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Brian's Humiliation

by Lilly


Brian was pretty pleased with himself as he walked home from school. He had just won himself a place on the first XI football team which would make him one of the social leaders in the school. He was already fairly popular on account of his, admittedly rather androgynous, good looks and seemingly effortless academic success.

He walked into the house, slamming the door behind him and ran upstairs to play on his computer, he was just about to set a new high score when his mum interrupted.

Brian, it's time to go

Go where? He asked in a typically impatient way.

We're going to see Milly's dance show, you remember.

How could he forget, his little sister had been going on about this for weeks. It was just like her to ruin a perfectly good evening. They set off for the theatre and Brian moaned and complained throughout the journey. He sat in the theatre making no attempt to conceal his contempt for the event, yawning, making sarcastic comments and generally being unpleasant.

The evening was rescued, however, when Milly arrived on the stage, she executing a particularly difficult jette, when she fell, tripping two of her company and leaving them in a pink frilly entanglement to the mirth of the whole audience; especially Brian. Milly was of course, furiously embarrassed (what 13-year-old girl would not be?) and wept as she left the stage to hoots of derision.

Brian's parents did all they could to comfort her on the journey home, but they received no help from Brian, who tormented his sister saying

That's just like a girl, not only do you make a mess of everything because you're too concerned about your appearance, you Haven't the courage to face up to your mistakes. You wouldn't catch me weeping and wailing because of one little mistake; you're a real little, sissy wimp.

It was these words which Brian would come to regret.


Th next week Brian was playing as centre forward in the big football match, it was a close game with the score tied at one a piece. In the last minute Brian had an open net, it was an easy chance to win the game, but he missed it from only five yards away. After the game Brian hurried off, to avoid the taunts of his team mates.

That night as he lay in bed Brian played the moment over and over again in his mind and he thought about the horrors which awaited him the next day at school where the taunts would be merciless. The more he thought about this the worse he felt, until finally he started crying quietly to himself. However, he did not cry quietly enough as his mum heard him and came in to comfort her brave little soldier. Brian could not help but to cry more, he felt a little foolish but his mother had always been there to comfort him in the past and he soon found himself sobbing quietly on his mummy's shoulder and promising to be a big brave boy at school the next day.

Brian woke feeling much better, he had got his nerves out of his system and was ready to face the world. However, just as he was preparing to leave for school his sister barged into his room

Get out of here, he barked, and go back to your frilly den.

I think you need to listen to me, brother dearest, she said and before he could interrupt Milly stated to play a tape on her dictaphone. It was excruciating for Brian to have to listen to what was undoubtedly his voice speaking in so pathetic and babyish a manner. Milly went on

I think everyone at school would love to hear how my big strong brother faces up to his mistakes like a man, instead of being a sissy, little wimp. Don't you?

Brian was desperate to stop Milly from playing the tape at school and so he promised to do everything and anything she wanted. At first this was fairly simple, he just had to be nice to her, help her with her homework, tidy her room that kind of thing, but gradually Milly got to enjoy her power over her brother and put it to more nefarious use.

One Sunday afternoon Brian went in to Milly's room to help her with her homework as usual. She told him that she had a rather unusual project this week, she was making a dress in her sewing lessons. Brian told her that he couldn't be much help, but Milly insisted that she felt he had much to contribute to the model. Brian recoiled in horror, but soon saw he had little choice.

Now, brother dearest, I want you to take off all your clothes, that's it T-shirt...trousers...socks...carry on...yes, I mean everything...well if you want we can always play the tape on the school radio program...that's better what a good brother you are. Now I if you could just hold out your hands...come now, I am your sister, that's a good little boy. and put these panties on. Yes, they are girls' panties, that's why they're pink and silky, with such a lovely little lace bow on the middle and a nice lace trim around the edges. You have to wear them because otherwise the dress won't hang don't think I'd do this out of spite do you? Next we need to put this bra on you, it's one of my training bras.. just hold still now whilst I do it up at the back.. yes, I suppose you would have some difficulty getting this off.. but I promise to help you when I am good and ready...I'll just put these socks down the front to give you some cleavage..that's right now you have a lovely girlish have such a sweet small waist. I wish I was as slim as you. The next thing I need to do is shave your legs...well everything will look wrong won't hurt you...I suppose if you find it that embarrassing you'll just have to avoid football till the hair grows back, you can always pretend to be injured...oh just hold still a moment then, turn around ...there now I have a picture to commemorates the occasion. I wouldn't make a fuss if I were you, one shout from me and mum will be up here in a flash...that's right you are in a fix aren't you. Now lets get back to your legs.

Brian stood in disbelief as his little sister made his legs smooth and hairless. He didn't understand how he had let himself et into this situation, but here he was feeling the smooth caress of the silky panties between his legs, feeling the pressure of the slightly too small bra on his chest and looking at his pink, humiliated reflection in the mirror. He made no attempt to resist when Milly sat him at her dressing table and began to comb his hair, he watched growing closer and closer to tears as she put his shoulder length hair into plaits with little blue and yellow ribboned bows. The effect was finished by her giving him a small fringe which fell just short of his eyes and placing a pink barette on his head. He was powerless to resist as she put a pair of pinanklets on his feet, he had just thought how odd it was that they fit him so well when she told him to stand and put his arms in the air. She dropped a pale pink slip over his head. Brian had felt exposed and humiliated throughout the whole process, but he now felt even more vulnerable standing in the middle of the room with the draft gently swaying the sheer pink material. He looked at himself in the mirror and saw his sissfied reflection, he saw himself not just as a girl, but as a helpless, pathetic sissy; totally in the power of his little sister. It was then that the door bell rang...

Oh, exclaimed Milly, that will be Katie come with the dress

What? You're not going to let her see me like this? Wimpered Brian, knowing already what the answer would be. He felt himself begin to weep just at the thought of his thirteen year old cousin, and Milly's best friend, seeing him like this. He thought back with horror to the occasion of his cousin Laura's wedding when he had been particularly cruel to Katie whilst she was wearing an outrageously frilly bridesmaid's dress.

Oh look, Milly, doesn't ourn model look gorgeous! She squeled upon entering the room. And you were worried he would be too butch! What terrific legs he has once you remove that little bit of bumfluff, and such a trim waist. He does suit pink as well...Who would guess that this was my big strong cousin Brian! The one who said that frill panties were only for sissy girls and look, there they are under his pink silk slip...his very own pair. I guess that makes you a sissy Brian, just imagine what your mates on the soccer team would think of you if they could see you now. I'm not surprised your snivelling like a little girl.

Brian was able to contain himself no longer and he lashed out at Katie, who was too quick for him. In a flash he was gasping for breath on the floor having been kneed firmly in the groin.

Now, then sissykins brother. You will have to be punished for that, but not until we have you in the dress.

Brian stood up and allowed the dress to be put over his head; any thoughts of resistance had left him utterly now. He felt Katie zip up the back and he was then pushed in front of a full length mirror. There in front of him stood a little girl. Her hair neatly plaited, a deep pink dress with a sweetheart neckline and sleeves which were bunched up just at the shoulders, finished with white lace cuffs. The skirt was short and had a sewn in petticoat which held it out to leave a good view of his legs and no doubt, when he walked, his panties. His legs were smooth and slender and his feet covered by his frilly anklets; he felt like a fairy on a cake and could not imagine anything worse.






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