of her so that she could see her older brother waving at them as he returned to his seat. Alex had slipped up and had become pregnant within a month after the swap. He had figured that if Donna could give birth, so could he. He had never regretted his decision to become a mother.

Jeff, his dark blonde hair now worn long and straight, a blue mini dress that reached only five inches below his crotch when he was standing and exposed most of his shapely legs almost all the time, sat with his husband, Jack Armstrong, and their two children. Jeff had become involved with Jack, the All American Quarterback, while in college and had become pregnant. Since Jeff had been a virgin when Jack had first made love to him, Jack decided to marry him. Jeff and Jack now had a modern marriage. Aunt Greta slept in their bedroom every time she came to visit.

Candy Samson was the happiest person in the auditorium. The wedding ceremony was to be the next weekend. She would become Mrs. Jeffery Stone. She had waited patiently a very long time for them to get married. She loved Jeff because he always seemed to understand how a woman thinks and was so understanding. She loved the tall dark and handsome young doctor.




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