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2001          Complete : Yes       rated: R

A young child genius is placed into care because he's TV and declared to be 'Beyond Parental Control'. There he is abused and eventually absconds to survive as a child beggar/prostitute on the city streets of England. In his teens, he builds a spaceship and leaves Earth forever.
Things don't pan out and whilst he is returning after many years absence he rescues some lost American astronauts whose shuttle has missed the moon and gone plunging into deep space. He returns the shuttle and it's crew to a French aircraft carrier then disappears back into space. The shit hits the fan on Earth as American and French authorities try to keep the whole story a secret.
A Lesbian reporter is voluntarily 'abducted' in the space ship and the second chapter explains what happens next.
Part 2. Beverly describes her childhood experiences in care to Ruby.
Some of this is autobiographical to the author. Other stuff has been threaded into the story from other children's experiences of the care system. Beverly learned about these whilst in care and afterwards outside care. Some of the children are now dead. Victims of suicide, drug abuse, or worse.
Beverly then describes to Ruby her adventures and narrow escapes during her early journeys.
Part 3. Beverly loses some of her fears and agrees to take Ruby to meet her alien friends on another planet.
Ruby is taken across the universe to another galaxy and is introduced to an intelligent species of amphibians who are facing serious problems due to overcrowding. She is amazed to discover that Beverly has been mixing with this alien race for decades and has shared some of the secrets of her spaceship with them. She is shown the original 'rust-bucket' that Beverly first built and ventured into space with and then she learns of the terrible almost suicidal risks that Beverly took. She eventually returns to earth after having discussed the potential for genetic engineering to circumvent the amphibian's overcrowding problems.
Part 4. Beverly returns Ruby back to earth with many of her secrets to be shared out philanthropically amongst the whole human race.
Beverly does not land on earth but returns back to space leaving Ruby frustrated and lonely to present humanity with some of the secrets of space travel.
Beverly has not released all her secrets however, for she still cannot trust the male human race after all the trauma of her childhood abuse as a transvestite.
Part 5. Ruby has become depressed by Beverly's departure and she becomes a rich recluse
emerging only to conduct essential business as the Chief Exec of her bio-engineering company.
One night she is shocked and delighted by Beverly's secret return accompanied with twenty amphibian children who are the results of the Amph's genetic experimentation and engineering with the eggs she donated for them and the sperm Beverly donated.
Part 6. In this chapter Beverly and Ruby take their genetically engineered amph children on a tour of the USA.   An accident exposes Ruby's son's unusual amphibian genitalia and the doctors start a whispering campaign. Ruby, Beverly and the children only just make it to their remote cottage before the press arrive baying for a story. The publicity alerts the federal
authorities and 'Cold Albatross 3' only just manages to escape after a missile is launched from a pursuing F16. The return to the amph planet where both Ruby and Beverly donate more genetic material.
Before returning to Earth Beverly and Ruby visiting another alien species in Cold Albatross 2.  Beverly has decided to call in a few favours and get Cold Albatross 2 armed ready to return to Earth. This alien race are a far more
aggressive species that Beverly normally keeps at arm's length because of their aggressive tendencies.  However they are delighted to meet the girls and willingly arm Cold Albatross 2 with a defense shield and some simple weapons.   They return to Earth by the familiar 'aircraft carrier' approach and introduce themselves this time to the Spanish Navy.
Part 7. Cold Albatross returns to Earth  on a Spanish Aircraft carrier and Beverly finally introduces herself to humanity. She explains Anti-grav to the gathered scientists and they finally get to understand how it works. She still refuses to reveal the secrets of space warping or time travel.
Slowly she comes to terms with the circumstances on Earth and visits the gay village in Manchester. As plans are made for marriage to Ruby she locates her only remaining sister but the meeting fails and Beverly realises she cannot get over her abused childhood.   Ruby is left to pick up the pieces as beverly returns to Manchester to savour the liberal delights of the gay village.
Part 8. The final chapter of
Beverly's story. She Settles down with Ruby to a quiet life. Bit of an anticlimax really.
9 -  Earth is about to be invaded by a race of insectoid aliens.
Beverly devises a uniquely typical technique for averting war whilst taking advantage of the situation.

Age: Adult 26-55   Categories: Age Regression, Chemical or Drug Induced Change, Crime Punishment, Crossdressing/TV, Cultural Change, In Hiding, Misc. Stories, Sci-Fi, She Males    Keywords: Hormones, Pregnant/ Having a Baby, Wedding Dress or Married

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Mares Tales

2001          Complete : Yes     rated: XXX

Part 1 - Our TV heroine Beverly is caught with tell-tale stains in her panties at Miss Lanes Academy.   Threats and detective work soon establish what's been going on. Beverly and her friend Veronica are subsequently punished and then decisions are discussed to correct their misbehaviour with surgery.
Part 2 - Beverly's punishment is discussed by the staff at Miss Lane's school.    The decision is made and she undergoes 'corrective surgery' to prevent anymore 'masturbatory misdemeanours'.
Part 3 - Chapter 3 describes how Beverly's bilateral hermaphrodism is discovered during surgery and the subsequent additional steps that Doctor James is forced to take to accommodate Beverly's unique condition.
The programmed remedial surgery has to be foregone as the medical team are forced to explore Beverly's unique anatomy.
After consulting Beverly's parents, the doctors explore her body and then complete what nature had already started.   Beverly ends up with both a functioning vagina and penis.   She is also now capable of impregnating herself and bringing a child to full term.
Happy reading folks!
Part 4 - Beverly wakes up after her surgery and learns slowly about her strange new anatomy.   Her friend veronica is left to look after her needs until the effects of the surgery have healed.   Some interesting psychology is used to reinforce their interdependence and friendship.
Part 5 - Beverly finally discovers all the aspects of her unusual surgery.    Veronica is compelled to look after Beverly and attend to all her needs during convalescence.   This reinforces the dependence between them.
After Beverly is recovered, Veronica is taken away for her surgery.
Part 6 - Beverly continues to come to terms with her operation and explores its potential.   Another unwilling postoperative TS called Jennifer befriends Beverly.    This is because Jennifer is a boy unwillingly altered into a girl.   This in effect makes her into a lesbian and she can only come to terms with Beverly as a girl because beverly does have a vagina.
Whilst Veronica,  (nicknamed Vee) is away being operated upon, Jenny becomes friendly with  Beverly.
Part 7 - Veronica returns from her corrective surgery and the three friends, Beverly, Jennifer and Veronic learn exactly how to orchestrate Veronica's orgasms.
Some interesting lovemaking techniques are learned by the friends.
Part 8 - With Veronica's return more psychiatric programming is practiced upon our three friends. Beverly is also betrayed by one of the staff and is 'harnessed' into helplessness whilst the maid abuses her. Next she returns to class where a very interesting 'English Lesson' is conducted.
Part 9 - This chapter dwells upon the training and programming used in the middle school.    It's much the same as the previous chapters as I slowly evolved the story from a 'Girl's School' type of Story to a Sci-fi novel.
Be patient, things get more interesting in the next few chapters.
Sorry if this chapter seems to be something of a repeat of the earlier chapters.    It was my first novel and written over many years.   Some bits are over ten years old.
The chapter ends with our friends ascending into the upper school.
Part 10 - Beverly unwittingly gets herself pregnant.   It turns out to be twins. Her pregnancy is described and also the genetic outcome of her twins.
Part 11 -A railway crossing accident mutilates Beverly's friends when their arms and legs are sliced off by the locomotive hitting the school minibus.
They have to come to terms with their injuries and the resolve to form a research team in various different medical and scientific disciplines to try and solve their problems with 'transplant surgery in late life'.
This is an important 'transitional chapter that leads our heroines into adult life.   It prepares for the the novel to cross into the realms of science fiction.
Part 12 - After the graduation ceremonies.   Beverly finds out a lot more about her childhood from her parents then she discusses the options available to the group for overcoming her friend's disabilities.
This chapter is the first inklings of the ideas fermenting in the friend's brains.
Part 13 - Our friends complete their university educations and now set out on the research path to prepare themselves for grafting themselves onto horses.   Not much TV sex in this chapter I'm afraid.
Part 14 - This chapter starts to explore the science and medicine required to research the planned transplants.   Apart from a few pages of graphic sex it is really a Sci-Fi exploration of transplants.
Part 15 - Preparations to graft Veronica's limbless torso to the 'palamino' pony called Juno are complete.   This chapter details the expectations of our friends and finishes on the eve of the operation.
Part 16 - Veronica undergoes the surgery to attach her torso to Juno.  The 'symbiotic relationship between Juno and Veronica is explored at length and the tantalizing shared sensations are described in some detail.
Beverly's first conjugation with Veronica as a centaur is delicately described.
Part 17 - Beverly and Veronica enjoy their first intimacies  since Veronica's attachment to Juno the Palamino Mare.
Preparations are started for grafting Jenny to one of the ponies.
A little surprise is in store for Jenny because she thinks she is being grafted to the Appalloosa Mare called Venus.
In fact she is going to be grafted to the magnificent stallion called Jet.    This is Beverly's way of giving Jenny back her much lamented penis.
Part 18 - Jenny is unknowingly grafted onto Jet the stallion.
She awakes terrified at first, thinking that her friends have played a nasty trick. Then she realises that she now enjoys a proper stallion's penis in addition to her female 'fore-parts'.
The story then begins to explore centaur sex.
Part 19 - Beverly needs a respite from her laboratory work after giving Veronica and jenny their mobility once more.   She decides to return to her parents to have her second pair of twins at home.   During her journey home she stops over at Miss Lane's and gets delayed by a storm.    She learns about the adult side of the school and more about how the pupils are programmed for life on the outside.
Part 20 - Beverly returns home to deliver her twins then returns to live with her friends.    The new sexuality of the centaurs is explored in more depth.
Part 21 - Cynthia and jacky finally get their wish to be grafted onto mares (cebtaur style) to compensate for their missing legs.
The friends then receive an uninvited visit from a 'gutter-press reporter',which leads to the next set of adventures.
Part 22 - A reporter hears rumours about centaurs and uses his past aquaintance with Beverly to trick his way into the laboratories.    The tables are turned and he gets his cum-uppance before our friends take flight to a secret foreign destination.
Part 23 - Our friends finally escape from Britain  by sea and land to Scandinavia.
On a remote Scandinavian arctic island they resume their researches and the story continues to explore various aspects of TV and Centaur sexuality.
Regular readers will know this is not perverse or explicit.
Part 24 - After arriving on their secret island, our friends set about the last surgical problem of growing and grafting new arms onto Jenny and Veronica.   During this stay the disadvantages of a lack of arms is made painfully obvious to Jenny and Vee.
Eventually the surgery is completed and the friends now have to go 'public'.
Part 25 - Beverly and her friends finally go public with the centaur experiments.
This chapter describes the academic aspects and the reactions of the scientists.
It explores the press reactions and finally describes how the friend gently ease themselves into everyday life by slowly venturing out into the village after the general hubbub dies down.
Part 26 - The centaurs are eventually introduced to the local villagers and a gradual process of familiarisation is adopted. Within a few months the local villagers accept the centaurs and take them to their hearts.
Having fulfilled her promise to her friends, Beverly becomes restless with the life of idle luxury and decides to fulfill her own ambitions of sailing around the world.
The centaurs and children decide to join her and Bernard's 'coming of age' as a transvestite is described.
Part 27 - Our friends embark upon Beverly's long awaited 'Round the world yacht voyage'.
This chapter describes their spectacular arrival in America and various other experiences around the world.
The second part of the chapter describes how a 'Day of the trifids' comet appears and takes up a temporary 'pole to pole' orbit around the Earth.   It is finally captured by the moon's gravity and flung off again towards the sun.   beverly and her friends, voyaging down by Macdonald and heard Islands in the Antarctic Ocean are the only humans not to see the comet or experience it's deadly radiation.    On arrival in Australia, they learn of the comet and it's ghastly effects upon male fertility.    Beverly realises she and Bernadette, (her hermaphrodite 'son') are the only fertile human males left on earth. An interesting scenario, I think you would agree.
Part 28 - Beverly and friends reach San Francisco where they indulge themselves in the gay scene.
Whilst touring The Western States she is befriended by a Lesbian dancer called Debbie, who is an old friend/aquaintance of Margaret.    Debbie is deeply into bondage.    The details are contained in the story.
Part 29 - Chapter 29 explores developments amongst Beverly's hermaphrodite children as they mature and become aware of their unique duality.    It describes the unique steps Beverly takes to address their developments and describes some unusual developments concerning protection of their special status now that all other males have been sterilised by the 'comet'
Part 30 - Beverly Returns home to England to rejoin her old friends.
The world is descending into chaos as no babies are being born and the centaurs are working along with all other research establishments to 'synthesise' fertile male sperm.   Eventually Beverly reveals her secret fertility and the firneds set about donating anonymous samples to various universities.   There is an interesting 'mutation' to the sperm which is neatly described in the story.
Part 31 - Whilst distributing sperm, Beverly is captured and abducted by a lesbian gang who want to control the distribution of sperm.   Beverly is forced into bondage by some unusual 'surgery' and the permanent connection of a 'crotch bolt'.
Part 32 - Beverly escapes from the lesbian gang of megalomaniacs who wanted to rule the world. She is rescued by her centaur friends. This concludes the story.

Age: Pre-Teen to Adult AP   Categories: Bad Boy to Good Girl, Bizarre Body Modifications, Body Swap, Bondage, Caught with Consequences, Chemical or Drug Induced Change, Crossdressing/TV, Crime Punishment, Cultural Change,  Femdom/ Authoritarian, Girl's School, In Hiding, Mind Altered/ Hypnosis/ Brainwashed, Mind Transfer/ Mind Possession, Misc. Stories, Physically Forced or Blackmailed, Sci-Fi, Sexual Punishment, She Males, Sweet/ Sentimental, The Operation     Keywords: Appliances Attached, Butt Plugs and Dildos, Castration, Chastity Belts, Corsets, Extreme Body Piercing, Hair or Hair Salon, Pregnant/ Having a Baby

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Snake 2003 Complete: No Rated: R
Part 1 - Two Herpetologists, (Snake Specialists,) hear of some remarkable stories in the depths of the Amazon Rain Forests.
They go to investigate the stories of a lost tribe of snake worshipers and become deeply involved in the tribes
Part 2 -
Our intrepid scientists (Now in serpentine form!), learn of their new task. This chapter describes their adventures.
Part 3-
Our friends learn of new developments at the Gaia Foundation to develope protection from AIDS.

Age: Adult 26-55     Categories: Bizarre Body Modifications, Chemical or Drug Induced Change, Crime Punishment, Cultural Change, In Hiding, Misc. Stories, Sci-Fi     Keywords: Butt Plugs and Dildos, Hormones

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Rosie the Sissy 2005 Complete: No Rated: R
Part 1 -A young boy Robert has to share baby sitting duties with his twin sister Wendy to look after their younger half sister who is a 'spoiled brat. After teasing his younger half sister, robert is compelled to undergo 'petticoat punishment' and gradually adopts a sissy lifestyle.
Part 2 - Rosie's ascent into frilly sissyhood and development as a 'shemale.

Age: Pre-Teen Under 13     Categories: Bad Boy to Good Girl, Chemical or Drug Induced Change, She Males, The Operation     Keywords: Hormones, School Girl

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