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Baby Doll Husband

by Sissy Billie



Total Fidelity plus Breakfast in Bed?

Unique opportunity to acquire a well-trained male. Quiet professional male 25 years, sissy but straight, seeks strong-minded female 30-40 years for long-term relationship /marriage. Cooking, cleaning, pampering and loving for the right lady. Applicants to be interviewed by protective Aunt before any meeting. All letters answered with photo. Contact Box No 3702


"This might interest you Baby Doll. That's the original advert your Auntie put in the paper. Have you ever seen it before?" Mistress Helen passed the slip of paper over to me.

"No Madam", I replied, "Auntie never showed it to me. I knew she met nearly all the ladies who replied over a month or so. She said there were quite a few, but she could tell from the letters that most of them wouldn't be right for me. She said I would be a very special prize for some lucky lady. Do you think I'm a special prize?" I added flirtatiously.

"You little minx – I did your Auntie a favour by taking you off her hands." Mistress Helen laughed, "Oh, you can do the other foot now, darling boy"

And it was true – I really was a most unusual prospect in the matrimonial stakes. For instance at that moment I was kneeling in front of my beloved Mistress totally absorbed in massaging her feet as part of her regular pedicure. On her instructions I was wearing a pale blue baby doll nightie with matching ruffled panties which covered the shiny silver chastity device that she insisted I wear at all times. Not your standard husband material I'm sure you'll agree.

I had often wondered whether there could be anyone else who would really understand me the way Auntie did. After all, it was Auntie who had recognised my latent sissiness and had developed it by a programme of strict but loving training. But somehow Mistress Helen had persuaded Auntie that she might be the right person for me and, after an initial meeting in a restaurant, Auntie had allowed Mistress Helen to visit me at home and we had been allowed to spend time together alone in the living room . In preparation for these meetings Auntie always dressed me with particular care in my best sissy party dress, much to Mistress Helen's delight. During our time alone we usually ended up sitting together on the sofa, with Mistress Helen's hand wandering up my dress, and with me feeling rather faint as she whispered about all the very naughty things she would like to do with me.

Eventually it was agreed that we should marry and the wedding was arranged – a simple Registry Office affair attended only by Mistress Helen and myself, with Auntie and Mistress Helen's friend Caroline as witnesses. What the Registrar did not know was that underneath my dark grey suit Auntie and Mistress Helen had had great fun dressing me in exquisite bridal lingerie – a tight white satin basque with panties and sheer white stockings complete with fancy garter.

And when Auntie handed over a small key to Mistress Helen as part of the ceremony, it was not a piece of 'New-Age' symbolism, as the Registrar vaguely supposed, but, as everyone else at the ceremony knew, the key was for the lock of my chastity cage. From that moment on any sexual outlet I was going to have was to be totally at the discretion of my new wife and Mistress…

* * *

One morning Mistress Helen called me into her study. I put down the duster I was using to polish the dining table and, straightening the apron of my maid's uniform, I entered my Mistress's private sanctum with a curtsey.

On the desk was a sturdy cardboard box. "Ah, there you are Baby Doll. Come and look at this. I've been looking forward to this particular parcel arriving. I want to show you our latest toy", Mistress Helen said excitedly. "Pass me the scissors and I'll open it up."

Lifting the lid of the box and looking inside, Mistress Helen let out a long sigh. "Oh yes, I'll never forget that beauty." I was intrigued and came forward hesitantly to look into the box. I gasped. Nestling among the tissue paper packing was a huge black dildo, about 9 inches long and thick with bulging veins.

"The amazing thing is it's not just any big cock Billie. You remember I went on holiday to Barbados with Caroline at Easter - and my holiday romance with Eddie?"

I remembered Eddie all too well. Mistress Helen had shown me photos of Eddie on her return. Eddie – a muscular black man in his early thirties - and Mistress Helen on the beach, in the bar, in the hotel bedroom…

"This is an exact replica of Eddie's gorgeous cock! What do you think of that?"

I was silent for a few seconds. "Now don't go into a sulk again Baby Doll. I've explained to you over and over that your dear little 5 inch willie just can't satisfy me. I love it dearly, but I need a really large dick to fill me properly. That's why Caroline and I went off for our girly fortnight. And you went back to Auntie's to keep you out of mischief – and I seem to remember hearing that you had a lovely sissy time there".

I blushed to remember some of the naughty games I had played with Auntie during my stay.

"Yes" Mistress Helen said sharply, "You had your fun at Auntie's and I had mine with Eddie in Barbados. Now no more silly pouting or I'll have to put you over my knee and give you a severe spanking"

"I'm sorry Madam." I whispered hoarsely.

Mistress Helen continued, "Anyway Caroline had a 'special friend' on that holiday too – a guy called Curtis who was also well endowed, and she had the idea of taking plaster casts of their beautiful cocks as a sort of souvenir. She had read in a magazine about a firm that makes exact silicone replicas. I wonder whether she has received hers yet - I'll give her a ring in a minute."

I was still staring down into the box, my heart pounding, as I poked about nervously among the tissue paper. "But Madam, what's that at the other end?"

Mistress Helen reached in and brought out the toy with a beaming smile. At the base of the dildo was another, shorter but equally thick dildo pointing in the opposite direction. At the point where the two cocks met, a pair of thin white leather straps dangled, one ending in a fancy diamante buckle.

"Yes Baby Doll this is where it get's really interesting. I want you to really understand what I need in this department – it's part of your education. So I had the idea of making another copy of Eddie's cock – just for you! It's only the end 2 inches, but when you have it in your mouth with these straps buckled round your silly head you might start to appreciate what a wonderful plaything it is and understand how your tiny willie is just not enough to satisfy me."

"Of course while you're enjoying sucking on your cock, mine will be sticking out from your dear little face and I might want to slip myself onto that huge rod and ride it like I used to do with the real Eddie. Now doesn't that sound exciting?"

I looked again at the shorter of the two dildos and felt my legs go weak. It looked huge. "Madam, I don't think I'm going to be able to take that in my mouth. It's too big to fit in", I said feebly.

"Nonsense, Baby Doll. Of course you can. I managed to give Eddie a blowjob on more than one occasion. So if I can fit his cock in my mouth I'm sure you can – come here, let's give it a try"

With that she took the toy in one hand and the back of my neck with the other, and – none too gently I thought – pushed 'my' end into my mouth. My mouth was completely filled! My jaws were pushed open as far as they could go and tears came to my eyes as I fought to not gag on the sheer bulk of the penis.

"There we are. That's not too bad is it? And you'll get more used to it with practice. We'll just fix these straps around the back of your head - like so… Now let's take a look at you." At that moment I was desperately trying to tell Mistress Helen that I couldn't possibly cope with having this huge cock rammed into my mouth. But all I could do was to make some wild grunts and look pleadingly at her – all of which she ignored.

"Oh yes. That looks very, very naughty, you wicked boy", she said with an excited gleam in her eyes. She looked at the papers spread over her desk and then back at her sissy husband, standing before her in his maid's uniform, gagged and with a huge silicone sex toy pointing outwards from his mouth. "Hmm, this contract isn't that urgent", she said in a breathy voice. She led me by the hand to the front of her desk and made me lie down on my back on the Persian rug. I looked up at her helplessly as she stood over me in her white satin blouse and grey business skirt. With a deft movement she reached up her skirt, removed her lace panties and she threw on the desk.

Then she stepped over me so that one high-heeled shoe was on either side of my head. Looking down at me she said softly, "This is going to be so good - I promise you Baby Doll". Then without another word she hitched up her skirt and squatted down over my face, lowering herself onto the dildo that pointed upright and quivering from my mouth.

She gasped as the enormous cock slid up inside her. Eventually, with more excited squealing, it was fully inserted so that she was in effect kneeling with her bottom over my face, and her weight pushing the penis-shaped gag further into my mouth. In her exertions the hem of her skirt had fallen down so that it now covered my head and all I could see were her stocking-clad thighs clamped to either side of my head.

After a pause she started moving up and down on the enormous cock. Slowly at first, but becoming faster and more vigorous, she thrust herself onto the dildo.

"Ohhh Eddie!" I heard her groan in a far-away voice, "You've got what this girl needs…"

All the while, as she slid and ground herself against my face, the penis-gag in my mouth was being pushed in and out, so that at times I imagined that the huge object in my mouth was Mistress Helen's cock and that she was fucking my mouth in wild abandon. Despite the discomfort, this thought and Mistress Helen's obvious passionate enjoyment made my own penis strain against the chastity cage in which it was trapped.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! YES! YESSSS!" my Mistress screamed before slumping forward, covering my face completely with her belly. Beneath her, her devoted sissy husband was completely happy…

After a few minutes Mistress Helen stirred. She eased herself off the giant dildo with much panting and got to her feet unsteadily. Then she reached down to help me stand and unbuckled the straps from behind my head. She gently eased the gag out of my mouth and tenderly kissed me on my bruised lips. Looking at me with a dreamy expression, she whispered, "That was wonderful… Eddie's cock is quite something, isn't it? We've both experienced it now so you know what I'm talking about. Was that fun for you Baby Doll?"

I tried to reply but found that my mouth would not work. All I could do was nod and smile and look at the floor in embarrassment. "Well I think you deserve a treat my darling boy. I want you to go up to your bedroom and change out of your maid's uniform. Put on that new yellow satin baby doll nightie. And get your toy box out – we'll find something in there to play with, won't we?" Mistress Helen teased.

I raced up the stairs and entered my room. Mistress Helen called this my 'sissy boudoir' and she had decorated it in a very girly style. The walls were pale lavender and the bed, dressing table and wardrobe were delicate painted white pieces of furniture. A canopy of lace arched over the bed, which was covered in a pink satin quilt with piles of dainty cushions arranged on the pillows. I took off the maid's dress and hung it in the wardrobe. The apron went in the laundry basket along with the frilly panties, bra and stockings. I stood looking at myself in the full-length mirror of the wardrobe, naked except for the gleaming silver chastity cage. Reaching inside the wardrobe I brought out the nightie selected for me by my Mistress and I shivered as the cool satin slipped over my skin. It had an extremely short but full skirt which swished as I examined my appearance in the mirror. Apart from my bruised lips I noticed that my hair had become messed during my ordeal on the floor of the study. I quickly brushed it into a semblance of order before getting my toy box out from a cupboard as instructed. Although Mistress Helen called it my toy box, it was locked and she held the key. Inside was the collection of sex toys that she had acquired since our marriage. The latest – 'Eddie' it would be called no doubt – would be added shortly.

I had just placed the toy box on the bed and sat down next to it when Mistress Helen entered. "Stand up and show me your new nightie, my darling", she ordered. I jumped up and spun around for her inspection. "Very nice, you look almost edible –like a fancy iced bun. I might just have to gobble you up", she laughed.

She went over to the toy box and opened it. "Now let me see…" she mused. "Yes these will do nicely." She held out a pair of pink fur-lined handcuffs and a short length of cord. I felt my penis respond in the confines of the chastity device.

"Hands out young man" she said in a mock severe tone. The handcuffs were locked around my wrists with a click. Then the cord was threaded through the chain connecting the two cuffs. Leading me by the cord she brought me over to the full-length mirror again. By standing on a chair she looped the cord through a hook in the ceiling and with a few knots I found myself standing on tiptoes in front of the mirror with my arms securely restrained above my head.

"Now I've got you just where I want you", Mistress Helen smiled. "Look at yourself in the mirror, you little sissy. In your lovely satin baby doll nightie. Your panties are showing with your arms in the air like that. That's not very ladylike is it?"

"No Madam" I managed to answer, forcing my mouth to work.

"Oh so you can talk. I was beginning to wonder. Well sissy, I'm going to pull your panties down and see what you've got under there."

She roughly yanked at my panties. They slid to my ankles and the shiny silver chastity cage was revealed. "Well what have we here?" she asked in mock surprise.

"I've got a key that just might fit that lock." She said toying with a tiny key on a chail round her neck. "Do you want me to try it, Baby Doll?"

"Yes please Madam" I said eagerly, my penis becoming more painful in its cage.

"Hmmm, I don't think you really want me to. You're just saying that. Sissies are happier locked up in their chastity belts – everyone knows that."

"No, Madam I really really want you to unlock me. It's – it's getting very uncomfortable down there. Please please please Madam!"

"Well, perhaps I will… Now keep still and I'll see what I can do"

Mistress Helen inserted the key in the lock and to my great relief the chastity cage clicked open and fell away. My erect penis sprang out pointing up the ceiling in a determined manner.

"Let me see… I know what I would like to do with this darling little thing" she said. From the toy box she took out a pair of long black latex gloves and a small bottle of lube. She held my gaze as she put on the gloves, rolling them up her arms and unhurriedly smoothing out any creases. She stroked my face with both gloved hands, forcing me to take in the strangely exciting small of the latex.

Mistress Helen stood to one side of me as I tottered about on tiptoe from the ceiling restraint. She squirted some lube onto my erect penis and rubbed it in. The cool slippery feeling was delicious and I groaned in ecstasy.

However only a few seconds later I was screaming out in surprise as I felt one of Mistress Helen's well-lubricated and gloved fingers slipping into my bottom!

"Oh Madam, please don't!" I pleaded.

"Sssh" she whispered in my ear, "Just relax Baby Doll. Everything is going to be fine. We'll do a little of this…" she stroked my hard cock and I gasped with pleasure again, "and then a little of this…" The finger inserted up my bottom moved gently up and down. With some surprise I realised the sensation was not unpleasant. In fact, with lots of lube, the slithery sensations in such a private place were rather thrilling and, well, lovely.

"And a little of this… and a little of this…"Mistress Helen continued whispering in my ear. She repeated this over and over and I began to realise that I was enjoying her gentle probing of my bottom at least as much as her expert rubbing and stroking of my penis. I was panting breathlessly.

"Are you OK, Baby Doll" She asked teasingly. "Do you want me to stop? If you beg me I might stop… Look at yourself in the mirror, my sweet boy. I think you're enjoying being finger-fucked you up your sissy hole. Am I right?"

"Oh yes Madam, it feels wonderful!" I gasped.

"This is your reward for being such a good sissy with our new toy. Your little willie may not be much good for satisfying me, but I do love to make it squirt. So I want you to do a big squirt now for your Mistress. I want you to squirt all over that mirror. Can you do that for me?"

I nodded dumbly. With that Mistress Helen pushed me further towards the mirror and began stroking my cock vigorously with one hand while thrusting a finger in and out of my bottom with the other. My excitement mounted as the tempo of her ministrations quickened.

"Ooh, ooh, ooh, Madam - I'm going to squirt!" I called out.

"Go ahead Baby Doll. Let it all out. Shoot that sissy goo out for your Mistress!"

I convulsed and torrents of hot sticky semen splattered over the mirror again and again and again…

"Good sissy" Mistress Helen whispered into my ear as she kissed me on the cheek.

* * *

Mistress Helen had somehow released the handcuffs and I had fallen to the floor. I looked up and watched as she peeled off the black latex gloves and dropped them onto the heap of sweaty pink flesh and crumpled yellow satin that was her sissy husband.

She cleared her throat. "Billie this room is a disgraceful mess and so are you! Tidy yourself up and get back into your uniform – there is work to be done. And bring me a cup of coffee in the study as soon as you have cleared up this mess"

"Yes Madam" I managed to croak as the sound of her high heels faded away as she went down the stairs…


The End




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