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Bikini Beach: The Last Laugh                 by: Jennifer Allison


To all readers of my story. Take my advice don't get the old lady who owns the beach known as Bikini Beach mad at you. My friends and I did, and this is our sad story.

You ever of the saying. "The one who laughs last laughs best."

The owner of Bikini Beach must be still laughing about what she did to my friends and me.

A couple years ago I used to run around with a gang of what you might call punks. There were seven of us in the main gang. There were others from time to time, but they were want to bees. We stayed just inside the law, and when we broke a law, nobody could prove it was one of us. Everybody knew we did it, but they couldn't prove it. Regardless of how hard they tried.

Switchblade, our unofficial leader had once gotten his girl friend pregnant. Some of the rest of us claimed we had sex with her. With Switchblade's help with all the little details like a mole in a certain area. He was able to get away with it.

Another time Bull and Simps raped a girl. I was on vacation with my parents so I wasn't involved it that case. They had no eyewitnesses and the others guys gave Bull and Simps an alibi. The DNA test was inconclusive.

Then there were the Adonis and Apollo. They both looked like Greek Gods. A body and face to die for. They liked pulling dirty tricks on those less fortunate.

Then there was my best friend Sam, Just Sam, he didn't want a nickname. We were the two youngest of the gang.

In my case, the town wasn't mad at me, just my family especially my fourteen year-old sister. I was rummaging around and found a sanitary napkin, still wet with blood. I knew my mom had already had her surgery. So this had to be my sister's. By the end of school the next day everybody knew my sister's little secret.

We just played hell all over town.

The straw that broke the camel back was the Lady's Club meeting that we broke up.

The local ladies club had called a meeting. The main topic of discussion was us. When we heard about this meeting we decided to send a representative to speak on our behalf.

When our representative made his appearance everybody got up and started screaming and running around. You see, we sent a little black cat with a white strip down his back. You know the one with an odor problem, skunk. We got a lot of laughs over that. If we had known then what we know now. We would have just left town. It would have been whole lot easier.

What happened, was during the confusion. A few of the ladies had gotten hurt. Not badly just some cuts and bruises. Unbeknownst to us was one of these ladies was the best friend of the lady who owns Bikini Beach.

And this is her revenge.

It took her a couple weeks to set everything up. She went to see every one of our parents, and people we have terrorized over the years, and explained her ideas. Everybody had an idea or suggestion. The old lady was very happy to ablige to most of the requests.

A week later Switchblade received a notice in the mail. He had won a contest. The prize was a free membership in Bikini Beach for a weekend. There was a note attached, saying. "If he could get six or more men to sign-up, for lifetime passes the total price would be only $5 over the cost of a weekend pass. For everybody who signed up the total cost was listed. We had barely enough for all of us to sign-up for a lifetime pass.

A teenage boy dream come true. A lifetime pass to Bikini Beach. Switchblade called the phone number given and the date was set for the following weekend.

For the rest of the week it was all we could talk about. We even had a pool going. Who would be the first one laid, the one who would get laid the most that weekend, and so forth.

That Saturday we all piled into Bull's dad's van.

As we approached Bikini Beach the excitement kept building. For me especially. You see I might have bragged about doing the dirty deed, but actually I had never been with a girl in my life. I mean I didn't even know what a breast felt like.

As we approached the entrance. We could see all the skimpily clad women entering the park. My little friend got so hard I almost came right there in the parking lot.

Switchblade showed his coupon to the lady at the booth.

"Welcome to my beach."

"In the letter you said I could bring some of my friends, and for the cost of a weekend pass plus $5.00 we all could become lifetime members."

"Yes, that is true. Are the seven of you all together."

"Yes, Here is the money. We can't wait for the fun to begin."

As the owner was filling out the receipt she was telling us the rules.

1: Everybody had to take a shower, regardless of his or her age.

2: No horseplay where someone might get injured. There is a doctor available if she is needed.

"The rest of the rules are posted, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask me or any other beach employee.

"Now go and enjoyed yourselves."

The men's locker room wasn't much. After putting away our clothes, the seven of us took a shower. There was just barely enough room for all us at one time. Not one of us saw the pink mist rising from the drain. We didn't even notice the changes that were taking place. We were told later that this was arranged so that we wouldn't notice.

Outside the locker room we were met by a very large group of ladies. All seven of our moms, my sister, Mary Ann, Switchblade's old girl friend, and about fifteen ladies from the Ladies Club.

"Oh! They turned out perfect. Just the way we wanted them."

"What the bleep are you talking about." The voice I couldn't recognize, but it came from Switchblade's body.

"Girls! I do mean GIRLS! Let me explain." The old lady from the entrance said as she handed each of us, what looked like a top to a bikini.

"This a private park for women only. Any man can enter if they want to. Upon entering the shower they are changed into a woman. They will change back to their old male selves twelve hours after their passes expire. But I am sorry to say. In your cases the changes are permanent, since you all bought lifetime passes."

"You can't do this to us!"

"Yes, I can, and I did."

"We have our rights!"

"The seven of you are still minors. And I have your parents written permission. All they required of me was that I make you a certain way."


"I would like you to meet Mrs. Loring, she is my best friend, and member of the Ladies Club. She was hurt during your prank. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves. Cause you had your fun and it is time to pay the piper.

"The changes I have made are permanent. As far as everybody in the world is concerned you are girls and have always been and will always be. Since all of you have been girls all your life none of the things you have done has happened. Like the Club meeting, and you Switchblade making your girlfriend pregnant.

"I see one of you is missing, she must be still in the shower. Mrs. Bordick would you please go get your daughter Samantha."

The six of us were shocked when Mrs. Bordick returned carrying a crying baby, no older than six months. "Let me introduce Samantha Bordick. Her old name was Sam. But his parents decided they wanted a baby girl. The reason she is crying. I am sorry to say is, she has a bad case of diaper rash. You see six months ago Sam was baby sitting his nephew. And when the baby's diaper needed changing Sam wouldn't do it, and the baby ended up with a case of diaper rash. Sam's parents wanted a baby girl and that is why Sam is now Samantha, and six months old."

"Are we all going to be babies?" the six of asked in unison.

"No, each one of your parents asked for different changes.

"Now I would like you all to meet, Betty and Terry." Two girls stepped up. They had bodies and faces that could cause any man wet dreams. "They use to be called Laurel and Hardy at your school. I made some changes for them."

Let me explain. Betty was nicknamed Laurel, cause she was a beanpole. A person who had to run around the shower to get wet. Too top it all off. She must have been hit repeatedly by the ugly stick. She was so ugly, a blind boy wouldn't touch her, she was that ugly. Terry in the other case had a beautiful face, but due to a gland problem she weighed in at 200 pounds. Thus Laurel and Hardy.

As a joke, Adonis and Apollo asked them out on a date. The girls spent a year's allowance on dresses and for two days bragged about their dates. Adonis and Apollo had the girls show up at the dance by themselves and then never showed up themselves. We heard later the girls were heart broken, and were the laughing stock of the whole school. They both transferred within a week.

"As for you, Hortance and Olive. The joke is on the other foot." We finally got a look at Adonis and Apollo. They were now exact copies of the old Betty and Terry. Except for one change. They were now both ugly as sin.

"In this case we took your good bodies and looks and gave them to Betty and Terry and we then gave you theirs in return."

Both Hortance and Olive broke down crying as their mothers help them into their bikini tops and led them away.

"I have some bad news for two of you. Stacey, you and Susan are needed at home. Both of your moms will be staying. I have found a couple guys who are heading your way and are willing to take you home." Now we could see Bull and Simps, now called Stacey and Susan. On a scale 1 to 10, I rated them both a 6 on the looks scale.

We heard later that this was all arranged. The two men were college friends to the brother of the girl Bull and Simps raped. On the way home the men stopped off at a hotel where ten other men were waiting and gang raped them. This might be considered cruel. But the girl that they had raped had killed herself. All three sets of parents involved agreed the punishment would fit the crime. Nine months later both girls delivered a baby girl.

"Now we come to you, Brenda," They weren't looking me so I knew Switchblade was now Brenda.

"Your punishment will also fit your crime. As everybody knows a Sorceress can't create life or harm life. In your case I had to do extra work. While in the shower, I had a pregaant girl join the seven of you. What I did with you, Brenda was right after your transformation into your new female. Then I did a body switch. This way you can go through the pains of labors and spend the rest of your life as an unwed mother. I have also arranged that stigma will be attached to the child.

When I saw the new Brenda. She was a huge as house.

"Mary Ann, help take Brenda to the doctor. She is all setup to deliver the baby." As Brenda was led away she let out a scream. It took both Mary Ann and Brenda's mom to help her off to the infirmary.

From what I heard later it was a very hard delivery. I think Brenda set the world record for the length of her labor

"Now for you, Jennifer."

My new name must be Jennifer. I finally got a chance to look at my new body. I was a twelve year-old. My breasts were just making their presence known. I moved my hand down to my crotch. I felt the smooth front to my bikini bottom. My mom helped me into my top

"As for now your only punishment will be, having to baby sit Samantha while the rest of us enjoy a day at the beach."

I didn't enjoy this very much. It seemed that Sam needed changing every five minutes.

That night when I arrived home I immediately noticed the changes. My dad asked as we entered the house.

"Did you enjoy your visit to the beach Jennifer?"

I knew right then that any hope of changing my situation went down the drain.

After supper my parents sat down and explained a few more things to me.

"Jennifer, you and your friends just became too much. It was either this or jail. The police were ready to fabricate evidence against everyone and send you all away.

"The only people who know the truth are those that were standing there waiting outside the locker room or those like your dad who wanted to know. A few chose not to remember. I wanted to know, so that I could help you."

"Can you tell me what my other punishments will be?"

"No! All I can tell you it will happen during the next week."

With this I went to bed.


The next day, nothing happened out of the ordinary. I spent the day learning about my new self.

My mom allowed some of my new friends over. She said to make it easier for me at school the next day. I went to junior high already and I hated it then. Now I have to repeat all over again. As a girl this time. It was also arranged so that I was still an average student.

The next morning my mom helped me with the dress I was to wear.

At the first class I was called upon to talk about something. I thought this would be a problem. But I just started talking like I studied all weekend for this moment.

Five minutes after I started. The class just started laughing and pointing at me for some unknown reason. The teacher came up and stood in front of me.

"Jennifer, I think you should go to the murse's office and have her call your mom."


"Look at your dress."

Which I did. I just found out what my punishment was.

I just had my first period, right here in front of my classmates.

My mom told me this was one of my punishments. I told everybody my sister's secret, and I would have to live with everybody knowing my secret.

I found out later that there was one more punishment. And I am about to pay for it now.

It seemed the Bikini Beach Owner had made all seven of us very fertile. So regardless what precautions we took. Nine months after we all lost our cherries, we would delivery a baby.


I think I had better call the Doctor. The pains are four minutes apart.

I hope it is a Boy. And he is definitely not going near Bikini Beach.



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