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B and B Jennifer White
B is for Bethany - The End of an Era Bethany Jacques
BDHS Samantha Michelle
Babbette Bimbo-ette Karen Anne Summerfield
Babe In The Woods Jennifer White
Babette Margaret Jeanette
Baby Doll Husband Sissy Billie
Baby Sister Garyg
Baby, Life of a Prison Sissy Nina Ellender
Baby Carol Anne
Back Door Vickie Tern
Back To School - Woman's Work Jennifer White
Back to the Cradle Jennifer
Back to the Village of Queens Tanya Mazurek
Backwards Dance Jennifer White
Bad Boy Rachel Ann Cooper
Bad Day's Good Joke, Or Good Day's Bad Joke Nights
Bad Luck Janet L. Stickney
Bad Pills! Janet L. Stickney
Bada Bing Kimberli Nicole McCarthy
Bahamas Elizibeth
Bali Magic Zoez
Ballerina Jennifer White
Ballroom Dancer Lauran Travis
Bambi: A Tragedy (3) Minty Fresh
Bambi Jennifer White
Bang! Bang! Joanne Hillier
Banker Business Paul G Jutras
Baptism and Confirmation Jane Hudson
Bar Maiden Jennifer White
Barbara's Dressy Watch Gloria Marshall
Barbie Frever (2) Jean M. Chambers
Barbie's Gift Donna Allyson
Barbie Conan Johnson
Barbies Diary (4) Angel 6
Baseball Annie Jill M.I.
Based on a Conversation 2: A Place for Us Shalimar
Based on a Conversation Shalimar
Basic Needs (2) Starhawk
Be All The Pokemon You Can Be Paul G Jutras
Be Careful Out There! Jacques hughes
Be Careful What You Wish For # 879 (2) Brenda
Be Careful What You Wish For (or Relationship Therapy) Jodie Anderson
Be Careful What You Wish For (2) DiaperedBoyInGirlsClothes
Be Careful What You Wish For Ms. Bianca
Be Careful in the Park Michele Nylons
Be Good To Your Boss Sara Rever Eveille
Beach Bunni Kimmie Oh
Beach Toy Paul G Jutras
Beauty School Queen (3) Zoneefem
Beauty and the Beast Gwen Brown
Beauty and the Bet Ronda Kay Berry
Becoming A College Coed (12) Karen Ireland
Becoming Bride of My Brother Nupur
Becoming Debbie Debra Lynn Messer
Becoming DeeDee DeeDee Pauca
Becoming Faith Jennifer White
Becoming Miss Right Meeah Soo
Becoming Nichole Jolene
Becoming Sissy Sissy Priscilla Valentine
Becoming The Little Sister (3) Jaygee
Becoming Toni Toni Trepasso
Becoming Wife Of My Competitor Nupur
Becoming Desiree Is Down Here
Been Caught Dressing Since I Was 12!! (2) Christina Cox
Beer and Daisies and Lollypops Enny Viar
Before My Time (4) Bob Arnold
Before The Chosen Austin Henshaw
Beginnings - A New Morning Carolyn
Beginnings - Day 2 - Shopping Carolyn
Beginnings - Day 3 - Preparation Carolyn
Beginnings - Day 4 - Suzy Surprizes Me! Carolyn
Beginnings - Day 5 - Harry's Job Offer Carolyn
Beginnings - Day 5 - Suzy to the Rescue Carolyn
Beginnings - Day 6 - A Mary Kay Meeting Carolyn
Beginnings - Day 6 - Offer Accepted Carolyn
Beginnings - Day 7 - A New Friend Carolyn
Beginnings - Day 7 - A Special Night Carolyn
Beginnings - Day 7 - Donna's Story Carolyn
Beginnings - Day 8 - Saturday Fun Carolyn
Beginnings and Endings Ray Kitten
Beginnings Carolyn
Beginnings Danielle13
Behind the Garden Shed X. S. Sillke
Being Caught Nicole Louise
Being Helpful Is Good Lisa Skye
Being Jill Jennifer White
Being Me (2) Karin Roberts
Being Passable (4) Zoe Carlyle
Being Tiffany Heidi K
Being Twins Rachael Free
Being Victor's Sissy (7) Paula Pink
Being the Guinea Pig Woodford
Ben's Girls Gwengirl
Benjamin Samantha Michelle
Berserker Chromosome (2) Valentina Michelle Smith
Best Friends II Theresa Denise Carter
Best Friends Rachel Ann Cooper
Best Man: A Sensational Swimwear Tale Paul G Jutras
Best Served Cold (2) Mistress Cindi
Best Served Cold Valentina Michelle Smith
Best of Intentions Vanessa Singer
Beth and John (3) Elizabeth
Betrayal Julie O
Betrayed By Those I Love (2) Angel O'Hare
Better Business Gingerfred Man
Better as Jane Jane Hudson
Betting My Life Away (3) Karen's Wife
Between Iraq and a Hard Place Jennifer White
Between a Rock and a Hard Place Jennifer White
Between the Seconds M0rr1gan
Beware of Unions Rachael Free
Beware the Zealots (6) Karen Michelle
Bewitched and Beswitched Paula Dillon
Bewitched Jennifer White
Beyond Mortality Ami Lamida
Bi-Girls Vickie Tern
Big Bad Huey Mary Kay
Big Brother Paul G Jutras
Big Dog Sydian
Big Ones Jennifer White
Bigger Isn't Always Better Commentator
Bijoux the Pony Girl Maid Missy Crystal
Biker Babe Paul G Jutras
Biker's Broad (2) Karen Anne Summerfield
Bikini Beach - The Last Laugh Jennifer Allison
Bikini Beach House Carwash: The Revenge Fret Pearson
Bikini Beach Mothers Day To Remember Cathleen Elizabeth Hitch
Bikini Beach: A New Experience Roy Del Frink
Bikini Beach: Child Star Ellie Dauber
Bikini Beach: If I Should Die Before I Wake Jezzi Belle Stewart
Bikini Beach: Invasion From Space Ellie Dauber
Bikini Beach: Strange Therapy Lisa Grey
Bikini Beach: Swim Date Ellie Dauber
Bikini Beach: Tailhook - The Glass Sky Joan Banks
Bikini Beach: Teaching Sally Ellie Dauber
Bikini Beach: What's Good for the Gander... Jezzi Belle Stewart
Billie's Story Wild Billie
Biloxi Blues Allyssa Davis
Bimbo in the Making Cindy Godwin
Birth Control? Janet L. Stickney
Birth and Awareness Angel O'Hare
Birth of Amanda Skatie Willow
Birthday Girl Gingerfred Man
Birthday Present (3) Vickie Tern
Birthday Surprise II Joyce Devries
Birthday Surprise Julie
Birthday Weekend in Amsterdam Jane Hudson
Birthday Wishes Staci Marie
Bit of a Shock Jane Hudson
Bitterness Alex MacLeod
Black Friday Paul G Jutras
Black Lace Jacki Pett
Black and White (3) Lucy Lou
Blackmail (3) Danielle13
Blaze (6) Maddie V
Bless Me Father II (9) Deane Christopher
Bless Me Father Dawna Thompson
Blind Sided Marina Twelve
Blue Nails (2) Emmie Dee
Blue Pink and Zombies Spacecase Sweety
Blue Screen Techwriter
Bluegill Jennifer White
Blueprint for a Blissful Wedding Day Joyce Devries
Bob Roberts Calperniaus
Bob and Carol and Gemma and Alice? Bethany Jacques
Bob and Jeanette's New Girl (3) JamieLin
Bob Maddy Bell
Bobbi McGee Christopher Leeson
Bobbie on the Boardwalk Robert
Bobbie's Story (2) Jacki Pett
Bobbies' Vacation Robert
Body Gallery 2 Paul G Jutras
Body Gallery 3 Paul G Jutras
Body Gallery 4 Paul G Jutras
Body Gallery Next Generation Paul G Jutras
Body Gallery Paul G Jutras
Body Image Monica Ikon
Body Shift Paul G Jutras
Body by Fisher Commentator
Bodybuilding 101 Patricia
Bogus Holly v
Bonnie Jeanne's Day of Beauty Janis Elizabeth
Bonnie Jeanne: A Day at the Beach Janis Elizabeth
Bonnie Jeanne Janis Elizabeth
Bony Livestation-Mario Bros. Starshooter
Booblegum (2) Both Sides Now
Booby Trap Jennifer White
Bordello of Zulo Paul G Jutras
Born Again Monica Ikon
Boro of Queens: L'Enfemme Revue Tanya Mazurek
Boro of Queens Tanya Mazurek
Bosom Bondage Buddies, Part 2 (14) Brandy Dewinter
Bosom Bondage Buddies (23) Brandy Dewinter
Bosomy Bobbie Leigh de Santa Fe
Bossed Into Panties (8) Karen Petties
Bouncer Jennifer White
Bound for Trouble (2) Tanya Lynn
Bound in Fur for Her Pleasure Brent Mundy
Bowling Night Ray Kitten
Boxed In Young_Ovidius
Boy to Princess - The Beginning (5) Jennifer Allison
Boyfriend to Bride (2) Ms Kathy
Boys Day Out Jennifer White
Boys Don't Wear Those Petra Pan
Boys Like Ours Rosie
Boys Night Out Jennifer White
Boys Will Be Boys Jennifer White
Boys will be Girls Janet L. Stickney
Boys Janet L. Stickney
Brad's New School Uniform Emma B.
Bradley To Britney (7) Lor Hamilton
Brandi's Use of the Computer Karen Anne Summerfield
Breaking Him In A Happy Wife
Breast New World Roy Del Frink
Breast Seduction Eliza Claire
Breasts (2) Vickie Tern
Breathe Fran Avatar
Brewing up a Storm Elaine
Brian's Change, Kristy's Birth Kristy A Quinn
Brian's Humiliation (3) Lilly
Brian's Long Walk Baby Jennifer
Brian Staci Marie
Bride Reversed Jim Rossi
Bride To Be Paul G Jutras
Bride to Be - 2 Paul G Jutras
Bride to be Again Paul G Jutras
Bridesmaid for a Friend Thomas Robinson
Bring Your Daughters To Work Day Janis Elizabeth
Bringing Good Cheer Angela Rasch
Britionary Jennifer Jane Pope
Brittany's Sexy First Time With a Man Brittany Moore
Broken Hearted Again Jennifer White
Brother and Sister Suzi Page
Brotherly Love, Sisterly Love (2) Jessica Swift
Brothers in Panties Gingerfred Man
Bubbles: Plan B Jennifer White
Buds Jennifer White
Buffy the Shemale Vampire Slayer (2) Cal Y. Pygia
Bully Training Justincbenedict
Buried alive Debbie Cybill
Burning Bright Daedalus
Bursting Out Jennifer White
Business Date Paul G Jutras
Business Trip ForeverCD
Busted Again Paul G Jutras
Busted Once Again Paul G Jutras
Busted Paul G Jutras
But, But, But Ilean Anne Jerque
By Dreams Betrayed - Allentown Team - Slothtrop's I Can See For Miles Valentina Michelle Smith
Byron the Bastard (3) Jezzi Belle Stewart


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