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Recombinant DNA             by: Carol Collins


Daniel Sims, Junior, lay on his bed gazing out the window. Spring had come early to the area where he lived. "Funny," he thought to himself, "when I was a kid, I ran through the pastures and rolled in the grass. I played with all the other children, grew up, got married, raised children of my own, worked in medical research for almost forty years. I thought that I would live forever. And now, I am almost at the end." Daniel had lived a good life. He had a wife who had loved him until she had died a year before. Now, Daniel had terminal cancer.

Daniel had married just after he graduated from college. His wife and he had raised two beautiful daughters, both of whom had followed their father into medical careers. He was proud of Janice and Melissa. Janice, the older daughter and a registered nurse, had never married. She had immersed herself in her work. Melissa, on the other hand, had juggled her career in medical research, a husband and two children of her own. His wife, two daughters and the medical breakthroughs that he had helped to bring about had made his life full and interesting. The end would still be difficult to face, and he was determined to go down fighting.

It was the middle of the afternoon when Daniel slowly rose up from the bed and made his way to the shower. Melissa had telephoned an hour ago and had sounded quite excited as she told him that there was a new DNA discovery at her research lab. She had told him that she would be here as soon as she got off from work. As slow as Daniel had to move these days, he figured he had just enough time to shower, shave, comb his graying and thinning hair, get dressed and then rest up from the activities before she arrived. Besides, he wanted to fix a snack for them to prove to her that he wasn’t quite an invalid yet.

The exertion took more strength out of Daniel than he wanted to admit. Janice and Melissa had tried to talk him into moving in with one of them, but he had enjoyed his independence and was reluctant to give it up. When Melissa arrived at the house where she had grown up, she found her father, all dressed and looking in good spirits, preparing a dinner for the two of them. She knew that he was putting on a show for her benefit. She knew of the painkillers that he had to take several times a day. That’s why she knew that she could not put off using the new drug that was developed at her research center.

Melissa Morgan was a research assistant at the DNA Research Testing Center. Even though she was just an assistant, her boss was Dr. Seimens, the top geneticist in the world. His newest invention could probably save her father’s life. If the Federal Food and Drug Administration guidelines were followed, it would take years before the drug would be approved for human beings. Her father did not have that long! She had read the notes on the process and felt that she had the expertise to carry out the procedure. Since her father’s life hung in the balance, she was willing to throw caution to the wind.

The process that Dr. Seimens had developed promised to bring about a complete rejuvenation of a person’s body. Another set of cells had to be donated from a person of similar DNA make up. The younger the donor, the better the results in the laboratory. Then the new DNA was recombined with the test subject’s DNA to produce the serum to be injected in the test subject. The test subject, in this experiment, was to be Melissa’s father.

Melissa had taken some skin cells from her young daughter the previous weekend. It had been a painless process and little two-year-old Susie never even noticed. She had taken some cells from her father as he had lain on the sofa taking a nap. Melissa had secretly preformed the serum production without anyone in the research lab learning of her clandestine experiment. She really did want to include Dr. Seimens, but knew that what she was doing was illegal, and did not want to jeopardize her boss. It was almost certain that if her boss knew of her intentions, he would have stopped her, at the least, and maybe fired her, at the worst. Therefore, the secrecy.

Melissa sat at the kitchen table with her father as they ate dinner. She had called her husband during lunch and he was taking care of the children tonight while she visited her father. She had worried that her father was not eating the proper foods. She carried on a polite conversation as they finished their meal.

Daniel was proud of Melissa. She was a natural blonde with long hair, about five foot four, blue eyes, nice figure, even after two children, and had a very pleasant personality. Her husband was a good man who loved her and her two children, a boy and a girl, were adorable. Her career was in a field that tried to alleviate the pain and suffering of Mankind. His wife had been very proud of her younger daughter. His thoughts were interrupted when he realized that Melissa had said something completely amazing. "We have broken new ground in the process of recombinant DNA research. It involves a process of using a virus as the vector to introduce a modified DNA structure back into a test subject. For instance, Janice and little Susie are the only other people in the family with green eyes and black hair like yours. That led me to believe that your DNA probably matched Susie’s close enough to use it in the experiment. And when I checked them in the lab, they were very close." Melissa paused for a moment to decide what to say next.

"We created a retro-virus with the DNA of the subject with an extra chromatid from the donor superimposed on it. When injected into the test subject, a complete metabolic and physiological change takes place. It essentially rejuvenates the test subject." Melissa waited for the implications of what she had just said to sink in. She picked up her purse from the kitchen table, opened it and retrieved a small bottle of serum and a new hypodermic needle. She laid the items on the table in front of her father.

Daniel was speechless. His mind almost refused to accept the possibilities of what his daughter was offering him. He felt faint as he realized that there was a possibility that he could beat the terminal illness that threatened his life. His hand shook as he slowly reached out to touch the small bottle sitting on the kitchen table. Of course, he knew that this was untested. He knew that he would be a guinea pig. He knew that this was dangerous. He knew that even if the serum did work, that there would be side effects. He also knew that he would die in a couple of months if he did nothing. His fingers closed around the bottle.

Daniel heard his daughter tell him of all the possible dangers. She even told him that there were many dangers that they were not even aware of yet. He replied, "What chance do I have if I don’t take the drug?" They shared an understanding of the situation. Melissa explained that the serum needed to be used quickly or it would deteriorate. Daniel nodded his head. Melissa told her father to roll up his sleeve as she filled the hypodermic needle syringe with the precious fluid from the bottle. The injection took only a couple of minutes. The ramifications of the experiment would last much longer.

The flu virus that vectored the DNA into each and every one of Daniel’s cells started their process even before he got up from the kitchen table. Automatically, he cleaned the kitchen table while he told Melissa that he accepted all the responsibility for anything that went wrong. By the time he had loaded the dirty dishes in the dishwasher, he was feeling lightheaded. Melissa helped him into his bedroom where he sat on the side of the bed. His condition was weak and he had a thin film of perspiration on his forehead. His daughter was worried about her father’s reaction to the drug. The laboratory rats that she had been injecting with the drug, modified DNA for rats, of course, had not had such a reaction. Her father lay down and she covered him with a blanket.

When her father began to shiver, Melissa called her sister. She told Janice that it was an emergency and she arrived twenty minutes later. Janice had short dark hair, a pretty face and nice body. When Melissa explained what had happened, Janice was upset that Melissa had injected their father with an experimental drug. "What were you thinking? What you have done is illegal. You could go to jail! At the least, you will be fired from your job. Why didn’t you think?"

Melissa looked her older sister in the eye and said, "I did it because he is our father." Janice saw the tears forming in her younger sister’s eyes and understood. For a moment, they embraced each other as each fought back the tears. "Okay," Janice finally said, "You and I will have to watch him until this is over."

Ten minutes later, Daniel Sims was beginning to have convulsions. Janice picked up the telephone and called a close friend. When she answered, Janice said, "Joyce, I have an emergency and need a favor. Can I use your clinic tonight?"

The soft voice on the line belonged to Dr. Joyce Stapleton, Janice’s employer and lesbian lover. Daniel had never realized that his oldest daughter was a lesbian. His wife had known. Melissa knew. Daniel had thought that Janice was just dedicated to her work and simply did not have time to look for a husband yet. "Certainly, Janice. Is there anything I can do?" Janice told her that it was too complicated to explain over the phone and asked her if she could meet them at her clinic. Joyce said she would be there in half an hour.

Melissa was driving her van that she carried her son’s soccer team around in, so they helped their father out to it and put him in the back. Melissa drove as Janice sat with him. Fifteen minutes later, they pulled up to the back door of the small clinic. Business hours had ended an hour ago and it was deserted as Janice wheeled a gurney into position.

Daniel was beginning to have more serious convulsions as they helped him to lay on the examining table in the small operating room in the clinic. Janice started an IV as Melissa covered him with another blanket. Electrodes were attached to monitor heartbeat and breathing. Janice worked with the efficiency acquired with several years of experience as she used scissors to cut off her father’s clothing. Melissa assisted in every way that she could. Both were determined to do whatever was necessary to try to save their father’s life.

"What is the emergency?" A soft feminine voice asked as a very attractive redhead entered the room. Janice quickly told Joyce what the situation was. Joyce turned her green eyes on Melissa as she heard that an unproven drug had been injected into a human being. Having lost her own father the previous year, she understood the motivations, but she also knew what the result would be if the authorities learned of the illegal experiment. By not reporting this situation, Joyce would be as guilty as the two sisters. Janice had asked for a favor. This was a big one. Her only question was, "Okay. What do you want me to do to help?"

For the next few hours, it was touch and go. The crash cart had to be used twice to restart Daniel’s heart. He had become delirious as his fever had climbed higher. Both hot and cold chem pouches were applied to different parts of his body to stabilize his body temperature. By three AM, physical changes were taking place. Even his facial bone structure was changing along with his skeleton. By four AM, he was noticeably smaller, where the extra body mass went was a mystery. By five AM, he had been moaning for over an hour. An inspection revealed that his body was changing in ways never believed possible. They pulled the blankets back for a closer examination. None of the three women present could believe what they saw!

Daniel Sims, for all practical purposes, was becoming a female! As his body shrank in size, height and weight, he had grown a pair of very well defined breasts. His penis and testes had disappeared completely. In their place was a very female vagina. His hands and feet were smaller. They were almost delicate. His face was softer, much more feminine. The four o’clock shadow that had been a trademark of Daniel Sims since his adolescence, was completely gone. His hairline was no longer receding and his hair was no longer gray. By six in the morning, Daniel’s fever was receding as well. He now appeared to be a young woman in her early twenties or late teens. A blanket was placed over his, that is, her perspiring body when it was evident that the danger was past.

The three women who had stayed up all night attending to the needs of Daniel Sims had observed the transformation as it had taken place in silence. They were too amazed to even make a comment. The ramifications of what they had just witnessed boggled their minds. No one would ever have to die? Could it be possible? Even though they had all been up for twenty-four hours, each was too excited to sleep. They left the patient to sleep peacefully and went to Joyce’s office to drink a cup of fresh coffee and discuss how to handle the situation.

Melissa sat in a comfortable chair while Janice and Joyce sat on the sofa. Joyce had her head on Janice’s shoulder and Janice had her arm around Joyce. It was Saturday morning, so Janice and Melissa could take the day off. Joyce called another doctor to take her rounds at the local hospital. Janice was the first to speak, "I don’t know what has happened. It would take a team of research doctors years to study what we have witnessed tonight. I certainly don’t know how dad is going to react to waking up as a girl." A grin slowly came to her lips as she added, "I admit that it will be interesting to find out."

It was decided that Melissa would take a nap in an adjoining examination room while Joyce freshened up in her private restroom and Janice kept watch on her father. Occasionally, Janice would pull the blanket down to inspect her father. He had not changed in over an hour. Thankfully, the process had apparently halted and he was sleeping quietly. Around noon, Joyce returned and gave the sleeping patient a thorough examination. She confirmed Janice’s diagnosis that there had not been any further changes. Daniel’s pulse rate and breathing was normal for a sleeping person. Joyce stated, "It appears that the person on the table is nothing more than a healthy young woman."

"Oh boy! Won’t Dad be surprised!" Janice whispered to herself.

Melissa was awakened at eleven o’clock for her shift. Janice and Joyce tried to make themselves comfortable on the sofa in Joyce’s office. Melissa examined her father’s transformed body as he slept. She figured that Susie’s chromosomes had evidently contained the x-y gene combination that changed her father into his present physical state. This was certainly an unforeseen side effect. How her father dealt with his new body would be anyone’s guess.

It was around two in the afternoon when Daniel began to regain consciousness. Strange dreams were swept away from his mind as awareness took over. The sensations were somewhat unusual, but, since he had developed the life threatening disease, he had not felt normal. Then, he remembered that Melissa had brought a new drug that might possibly cure him. Daniel’s eyes fluttered open and he looked around the room. This was not his bedroom. Then he saw Melissa standing beside the bed.

Daniel tried to say, "Hello," but his mouth was to dry to speak. His daughter got a glass of water for him and he tried to sit up. He found that he was very weak and that his body felt completely disoriented. Melissa raised his head so that he could take a drink of water. One sip followed another until the glass was half-empty. The glass was pulled away from his lips and he saw two large mounds on his chest. His right hand automatically moved up to rub his chest. His high pitched scream woke Janice and Joyce.

Daniel pulled down the blanket to see with his own two eyes what his sense of touch had told him. Sitting on his chest was two rather large breasts. Large pink nipples capped each. He rolled his big green eyes up to his daughter and managed to gasp, "What happened?" Janice and Joyce, responding to the scream, rushed into the room as Melissa began to explain to her father about what had happened after he had been injected with the serum.

The heart monitor showed that Daniel’s pulse rate was elevated as he listened to the accounts of his transformation. "The one good thing about the situation is that you are no longer sick. You are perfectly healthy. The only side effect that is evident at this time is that you are a female." Melissa added.

"Female!" Daniel thought to himself as it sank in that this was not a dream. Out loud, he said, "You are saying that I am a female in every way?" His higher pitched voice had a quaver to it as he had asked the question. All three of the women had nodded their heads in the affirmative. He laid his head back on the pillow and tried to imagine what life would be like if he had to live it as a woman. He realized that he had no concept of what a woman did or how she thought. He had been married for almost forty years and he still never understood women or how they thought.

"Dad?" He felt a hand on his shoulder. He opened his eyes to see Melissa. She had tears in her eyes. "I’m sorry, Daddy." Daniel’s parental instincts took over as he reached up and held her hand. "Don’t worry about it, Baby. I knew perfectly well that dangers were associated with taking an untested drug. Remember, I said that I accepted full responsibility if anything went wrong. At least I’m alive and you say that I appear to be healthy. Besides, being female isn’t so bad. You and your sister are females. And, I think that both of you are absolutely great." Both Melissa and Janice smiled at the young woman who was their father. "Besides, about half the people on Earth are women. I guess I’ll just have to find out how the other half live." Melissa and Janice hugged their father. It was unusual to hug him and have his large bouncing breasts pressed against their own, but it was something that they would have to get used to.

Janice was familiar with the kitchenette in the clinic, so she went to prepare some food for everyone. Melissa assisted Joyce as she gave Daniel a thorough examination. She even had Daniel put his feet in the stirrups as she used a speculum to inspect Daniel’s new vagina. He found the inspection to be most embarrassing. His new vagina appeared to be normal in every way. Perhaps the clitoris had an above normal level of sensitivity, but everything else seemed to be female.

Janice had fixed a cup of tomato soup and a sandwich for every body. Daniel was helped to a sitting position and a tray was placed in his lap. He turned down offers to feed him. He was too independent for that. He shifted to a better sitting position and felt his breasts shifting around on his chest. He noticed that his arms were slim and his hands were smaller as he ate his first food in almost twenty-four hours. Even though the food tasted good, his mind wandered to his present situation. How was he to live as a woman? His wife had raised his daughters and taught them "female things." He had no idea how a woman lived her life. He felt lost and bewildered.

After eating some food, Daniel felt some strength returning to his weakened body. He also felt the urge to pee. When he told them what he needed to do, they helped him to stand up and slowly walk to the john. He was self conscious of the fact that he was the only one that was nude. He also realized that he would have to sit down to pee. His daughters stood beside him after he had sat down. He looked up at them as he waited for them to give him some privacy. They finally took the hint and walked out of the bathroom. He had not realized that women go to the bathroom together all the time. He still thought of himself as male. Finally, he relaxed enough for a stream to flow into the toilet bowl. It felt different that it did before the transformation. He remembered to use some toilet paper to pat himself dry. This was going to take some getting used to.

Daniel managed to stand up by himself. There was a large mirror in the bathroom. He moved to stand in front of it. He almost fainted when he saw his modified body. His hand found a rail on the wall as he took inventory. His hair was short, but the gray was now gone from his dark hair. His face was feminine and cute. His neck was slender, his breasts were large, his nipples were large and pink, his waist was narrow, his hips were fairly wide and his legs were long and shapely. If this body had passed by as he was strolling through a shopping mall, he would have turned to watch. Daniel shocked himself when he realized that he thought, "At least I’m pretty."

Daniel noticed that he had an audience. Janice, Melissa and the doctor’s reflections could be seen looking in the door as they watched his reaction to his own reflection. His soft feminine voice asked, "Well, what do you think?" All three told him he was beautiful. For some reason, he felt very good about their compliments. He could not help but smile at them as a warm feeling washed through his feminine body.

The fever had caused Daniel to sweat quite a bit. He asked if he could use the shower. He was told that he could if some one could stay in the bathroom with him to make sure that he didn’t fall and hurt himself. The warm water felt so very good as it washed the sweat and soreness from his body. Soaping up his new body was a sensual experience. He would have been tempted to explore some of his body parts further if it hadn’t been for Melissa sitting on the sink counter top. It was a new sensation to run his soapy hands across his large boobs and sensitive bottom. He was upset that he had no penis or testes, though. He felt refreshed as he turned off the shower and dried.

Melissa held his arm as they went back to sit on the small bed in the emergency room. Janice said that they wanted to take some measurements. Daniel was weighed, measured and blood samples were taken. He had lost weight while he was sick, but had lost even more over the last twenty-four hours. Janice told him that he appeared to be a perfectly healthy young woman. Joyce brought some clothes in and laid them on the bed. "This is a change of clothes that I kept in my office. These may not be the exact size, but they will fit much better than the clothing you wore when you came here. Besides, we had to cut your old clothing off from you as you lay in a coma." Melissa picked up a pair of black bikini panties. They were so thin that they were almost transparent. Daniel mumbled something about not wearing something like that. He was asked if he preferred going around without any panties at all. He had not thought of it that way. He reluctantly stepped into the silk pair of black panties as Melissa held them for him. They fit his new hips well.

Melissa picked up a matching brassiere. It was black and had see through cups. He had watched his wife don her brassieres for years, but had no idea on how to put one on himself. Melissa slid it on him and fastened it in back. She tried to tell him how to pull his breasts up in the cups of his bra so that it would fit better. Finally she gave up, reached into his brassiere and pulled his breasts up until his large pink nipples were almost peeking over the top of the low cut cups. He was told that the brassiere was only a 38C cup and that he would need a 38D cup. He noticed that his daughters and the doctor seemed to be envious.

"Since you have never shaved your legs and Joyce hasn’t a pair of pants for you to wear, you’ll have to wear this pair of dark pantyhose to cover the hair on your legs. Women shave their legs, Dad. When we get home, you’ll have to learn to shave yours. And, don’t forget your armpits." Melissa helped him put on the black pantyhose. He had grown up with women wearing regular nylon stockings and had always hated pantyhose. To please her husband, his wife had worn a garter belt and stockings on special occasions.

Next, Melissa held up a red long sleeved mini dress. Joyce said that she had kept this change of clothes at the office in case she wanted to go out partying right after work. The dress was short on Daniel. It would have been short on almost any woman. He was now five foot five inches tall and it was still short. Plus, the neckline was low cut to emphasis the wearer’s cleavage. When it was zipped up in back, it hugged every curve of Daniel’s new body.

The only shoes that were available were a red pair of strappy high heel sandals. Daniel objected when his daughter began to buckle the ankle straps around his trim ankles. When both shoes were attached to his small feet, he tried to stand up and almost fell on his face. Janice and Melissa caught him and told him to hang onto them until he got the hang of walking in high heels. He asked if he couldn’t go without shoes as they slowly led him around the room. He was given instructions on how to walk and how big to make each step. Ten minutes later, he was walking unassisted. Two minutes after that, he had to sit down to rest.

Melissa pulled out a hairbrush from her purse and brushed his hair in a feminine style. It was surprising what she could do with relatively short hair when she used a little hair spray to hold it in place. Melissa almost had a maternal instinct as she helped her father dress. Joyce moved in close to Daniel and looked him over closely. "You make a very pretty young woman. A little make up and you’d be a real sexy lady." She reached into her pocket and pulled out a tube of dark red lipstick. He tried to decline the offer, but she would not take "no" for a response. He puckered his lips for her the way she showed him to do. He could smell her sweet perfume since she was so close to him. He thought that it was a pretty fragrance as he gazed into her big green eyes. Joyce smiled and moved even closer as she painted his lips with red lipstick. Janice cleared her throat rather loudly and Joyce moved back a step before she pulled a small bottle of perfume from her pocket and dabbed a little behind each of his ears. Janice said, "That’s enough for today, Dad isn’t entering the Miss America Contest. We just need to put some clothes on him so that he doesn’t get arrested on the way home." Melissa led Daniel to the bathroom mirror so that he could see himself as Janice moved behind Joyce and pinched her round bottom. Joyce whispered in Janice’s ear, "I wonder if your Dad tastes as good as she looks?" Janice gave her lesbian lover a stern look just before Joyce threw her arms around her neck and kissed her lips. Janice did not respond at first, but relaxed when she felt Joyce’s tongue move into her mouth. It had been several days since they had been together and the stress from the previous night needed to be relieved. "Your Dad seems to be doing well. Why don’t you let Melissa take him home and you stay with me. I promise to make it enjoyable for you." They kissed again. "Of course, if you want, your Daddy can stay, too. I think she is very sexy."

In the bathroom, Daniel could not believe that he was looking at himself in the mirror. Even he had to admit that the girl in the red dress was very beautiful and sexy. "Being in this body might not be to bad after all." He thought to himself as he turned to the side to look at his profile. His boobs were really impressive. "If I were still a normal guy, I would want to get my hands on a set of tits like these." He thought to himself.

Melissa saw her father examining his new body and said, "Yea, Dad. You are pretty. Just don’t fall in love with yourself. Having a father who is younger than I am, not to mention that you are a pretty girl, is going to take some getting used to for me." Janice and Joyce were hugging as Daniel reentered the room. He thought that it was just the normal affection that women seemed to share with one another and did not give it a second thought. Janice said she was going hang around the clinic for a little while and that she would come by later to check on him. She gave him a hug. Joyce also gave him a hug. He was surprised when he felt her lips brush against his neck as her hands groped his round bottom. She was smiling at him very strangely as she told him that she was glad things turned out the way that they did.

Melissa helped her transformed father out to her van. He sat in the front passenger seat as she drove. When they had to stop at a traffic light, he glanced over at the car sitting beside them. Several guys were in the car and they were staring at him. A couple of the men smiled and waved. Daniel didn’t think that he knew them, but not wanting to be rude, he smiled and waved back. When the light turned green traffic moved on. When the next traffic light halted traffic. The car pulled up along side and the driver rolled down his window and motioned for Daniel to do the same. Daniel pushed on the power window button and the man asked, "Hey, baby. I think I’m in love. Wanna go out and party tonight?"

Daniel felt himself blush for the first time in years. He pushed the button and the power window rose up and shut off the last words that the man said. He glanced over at Melissa to see her looking at him. "Dad, now that you are a good looking woman, you will have to learn that some men can be real turkeys." Daniel was shocked. He had certainly never behaved in such a manner to a woman.

Three blocks later, the van’s right front tire went flat. Melissa pulled off the side of the road and said, "Great! Just what I need after being up most of the night. And I don’t have a cell phone to call for help." Normally, Daniel would have easily changed the flat tire. Today, he was too weakened by the transformation to be of any help. Then, the car full of "turkeys" pulled in behind them. Melissa pushed the power door lock button as one of the men, tall, dark and good looking, walked up beside the van. She rolled down her window a couple of inches.

"Hello. My name is Ben. I want to apologize for my friend, John. He’s an okay guy. He just has trouble with the ladies. You have a flat tire and I’d like to help." Melissa looked at him for a moment and unlocked the doors. Fifteen minutes later, he had changed the tire and put the flat in the back of the van. Daniel remembered where the jack was in the van and had gotten out to show him when he had trouble finding it. Daniel felt very strange as he noticed that Ben was trying to be discreet, but was looking at him in a way that no man had ever looked at him before. Ben was impressed with the face and figure of the girl in the red mini dress.

Ben made small talk with Melissa and Daniel as he had worked. He said he worked for the airlines as a pilot. When he asked Daniel what his name was, Daniel had started to answer but stopped when he realized that Daniel was not an appropriate name for him now. Melissa told Ben, "Her name is Danielle. And my name is Melissa." Daniel looked at his daughter for a moment as he thought about the name of Danielle. It was the name of his niece, who had died in an airplane crash, but it was close to his old name. And the name of Daniel did not fit anymore.

"Danielle, I noticed that you’re not wearing a wedding band. If you’re not engaged, would you like to go out tonight? I know of a really good night club where there is some good dancing music." Ben smiled expectantly at Daniel. Melissa was smiling, too. She thought it was great that her father, the stodgy old man that she had known all her life, was finding out how the other half lived. Daniel was so shocked that he could not think of anything to say. "If you already have plans for tonight, how about next weekend?"

Melissa mischievously answered for her father. "Next week may be better for Danielle. She’s my cousin and she is visiting from out of town. Call her on Thursday night and perhaps you two can go out on a date." Then Melissa proceeded to give Ben her father’s telephone number. Daniel’s eyes got big and round as he looked at his daughter in shock. Ben told him that he would call him later, winked at him and went back to get in the car with his friends.

"Why did you do that?" Daniel asked his daughter.

"You were out there practically flirting with the man. Don’t you realize how you look? The poor guy almost dropped the van on his foot because he was so busy trying to watch you the whole time you were out there. Every time you bent over, he could see your big boobs. I know that you wearing the red dress is not your fault, but you’ll have to learn not to tease men or else they will think you’re on the make." Melissa softened her voice. "I’m sorry I gave the guy your phone number. I shouldn’t have done it, but the way you were out there leaning over and letting him see down the top of your dress, I couldn’t help it." She paused for a moment. "Look. If he calls, no, make that when he calls, just tell him that you’re busy." The rest of the ride home was in silence.

Melissa took her father to his home because it would have been difficult to explain to her husband and her children about the strange woman that had accompanied her home. They went into the house and Daniel realized how tired he was. Melissa helped him undress. When he was down to nothing more than the pair of thin black silk panties, she gave him one of his old tee shirts to put on. It hung on him like a nightgown. He gratefully crawled into bed and promptly fell asleep. Melissa left a note for him telling him that she had to go home to check on her family and take a nap herself.

The ringing of the telephone awoke Daniel. When he sleepily answered the call, it was Ben. "Hello, Danielle. This is Ben." There was a short pause. "I apologize for calling so soon, but I just had to make sure that the number was for real and that Melissa hadn’t given me a wrong number just to get rid of me. I was afraid that this might be the number for a meat market or something. Forgive me for disturbing you." Daniel mumbled something about it being okay. "The way you were dressed earlier, it looked as if you were going out on a date or something. It sounds as if I woke you up from a nap. I’m sorry if my timing is bad, but I couldn’t stand the suspense any longer. Listen, would you let me make it up to you by allowing me buy you supper?"

Daniel was almost awake by now. Even though his stomach was empty, he didn’t think it was a good idea to be going out on a date with a man. Ben was insistent, "Listen, I’m a nice guy and there are no strings attached to the invitation. It’s just that I thought we had a really good rapport this afternoon and I want to just talk to you. Besides, you have to eat. Why fix supper when I’m offering to take you to a nice restaurant to eat? Come on what do you say." Daniel’s stomach growled as he thought that he had to eat anyway. If he had been fully awake, he would have said no thanks. As it was, his stomach answered for him. Ben asked for his address and said he would pick him up in an hour.

When Daniel heard the telephone click as Ben hung up, he thought to himself, "What have I done?" He rolled out of bed, setting his over sized breasts to wobbling. Daniel went to the bathroom, remembering to sit down to pee, and thought about what he had just agreed to. He looked at his feminine legs and the unfeminine hair covering them. Melissa had said that he needed to shave them. When he got up, he looked for his safety razor and shaving cream. Twenty nervous minutes later, Daniel’s legs and underarms were smooth and hairless. He had to admit that he did have very nice looking legs now that they were shaven.

Daniel did not have any other women’s clothing but the black lingerie and short red dress that Joyce had loaned him. Hooking the bra and getting it into position had taken over five minutes. The pantyhose and mini dress took another five minutes. Touching up his hair was another five minutes. Buckling the small ankle straps of the high heel shoes another five. Daniel managed to walk unsteadily around the house for a few minutes as he relearned how to walk in the high heels. He had just sat down to rest for a few minutes when the doorbell rang. He had butterflies in his stomach as he opened the front door and asked himself, "What the hell am I doing?"

Ben stood on the front porch, dressed in a suit and with a small bouquet of flowers in his hand. "Hello! You look even more beautiful than I remembered." For some unknown reason, the compliment made Daniel’s insides tingle. He smiled and thanked Ben for his kind remarks. "I was afraid that I would never see you again." Daniel didn’t know whether to invite Ben into his home or just go to eat. After the transformation that had occurred to his body, he was very hungry. Ben came to his rescue; "Shall we go eat?" Daniel smiled and nodded his pretty head.

Ben had a late model Lexus. He opened the passenger door and held it as Daniel got in. Men had done that for years so as to get a good look at a woman’s legs as she got in and out of cars. Daniel’s low cut top on his dress also afforded Ben a good look of his cleavage. Ben had to adjust his swelling penis as he walked around to get in the driver’s side door. The restaurant Ben selected was one of the better restaurants in town. Daniel had taken his wife to eat there on special occasions. This was the first time he had been there as a female. Ben parked the car and they walked up to the door. The Maitre de seated them at a nice table and the waiter took their order. Ben ordered a bottle of champagne and their meals. The champagne bubbles tickled Daniel’s nose. He had drunk champagne before, but never in such a small body. And, never on an empty stomach. Before long, he was feeling the effects of the alcohol and was actually giggling as he and Ben carried on a light conversation. The food helped to absorb some of the alcohol, but he was still feeling the effects as they left the restaurant.

Daniel had to hang onto Ben’s arm as they made their way to Ben’s car. It was a wonderful warm spring night. The stars were bright in the sky and Ben seemed so nice as he held the door for Daniel to get in the car. Daniel’s dress rode up to the top of his thighs as he sat down and turned in the seat. He made an attempt at pulling his skirt back down, but was only halfway successful. Ben got in his side and leaned over. Daniel had no time to even think about protesting as he felt Ben’s lips on his. Daniel had never kissed another male, but for some reason, kissing Ben seemed only natural to him. He did not return Ben’s kiss, but he did not pull away. The alcohol had lowered Daniel’s conscious control of events and he found the kiss to be very pleasant.

When Ben’s lips left his, Ben said, "Forgive me. I had to do that. I think you are the most beautiful woman in the world." Daniel had found that such compliments caused warm tingling sensations in his belly, and this was no exception. When Ben kissed him again, Daniel’s lips softened as he returned the kiss. Later, Daniel would blame his actions on the alcohol.

Ben broke off the kiss and started his car. He held Daniel’s small soft hand as he drove towards Daniel’s home. Daniel was trying to understand his reaction to Ben and his own new female persona. He had not reached any conclusions when Ben pulled his car into his driveway and Ben opened his car door and escorted Daniel to his front door. Daniel fumbled with the key until Ben took it and opened the door. Before Daniel thought about the implications, he had invited Ben into his house. He asked if Ben wanted anything to drink, Ben’s answer was sweeping Daniel into his muscular arms and giving Daniel a very long, slow sexy kiss. Responding to the kiss was automatic. Even when Daniel felt Ben’s tongue entering his mouth, he did not pull away. It was as if Daniel’s body had a mind of it’s own. As the kiss continued, Daniel found his thin arms circling Ben’s neck.

Daniel experienced a shortness of breath, an elevated pulse, and his female hormonal level was completely out of control. His mind lost control of his body as he found himself pressing against the tall handsome man who held him in his strong arms. Even when he felt a large hand on his right buttock, Daniel could not bring himself to break away.

Ben’s tongue probed Daniel’s mouth as his large hands gripped Daniel’s shapely derriere. Daniel’s large breasts were compressed against Ben’s muscular chest. When Ben’s fingers pulled Daniel’s dress up in back until his pantyhose and panty covered buttocks were exposed to Ben’s questing hands. Daniel’s emotional and hormonal levels were so out of control, he could offer no resistance. Even when Ben’s hands moved up to the waistband of the pantyhose and dipped inside and slid down to fondle Daniel’s bare ass, Daniel’s mind was unable to take charge and call a halt to what was happening. Daniel continued to kiss Ben and suck his tongue as one of Ben’s hands moved around to the side, then toward the front and across Daniel’s smooth belly.

When Ben’s fingers moved to cover Daniel’s hair covered pubic mound, Daniel thought if the sensations flooding through his mind increased in intensity, he would faint. Ben’s middle finger dipped into Daniel’s vagina slit, found his swollen clitoris and caused an instant orgasm for Daniel. His entire feminine body shuttered and quaked as he experienced the most powerful orgasm of his entire life. Daniel’s knees buckled. Only Ben’s hold on Daniel’s buttock and vagina kept Daniel from collapsing to the floor. Ben kept rubbing Daniel’s clit for several minutes as he watched the beautiful brunette’s facial expressions as she came repeatedly for him. He had dated some hot babes in his lifetime, but none had been as hair-trigger as Danielle. He kept his date cuming for several minutes before he let up on her clitoris.

Daniel slumped against Ben, just barely conscious of what was happening to him. He was hardly aware that Ben had swept him up into his strong arms and was carrying Daniel down the hallway toward the bedrooms. Ben turned into the first doorway where he saw a bed. He gently placed Danielle on top of the bed and kissed her lips. Her eyes were only half-open as he unzipped her red mini dress and pulled it up and off her shapely body. He was thrilled when he saw her beautiful body in her see through black brassiere, pantyhose and panties. He reached around behind Danielle and unclipped her brassiere. He was amazed at her D cup sized breasts. They had not the least bit of sag, and when he felt of them, he found that they were real. He immediately leaned forward and sucked her left oversized pink nipple between his hungry lips. Danielle’s only response was a soft moan as he suckled her left tit for a few moments before moving to her right breast.

Daniel had never known that women were capable of such sensations! Just having his boobs sucked on was about to make him have another orgasm. When he felt one of Ben’s hands slip down the front of his pantyhose and panties to massage his clitoris again, his body bowed upwards as he let out a squeal and had another earth shaking climax. When he had orgasms as a man, he would have pulses of semen shoot out of his penis as jolts of sensations pulsed through his body, then it would be over until he could get hard and have sex again. As a woman, one orgasm blended into the next in one long continuos series that lasted as long as Ben continued to manipulate his clitoris and suck his nipples.

When Ben removed his lips from Daniel’s swollen nipples and his fingers from Daniel’s throbbing clit; Daniel lay motionless on the bed as he panted for air. Ben unbuckled the straps on Daniel’s high heel shoes and removed them. Next, he removed Daniel’s pantyhose and panties. Daniel opened his eyes to see Ben hurriedly stripping his clothes off. Part of Daniel’s mind told him to get up and run. This was another man that was about to have sex with him. Another part of Daniel’s mind, the currently dominant part, watched with great interest as Ben pushed his under shorts down and his long hard cock sprang out in front of his muscular male body. Daniel gasped as he saw the ten-inch erect penis standing at attention. It had a large domed head and a thick shaft. He had never before seen such an intimidating sight.

Ben climbed onto the bed between Daniel’s spread legs. Daniel looked up at the huge cock that part of his mind warned was going to be shoved up inside his belly any moment now and found his breathing to be fast and shallow. Finally, Daniel’s eyes flicked up from the oversized tool and looked into Ben’s eyes. Daniel recognized the lust that was showing there. Daniel also knew that his own face must also be showing the same level of lust as he shifted his green eyes back to the cock that was moving into position between his legs. As Ben lowered his body onto Daniel, Daniel felt the domed head of the wide cock sliding up and down his wet slit. The head rubbed across his sensitive clitoris for a moment before dropping down and lining up with the opening of his moistened pussy.

Daniel’s entire being was centered in his vagina as he felt himself being spread open for the first time as a large cock penetrated where no one had ever gone before. Daniel brought his legs up and wrapped them around Ben’s waist as he felt the wonderful sensation of a large cock in his belly. As the ten-inch cock continued it’s long journey into his lower abdomen, Daniel felt more complete than he had ever felt in his life. Ben’s cock sank completely out of sight as it was buried in Daniel’s belly. When it was all the way in, Ben ground his pubic hair covered pubic bone against Daniel’s clitoris; sending Daniel over the edge once more.

Daniel had his long shapely legs wrapped tightly around Ben’s waist as Ben began to pound his cock in and out of Daniel’s freshly opened vagina. One orgasm seemed to follow another as wave after orgasmic wave coursed through Daniel’s feminine body. He was squealing and thrashing about as Ben stroked in and out of Daniel’s sexy body. After over twenty minutes of non-stop orgasms, Daniel passed out. Ben could not hold back any longer either and splashed his cum deep inside Daniel’s vagina. Finally, Ben rolled off of Daniel. His cock made a squishing sound as it pulled from Daniel’s wet pussy. Ben flipped the bed spread over the two of them, snuggled up to the small feminine form and went to sleep.

Janice awakened Daniel as she gently shook his shoulder. At first, Daniel had no idea about what was going on. When he noticed that he was lying in bed, naked, with another man’s arm around his slender waist, he practically leapt out of bed. Luckily, Ben was a sound sleeper and did not wake up, too. Daniel was naked as he ran from the guest bedroom toward the master bedroom. His boobs giggled and shook as he ran. He found his old tee shirt and slipped it on to cover himself.

Daniel remembered the recriminating look that his older daughter had given him. He was also shocked. How could he have behaved this way? He slowly walked down the hallway to the kitchen. He found Janice and Joyce waiting there as a fresh pot of coffee was brewing. Janice asked, "Dad, can you explain what I found in the bedroom?"

Daniel sat down on a kitchen chair. The cool vinyl seat covering was cool against his bare bottom as he thought of what to say. "I don’t know what to say." Was all he could think of. He looked up into Janice’s eyes as he tried to think of a way to explain the situation.

"At least tell me who the guy in Melissa’s old room is. When you jumped up, I saw that he was as naked as you were." When Daniel told them about the events of the previous evening, Janice asked, "Are you telling me that you jumped into bed with the very first man that you met?" Daniel had not thought of it that way, but that was what had happened. Daniel looked from his daughter to Joyce and saw that she was actually grinning at him. Joyce asked if Daniel would pour them a cup of coffee while she and Janice spoke privately in the living room. They were gone for over five long minutes.

Janice entered the kitchen, moved to stand beside Daniel and gave him a hug. "I’m sorry for getting mad at you, Dad. I realize that you have been through a lot and aren’t responsible for your actions. You are vulnerable right now and I don’t want to make things harder on you." Daniel returned her hug. No matter what happened, they would have each other to lean on. "I guess I’d better telephone Melissa, she was becoming frantic with worry. Joyce and I had fallen asleep and I was woken by her phone call. She had been trying to call you most of the night. There isn’t a phone in the guest bedroom and you didn’t hear the phone ringing. So, Melissa called us and woke us up. Since we live much closer than she does, we came over to see if you needed help. Judging from the looks of the guy in your bed, you helped yourself."

When Janice dialed Melissa’s number, Joyce asked Daniel, "I know you are not on the pill. Did he use protection last night?" Daniel had never even given the idea of protection a single thought. Having been a man, he had thought that protection was the duties of the female. The problem is, now he is the female. Then, another idea hit him, what if he was pregnant? He knew that it only took one time to get pregnant if the timing was right. And, he had no idea what his timing cycle was like. He didn’t even know if he was capable of getting pregnant. Joyce was a gynecologist. Perhaps, she could help him?

Janice hung up the telephone and sat down to drink her cup of coffee. "Well, Melissa says that what happened between you and Ben was partly her fault. She said that she gave him your name and phone number because you were almost flirting with him as he changed her flat tire. By the way, I think Danielle is a pretty name and you should keep it." The thought of spending the rest of his life as a woman, especially after last night’s debauchery, was a very intimidating thought to Daniel. Would he ever learn to control the strange desires of his new body?

Just then, Ben entered the doorway to the kitchen. "Excuse me, Ladies. May I have a cup of your coffee?" Daniel played the gracious hostess as he filled a mug with coffee for Ben. Ben accepted the mug and took a sip. Janice and Joyce were staring at Ben. He had gotten completely dressed and was not bad looking, even if he needed a shave. Daniel introduced Janice as her cousin and Joyce as a friend. Ben could tell that Janice and Joyce wanted to talk without his presence, so he said, "I have to get ready for work tonight, so I must be going. Janice, Joyce, it has been nice meeting you."

Daniel walked Ben to the front door. He asked, "Are things okay with your two friends?" Daniel told him that there had been some major changes lately and that some adjustments had to be made. "If there is anything I can do to help, here is my number." He gave Daniel a card. "Last night was the best night of my life and I want to have it happen again." Ben leaned down and kissed Daniel on the lips. Daniel wasn’t drinking champagne this morning and he felt Ben’s scratchy beard stubble as he kissed Daniel’s soft lips. Daniel said goodbye and closed the door as Ben left. He was so confused.

Janice fixed a small breakfast for everyone as they talked about his new body. Female sex drives were discussed, as well as how men treated women. Daniel was given a few pointers on how to handle men.

It was decided that Daniel needed new clothes. He couldn’t wear Joyce’s red mini dress every time he went outside the house. None of his old clothes would fit. Therefore, a new trousseau was needed. He took a shower and washed thoroughly before putting on the black bra and panty set again. A red tee shirt that had been too small for him before today was put on. It was only a little baggy on his smaller feminine form. Next was a pair of black Speedo pants that some one had given him as a joke last year. They fit rather nicely even if they showed off his derriere a little too well. The only shoes in the house that fit him were the red high heel shoes that Joyce had loaned him. Joyce showed him how to apply lipstick as Janice kept a close watch on her lesbian lover to make sure she didn’t try to seduce her father.

The three of them got to the mall just as the shops were opening.

They entered a dress shop and, after trying on over ten dresses, bought four. Six tops, five skirts, three pairs of shorts, four nightgowns, four purses and seven pair of shoes, mostly high heels, later, Daniel was exhausted. There was to be no rest for him yet. Lingerie had to be selected. Joyce insisted that his lingerie had to be lacy and thin. She told him that a girl always feels good about herself if she knows that her undies are sexy. She also told Daniel that with a body like his, or hers, sexy lingerie was just the right icing on the cake. Eight brassieres, ten pair of lacy panties, six pair of pantyhose in various textures and colors, two garter belts and several pair of stockings later, Daniel was ready to go home. Janice and Joyce had other ideas.

After the packages had been placed in the back of Joyce’s Jeep Grand Cherokee, Daniel was led back into the mall. A beauty and hair styling salon in the mall was where Daniel was taken. For the next hour and a half, a cosmetologist demonstrated the different techniques of applying make up. She even plucked his eyebrows! A complete make up kit was sold to him. A manicurist shaped and painted his nails a bright red. Then, Daniel’s hair was lightly trimmed to give it a more feminine shape. Just when he thought the ordeal was about over, a small gun was held to his ears and a stinging sensation accompanied the piercing of his ear lobes. As he looked in the mirror, he had to admit that there was a major improvement in his appearance. Janice and Joyce had their hair styled while Daniel was being waited on.

One final stop was made before they went to eat lunch. A couple of expensive necklaces, several pairs of earrings and two rings for Daniel’s fingers were bought before they went to a restaurant. The afternoon hostess seated them in a booth. Daniel ate as Janice, Joyce and he talked about how to mix and match the blouses and skirts that he had bought. He realized that he had actually enjoyed trying on the different outfits. There was something about the fact that he could create a whole new look simply by changing his clothing and make up that he had never even thought of when he was a man. Maybe being a woman wouldn’t be so bad after all.

Several men tried to start a conversation with the three pretty women sitting in the restaurant booth. Janice was very good at turning down their offers and the men left. "See how I did that, Dad? You have to be gentle but firm when you deal with the horndog males. All most of them want is to get into your pants and screw you, both figuratively and physically. I don’t have much use for most men. The main thing that they are useful for is keeping my car running. I know you were a man, but you were my Daddy. That’s different." Daniel really was seeing life from a different perspective.

When they arrived at Daniel’s house, Melissa was waiting on them. She had used her key and was sitting in the living room. "Where have you been? I’ve been waiting for over an hour. I was worried that something had happened to Dad." Melissa was told of the shopping trip. The beautiful clothes that her father had bought for himself impressed her. She even asked to borrow a dress for a dinner date that she and her husband were going to next weekend. She realized that she had never expected to borrow one of her father’s dresses. She smiled at her dad as she complimented him on his make up and hairstyle.

The previous evening’s events were frankly discussed. Daniel was embarrassed as he described how he and Ben had made love. He did tell them that it was the best sex that he had ever had. Daniel’s daughters were in agreement that he was going to have to get control of his hormones and learn to say no to men or else he would end up pregnant, or worse. How to best set up a new identity for Daniel was also discussed. They could not go through normal channels for changing a name. The experimental drug was illegal to use and every one would suffer if the authorities found out that it had been used. Janice told her father to keep going by the name of Danielle until she could contact some friends who could help. She had an idea, but was not willing to share it yet. It was decided to keep the transformation a secret from every one, including Melissa’s husband and children for a while longer.

Melissa had to go home to her family and Janice and Joyce went home to the apartment that they shared. Daniel was left in his home alone. He spent the rest of the day re-arranging the closets and drawers in the master bedroom. He had to make room for his new trousseau. Most of his old male clothing was packed away in a couple of empty boxes and dragged out to the garage. Finally, his new clothes were hung in the closet or folded and put into drawers. The vanity table his wife had used was cleared of the clutter it had collected and his cosmetics were arranged on it. Next, the bathroom was cleaned. He had never realized what a slob he was when he was a man.

When Daniel looked at the clock, he was surprised at how late it was. He slipped out of all of his clothing except his panties, slid into his old comfortable tee shirt, crawled into bed and went to sleep. His dreams alternated between visions of Ben’s huge cock as it disappeared into his belly and the life he had led before the transformation. He was amazed that he felt rested the next morning.

It was Monday morning and Daniel knew that Janice and Melissa would be at work until the evening. After he ate a light breakfast, he wanted to take a bubble bath. The only other time he had taken a bubble bath was when he was on vacation with his wife. He had gotten into the oversized Honeymoon suite tub with his wife as she was taking a bubble bath. She had always loved taking bubble baths. She had said that it was relaxing and soothing. He now found that he agreed, as he settled into the warm sudsy water. The water was tepid and it felt good to simply soak for a while. He washed his large firm breasts, noticing that the over sized pink nipples became erect as the washcloth passed over them. A tingling sensation coursed through out his feminine body as be moved the washcloth down his flat belly and washed his pubic hair and mound. As part of the washcloth rubbed his extended clitoris, his breathing quickened. It felt so good, he continued to wash his vagina for several minutes as the tension in his body increased in intensity until it reached a crescendo of sensations. It was his first self-induced orgasm since he had become a woman. As he lay back against the side of the tub and recovered from his orgasm, he wondered if his wife had also made herself cum when she had taken her bubble baths.

Daniel had gotten out of the tub and was just drying his curvy body when the doorbell rang. He put on the old bathrobe that now hung on him like a circus tent, and went to answer the door. It was a florist delivery woman with a long box addressed for Danielle. The box contained a dozen long-stemmed red roses and a note inside that read, "Danielle. I tried to call, but you weren’t home. Saturday night was wonderful. I hope it is just the start of a very long-term relationship. With love, Ben." Daniel was very impressed by the sentiment expressed by Ben. He was so thoughtful. Daniel thought of the wild sex that they had, as he smelt of the fragrant roses. He felt a tingling sensation inside as he carried the flowers to the kitchen. A few minutes later, the flowers were arranged in a vase setting on the coffee table in the living room.

Since it was a warm day, Daniel put on some lightweight clothing. A pair of white silk hip hugger panties with black lace trim, a matching white silk brassiere also trimmed in black lace, a pair of white shorts, a white tank top and a pair of white high heel shoes. Joyce had suggested that he practice wearing high heels as much as possible. Having the afternoon to himself, Daniel wandered into the bedroom and amused himself by practicing techniques of applying his cosmetics and arranging his hair. He was truly amazed by how pretty he was even without make up. With make up, he was beautiful. Even if he did say so himself.

Daniel had just re-applied his make up for the fifth time when his doorbell rang. Looking at the clock, he was surprised by how late in the afternoon it was. Janice and Joyce, with black bags in hand, were at the door. They had cancelled their late afternoon appointments to give Daniel another examination. Daniel was given a complete examination in his own living room. His female body was poked and prodded in all the most embarrassing places. Joyce pronounced him to be a perfectly healthy young woman and that there was absolutely no sign of the cancer that had threatened his life before the recombinant DNA experiment. Daniel was relieved to learn that the tests from Saturday and today were good.

After Daniel had put his clothes back on, he sat on the sofa with Joyce as she explained the menstrual cycle and what he could expect to happen in a week or so when it started. Daniel was so embarrassed, he knew his face must have been very red as the proper use of tampons was explained to him. Joyce followed up her lecture by pulling out what at first appeared to be a compact case of facial powder. The case held a row of pills. They were birth control pills. Joyce had him take one pill now and said that he could not have unprotected vaginal sex until the pills had time to work on his system. Joyce also gave him several packages of prophylactics and told him to use them with any new men until results of a disease test on the man came back. Daniel blushed again as he thought about having sex with men. He had been a heterosexual male all his life. Last Saturday night’s sexual activities with Ben were both unexplainable and embarrassing for him. Things had just gotten out of control.

Daniel offered to prepare supper for Janice and Joyce, but they offered to take him out to a restaurant instead. While Janice called Melissa on the phone to tell her the results of the medical tests, Joyce accompanied Daniel to the master bedroom to pick out an outfit to wear to the restaurant. Joyce suggested his basic black crepe dress that had a low cut bodice and a mid thigh hemline. Daniel removed his white top and shorts, then got out a pair of black pantyhose to wear with his black high heel shoes. Joyce said, "No, Dear. Wear the black garter belt that we picked out yesterday. You’ll feel so much more feminine as it moves with you when you walk and sit. Just keep your skirt down and your legs together, unless you want some one to be able to see how sexy you are."

Daniel opened his lingerie drawer and retrieved his new black lace garter belt. He hooked it around his waist and was going to wear it over his white satin black lace trimmed panties until Joyce said, "Wear the garter belt under your panties. It will make it easier if you need to go to the little girl’s room while we are out. It also makes it easier to slip your panties off if you want to have sex with some one. You would be surprised if you knew how many people love to have a pair of feminine legs encased in nylon or silk stockings rubbing up and down their back as they go down on a pretty girl." Daniel remembered that he had loved for his wife to wear such feminine finery. He did not know that Joyce was referring to his daughter, Janice, when she talked about rubbing her legs across Janice’s back as Janice ate her red haired pussy.

Daniel pulled down his panties enough for the garter straps to be threaded through the leg holes of his satin knickers. Joyce’s eyes sparkled as she licked her lips when she caught a glimpse of the dark hair that covered her lesbian girlfriend’s father’s cunny. As Daniel sat on the chair of his vanity table and slowly rolled the dark nylons up his smooth shapely legs, Joyce commented, "You are very pretty. I’ll have to carry a baseball bat along just to beat the horny guys away from our table tonight." Daniel blushed as he returned Joyce’s smile. He thought she was just being nice.

Daniel attached the reinforced stocking tops to the garter tabs and slipped his new black high heel shoes on his small feet. As he stood up and walked to the closet to select the black dress, Joyce crossed her legs to squeeze her moistening cleft. Daniel’s dark hair was short but trimmed and arranged in a decidedly feminine style. His face was very smooth and pretty. The last time he had applied make up, he had done an excellent job, so he had left it alone. "Her pouting red lips are so kissable," Joyce though to herself as she saw how the lightweight brassiere fought to control Daniel’s D cup boobs. The prominent pink nipples caused the lace cups to protrude even more. Daniel’s stomach was almost flat until it curved under at the smooth crotch of his satin panties. When Daniel turned his back to Joyce, she noticed that he had a beautiful rounded ass. There was a three-inch gap between his panties and the tops of his dark nylons exposing some white thigh. Joyce rocked her legs to give her swollen clit a thrill as she watched the newly formed young woman sliding the dress over her head and it moving down to conceal her rounded body.

Daniel reached behind to zip up the dress. He felt Joyce’s fingers on his bare back as she whispered in his ear, "Let me help you with this." However, instead of pulling the zipper up, the finger tips of her hands slowly moved over the bare flesh of Daniel’s back. Joyce and he were approximately the same height. Daniel felt Joyce’s warm breath on his ear as she slipped her hands under his dress and slid them around to the front of his body. "You are so beautifully sexy," he heard her whisper just before her tongue licked the delicate curved surface of his ear. Chills ran up and down Daniel’s spine as his mind tried to understand why Dr. Joyce Stapleton’s fingers were cupping his large satin covered breasts. He turned his head to see if she was only joking around and she kissed his red lips. It was not just a friendly kiss. There was fire and passion in her kiss. Their lipstick’s blended together as she continued to kiss his soft lips and her fingers found and pinched his over sized pink nipples. Tingling sensations went straight to his clitoris as the excited lesbian doctor manipulated his boobs. When Joyce’s tongue tried to probe his mouth, his lips involuntarily parted for her. He had been married to his wife for many years and had never strayed, but he had never been kissed by another woman the way that Joyce was kissing him now.

Joyce pulled down the top of Daniel’s dress and turned him around to face her. Her arms encircled his waist as she pulled him to her and their lips met in a passionate kiss. Daniel’s mind was in a state of chaos as the sensations coursed through out his excited female body. He considered whether he should push Joyce away or not. He surrendered to the sensations as his arms went around Joyce’s neck and the kiss continued. That was the indication that the hot redhead was waiting for. She led Daniel to the bed and lay him down with his legs hanging over the side of the bed and his feet on the floor.

Joyce reached under the excited Daniel and unhooked his brassiere. His breasts thrust up into the air almost as if they were artificial. Joyce sucked one of Daniel’s large nipples into her mouth and alternated between licking, sucking and gently nibbling on it for the next two minutes. Then, Joyce moved to Daniel’s other succulent nipple. Daniel looked into Joyce’s green eyes as she sucked on his nipples for almost ten minutes. He could feel that the crotch of his panties was getting wet as he rubbed his nylon-covered legs together. When she moved up to kiss his lips, he eagerly returned her kiss.

Joyce lay on Daniel as her lips kissed his mouth. His mind was confused by what the doctor was doing to his feminine body. He had never engaged in sex with a man before last Saturday night. He had only had sex with women. However, he had been a woman when he had sex with Ben, so technically speaking, it was not a homosexual relationship. Now, however, Joyce was kissing his eager lips, sucking on his excited nipples, and was pulling his skirt up so that she could reach his panties. Since he was now a woman, this was lesbianism. He was engaging in a homosexual act with another woman! Daniel parted his legs as the redhead’s fingers settled on the reinforced satin crotch of his white panties. As her fingers massaged the swollen lips of his vagina, he gave up trying to decide the difference between right and wrong. Daniel lay back and enjoyed what Joyce was doing to him.

Joyce could tell that her lover’s father was surrendering to what she was doing to his feminized body as she moved her hand to the waistband of his cute panties and slipped her questing fingers under the satin material and moved them down to his pubic hair covered vagina lips. His slit was already moist and his clitoris was erect as her fingers stroked up and down though his vagina. When Joyce sank her middle finger deep inside of Daniel’s cunny, his soft red lips moaned in ecstasy. Daniel had never known that women could make each other feel this way. He had never understood lesbianism when he was a man. Now, he was experiencing the thrills that an experienced lesbian could give another woman.

Daniel raised his hips when Joyce went to pull down his panties. The satin made a soft hissing sound as it slid over his nylon stockings. He kicked his high heels to get the panties off his feet. Joyce dropped to her knees and buried her pretty face in Daniel’s open vagina. Daniel’s fingers clutched the bed spread as he felt her lips and tongue working on his swollen clit. His breathing was done in short gasps as she sucked on his hard clitty. It only took a couple of minutes until he had a major orgasm. His body bucked and shook as her lips and tongue kept him on the crest of his orgasm for several minutes.

Janice had gotten off the telephone with her sister and had called a detective friend to get the information that she had asked for last night. She now knew how to establish a female identity for her father. She hung up the phone and went to see how much longer it was going to take her father to get dressed for them to go out to eat supper at a restaurant. The carpet in the hallway allowed her to approach the master bedroom without Joyce and her father hearing her. Janice was shocked by what she saw in the bedroom. Her father, in his new female body, was half way lying on the bed with his dress pulled up around his waist. The top of his dress was pulled down, his brassiere was laying on the bed, his nipples were swollen and shone wetly as if they had just been sucked on and Joyce had her hand inside her father’s panties. Joyce was her lover. She was cheating on her with her own father! From Janice’s vantagepoint, she could see the bulge in the front of her dad’s panties as Joyce’s fingers massaged her father’s mound. Janice was upset that her lover would cheat on her this way. True, Joyce had pointed out to her how much her father now looked like her, but this was surprising. She could hear them moaning as the hand moved up and down under the satin panties. She new that Joyce’s finger must be moving deep in her father’s vagina as she watched the two women on the bed making love. Janice could not help but become excited herself. Her nipples became hard and her clitoris began to tingle as she continued to watch Joyce and her father.

When Joyce rose up enough to pull down her father’s panties, Janice saw that he was assisting Joyce by lifting his hips. As the panties slid over the nylons, she also heard the soft hissing sound and became even more excited. Before Joyce’s mouth could reach Daniel’s moist mound, Janice had slipped her fingers inside the front of her slacks and panties. She rubbed her own clitoris as she watched her father’s reaction to having his pussy eaten for the first time by another woman. When her father climaxed, she did, too.

Janice quietly slipped back down the hall to the living room. She sat in a comfortable chair as she thought about what Joyce, her father and she had just done. Since she had reached an orgasm, she could not feel the righteous indignation that she would otherwise have felt about her lover cheating on her. She didn’t hate Joyce for what she had done. "Hell," she thought to herself, "Dad is a sexy looking young woman. If he wasn’t my own father, I might want to give his cute pussy a try myself." She also realized that her father was exploring his new body and his new feminine role in life. She couldn’t blame him either.

When Janice and Daniel finally entered the living room, Daniel seemed to be embarrassed about something. His daughter knew what it was, but did not admit it. Her only comment was, "I’m certainly glad you two are finally ready. I am starved for some supper." Joyce smiled at Janice as Daniel sheepishly picked up his purse to leave.

Daniel sat quietly in the backseat of the Grand Cherokee as Joyce drove them to a restaurant for supper. His knees still shook and his insides still quivered because of the after shocks from the orgasms that Joyce had given him. His mind was very confused by the events that had occurred this week. First, he had been changed from a man to a woman by the recombinant DNA drug. Then, he had sex with a man on Saturday night. The sex with Ben had been some of the most satisfying sex that he had experienced in his entire life. Now, tonight, he had sex with another woman. Daniel had told himself that since he was now a woman, the sex with Ben was not homosexual sex. But, now that he had sex with Joyce, well, he had sex with women all his adult life. It was all very confusing now!

They arrived at the restaurant and pulled into a space in the parking lot. Janice watched as Daniel got out of the Jeep. She commented, "Dad, don’t forget that you are wearing a dress now. When you got out of the backseat, your dress rode up almost to your crotch. The tops of your stockings, the black garter straps, bare thigh and the white crotch of your panties were exposed. When you wear such sexy undies, you’d better not show them to anyone that you don’t want to have sex with. Those guys getting in their car over there noticed your display and are smiling at us. I’d hate to get raped in the parking lot because my own father forgot to keep his dress pulled down."

Daniel looked and saw four men sitting in their car, grinning at him as he followed Janice and Joyce into the crowded restaurant. Life as a woman was so complicated compared to the way things were when he was a man. He ate silently as his mind tried to make sense of his new life. His thoughts were interrupted by some comments by Janice.

"Dad, a friend of mine, who operates a private detective agency, told me how to solve you new identity problem. You know when your brother was killed in the airplane crash?" Daniel thought back to his only brother. His younger brother, and his wife and daughter, had been killed in a passenger jet tragedy two years ago. Daniel was the only surviving relative and had collected over a million dollars in the insurance settlement. "Well, if Danielle had lived, she would be about twenty now. That would be just about the right age for you." Danielle had been named after Daniel Sims, Senior, who was Danielle’s grandfather. "I was told that all we need to do, is to get a copy of Danielle’s birth certificate and social security card, have you go to the driver’s license office and renew her driver’s license and you will have a new identity."

Joyce asked, "Won’t they have a record of her death?"

"No. The records of births and deaths are kept in separate offices. I was told that this would work. Dad will then be able to transfer all his money to new accounts in Danielle’s name. Dad, you can even get a copy of her high school diploma and go to college or something. Hell, with the money you have, you could live the life of the idle rich." Janice watched her father’s face for a reaction. "Actually, if you had died, Melissa and I would have gotten all of that money." Janice reached across the table and held her father’s hand as she added, "I’d rather have you than your money. Even if you are a girl younger looking than I am." Daniel returned her smile. "Okay, I’ll pick you up in the morning and we’ll start the process. You know, you even look like Danielle. She was pretty, too."

Joyce asked, "Are you saying that we closed early today to give Danielle a check up this afternoon, and you are going to take tomorrow off from work as well?" Janice looked at her lover and smiled. "I guess I’ll just have to get along without you for a day." Joyce smiled at her two dinner companions.

The ride home was pleasant. Daniel knew that he could access more money through a teller machine. Cash would not be a problem. As for his sexual encounters, he would have to work out how he was going to deal with those situations as he went. He knew that he had enjoyed the sex with Ben and was not opposed to having sex with him again. On the other hand, he had thoroughly enjoyed what Joyce had done to him and would like to sample what sex would be like with other women as well.

When Joyce and Janice dropped him off at his home, Daniel found Ben waiting on the front porch for him. The polite thing to do was to invite Ben in for a drink. Ben kept Daniel up most of the night as Daniel experienced more orgasms than he had ever had in one night before.

It really was the beginning of a long-term relationship.



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