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Sharla Winslowe © 2002 Complete: No Rated: R
Part 1 - Sharla Anne Winslowe, a beginning college student develops a talent for psionic manipulation and has an unknown affinity for making this energy perform "Magic." This is the start of her exploration and experiences.
Part 2 - Sharla has been able to solve a litter problem. She solves a few more, and makes a couple of good acquaintances.

Part 3 - During Halloween, Christmas, and Valentines, some new things are learned.
Part 4 - Spring Break--Sharla is to be the victim of a vicious multiple rapist. Magic Books--Sharla delves deeper and deeper into the spell books of the the ancient witch.
Part 5 -
About Ghosts, booby traps, and mental talk; Wards and spirits; and a Big Bad Mistress.
Part 6 -
Sharla has experienced a lot of growth while playing with Green Energy. It has made here very vulnerable to the emotions of people around her.
Part 7 - Sharla has experienced Seeing the Unseen Green Energy (Psychic Energy ?). In this episode her sensitivity to emotions and feelings drives her to discover the also unseen and not measurable Red Energy (Magic of the Earth Spirits ?) and Blue Energy ( Magic of the Goddess and living Spirits).
Part 8 -
Things have really changed since Christmas nursing of Andrew last year. After being afraid of people for seven months, Sharla is getting back into the swing of things and is learning a bit of "Magic" maybe, or maybe it is something else. Her part time project to help Kevin's Dad has turned into a major business, just with Mr. Caldwell's work, Others also want her help.
Part 9 -
 William, actually now it is Williemena, got caught in a magic backlash. Some strange Feminine things happen to him. Sharla's Business takes off and she end the second year of school being swamped with business.
Part 10 -
 This Spring Sharla, forced by circumstance, begins a two-year stint as a “house-sitter” and discovers she has a need for a “staff” to help run and maintain the place while she is busily building her business with a beaver’s ferocity and discovers it is pleasant to be without a boyfriend getting underfoot. Naomi continues to advance toward full Shaman status. And Jenny is all but a permanent member of the Burlington Bunch. Andrea has discovered dating is delicious fun.
Part 11 - Sharla and Naomi prepare to cure Naomi’s hearing and speech defect. In the healing of Naomi both girls get more than bargained for. Kevin, Sjarla’s boyfriend is injured in an accident on a jobsite. While the summer progresses, Naomi learns she’s able to dream spell and later completes her Shamanic training. Kurt buys a van and treats Jenny to breakfast. The witches prepare to heal Kevin of his injuries. The heeling of Kevin is successful, though once again everyone involved discovers healing magic sometimes returns more than that which was bargained for.
Part 12 - Our girls encounter some minor problems (Social Unrest) and are forced to seek An Alternate Home and Andrea's Magic has some serious consequences.
Part 13 -
 Sharla, as a guy, has some unusual experiences. Life continues to go on and get more complicated.
Part 14 - Winter has added stress and gives Sharla a chance to do a new Operation. Finally enough times has passed for Mr. Sharla to get back to normal, and Sharla discovers that there are a lot more magical forces in the world than she had ever imagined. Some of them are not friendly.
Part 15 - 
Sharla Winslowe and her growing group of talented tush move into the Knoll and enjoy a wild New Years Eve bash of riotous pleasures.
Part 16 -
Part 42: Once upon a midnight dreary…it is hard to believe but Sharla is back to being herself, Karl, Jenny's Boyfriend got zapped by the combined magic of Bel Har Kel and the Reversing Tunnel. What kind of future does a Were-Woman have?
Part 43: Reweaving the Tapestry Things get hectic- Sharla gives her dad andMickey free reighn to expand the business. Karen and Gabriel are making some major expansions through the Ouichital Knol Complex.
Part 44: Action under the Potomac Sharla was tasked to do another one of those Winslowe Special cable installations. This time she discovered a whole lot more on the magical protection of the free world and some real nice mages.
Part 45. Nourishing Growth Naomi is doing a bit of time traveling to learn special aspects of her abilities and Karen Anne gets a literal taste of Gabriel.

Age: College Age 19-26     Categories: Magical Transformations, Stuck, Sweet/ Sentimental     Keywords: Prom Girl or Fancy Dance, School Girl

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Andrea's Story © 2002 Complete: No Rated: R
Part 1 -Andrew Winslowe is two years younger than his sister Sharla Winslowe. Strange things happen around Sharla and Strange Forces are at play. Andrew got sick, and then started getting a lot of Quality Time with a young lady who liked him in heels. Andrew gets a lot of quality time with Sylvia. Later Andrew gets nosey and messes roughly with an artifact on the wrong day, Summer Solstice. This is his story.
Part 3 - Andrew Winslowe dug into some wierd books belonging to his sister, Sharla Winslowe. That happened on the Solistice. Now the Autumn Equinox is upon him. It is time for the Halloween Gala hosted by the company he worked for over the summer. Strange things happen around Sharla and Strange Forces are at play. And some people do not play.
Part 4 - Andrew Winslowe is two years younger than his sister Sharla Winslowe. Strange things happen around Sharla and Strange Forces are at play. Andrew got angry at an artifact on the wrong day. This is his story.
Chapter 1 Who is Andrew
Chapter 2 Curiosity Zapped the Andrew
Chapter 3 School, Swimming and Halloween
Chapter 4 Other Things, Winter Solstice, and Spring Equinox
Part 6 -
Some of this is covered in Sharla Winslowe, but this is seen from Andréa’s point of view. She helps her rapist , Jerry Tanner, to become happy with his future as a completed girl then helps Sharla moves out and into the Winters’ Estate. Andrea is to graduate and will begin to consider her college career. She has had a fling, a One-Night-Night-Stand, if you want, has reconciled it in her mind. If that just perhaps she is a bit of a "nymphet" because it proved to her she enjoyed variety. So be it!

Age: Teenager 13-18     Categories: Humor, Magical Transformations, Seasonal, Stuck, Sweet/ Sentimental     Keywords: Corsets, Hormones, Prom Girl or Fancy Dance, School Girl, Very High Heels, Wedding Dress or Married

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Hot Crossings © 2003 Complete: No Rated: R
Becky has had to leave her beloved home and move into Vancouver to get evaluation and treatment for hepatitic cancer. Some interesting experiences happen.

Age: Adult 26-55     Categories: Sweet/ Sentimental     Keywords: Hormones

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A Pleaser's Tale © 2003 Complete: Yes Rated: R
While she was still a boy named Andrew, Jerry Tanner had viciously assaulted Andrea Winslowe. For all of you who wanted to know what happened to Jerry—and thank you for asking—here is Jerry's story plus a little bit extra. Remember The Sharla Winslowe Universe has magic in the air.

Age: College Age 19-26     Categories: Magical Transformations, Physically Forced or Blackmailed, Stuck, Sweet/ Sentimental     Keywords:

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Sisters of Raven Square © 2005 Complete: Yes Rated: R
Part 1 - Near Burlington Vermont is a quiet town. In that town is a very old Square. In this story we talk about what is going on on the surface. (A part of the Sharla Winslowe Universe)
Part 2 -
Sheila Carstairs Summons a Demon, known for preferring to respond to sorceresses, to learn what or who caused the huge disturbance in the magical energy.
Part 3 - Jenny finds her summer housing at City Bluffs University Student Housing. Sheila, getting ready to travel to City Bluffs, discovers that she has some changed physical characteristics that she is going to have to work with.
Part 4 - We get a chance to meet Sarauk.
Part 5 -
Jenny gets the word that she is going to have to study with Aunt Sheila Carstairs on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays at the family home.
Part 6 -
No one seems to notice the changes Sheila has experienced. Jenny learns the basic of Essence Extraction.
Part 7
Jenny learns during the end of the Summer Session and start of the School Year that Collecting Essence allows rapid progress in her lessons with Aunt Sheila, but it does not solve problems.
Part 8
Jenny gets the girls to Exhibit a bit for Halloween. Some of the reactions displease Sharla and it turns into a fiasco.
Part 9 -
Jenny gets the girls to Exhibit a bit for Halloween. Some of the reactions displease Sharla and it turns into a fiasco.
Part 10
Jenny gets some exposure to other methods and then feels that she has put herself up for sale and then sold herself.
Part 11
Sheila and Sarauk dump two perfectly willing guys to get it on with each other. What's wrong, both of them have studied the tactics of the Demons?
Part 12 -
Jenny has an intense new years dance experience.
Part 13 -
Sheila introduces Sarauk to the Demon Bel-Har-Kel.
Part 14 -
Jenny, Naomi, and Sharla prepare for and attend the 2000 Valentine Ball Gala in City Bluffs.
Part 15
Valentines Day Gala was interesting for Sheila Carstairs too. She is given a riddle as the solution to her quest and advised that she will always be subject to the demon.
Part 16
Sarauk is influenced by the Demonic powers she is studying. She attempts to teach one of the arrogant vessels a lesson.
Part 17 -
Jenny, on spring break, tries her fledgling powers to privately interest a sex demon. Bel-Har-Kell participates and the results are not what she expected.
Part 18 -
It was Spring Break and Jenny was back in Burlington. She uses her fledgling magic powers to stir up some interest in the Demon, Bel-Har-Kel to make an evening more interesting.
Part 19
This is where the "La Caisse" has been.

Age: College Age 19-26     Categories: Bad Boy to Good Girl, Magical Transformations, Stuck, Sweet/ Sentimental     Keywords: Maids or French Maids

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Dreaming or Wishing © 2005 Complete: Yes Rated: M
I was setting at a table on the second floor of the Capitol Gallery shopping mall. I was feeling good, well as good as a person could expect. I know I was wishing, but was I Dreaming?

Age: Senior Citizen over 55     Categories: Magical Transformations     Keywords: Hair or Hair Salon

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