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Becoming Sissy
by: Sissy Pricilla Valentine


Chapter 1



It all started when Buffy, my adorable twin sister; born with me on Valentine’s Day; and I were 11 ½ years old. We were identical in every way except; of course; I was a boy. We both sported long, shoulder length wavy golden blonde hair; which she parted in the middle and I to the side, & soft silky unblemished fair skin. Like Buffy’s, my build was slight and petite, and my facial features softly delicate and feminine. Strangers often mistook us for twin little girls, and in such mistakes we secretly delighted.

You see I hated being a boy, wearing boy’s clothes, sports, the whole nine yards! Even as young as 3 years old I remember longing to be a pretty little girl instead, even praying at night that I’d wake up as a girl. This, my deepest, darkest secret wish was shared only with Buffy. She happily encouraged me, secretly playing dress-up games, daily giving or loaning me her panties, old bra-slips and training bras, slips & half-slips, pantyhose, and nighties to wear discreetly under my boy’s clothes, to bed, and during our secret game playing. She liked having a "sister" to play with.

Buffy, too, had her own secret wishes. She longed to be a baby girl again, wear diapers and plastic panties, and she loved to wet herself. Usually when we played dress-up, I’d be her mommy and she’d be my baby, and now as we were entering puberty we were beginning to experience the pangs of sexual desire and pleasure when we played. These were happy times, and I’ll cherish the memory of them the rest of my life.

It was one of these times that, at least for me, became one of the most embarrassing, humiliating experiences of my life, yet began the happiest, most pleasureful period of my life!

We lived on a palatial estate on a hill overlooking Los Angeles, known to the locals as Valentine Manor. Daddy; Dr. Rodney Valentine, at 31; was a Gynecologist and Pediatrician, while Mommy; 28; the entrepreneur, owned several lingerie stores, adult boutiques and adult book, video, and novelty shops. We certainly had all the money we could want, L.A. being as perverted as it was, and Buffy and I tended to be a little spoiled.

We attended private school, where the girls all wore an abbreviated pink satin frock with puffy sleeves, a big white satin bow sash, and a puffy 3 tiered white lace trimmed skirt with a hemline that fell barely below the thigh when the wearer was sitting. The dresses were always worn with a 6 layer chiffon petticoat trimmed in lace with alternating layers of pink and white, white tights with ruffled bottoms (or pink garter belts with opaque white silk stockings for the older girls), pink bobby-sox with ruffled white lace trim, & red patent Mary-janes. Each girl carried a clutchbag that matched her shoes. We boys all wore red trousers, white shirts, and black ties. It was horrid! Even worse, boys were taught in a separate building, and not permitted to mix socially with the fairer gender.

About once or twice a month Buffy and I would risk playing hooky, so we could spend the day uninterrupted playing our secret game. On one particular day we left as usual, walking as the school was only blocks away, and when out of view of the house, doubled back to conceal ourselves in the hedge about 25 yards from the front door, near the driveway/courtyard.

The red Ferrari Daddy drove was parked out front with the door ajar, and Daddy and Mommy were standing near the car’s open door. Mommy wore a black leather mini-dress, red fishnet stockings, and her trademark 4’ cock-shaped black patent leather stilettos. Daddy wore a lab coat and stethoscope as he was going to the office. Mommy had a firm grip on the huge bulge in his crotch, and was barking something under her breath at him we couldn’t hear, to which he was nodding in profuse obedience. Even if he was a muscular, bodybuilding hunk, and Mommy wore the dress, it was readily apparent to any onlooker who really "wears the pants" in our family!

When Daddy left, Mommy went back inside and came back out carrying her purse to meet the chauffeur driven Rolls Limo. Ivan, a 6’7" well muscled black man with a shaved head and a short van-dyke, sharply exited the drivers seat and snappily opened Mommy’s door for her, standing smartly at attention while he waited for her to leisurely enter, eyeing him up and down in inspection. He wore a white tight tank top, and skintight black Lycra bicycle shorts, his required uniform, which showed off his beefy buns and the massive bulge in his groin. Mommy licked her lips teasingly and barked her orders at him, to which he replied "Yes, Mistress Kristin" before closing the door and reentering the driver’s seat. I marveled at the power she seemed to have over her men, and I envied her.

The limo cruised slowly past the hedge where we crouched in hiding, and down the long winding drive to the 12’ wrought iron electronic gate, which majestically swung outward to open as the car approached, swinging closed with a firm clang! before Buffy and I felt safe enough to stand. We darted for the front door and admitted ourselves with a key. Ordinarily, our 16 year old stepsister and family maid Tracie would have been there, but on Tuesdays and Thursdays she was a candy striper at Daddy’s medical office, and she’d left that Morning with Daddy so the house was wonderfully empty, a virtual playhouse for the game we "sisters" were about to play!

Once inside Buffy shut the door behind us, and I almost ripped the boys clothing from my body, wearing only a pink satin training bra, matching panties, ruffled white tights just like the little girls at school wear, and a white silk chemise style slip with spaghetti straps.

Buffy wasted no time undressing either, removing the ruffled lace bottom tights to reveal her white plastic panties with the ruffled lace bottom, that covered the pink satin pillowcase she wore as a diaper which I’d pinned on her that very morning. She looked so precious! When she removed her silky camisole and lacy white bra, I couldn’t help but gasp excitedly. Her muffin sized, pear shaped firm little breasts angled slightly upwards from her lithe little body. Tiny points of hard, pert pink nipples jutted sharply and invitingly outward, making me green with envy! It wasn’t fair she should be so cute and curvy while nature left me so flat and boyish!

"Don’t be silly, Sissy!" Buffy called me by my favorite girl’s name "You’re a gorgeous little girl!" She grinned wickedly, "Or you will be, in a minute!" She giggled. My little penis twitched inside my pretty panties, and began growing hard at the prospect of my becoming a ‘gorgeous little girl’!

Hand in hand we skipped up the stairs and down the hall into her girlishly decorated bedroom. She seated me at her vanity, combed & parted my hair in the middle and gave me some bangs, then tied my hair up into cute little pigtails with red satin ribbons. She applied a frosty shade of pink lipstick to my lips, a little rouge to my cheeks, and nail polish on the nails of my dainty little hands that matched my lipstick.

While my nails dried she carefully removed my slip and replaced it with a sexy sheer pink babydoll. She balled up some panties and stuffed my little training bra, and dabbed "White Shoulders" behind my ears and down my neck.

"OOOO Sissy! You’re soooo pretty! You’d be a perfect mommy!" Buffy giggled. As I stared into her heart shaped mirror admiring the beautiful little girl staring back at me I found I couldn’t agree more, and hugged her sweetly.

"Have you been a good baby, or are you wet?" I asked playfully, slipping my hand inside the back her plastic panties to see for myself, and caress her satin diapered firm little bottom.

"Baby Buffy a good wittle baby Mommy!" She babytalked, wiggling her bottom against my intrusive hand as if to prove her claim.

"C’mon then baby lets get your ‘bobba’!" Leading her by the hand to her bed, I reached under the mattress and found her pacifier which I hung around her neck, and her water filled baby bottle. She jumped into bed and her tiny breasts jiggled as she landed, scooting over to make room for me, and I slid in next to her. I raised the bottle to her waiting mouth and she greedily snatched the nipple between her lips, nursing noisily. With my free hand I explored my sexy twins hard little body. Her firm little boobs felt so nice as I gently squeezed them, rolling each hard little pink nipple between my thumb & forefinger and occasionally giving them a playful pinch. She began softly mewling and moaning as I touched her, stroking the flesh of her tight little tummy and creamy smooth thighs. She finished her bottle and I had her suck her pacifier while I dashed to the bathroom for a refill. The fabric of my pink satin panties teased my little boner as I ran, sending thrills through me, and as I snuggled back into bed with my babyish sister she couldn’t resist grabbing it!

She resumed her nursing, and I resumed my fondling while she kneaded my little pecker, making me moan myself! Soon she emptied this one as well, and having already drunk several glasses of water before we ever left the house that morning, she was hot with the need to pee.

"Baby wee-wee now ‘kay Mommy?"

"Okay sweetie!" I rushed to slip my hand inside the waistband of her plastic panties, and between her thighs to her satin diapered hairless little baby pussy. She let go, her hot pee spreading in her diaper and splashing into my hand as I rubbed it back into her pussy, and she squealed in delight as I fastened my mouth on her luscious little titty for some nursing of my own.

She wriggled and bucked her slender hips, pushing her pussy into my palm as I rubbed.

"Ohhhhhh Ohhhhhh Ohhhh Mommmmmmmyyyyy" She cried out, the hot stream of her pee subsiding she was bucking more frantically now, and jerking on my panty covered little hardon as I thrust it into her hip. I knew it wouldn’t be long now before she came, and was pretty close to cumming myself!

"Ohhhh gosh, Ohhhhhh yessssss Mommmyyyyy, rub it harder PLEASE!" She panted urgently "OHHHHH OHHHHHH Yeah! Yeah! YESSSSSSS MOMMMMYYYYY oh I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna CUM! I’MMMMMMM CUMMMMMMIIIIINNNNGGG!" Her body went rigid then convulsed with the force of her cumming, trembling spasmodically as wave after wave of intense orgasm wracked her lithe little body.


I leapt to my feet in sudden dread and fear as I realized in horror that what I had always feared had finally happened; Mommy had caught us! My boner instantly went soft and I could neither move nor speak, much less run! I wanted to die!

Mommy stood in our open door clad, as she had been this morning, in her black leather mini-dress, red fishnet stockings, and cock-shaped stilettos. She was a beautiful blonde with big smoldering blue eyes. Her hair was short, styled like that of Dorothy Hammil’s. Her 36C-22-26 figure curved dangerously, and I often wondered how it would feel to grow up looking like her!

She eyed me up and down getting madder by the minute. "So, I see ‘hooky’ isn’t the only thing you’re playing, is it?" She asked rhetorically "Why are you dressed like that?" She demanded

"I-I" I stammered and fell silent, dropping my eyes to the floor to avoid her gaze.

"So you like dressing up like a girl, huh? You little faggot! Well, from now on we’ll just make you keep dressing like a girl! And look at you, Buffy! Did Mommy’s baby wet herself?" She shook her head in mock disgust. Little did I know she had caught Buffy wearing diapers and had played the baby game with Buffy several times over the past month, this was all a show for my benefit.

"Come here you little sissy" she barked at me. Buffy giggled and said "That’s her name, Mommy, ‘Sissy’."

"Oh how cute! But you’ve been skipping school young lady, and you’re a very naughty little girl! Aren’t you?"

"Yes Mommy." I mumbled.


"Yes Mommy!" I spoke up.

"Yes Mommy, what?"

"Yes Mommy, I’m a very naughty little girl."

"And what kind of punishment do naughty little girls deserve when they misbehave this badly?"

"A sp-sp-spanking."

She sat on the bed and yanked me over her lap. Her leather skirt teased my tiny penis through my pretty panties, which once again became hard and ached for relief as she lifted the lacy hem of my sheer little nightie, revealing my firm, girlishly clad little bottom. She rolled down the waistband of the white ruffled tights but left me the dignity of keeping my panties on.

"Say ‘I’ve been a naughty little girl and really need a spanking. Please spank me, Mommy.’"

"I’ve been a naughty little girl and really need a spanking. Please spank me, Mommy."

She raised her hand high in the air and slapped it down hard on my upraised pantied buttocks, first the right cheek, then the left, spanking hard and fast. I was crying and trying to avoid the swats, thus unintentionally bucking and thrusting my satin swathed little hardon into her leather covered thigh. Finally I couldn’t hold back anymore.

"Arrrrggggggghhh!" I groaned out loud and my body jerked as I came inside my panties, and when Mommy realized I had just cum in her lap she beat me even harder. Finally she stopped, pulled off my tights and little pink panties, and used these to wipe up the cum off my little penis, then stuffed them in my mouth.

"Get used to the taste of cum, you little slut, because you’ll be swallowing a lot of it from now on!" She laughed. "Now suck those panties clean, Sissy!"

I obediently sucked on the panties, humiliated beyond belief as I stood there only wearing my babydoll and stuffed training bra, forced to taste and swallow for the first time my own salty, sticky boy goo. It wasn’t that bad really, and I certainly felt all the more girlish doing it.

Mommy turned to Buffy and pushed her back on her back, and skillfully removed the sweet little tart’s plastic panties and pee soaked diaper. Guiding Buffy’s hips to the edge of the bed she called me over and forced me into kneeling between my sister’s luscious wet thighs, so that I was staring eye to eye with what had to be the prettiest little hairless pink baby pussy a little girl could wish for. Her crotch glistened with the wetness of her pee, and the hot juices she had gushed when she came.

Mommy removed my thoroughly sucked panties from my little pink lipsticked mouth and barked. "Clean up your baby sister!"

I hesitated, not knowing how she intended me to accomplish this task with no babywipes or cloths to use. She shoved my head forward.

"Lick it, you stupid little bitch!" I began licking her sweet pee soaked cunny. It was my very first taste of pussy, and I’d no idea what eating pussy was until now. After all, we were only 11 ½ years old! I lapped like a kitten with her first bowl of milk, from Buffy’s tight pink anal rosebud to the top of her pubes. Buffy apparently liked this very much as she began whimpering again in pleasure, grabbing my pigtailed head and pulling my face into her pussy as she began gently wiggling it against my eager mouth.

Mommy decided Buffy was having too much fun and pulled me away, redirecting my cleaning operation to the pre-teen’s upper thighs. When she was satisfied all the pee had been cleaned up, she yanked me away and sent me sprawling onto my back on the floor.

"Stay there, Sissy, and watch how her real Mommy treats this naughty baby!"

As if on cue Buffy submissively laid herself over Mommy’s lap. "Baby Buffy’s a naughty wittle baby Mommy, pwease spank me!"

Mommy wasted no time, and, holding down the little girl with one strong hand, she flailed her sweet little buns with the other, pausing occasionally to stroke the crying child’s lovely little pussy. I was fascinated by how her little buttocks jiggled as they were swatted, remembering how firm my little twin’s bottom was! In just minutes her butt was a crimson red. Mommy stopped the spanking and gently inserted a long red-nailed middle finger into her young daughter’s virgin pre-teen pussy, slowly wiggling it and pulling in and out, turning Buffy’s sobbing into sweet little mewls of pleasure.

"Do you promise to be a good baby from now on and not wet without me?" Mommy asked her tenderly.

"Ummmmm yes Mommy, baby Buffy pwomise!" The sexy child wiggled herself on Mommy’s probing finger, eager to cum once more. Mommy had other ideas though, and reluctantly slipped her finger out of her teased and frustrated little girl.

My penis was fully erect again, and jutted pathetically small straight up in the air as I laid face up on the floor.

"Get up now Sissy, and both of you follow me!"

Mommy led us down the hall to the master bedroom, and into the bathroom inside. "It’s time Buffy and I made you look like the pretty little girl you want to be." She started. "That is what you want, isn’t it?"

I nodded shyly.

"Speak up Sissy, do you want Mommy and Buffy to make you be a pretty little girl?"

"Oh yes, Mommy!" I squealed happily "More than anything in the whole wide world! Please!"

"Good then, let’s get started!"






















Chapter 2





While Buffy helped me out of my flimsy bra and nightie, Mommy filled the bathtub with a hot sudsy bubble bath then lowered me into the tub where together they scrubbed me from head to toe. Mommy commented how lucky I was not to have developed any body or facial hair as yet and didn’t have the need for shaving. As they dried me off she carressed me in several places, saying "Such pretty skin! So soft!" She and Buffy coated my delicate skin in perfumed baby oil, then dusted me with perfumed after-bath powder.

Mommy’s manner had changed somewhat, and became gentle and soothing. She sat me on the edge of the tub and, as I held on, both females gave me a nice pedicure and painted my toenails with the same polish Buffy had used on my dainty little hands.

Mommy went to her closet and produced a prosthetic device I’ll call a bodysuit. Worn like a leotard it was custom made to emulate Buffy’s sweet little body in every way, from the perfect little breasts I envied so much, to the hairless tiny pink baby pussy. Buffy and Mommy both struggled to pull the bodysuit on me, and after 10 minutes of real effort finally got it on me. Underneath the prosthetic pussy my miniscule little penis had been sheathed in an external catheter which attached to the pussy’s urethra to allow for urination without removal. Further, a specially designed metal plate forced my organ up into my scrotal cavity, so that no telltale bulges gave me away! The navel concealed a small socket driven by a crank Mommy produced, that when turned operated metal and latex shaping bands that cinched my waist to 20", and lifted, shaped, and separated my already girlish buns. Of course my buns and asshole were still very exposed, "So I can still spank you effectively when you’re naughty" Mommy chided with a teasing grin.

She applied concealing theatrical makeup to all the edges making them appear flush with and part of my own skin! I looked every bit like a natural girl! My penis strained against it’s unyielding restraint, making me gasp in pain!

"Ohhh Mommy! It’s beautiful!" I exclaimed, hugging myself and grinning with joy!

"I knew you’d like it, you precious little girl!" Mommy beamed approvingly. "Now Sissy, sit here on the stool, and watch Mommy take care of baby Buffy first, because, remember, real ‘ladies first’!"

I sat as directed and watched her lower Buffy into a fresh bubble bath. She used a loofa sponge to scrub the cute little pre-teen’s creamy smooth skin, making it turn pink as blood came towards the surface of her skin in reaction. Buffy squealed as Mommy rapidly drew the hard rough sponge across the little girl’s pouty baby cunny. And after she was rinsed and dried you could see the poor child’s pussy swollen with desire, oozing hot pussy juice down her parted thighs!

Mommy seated herself on the commode seat, and guided her submissive, innocent young daughter over her leather-skirted lap. Next to the commode a full enema bag hung from a rolling hospital IV stand. Mommy reached for the long slender nozzle, and oiled it up with cherry-peppermint-flavored oil. She dabbed some of the oil on Buffy’s virginal, tight little pink rosebud, then slowly slid the tip if the nozzle inside, gently urging the white plastic tube deeper and deeper until all the usable end had found it’s way inside.

Buffy didn’t protest but didn’t look comfortable at all, until Mommy opened the valve and let the lukewarm sudsy water flow into her tight little rectum and deep into her little tummy.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Buffy moaned softly as she began to relax, and smiled blissfully as Mommy began stroking her helpless daughter’s swollen little slit and ripe little clitty. "Oooo that feels nice Mommy!" she whimpered meekly, starting to squirm.

"Be still sweetie." Mommy admonished. "Remember you mustn’t spill a drop!"

Buffy forced herself to be still while Mommy continued to pump water into her poor little girl’s tummy, and continued fondling and probing her hot little pussy! I absently reached between my own little thighs to play with my realistic feeling but dry prosthetic pussy, trying to rub my hidden little boner through the impenetrable restraint of the painful metal concealing plate, which ached for attention.

Little Buffy’s face began to contort now, expressing the discomfort she was now feeling over having her lower tummy so stretched by the warm enema. Mommy sensed her daughter’s discomfort and gently eased a second finger inside the sweet virgin’s wet honeypot.

"UNNNNHHHHH!" Buffy groaned, then whimpered softly in rhythm with Mommy’s probing fingers. The enema bag now completely drained Mommy gently removed the nozzle and replaced it with the thumb of her fondling hand, still wiggling her two fingers inside the helpless little tart. After several moments Mommy removed her fingers and, keeping her thumb firmly wedged in Buffy’s tight little sphincter, helped the little girl to shakily stand. She got off the commode seat and lifted it so Buffy could be reseated. She jerked her thumb out with a squishy pop! And allowed the trembling child to purge.

"OHHHHH GODDDDD MOMMMMMMMYYY!" She squealed. "I’mmmm CUMMMMMMMIIIINNNNGGGGGGGG!" As the toilet filled with her waste she was shaking with tremor after tremor of an intense orgasm, and when finally empty, collapsed to one side into the waiting open arms of her Mommy, gurgling and cooing in babyish contentment.

Mommy gently washed her, then got a fresh pink satin pillowcase, and laid it out on the bathroom’s marble counter, folding it like a diaper. She lifted Buffy onto the diaper and, dusting her with baby powder, pinned it snugly about the sweet child’s hips. She slipped Buffy’s little legs through the leg openings of a fresh pair of white ruffled rumba plastic panties and pulled these up around her pretty diaper.

I still fondled my pretty "pussy" while my other hand played with my phony little "AA" cup titties. Gosh they felt so real! As Mommy turned to me and saw what I was doing she giggled. "Look Buffy, looks like we turned sweet little Sissy on!"

"Yeah!" Buffy laughed "She likes her new little pussy, don’t you Sissy?" She mocked.

"Ummm-hmmm!" I nodded vigorously, smiling.

"Okie-dokie Sissy sweetheart," Mommy announced "it’s your turn!"

She took me by my delicate little hand and helped me to stand, leading me back to the commode. Buffy rushed with the enema bag to the tub’s faucet, poured a little liquid soap in the bag, and slowly filled it with hot water, making sure it was just hot enough not to hurt me. As Mommy seated herself on the outer commode seat, and I submissively draped myself over her lap as I’d seen Buffy do, my pretty twin returned and hung the enema bottle back on the stand. Mommy removed the traditional nozzle from the end of the tube, and replaced it with a slightly thicker, cock-shaped pink one. She held it up to my frosty pink painted lips and said, "kiss the pretty penis, honey!"

Obediently I puckered up and kissed it right on it’s fleshy latex head, leaving on it the telltale lipstick lip-print. "Good girl!" Praised Mommy. She squirted more cherry-peppermint-flavored oil on it and rubbed it all over the flesh-like shaft, then inserted the oil filled douche bottle’s tube inside my protesting virgin anus, lubing my rectum liberally.

"Now it’s time to clean out your sissy-pussy, Sissy!" She announced. She pushed the bulbous pink head of the penis nozzle gently into my resisting asshole.

"OWWWWW!" I cried, "It hurts Mommy!"

"Just relax!" Mommy cautioned "it’ll feel better in a minute, but if you don’t be a good little girl Mommy will have to give you another spanking!"

She slowly but smoothly pushed it deeper and deeper, pulling it back slightly before each advance, and as the pain slowly began to subside it was replaced by an oddly pleasant feeling. Is this how a girl feels when she makes love? I felt so feminine at that moment I thought it must be. Mommy finally stopped advancing the phallic nozzle and slowly opened the valve.

Buffy was right, it did feel nice! All tension ebbed quickly away as the hot water flowed into me, and I went limp with a sigh of contentment. Mommy playfully fondled and stroked my feminized buttocks while the flow continued, making teasing comments like "Such a cute little butt, I’ll bet it’ll get ya lots of cute boys!" and "I’ll even bet you could get Peter to play with it!" I blushed hotly, for Peter was the dreamy hunk with the huge ten-inch penis I couldn’t keep my eyes off in gym class, on whom, I’d confessed to Buffy, I had a big crush on! How did she know? It was then that I knew my trusted Sister had betrayed me.

Before long the water had drained from the bag, and I was thoroughly stretched! My thoughts were led in a different direction as my pretty Mommy gently hand-fucked me with the penis nozzle. I whimpered girlishly as she pumped it slowly in and out of me. The pleasure built inside of me, and my little balls boiled with the need to cum beneath the prosthetic pussy.

"Maybe he’ll be your boyfriend…maybe even…FUCK you, hmmm?"

In response I wiggled on my Mommy’s lap, and she pumped a little faster. I moaned loudly in pleasure.

"Umm-hmm! I think you’d like that very much, you cute little slut!"

Indeed, I thought so too! Mommy stopped pumping and carefully withdrew the slick phallic nozzle from my hot, tight little rectum, replacing it as she had in Buffy, with a tightly wedged thumb. I too could only stand shakily until permitted to sit back on the toilet, legs spread, straddling the wrist of my mother’s thumb-hand. She jerked it free and instantly I purged with such force the water splashed back up on my hot little butt. My poor little peter jerked inside it’s restraint and I almost came! Unfortunately, I was not destined to cum just then, and found myself very frustrated!

Mommy then gave me two heavily perfumed douches, giving me yet another ultra-feminine feeling, washed my bottom and crotch, and dabbed them lightly dry.

We re-entered Buffy’s room led by our dominantly clad Mommy, who draped a big fluffy towel over the heart shaped mirror of my sister’s pretty vanity table. She opened Buffy’s drawers and selected a few items she would need.

"You don’t mind if your sister borrows some of your pretty things, do you sweetie?"

"Of course not!" Exclaimed Buffy, "She can wear anything of mine she wants!"

Mommy held out the most darling pair of hot pink ruffled rumba silk panties I’d ever seen then lowered them to my knees. Steadying myself with my dainty little hand on her shoulder I slipped first one leg, then the other through the white lace trimmed elastic waistband and leg openings, and waited as Mommy slowly and teasingly slipped them up my smooth little legs and up around my hips, sending thrills all through my little body. They had a shirred, scoop style back with a heart shaped white lace trimmed opening right over my "sissy-pussy" Mommy had just cleaned, and were high cut with fluffy lace bows at the hips.

Buffy followed suit, holding up the matching front closure bra like a jacket so I could slip my arms through, then closed the clasp at my cleavage with a snap. The lovely bra lifted and pushed my little titties together, making them look a little bigger!

Mommy wrapped a cream pink satin cincher around my already curvaceous waist, and laced up the garment tightly in back, which was trimmed in white ruffled lace. She used her knee in the middle of my back now and then to make sure it was as tight as possible, whittling my waist down to a mere 16 inches! I could hardly breathe!

From the base of the cincher ran 4 white lace garter straps dotted with dainty pink rosettes. These Mommy and Buffy threaded through my panties so that the panties were worn outside of them. Mommy then took one opaque white silk stocking and handed Buffy the other, having me sit on the bed. "Okay sweetheart, point your pretty toes!" She directed.

Mommy and Buffy rolled up the stockings as I obeyed her instruction for each of them in turn, letting them slip the delicate items up my silky smooth legs, securing them in place with the garter. Mommy gave Buffy a pink satin and white lace trimmed garter that matched my sexy bra and pretty panties, and got a matching one for herself, then both slipped these up to my thighs, concealing the tabs of my garter straps.

Next came a white chiffon crop-top style camisole with spaghetti straps, trimmed in hot pink lace, and one of the six layered petticoats Buffy wore to school, which matched the camisole. I held my arms over my head for Buffy to slip the camisole down over my bra-encased titties. The camisole had built in soft cups itself and the elastic gently cradled my pretty breasts. Mommy had me step into the frilly matching petticoat, pulling it up my silk sheathed legs, over my hips and about my waist. The waistband was wide, and required lacing up in back. The top layer was white with pink floral lace trim, the second pink w/ white floral lace trim, the third white, and so on. So thick and puffy was the pretty chiffon petticoat that it flared way out, adding even more definition to my girlish little figure!

Buffy brought out a pair of dainty pink lace bobby-sox with frilly white lace trim and had me slip them on, showing me how little girls folded them sweetly down, then slipped matching fingerless wrist length gloves onto my femininely decorated hands.

Mommy then sat me down at my sister’s little vanity table, undid my pigtails and set about styling it with a curling iron, giving me soft, pretty, bouncy little curls. She combed me out some cute bangs, then used a pink lace and a white lace ribbon on each side of my head to retie my pigtails with big pink & white lace bows! She got out Buffy’s make up, applied concealer to the few minor flaws she found, foundation, a navy blue eyeliner, black mascara, soft blue and pale pink eyeshadows, & a hot pink lipliner. She then re-applied my frosty pink lipstick, blending it with the lipliner, giving me full, pouty lips. A mixture of light pink and cherry red rouge were blended then applied to the apples of my cheeks, and finally a light dusting of loose powder with a brush finished off the effect.

At last Buffy produced one of her pink satin schoolgirl frocks I told you about earlier, and unzipped the back. I held my arms up once more as they slipped the lovely dress over me. Buffy zipped up the dress and buttoned the high neck collar for me while Mommy fussed over the 3 tiered white lace trimmed skirt, making sure it hung properly over the flared petticoat underneath. Then Mommy tied the big wide sash into a big pretty bow in back. I swayed from side to side, admiring how prettily and femininely the beautiful frock and petticoat swayed with me.

Finally Buffy slipped the shiny red patent leather mary-janes on my dainty little feet, fastening the buckles on each of the tiny straps, which were decorated with little white satin bows.

Mommy led me back to the vanity and turned me towards it. "Well, my sweet, would you like to see the new you, pretty Sissy?"

"Oh please Mommy!" I begged "Please let me see!"

Mommy nodded at Buffy who yanked the towel away from the mirror to reveal the prettiest little girl I’d ever seen, like Buffy only somehow even prettier, staring back at me from the mirror in open mouthed shock!

"OHHHHHHH!" I gasped. "Ohh Mommy thank you so much! I’m so beautiful! Can I really be a girl all the time?"

"I wouldn’t hear otherwise," Mommy answered in a warning tone. "Now go get some garbage bags and throw away every stitch of boys clothes you’ve got. If I catch you wearing boys clothes again you’ll get the whipping of your life, do you understand me?"

"Yes Mommy, Don’t worry," I re-assured her "I’ll be a really good little girl!" I happily skipped down the stairs to the kitchen and grabbed the box of garbage bags, and sped back upstairs to my room to obey my wonderful Mommy. All the while rubbing my silky stocking sheathed thighs together and luxuriating in the thrill my pretty little panties and petticoats were giving me as they softly caressed my delicate, smooth skin. I yanked open drawers and recklessly discarded all the hated masculine briefs, tee shirts, socks, shorts, and caps. I rushed to the closet and flung the sliding door to the side, jerking down shirts and ripping pants and belts off their hangers, stuffing the garbage bags. After making absolutely sure nothing remained of my male clothing, I dragged the four bags 2 at a time to the garbage chute at the end of the hall, and with a cheerful, joyous, falsetto voice chirped "Bye-bye Geoff!" to each of them as I chunked them down the chute.

I returned to Buffy’s bedroom door and knocked softly like a good little girl. "Come in, Sissy." Mommy answered. I obeyed to observe Mommy putting the finishing touches on Buffy’s outfit; who was dressed now exactly as I was. "Goodness me!" Mommy exclaimed "I can hardly tell you girls apart!"

Buffy and I both giggled and hugged, admiring ourselves in the vanity mirror.

Minutes later Mommy said "Come along now, girls" and led us down the hall to a bedroom adjacent to her own, unlocking it with a key. For nearly a month remodelers and decorators had worked on both this room and the bedroom on the opposite side of the master bedroom, both of which had doors that opened into her bedroom as well as the hall. This first room had been converted into a nursery, with a custom-made queen sized baby crib, changing table, and all manner of infantile accessories. It had been Tracie’s room, but now Tracie was to be given Buffy’s room, and this is where ‘baby Buffy’ would sleep from now on.

Buffy’s eyes sparkled with glee as she toured the room, lovingly fondling every little thing. She opened the closet to find all kinds of babyish dresses, custom made to fit her, and the drawers of her little dresser were filled with custom made satin diapers, plastic rumba panties, bibs, bonnets, and more.

Passing through Mommy’s room we paused at the door of the other remodeled bedroom, which our mother unlocked to admit us. "This, Sissy dear," she began "Is your room from now on!"

I couldn’t believe my eyes or my luck as I stared in open delight at the most wonderfully girlish room I’d ever seen! Wall to wall fuzzy, plush neon pink carpet covered the floor, and cream pink and white wall paper decorated with red hearts, cupids, fairies, and pink roses decorated the walls. A queen sized, canopied 4-poster bed was positioned with it’s headboard to one wall. It had a ruffled pastel pink satin and white lace frilly canopy, and all manner of matching feminine bedding. Next to the bed on opposite sides were a white girl’s dresser and a lingerie chest, trimmed in red. Mommy noticed the disappointed look I sported when I found the drawers empty, as well as the closet and re-assured me we would be taking care of that situation momentarily. Spread neatly on the dresser were copies of TEEN, Seventeen, YM, Girl’s Life, Twist, Jump!, and All About You!, as well as a couple of girl’s heartthrob mags like Teen Beat.

Opposite the bed was a white vanity with red trim, a heart shaped red trimmed, lighted mirror and a skirted red velvet stool. To the left of the walk-in closet was a matching doll crib with several large stuffed and plastic dolls, as well as several Barbie and Skipper dolls, all fancily dressed in the cutest little dresses.

"We’ll have to get you some dresses to match so you can dress up like your dollies when you play with them, would you like that honey?" Mommy asked.

"Umm-Hmmm!" I nodded vigorously.

Above the crib hung the bedroom window, girlishly adorned with neon pink Pricilla draperies. And finally, at the end of the bed, stood a small, pink satin covered padded platform with metallic extensions supporting stirrups on one end and some other contraptions on the other. The height of the platform could be adjusted.

"What’s this for, Mommy?" I inquired.

"You’ll find out soon enough, young lady!" She promised, with a hint of amusement in her voice I found oddly threatening.

"Are you girls ready?"

"Weady for what?" Buffy asked, baby-talking again.

"Why, to shop for Sissy’s wardrobe for one thing." Mommy responded incredulously. "Are you ready to go shopping with the girls, Sissy?"

"Yes ma’am!" I smiled.

"Well then, let’s shop ‘til we drop!"























Chapter 3

"Girls’ Day Out"


Mommy led us back to her room and sent Buffy to retrieve her little purse and a matching one for me while she rang Ivan’s extension to have the Rolls brought back around front. Buffy fetched our purses and was thoughtful enough to include some of the makeup I wore and a compact for touching up. Mommy dabbed some perfume on my ear lobes and pulse points on my neck and lace gloved wrists.

From her dresser she picked up her shoulder bag and slung it up her arm and over her shoulder, pausing at her mirror to touch up her own makeup. She then took us both by the hand and led us out to the waiting car, where Ivan waited by the open limo door.

"Ivan, this is my new little girl, Sissy!"

Instinctively I managed a pretty curtsey in greeting. The hard-bodied tall black man smiled, his eyes betraying amused recognition.

"And she’s a very pretty little girl, too! Pleased to meet you, Miss Sissy!" He reached for my pink lace gloved hand and I let my wrist go limp as he lifted my hand to give it a charming kiss, eyes fixed on mine, mocking me.

"Likewise, I’m sure." I responded demurely, blushing with humiliation. He somehow knew who I was. I recovered my hand and attempted a graceful escape into the spacious limousine. Buffy slid in next to me, and Mommy sat opposite us, facing the front. Ivan shut the door and took his place in the driver’s seat.

"Where to, Mistress Kristen?"

"That new mall would be lovely, wouldn’t it girls?"

We both nodded in agreement.

"Yes, Mistress Kristen!"

Up went the privacy glass between his compartment and our own, and slowly we drove down the drive and out the gate, working our way down the hill and into Los Angeles.

"Sissy, that’s no way for a proper young lady to sit! Here, let me show you!" Mommy crossed her legs at the knee. "Either sit like this, or put your knees and thighs together, and shift both of them to either side, like this." Her movements followed her instruction. I tried crossing my legs and found that, in the car it wasn’t very comfortable, so I tried the other way and found it more relaxing. Certainly less exposing than the spread leg position she had admonished me for.

"There now, that’s much more ladylike!"

The following 20-25 minutes of our drive were consumed with such instruction and advice from both my female companions, to help me become even more convincing and undetectable, and I soaked it up like a dry sponge soaks up water, eager to learn and fearful of being discovered, especially in public!

Ivan drove us into the parking lot and right up to the mall door, where once again he opened the door and waited for us to disembark. I couldn’t resist sneaking another long glance at the oversized bulge in his crotch. What does a black one look like? I wondered.

We entered the mall and headed straight for Amy’s, a fancy boutique for girls 7-14. Here Mommy let me pick out 3 darling, frilly little dresses. One hot pink taffeta with a high white lace collar trimmed with pink satin piping, puffed short sleeves, and starched white pinafore with scalloped edging and pink satin piping. The next dress had a red satin long sleeved empire bodice, again with a high white lace collar, a cream pink satin sash, and a billowing layered white organza knee length skirt trimmed with red satin piping. The third dress had a white silk tunic style bodice atop a 3 tiered red chiffon skirt with white polka dots and white lace trim. Naturally she insisted I try each of them on and model them for Buffy and herself. And each time I saw myself in the mirror I felt even prettier and more feminine than before! Mommy also selected a fancy pink satin and taffeta french maid’s outfit with cap, gloves, and lace-trimmed apron from the costume section.

Our next stop was the ballet shop where Mommy bought us both 3 sets of leotards with matching tutus, tights, and slippers, one pink, one white, and one red. After that, a stop at the beauty shop, where to my delight we were both allowed to get our ears pierced just like big girls! I even got a set of sculptured nails! We hit a couple of department stores, where Mommy, Buffy and I picked out some more casual dresses, an extensive makeup kit for me, as well as 2 more pairs of mary-janes, 1 pink, and 1 white, with matching purses.

After lunch we headed for the hosiery shop, where Mommy purchased several pairs of silk stockings, from sheer to opaque, in a variety of colors, and several pairs of garters. She also found me 3 more sets of matching lace gloves and bobby-sox.

As the afternoon wore on we made it to the lingerie boutique Mommy owns, "Miss-tique", and selected pair after pair of pretty panties, all with the requisite heart shaped lace trimmed anal opening. Some even bore the words "Daddy’s Little Girl" or "Mommy’s Little Angel" across the front. Of course each panty had a sexy little bra to match. There were waist cinchers and garter belts, camisole and petticoat sets, camisole and tap panty sets, pettipants, cute little skirted teddies, and hot looking babydolls.

We exited the mall, our arms laden with our purchases, to meet Ivan waiting for us with the car. He neatly and efficiently put away our parcels in the trunk, then getting destination orders from Mommy once again, responded "Yes, Mistress Kristen!" and got us underway.

"Mommy, why does Ivan, and sometimes even Daddy call you ‘Mistress’?"

"That’s how slaves address the woman who owns them, Sissy." Mommy answered me. "You may have even heard your stepsister Tracie address me as ‘Mistress Mommy’. From now on that’s how you girls will address me as well, is that clear?"

"Yes, Mistress Mommy" we both chimed, giggling. It sounded funny. And just what did she mean, slaves?

"There’s nothing funny about it!" Mommy retorted hotly. "Serving and pleasing your Mistress will become your biggest single desire and will reap you great pleasure and reward; just as failure to obey me, or displeasing me in any way will reap you great pain and humiliation." She paused, glaring at us both to emphasize her words. "Today you will begin your training as a slavegirl Sissy, Just as your sister started a few weeks ago."

I raised my eyebrows and glanced at Buffy, who was blushing now. Had she betrayed me? I thought she must have, as she wouldn’t look me in the eye now. My short reverie was interrupted though, as we pulled into the lot of one of Mommy’s adult book and toy stores. Mommy quickly ushered us in, making sure no one saw us because, after all, we were little girls!

The store was closed to the public today, Mommy arranged it that way. Two youthful looking bodybuilder types, each wearing some kind of harness about their hips, knelt just inside the door, eyes cast downward. The harnesses they wore cradled their large endowments in a satin sling, which concealed the locking steel ring that painfully trapped their cocks and balls. Further, a wide strap wedged tightly up between their buttocks forced them to wear the attached butt plugs deep inside their assholes. Buffy and I giggled at how funny they looked.

My eyes widened as I scanned the room. Videos and magazines showing titillating pussies stuffed with gorgeous, massive dicks covered the walls from floor to ceiling on 2 walls, another wall boasted bondage equipment of every imaginable design, while yet another every kind of dildo, vibrator, and sextoy ever made! There were racks of paperbacks, mags, videos and lingerie spread throughout the store.

Mommy approached the first of the kneeling hunks, pivoted on her cockshaped heels while simultaneously lifting the hem of the black leather dress, exposing the garter straps that supported her red fishnet stockings, and her red silk crotchless panties trimmed in black lace. Grasping her buttocks with both hands she spread them wide and bent slightly so that her asshole was just inches from the stud’s mouth. Knowing what was expected of him the slave immediately pressed his open lips on Mistress Mommy’s tight sphincter, forcing his tongue inside. Mommy rotated her hips, taking one hand and placing it behind her soul-kissing slave’s head, she forced his face deeper into the crack of her ass.

Finally she released him and said "Speak!"

"I am Steven, your humble slave. Please allow me to serve you, Mistress Kristen!"

Mistress Mommy didn’t respond, but presented her ass in the same way to the other kneeling slaveboy, named Eddie, for a repeat performance. She walked over to a rack, selected a video, and instructed Buffy and I to enter preview room 5 and watch the movie while she dealt "with these naughty little faggots!"

Buffy and I seated ourselves in our pretty schoolgirl dresses and rustling petticoats. The movie followed no plot, but showed scene after scene of beautiful, petite, teenaged shemale slaves bound, gagged, spanked, fucked, and forced to serve by well-hung masters! The sight was fascinating! I squirmed on the vinyl covered bench seat next to Buffy, and slid my hand inside my petticoat and up to my panty covered prosthetic pussy. Try as I may though I could not stimulate my poor little boner underneath it’s concealing restraint. Buffy was having no problem though, her legs spread wide and her knees held at her chest by her left hand, her right hand jammed deep inside her plastic panties, stroking her clitty through her pretty satin diaper. Between scenes we heard the sounds of a leather belt striking fleshy bottoms and the cries of pain it elicited from the slaveboys. And, at the end of the movie as we crept out, we were treated to the live spectacle of the two studs forced to perform 69 while their vibrating butttplugs helped make them cum deep into each other’s throats!

Mommy selected several pieces of bondage gear and 2 slightly different kinds of harnesses, as well as a couple of cruel looking strap on dildoes, and sent the second stud out to the car with them.

"Did you like the movie, girls?" She asked as we pulled out of the lot, leaving behind the two men.

"Yes, Mistress Mommy" I answered for us. "It was…exciting!"

"I’ll bet you’d love to learn how to suck and get fucked just like those little girls, wouldn’t you Sissy dear?"

"Ye-yes I would!" I panted. "Will you teach me Mistress Mommy?"

"Oh isn’t that sweet!" She mocked, laughing. "Yes honey, Mommy will teach you how to be the best cocksucking, leg spreading little slaveslut in the whole wide world. At least I and a few of my other slaves will, you can bet on that!"







































Chapter 4

"Training Begins"


Afternoon was becoming early evening, and we arrived at the house Moments before Daddy and Tracie. As Buffy and I worked diligently putting away all my pretty things in my new, girlish boudoir, Mommy dismissed Daddy to the guest house by the pool, and joined Tracie in the 16 year old’s new bedroom to help her prepare for the evening’s agenda.

After working together nearly an hour my sister and I had finally put all my new feminine clothing neatly away, and, after Buffy touched up our makeup, appeared back at Mommy’s bedroom door where I knocked softly.

"Come in girls!" Mommy called. We pushed open the door and walked in to see Tracie had changed out of her Candy Striper uniform, and was now wearing a black satin and lace waist cincher/garter belt, and a matching demi-bra showing off her well developed "b" cup breasts. She wore red silk stockings, pink patent leather knee-high boots with 4’ cock-shaped stiletto heels, and a tight pink leather g-string that was so tight it looked like it cut into her pale, smooth skin. Her hair was in a long ponytail posed on the top of her head, and her makeup, usually demure and innocent, was now bizarre and dominant.

Mommy had removed her black leather dress, leaving on her black leather corset, red and black crotchless panties, red fishnet stockings and black patent thigh high boots, also with 4’ cockshaped stiletto heels. She sat in a large black leather chair with her legs spread and swung over each arm, her left hand spreading her own shaved pussy, her right hand firmly grasping Tracie at the base of her ponytail, forcing the sexy 16 year old to service her mistress’ pussy!

"Sit down, young ladies, and watch your big sister complete her pussy worship."

Tracie hadn’t missed a lick, if you’ll pardon the pun, and was eagerly lapping Mistress Mommy’s dripping cunt, probing her stepmother’s love canal with her tongue. Mommy moved her left hand from her own pussy to playfully fondle the tart teen’s pretty titties. Her hips undulated, slowly rocking against the young girl’s hot little mouth. Buffy and I squirmed with desire in our schoolgirl dresses and billowing petticoats, knowing better than to try to play with ourselves in front of our new Mistress.

Soon Mommy gasped, shuddered, and mashed Tracie’s pretty face into her gushing pussy as she silently enjoyed her first orgasm of the day. Tracie had been a good slavegirl these past 5 years, and had earned the promotion she would be honored with this evening.

"Run along now, Tracie, clean up and touch up your makeup dear!"

"Yes, Mistress Mommy!" Said the smiling girl, who skipped happily to the door, then stopped and turning toward me, gave me a wicked, threatening grin that made me tremble in fear. What was she planning to do?

Mommy led us into the new nursery, where she helped Buffy out of her pre-teen clothing, leaving her only in her little pink diaper and ruffled plastic panties. Mommy fit her with a babyish nightdress, and tied a pink little baby bonnet on the slavegirl’s pigtailed head. She slung Buffy’s pacifier ‘round the pre-teen’s neck.

We crossed back to my new room, where my shoes were removed, and replaced with pink ballet slippers. Mommy helped me out of the dress, then dressed me up in the pink satin french maid’s outfit we bought earlier that day. She pinned the lace trimmed satin cap atop my pigtailed head, and let me check out my appearance in the mirror. Adorable!

When we returned to Mommy’s room Tracie knocked daintily at the outer door and waited for admittance. "Come in dear!" Mommy called "I’m just about to indoctrinate my new pupils!" Tracie obeyed, and retreated to the corner of the room, where she knelt on a velvet colored pillow, submissively awaiting her mistress’ next instructions.

Turning to Buffy, She declared "I’m sure Sissy Pricilla remembers the ‘Kiss of Submission’ my little faggot slaves gave me today." She gestured to the floor in front of her feet as she stood. "Why don’t you refresh her memory on the technique, you lezzie slaveslut!"

Meekly Buffy jumped to her feet and obediently fell upon her knees, eyes downcast, in front of her beautiful Mistress. Mommy turned as she had for Steve and Eddie earlier, spread her round, perfect ass, and presented her asshole for kissing. The innocent pre-pubescent kissed her Mommy’s asshole sweetly, jabbing her little tongue as deeply as she could inside. She alternated between soulfully french kissing and greedily sucking Mistress Mommy’s anus, utterly humiliated at having to perform in front of both her sisters.

"Speak!" Mommy commanded, after a time.

"I am baby Buffy, your personal slave, Mistress Mommy!" Began Buffy kneeling with her hands clasped behind her. "My mouth, tongue, wet little pussy, even my whole body is your property and playtoy and exist only for your pleasure! Please let me serve you!"

In response Mommy pushed her down on her back and straddled her face. "Lick it you little bitch!" She barked. Buffy eagerly licked Mommy’s shaved pussyflesh, as Mommy rubbed her dripping juices over the cutie’s little face. This went on several minutes before she finally dismissed Buffy to her own velvet pillow. She put a pink leather, fur lined locking collar on the pre-teen, hung a matching suspension strap from the rear of the collar, from which dangled 2 matching wrist cuffs, into which she locked the helpless child’s hands. She put Buffy’s pacifier between the child’s lips who accepted the proffered nipple submissively.

Turning to me she put a stern look on her face. "You’ve had 3 examples today of the ‘Kiss of Submission’ today, prissy Sissy" She began, handing me a sheet of paper. "Read this 3 times through, you are to remember every word. This is your Oath of Submission you will be required to recite after a Mistress or Master has accepted your Kiss of Submission and allowed you to speak. Failure to recite it correctly, word for word, will be dealt with severely, and I mean it! Do you understand me, little bitch?"

"Yes Mistress Mommy!" I carefully studied the oath, committing it to memory. Mommy gestured again to the floor in front of her and I knelt there obediently. She placed me tightly into bondage identical to that which entrapped my pretty twin, then presented her asshole for kissing. I did my best to imitate my 3 predecessors, eagerly kissing and sucking her ass, which as it turned out had been liberally lubed with the cherry-peppermint-flavored oil! Yummy! She grabbed the back of my be-ribboned head and held it there as she ground her asshole into my servile lips and probing tongue, nearly suffocating me in the crack of her ass before finally releasing me.


"I am Sissy Pricilla, your personal slave faggot and slavegirl in training. My mouth is a faggot pussy, and my asshole is a sissy pussy. My pussies, pathetic penis, even my whole body is your property and playtoy, and exist solely for your pleasure, and the pleasure of any mistress or master you choose for me. Please let me serve you!"

"Not bad, you little slut" She praised. She pushed me back as she had Buffy, and rode my lipstick covered eager little mouth to a tremendous orgasm! She collapsed off of me, panting. "Damn! You’re pretty talented for a panty wearing little faggot, did you know that?" She praised.

"Th-Thank you, Mistress Mommy!" I gratefully accepted the praise even if it had been laced with the degrading name-calling. She helped me back up on my knees, used a tissue to blot up the girl goo which drenched my little face and ran down my chin and neck, then retouched my make up. Moving across the room to a large pink chest she reached inside, and withdrew a 10’ black leather vibrating dildo attached to a 3 way strap-on harness, and motioned for Tracie to stand.

"Tracie has been my devoted slavegirl, and stepdaughter ever since I saved her from the juvenile detention she was facing five years ago, and adopted her as my own." She explained to no one in particular as she fit the harness tightly on the nubile blonde teenager’s hips. "Because of her incessant obedience and eagerness to serve, I feel she is ready to become a Training Mistress for little boygirls like yourself, Sissy! Let’s see you repeat the Kiss of Submission on your new Mistress."

Tracie turned and struggled with the tight straps of her harness and thong-back pink leather g-string panties until her pretty pink pucker was exposed to my waiting mouth. I tongued and kissed it hotly, disappointed somewhat in the lack of flavored lubricant, yet still lost in the excitement of the moment. I couldn’t believe I was actually eating my older teen sister’s asshole!


I recited my oath word for word, careful not to stammer or stumble over my words, and she responded by turning around, Holding the helmet shaped head of the realistic black dildo fractions of an inch from my mouth.

"So, you want to learn how to use that little faggot pussy and suck on some big ol’ fat dicks, huh Sissy?" She demanded.

"Yes Mistress Tracie!"

"Then say ‘please teach me how to suck big dicks like a good little girl, Mistress Tracie!’"

Buffy giggled behind me as, blushing hotly, I repeated the phrase.

Inching the grayish cockhead closer to me lips she said "Little girls like you are to call every penis a ‘lollipop", and dildoes like this one are "dildopops’." She paused, then ordered me to beg to kiss the dildo.

"Please Mistress Tracie, please let me kiss the big dildopop!"

"Kiss it with your little faggot pussy, Sissy."

I puckered my little pink lips and pressed them sweetly on the tip of the dildo, right on the fake pee hole! My shiny pink lip-print shone brightly from the leather dickhead, sending a feminine rush of excitement through me. Not waiting for further prompting I repeated my sweet hot kisses, from the tip to the base, covering every inch of it with wet kiss prints. I caught my reflection in the full length mirror to my right as I lovingly kissed the artificial penis, and felt my balls tighten underneath my prosthetic pussy at the sight of the pigtailed blonde french maid as she kissed her Mistress’ dildo in the mirror.

"Now then, beg to lick it!" Tracie ordered.

"Please let me lick it, Mistress!"

Once again she proffered the phallus, and I obediently licked it from base to tip, covering a ¼" wide section with every long swipe of my little tongue, making it shine wetly.

"Now, you little faggot, beg to suck it!"

"Please Mistress Tracie, Let me suck it!"

"Do you promise to be a good little girl if I let you suck it, panty boy?"

"Yes Mistress, I promise!"

She thrust the dildo into my lipstick painted eager pink lips, and I sucked madly! I kept stealing glances in the mirror, watching the pretty maid suck her blonde teenage mistress’ big black dildo, and lost any hint of masculinity I might have had the instant I saw her. I watched as my reflection’s mouth bobbed up and down the wet leather shaft, and whimpered with the need to cum.

"Look at the little bitch go, Mistress Mommy!" Tracie laughed.

"Yes, she does seem to enjoy it," Mommy replied, "maybe she’s ready to progress on to more advanced material."

Tracie nodded in agreement, slowly pulling the leather shaft out of my reluctant mouth. With Mommy’s assistance she shed the strap on harness, and stood with her pink leather-clad crotch just inches from my feminized face.

















Chapter 5

"The Point of No Return"


"Let’s see how well you do with this!" Tracie exclaimed, grasping her pink leather G-string by the side straps and unsnapping them, they popped free, freeing a 7" cock underneath, which unfurled and flopped right in my face!

"You-you’re a boy?" I asked in shock, watching in disbelief as her dick swelled to a full 9" erection. She raised her hand and brought it down hard, slapping me across the face.

"Bitch, don’t you ever call me that!" She screamed "This ain’t no dick, Sissy Prissy, it’s a boyclit just like you’ve got, only much bigger than your pathetic little one!" She laughed, stroking it lewdly in front of my face. "A nice big ‘clittypop’ for cute little sissy slaves like you!"

Taking the cue I began to beg "Please, Mistress Tracie, can I please kiss your big clittypop? PLEASE????"

She extended the purplish, helmet shaped dickhead towards my mouth and I leaned forward to give it a long, wet, open mouthed passionate kiss right on the pee-hole! It twitched when my pretty pink lips touched it, making me feel strangely powerful even while bound and helpless. I repeated my slow, passionate kissing all over her hot cock, examining every beautiful inch of her boymeat, watching the veins throb with the pounding flow of blood as they stretched taut the skin they tried to burst through. I squealed with excitement as I saw myself again in the mirror, sweetly kissing my mistress’ love tool.

"Oh, so you like what you see in the mirror, hmmm?" She taunted. "A little faggot sissy maid kissing her lady’s clittypop! What a hot little slut you are, Sissy Pricilla!"

I’d finished kissing every bit of it before looking up at her smirking countenance again, and pleaded "Oh may I please lick it Mistress, pretty please? I’ll be good!"

"Yes you may, you worthless cunt!" She granted. "Shine it up for me, l’il Sisssypoo!"

I licked it slowly, savoring the salty male taste and smell of her twitching loveclub. I started with her hairless balls, swirling my tongue instinctively around the smooth scrotal sac, parting her balls with the tip of my tongue, then swirled my tongue round each separate ball. Then, as she had shown me with the dildo, I slowly licked her dick from the base to the pee-hole, pausing at the little loose flesh on the underside near the tip, and lingering at her pee-hole. I repeated my licking over and over, relishing in my very girlish reflection in the mirror, and the utter femininity that consumed me.

Finally, I implored her "Oh please, please, please may I suck your clittypop?"

Mistress Tracie slapped her cockhead teasingly on my lips. "Is that what you want to do, suck my big ol’ boyclit, Sissy?" And slapped my lips with her cockhead again.

"Oh yes, Mistress Tracie! I’ll be such a good girl you won’t believe it!" I promised. "PLEASE stick it in my mouth and let me suck it!" I begged, panting with desire. She slipped the bulbous tip into my eager mouth as I submissively wrapped my pink lipstick coated lips lovingly around it, nursing on it like Buffy with her bottle!

"AHHHHH!" Tracie gasped. "Your little faggot pussy is so hot and wet, Sissy!" She exclaimed. "Relax your neck so I can fuck it properly!" She commanded. As I complied she wrapped my pigtails around each of her hands, and using them as reins pulled me forward, pushing her pulsating boyclit deeper in my mouth, and into my throat! She held me there as I gagged repeatedly until I could keep from gagging, then pushed it deeper still, until her smooth scrotal sac was all that remained outside my mouth and I had taken her full 9" to the hilt!

"Yeah, you’re a natural born little cocksucker! This is called ‘deep-throating’ Sissy, Something you’ll be doing a lot of from now on!" Mistress Tracie turned my head just enough for me to see myself in the mirror, my mouth and throat crammed with her hot, throbbing member. She then turned my face forward and gripping my pigtails hard began slowly thrusting in and out, fucking me in my mouth!

"Oh yeah, sweetie! That’s good pussy!"

I sucked hard, twirling my tongue around her sensitive cockhead each time she pulled back. It twitched and throbbed as though it had a life of it’s own, and Tracie moaned in pleasure. She picked up her pace, pistoning her cock deeply between my painted lips.

"Suck it Sissy, suck it!" Mommy called from behind me. I’d almost forgotten She and Buffy were watching the spectacle, and the laughing reminder further humiliated me. "Suck it as hard as you can!"

"You go, girl!" Giggled Buffy as I obeyed, making my training mistress squeal in delight. She drove her hot tool inside me, slapping my chin with her hairless balls loudly as she yanked my head by the pigtails to meet her thrusts, whimpering wantonly as I sucked her. Instinctively I could tell she was near orgasm as I watched her balls draw up and tighten, and prepared myself for what would inevitably occur.

"When I shoot my goo I want you to swallow every drop!" She demanded. "You do want me to cum in your pretty mouth, don’t you little girl?"

"Umm-hmm!" Was the only reply I could manage between her thrusts, besides sucking her for dear life, anxious to milk her boygoo out of her. I didn’t have to wait long as finally she thrust forward, lodging her dick back into my throat, and held me firmly in place. She jerked spasmodically, and squealed in girlish glee "I"MMMMM CUMMMMMMMIIIINNNNG!"

Her cock jerked and exploded rivers of cum down my throat, and I frantically swallowed, trying in vein to comply with her last directive as my throat over filled and my mouth became full too! Sadly, as her cock jerked and squirted another stream of sticky goo a final time a small strand oozed past my shiny pink lips and down my little chin.

I kept swallowing though, and managed to swallow the rest of her delicious boy-cum before she withdrew her softening member. Shaking her head she said "Naughty girl, I told you ‘every drop’, how dare you spill some of my cum on your chin, you impudent slut!" She swiped up the errant stand of sticky white goo with her finger and held it out to me. "Lick it up, faggot!"

Debased, I submitted to her command, and obediently lapped the goo from her finger. She had called me "naughty" and I knew the humiliation I would have to suffer next.

"I’m a very naughty little girl for spilling your goo, Mistress Tracie. Please spank me so I’ll learn not to be so naughty!"

Mistress Tracie sat on an ottoman and dragged me up off my knees by my left pigtail and over her stocking sheathed thighs. She lifted the pink satin hem of my maid’s outfit, laying my skirt over the small of my back, and slowly repeated this with each layer of my frilly petticoat, until my panty clad bottom was revealed. She rolled down my panties, exposing my bare bottom. Mistress Mommy appeared in front of me with a short fat pink latex penis situated in the middle of a wide pink strap she wrapped around my head, stuffing the phallic gag into my mouth and locking the straps securely.

Mistress Tracie produced a small, 12" long, 2" wide leather strap with a cock shaped handle, and swatted my girlish butt. I screamed through my gag in pain, and kept on with my muffled screams as she tore into me with the strap. "I’ll---teach---you—to—spill—my—cum—you—bitch!" She punctuated the swats with each word, and tears streamed from my face as I writhed on her lap, unable to avoid the stinging strap.

Teach me she did, and when she finally tired of blistering my ass I promised myself never to spill her cum out of my mouth again. She shoved me off her lap and onto the floor.

"Get out of my sight, you disgust me!" Bawling I ran from the room, retreating to the comforting femininity of my girlishly decorated bedroom, and with hands still locked securely in bondage and unable to pull my panties back up, fell face down onto my lovely bed, and sobbed in my pillow.

Mistress Mommy and Buffy followed, and Buffy carried a bottle of moisturizing lotion in her hand. Mommy lifted my skirt and petticoat back up, exposing my rolled down panties stretched across my thighs, and the bright redness of my thoroughly spanked girlish bottom. I gasped as I felt my sister’s little hands, filled with the soothing coolness of the lotion, playfully rub it on my ass, while Mommy softly shushed me, lovingly stroking my newly styled hair.

When I’d finished with my tearful tirade, Mommy gingerly rolled my pretty pink panties back into place, snugging them up around my waist. She lowered my petticoat and skirt, and helped me to sit up next to her on the bed. She removed my gag, and slipped her arm around my shoulders.

"There now, Sissy. All better?"

I sniffled and nodded "Y-yes Mistress Mommy. I’m sorry I’ve been such a bad girl!"

"Wellllllllll," She began, re-assuringly "you did do very well for your first cocksucking, sweetie. Did you like it, honey?"

I smiled, nodding vigorously. "Umm-hmm! I-I mean yes, Mistress Mommy!"

She smiled, pleased at how easy it had been to subjugate and feminize her pre-teen son. "Most girls love sucking big pricks," She claimed. "But they won’t get to suck nearly as many as you’ll get to suck! How did you like your first taste of someone else’s cum, Sissy dear?"

"Yummy, Mistress Mommy!" I blushed, giggling. "It tasted really good!"

"I’m glad you liked it sweetheart! I’ll make sure you get plenty!" She paused, as if considering what she was about to say. "Sissy, we’ve come to a junction in your path here. One way will take you right back to being the boy you’ve always been, and detested. The other way will take you to the point of no return, the point where you’ll remain a girl forever, and never be permitted to be a boy again."

"What way is that, Mistress Mommy?" I asked eagerly.

Mommy reached behind her back produced a long, 16" double headed dildo, 10" of it extending out from its strap on harness, the smaller end, curving slightly upward, intended for the pleasure of the wearer.

"Girls use these on each other," She explained. "It’s like a substitute for a guy’s dick. Have you ever thought about what it might feel like to have a boy make love to you?"

I blushed hard. "Peter." I whispered.

"Yes, Buffy’s told me of your little crush." Mommy acknowledged. "Is it fun to think about?"

"Yeah. It makes me so horny!" I confessed.

"Well, the point of no return is the point where I will treat you just like a real slavegirl, the point where I will fuck you with this big rubber dick in your tight little virgin sissy pussy, and make you cum like a girl for the very first time." She paused, letting the ramifications of all this soak in, then continued. "Of course, if you don’t want me to, you can return to being a boy this instant, and never play dress-up again."

The distress associated with that option clearly swept across my girlish face. "Oh no, Mistress Mommy, please don’t make me be a boy again! I couldn’t stand it now!"

"Then you’re saying you want to be fucked just like a real girl?"

I nodded eagerly. "Oh could I please! I mean, please fuck me like a real little girl, Mistress Mommy!" I felt so strange using the "F" word in front of my sexy Mommy, when only yesterday I would’ve had my mouth washed out with soap for it.

Tracie entered the room, and joined Buffy, who was seated on the cedar toy chest, to watch the next event unfold.

Mommy stood and faced me, spreading her legs. She was obviously very turned on, her juices dripping from her hot, pink, shaved pussy. With one hand she parted the wet folds of her womanhood, using her other hand to gently guide the shorter end of the double-headed dildo inside her. She gasped as her love canal slid slowly down the shaft, until the harness covered her pussy. "Tracie, assist me." She ordered.

"Yes, Mistress Mommy" my training mistress replied rising from her perch next to Buffy, and walking behind Mommy. She buckled the wasitbelt tightly, and drew the other strap back between Mommy’s creamy smooth thighs and tightly up between her buttocks, securing it in the 3-way buckle. Her movements jostled the enormous dildo, making it appear to twitch as though a real man’s dick, and my pretty mommy further reinforced this impression as Tracie returned to her seat by wrapping her hand around the base of the remaining 10" and stroked it lewdly.

She attached a leash to the front of my collar and gently led me to the padded satin covered platform at the end of my bed. "To answer your earlier question, Sissy Pricilla," she began "this is a slave platform, on which slavegirls and slaveboys can be bound and fucked mercilessly, in a variety of positions." She patted the platform and gave the leash a tug, indicating I should sit atop it. "I think the most effeminate position you yourself should be put in is the missionary position."

She gently pushed me back, then thought better, lifting me back to a sitting position, disconnecting my wrist cuffs from the suspension strap, and separating them. She laid me back down, connecting my separate cuffs to the side rings at either side of my shoulders. She snapped a removable headrest into its socket to support my head. My pretty little legs, sheathed in the opaque white silk stockings and dangled over the opposite end, and these Mommy lifted gently, locking my dainty feet, dressed in the pretty pink lace bobby sox and the pink satin ballet slippers into each stirrup. She adjusted each of the stirrups’ supporting arms, forcing my feet wide apart and my knees up so that I bent at the waist. She forced my knees further up until they were on either side of my face, effectively lifting my hips and buttocks well off the pink satin covered cushion, and my french maid’s apron, skirt, and billowing petticoat fell upwards onto my little tummy. She slid a small cylindrical pillow under my hips to support my lower back, and admired her handiwork.

"Oh, my darling little girl!" She teased "You look so cute! So vulnerable and helpless! You are positively adorable!" Mommy sent Buffy into her bathroom to retrieve the cherry-peppermint-flavored lubricant in it’s douche-like bottle, and accepted it. She squeezed some onto her fingers and lubed the bottle’s nozzle, then gently inserted it slowly through the heart shaped lace trimmed opening in the rear of my childishly ruffled pretty pink satin panties and deeply into my quivering, virgin ass pussy, making me draw in a sharp breath. She emptied all but a small amount of the flavored oil inside me, stroking the remainder all over her massive dildo.

She gently worked her oiled middle finger past my protesting sphincter, wiggling and twisting it as she forced it slowly all the way inside.

"Owww Mistress Mommy!" I exclaimed. "That hurts!"

"Remember honey, you have to relax just like when you got your enema." She explained, working her finger in and out, frigging my tight little ass pussy. When she sensed I had relaxed and began to enjoy her invading digit, she worked her index finger in with it.

"Owww!" I protested.

"Sissy, do I have to gag you again, sweetheart?"

"No Mistress Mommy, I’ll be good." I answered resignedly, submitting to the second intruder of my upraised panty covered bottom. Gradually the feeling of pleasure returned, and she inserted yet another finger.

"OWWWW!" I cried, tears of pain welling up in my eyes.

"That does it!" She said with an air of exasperation. "Tracie, gag your little protégé!"

Tracie appeared by my head gag in hand, and stuffed it in my mouth, locking the straps securely behind my pigtailed head, as my maternal mistress continued finger fucking me. I whimpered and sniffled in pain for several moments before once again the pleasant sensation returned. My little cock strained hard against it’s painful confinement, making me whimper and moan in both pain and pleasure as my hips tried to meet my mommy’s gentle finger thrusts.

"See, you do like it, don’t you?"

I nodded my assent. It was starting to feel nice! She slowly withdrew her fingers from my now very wet ass pussy, and lifting the tip of the thick head of the rubber cock to rest on my virgin asshole she said "Well you’re gonna love this, my sweet little slut!"

With that she grabbed my right hip with her left hand and grasped the dildo with her right, holding it place as she drew herself towards me, and leaned into me, gently pushing the massive artificial cockhead past my resisting sphincter and into my ass pussy.

"Owwwmmmmm" I cried in pain, muffled by my penis shaped gag, continuing to whimper helplessly as my unrelenting mistress continued to slowly inch it deeper inside of me, stretching my poor rectum. Deeper and deeper she went, pausing now and then to allow me some relief. Finally it was fully crammed inside my ass pussy, buried to the hilt!

"Look honey! You’re such a good little girl you’ve taken all of my big hard dick inside your pretty little pussy!" Mommy praised. I felt like I was being split apart, and looked through tearful eyes at the cruel phallus with which I’d been impaled. Mommy remained still until my tears subsided, then gently rolled her hips, making a circular motion, stretching me further to accommodate the enormous member.

Slowly she pulled back, inching the thick dildo out, until only the head remained inside, & grasping both of my hips, thrust forward, ramming the phony cock all the way back in!

"Ummmpphhh!" I squealed through my gag, once again, tears streaming down my rosy rouged cheeks. Thank goodness I wore waterproof make up or my mascara would have been a mess! Mommy repeated her maneuver a second time, then a third, and by the fourth time she rammed me the pleasant sensations I felt earlier returned, emanating from my stuffed asshole and washing all over me in waves, magnified in intensity! I’d never felt such pleasure in my life. The pain ebbed away, and soon my hips undulated, trying to match Mommy’s rhythm, meeting her thrusts wantonly. My cries and moans of pain were replaced by mewls and whimpers of pleasure.

Sensing how much I’d begun to enjoy my first fucking, Mommy called on Tracie to remove my gag, and rammed my hard again!

"Ohhhh yesssss Mistress Mommy, Fuck me like that!" I cooed, and Mommy happily complied, enjoying the other end of the dildo in her own pussy. She twisted a small knob on her waistbelt, and the dildo began vibrating! She turned up the speed, moaning lustfully herself. She continued to fuck me mercilessly, using her thumbs to spread my asscheeks as she gripped my hips, pulling me into her thrusts.

"OOOOO deeper Mistress! Fuck me harder, Mommy, please!" I begged emphatically, and finally could talk no more, my excitement and passion reducing me to gibberish. I closed my pretty eyes and fantasized it was the handsome Peter who was fucking the shit out of me, his huge member ramming deep within my ass pussy. The image was so clear in my mind it was almost like he really was on top of me!

"OOO, OOOO, OOOO, errrrrrrgggghhhh! Ohhhhhh! Har- har-harrer! Fass-fasser Moooooooommmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyy!"

Finally I could take no more, my balls boiled, and tightened up inside me! I went stiff, then shook violently from head to toe as my little boyclit erupted within it’s latex catheter.

"I"MMMMMMM CUUUUUUUUMMMMMMIIIIIINNNNNGGGGGG!" I screamed as Mommy continued fucking me, and to my surprise as the first orgasm passed another one came on, and even another! I was having a multiple orgasm! And just as my beautiful mommy had promised, I was cumming just like a real little girl! She kept fucking. Finally the vibrations in her own pussy took their toll as she rammed me deeply one more time and clutching my hips went stiff and trembling herself. "OHHHHH GODDDDD!" She yelled, collapsing on top of me, panting both from exhaustion and fulfillment, and held me gently.

When she regained her strength she raised up off of me and gingerly pulled the still vibrating cock slowly out of my asshole, which reluctantly released the huge dildo with a squishy ‘pop!’ and shut off the device. Tracie helped her remove the device from her dripping honeypot, and used a warm wet cloth to wash her mistress’ pussy and thighs. I had cum so hard and so many times into my catheter that a wet spot was forming in my pretty pink panties covering my prosthetic pussy, and noticing it Mommy took a small silver key from her neck. She pulled my panties up my raised little legs and inserted the key into its keyhole, hidden under a fold of imaginary flesh in my crotch. Turning it she opened the crotch and freed my shriveled little penis. She clamped shut the catheter tube with a small clip, disconnecting it from the inside of the realistic pussy. She carefully removed the latex sheath, and inverted it over the penis gag Tracie had brought her.

"You’re such a good little girl, Sissy, you deserve a special treat!" Mommy grinned at her sarcasm, as she stuffed the pink, cum coated gag into my mouth and locked it in place behind my head while Tracie washed my crotch. I sucked contentedly on the gag, swallowing my sticky, salty semen, while Mommy fit me with another catheter, connected it, and re-confined my limp little boyclit under the concealment of the pretty pussy. She released my legs and removed my soiled panties, producing a fresh, identical pair. These she pulled back up my legs, pausing just at my crotch. She freed me from the restraints of the slave platform, and bade me hold up my skirt and frilly petti and turn around. She lowered the platform, had me bend at the waist and lay my pigtailed goldilocks curls upon it so that I was bent way over. She fit a hipbelt tightly above my protruding hipbones. Connected to this was a crotch strap, to which was secured a 10" cock-shaped vibrator/buttplug. She squirted more of her lubricant inside me and onto the phallus, and unceremoniously shoved it up my ass, making me squeal again, and pulled the strap up hard between my upraised buttocks, threading it through the 3-way locking hasp on the back of the hipbelt. She kept it taut as she helped me to stand, still obediently holding up my skirt and frilly petticoat, and pulled it up as tight as it would go before locking it in place, forcing my pretty buns apart. She tugged my panties back up, and relieved me of holding up the dress and petticoat, fussing with them to make sure they hung properly.

My 3 mistresses (I’d been told Buffy was my mistress too, as well as a mistress to Tracie too, being a natural girl) spent the next ½ hour having me perform curtsies and developing a more feminine gait before removing my gag from my mouth, and having me give Buffy the kiss of submission. After 5 minutes of soulfully tonguing and sucking her tight little pink asshole, she was permitted to straddle my face and use my eager pink lipstick coated mouth to service her virgin baby pussy. She humped my mouth for several minutes before I was able to make her cum again, drenching my face with her hot, sweet pussy juices.

They helped me out of the french maid’s dress and petticoat, showing how each was to be hung, then helped me out of the camisole, gloves, ballet slippers, bobby sox, stockings, waist cincher, panties, and bra. Tracie had drawn a bubble bath for me in Mommy’s bathroom, and I shivered from the cool air on my naked skin as I was led to the tub. After a thorough bath and shampoo, and a lengthy enema, Mommy refit me with my buttplug harness, inserting the vibrator control inside the hipbelt, and wrapped me in a big fuzzy pink towel. She led me back to my girlish bedroom where Buffy and Tracie had picked out a pink silk babydoll with matching rumba-ruffled panties for me to wear. I shrugged the towel away so my pretty mistresses could help me into the wispy nightie. I slipped my feet into the big fuzzy pink bunny slippers, and obediently sat at the vanity so Mommy could show me how to remove my makeup. She then re-cuffed my hands and attached them to the strap hanging from my collar behind me, leading me by the leash to the bed, which she connected to a headpost. She fit me with my fat pink penis gag, slipped the soft satin sheets and comforter up to my neck, and kissed me good night.

"You won’t believe the day I have in store for you, tomorrow, young lady, so try to be a good little girl and get some sleep." She admonished. "Sweet dreams, Sissy Pricilla!"

































Chapter 6

"Slavery 101"


I was awakened abruptly, jumping in fear as the door slammed to. The lights came on, hurting my eyes as I squinted to see who it was that entered my room. It was Tracie in a black satin bustier, black silk seamed stockings with elastic lace tops, her knee hi pink patent leather boots with the 4" cock shaped heels, and the restrictive pink leather g-string panties she’d worn last night, or at least, an identical pair. The bustier had the cups removed, if there ever were any, and her firm bouncy pear shaped breasts stuck through the openings, jiggling as she moved.

The nubile blonde teenage shemale mistress jerked my frilly covers off of me, and the chilled morning air made me shiver. I blinked around, still groggy, and got my bearings. The pink penis gag still stretched my little mouth, and my little arms were aching from the bondage in which they were held. I looked at the clock, it was 4:30 am!

She removed my gag and said, "We haven’t much time, faggot Sissy, so you’d better listen to and obey me immediately and without question if you don’t want me to beat your worthless ass, is that clear?"

"Yes, Mistress Tracy!"

She climbed up on the bed and straddled my head, facing the foot of the bed. She spread her firm, rounded asscheeks and virtually sat down, pressing her asshole on my mouth. Submissively I french kissed and sucked my teenage tormenter’s asshole. She humped my mouth with her asshole, giggling.

"Little faggot asslicker!" She taunted. "Speak!"

"I am Sissy Pricilla, your personal slave faggot and slavegirl in training. My mouth is a faggot pussy, and my asshole is a sissy pussy. My pussies, pathetic penis, even my whole body is your property and playtoy, and exist solely for your pleasure, and the pleasure of any mistress or master you choose for me. Please let me serve you!"

She swiveled around on one knee and unsnapped her panties, releasing her hardening erection, shoved the 9’ rod between my lips and said "here’s breakfast, little bitch!" She fucked my faggot pussy, jerking my head up by the pigtails to meet her thrusts. "Suck it hard bitch, you have 3 minutes to make me cum!"

I did suck her hard, but alas could not make her cum even in 5 minutes. Finally after 9 minutes she shot her load down my gulping throat, and at least I was successful in keeping my promise not to spill any of her precious sticky boygoo.

"I told you to make me cum in 3 minutes, you took 9 you naughty slut!" she jumped off me and rolled me over, and using the strap she had last night, gave me six hard swats on my pantied girlish bottom, one for each minute longer I had taken, shoving my face into the satin covered pillow to muffle my screams.

Mistress Tracie jerked me back into a seated position as I bawled and slapped me hard. "You better dry up, you sniveling little slaveslut, before I give you something to cry about! I’m getting a little sick of your impudence, Sissy, and I will not tolerate any more disobedience, is that clear?"

I struggled to hold back my tears and sobs, as I nodded submissively. "Yes Mistress Tracie."

"On your knees, pussy!" She barked

I jumped to my feet and ran to kneel at her feet, and she seated herself on the skirted red velvet stool of my vanity. She lifted a booted leg as if to inspect it, and momentarily sighed "looks like my boots need a little shining up, Sissy Pricilla."

I took the hint and obediently began to lick the pink patent leather boot. "Don’t start there you idiot!" She said with an air of exasperation. "Start by kissing and sucking the heel!"

She crossed her legs at the knees and extended the heel in question. I leaned over and kissed the tip of the cockshaped heel, and took it into my mouth, sucking the 4" leather phallus. I lingered on the heel until Mistress Tracie became impatient. "Okay, okay, you silly slut, get on with it!"

I slowly licked every inch of her boot, and repeated my efforts on the heel and boot of her other leg, giving them both a bright, wet shine. "That’s a little better, Sissy." She said indifferently. She knew her humiliation and degradation of me would only further the formation of my effete, submissive nature, and was secretly pleased with the progress I had made thus far. She removed a key from around her neck and unlocked my wrist cuffs, freeing my aching arms. "Now get your ass into the hallway bathroom and draw my bath, and be quick about it!"

I ran down the hall in terror of another beating, and rapidly filed the tub with a hot sudsy bubble bath. Tracie entered shortly after, and had me undress her. I fumbled with the unfamiliar hook and eye fastenings of her bustier, still not well versed in handling small things like that with my longer, tapered, sculptured nails. Finally I got it unlaced and unfastened, and slipped the satin and lace garment off of her shoulders. I knelt on my bare knees at her feet and began to unzip her boots. "Use your teeth for that, you little whore!" She commanded. Gripping the zipper with my teeth I struggled to tug each zipper fully down before she allowed me to remove her boots, and return to an erect kneeling position. She stood, her flaccid 7" boyclit swaying in front of my face as I began to slowly roll her stockings down her legs one at a time, and slipped them off of her, awaiting my next command.

Mistress Tracie stepped gracefully into the tub, and slipped her lithe, curvaceous 16-year-old body into the water and under the bubbles. "Well, what are you waiting for, you cunt!" She demanded, staring daggers at me. "Bathe me you dumb bitch!"

I grabbed the sponge and washed her face, shoulders and arms, moving to her belly and legs, not wanting to approach her breasts, boyclit, or buttocks for fear of reprisal. Of course those maneuvers merely invited the reprisal I sought to avoid, and I obediently complied, soaping up her breasts, her bottom, and her all-important clitypop. Naturally it came to life in my hand, giving me a pleasureful stirring of my own underneath my prosthetic pussy, still painfully aware of the massive buttplug lodged deep inside my sissy pussy. I stroked it some more, making it become fully hard before moving on to rinse her off and shampoo her long, golden blonde mane of waist length hair. Her hardon still demanded attention as she stood to be dried, and as I patted her dry, I remembered my instruction of the previous night and begged sweetly to kiss her clittypop.

Once Inside my eagerly sucking mouth Mistress Tracie gave me five minutes to make her cum, allowing for the fact she had cum less than a half an hour ago. This time I was successful in obeying her command, as well as swallowing all of her salty semen!

"Now that’s a good little girl, Sissy Prissy!" She praised, patting me on my pigtailed head. "Mistress Tracie is proud of her little slavegirl!" She beamed condescendingly.

"Thank you, Mistress Tracie!" I answered politely. "You taste really yummy!" I giggled shyly.

She sat at the commode and had me lay over her lap, pulled down my panties, unlocked and removed my buttplug harness, and slipped a phallic enema nozzle up my ass. After my cleansing she had me remove my nightie, bra, and sexy panties, ordered me to bathe, and shampoo my hair. She refit me with the slave harness, letting the vibrator control dangle from my hipbelt.

Naked except for the cruel contraption, I was ordered back to my pretty bedroom to wait at my vanity. While she was gone I experimented with the vibrator control, and was bouncing up and down on the red velvet stool with the vibrator at full speed when she entered 20 minutes later, wearing her french maid’s outfit.

"Enjoying yourself, my little wench?" She laughed, taking the control from me and shutting it off, she dropped it to the floor, saying, "there’ll be plenty of time for that sort of thing later my sweet. First we need to learn about our makeup and making ourselves adorable little dolls!"

My teenaged instructress spent the better part of an hour applying, removing, and re-applying my cosmetics to the delicate features of my cherubic little face, painstakingly instructing me in how to do each. "After we serve our Mistresses breakfast and get them off to school and work, you’re to come in here and practice over and over again. You are to be perfect in you makeup skill by 10:00 this morning, or suffer the consequences!"

It was 6:15 before I was fully dressed, once again in my pink satin french maid’s outfit, with little help from my pretty teen dominatrix, and sent to wake Mommy as Tracie descended the stairs to prepare breakfast.

Mommy praised me on how cute I looked after sucking her toes as my training mistress had instructed me, to awaken her. Without being prompted I skipped into her bathroom and drew her sudsy bubble bath. After bathing and helping her dress she had me do the same for Buffy, who wore a latex panty-girdle under her ruffle-seated tights to conceal her freshly changed diaper and plastic panties.

"Now Buffy, you are not to remove your diaper and plastic panties by yourself, is that clear?" Mommy said.

"Yes, Mistwess Mommy, but…"

"But what?"

"What about having to change for Aewobics and Bawwet cwass?" Buffy quizzed, fearful of discovery.

"Well, it just so happens Carmen Alanis, the school nurse, is a slavegirl of mine too!" Mommy explained. "You will see her before and after those classes for changing. And remember your promise not to wet without me, or I’ll spank you good!"

"Yes, Mistwess Mommy." Buffy giggled.

The three of us descended the stairs and entered the breakfast room, where Tracie had laid out an elaborate breakfast for two on the dinette. When the 2 natural females seated themselves we curtsied and dismissed ourselves to the kitchen, where a flesh colored hollow phallic hard latex sheath protruded from a modified wall.

"This tube is a boyslut feeding tube." Tracie explained. "It runs up the wall and is filled through this opening here." She gestured to a small latex socket inches above her head. "It contains nutrients that will assure you retain your pretty figure, and hormones and vitamins that will enhance it, even help you grow your own pretty titties just like mine!" She lifted her firm pretty globes in emphasis. "You kneel and suck on it to feed from it, thus improving your cocksucking skills. Now get started, Sissy!"

I knelt on my stocking clad legs feeling the cool air from the kitchen floor flow between them and up into my skirt and petticoat as I moved into position. The penis shaped feeding tube was very realistic looking, and I engulfed it’s mere 6" with my pink painted lips. I sucked and found I had to exert a great deal of effort to milk the strained mushy substance that tasted like a cross between roast beef and fruit cocktail from the tiny peehole. I fed until Mistress Tracie called to me and we bade our Mistresses goodbye.

She bade me wash the dishes and supervised as I cleaned the kitchen, then dismissed me to obey her previous orders. I worked diligently at my vanity from 7:45 am until 10 am when Mistress Tracie summoned me to her new bedroom for inspection.

She peered at me with her gleaming green eyes, taking in every detail of my makeup job, then smiled. "Well, you’re not as perfect as I had hoped, but luckily for you, you’ve made yourself pretty enough to avoid a spanking for now!"

I breathed a thankful sigh of relief as I followed her back into the upstairs hallway bath and retrieved both of our sets of soiled lingerie, placing them in separate plastic bags. We entered Mommy’s Bathroom and I retrieved her’s and Buffy’s lingerie as instructed. I followed her down to the basement laundry room, where using the large sink I was made to hand wash separately each garment, hang them on the line that stretched across the room, and dry each of them with a hand held blow dryer.

She had me wrap each dry set in white tissue wrapping paper and tie each package neatly with pink satin ribbon, labeling each one with their respective owner’s name. She followed me back upstairs making sure I laid each package properly on each of the beds after I had made them and straightened up each room.

After using a feather duster to dust the living room, and running the vacuum cleaner, she dismissed me to the kitchen to prepare her lunch. While she ate I fed from my penis shaped feeder once again, and found myself afterwards with my head inside of her petticoat between her thighs, sucking happily on my dessert!

After milking her dry, I spent the most of the rest of the afternoon being taught how to sit, walk, and talk in a more convincingly effete manner, watching and learning all kinds of feminine gestures, even how to be sexy and graceful in my first set of heels! I was enjoying myself so completely I almost began liking my big sister again. But I promised myself that one-day, if at all possible, I would be the strap wielder and teach her a lesson or two!

My lessons in this area concluded late in the afternoon, and she had me set about preparations for the evening meal. I had a regal diner prepared and on the table in the formal dining room when our two mistresses arrived, and they enjoyed the meal chatting lightly about Buffy’s day at school and how she felt to have her diaper changed by a strange woman.

"I was scared a little but I like the way she diddled me!" Buffy giggled.

"I didn’t permit her to do that, Buffy!" Mommy said angrily. "You are only to be played with sexually by me from now on, unless I permit it and am there, is that understood?"

"Yes, Mistwess Mommy!"

"I’ll deal with that bitch Carmen when I drop you at school tomorrow." She turned to me and said, "During your training I have forbidden your Daddy to return to the main house. He will be staying in the guest house, but you’ll get to see him tomorrow, and once a week after that until you’re a well developed and trained little girl."

Mistress Tracie joined my other lovely mistresses at the table as I set about waiting the table, serving up the food, wine for Mommy and Kool-Aid for my pre-teen and teen mistresses. After serving dinner Mistress Tracie demanded I kneel under the table and service her as she ate dessert, enduring an occasional playful kick from Buffy and Mommy.

I cleared the table, washed dishes, and straightened up the Kitchen before being allowed to nurse again on my penis shaped feeding tube. Afterwards all four of us retired to my ultra-girlish bedroom to prepare me for the evening’s entertainment.

Tracie removed my maid’s outfit and replaced it with the Shirley Temple style frock consisting of a white silk tunic style bodice atop a 3 tiered red chiffon skirt with white polka dots and white lace trim, and a high wide lace collar, which we had purchased at Amy’s the previous day. She fussed with the tiered skirt until it draped properly over the billowing chiffon petticoat, and allowed me to put on the ‘big girl’s shoes’ as she called my high heels.

This I modeled for my 3 subjugators, taking the dainty mincing steps I learned earlier that day, sexily swishing my hips from side to side in naturally girlish fashion. This elicited boyish wolf whistles and teasing flattery from my matrons, making me blush. The dominas had me change again, this time modeling the dress with a red satin long sleeved empire bodice, again with the high white lace collar, the cream pink satin sash, and the billowing layered white organza knee length skirt trimmed with white satin piping embellished with the darling little red hearts! I dearly loved this lovely frock which was so utterly feminine and sweet, and twirled in front of my vanity mirror, swirling skirt and petticoat in the air, accidentally showing off my adorable rumba ruffled pink panties.

All the mistresses applauded, and of course pictures had to be taken in each of my darling new outfits. Finally the fine dresses, petticoat and camisole were put away, and replaced with a white silk skirted teddy with pink lace trim. Mommy reached into the top of my garter and stocking top on my right leg and found my vibrating butt plug control, then had me kneel and service her delicious pussy. She kept the vibrator running, driving me crazy with lust for a good fucking!

Afterwards she bound Buffy upon the slave platform, and using a slender single headed dildo much smaller than the one she’d used on me, she robbed her little girl of her virginity. She made Buffy promise never to touch a boy or let him touch her sexually, Then bound me face down, so that I straddled the platform, securing my feet to the stirrups, and knees and wrists to the platform. Mistress Mommy helped Buffy strap on a huge 10" dildo, and removing my slave harness she made me beg Buffy to fuck me. Once she figured out how to fuck me, she imitated Mommy’s session with me the night before and fucked me hard, making me see stars and experience my second multiple orgasm!

The night ended exactly as the last, with me bound and gagged, contentedly sucking on my cum-soaked penis gag, and happily contemplating what might happen tomorrow.




Chapter 7

"Developmental Education"


Mistress Tracie woke me the sane way that she had yesterday, and after successfully meeting her 3-minute demand this time, I luckily avoided another severe beating. After bathing her and dressing her up, this time in her candy-striper outfit, she returned me to my room and supervised my make-up application. We went with a shiny wet look ruby red lipstick, matching polish for my fingernails and toenails, powder pink eyeshadow and rouge, navy blue eyeliner, and thick black mascara. The effect, after my pigtails were done, was an innocent cheerleader look. I looked so sweet!

From my dresser she selected a pair of high-cut red silk panties with ruffled white lace cascading over the bottom and the requisite heart shaped lace trimmed anal opening and let me step into them, slipping them up over by cute little girlish bottom. I looked down at the front and saw "Daddy’s Little Girl" printed in lush white longhand across the front. "Mommy’s really going to take me to see Daddy?" I asked.

"That’s what she said, wasn’t it?" As though my question were stupid. She fit me with a matching front closure bra. From my lingerie chest she selected a babydoll cut pastel pink camisole with dainty white lace trim, sporting a pretty red satin bow at the cleavage and wide white lace straps. I raised my arms obediently as she slipped the pretty garment down them, adjusting the straps over my delicate shoulders, and fitting the elastic sewn cups over my pert prosthetic little titties. Next she selected a matching little half-slip with a simple elastic wasitband and a wide white floral lace scalloped hem.

Moving to the closet she selected a fuzzy pink fleece turtleneck sweater and helped me on with it, folding the collar down only a little so my slavecollar was well hidden. From a hanger she removed a cheerleader style box pleat skirt, with alternating pleats of red, and white. This I stepped into and she slipped it up to my waist, tucking in my pretty sweater. Knee-hi thin pink socks followed, as well as red and white cheerleader oxfords with wide pink lace laces.

From my jewelry box she selected dainty silver heart shaped earring studs which she pinned into my pierced little lobes, replacing the gold studs I’d worn since the beauty salon, as well as a matching pendant locket, engraved with "Sissy" in effeminate script. This of course she hung around my neck making sure my pigtails didn’t get caught in the chain.

I inspected myself in the mirror and was once again taken aback by the charming lass smiling prettily back at me. God I was so cute! I turned and surprised my older stepsister by hugging the teen and kissing her sweetly on the cheek, saying "Thank you Mistress Tracie for making me so pretty for our Daddy!"

After waking, bathing and dressing my other two mistresses; who agreed that I was indeed cute; breakfast, my feeding, and cleanup went off without a hitch. Soon we were piling into the waiting limo. I sashayed sweetly up to the waiting Ivan, letting my eyes stare unabashedly at the huge bulge in his shorts, licked my lips and batted my eyelashes at him girlishly, teasing him. It had been the first time I ever flirted with a man, and it gave me a curious sense of power to see the look in his eyes as he smiled, and the expansion of his prominent bulge.

We stopped at Buffy’s side of school first and as she darted off to class Mommy went in to "deal" with her slave, Carmen. She returned in 20 minutes with a satisfied smirk on her face, making me shudder to think what might have transpired during that little meeting!

By the time we made it to Daddy’s clinic, he was already there. Per previous orders from Mommy the clinic would be closed this morning. Mommy had me wait in the car, feigning interest in the new copy of TEEN I had brought along, to avoid much eye contact with the hunky Ivan. Thirty minutes later she escorted me inside, and took me to an exam room where I found Tracie, bound straddling an exam table, skirt tossed up and panties down, stretched across her spread thighs, with a good amount of gooey semen all over her cute firm little bottom, and deep within the crack of her ass.

"Lick it up, Sissy, and hurry up so Daddy can meet his new little prissy princess!" Mommy commanded. I began licking up what to me was obviously my own daddy’s yummy cum and as I considered that my little pecker instantly began straining against its painful confinement! It was saltier, and somehow more masculine tasting than Mistress Tracie’s boygoo. I cleaned all of it from her sexy ass cheeks, and, risking a spanking for doing so, I put my little hands on her well-rounded buns and gently spread them apart. I licked from her crotch all the way up the crack of her ass, pausing to linger at and tongue her pretty pink sissy pussy. Mommy patted me on the head approvingly when I did this, and I was glad I had pleased her.

When I had finished Mommy removed Tracie’s restraints, and helped her touch up her makeup and straighten out her candy striper outfit while I touched up my lipstick. Tracie asked to be excused and took her place at the receptionist’s desk, and Mommy escorted me down the hall.

It wasn’t the first time I had visited Daddy’s office, of course. It was a lavish affair with a huge desk, a bookshelf covering one wall, Diplomas, Degrees, and licenses on another. Daddy rose from behind the desk in greeting, and dropped the file he was holding in shock, staring stupefied at me with his mouth agape, incredulous.

"Geoff???" he whispered.

"Of course not, Silly!" Mommy retorted. "This is your new little girl, Sissy Pricilla Valentine!" She announced. I smiled sweetly and curtsied prettily for him. "Hi Daddy!" I giggled nervously in my most girlish falsetto, unsure how he would react. His gaping mouth closed in a broad smile of loving approval, and his open arms re-assured me of any reprisal from my handsome Daddy. I ran to and gave him a big hug, and he wrapped his steel-muscled arms around me to return it. "Hi Sissy!" He said softly. "You’re beautiful!" He kissed me paternally on the forehead, brushing away some of my cute little bangs.

"Thank you, Daddy!" I chirped, pleased with myself that I’d made my daddy so happy, and also very pleased with the fact he thought I was beautiful!

"She is a little charmer, isn’t she?" Mommy chimed in.

Yes, very much so!" Daddy answered enthusiastically. He grabbed my shoulders and held me at arm’s length. "Are you sure this is what you want though?" His eyes burned the question into mine.

"Oh yes, Daddy!" I assured him. "More than anything in the whole wide world!"

"Very well then, let’s go into the OB/GYN exam room, hon."

Mommy followed us and helped me off with my fuzzy pink sweater, camisole and bra. Exposing my jiggling prosthetic little boobies. I shivered in the cool air of the office, and got goose bumps. Daddy whistled. "Pretty effective transformation, Mistress Kristin" Daddy praised, licking his lips lustfully. I became aware again of an instant painful boner, and squirmed on the exam table nervously. He took my temperature, pulse, and blood pressure, and a couple of blood samples he would send to the lab later that day, Then assisted Mommy with lowering my prosthetic body suit just far enough to expose my boyish, hairless chest. He touched my nipples which were hardening in the cool air of the clinic, and prodded the tissue surrounding them gently. He took precise measurements, then injected me under each nipple with some kind of hormone. He gave me another shot of some other hormone with an accelerator intravenously, then he and Mommy tugged my body suit back into shape. While Mommy worked with the concealing makeup once more, Daddy admonished me.

"The shots I gave you today, you’ll get once a week, more precisely formulated for your little body when I get the results back from the lab. Further, I’m prescribing a pill for you to take 4 time a day." He studied me for a moment. He was a handsome man, very muscular thanks to working out, with longish blond hair and a square jaw that made him resemble Fabio. He continued. "Within a couple of days your body will begin experiencing changes. These changes will be more accelerated than they are in natural little girls, so you will develop breasts, skin, and the heightened voice a girl your age should have. The down side to that is you’ll experience powerful mood swings, and be very emotional. Also your little breasts will begin to ache and be sore for a while. These are called ‘growing pains’, and while all little girls have them, yours may be a little more intense." He paused again, giving it some thought. "I think I’ll prescribe a mild tranquilizer to help with the mood swings, and if your growing pains get to be too much to handle, I’ll write you a script for a mild painkiller too. Just remember these are natural reactions to the treatment, and there’s nothing to worry about, okay sweetheart?"

I nodded gleefully "Okay, Daddy! I love you!"

"I love you to, Sissy" His use of my new name made me quiver in delight, so did his light kiss on my pretty painted lips! He wrote the prescriptions and gave them to Mommy. Then he taught me breast exercises to do every morning and at bedtime.

Mommy helped me put back on my sexy bra, camisole and sweater, tucking the latter smoothly into the waistband of my cheerleader skirt, and as we left Daddy gave me a playful pat on my girlish butt. "See you next week sweetie!"

"Bye-bye Daddy!" I called back over my shoulder, and sashayed out to the car with Mistress Mommy, leaving Tracie behind to take care of her clinic duties. Thinking of her made me suddenly green with envy. Here she was, not even really related to him, and he was fucking her instead of me! I pouted all the way home, and when Mommy inquired as to why, I replied honestly.

"Is that all that’s bothering you?" She laughed heartily. "Don’t you worry, my slutty little Sissy, you’ll get your share of Daddy’s big ol’ dick inside you, in time." She assured me, then smiled as if a thought just came to mind. "You may even get it for your birthday, if you’re a good little girl ‘til then!"

This cheered me up! In only 4 ½ months Buffy and I would turn 12 years old, and the prospect of having Daddy, or rather, Daddy having me for my birthday thrilled me to death!

My training regimen remained pretty consistent over the next two weeks until Mommy felt I could pass convincingly at school then made arrangements for us to see the headmistress at Buffy’s girl’s side of school the following morning.

I seated myself in the brown leather office chair next to Mommy’s across the desk from Mrs. Dean, being careful to smooth my skirt properly. I sat with knees together, tilted slightly to the left, with my pink lace-gloved hands folded neatly in my lap; a demure little miss quietly listening to her Mommy and headmistress discuss the curriculum I would require. Mrs. Dean was apparently a close friend of my mother’s, and it was that fact that made her comfortable in betraying to her my little secret.

"Oh, isn’t that darling!" She clapped her hands together, beaming. "Well, you know Sissy, you aren’t the first little boygirl we’ve had in attendance here at Cherry Hill. In fact, it was a major reason we selected to impose the frilly little schoolgirl dress you’re wearing on all of our girl students." She paused, sipping her tea. "Some mommies feel their little boy’s bad behavior has gotten out of hand, and make them dress like a girl until they acquire the discipline and gentility that is more becoming a nice young boy."

She sipped from her teacup again, keeping eye contact and studying my reactions. "But, your Mommy tells me you really want to be a pretty little girl, is that right, Sissy?"

"Yes, Mrs. Dean." I nodded meekly. "Please don’t tell anybody!" I begged fearfully. She smiled cruelly, "As long as you’re a good little girl, and an eager and willing student, I won’t tell a soul. But…" she shook a finger at me "one little slip-up…." She let the threat dangle.

"Don’t worry, Mrs. Dean, I’ll be a good little girl, I promise!" I assured her.

She had me stand and walk around the room, admiring me. She winked at Mommy. "You’ve done a fine job in her transformation, Kristin. She praised her younger friend. "And an excellent job in developing her deportment as well!"

"Well," Mommy sighed. "I try! She can be frustrating at times though."

"We’ll have none of that here, or she’ll get a taste of this!" She held up her red leather, metal studded Ping-Pong paddle. "This is what I use on all our ‘special girls’!"

"Uh-oh Sissy Pricilla, you better behave!" Mommy giggled at my wide-eyed fearful stare at the cruel looking paddle. I’d had enough spankings these last 2 ½ weeks, and promised myself to be an exemplary student and well-behaved young lady.




















Chapter 8

"School Daze"



I was given my schedule, and was dismissed by the two women just in time to make it to my second period class, missing my first period/homeroom class, Home Ec. It was my first time away from Mommy in public as a 7th grade schoolgirl, and despite all her reassurances I still feared detection and the embarrassment such a revelation would cause. Why, I’d be the laughingstock of the entire school, both boys’ and girls’ campuses. With that in mind I resolved to make every effort to apply what my mistresses had painstakingly taught me so far.

For second period I had "Cosmetology and Makeup Artistry", and this I took to quickly, and began to learn not only the arts of the beautician, but also the nuances and skills possessed by those makeup artists in the fashion industry. It was a really fun class, and I impressed my classmates so much I even made a couple of friends of the girls. I was amazed at how convincing I had become, and how easy it was to interact as a girl with my schoolmates.

Third period for me was "Fashion Design". This was a little more difficult as I had to develop drawing skills. My teacher was a pretty redheaded woman of 23, and she was very nice and helpful.

During recess I met Buffy for lunch, and we chattered gaily about our day so far. She giggled at my schedule, noting none of the normally required academic classes like English, math, or the sciences for example were included.

"Yeah," I began, "Mommy and Mrs. Dean said these courses would make me a more well rounded little girl, especially for Mommy’s purposes."

"They’re sure right about that!" Buffy giggled. We ventured out on the playground, Trying to boy-watch from the fence looking over to the boys’ campus playground. "EEE!" I squealed in delight as I spied the handsome Peter in his red satin gym shorts and pink jersey, playing soccer with some of the other cute boys. "Gawd, he’s like totally gorgeous!"

"He sure is, Sissy!"

Just then he looked over at us, and smiled as his eyes locked with mine. He looked me over, and I could feel his eyes undressing me! I returned the smile, and curling my hand slightly gave him a girlish little wave, fighting the urge to swoon. He waved back and returned to his soccer game, pausing between plays to glance over at me now and again.

"Hey, Sissy!" Buffy gently elbowed me. "I think he likes you!" She said with an air of surprise.

"Oh Buffy!" I exclaimed wistfully. "Do you really think so?"

"Umm Hmm! I sure do!" She nodded emphatically. "Look how he looks at you." Then she added "Ohmigod, what a totally cute butt!"

I had to agree. Though loose fitting the satin gym shorts clung to the sweaty buns of the muscular athlete, whom I knew from Gym class never wore underwear. His buns were firm, tight, and totally kiss-able.

Unfortunately the school bell rang, breaking my reverie. We bade each other bye, and raced to reach our respective fourth period classes before he tardy bell sounded.

Mine turned out to be "Clinic Planning Period Aide", and I found the door to the school’s clinic just before the tardy bell rang. Breathing a sigh of relief over not being tardy yet on my first day, I entered the clinic and sat down my pink vinyl school satchel which carried my books, my pink gym bag, and my little purse.

A stunningly pretty, long black-haired, fiery green-eyed Latina smiled at me as I entered. I judged her to be about 22. She wore a short white nurse’s uniform, white sheer stockings, white sneakers, and perched atop her head was a red and white nurse’s cap. Her lips were painted deep purple, and were full and pouty. She wore corresponding hues on her eyes, and the effect was very pretty on her unblemished, smooth olive skin.

"Well, You must be Sissy, My new little charge!" She said with a slight mocking tone.

"Yes, Ma’am." I replied quietly. I did not know what to expect from her, and I had a curious sense of foreboding.

"Well come in, then, and lock the door."

As I obeyed she grabbed a sign saying "Closed for Planning Period", placed it facing outward through the door’s glass window, and pulled down the black shade that hung over it. "Now we can have some privacy!" She explained. No other windows were visible in the room.

She sat down in one of the student waiting chairs and patted the seat next to her. "C’mon, sweetheart, I’m not going to bite you, you know!" She laughed at my hesitation. I acquiesced, and smoothing my frilly skirt and petticoat daintily, I took my seat. "There, now, that’s better!" She lifted a lavender nailed hand and stroked one of my golden blonde pigtails. "Your Mommy has told me sooo much about you, Sissy Pricilla!" She began. "And you’re every bit the pretty little girl she described."

"Th-thank you, Mistress Carmen."

" ‘Mistress’ eh? Then your Mommy has already explained why you’re here?"

"Y-yes Mistress."

"Ah good!" She jumped to her feet, "Then we can get started!"

She crossed to her desk and punched a code into her calculator, and magically a paneled mirror built into the wall slid open, retreating into the wall. She took me by the hand and led me inside the concealed room. "I use this chamber on all my ‘special girls’, Sissy, sweetheart." The door slid closed, and she said "it’s quite soundproof, so no-one can hear anything that’s going on." Mistress Carmen put her balled fists on her hips. "Young lady, have you forgotten how to greet your Mistress?"

"No, ma’am!" I replied, falling to my knees.

"Good girl!" She praised, swiveling around on one foot. She lifted her shirt and simple white nylon and lace slip, revealing the same kind of leather g-string panties Mistress Tracie always wore. She tugged the thong to one side so I could get to work, and I obediently gave her the kiss of submission. It felt strange doing this to an unfamiliar mistress, but it was still very exciting!

"Speak!" She ordered.

"I am Sissy Pricilla, your personal slave faggot and slavegirl in training. My mouth is a faggot pussy, and my asshole is a sissy pussy. My pussies, pathetic penis, even my whole body is your property and playtoy, and exist solely for your pleasure, and the pleasure of any mistress or master you choose for me. Please let me serve you!"

"Get up and strip naked, NOW!" She commanded. I rushed to comply, carefully folding and putting away my frilly things in my gym bag, together with my aerobics and ballet outfit inside. She had me kneel on the cold tile floor, and straddle a large drain recessed into it. She used similar restraints to those Mommy and Tracie had imposed, locking my wrists to my ankles, forcing my ass high in the air and my face to the floor. She rolled up one of those rolling hospital IV stands on which hung a filled enema bag sporting a phallic nozzle similar to the one used on me at home. Removing a key from around her neck she unlocked my slave harness and gently removed my buttplug, or "pussy spreader" as she called it. My hot little asshole reluctantly released it with the usual squishy sounding pop! and the unfortunate emptiness I felt was soon appeased by the insertion of the penis shaped enema nozzle. It had a plug shaped bottom to hold it in place, and Mistress Carmen used a length of duct tape across my upraised firm little buns to secure it there.

My captor stood over my helplessly bound form and laughed haughtily, enjoying the plight she had put me in. She said "I’m going to clean out your little sissy pussy now, Sissy Pricilla. Be a good little girl and don’t spill a drop, or there will be hell to pay!" She threatened, starting the slow steady flow of hot sudsy water into my hot anal cavity and down into my lower tummy.

She crossed in front of me, and kicked off her sneakers, revealing her sweaty stockinged feet, and stuck the two biggest toes of her right foot between my bright pink painted lips. "Suck my toes, slut!" Degraded, I sucked her toes through the dirty stockings, whimpering as the enema became uncomfortably filling. After a few minutes she tired of this and seated herself spread-eagled on the floor, skirt hiked high, and unsnapped the snaps of her restrictive pink leather g-string panties, releasing her growing Latin boyclit! It was the first Hispanic penis I’d ever seen, and I was fascinated by it’s olive color and brownish head, and stared as it swelled to a full 8 ½" long, extremely thick throbbing erection. She pulled my chin off the cold tile floor using my pigtails to pull my head up with, and scooted closer to me. Gathering my pretty pigtails in her left hand to maneuver my head, she grabbed her huge cock with her right hand and forced her huge, helmet shaped knob through my shiny pink lips, stretching them to the max before finally entering my hot, wet faggot pussy. She was far too thick to push more than 2 more inches into my mouth, and I had difficulty swirling my tongue around the hot, throbbing intruder. I sucked her madly, wanting desperately to milk her dry as soon as possible so this painfully swelling enema deep in my little tummy could end!

"That’s a good little girl! Suck it hard like that you sweet little slut!" Mistress Carmen praised, and as I continued to nurse madly on her huge love knob and thick shaft. She released her dick and took my other pigtail in her right hand, jerking my head up and down on her hot pulsing rod, moaning and groaning with pleasure as I eagerly serviced her.

"Yessssssssss, that’s it baby! MMMMMMMM! OOOOOOOOO yeeeaaahhh!" she cried, fucking my mouth faster as I watched her hairless ball sac tighten and lift. I prepared myself for the oncoming onslaught, but hadn’t dreamed just how prepared I should have been! She yanked my pigtails once more, pushing her tool as far into my mouth as she could, stiffened and exploded into my mouth, bursting thick rivers of hot salty boygoo down my gulping throat! She jerked spasmodically, squealing with delight as she watched her helpless little slaveslut gulp fiercely, desperately trying to swallow her mistress’ cum.

Alas my throat became too full and so did my mouth, and I shed a tear as I realized I’d failed to accomplish swallowing it all. A considerable amount of goo flowed out from around her twitching love club, escaping my lips to soak my chin and ooze onto the floor inches below it. She yanked my head off of her softening boyclit, shifting my pigtails to her left hand and swiping up the goo from my chin, she bellowed "you naughty little bitch! I thought you’d been trained! How dare you waist my cum like this, you impudent slut? Lick this up, NOW!"

I lapped up the cum like a sweet little kitty at her saucer of milk, sobbing now as the enema bottle finally emptied it’s hot sudsy contents into me. When I’d finished she pointed at the puddle of sticky semen that pooled on the tile under my chin and screeched "lick this up too, you disobedient little whore!"

She pulled my face down into the puddle of her cum, and rubbed my mouth around in it as I desperately tried to suck and lick it up. Afterwards she dropped my pigtails letting my chin strike the floor with a painful bang, and grabbed a paddle just like Mrs. Dean had threatened me with if I hadn’t behaved. "Listen up Sissy Pricilla! You’d better not spill that enema while I spank your naughty ass, and I want you to say ‘Thank you, Mistress!" after every swat, do you hear me?"

"Yes, Mistress Carmen!"

She raised the paddle high and swung it hard, delivering a burning swat to my upraised cheeks. I screamed in pain, and sobbed "thank you, Mistress!" She continued with another 8 swats, and I bawled like a baby with the pain, amazed at my control of my enema filled bowels, but I made sure I thanked her for each one!

When she finished she slipped a hollow 10" penis extender over her now flaccid member and strapped the harness around her. She ripped the duct tape off my stinging ass, jerked out the phallic nozzle and replaced it with the lubed phony dick. She jerked me back on it, ramming it all the way into it. She fucked me senseless, driving the hot enema even deeper into me until finally I came.

She released my wrists and allowed me to purge into the drain beneath me, then followed with a couple of perfumed douches to make sure I was clean. She accessed and replaced my catheter, inverting the cum-filled one over my penis gag as Mommy always did, and gagged me with it. As I sucked on my cum soaked bag she made me clean the secret anteroom and don my ruffled pink rumba panties, ballet tights, leotard, fluffy pink tutu, and ballet slippers, crisscrossing the attached satin ribbons around my calves and tying them into a cute bow on each leg. I was glad I wore the tutu, concealing the visible lines of my childishly ruffled pretty panties. She removed my gag and allowed me to put it back in my gym bag before I touched my makeup up, and brushed out my pretty pigtails, fussing with my bangs and kiss curls.

"Now Sissy, you make sure you get your cute little ass back here after ballet and aerobics class so I can put your pussy spreader back in that hot little cunt of yours, do you understand me?"

"Yes, Mistress Carmen! I promise!" I made one last inspection in the mirror of the not-so-innocent little pigtailed pixie reflected back from it, sporting the same Cheshire cat grin Mommy always has after being served by one of her slaves, scooped up my satchel and gym bag and departed for my next class just before the 4th period dismissal bell rang.

Several girls, dressed identically to me, filled the class when I arrived. Some were warming up, stretching on the leg bar that ran the length of the mirrored wall, doing the splits, or twirling in pirouettes. I made my way to one of the open spots on the leg bar, and mimicked my sexy classmates’ stretching exercises while I waited for class to start.

I managed to make it through the period and did pretty well for a beginner. I removed my tutu in the little girls’ room, and pulled on a short wrap around pink satin skirt from my gym bag for aerobics class. I slid into my sixth period class wearing my hi-top LA Gear pink running shoes with the wide pink lace laces just before the tardy bell rang, panting!

After being introduced to the other girls I joined their ranks for a good 30-minute workout. I was fascinated with how their boobies bounced and jiggled as they hopped about with me, then noticed with glee that mine did the same thing! I watched myself in the mirror as I pranced about gaily in unison with the other junior high school girls, thrilled with just how pretty I had become!

After the workout we were sent to the showers. It was the first time I had to be completely naked in front of girls outside of my family! The hot water splashed on the prosthetic skin of my suit, and I silently thanked Mommy that she made sure the makeup which made it look like my real body was waterproof. I soaped up my pert little boobs, tummy, prosthetic pussy and firm little buns, glancing in the mirror to make sure they weren’t red from my spanking! I moved to my thighs and down my silky legs, washing my little feet and pretty painted toes. I glanced around from time to time, green with envy at the beautiful real bodies my pre-teen and teenaged classmates had, and promised myself to become a real girl someday too! I thought it odd that their mommies allowed them to keep their pussy hair. I rinsed, and wrapped myself in a towel. I headed for my gym locker, and once again donned my pretty panties, and matching bra, garter belt and stockings, camisole and petticoat, bobby-sox and gloves, frilly schoolgirl dress, and Mary Janes.

Fully dressed I headed for the mirror with my purse, blow-dried and brushed out my hair, retying my pigtails up in pink and white lace bows. My lipstick needed retouching, and my nose was a little shiny so I gave it a quick dusting of loose powder with my powder brush before tucking away my makeup kit back in my purse. Satisfied with my primping I grabbed my purse and skipped gaily back to my locker, grabbing my satchel and gym bag, running for the clinic when the final bell rang for the refitting of my slave harness. With the cruel buttplug once again lodged firmly in my sissy pussy, I ran out to the waiting Limo where Buffy had already joined our sexy mommy.

I copped another lustful look at the enormous bulge in Ivan’s crotch, and locked eyes with him again, which gleamed equally with lust. I smiled sweetly and batted my lashes at him, enjoying the opportunity to girlishly tease and flirt with this hard-bodied beefcake of a man. I turned and slid into the car, across from my mommy and sister, and Ivan began the drive home.

"Well Sissy, How was your first day at school?"

"I loved it, Mistress Mommy!" I cheerfully replied, adding, "I had lots of fun!"

"Sissy even got Peter to notice her!" Buffy tattled.

"Really?" Mommy asked me, smiling with amusement.

"Uh-huh!" I nodded "I think he likes me, Mistress Mommy! At least that’s what Mistress Buffy says!" I said happily.

"Oh how nice! You didn’t tease him too badly, did you?"

"Uh-uh Mistress Mommy, I’m not a prickteaser!" I answered in mock resentment.

"No, I didn’t think so, but from recent reports I hear you’re quite a prickpleaser!"

I blushed with embarrassment, but nodded shyly.

"Oh, you think so too, huh? Getting a little confident in your dick sucking! Isn’t that cute?"

I turned a brighter shade of red as we turned through our gate and headed up the drive.

My days at school continued, and I thoroughly enjoyed learning all the feminine arts I was taught there, and serving my sexy Latina shemale mistress. I was a good little girl though and I never spilled any more of her yummy cum. She never spanked me at school again.




























Chapter 9

"The Club"


That evening, after changing into my little pink satin french maid’s outfit, I joined my equally attired training mistress as we set about preparing the evening meal, and cleanup afterwards. As ordered we rushed to get the daily hand wash of soiled lingerie done, and joined our Mistresses after putting our respective parcels away.

Mistress Mommy had changed Buffy’s diaper after playing a quick game of wet baby in her oversized crib, and had her sitting on her lap in a darling red cotton toddler style dress with matching bloomers over her ruffled plastic panties, pink booties, and a pink baby bonnet. My sexy little twin sucked contentedly on the pacifier which had dangled from the wide pink ribbon that hung around her neck, and playfully jingled a rattle as she rested her pigtailed head upon her mommy’s breasts.

Mommy stroked her pre-teen baby’s golden yellow hair absently, and looked up from her little plaything as we entered the room to kneel before them.

"We’re expecting guests this evening, and I expect all of you girls to be on your best behavior!" she announced. "Sissy, you will answer the door, greet each guest with a curtsey, and then the kiss of submission. And since you will be so busy, Tracie will handle preparing the hors d’oeuvres, then you both will serve refreshments to these ‘Club’ Members. Is that clear, girls?"

"Yes, Mistress Mommy!" we chimed in unison. Just then the doorbell rang, and Tracie bounded for the kitchen, petticoat and skirt flipping up in the air as she ran, whilst I scampered for the door. I opened the door to greet a voluptuous brunette of 25 with long waist length brown hair, brown eyes, large breasts, and a breathtaking smile. She wore a black a-line dress, and a pink leather slave collar just like the one Buffy, Tracie, and I wear. In tow, on a collar and leash, was a sexy 13-year-old brown haired girl with a short pixie hairdo. She was gagged, wearing a white silk, skirted teddie visible through the white thigh length rabbit fur coat draped loosely over her shoulders, which not only served to conceal her outfit, but her bound and suspended wrists behind her back as well.

I curtsied demurely then fell to my knees before the older woman, obviously the young girl’s mother, to await the presentation of her ass.

The teenage girl watched with keen interest as I tongued, sucked, and kissed her mommy’s asshole and recited my oath. After the woman identified herself as Margot, she removed the coat from her petite teen’s shoulders, turning her around. She lifted the trembling teen’s skirt and unsnapped the pretty child’s teddie crotch lifting the back to join the flimsy lace skirt, revealing a taut, round, sexy little ass. She grabbed one cheek and pulled it aside, giving my mouth access to her little girl’s asshole, I tongued and sucked her asshole sweetly, and gave Mistress Chrissy, as I was to call her, my well-memorized oath. More guests arrived and I greeted each in similar fashion. Angela showed up with her daughter Jill, Melanie with her twins; Ellie and Nellie, Tamara with her daughter Cindy (the Lacey Chabert look-alike), and Monica with her little 11 year old red-haired Amy.

When notified all the guests had arrived, I headed for the kitchen to give Mistress Tracie a hand, and glanced into the living room on the way. I paused to do a double take as, kneeling before my Mommy was cute little Mistress Chrissy, eagerly licking Mistress Mommy’s pussy while her own mother, Mistress Margot; was giving Mommy the Kiss of Submission. I almost creamed in my prosthetic little pussy right there!

I tore myself away from the awesome sight and made for the kitchen. Tracie had a pitcher of lemonade for the under-age girls made, and was preparing a tray of wineglasses for the ladies. She indicated a tray of hors d’oeuvres already prepared, and I picked it up and carried it into the living room, this time seeing Mistress Angela eating Mommy’s pussy while little black-haired Mistress Jill served Mommy’s asshole. I served each of the attending women and girls, and set the tray upon the coffee table. I rejoined Tracie who told me to serve the lemonade while she handled the wine, then we waited on our knees.

When all the women and their little girls had tasted both Mistress Mommy’s steamy pussy and french kissed her hot asshole, Mommy introduced Baby Buffy to the group. Amy’s mommy Monica introduced her to the group. "I’ve just started training her, Mistress Kristen." She explained "Yours is only the second pussy she’s tasted!" she giggled.

"Baby Buffy’s only tasted mine!" Mommy giggled too "Maybe we will let them play together!"

"I’m sure Amy will like that!" Mistress Monica replied.

"Bu-but Mommy!" Whined poor little Amy, "I like BOYS!"

Monica slapped the pretty little redheaded pre-teen. "That’s Mistress Mommy!" She yelled "And you do not like boys! You’ll date only the boy I tell you that you can date! You will serve me and my mistress for our pleasure just like you promised her not more than 10 minutes ago, and if that means playing with Baby Buffy, then that’s what you’ll do, is that clear?"

"Y-yes M-mistress Mo-Mommy" stammered the frail, sobbing girl. Mommy removed Buffy’s ruffled little bloomers, plastic panties and diaper, and helped her out of her toddler dress and bonnet, and led her to sit nude next to the bound little girl. The women and their daughters all moved to better vantage points and watched as Buffy whispered to the sobbing girl "Shhhh Amy, Shhhh! It’ll be okay!" She stroked one of Amy’s little pigtails. "It’ll even be fun! Watch, I’ll show you!"

Buffy leaned over and took Amy’s little face in her tiny hands, turning it toward her, and kissed her lightly on the lips. "Just pretend I’m a boy!" She whispered. Parting her lips, she kissed Amy again, forcing her tongue into the reluctant little girl’s mouth. Amy began to like it, I guess, because she started kissing back, and soon both girls were locked in a passionate french kiss. Buffy’s hands dropped to the trembling little girl’s shoulders and played with the straps of Amy’s yellow babydoll nightie. They slipped down the sweet pre-teen’s slender arms, then moved inward to cup her tiny breasts and gave them a playful squeeze.

"Unnnnhh!" Whimpered Amy at Buffy’s touching her breasts, still locked in her kiss with the pretty blonde. There was little else she could do, what with her wrists locked tightly to the suspension strap behind her back. Her little nipples were hard as Buffy began fondling and pinching them, driving her unwilling new girlfriend wild. Buffy broke off her kiss and gently pushed the sexy little girl back far enough so she could lean over and suck little Amy’s left breast, still squeezing the nipple of her right.

She nibbled on the nipple and teased it with her tongue.

"OHHHHH!" Moaned Amy, and Buffy moved to the right nipple to nuzzle it.

"OOOO Buffy!" Amy cried, "It feels nice!"

"See, told ya!" Buffy fell to her knees between the bound girl’s little legs and struggled to get the little yellow nylon panties off of her. She hiked Amy’s knees upon her tiny shoulders and buried her face between the little red haired girl’s plump little thighs. Amy’s little pussy was also hairless and pink, and almost as pretty as Buffy’s. Her pubes, just like her face, were dotted with freckles. Buffy spread the virginal slit with her thumbs, cupping Amy’s firm little butt with her hands, and kissed her hotly on her clitty. She concentrated on just this spot, licking, sucking, and occasionally even nibbling on the hot little pre-teen clit. Little Amy wriggled and writhed under Buffy’s eager little mouth, whimpering softly as my pretty twin sister got her hotter by the minute.

"Now, are you ready to play with me too, Amy?" The pretty pigtailed blonde smiled up at the innocent redhead. Amy nodded shyly. Mistress Monica stepped behind her and pushed her a little forward so she could reach behind the slavegirl and unlock Amy’s wristcuffs, and Buffy slid back onto the couch next to her little girlfriend. The two little darlings kissed again, intertwining their tongues as Amy relished the taste of her own pussy in Buffy’s mouth. Amy lifted her little hands shyly and tentatively cupped her new girlfriend’s firm muffin sized breasts as they kissed, and Buffy cooed in delight as she did the same to Amy. Both little girls playfully fondled each other’s pretty boobies, and they took turns sucking them, moaning and panting as the other’s lips or teeth found a hard nipple to tease.

A quick look around the room revealed just how hot the little girls were making their audience, Tamara and Margot were playing with each other’s wet pussies, Chrissy was busy eating Mistress Mommy’s pussy, and Melanie, Monica, and Angela all played with themselves! Still bound, poor little Jill, Ellie, Nellie, and Cindy couldn’t play with anything, and could only watch as the 2 youngest of the little girls had their fun!

Buffy slipped her hand between Amy’s parted thighs and lightly cupped her hot baby pussy, gently sliding her middle finger inside.

"OOOOOO yessssssssss Buuuuuufffffffffy!" Amy cried, beginning to wiggle her pussy on the invading finger as she reached with her own hand to find purchase on Buffy’s twitching pubes. She stroked Buffy’s girlhood, and slipped her middle finger inside the pre-teen blonde’s hairless honeypot. Buffy whimpered and sucked on Amy’s probing tongue, both girls humping each other’s fingers now as they lay down next to each other. The beautiful little nymphets petted heavily, getting hotter and hotter, using 2 fingers now on each other.

Buffy couldn’t stand it a moment more, and pulled herself away. But, before Amy’s pouting look got any worse Buffy straddled her face facing Amy’s feet and lowered her steamy virgin cunny on her little friend’s mouth.

"Eat me Amy, PLEASE!" She pleaded. "Please eat my pussy!"

Amy needed no further coaxing, and the little girl who so emphatically stated she only liked boys a little while before, eagerly lapped Buffy’s sweet little pussy!

"OHHHHHH YEEEEEAAAAHHHH AAAAAMMMMMYYYY!" Buffy squealed wiggling on her new lesbian lover’s eager pink lips and tongue. She lay down atop the pretty child, and began licking Amy’s sweet little slit as well. They writhed on the sofa, squealing and crying, moaning and groaning, grinding their little pussies on each other’s lips, oblivious to all of us as they became for that moment each other’s world. Amy reached up and played with Buffy’s bottom, and Buffy did the same to Amy. She even jabbed a finger in little Amy’s asshole!

"EMMMMMMPPPPFFFFFF!" Amy squealed into Buffy’s hairless baby pussy as she came and seconds later Buffy cried "I’MMMMMM CUUUMMMIIIINNNNNGGGG AAAAMMMMYYYY!!!"

She collapsed on top the other little girl and everyone who could applauded, even Tracie and I.

"Tracie, come here now and service Mistress Chrissy’s little pussy!" Mommy ordered. Tracie obeyed kneeling between the younger 13-year-old’s spread thighs. She was still bound, and Mommy made Tracie unsnap the teen’s teddie crotch with her teeth. Chrissy, as both her mother and Mistress Mommy had ordered her, kept her pussy shaved and smooth, and my 16-year-old blonde shemale stepsister dipped her tongue inside the short brown haired girl’s love canal. Chrissy gasped and then whimpered in pleasure as Mistress Tracie tongue fucked her. The youngster wiggled on her shemale slave’s talented tongue. While that continued Mommy directed everyone’s attention to me.

"I know you’ve only just met my newest little slave girl, ladies and haven’t had the opportunity yet to sample any of her little talents." She announced. "But her training is going quite well, if any of you’d like to use her."

"I just might!" Mistress Melanie quipped. "You say the little slut started out as a little panty wearing faggot?"

"Yes, Melanie!" Mistress Mommy replied with a giggle. "But I think she eats pussy pretty good, and she makes a very pretty little girl, wouldn’t you agree?"

"Indeed I would!" She praised. She turned to me, her blonde mane cut in a simple yet elegant page-boy. Mommy put the suspension strap back on my collar and locked my wrists behind me, then Mistress Melanie called me between her legs. Moments after she came I was handed off to Margot, and Tracie was made to serve Angela. We were passed around until each of the females had been properly satisfied.

"I need to pee, Mistress Mommy!" Little 14-year-old Cindy complained to Tamara.

"Yes, that’s a good idea!" My mommy replied, cutting off the response from Cindy’s mom, winking conspiratorially at the woman. "I think everyone should go pee, and Sissy here can lick our pussies clean when we’re done!"

I was made to kneel in front of the toilet in the powder room as each girl and woman seated herself on the toilet to pee. I watched the yellow stream flow from each pussy, then waited for them to scoot forward and pull my face into their pissy cunts, using my tongue for pussy paper. Mommy decided this would be a permanent chore for me whenever a female peed in the house.

After I’d licked every pussy clean, Mistress Mommy gave Mistress Tracie some instructions, then rejoined her guests. Tracie led me upstairs to my room, stripped me of my dress, petticoat, camisole, waist cincher, shoes, gloves, bobby-sox, garters, stockings, bra, and panties. She unlocked and removed my pussy spreader, then to my great disappointment, struggled to pull my pretty prosthetic body suit down and off of me. She glued a pair of breast forms on my own barely budding boobies, before fitting me with a yellow nylon, lace trimmed soft cup open front bra and matching rumba-ruffled panties, and a yellow silk babydoll nightie with a scalloped white lace hem and lace drawstrings which tied the pretty garment closed under my breasts at the cleavage, and formed a pretty bow. With nothing between my little nylon panties and my pathetic little penis but air it wasn’t long before I’d been teased into an erection again!

She lowered my panties and this time fit me with a male style harness, confining my little cock and balls into the built-in cock ring before shoving the butt plug vibrator up my ass, drawing the straps tight and locking them in place. This device had it’s control built-in to the hipbelt so I wouldn’t need to hide it in my stocking top. She opened the babydoll and put me in a yellow satin garter belt, then pulled my pretty panties up over the garter straps that hung through the leg openings, snugging them up around my girlish little buns and little boyclit boner. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to play with it through the soft fabric, and Tracie slapped my delicate hand. "You’ll get a spanking if you play with yourself without permission, Sissy Pricilla!" She warned. She supervised me as I rolled up the sheer silk stockings over my sexy smooth legs and attached them to the garter straps in front and back, applied more frosty pink lipstick to my full pouty lips and touched up my pretty eyes.

She got out my bondage gear and soon my wrists were locked again to my suspension strap dangling from the back of my collar, and my penis gag was stuffed in my mouth and locked in place behind my head.

She changed into a red satin bra, babydoll bloomers, and a babydoll nightie, leaving her legs bare. She already wore a slave harness like mine. She slipped my feet into a pair of fuzzy white bunny slippers, then led me by the leash back down to Mistress Mommy and her waiting guests.

Mommy removed my cuffs and gag, then told us both "We ladies are in sore need of a break in our routine! Why don’t you little girls entertain us like little Buffy and Amy did, hmmm?"

"Yes, Mistress Mommy!" We chimed in unison. The females had re-arranged the furniture in a circle around the spot where we stood, and we faced each other. My little boner strained against my pretty yellow panties, but was dwarfed by the monstrous bulge in Mistress Tracie’s sexy red ones. The older teenager became the aggressor, and drew me to her slipping her arms around me and cupping my firm little butt cheeks in her hands. She squeezed them playfully then kissed me passionately. I took her tongue inside my lipsticked mouth and sucked on it as though it were her boyclit. I felt one of her hands move to my breasts and shyly followed suit, playing with hers as I had Buffy’s in what seemed like ages ago. Her other hand still on my girlish butt she pulled our hips together, grinding her huge boyclit into my own through our frilly panties!

"Ohhhhhh!" I whimpered with girlish lust as she ground hers into mine, then squealed with delight as she turned on my vibrator, wedged deeply up my tight sissy pussy. I pulled away to lean over and suck on her pear-shaped breasts, reaching behind my ‘lesbian lover’ to play with her panty covered buttocks and switch on her own vibrator. Tracie moaned and pulled me back up into standing. She kissed me hard and we ground our cocks together again. I slipped my arms around the taller girl’s neck, and locked in our kiss followed her down onto our knees, and lay down with her still sucking her probing tongue.

We were hot with feminine passion, whimpering, squealing, and moaning as the lust inside us built. Suddenly Tracie broke off our kiss and rotated her body so that the hardness inside her panties was only inches from my face! She tugged my pretty panties down underneath my hairless little balls and engulfed my little boyclit in her mouth, sucking madly! The heat of her wet mouth drove me wild! I pulled down her panties and released her massive member, taking it as I had often done before deeply into my mouth and throat, and sucked her throbbing cock for dear life!

We rolled until she was on top of me, fucking my faggot pussy as she sucked me harder with hers, and I began bucking my hips. Our audience was jeering and cheering us on, but we were oblivious to their taunts, anxious to taste each other’s precious goo. The vibrations in my sissy pussy and her hot greedy cocksucking were trying to take their toll but I held on as long as I could, wanting to cum together with my nubile lover. I sucked her harder as she drove her dick in my mouth and throat, and seeing her balls tighten I let go!

"ARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH GGGGUUUUMMEEEEE!" I squealed, muffled by her squirting cock! My little pecker squirted volumes into her hot, sucking mouth too, and we both twitched spasmodically from head to toe with each explosive squirt! Finally she rolled off of me and reluctantly I let her penis slip out of my mouth. She’d been a good girl just like me, and swallowed all of my cum too! We kissed again sweetly, and were given a standing ovation from our audience of female tormentors.

I learned the ‘Club’ as Mistress Mommy called it was a society of single submissive lesbian mothers who were Mommy’s slaves, their daughters whom they subjugated, and trained to serve Mistress Mommy, and their daughters "boyfriends" who were Mommy’s teen slaveboys that acted like the girls’ boyfriends and dates in public.

At Mommy’s bidding Mistress Melanie released her little blonde 12-year-old twins from their bondage, and fit Ellie and Nellie with strap on double dildoes. Meanwhile Mommy bound Tracie face down upon, and straddling the coffee table, cuffing her ankles to the table legs on each side, and bound me in similar fashion upon the ottoman.

She pulled the buttplugs out of our sissy pussies, then had the twins get behind us and fuck us until they came from the friction of the dildoes in their own pussies. 15-year-old Jill and Cindy got to take a turn fucking us, and made us cum into the little pink rubbers we wore. These were inverted over our penis gags, and we were made to suffer the humiliation of sucking our own cum in front of the sexy dommes. While we were gagged like this Chrissy took her turn with me, and her mother Angela had her way with Tracie. Tamara and Monica were next on the abusive bandwagon, and fucked us ‘til we came again! Never had I felt so satisfied, so girlish, and so…complete.










Chapter 10

"Daddy’s Little Valentine!"


Days passed by quickly, and pretty much followed the same routine, school on the weekdays and serving my mistresses’ whims on weeknights and weekends. I learned sewing in Home Ec and was becoming quite the seamstress, sometimes even making pretty dresses for my sisters and myself. It was hard to find toddler dresses for Buffy, so I did those a lot! I became a proficient cook, and developed quite a skill in baking too, turning out lovely pastries, exotic cakes and tempting cookies.

Of course I still had to service Mistress Carmen daily in order to be relieved of my pussy spreader for ballet class and aerobic class, and she sometimes would join the ranks of Tracie and I in our service at ‘Club’ meetings.

Almost every day at school I’d see my hunky heartthrob Peter over on the boys’ campus, and whenever he saw me he seemed to melt, too! The hormones I took were doing their job well, and I often cried because I couldn’t be with him, I loved him so much! Silly, isn’t it? He seemed to like me; Sissy, but had no idea the cute sexy girl who seemed to like him so much was actually his former nerdy classmate whom he’d shared the locker room showers with! What would happen, for instance, if we were necking and his roaming hand found the secret in my silky little panties? I’d like totally die!

Every morning and evening I’d do the breast exercises my handsome daddy had shown me. I took the little hormone pills, and as he had warned, began to feel growing pains as my budding little breasts grew. I took the pills for pain he had prescribed when it got too bad, and I saw Daddy once a week for an exam and my injections. I think he liked playing with my baby titties, I know I liked it when he did!

My skin was softer and silkier, and my golden yellow blonde hair grew like a weed. I loved to sit at my vanity at night and brush my pretty hair, 100 strokes per side, making it shine with a pretty, radiant glow. Soon I was able to wear a topless version of my sexy body suit. I had begun developing pubic, leg, and underarm hair, and Mommy taught me the proper way for a young lady to shave. "Remember young lady," she warned "If I catch you with so much as one hair anywhere on your little body, I’ll spank your ass good!" I was put in charge of shaving Buffy too, and warned that if Buffy got a spanking for developing hair I’d get one as well.

Once weekly, usually on Saturday night we’d hold ‘Club’ meetings. Boy members weren’t allowed to attend, and wouldn’t be until my highly anticipated debutante ball on Buffy’s and my 12th birthday, Valentine’s day. The girls were sometimes very complimentary on my developing breasts, amazed that a ‘boy’ could really develop them! Gawd! A ‘boy’?!? NOT!

The anticipated day was drawing near, and when I went for my weekly visit with my sexy daddy February 7th, he told me he was going to give me one of my birthday presents early! He asked Mommy for her permission and she ascended, so he opened the store room door and removed a large white box tied shut with red satin ribbon tied in a pretty bow on top.

I untied the ribbon swiftly after he set the box before me, and tossed the lid aside. I unfolded the pink tissue inside and gasped as I saw the prettiest little petticoat I’d ever seen! Like all my others this one was six-layered too, but all the layers were equally long. It was white chiffon, with a 2" wide pink satin band encircling the bottom of each layer. The bands were edged on the bottom with a dainty red lace ruffle. Wire stays, sewn strategically into the garment, puffed the petticoat outward, giving it and any skirt worn with it a very full look! I pulled it out of the box and daintily lay it to one side, turning to the next layer of folded pink tissue. I unwrapped this layer revealing the matching camisole underneath. "Oh Daddy!" I cried, "it’s so pretty!"

"You haven’t seen the best part yet!" Daddy replied coaxing me on. I laid the camisole on top of it’s lovely counterpart, and returned to my unwrapping.

"EEEEEE!" I squealed loudly in delight! I held up the most beautiful prom gown I’d ever seen! I ran to my sweet Daddy, threw my arms around him and kissed him sweetly. "Oh Daddy, thank you! It’s-it’s BEEEEAAUUUTiful!" and indeed it was! White taffeta, with sheer puffed short sleeves, a wide pink bow sash with a big red satin heart affixed on the front, & a 3 tiered puffy skirt with floral pink lace trimming each tier; embellished all around with dainty little red velvet hearts! A wide high pink lace collar that tied closed with delicate pink satin laces that crisscrossed the throat crowned my lovely dress. I could hardly wait to try it on! "Oh Daddy, I love it!" I cried, tears of joy welling up in my pretty blue eyes. "It’s the most beautiful dress in the whole wide world!"

"For the prettiest little girl in the whole wide world!" Daddy beamed at me.

"Do you really think so, Daddy?"

"Yep! Nobody could be prettier than you!"

"Thank you, Daddy! I love you!" I hugged him tightly, pressing my new little boobies into his upper stomach just below his chest. I hopped back on my tiptoes, and kissed his cheek again. "I love you too, Sissy!" He smiled. "Now scoot!" He said, giving me a playful slap on my sexy butt.

It was a madhouse at Valentine Manor all that week, as the female club members, Tracie, Carmen and I prepared the house and grounds for the upcoming festive affair. The hustle and bustle of activity was overwhelmingly exhausting, but really fun too! While we hung streamers and balloons up in the house’s great room and around the pool, hired workmen set up the stage for the small four-piece string orchestra Mommy had chartered for the affair. Every room in the house had to be made spotless, the silver polished, the spots removed from the glasses, and the tile floors brightly waxed and buffed. Gosh there were so many details. I was totally excited, I just couldn’t wait!

Buffy shared my excitement. After all, it was her birthday too! She asked Mommy if she could have a dress like mine, but Mommy said it was a special dress in honor of my planned ascension to the next level of my feminization. "Tell you what though, we’ll go shopping Thursday, the day before your birthday, and pick out a special dress just for you, sweetie!" She promised. "Then we’ll get you both to the beauty parlor for a new ‘do!"

Thursday arrived, and Mommy had us dismissed from school for the day. After shaving Buffy’s legs, underarms, and pussy, I dressed her in her candy striped red and white cotton bra and panties, a simple white nylon and lace full slip, her rumba-ruffled white opaque tights, a red slip dress of shiny rayon, and red Mary Janes.

While Tracie dressed Mommy, I busied myself with shaving my curvy legs smooth, as well as my underarms. Since my balls were confined inside my prosthetic pussy I was unable to shave them, and made a mental note to ask Mommy to let me do it before the Ball. I had to dress simply as we were in a hurry, and chose sky blue nylon panties with the white ruffled bottom, pulling them up over my buttplug harness Mistress Tracie had replaced there after my morning ‘pussy cleaning’, a matching front closure bra, and a petite denim mini-length a-line schoolgirls’ dress. I tugged fuzzy dark blue knee-hi socks that matched my little dress up to my knees, and slipped into a pair of white canvas girls’ sneakers with blue polka dots and laces. 2 strands of light blue yarn tied my pigtails up with pretty bows. I finished off with a light application of eyeshadow and mascara, rouge, lipstick, and loose powder. I stepped back to inspect my whole image in the mirror, and giggled, still amazed at how girlish I looked; even in these boyish colors!

I grabbed my white leather shoulder strap purse and slung it over my shoulder, skipping happily down the stairs to join my waiting mistresses. Ivan was waiting as usual out front in the courtyard with the open limo, and as usual I took the opportunity to tease him. "Sissy Pricilla Valentine! You little flirt!" Mommy chided, somewhat amused. "You better stop teasing the man so much, he’s liable to pay you back if I let him get his hands on you," then giggled, "or his big black dick in you!"

"I wouldn’t mind that at all!" I confessed, giggling myself. We went to the mall and spent a couple of hours at different stores before Buffy found the perfect dress for the Ball. A bright pink lame knee length sheath dress with a plunging ‘V’ neckline ending with a pastel pink velvet rose at the cleavage, and a low cut back ending with a big pretty pastel pink satin bow. She modeled it for us, and we both lauded her selection, which was both simple and elegant.

The rest of the afternoon was spent at the beauty parlor, where the three of us got coifed and pampered with the full treatment; a perm to lightly curl our hair, a facial, a pedicure, and manicure. Mommy told Barbara, the beautician, of our birthday ball tomorrow night and she promised to give us a fantastic makeover if we’d come over right after school!

Our regular nightly routine had been dispensed with for a couple of nights, and Mistress Mommy, & Mistress Tracie spent the time that Thursday night teaching me waltzes and two-stepping, the box step, and more. They took the lead and showed me how to follow a man properly on the dance floor. "We can’t have a clumsy Prom Princess ruining her Debutante Ball, can we, Sissy dear?" Mommy asked rhetorically. Mistress Buffy joined the fun by teaching me the fast dancing steps used by girls our age, and how to shimmy and shake and show off my femininity with skill and grace.

Bedtime neared, and Mistress Tracie helped me out of my effete attire, and into a hair net to keep from mussing up my new hairdo in bed. Mistress Mommy gave me a long, slow enema, telling me how pleased she was I was being such a good little girl; taking my training so well and learning so much. As she caressed my bottom and fondled my pert tiny titties, she told me what a beautiful little girl I had become, and how boys would go crazy over me, thinking I was "to die for", and stumble over each other trying to get to me first! I giggled and told her about the gazes and smiles Peter had given me, how totally dreamy he was, and how I hoped Buffy had been right; that he really did like me!

"You may find out soon." Mommy answered mysteriously, with a mischievous grin. But try as I may, I couldn’t get her to explain what she meant. My enema ended shortly thereafter, leaving my ‘pussy’ cleansed and refreshed, and my little boner hard as a rock and unfulfilled under my prosthetic pussy. "No cumming for you tonight, young lady!" Mommy laughed at my pout. "I want you to be ready for something very special tomorrow, so I’m making sure you’ll be ‘hot to trot’ until then!"

She had me bend and spread my legs, grabbing my ankles while she refit me with my huge buttplug slave harness. She gave me a white stretch lace bra, and instead of panties helped me into a skirted silk teddie, snapping it closed at the crotch. She bound me as usual and led me to my bedroom, slipping my penis gag into my mouth and locking it in place, slightly looser so as not to muss up my pretty hair. Leaving the room she returned rolling in a 19" portable TV/VCR combo and plugged it in, positioning it in such a way that I’d have a clear view of the screen. She had me hop into my frilly canopied bed and slipped my pink satin sheets and comforter up to my neck, and tucked me in. She kissed me goodnight, saying "sweet dreams, precious!" before turning the TV and VCR on, pressing play, dowsing the lights, and quietly shutting the door behind her as she left.

The video was a collage of scenes of me in various stages of my feminization and training; sucking dildoes and Mistresses Tracie’s and Carmen’s throbbing boy clits, getting dildo fucked by Mistress Mommy, and all my other natural female mistresses. There was even the ‘lesbian’ lovemaking scene Tracie and I had performed for them. After these scenes were several of Tracie’s own scenes. In these were many young teen studs and a few full grown men, including a couple of hugely hung black men, all of whom I couldn’t identify because their faces were never shown. They spanked and fucked her in a variety of positions, and in both "pussies" at the same time when she was bound prone and straddling her slave platform, the ottoman, or coffee table. Some scenes even showed boys being fucked by the black men, who came all over their assholes and buns, then forced Tracie to lick the boys clean! I didn’t know whom I was more jealous of, Tracie or the brutally fucked teen boys!

After 2 hours I drifted off to sleep feeling even more frustrated and horny than before, consumed with lustful desire and happy anticipation of what may befall me the following night. These desires transformed into lust filled dreams of massive cocks and Peter and pussies, and, well, you get the idea, don’t you?

I couldn’t pay attention to hardly anything in school the next day, daydreaming about the big event that night, and when the final dismissal bell rang that afternoon I nearly knocked Mrs. Dean over racing to the clinic for the refitting of my slave harness. "Slow it down, Sissy, you know we don’t run in the halls!" She called. I forced myself to walk and called back over my shoulder "Sorry Mrs. Dean!" As soon as she was out of sight I ran again, dashing into the clinic and begged Mistress Carmen to hurry with my buttplug. "Are you coming to our party tonight, Mistress?" I asked as she shoved it in and locked it into place.

"I wouldn’t miss it for the world!" She laughed "It’s very sweet of you to invite me, little one!"

"Well, thanks! I’ll see ya there!" I said breathlessly, snatching my purse, pink gym bag, and pink book satchel, and rushed out the door to meet my family mistresses and Ivan in the waiting limo. We arrived shortly thereafter back at the beauty parlor, which was devoid of customers as Barbara had cleared her calendar especially for us. Mommy had brought the exquisite lingerie and beautiful dresses we would wear, and Barbara had her cosmetics table all set up, filled with all the kinds of makeup and application tools imaginable, at least to me anyway!

Barbara drew the blinds closed, reversing the "open" sign to show "closed" on the front door, and locked it to secure our privacy. "Mrs. Valentine, why don’t you tale the girls to the back room and help them change while I finish my daily audit, then we can get started!" She said, winking at us.

"Oh goody!" I clapped and jumped up and down like a little 5 year old girl I was so excited. I was finally going to get to dress up in the dreamy valentine dress Daddy had given me! Mommy took us by the hand and led us to the anteroom of the parlor, where Ivan had brought in and hung up the suitors filled with our eagerly awaited outfits before being dismissed to wait in the car.

"Okay girls, let’s get you undressed so we can get you ready!" She helped Buffy out of her things first, taking care to hang up her clothes and things as she removed them from the luscious little tart’s sexy body. Buffy finally stood naked except for the pink latex girdle she wore to conceal her bulky diaper and ruffled plastic panties. Mommy stooped and tugged the girdle off the shivering preteen (it was cold in there!) and lifted her up upon a nearby table. Buffy lay back as was her custom on such occasions, popping her thumb into her mouth. Mommy lifted my sweet twin sister’s little hips and tugged her plastic panties down, sliding them down her pre-teen baby’s little legs and off her feet. She unpinned the dry pink satin diaper and unfolded it, revealing Buffy’s sweet little hairless pink baby pussy.

From Buffy’s zipped pocket on the outside of her suitor, Mommy withdrew a pair of powder pink hi-cut silk panties with a thong back, trimmed in red lace with little red bows on the hips, and held them low while Buffy stepped into them, then slid them up tightly on the bewitching little damsel’s seductive hips. She helped her into a matching strapless bra, and an abbreviated white nylon acetate half-slip trimmed in ruffled pink lace. Mommy fastened a pink lace garter belt around my sexy twin’s waist, then rolled a pair of white lace stockings up her legs, fastening the garter strap tabs to them in front and back. Buffy held her dainty arms up gracefully and Mommy slipped the seductive pink lame sheath dress on the delectable prepubescent, and helped her into delightful 2" t-strap pumps. She looked intoxicating as she inspected her look in the full-length mirror, and I felt my little boy-clit twitch and stiffen underneath it’s restraint.

Mommy sent Buffy out to Barbara, then turned to me. I turned around so she could unbutton the high lace collar that concealed the pink leather slave collar underneath, and unzipped my pretty schoolgirl dress, pulling it up over my upraised arms and off my body. Mommy did the same with my wispy camisole, then unlaced the waistband of my frilly petticoat, loosening it so she could lower it enough for me to step out of. Next came my bra and panties, followed by my cream pink satin waist cincher, opaque white stockings, and red Mary Janes. She even relieved me of the cruel ‘pussy spreader’, washing it and putting it away in the bottom of my suitor.


I gasped in delight when I saw the bright red heart shaped silk panties she’d taken out for me, trimmed in fluffy white lace, with "Daddy’s L’il Valentine" in flowing feminine longhand white script stitched across the front. The rear of the panties was the same as all of my others, a full scoop style, cupping each of my cute firm girly buns, with juvenile ruffles cascading down the back, and of course, the requisite heart shaped lace trimmed anal opening. I stepped demurely into the exquisite panties and felt a rush of pleasure wash over me as she drew them up my freshly shaven, silky smooth legs, and up tightly round my exposed buttocks, fondling them playfully. "Such a pretty girl!" She praised softly, beaming an approving smile. I began to shiver because it was cold in there, and I was hot inside! My pert pointy pink nipples were erect cones of excited flesh stimulated by the cold air and the lust that stirred inside my feminized body.

Mommy then pulled out the matching flimsy front-closure soft cup bra. I slipped my arms through the straps as she wrapped the flimsy material around me, snapping the clasp at my slight cleavage, which was concealed beneath a smaller red heart with a dainty white bow in the center, and dainty lace trim on the edges. My pretty adamantine little nipples were exposed, framed by miniature lace-trimmed heart shaped openings. My bra gave my sexy little boobs the security and comfort of support, and made me feel pretty!

She wrapped a waist cincher made of white liquid satin with light delicate pink lace edging, and red lacing around me. It was heavily boned, even more so than my usual cinchers. She laced me up, making me wrap my arms ‘round the support pillar in the room’s center and hold on tight, and occasionally applying her knee to the small of my back for the proper resistance. I panted for breath within the restrictive grip of the garment, which had managed to whittle my curvy waist to barely 15"! She threaded the red lace garter straps down through the waistband and leg openings of my pretty panties.

She had me walk about a bit, and practice sitting and standing back up a few times. I noted just how the feminine contrivance forced me into a proper upright posture, and if I threw my shoulders back my pert little titties looked a little bigger! The garter straps bounced against the front and back of my creamy white thighs as they flopped about whenever I walked.

Mistress Mommy had me sit and produced a pair of rose pink floral pattern lace stockings and balled them up, rolling them over my pointed, pretty pedicured feet, and securing them to the tabs on the garter straps. As I wore no vibrator control to conceal, no need for matching garters were needed.

At long last came the dainty camisole and ethereal petticoat my darling dreamy Daddy had so lovingly given me. I raised my arms once more so Mommy could slip the cami over my lithe arms and slight shoulders, and over my little breasts, the hem resting at midriff. She then held the petti out low for me as she had the panties, and let me step into it, slipping it up my stockinged legs and rounded little hips, drew it tight about my slender waist, and laced it up. I twirled in front of the full-length mirror, admiring my beautiful lingerie, and myself, and silently thanked Daddy for being so sweet.

"Now for your gown, Princess Sissy!" Giggled Mommy, already holding my coveted prom dress up in the air behind me. I held my arms up a final time, and held my breath. What if I didn’t make the dress look as pretty as it was? She slowly lowered it down my arms, sensing my nervous apprehension as it came down around my head. When my head came through the high lace collar I was able to watch as she lowered the dress over my little titties, waist hips, and flared petticoat, and breathed a sigh of relief as she zipped me up in back, buttoning the lace collar up over my pink leather slave collar. I did nothing to lessen the beauty of my pretty prom dress, as I’d feared, in fact, I think I even made it prettier wearing it!

"Now for one of my presents for you, sweetie!" Mommy presented me with a pair of rose pink elbow length formal lace gloves with a white ruffled lace flounce at the elbows. They were so pretty! They matched my stockings too. I slipped into my red Mary Jane 2" pumps and fastened the bow covered buckle straps. She gave me a pair of dangling ruby heart earrings, and I slipped the posts through each of my pierced lobes, and twisted the stays onto the ends. She also gave me a matching pendant necklace on a silver chain, a matching silver ring with the ruby set surrounded with tiny white diamonds that refracted the light in fiery brilliance, and finally a simple silver charm bracelet with a solitary tiny silver charm.

I hugged her a long time, and kissed her coquette-ishly on the cheek. "Thank you Mommy!" I sighed happily "This is gonna be the best birthday a girl could ever have!"

"I hope you have a beautiful night, sweetheart! Now Barbara is probably almost done with your sister, let’s go see!"

She took me by the hand back into the main parlor. Buffy, perched atop Barbara’s salon chair was draped with a plastic cosmetics cape to protect her pretty dress from possible makeup spills. Barbara was putting the finishing touches on her full, pouty crimson lips, and I drew in a sharp breath as I saw her. No longer a pre-teen schoolgirl, or baby girl, Buffy’s image was one of a sensuous blonde supermodel.

"Oh Buffy!" I exclaimed, "You’re gorgeous!"

"Thanks Sissy, you really think so?"

"Uh-huh!" I nodded. Barbara removed her Buffy’s cape, and lowered the chair so the sexy little girl could step off, and handed her a hand held mirror.

"Ohhhh gosh, Sissy, you’re right!" Buffy squealed with delight. "Thank you, Barbara!"

"You’re welcome, Buffy!" Barbara beamed at her. Then turned to Mommy. "She’s so excited about the party tonight!"

"Yes, she is!" Mommy replied, smiling. She wrapped an arm around my shoulders, putting her other hand on the nearest shoulder, and urged me forward, presenting me. "So is Sissy Pricilla!"

"Well, " She patted the salon chair. "It’s your turn, little missy!"

As I sat down and she draped the cape around my shoulders I asked excitedly, "Will I be as pretty as Buffy?"

"I think in that lovely dress you’ll be even cuter! I simply must have one for my little Angie! Where’d you get it?"

"My Daddy picked out the whole outfit for me for my birthday!"

"Oh, how sweet! Don’t worry honey, I’m gonna make you adorable!"

She worked meticulously, applying concealer to what few flaws could be found, blending on foundation in a slightly lighter shade than I used normally, painstakingly tweezing and shaping my brows and applying a light brown eyebrow pencil. She worked a forever on my eyes, navy-blue eyeliner, false lashes, an eyelash curler, jet-black mascara, and 2 shadows; one coral and one frost pink. She used dark red rouge on the hollows of my cheeks and a lighter shade on my apples, blending them to heighten my cheekbones. She shaped my lips with a dark red lipliner, then used a lip brush to carefully paint them a shiny wet scarlet red. Finally she finished off with a light dusting of loose powder to eliminate any telltale shine in my foundation. She removed my hairnet Mommy had made me wear since last night, carefully brushing my curly locks into place about my shoulders, then removed my cape.

When she handed me the mirror I was speechless! There in the little hand-held mirror was a girl of such beauty she exceeded my wildest expectations. I was prettier than the cover girls that graced the covers of any TEEN, YM, or Seventeen mag I’d ever seen, which is a lot to say for a 12 year old girl! My lower lip quivered and I felt tears of joy welling up in my eyes, and hurriedly grabbed a pink Kleenex to dab them. Thank goodness for waterproof makeup!

"Ohhhh Barbara, I’m beeeeaaaauuuutiful!"

"Just as I promised! A perfectly adorable little princess!"

"I can’t believe how pretty and grown up you look, Sissy!" Buffy complimented. "The boys’ll go crazy over you, girl!"

"Thank you Buffy! And thank you too, Barbara! I do kinda look grown up, don’t I Mommy?"

"Boy, you sure do!" Mommy agreed. "Oh heavens, I almost forgot!" Mommy removed from one of the smaller boxes she’d brought, a jeweled silver tiara she crowned me with, pinning it securely atop my golden hair.

"Now you really are a princess, Princess Sissy!"

"Thanks Mommy! I sure feel like one!" I giggled girlishly. She hugged me and said. "No matter how grown up you get, you’ll always be Mommy’s little angel!"

Time flies when you’re having fun, and we girls were having loads of fun, too! With just over an hour before party time, we rushed to get together our purses and suitors and dashed out to the waiting limo. Ivan’s jaw dropped when he saw me, and I swear, If Mommy had let him, he would’ve positively drooled at the sight of me.

"Miss Sissy, you are so fine!" He complimented.

"Why thank you, Ivan!" I smiled coyly at him, batting my lashes at him flirtatiously. I dearly loved flirting with that man! Glancing down at his stiffening bulge and licking my lips before smiling seductively back up at him, I slipped into the car next to Buffy and we exchanged glances, then burst into a fit of giggles.

Twenty minutes later we were putting away our suitors and purses, and soon after Mommy greeted the arriving band members, showing them where the stage had been built so they could set up. Tracie, wearing her traditional servile pink satin french maid’s outfit, had been busy all afternoon setting up the tables with their punch bowls and glasses, and party trays filled with delectable appetizers. She was quite skilled at making these, and I promised myself to get her to teach me. She came out of the kitchen and dropped a tray of small plates, shocked by the sight of me.

"S-S-Sissy!" She stammered. "Is that really you?"

"Uh-huh!" I nodded "you like?"

"Totally!" She replied. "You look awesome!"

"Thanks, Mistress Tracie!"

"Oh shit!" Mommy exclaimed as she entered the room and saw the broken dishes. "You little bitch!" She yelled at Tracie. "How dare you brake my good china! Go get me your strap, NOW!" She screamed. Tracie ran for the strap and returned, giving it to Mommy. "Bend over and grab that coffee table you naughty little slut! And start begging!"

Obediently Tracie bent and grabbed the coffee table, lifting her skirted and petticoated butt high in the air. Mommy peeled back the skirt and petticoat, revealing the fact Tracie wore her buttplug harness underneath her restraining pink leather thong panties. Mommy strapped the helpless teen’s round firm bottom, flailing it into a bright red. Tears streamed down the 16-year-old blonde shemale’s pretty face, and she bawled as she called out the strokes. Mommy gave her a full twenty swats before being fully satisfied her stepdaughter had learned her lesson. "Now clean up this crap and don’t ever let it happen again, do you hear me Tracie?"

"Yes, Mistress Mommy!" She sobbed, rushing to obey, ponytail swaying from sided to side. I felt sorry for her. She managed to get the mess cleaned up just in time for the guests to arrive. Of course, most of the members of the ‘Club’ were there, including the handsome submissive male dates that escorted the women and their daughters. Ivan was even there, and I was amused to see that he had Carmen on his arm!

Mommy introduced Buffy to Tommy, whom she said was to be Buffy’s date. He was cute, with curly red hair, freckles, and pretty dimples. He was short and stocky, and he and Buffy seemed to hit it off at once. One of the slaveboys from the adult bookstore; Steven; was there, whom Mommy said would escort her. Minutes after he arrived Daddy showed up with two bouquets of red roses, giving one to Buffy, and one to his date, me!

Everyone sang "Happy Birthday", and Buffy and I blew out the 24 candles, representing the combined sum of our ages.

The band began to play and Daddy and I were to do the opening dance. He led me by the hand to the center of the dance floor, and faced me lifting my left hand in his right, and placing his left hand in the small of my back he drew me towards him. We waltzed perfectly, his groin pressing against my lower tummy as we danced, making me aware of the presence of his huge endowment!

The party guests applauded us as we completed our dance, making me blush shyly. I loved being in my Daddy’s arms. "Did I do okay, Daddy?"

"You were great, Sissy. Who taught you how to dance so well?"

"Mommy, Buffy, and Tracie."

"Well, they’ve done a fine job!"

"Thanks Daddy." I smiled up at him.

We continued dancing together the rest of the evening with the crowd joining in. Sometimes to my delight Daddy would give my butt an affectionate squeeze. Carmen sat out one dance and Ivan cut in on Daddy. He was clearly hard, and ground his hardness into my belly, making me blush hotly. He wanted me, and he was making a point to show me how much! It was kinda scary, but it excited me too! I pressed my tiny breasts into his washboard abs, flattening my hard nipples against his firm muscles, and rubbed my tummy into his grinding groin, smiling up teasingly at him again, and felt him get even harder!

We reluctantly broke away as the dance ended, and Ivan rejoined Carmen at their table. Daddy escorted me to the punch bowl, and poured me a glass that I accepted demurely. We watched as Mommy danced with Steven, Buffy with Tommy, and several other of the girls and women danced with their "dates". Daddy led me out to the pool and took me in his arms again. We slow danced in the moonlight, my hands clasped behind his neck, resting my head on his muscular chest, whilst he gripped my butt tightly with both hands through my billowing petticoat and tiered skirt. We said nothing as we danced, just enjoying our embrace and being with each other. It was kinda romantic, you know? Like boyfriend and girlfriend! A cool breeze stirred, wafting it’s way under my skirt and teasing my stockinged legs. I was the happiest little girl in the whole wide world!

"Oh Daddy," I whispered softly to him, "I love you so much!"

"I love you too, Sissy." Daddy whispered hoarsely, his voice betraying the same desires I felt welling up inside of me.

"Aren’t you going to dance with your other birthday girl?" Buffy’s giggling voice from the open french doors interrupted our reverie. It was to be the last dance of the evening, and she hadn’t danced with Daddy all night long.

I let go of daddy’s neck after going up on my toes to kiss him on the lips, and he released the death grip he had on my butt. "Sure Buffy," He called back, "I’ll be right there!"

They waltzed with the other dancers. Buffy was so pretty, and I got an idea how I must’ve looked dancing with the Fabio look-alike. Daddy wasn’t playing with her butt though, and kept a respectful distance between them that gave me a curious sense of somehow being better than her. Prettier? Sexier? Whatever ‘it’ was, I was convinced I had it!

The party wound down, for at least for the majority of the male "guests", who were perfunctorily dismissed by their mistresses promptly at ten p.m. leaving only Daddy and Ivan behind. At Mommy’s behest Ivan procured my slave platform from my bedroom, and placed it conspicuously in the center of the living room. The natural females moved sofas and chairs to surround it and took their seats. Ivan & Carmen knelt at either side of Mistress Mommy’s feet, and Tracie, who had been serving food and drinks all night, was to operate a video camera during the events about to unfold.

Mommy nodded at Daddy, who took a seat on the satin covered cushioned platform, and pulled me up to sit on his lap. He put his arms around me and drew me to him, and I rested my head on his chest.

"Now Sissy, tell me the truth," Daddy started, "do you enjoy your new life as a girl?"

"Oh yes Daddy!" I nodded vigorously. "Very much!"

"Your mommy tells me that you’re coming along nicely, even developing a healthy interest in boys!"

"Yeah, they’re cute, some of ‘em." I answered. "Especially Peter." I sighed.

"Yes, Mommy mentioned your little crush on the boy. And I understand he’s taken a long distance liking to you, too!"

"Welll," I blushed, "he kinda acts that way."

"Mommy says you’ve never been with a guy yet."

"Uh-uh Daddy. Mommy hasn’t let me yet. But she and some of my other mistresses used a dildo on me!"

"Did you like it?"

"It hurt real bad at first, but then…" I trailed off


"It started feeling really nice! It-it made me cum like a girl!"

"It did?"

"Umm-hmm!" I giggled. "Mommy calls it ‘multiple orgasms’"

"Hmmm, have you ever seen a real boy’s cock before?"

"Yeah, I used to sneak peeks at Peter’s and some of the others in the locker room shower at gym class, back when I was a boy. And of course I’d seen Tracie’s and Carmen’s, but those are boyclits."

"On the boys, did you like what you saw?"

"I sure did!" I giggled, "especially Peter’s, ‘cause it’s the biggest!"

"Really? How big?"

I held my hands apart approximately 10" to show Daddy, "and about this big around," I said, curling my little lace gloved hand to demonstrate it’s girth. I felt the hardness of his massive erection pressing rigidly through the fabrics of his pants, the bountiful layers of my virginal white prom dress, petticoat, and my panties, and playfully wiggled my girlish bottom on it.

"OOO Daddy!" I feigned innocence. "Is that your thing?" I giggled.

"Umm-hmmm!" He said.

"OOO, Can I touch it, Daddy?"

In reply he shifted positions and guided one of my tiny hands to the bulge in his crotch. "Oh!" I gasped softly as my petite hand barely wrapped around the massive pole concealed beneath his trousers. "It’s so big!"

Daddy moved my hand in a stroking motion on it, and I continued stroking him shyly as he cupped my tiny face in his hands and lifted it to his. He kissed me passionately, probing my mouth with his tongue, which I sucked lustfully. His huge hand cupped my left breast as he continued kissing me. He clasped my hard protruding nipple between his thumb and forefinger, and playfully pinched, eliciting a whimper from my throat.

He broke off the kiss and pulled my stroking hand away. He stood me up and turned me around away from him. Behind me I felt his hands fumble with the buttons of my high lace collar, and untie the bow of my pink satin sash, then unzip my dress down to my waist. Automatically I raised my arms, waiting for him to raise the delightful garment up and off my petite little frame. My daddy was undressing me! I felt so delectably girlish and sweetly submissive.

He lifted me back on his lap, and slipped my pretty cami off of my little shoulders as well, exposing the sexy red silk and white lace Valentine’s bra that complimented my pert little titties. My nipples, turgid little points of pink flesh protruded through the heart shaped lace-trimmed holes in the cups. Daddy kissed me some more, playfully fondling my silk encased breasts. My boner strained painfully, desperate for attention and relief.

Daddy leaned me back against his left arm, practically laying me down. He nibbled on my right nipple, taking a playful bite as he skillfully found and undid the hasp at my cleavage, letting the flimsy garment fall away from my ripe, firm, perfect little boobies. He engulfed my right tit with his mouth and sucked like a madman, sending an electric charge zapping through my feminized pre-teen form.

"Ohhhhhh!" I cried out. His teeth scraped my titflesh as he pulled back to suck and nibble just the hard pink nipple. Waves of pleasure rippled through my little body. He switched to my left tit, giving it the same treatment. I became aware of his right hand, which had been resting on my knee, sliding slowly up my stockinged leg, and underneath my frilly petti. I parted my thighs as he stroked the silky smooth flesh above my stocking tops inside my thighs, and finally cupped my crotch, stroking the labia of my prosthetic little pussy through my silk valentine panties as though it were real while he chewed my nipple.

"Ummmmmm!" I moaned. My hand found his bulge once more, and I grabbed it tightly, stroking back and forth. He groaned, issuing a deep guttural noise from his throat, and stood me up again, facing him. He placed his hands on my shoulders and gently pushed me down on my knees between his spread thighs. He unbuttoned and removed his shirt, tossing it aside, revealing his huge hard pectorals and tight washboard abs. Gawd, he was so fine! Daddy unbuckled his belt and unsnapped the snap at the waistband, yanked down his zipper, and wiggled out of his slacks. He wore no briefs. My eyes widened in shocked disbelief at his impossibly enormous 14-inch dick. It was monstrous!

"Daddy! That’s not just big, it’s humungous!" It twitched and lurched around as though it had a life of it’s own. Huge veins ran up and around the length of his member, their pulses visibly throbbing. The darkening purplish helmet shaped knob at the end seemed to ache with the need for attention, and the little pink rimmed peehole flexed open and closed each time his cock throbbed!

I reached up and took it into my little hands, instantly surprised by the heat it radiated, and stroked and kneaded his hot tool. It was the very first time I ever played with a man’s cock. Daddy groaned again, and it thrilled me that I excited him so.

"Daddy," I began, remembering what Mistress Tracie had taught me so long ago. "Can I please kiss your big lollipop?"

"You sure can, pretty baby!" He replied, presenting his flexing peehole to me. I puckered my shiny red lips and planted a hot open-mouthed kiss right on my daddy’s peehole, leaving behind a telltale cupid’s bow of lipstick surrounding it. I repeated my kisses slowly and sensuously; not wanting this moment to end; kissing every inch of his heated manmeat.

"It’s totally yummy, Daddy!" I smiled up at him, batting my lashes seductively. "May I lick it too? Please?" I pleaded.

"Please do!" Daddy choked. I obediently twirled my tongue around his smoothly shaven balls, coating the sac with wet saliva. Then, starting at the base I licked the underside of his massive penis ever so slowly, pausing to tease the glans just under the cockhead, and finishing off this stroke with a twirl of my tongue around his entire knob. I went back to the base and moved a quarter inch to the side of my first pass to repeat the maneuver, and soon had his entire love club shiny wet with my spittle.

"Oh please Daddy, please put it in my little faggot pussy and let me suck your lollipop! PLEASE?!? I’ll be good!"

Daddy pointed his prick at my red lipsticked little mouth, and with the other hand guided my head toward it. I stretched my shiny wet red lips around the engorged cockhead and down as far as I could go on his shaft, and began to suck fiercely. He balled his fist behind my head, grabbing a fistful of hair, and used it to force my head to bob up and down on his gigantic cock. With both hands I reached up and squeezed and stroked his cock and balls, then developed a counter-rhythm in time with my bobbing head, lips meeting my hands in the upper third of his shaft.

"Oh yeah, Sissy! Suck it harder, baby! Yeah! That’s a good girl!"

I became engrossed with his beautiful tasty dick, tuning everything out around me, concentrating on pleasing my dreamy daddy. I milked him with my mouth, tongue, and squeezing, stroking little hands. I wanted him to shoot his goo. I wondered would it taste different from Carmen’s or Tracie’s? These thoughts spurred me to squeeze and suck him even harder and more eagerly, like trying to suck a golf ball through a garden hose! I watched his balls, eager for a sign he was near completion, and was rewarded after 10 minutes of my extra effort by seeing the massive sac tighten and lift. He forced his tool back into my mouth as far as it would go and held me firmly there.

"OHHHHHHH SHHHHHIIIIIIITTTTT SISSSSYYYYY! ARRGGHH!" he CAME! CAME! CAME!!! He kept cumming, his body racked by spasms with each explosive spurt, shooting thick rivers of hot heavy cream deep down into my gulping throat. I desperately tried to be a good little girl as I had promised and swallow it all, but Mommy hadn’t allowed Daddy to cum for three months, and there was seemingly no end to the torrent filling my throat and mouth. It did taste different, more strongly alkaline and masculine, and somewhat thicker than Tracie’s or Carmen’s boygoo. A bunch spilled forth over my lower lip and down my chin, some even squirted out of my nose, and I sobbed in disappointment. Finally swallowing the remaining unspilled goo, I continued to suck until he pulled me off of his sensitive cockhead.

"Damn, that was good, Sissy!" He praised, then he took on a mock look of anger. ""What the hell? Why didn’t you swallow all my cum like a good little girl?" He demanded, swiping the cum from my chin and presenting it to me.

"I’m sorry, Daddy!" I cried, submissively licking up the cum from my master’s hand. When I finished he jerked me to my feet by the hair and yanked me like a rag doll over his lap. He let go of my hair and peeled back each layer of my petticoat.

"I’m a naughty little girl Daddy, I deserve a spanking! Please spank me!"

The last layer of petticoat was peeled back, exposing my pretty red silk Valentine panties with their juvenile little white lace ruffles cascading down my bottom. Daddy raised his massive right hand as he held me down firmly with his left, and slapped my right ass cheek hard. He spanked me just like Mommy does when I’ve been naughty, alternating buns with each swat through the thin film of my little panties. I bounced and squirmed on his flaccid cock as I screamed and bawled, desperately and ineffectively trying to avoid the stinging swats. Of course that had some effect, and before long Daddy’s colossal dong was rigid once more. He stopped spanking me, and made me promise to be a good little girl and not do it again. Daddy helped me to my feet and stood up himself. He picked me up like a husband carries his bride over the threshold, and lay me down on the platform.

Just as Mommy had done during my point of no return, Daddy bound me into the missionary position, forcing my bent knees up to either side of my face. My petticoat fell up on my belly, revealing the red silk heart-shaped front of my panties, trimmed in white lace, showing Daddy the sweet message flowing across it.

"’Daddy’s L’il Valentine’" Daddy read, smiling. "Are you really?"

"Yes Daddy!" I sobbed, smiling up at him through my tears. He leaned over me, propping himself up with his hands on the platform on both sides of me, and soul-kissed me again. This time I kissed back, probing his mouth with my tongue too. Our tongues intertwined and danced with each other, and we took turns sucking on them. He grabbed my breasts again as we kissed, squeezing them hard, rolling and pinching my hard little pink nipples between the thumb and forefinger of both of his large hands.

He broke away from my mouth, kissing and nibbling my neck above and below my pink leather slave collar. He slid his hands away from my budding little breasts and let them roam caressing me all over my upper body, fondling the exquisite satin of my sexy cincher. He kissed down my shoulders and above my titties before his lips found purchase once again on my breasts. Hot ripples of ecstatic pleasure radiated from wherever his lips touched me, and coursed throughout my little body, making me wriggle and squirm lustfully underneath my studly daddy.

His hands roamed further, finding my hips, pubes and buttocks, playfully fondling me as he slowly and wetly kissed down my body. He stroked my inner thighs and rubbed my spread, upraised stockinged legs, moving down further until, oh my gosh, he was kissing my phony little pussy through my pretty little panties! He moved his lips to the insides and backs of my thighs, and began licking me slowly there, looking up from between my thighs, his eyes burning lustfully into mine. I whimpered uncontrollably, helpless to stop him and lacking any desire to do so, wanting him never to stop. He worked his way up my thighs back to my crotch, and spreading apart my tiny firm buns with his thumbs, (oh Gawd!) He touched my virginal pink rosebud through the heart shaped lace trimmed opening with his tongue! My hunk of a daddy was eating me!

"YEEEEEESSSSSSS DADDDDYYYYY!!!!" I squealed with joy. "Eat my sissy pussy Daddyyyyyyy!!!!"

His tongue pushed it’s way inside, as well as the nozzle of the cherry-peppermint-flavored oil that he produced from the caddy beneath the platform. He squeezed out the entire contents of the slick lubricant inside of me, dropping the bottle to the floor. His tongue wiggled like a hot little worm deeply in my anus, and I wiggled my hot little asshole on his eager mouth, cooing and gurgling in rapture, my passion building inside me. He sucked on my pretty little pink pucker, stabbing his tongue in and out of my asshole, driving me wild with lust. My mind filled with desire for his cock, images of his massive manhood invading me flooded it. I wanted him, needed him, and needed him NOW!

"OOOOO Dadddyyyyyyyy pleeeease" I whimpered. "Don’t tease me anymore! Put your thing inside me Daddy, pleeeeaaassse???" I panted. He stood and slapped my sphincter with the head of his dong.

"So you do want me to take your cherry, little girl?" He asked teasingly.

"Ohhh YES! Daddy, please hurry! Please fuck me Daddy! Now Daddy, PLLLEEEAAAAAAAASSSSEEEE!!!!"

Daddy pressed the tip of his proud dick against my resisting sphincter, and slowly pushed inside. My tight little anus stretched slowly over the large bulbous knob, swallowing it.

"Nooooooooo Daddy, it’s too BIG!" I squealed in pain. "Please take it out!"

Daddy ignored my protests, grabbing my hips and pulling me toward him as he leaned his weight into me, slowly driving his burning hardon deeper inside of me, stretching me further than I’d ever been stretched by my pussy spreader or the dildoes my mistresses had used before. My rectum clamped it reflexively, tightening it’s grip on my daddy’s big dick, trying to prevent further invasion.

"Damn your pussy’s tight, Sissy! Relax your muscles down there, you want it to feel good, don’t you?"

"Yes Daddy." I sobbed, tears streaming down my cheeks as I tried to obey him and relax. Gradually I succeeded in my efforts, and Daddy inched further, splitting me apart! Not even the dildoes had filled me so deeply, and I gurgled deep from my throat. I closed my eyes, concentrating on relaxing my rectum as he pulled me up further onto his powerful prick.

"What a good little girl you are, Sissy Pricilla!" Daddy praised as I opened my eyes when he stopped. "Look sweetheart, you’ve taken all of Daddy’s big hard dick inside your hot little pussy!"

It was true, his colossal cock was buried incredibly to the hilt inside my tiny ‘cunt’, his balls resting heavily on my tailbone! He remained still for a short while, then rolled his hips as Mommy had the first time she had fucked me, widening my love canal to accommodate him more freely. He pulled slowly out, and pushed gently back inside me a second, and a third time, moving ever so slowly until my sobs of pain became whimpers of pleasure as the pain ebbed away.

The fourth time he pulled back almost all the way, leaving just the tip of his manhood inside me. Then he yanked my hips toward him and thrusted hard, ramming his rod all the way home!

"Yesssssssssss Dadddyyyyyy!" I squealed "Fuck me like THAT!"

Fuck me he did, so hard I could hardly speak. His balls slapped my tailbone as he rammed me over and over, reducing my pleas for more, harder, deeper and faster, to nonsensical gibberish. Huge breakers of ecstasy crashed over me with each stroke as he fucked me, fucked me, FUCKED ME, ruthlessly ramming me with his enormous dick. My whole world centered on my asshole and his pulsing pole pistoning in and out of my widely stretched rectum. My little balls boiled. It had been three weeks since Mommy had permitted me to cum, and I desperately needed relief.

My passion rose to a crescendo within me, and I felt my balls tighten up inside me. Finally, as yet another wave came crashing through me, I froze, then shook violently from head to painted toes.

"I"MMMMMM CU_CU-CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMIING DAAAAAAADDDDDDDDYYYYYYYYYYYY!" I exploded inside my prosthetic pussy, squirting and spasming, quaking as I lost myself to the orgasm. I couldn’t believe how much I was squirting! Daddy fucked me faster, and I clutched his cock with my poot chute, gripping and milking him with it as a second, even a third orgasm washed over me. Seconds later he yelled out "OH SIISSSSYYYYYY!" His cock jerked wildly, alive inside my hot, wet sissy pussy, and he shot his load deep into my little tummy, consummating my new girlhood, and making my now limp little peter cum again!

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!" he exclaimed as he collapsed on top of me, resting his pecs on my face, panting heavily. Soon his cock softened, but he kept it inside me a few minutes more before withdrawing. When he did he released me from the stirrups and pulled my legs down. He rolled me to my side and lay there on the platform facing me, and held my trembling form close to him as I cried tears of joy in his encircling arms.

"Happy birthday, Sissy." He smiled at me.

We cuddled and kissed like two lovers in bed, and I wanted to stay in Daddy’s arms, Daddy’s little girl, forever.

























Chapter 11


"Ivan Gets Some"


I became aware of our audience once more, as they stood and applauded us. Daddy rolled off the platform and I started to sit up when Mistress Mommy pushed me back down. She made me roll over on my tummy and straddle the platform, binding each ankle beneath my hips to the sides of the platform, and my wrists to the sides of the platform head.

She didn’t clean me up even though my pretty panties were soaked with the oozing boygoo from my prosthetic pussy, saying "Oh you’re not through being fucked just yet, darling girl!" She patted my pantied ass.

She raised the platform height, and nodded to Ivan. Ivan stood in front of me, clad in his slave harness, with his massive erection barely covered by the satin sling that encased it. Mommy turned him around. My eyes were level with his lower buttocks. Mistress Mommy took a key from her neck and unlocked the strap that retained the buttplug inside of the towering black stud. She slowly withdrew the black leather tool from deep within his ass. The familiar squishy popping sound issued forth as his asshole gave up the buttplug.

The stud spread his dark cheeks, exposing his asshole and bent slightly, pushing his asshole towards my lips.

"Well?" Mommy prompted.

I obediently gave my new master the Kiss of Submission, feeling my exhausted little penis twitch and come painfully to life once more within it’s disguising restraint. I probed his asshole with my tongue, wiggling it inside his sphincter as Daddy had done when he ate my "pussy". His anus gripped at my tongue as I jabbed it inside. I soul-kissed his rectum, making him moan with pleasure.

"Eat that asshole you teasin’ little white ho!" He demanded. "Yeah, I’m getting’ me some of that, you fuckin’ little white bitch!" He grabbed the back of my head and pressed my face deeper between his buttocks, rubbing my mouth all over the crack of his ass. "Yeah you like that shithole don’t you, punk? I oughtta bitch slap you, you faggot cunt! Speak!" He pushed me away.

"Master, I am Sissy Pricilla, your personal slave faggot and slavegirl in training. My mouth is a faggot pussy, and my asshole is a sissy pussy. My pussies, pathetic penis, even my whole body is your property and playtoy, and exist solely for your pleasure, and the pleasure of any mistress or master you choose for me. Please let me serve you!"

"Yeah, ho, you gonna serve me ah-right!" He turned to face me. Mommy had removed the satin pouch that had restricted his colossal 16" prick, which swung proudly erect towards me. Not giving me time to do any begging he grabbed me by the hair and shoved his throbbing monster into my mouth. He fucked my mouth as I eagerly sucked him. Mommy shoved his buttplug back up inside him, secured the strap, and switched on his vibrator, then let him continue fucking my little red lipsticked mouth.

"Oo-wee Carmen, dis l’il ho suck dick ah-mos’ good as you!" He called to his shemale date. "Come get ya some!"

"Why, thank you, Master Ivan!" She laughed, standing.

Ivan continued fucking me in my sore little mouth, aching from the service I had already given Daddy, while Carmen hiked her skirt up, unsnapping her pink leather g-strings and freeing her cock. She moved next to Ivan, waiting for him to hand her my head, and as soon as he pulled his cock free of my mouth she replaced it with her own frighteningly thick one. She used both hands in my hair just like she and Tracie usually did when I wore pigtails, reining me into her thrusts.

I felt Ivan behind me, lifting my pretty skirt and billowing petticoat up on my back. His massive hands were on the curves of my pantied buttocks, and his thumbs moved to the crack between my girlish little buns. He gripped me so hard It hurt, and forced my cheeks wide. His grayish helmet shaped knob pressed against my little pink pucker, and he pulled me back up on it, shoving it hard, fully all the way up my ass.

"EEEEMMMPPPHHH!" I screeched in pain, muffled by Mistress Carmen’s boyclit, who was now fucking me in my hot little mouth. Stars swam by my eyes and birds chirped in my ears as I swooned, dizzy with pain.

‘Bitch is tight!" Ivan exclaimed. "Hot too!"

I whimpered helplessly as my master and mistress played tug of war with me, yanking me back and forth until they matched their rhythms, thrusting in and out of me in unison. I remembered the image of Tracie being fucked by 2 dudes at once in that video last night, and that reminded me I was still being filmed as the star of my own video. Will I look as sexy as Tracie did? I wondered.

As had happened so many times before the pain was forced out of the way by pleasure. I gripped and squeezed both cocks with my mouth and rectum, urging them on in doing so to fuck me even harder. After only a few minutes and without warning I came again, but they still weren’t’ done. Ivan’s short fingernails dug into the skin of my hips, his grip was so hard as he yanked me back to meet his thrusts. He slapped my cum soaked pantied crotch with his huge hairless black ball sac, pummeling me relentlessly. Carmen’s passionate moaning became louder, and her thrusting picked up speed.

My mistress stiffened and her thick tool erupted in my mouth, sending rivulets of gooey boy-cream down my gulping throat, then, after Mommy took the video camera, handed me off to Tracie. I had been a good girl for Carmen, and swallowed all of her goo before sucking my most familiar lollipop. Just as Tracie grabbed my hair I came again from Ivan’s assault in my sissy pussy. Seconds after I had milked her dry, Master Ivan’s engine blew, erupting torrents of steamy semen deep inside my lower tummy, and even though my little penis was shriveled up and soft, I came again!

Master Daddy was ready to go again, and I was made to lay beneath Mistress Carmen as she straddled my face, and suck on her clittypop while he fucked the living shit out of her. Then I had to do the same to Daddy while he serviced Mistress Mommy and Master Ivan fucked him! I felt sorry for my handsome Daddy, who had to suffer this humiliation in front of his three daughters.

The session continued throughout the weekend, an orgy of dominance, submission, bondage, emasculation, and incredible sex. If I learned one thing more than anything else during this fantastic weekend, it was that I would definitely have to flirt with and tease my new master Ivan again soon!


Chapter 12

"Peter’s Girl"



I wore a sheer red silk babydoll trimmed in white lace, and matching rumba ruffled panties, a red lace garter belt, and sheer white silk stockings with elastic lace tops as I knelt on the carpeted floor of Mr. Harder’s office on the boys’ campus at 5:30 am Monday morning. My pigtails, tied up in candy-striped ribbons, swung free of the pink latex straps that encircled my head and firmly secured my fat penis-shaped pink latex gag in my mouth.

Dick Harder (no really, that’s his name!) was the boys’ athletics director. An attractive man in his late 30’s, He spent most of his spare time working out. He had huge broad shoulders and a massive chest rippling with muscles. His arms were the size of footballs and his thighs the size of small melons, and both his legs and his arms were rock solid. He too was black, and I later learned that it was he and Ivan who had fucked the teenage boys in the videotape I’d seen Thursday night. As it happened, both Ivan and my daddy, along with all the boys in his bodybuilding class, were Master Dick’s slaves too. It was these boys whom were the only guys Mistress Mommy allowed the teen and pre-teen female Club members to date.

Mommy’s philosophy was that slavegirls, both natural and shemale, were all a woman needed for her pleasure. Men (and boys) were mere window dressing "dates", used to generate income for their mistress’ amusement, and when absolutely needed, for breeding other slaves. When allowed to cum, they could use shemale slaves, or a fellow slave to get them off, or their hands if neither of those were available.

Mommy had dressed me in this lingerie, bound me, and packed my schoolgirl uniform along with my ballet and aerobics outfits into my pink gym bag, then had Ivan drive me here, and lead me by the leash to kneel before his sexy master. I’d not been permitted to wear my prosthetic pussy for this meeting, and my pathetic little boner slightly tented the front of my pretty silk panties. It had actually shrunk a little in size, encouraging me in my prayers that it would actually just dry up and blow away!

Ivan had set up the video camera and had been dismissed to wait for me in the car. Master Dick held my leash in his hand, and I knelt at his feet as he sat behind his desk.

"So Sissy, Do you know why you’re here?"

I was still gagged, and shook my head no, swaying my pigtails.

"I understand you’re in love with young Peter Richards, is that right?"

"Umm-hmm!" I answered emphatically, nodding vigorously.

"Well, I own him," He explained. "He’s in my bodybuilding class, and he sucks a mean dick, and loves taking mine up his little pink ass!" A look of horror and shock swept over my face.

"Surprised? I thought you might be!" He laughed. "But, you gotsa chance now to pay me to let him be your boyfriend and master, by serving me here at this time every Monday morning. Would you like that, Sissy Pricilla?"

I nodded again. He stood, wearing the pink jersey and red satin gym shorts that were the athletics’ department uniform. He sported a huge bulge in his groin. He reached behind my head and unlocked my gag, then turned around, peeling off the satin gym shorts and letting them fall to the ground. His buns were firm, dark brown muscular globes, and he spread them apart to reveal his hairy asshole.

Obediently, I gave him the kiss of submission, one of the best I’ve ever given, making him gasp in pleasure. I was determined to be rewarded with my much sought after prize, Peter as my boyfriend and master! I rimmed Master Dick’s hot asshole, tongue-fucking him, and sucking it noisily, turning on the handsome black teacher to the max.

""Not bad!" He chuckled, "Speak, faggot!"

"Master, I am Sissy Pricilla, your personal slave faggot and slavegirl in training. My mouth is a faggot pussy, and my asshole is a sissy pussy. My pussies, pathetic penis, even my whole body is your property and playtoy, and exist solely for your pleasure, and the pleasure of any mistress or master you choose for me. Please let me serve you!"

He turned around to reveal his 12" black erection with it’s unusually large head. As I’d been trained I begged to kiss, lick, and suck the huge lollipop, but found because of it’s knob size all I could manage to stretch my frosty pink lipsticked lips over was the huge grayish helmet shaped head. I couldn’t bob my head for fear of losing it out of my mouth, and settled on sucking the throbbing knob fiercely.

"Oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiit, little girl!" He praised, "you a better dick sucker than Peter! Hell, when yo mouth gets a little bigger you might even suck a meaner dick than yo Daddy!" I paused at the humiliating image that filled my mind of Daddy kneeling in front of this man, sucking his pecker, and shed a tear in revulsion. How dare he use my daddy like that? I promised myself one day to avenge Daddy’s honor on both Master Ivan and Master Dick, and sucked Master Dick’s knob even harder.

He yanked me by the pigtails off his knob into a standing position and pushed me sprawling on my back on top his desk. The cool smooth wood chilled me through my nightie, making me shiver. He jerked my panties down, almost ripping the flimsy material before getting them off one of my ankles, letting them dangle off the other. He sat in his rolling office chair and moved between my feminized legs. He cupped and lifted my girlish bare buttocks with his massive hands off the cool wood surface, and engulfed my little stiffy in his mouth! It was the first time in my life a man ever sucked my little weenie!

"\Ooooo Maaaassssssterrrrr!" I cooed, wiggling my little hips in his squeezing hands. His mouth was so hot! His moustache tickled my hairless pubes as he tried separating my little clitty from my body with his sucking, making me giggle between whimpers of ecstasy. He shoved an un-lubed thumb inside my ass and wiggled it in my sphincter as he sucked and nibbled my little boyclit, driving me wild with passion. I writhed and squirmed wantonly between his hands and mouth, hot with lust and wanting to cum inside the hot wetness of his mouth. Master Dick had other ideas!

He flipped me over onto my breasts and belly, making me poke my hard little boyclit painfully into the wood beneath me. He forced my knees wide so that I straddled the width of the desk, and scooted me back towards him. He tied my ankles to the rings at the front and back corners of the desk, so that they were secured just below my hips.

He gagged me again, and shoved a nozzle up my butt. He filled me with my "pussy juice" as he called it, and tossed the bottle away. He forced my sexy effete buns wide apart, and shoved his massive knob inside me. I shrieked in pain through my gag, but my pain was of no consequence to Master Dick, who merely grabbed my hips and slammed his pulsating prick deep into my bowels.

It felt like a small fist and arm that impaled me, the globe of his knob stretching me more than ever before. I was crying in pain, tears streamed down my face as my master fucked me mercilessly. His balls slapped mine with every thrust.

The pain as usual went away but it took several minutes longer. Slowly the familiar warm feeling of feminine pleasure returned to me, spreading from deep inside my bowels to my balls, and from there throughout my little body. My sobs became lustful whimpers.

Master plowed me, rammed me, slammed his dick into me. He fucked me faster, making me squeal with girlish glee. "Yeah you like that big ol’ pertty black dick in yo puusy, don’t ya ho?" He laughed. "Close yo eyes, bitch! I gotsa suprise for ya"

I did close them, but he didn’t stop fucking me. I heard the door of the closet open and another set of feet enter and pad across the carpet to come to rest in front of my gagged and bound helpless form. While Master kept his rhythm up he gave me permission to open my eyes. OHMIGOD!


There stood my beloved Peter, nude! He looks like a cross between Leonardo Dicaprio and a blond Brad Pitt, only more rugged. I was so embarrassed I could’ve died! As Master rammed me harder I drank in every detail of the handsome stud. His slender, stocky build rippled with muscles on a far smaller scale than Master Dick’s. His legs and arms were hard and firm, the result of countless hours of weightlifting. He was toned and tanned, and his cock, (oh gawd!) his cock, the one I’ve always longed for, swayed erect in massive 10" glory, throbbing and twitching just inches away from my gagged little mouth. Master Dick shifted position for a more downward thrust, and Peter ungagged me. Peter made my girlish dreams come true by immediately stuffing his beefy erection into my mouth, gasping in pleasure as he felt the heat of my hot wet faggot pussy engulf his hot tool. I deep throated him, taking all of his throbbing boymeat inside my mouth. I moaned, muffled by him. I was in heaven, doing the "tube steak boogie" on the boy that I loved!

As Tracie had so many times before, Master Peter wrapped my pigtails around his hands, and used them as reins while he fucked my face. My sexy masters synchronized their rhythms, forcing their cocks inside as deeply as they could. I was the cream inside the cookie wedged between my beloved vanilla and harsh chocolate masters. I sucked Peter’s love club with abandon, making him groan as he shoved it in and out of my mouth. Master Dick’s cock rammed me so deeply I envisioned it meeting Peter’s.

Peter tensed, his ball sac lifted and tightened, and he spurted down my throat. I gulped madly, wanting desperately to be a good little girl for my dreamy master. I succeeded, draining and swallowing every drop of his precious semen moments before I felt my own balls boil. I squirted all over the desk underneath me, squealing girlishly, muffled by Peter’s softening cock in my mouth. Master Dick came moments later, flooding my bowels with his cum, and making me squirt from my now flaccid cock once more. He collapsed on top of me. Peter took to his knees, and waited for further orders from our master.

When his cock went soft and he withdrew from my sore little asshole, he came around in front of me and made me lick his cock clean. It tasted of his cum, and the cherry-peppermint-flavored oil, mixed with the taste of my rectum. I silently thanked Mistress Tracie for the pussy cleansing and douching she’d given me earlier that morning!

After I licked him clean, Master Dick released me from the desk, and had me lick up all of my cum from it’s surface. He pulled my panties back up on me, and released my wrists from their restraints before dismissing me to the showers. Just as I was leaving I turned to see him present his asshole to the kneeling Peter, and averted my eyes as his face slipped between the black man’s butt cheeks, running out to avoid seeing the boy that I loved so much being humiliated like that.

There was a certain thrill associated with wearing only my sexy lingerie as I headed across the old familiar gym floor to the stairway that led down to the locker room. The possibility of getting caught was exciting, even if diminished by the fact no one else would enter the school building until 7:15. That gave me a little under an hour to get ready.

I peeled off my sexy nightie, bra, and panties, tucking the sweat soaked garments in a plastic bag Mommy had packed in my gym bag. Next I unhooked my garter straps from my stockings and rolled them off of my pretty little legs, tucking them, along with my garter belt, away with my other soiled lingerie. I stepped into the shower and soaped up my beautiful breasts and tummy, firm little butt and pathetic little boyclit. It was the first time I’d had an opportunity to play with it since Buffy and I’d been caught in our game so long ago. Images of Master Peter making love to me filled my mind, and I played with my breasts and stiff little clitty as I fantasized about him, until I burst, squirting my cum into the palm of my hand. Automatically I lifted my hand to my lips, and lapped the cum up like a kitty with her bowl of milk.

The hot water sprayed my body, rinsing me off and beading up on my pretty tits and buttocks.. I shampooed my hair, then dried off, wrapping the towel around my long blonde hair. I wiggled into my prosthetic pussy suit, pausing to slip the catheter sheath over my tiny, soft clitty. I applied the concealing makeup to it’s edges to make it appear a part of me. I dressed in pink ruffled panties and bra, ruffled white tights, my pink and white 6-layered chiffon petticoat and matching camisole, and slipped my juvenile schoolgirl dress on over my head. I removed the towel from my head and brushed out my tangles, retying my pigtails with pink and white lace bows. I skillfully applied my makeup, having had lots of practice, for that fresh, sexy cheerleader look that had originally caught Peter’s eye.

I gathered my purse, gym bag, and satchel and headed for the door. Master Ivan was waiting there, and came inside the locker room. He had me lift my skirt and petti, and bend over. He lowered my little panties, and refit me with my pussy spreader, locking it in place before pulling my panties back up over my cute little butt. Ivan was even thoughtful enough to zip me up, and button up my high lace collar in back before escorting me back to the limo and driving me across the street to the girls’ campus.

I was restless all day in school. I couldn’t concentrate on anything. Images of Peter and what he’d done to me that morning filled my mind. I saw him on the soccer field during recess and waved to him daintily. He waved back, smiling broadly. Did he still like me, even now he knew I wasn’t physically all girl?

When I got home I was surprised to find a whole new outfit laid out for me on my pretty bed.

"You better hurry and get your homework and housework done, young lady, so you can get ready for your first date!" Mistress Mommy admonished.

"Date?" I asked incredulously.

"Of course, Sissy Pricilla! That’s why you’re serving Master Dick to have a boyfriend for, so you can date him like any normal little girl in love!" She explained. "Now hurry sweetie, Peter will be here to pick you up at 7:00!"

I rushed through my hand-wash, and Tracie, amused by my girlish excitement, volunteered to prepare dinner for my other mistresses to allow me time to prepare.

I wanted everything to be perfect, and asked Mommy after I’d undressed for an extra pussy cleansing and douching, who was only too glad to help her little girl out. She refit my buttplug harness and afterwards she joined me in my bedroom to help me get ready.

There was a pair of french cut white lace thong panties with a tiny pink satin bow in front, and a matching front closure bra which she helped me into. The material was sheer and you could see my hard pink nipples and prosthetic pink little pussy lips easily through the material. Mommy had me step into a tight fitting burgundy crushed velvet miniskirt that she zipped closed from waist to hem, making the garment hug and show off my rounded hips and firm girly buns. She held a coral pink satin baby tee over my head, and I held up my arms demurely as she slipped the delicate, clinging material down over them, my head, shoulders and bra-encased little titties.

"What about stockings, Mistress Mommy?"

"I think they wouldn’t go too well with your little outfit," She began. "Besides, you’ll want to show off those sexy little legs for Peter!" Her words made me giggle. I inspected them, seeing how pretty and silky smooth they had become, and agreed I might just want to show them off. Mommy fit my feet with pink go-go boots that had 3" heels.

I sat down at the vanity and expertly applied my makeup, going with a burgundy lip paint to match my skirt, creating a look that was both coyly trampish, and sweetly innocent. As I did this Mommy untied my pigtails and brushed out my hair. She pulled it tightly back into a high ponytail just like Tracie’s, leaving just the right amount of bangs, and secured it with a burgundy velvet bow. I painted my nails, and blew on them gently to speed drying time.

I slung a pink fabric purse matching my blouse and boots with a shoulder strap over my shoulder, and inspected my image in the mirror. I was a knockout!

"You are soooo sexy, Sissy!" Mommy complimented. "The boys’ll be very jealous of Peter when they see you with him, and when Peter sees you he’ll positively drool!"

I hoped very much that he would.

Just then the doorbell rang, and my heart skipped a beat. I glanced at the clock and noted we’d finished just in time. I started for the door but Mommy put a hand on my shoulder to stop me. "Let Tracie answer it, Sissy. Young ladies should wait for their escorts to be announced!"

Tracie answered the door and admitted him, guiding my dreamy date into the parlor, then came upstairs to announce him. Mommy and I exchanged girlish kisses. "Now remember, dear, back home no later than 10:00! It’s a school night!"

"Yes, Mistress Mommy!" I forced myself to walk slowly as I descended the steps and walked down the hall to the parlor. Mustering every iota of femininity within me, I pushed the door open and stepped inside.

Peter’s jaw dropped open when he saw me, his eyes drinking in every inch of me, burning with desire. He leapt to his feet, remembering his manners when a lady enters the room, and presented me with a bouquet of roses! He was dressed handsomely in a red polo shirt, black slacks, and freshly polished black leather dress shoes. His semi-long wavy blond hair was parted to the side, and meticulously combed so that not a hair was out of place. His piercing smoky blue eyes sparkled above his almost roman nose and squared chin, and his smile boasted the cutest little dimples.

"Oh Peter, how thoughtful!" I hugged him sweetly. "They’re beautiful!"

"Thanks, uh, so are you!"

I blushed shyly. He had called me beautiful! I couldn’t believe I could be so happy!

"Thank you Peter, you’re sweet!"

"So, ya wanna grab a pizza?"

"Sure, let’s go!"

Peter was a perfect gentleman, holding both the front door and his car door open for me. Well, it wasn’t really his car, he’d simply "borrowed" it from his parents, knowing they were out of town and would never find out anyway. At 14 ½ years old and in 9th grade he was too young to get a license or permit, but his dad had taught him how to anyway. It was a new Lincoln Towncar, with a fresh wax job on the high gloss cherry red paint.

He drove skillfully, and only a few minutes later we pulled into the lot of the Pizza Palace, where again he opened both doors for me. I was hungry as I hadn’t nursed on my penis-shaped feeder this evening, and the pizza smelled heavenly! It had been a long time since I’d tasted real solid food, having been forced to feed the strained nutrient mush from my penis feeder and although it tasted so good, I was still unable to eat more than a slice.

We talked casually about school and stuff as he finished off his pizza, and I hung on his every word. He really did like me. The fact that I’d been born a boy and had a little penis in my panties didn’t seem to affect him in the slightest, and I began feeling more and more at ease with him.

After pizza he took me to Fonzi’s, a cool teen dance club. We danced all the slow dances and even some of the fast ones, but we preferred to sit and talk during most of these. A couple of his cute friends excused themselves from their dates lamely, long enough to meet this new, hot, sexy little chick Peter was with, and I did my best to show them with my body language just how hot for him and in love with him I really was. During our slow dances I pressed my body against him, slipping both arms around his neck. I wiggled my hips, pressing my tummy against his hard bulge as my boobies flattened against his torso. He would slip his hands down my back, and playfully fondle and squeeze my feminine bottom, sending thrills up my spine.

We stopped at Lookout Point, and made out passionately. He played with my firm little titties and slipped his hand up my skirt, exploring my smooth bare thighs and fondling my phony pussy through my lace panties and the crotchstrap of my buttplug harness. By 9:40 p.m. we were hot with lust for each other. With my little hand I groped for and found his massive love club, trapped inside his slacks. I gripped it tightly, barely able to close my hand all the way around it, and sucked madly on his probing tongue as I stroke4d his hot member.

"I want you now, Peter!" I whispered hoarsely to him between kisses, "will you come home with me? Please?"

"Yeah!" He choked, reluctantly turning away from me to start the car. We rode silently home while I snuggled up next to him. His right hand gently stroked my silky smooth naked thigh as I played softly with his huge throbbing dick. We were panting breathlessly by the time we were on the front porch of my house, kissing and caressing passionately as we made it through the front door. Mistress Mommy was there in the foyer, and immediately upon seeing her Peter fell to his knees before her.

Peter gave her the kiss of submission, and Mommy had me give her one as well before giving Peter the key to my slave harness. "Sissy is your slave now as well as your little girlfriend," She started. "She must obey your every wish unless I tell her different! Is that clear young lady?"

"Yes, Mistress Mommy!" I chirped happily, still kneeling. "Thank you!"

Peter unbuttoned his shirt and laid it on the divan, then unbuckled his belt, unfastened his trousers and dropped them to the floor. He wore a boy’s version of the slave harness, his twitching tool and balls trapped within the cock ring, his buttplug held firmly up his ass. Mommy turned him around so that his firm masculine, hairless buns were mere inches from my face. As she slowly removed his harness I smooched and licked all over his muscular butt, whimpering with passion. As soon as she had fully removed the buttplug he was spreading his cheeks for me. I pressed my open puckered lips on his pre-lubed anus, forcing my tongue deeply past the tight sphincter. I soul kissed my studly teenage master’s asshole passionately, savoring the taste of the cherry-peppermint-flavored oil mixed with the taste of male rectum the oil had been intended to mask. Unbound, I took the liberty of playing with my handsome master’s buttocks, squeezing them and teasing them lightly with my long painted nails. I daringly fondled his hairless ball sac.

"Speak!" He gasped.

"Master, I am Sissy Pricilla, your personal slave faggot and slavegirl in training. My mouth is a faggot pussy, and my asshole is a sissy pussy. My pussies, pathetic penis, even my whole body is your property and playtoy, and exist solely for your pleasure, and the pleasure of any mistress or master you choose for me. Please let me serve you!"

He was about to turn around and do just that before Mommy interrupted.

"Sissy, since this is your first time to make love with your boyfriend, why don’t you take Peter up to your pretty bedroom where you can be alone?"

Peter helped me to stand and I took him by the hand, leading him up the stairs and to my bedroom door. I slipped my arms back up around his neck and pressed my little body into his larger, much stockier, naked body, rubbing my little satin covered tummy on his massive erection I had trapped between us. His hands never stopped roving, exploring every part of my girlish form as we kissed. He swept me up and cradled me in his arms as I held his neck. He was so strong! The 14-½-year-old stud muffin carried his little 12-year-old slut puppy over the threshold like a blushing bride, and laid me gently on my canopied bed atop the pink satin comforter. I scooted over and grabbed his twitching manhood, leading him into bed beside me. He sat me up beside him and began lifting the hem of my pink satin baby tee. I submissively raised my little arms so he could slip it off, exposing my sheer white lace bra encased little boobies. I reached up and undid the clasp and he slipped the flimsy garment down off my shoulders and arms. My nipples were hot and hard. He reached up to caress my budding breasts and when his large hands touched them I exploded into my catheter, squealing with delight. My master had made me cum just by touching me! I clung to him for support as I jerked spasmodically, and when I recovered I put a lip-lock on him that surprised even me!

He reached behind me, and found the zipper handle at the hem of my tight hip and butt hugging burgundy velvet skirt. He pulled it up, splitting the back of the skirt open, and tossed it off the bed. Now clad only in my white lace thong panty, buttplug harness, and pink go-go boots I kissed him again, and we lay together side by side. His roving hand found the vibrator control on the hipbelt of my harness and turned it on full speed, sending thrills through me once more, and bringing my limp little penis back into fully erect wakefulness. He kissed and licked my neck much like Daddy had when he took my cherry. He kissed repeatedly down to my heaving chest.

After kissing and sucking each of my breasts teasingly I interrupted his progress down my petite feminized body by curling it around so I could reach his throbbing pole. I stroked and kissed it hotly, with more passion than I’d ever kissed a cock before. I licked it like a little girl with an all day lollipop, and before too long pre-cum began forming in the saliva-slick pee hole. I smeared this on my painted lips as I looked up at him through my long eyelashes from between his well-muscled thighs. Finally I took him into my mouth and sucked him with a vengeance, gripping him with both hands and stroking him, eager for him to shoot his boygoo once more down my gulping throat.

Peter had other plans though, and after only a minute or two repositioned me face down on the bed, slipping a pillow under my hips. My thong panties exposed my cute little ass, smooth and firm, upraised and inviting. Master Peter slowly kissed every inch of my buttocks, pressing on the strap of my vibrating buttplug at just the right spot to force it deeper as he kissed me. He rolled my panties down to just below my butt, and unlocked my harness, separating the straps that enclosed my hips and crotch as though he were gently unwrapping a fragile gift, and slowly withdrew the vibrating phallus from my love canal.

He rolled me back over and gently pulled my panties all the way down and off, spreading my thighs and lifting my little legs. He ever so slowly kissed and licked the backs and insides of my thighs, and the pink lips of my tiny prosthetic pussy, tasting the stiffening cum that had oozed from the device’s urethra, He pushed my legs up further, asking me to hold them there. He spread my bottom with his thumbs and began kissing and tonguing my faggot pussy.

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PEEEEEEEEETERRRR!" I whined "That feels soooo niiiiiiice!" My hips undulated, desperately trying to wiggle my "cunt" on his eagerly kissing mouth. "Yeah baby! Eat my pussy!" I squealed.

His tongue stabbed me deeply, he grunted passionately as he eagerly tried to please me. Finally I could take no more, I had to give myself to him! I had to have him inside me!

"Oh-oh-oh P-Peter, please don’t tease me anymore, my pussy is so hot and wet for you! Please baby, make love to me now! PLEEEEEEAAAASSSEEE!!"

My master got on his knees and lifted my ankles to rest on his shoulders. The heels on my pink go-go boots pointed straight up at the ceiling. He slapped his cock teasingly on my flexing anus a few times while I whimpered in protest, desperate to feel his manhood inside me. He pressed the helmet shaped knob against my sphincter, which slowly opened to accept his hot pulsating pole. He leaned into it, sinking every inch slowly up inside my rectum. I squeezed him with my rectum, flexing my muscles inside to continually squeeze and release him as he pushed his way deeper inside me. There was no pain, only wonderful, feminine pleasure. His balls, hairless and smooth, rested now on my tailbone. My hands roamed over his muscular chest and I tweaked and played with his nipples through my spread legs as he rolled his hips before withdrawing and reentering me. Unlike Daddy or Master Dick, Peter would pull completely out of me before reentering these first few times, driving me wild.

We developed a rhythm as I bucked my hips to meet his thrusts. Intense waves of pleasure like I’d never felt before coursed throughout my girlish little body.

"OH-OH-OH-OOOOOOOOO-Ahhh-Oh yeah, Peter! Fuck me baby! Fuck me HARDER!" I screamed in ecstasy. Peter complied, ramming me deeply, thrusting like there was no tomorrow. I was seeing stars and fireworks were exploding in my ponytailed head, I was sputtering gibberish, squealing and whimpering in wanton abandon. My lust, pleasure, and passion rose to heights not yet achieved, and as they merged to a peak I clamped down on him one more time before erupting like a volcano!

"I’MMMMMMMM CUMMMMMMMMIIIINNNNNGGGG PEEEEETERRRRRRR! OOOOOOOOOO! OOOOOO! OHHHH GAAWWWWWDDD!" Wave after wave of exploding orgasms racked my womanly body, and I lost count of the number of times I came. Seconds after I started Peter began cumming with me, filling my little tummy with loads of hot love goo, driving me to cum even more!


He collapsed on top of me, panting heavily. His weight pressed my upraised spread legs between us. I hugged him to me, pressing my naked breasts into his naked torso, kissing his hairless chest. I ran my fingers through his hair and urged him to scoot down so I could reach his lips. As his limp cock slipped free of my faggot pussy we kissed passionately.

We made love again and again. I never knew it could be like this, so wonderful, so right! I was just another little girl madly in love. And when he told me he loved me I melted. I would do anything for him! When we could make love no more I rolled on my side and he snuggled up behind me, pressing his limp penis against my naked little butt, and cradling my little legs in front of his. He slipped a protective arm around me, pulling my back onto his naked chest, and I slipped into the most blissful sleep I’d ever known.
























Chapter 13

"Continuing Changes"


The next day after school Peter had me meet him under the bleachers of the boys’ football field where the two studs I’d met last night at Fonzi’s the previous night waited with him. He’d bet them I’d suck their cocks at the drop of a hat if he told me to. They asked about a piece of ass but he said that he wouldn’t allow me to do that, I was his.

Naturally I obeyed my master, and knelt submissively before the cute guys. They dropped their pants to their knees and fished their respectable boners out of their Jockeys. I popped Dave’s into my mouth and stroked Jimmy’s while I sucked Dave, then switched, sucking Jimmy while stroking Dave. I went back and forth, finally causing Jimmy to cum first, firing his load down my throat. When he finished I took Dave back on, whom only took seconds more to cum. Master Peter was so pleased with my performance and my having been a good girl that swallowed all the cum I’d just been given, that he rewarded me by letting me suck him off in front of them!

That night Tracie and I entertained all of our mistresses’ pussies, who were there for their weekly ‘meeting’. Their slaveboys, Daddy, Ivan, and Peter accompanied them, and after our service to the females was complete I was bound prone and straddling my slave platform so all the boys and men could have their way with me, two at a time! For nearly 2 hours not more than a moment went by when my mouth and ass weren’t stuffed with throbbing dick. I must’ve gulped and been pumped full with over a gallon of delicious sticky semen that night. To my delight every week the slaves who were deserving enough to cum used me as their slaveslut and cum bank, and even then it seemed I could not get enough juicy cock! I was insatiable! Mistress Mommy said I was becoming a regular nymphomaniac!

My slavery continued as days turned into weeks, months, and years. When I was fourteen Tracie had her 18th birthday, and soon after had her sex change operation. She remained living with us, advancing to the ranks the natural female slavegirls had attained with Mistress Mommy. Her pussy was beautiful, and I was green with envy! I loved to lick it every chance I got, knowing one day I too would have one much like hers!

Buffy and I graduated from junior high that year and were enrolled in a nearby public high school. The courses I took were similar to those I’d taken at Cherry Hill only more advanced. I’d become a skilled fashion designer, and an accomplished ballerina, and my teachers were extremely pleased. Because it was public school and Mistress Carmen was unavailable, I was no longer made to wear my buttplug harness to school, but had to wear it at all other times.

Stefan was a slender boy, somewhat effete, and the object of cruel teasing, pranks, and bullying from the jocks at school. He was a platinum blond, with shoulder length hair he parted in the middle like a girl. The kids called him a faggot because he never played sports and seemed so swishy. I felt so sorry for him I asked Master Peter his permission to befriend the frail lad. My reasoning was that if he was seen with me, a 15-year-old ravishing beauty, he might gain the respect of his classmates, or at least their mercy. Peter was sweet enough to grant this request, and soon Stefan and I became close friends. What surprised me about him was that I could swear I saw panty lines through his pants several times, and when I told Mistress Mommy, Mistress Buffy, and Mistress Tracie all three became intrigued. We all agreed the poor effeminate boy would make a cuter girl, and conspiratorially set about making plans for him.

One day, when I was positive he was wearing panties, and even thought I saw the faint outlines of a bra under his sweatshirt, I called Mommy to implement our plans. I invited him over after school for a Coke and cookies. I went to the little girls’ room just before school let out and removed my prosthetic pussy, tucking my little penis down between my legs and securing it with the crotch of my panties.

Ivan was there to pick us up, and Buffy, Stefan, and I soon arrived at Valentine Manor. Buffy feigned homework, and Mommy acted as though she had work to complete in the study, leaving the two of us alone on the couch. From her study Mommy operated the video recorder through our color security monitoring system to capture the unfolding events on tape. Stefan and I chatted and as he grew more comfortable being alone with me on the couch I scooted closer too him. I ran my fingers through his hair and told him I liked him, and didn’t understand why he was bullied so much.

"You’re so sweet and cute!" I softly praised him, "and your hair is so pretty!" Stefan squirmed and muttered "Thanks." I ventured to think it was probably the first time any girl outside his family, much less one as sexy as me, had called him cute. And when I called his hair pretty it seemed to hit a nerve. I scooted closer to him, and casually put my hand on his thigh.

"Boys are so mean and rough!" I complained, studying his facial reactions as I went on manipulating him. I rubbed his thigh lightly, glancing down to see his small bulge in his groin begin to grow. "I mean most boys are, but you’re so soft, so sweet!" I squeezed his leg when I called him sweet, punctuating the word and driving it home, making his little bulge jump. I leaned toward him and kissed his cheek. "So pretty!" I sighed, squeezing his thigh once more.

He was blushing now, embarrassed by the attention I was paying to him & unsure how to deal with me. I slipped my little hand from his slender thigh and onto his lower back. "In fact, Stefan," I kissed him again, "I know lots of girls who would probably wish they were as pretty as you if they saw you like I do."

I was making him very nervous, his lips were trembling as he tried to form a protest to my words in his mind. I moved in for the kill. I slipped my hand up his back to his bra strap. "Not only that, sweetie, I think you could be a very pretty little girl yourself!" On the word girl I snapped his bra strap like a rubber band on his back, making him jump with a start. Fear and dread filled his face, and his eyes darted around the room, futilely looking for escape.

"Relax, Stefanie! There’s nothing to be afraid of! I won’t tell!" I tugged at his arm gently. "Please, Stefanie, sit back down with me and talk, please?" I coaxed.

"My-my name’s not Stefanie!" He stammered, turning every shade of red imaginable. I smiled sweetly at him, ignoring his statement and tugged at him again. Reluctantly he sat down next to me. I kissed his cheek again and turned his lips to mine. I drove my tongue inside his mouth and french kissed him, feeling his resistance melt way. "Is your bra pretty, Stefanie? Does it match your panties, pretty girl?"

"I-I-I’m not a…"

"Girl?" I finished for him. "Then why are you wearing a bra and panties, Stefanie? You’re not a fag like the bullies in school say, so you must be a girl!" He tensed up again. "Relax, sweetheart! It turns me on to see your bra and panty lines! It makes me so horny!" I french kissed him again. This was my first time to aggressively dominate anyone, and It was fun!

"Would you like to see my boobies, Stefanie?" I asked seductively. "I’ll show you mine, then you can show me yours!" His eyes bulged as I lifted the hem of my form fitting red silk crop top, exposing the sheer Victoria’s Secret pink silk Angels collection bra I wore. My perky little breasts were clearly visible through the thin material, and my pert pointy nipples jutted slightly upward, stiff and erect, as though they would poke all the way through the bra. I took his hands and put them on my little tits and automatically he played with them as I leaned to plant another seductive kiss on his quivering lips. I lifted my hands to his chest and played with his nipples through his sweatshirt and bra as I kissed him, and he couldn’t help but do the same to me.

"Let me see your little boobies, Stefanie!" I whispered. Not waiting for a reply I began lifting his sweatshirt off him, kissing him passionately as I raised it, breaking off the kiss just before pulling it up over his head. He was too weak with excitement to resist. The bra he wore was a white silk training bra, and his tiny stiff nipples protruded the material. A dainty little blue bow centered between his nipples. He looked adorable!

"OOOOO Stefanie! It’s a very pretty bra!" I guided his hands back to my breasts and fondled his chest through his pretty bra, kissing him again. I slipped his bra straps off his shoulders and broke off my kiss, bending to kiss and nibble his hard little pink nipples and suck his imaginary breasts. He tensed and I grabbed his little hardon through his jeans, squeezing repeatedly as I sucked his ‘tits’, forcing him to relax and enjoy it. I continued my manipulations of his petite little body until I had the barely 14-year-old whimpering with lust.

"Your little clitty is so stiff and hard in your little panties, Stefanie, Be a good little girl and show me how pretty they are!" Not waiting for him to comply I grabbed his belt and unbuckled it, unbuttoned his jeans and unzipped them, yanking them down to fully expose his tented panties.

"OOO yeah, Stefanie! They’re as pretty as your sexy little bra! And they match too!" I rubbed and kneaded his little boner through his panties and nibbled his flat titties. I kissed down his young stomach to the hem of his panties and nibbled at his little dickhead teasingly, making him squeal with delight. Finally I stretched the elastic waistband of his panties down under his under developed balls, and engulfed his little penis in my mouth. I made him hot with the need to cum, bringing him to the edge before telling him "Stefanie sweetheart, tell me you’re my girlfriend, tell me you’ll do anything I ask!" I sucked on him a little more, bringing him back to the edge.

He said nothing, so I stopped. "Say it, pretty Steffi, or I’ll stop right now!" His last ounce of resistance drained from him as he hung his head, blushing in defeat and whispered. "I’m your girlfriend, Sissy, I’ll do anything you ask."

"Say, ‘please suck my clitty’."

"Please suck my clitty!" he pleaded, and I rewarded his submission by rapidly popping his little boner back in my mouth and sucking him as hard as I could, which was pretty hard after 3 years of serving masters! He bucked and writhed. I slid the crotch of his panties aside as I stuffed my middle finger in my sucking mouth to get it wet, thin slid the digit in his ass. The moment I did he blew his load, filling my mouth with his youthful cum. I retained it in my mouth as I milked him, fighting the urge to swallow. After milking him dry I pulled off his cock and sat up beside him, swirling his goo around in my mouth. I french kissed him, force feeding my new lesbian lover his own cum. I kept him in the lip-lock as he tried to resist and pinched closed his nostrils, forcing him to swallow all of his own sticky semen before I let him breathe again. He was gasping for air when Mistress Mommy walked in the room, his lips smeared with cum.










Chapter 14

"The Training of Stefanie"


His eyes were closed as he tried to catch his breath, and as a result he was unaware of Mommy’s commanding presence. She wore a black patent leather teddy with a zipper running from the top of the crack of her ass all the way over the top of her pussy. It was very tight fitting, and had no breast cups so her beautiful breasts were exposed, jiggling freely. She wore matching tight knee-high boots with 4" cock shaped heels, and carried in her hand the video she had just recorded of us.

She winked conspiratorially at me, then addressed Stefan. "I think Sissy is right, Steffi, you’re a very pretty little girl!" Stefan’s eyes popped open wide and he jumped in fear off of the couch, and tried to run, forgetting his jeans were still down around his knees and fell flat on his face. We both laughed as he scrambled to his feet, tugging his jeans back up.

"I approve of your girlish modesty, Stefanie, but there’s no need for it right now, after all, were all just girls here, right? Take those silly boys’ jeans off, NOW!" She barked. Pushing him back on the couch next to me. He began to cry, utterly humiliated and afraid, as he slowly took his jeans back down and pulled them off.

"Shoes and socks too, young lady!" As he obeyed Mommy switched on the TV and VCR, loading the tape she had just recorded, and pressed play. I had fun watching the effete little boy’s reactions as he watched me discover his bra and panties, seduce and dominate him, and force him to drink his own cum. "Gosh Stefanie, " I taunted him "What would your family or the bullies at school do If they saw this tape, I wonder?"

He was blushing and cried again.

"P-P-Please, d-d-don’t show it to anybody!" He stammered through his hopeless tears. "I’ll do whatever y’all say, PLEASE!"

"You bet your ass you will, you little slut, ‘cause if you don’t I’ll distribute copies of this to everyone you know, and they’ll all see what a panty wearing, cum sucking faggot you really are! Do you understand me you little bitch?" Mommy demanded.

"Y-Yes Mrs. Valentine!"

"That’s Mistress Mommy, you little whore. From now on you’ll live here as my little girl and slaveslut. You will never contact your old family again, we are your new family. You will learn to dress, walk, talk, and act like a girl in every way. You will go to school as a girl, date cute boys, suck their cocks, and even beg them to fuck your pretty little virgin faggot pussy!" He looked horrified as he listened to his new mistress.

Not contacting his family wouldn’t be a problem, his dad was a junkie and had abandoned them long ago. His mom was a whore and often brought her johns home to fuck right there in front of him and his little sister, from whom he’d stolen his pretty training bra and matching panties. He’d always felt like a girl inside, he thought, but living as a slavegirl and forced to suck cock and fuck like one was another story!

"Where did you get your pretty bra and panties, Steffi?"

"I-I s-s-stole ‘em from my sister."

"Shame on you! Don’t you think you’re a naughty little girl for stealing?"


"Yes, who?"

"Yes, Mistress Mommy."

"Yes, Mistress Mommy, what?"

"Yes, Mistress Mommy, I’m a naughty little girl!"

"You certainly are, little miss."

My clitty was rock hard inside my skimpy panties between my legs, and I had to clamp my thighs together to keep it from springing forward and revealing itself under my tight clinging black satin skirt as I watched Mommy dominate my new ‘little sister’. She sat on the couch between us.

"How should naughty little girls who steal their sister’s undies be punished, Stefanie dear?"

He hung his head in shame. "With a spanking." He sobbed quietly. Mommy smiled devilishly and patted her lap with both hands. Submissively Stefan obeyed her silent order, and draped himself over her lap. His long platinum blonde haired head rested in my lap, and I clamped my thighs tighter on my hot boyclit.

"Beg Mistress Mommy for your spanking, little sister." I whispered in his ear, stroking his pretty hair.

"Please spank me Mistress Mommy!"

Mommy spanked his girlish butt through his silky panties. He squirmed and wiggled on her lap to avoid the stinging slaps as I’d done so many times before…..


Pretty Stefanie knelt bound before me, her new Training Mistress, learning the fine art of dildopop sucking. Her pigtails were reins in my hands as I fucked her pink lipstick painted mouth. She wore my pink satin french maid’s outfit and looked absolutely darling. When she graduated to clittypop kissing and licking, I exposed her to my clitty. When she’d begged sufficiently to suck my clitty pop I stuffed it in her hot eager mouth and fucked her pretty little faggot pussy. She made loud slurping and smacking noises as she sucked, desperately trying to please me. When I busted my nut my sweet Stefanie was a very good little girl and gulped down every drop of my boygoo.

There was the shopping trip and the requisite visit to the porno shop, and after Mommy took his virginity to dildos she placed me completely in charge of his training and feminization. Stefanie’s submission to me was complete, never did he resist, hesitate, or disobey me. She slept in her pretty nighties on a mat at the foot of my bed, leashed to the bedpost. Each morning she’d awaken me by eagerly tugging down my panties with her lipsticked mouth (her wrists bound behind her), and feverishly sucking my boyclit. She bathed and clothed me. She took care of my household chores in addition to her own. She begged without being told for her spankings when she spilt my goo, although that was rare.

When Daddy let her suck him for the first time It was I, kneeling next to her, that force-fed his massive cock to her, pushing her head almost all the way down her new daddy’s cock over and over, holding it there as daddy burst down her throat. Daddy was her first man too, and he made love to her almost as sweetly as he had me. After that, when Master Peter wanted a blowjob or some pussy, Stefanie would gleefully help. I force-fed her Ivan’s and Master Dick’s cocks too, and she loved it. All the male slaves now made two weekly visits to Valentine Manor, one to use me, after serving their mistresses, and the other to use Steffi. Often when they used me some would come all over my ass, and sweet little Stefanie eagerly lapped it up immediately!

The years passed by quickly and just a week after my eighteenth birthday I had the operation. The pain was horrific, but as I sit here playing with the hot wet folds of my pretty pussy I can say without a doubt it was well worth it. Mommy gave me the choice of leaving to form my own stable, or remaining as Tracie had to continue serving her. I chose to stay.

Peter and Daddy both made sweet love to me. Men are no longer permitted to dominate me, but had to submit to my whims now. It’s fun being a mistress over them!

I love my new life, and look forward to the fantastic horizons ahead in the world of femininity






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