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Bobbi McGee

1996           Complete : Yes       rated: R

Rob Wescott has had so many girl friends that he can hardly remember them all.  Unfortunately one of those girls has a better memory and a vindictive streak to boot.  She sends him a magic idol. . . .
This story comes with illustrations, provided by the author, which add 196 K to the download size.

Age: Adult 26-55    Categories: Magical Transformations    Keywords: Images 


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The Crusader and the Slave Girl

1996           Complete : Yes       rated: X

Barron Simon Saint-Mihiel has just plundered a castle when he is talked into saving what he thinks is a poor slave girl. In the throws of passion that night he finds out she is really an evil sorcerer who changes things around and traps him in her body.
This story comes with illustrations, provided by the author, which add 175 K to the download size.

Age: Adult to College Age-AR    Categories: Body Swap,  Magical Transformations,  Medieval Times    Keywords: Images 


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Under the Moons of Eden

  1996         Complete : Yes       rated: R

Captured during a battle in outer space the large all male crew is deposited on a planet by themselves. Their captors, have a strange way of making sure they will survive. Half the crew slowly gets changed into their own fantasy girl.

Age: Adult to College Age-AR    Categories: Age Regression, SciFi    Keywords: Pregnant/ Having a Baby, Wedding Dress or Married   

part 1

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part 2

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The Magic Fountain

1996         Complete : Yes       rated: X

Vizier Achmed would slay any man who stood between him and the throne of Damascus, but only if he *liked* him.  He does not like Prince Ali, the heir of Emir Haroon, and so when his magician confederate, Yusef, returns with a sample of water from a magic fountain of distant Marchan, Achmed decides to inflict upon the prince a fate far crueler and satisfying than mere assassination.
Bewitched by his scheming enemies, Ali will be disqualified from the throne unless he makes the long journey to Marshan himself, to wash away his curse in the same waters which inflicted it.

This story is adapted from a rarely-translated tale in the Arabian Nights compendium.  Unfortunately, the original story throws away almost all the dramatic potential inherent in a story of a Turkish prince betrayed by his vizier by means of a transforming fountain. For that reason the writer has had to rework and embellish the plot greatly.  An earlier draft at Fictionmania drew a good deal of positive comment, and, hopefully new readers will also enjoy "The Magic Fountain."

The story is illustrated with 31 one images, 5 of which are newly-created for this posting; older images have sometimes been reedited, in the interests of continuity with details given in the story. (Adds 331 K to the download size for the two parts.)
The author looks forward to hearing from readers. Enjoy.

Age: College Age 19-26    Categories: Age Regression, Bondage, Crime Punishment, Magical Transformations, Medieval Times, Mind Altered/ Hypnosis/ Brainwashed    Keywords: Bondage, Images, Pregnant/ Having a Baby   

part 1

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1996        Complete : Yes       rated: R

The world we know exists in a multiverse, each with its own strange take on reality.  In the next couple generations science will find the means for Earthmen to visit some of Earth's sister worlds, including one called "Tiresias."

Tiresias is so-called because in its peculiar reality visitors from other planes are instantly transformed to the opposite sex.  This oddity recommends Tiresias as the site of a maximum security prison for violent offenders (now that nearly all common crime has been federalized).  As women, violent males are easier to handle, of course, but the guards sent over to watch them are transformed also.  One newly-arrived guard is named Aaron Carter.  Tiresias makes some changes in Aaron, but the courageous and feisty hero also makes some changes in the way things are done on Tiresias.

This was a long novelette back in 1996 when first written.  Lately the author has added a minor subplot and generated enough new length to qualify it for a novel (50,000+ words), just because its more satisfying to write a novel than a short story.
"Prisoners of Tiresias" is essentially a modern socio-political satire. It lambastes the worse political conceit of the modern-day West, Political Correctness (with its contentious ramifications, such as feminism and "victimology"), whose main accomplishment so date has been to empower the irresponsible and to reduce what has so far been a living, growing, spontaneous human society to a cold-blooded social experiment.
The quotes beginning each chapter are more or less legitimate (though those with "future dates" are attributed to fictional writers).  They are intended to give the flavor of the social fermentation and quiet desperation which forms the backdrop of Aaron Carter's thoughts and deeds.

The story has been newly-illustrated for this posting with 30 original pictures. (Adds 483 K to the download size for the two parts.)

Age: Not Applicable    Categories: Crime Punishment, Sci-Fi    Keywords: Images, Pregnant/ Having a Baby   

part 1

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  1996         Complete : Yes       rated: X

The quarrels of Kansas City's gangsters send Lee Scarp on a one-way ride to Purgatory. This ante chamber of Hell turns out to be not-quite as expected, however. One difference is that his welcomer is a beautiful woman named Noel, who is assigned to be his friend, companion, mistress, and all-around genie. Another peculiarity is that for a man whose time seems to have run out, Scarp seems to have an awful lot of time on his hands. An even worse problem, though, is that it's not easy to have anything one asks for if one is cursed by a lack of imagination. (Revised 11/99)

Age: Adult 26-55    Categories: Crime Punishment, Magical Transformations    Keywords:


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The Big Switch, or The Dame Curse

  2001         Complete : Yes       rated: R

D.C. Callahan and his partner Martin Dewitt are private eyes of the old school. Or, at least Callahan is.  It's tough trying to live the life of Sam Spade in the 21st Century, but Callahan gives it the college try.  It's also tough being the only two Republican gumshoes in Washington, D.C., but the partners would rather fight than switch.  Even so, there's plenty of fighting and switching when a gang of body-exchanging aliens hits town.
Images add about 380 k to each part.

Age: Adult 26-55    Categories: Body Swap, Sci-Fi, Undercover/Detective     Keywords: Bondage, Images

part 1

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Tales of the Eerie Saloon: High Noon -- How It All Began 2001 Complete: Yes Rated: X
Part 1 - When the Hanks Gang rides into Eerie, Arizona, they find more than the sheriff waiting. They find Shamus' potion and new lives as waitresses in the Eerie Saloon.
Part 5
- As the Hanks Gang settles into their new lives as saloon gals, it seems that not all the changes are physical ones, but excitement and adventure are still a part of their lives.
9 - Now that their sentences are over, Wilma, Bridget, Laura, and Maggie try to find a place for themselves in the town. In the meantime, men are getting interested in Jane, and not just for the obvious reasons.

This is the prequel to "Jessie Hanks, Outlaw Queen."

Age: Adult to College Age AR     Categories: Age Progression, Mind Transfer/ Mind Possession, Bad Boy to Good Girl, Crime Punishment, Stuck, Humor, Victorian Times, Magical Transformations     Keywords: Corsets, Petticoats and Crinolines

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