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Stories by Kimmie Oh

Mailroom Slut

2001           Complete : Yes       rated: X

An office-worker becomes the pretty lunch-hour plaything of one of the guys from the mailroom after he's caught on a sissy website.

Age: College Age 19-26   Categories: Crossdressing/TV    Keywords: Very High Heels


20 K

Added : 01-22-2001

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Beach Bunni

2001           Complete : Yes       rated: R

A wife recounts the transformation of her husband from a boring physics professor to a blonde bombshell as they sunbathe together at the beach.

Age: Adult 26-55   Categories: Crossdressing/TV, Mind Altered/ Hypnosis/ Brainwashed, Stuck, The Operation    Keywords: Breast Implants, Castration, Hormones


17 K

Added : 02-17-2001

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TV Repairman II

2001           Complete : Yes       rated: X

A bored, kinda horny young crossdresser decides to flirt a little with the repairman coming to install his cable--and gets more than he bargained for and everything he ever fantasized about!

Age: College Age 19-26   Categories: Bondage, Caught with Consequences, Crossdressing/TV    Keywords: Butt Plugs and Dildos, Very High Heels


43 K

Added : 03-23-2001

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