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R and R Deborah Leigh Johnson
R is for Rita Bethany Jacques
Rae Summers: A New Beginning Desiree Jones
Rainbow Samantha Michelle
Rainy Day/ Valentine Day Paul G Jutras
Ranch Dressing, Please Karen's Wife
Random Victories: Angels of Mercy Slothrop
Random Victories: The Legend Of Hair House Slothrop
Random Victories: The Mid Mountain File Slothrop
Random Victories: You're Gonna Carry That Weight Slothrop
Ranma 1/2 Gem Saotome Paul G Jutras
Ranma 1/2 Nightmare on Happosai St. Paul G Jutras
Ranma 1/2: Between Two Worlds Paul G Jutras
Ransom Jennifer White
Rape of an Indian Andrea
Rasha Jean M. Chambers
Ravenous Desires Jennifer White
Ray and Jan Frances El
Ray's Jam Frances El
Re-Structuring (4) Steffani St. James
Re-creation (2) Linda de Burge
Read Tery Maine
Reading STORYSITE Can Have Implications Lauran Travis
Real Life Test Angela Rasch
Real Spell Jennifer White
Reality Flux 2 Paul G Jutras
Reality Flux 3 Paul G Jutras
Reality Flux 4 Paul G Jutras
Reality Flux 5 Paul G Jutras
Reality Flux Paul G Jutras
Realization (2) Marti B
Realizations Ann O'Nonymous
Reasonable Brandy Dewinter
Rebirth III Jane Hudson
Rebirth II (4) J.L. Williams
Reborn (6) Cathy Evans
Rebuilding Gingerfred Man
Recombinant DNA Carolyn Collins
Reconciliation Cal Y. Pygia
Recovery Can Be Fun Lindsay Hart
Recruiting Letter Sabrina Sweete
Red November Jason argo
Redemption (2) Little Tom
Redenhart Eliza Claire
Rediscovering Caitlin Lisa Grey
Reform School Jennifer White
Regime 36 24 36 Hugschue
Regrets And Might-Have-Beens (2) Danielle L. Richards
Regrets, I've Had a Few Wannabe ginger
Rehabilitated Darlene LeQueene
Rejuvenation Jennifer White
Relaxant Suzi Page
Remarkable Jennifer White
Rememberances Ilean Anne Jerque
Remix (2) Brevdravis
Remote Control Wholeman
Renaissance Woman Mardee Louise Prynne
Renee's Birthday Janis Elizabeth
Rent Jennifer White
Reoccurring Dream Jennifer White
Reorientation 2 Jennifer White
Reorientation Jennifer White
Replacement Mannequin 2 Paul G Jutras
Replacement Mannequin 3 Paul G Jutras
Replacement Mannequin 4 Paul G Jutras
Replacement Mannequin 5 Paul G Jutras
Replacing Angelina Jean M. Chambers
Repositioning Emily Ross
Rescue Me (2) Lindsay Hart
Rescued by the Savior Dave Hicks
Reservations Gingerfred Man
Resident ShEvil Heather Sinclair
Restart Allie elle
Resurrection Mary 2 Kim EM
Resurrection Mary 3 Kim EM
Resurrection Mary Kim EM
Retirement Margaret Jeanette
Retrograde Dreams Kim EM
Reunion Masquerade Marti B
Revealing Samantha Starhawk
Revenge Can Be Sweet Rachael Free
Revenge in a Vat Patricia Pendragon
Revenge is Sweet Jennifer
Revenge of the Mommies Lorraine B.
Revenge Grand Wizard
Revenge Ashtyn,  Cathy Si
Reversion Joan Banks
Rewritten Julie O
Rhonda Girl Darlene LeQueene
Rhonda's Story (3) Rhonda
Richard The III Janet L. Stickney
Richard to Tammy Lisa Di
Richie Rich: Vault of Mystery Paul G Jutras
Riding Bitch (10) Cissykay
Riding on Buses Jane Hudson
Rings Jennifer White
Rita's Report Janet L. Stickney
Road Trip Ellie Dauber
Roadside Assistance Destiny
Roadside Attraction Slothrop
Rob, Jacqui and Jenny too (2) Alison Barlow
Robbie's Christmas Miracle Donna Allyson
Roberta's Christmas Wish (2) Paul G Jutras
Robin Hoodwink Prudence Walker
Robin's Heart Suzi Page
Robin's Last Stand Paul G Jutras
Rock Star Jennifer White
Rocking in the Big Easy Lia Monde
Roger's Plight Constance Grant
Role Model Gingerfred Man
Role Rehearsal J. R. Anthony
Role Reversal Jennifer White
Role-Over (10) Julia Manchester
Ronda (8) Rone Welles
Ronni and Ruthie Emmie Dee
Room Service Caroline Bradley
Rosemarie Rachel Ann Cooper
Rosie the Sissy (2) Beverly Taff
Round Trip (3) Hebe Dotson
Roy's Saga Roy Del Frink
Rubicon IV Tery Maine
Runaway (4) Zoneefem


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