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L is for Lucy – My Mother! Bethany Jacques
La Boutique Rachel Ann Cooper
Labyrinth of Change: First Maze Autumn Winters
Labyrinth Paul G Jutras
Labyrinth Sandra
Lady Bugs Revisited Patricia Marie Allen
Lady In The House - Reprise Michele Nylons
Lady In The House (14) Michele Nylons
Lady In Training Michelle A
Lady Jane RJMcD
Lady Writer - The Christmas Special Abby Rhodes
Lady Writer (9) Abby Rhodes
Lady in Waiting John Roberts
Laid (Off) Jennifer White
Lakehouse Weekend (3) J. R. Anthony
Lakeland Visit (7) Amanda Walker
Lakeside View Ann O'Nonymous
Lamb And Lion Slothrop
Lana Becomes a Girl Jennifer White
Lance Deborah Leigh Johnson
Lap Dancer Jennifer White
Last Chance Karen Elizabeth L.
Last Summer (3) Vickie Tern
Last Wish Paul G Jutras
Last Word 2 Paul G Jutras
Late Bloomer Jennifer White
Late Letter To Santa Paul G Jutras
Latisha Arthur Dent
Laughter Janet L. Stickney
Laundromat Love Christine Myles
Laura Gets a Suprise Laura Ellis
Laura Returns to Brazil- Rio de Janeiro Team- Slothrop’s I Can See For Miles Bluto
Laura in New Mexico Donna Dee
Laura's Girl Jane tv
Laurie on Display Butterfly
Lawrence's Accident Elaine
Layer Cake Jennifer White
Layton's Lament Max Swyft
Learning By Experience Caitlin Rose
Learning Curve Melody Sims
Learning To Be A Woman Jennifer White
Learning to Spell (3) GirlyCheerBoy Kitten
Leather and Lace Eskylr
Left Field II (2) Starhawk
Legend of Atlantis Cathleen Elizabeth Hitch
Legend of Princess Kristy Kristy Pureheart
Leigh - My Friend, Love and Hermaphrodite Mr Twister
Leigh Anne - Sentenced to Life Karen Elizabeth L.
Lesbianator Jennifer White
Lesbienne De Fourrure Brent Mundy
Leslie's Dinner Party Janis Elizabeth
Leslie's Story (2) Andrea
Leslie: The Rest of the Story Janis Elizabeth
Leslie Janet L. Stickney
Lessie and Jessie Garyg
Lesson Surprise Cleos Slut
Lesson Well Learned Heather
Lessons Learned Janet L. Stickney
Let Me Tell You A Story Girlypanties
Lies and Lace Sara UK
Life After the Crash M Williams
Life Changes So Fast Riana
Life Changes Harryt31
Life Insurance Weirdy Gill
Life With Brian Rebecca A
Life in a Female State Andrea
Life with Aunty Paul
Life's Changes Meggan Sommers
Life's Rhythm Rocketman
Like A Girl Jennifer White
Like Brother Like Sister Trapper Jock McIntyre
Like Father Like Daughter Karen Flynn
Like Father, Like Son... Like Mother, Like Daughter Emma Kate
Like Father, Like Son Elizabeth Ann
Like a Candle in the Wind (6) Laurie S.
Like a Rag Doll Marielle
Liking Privacy over Cooperative Living Paul G Jutras
Lilac Dreams Abby Rhodes
Linda's Run Linda Nylons
Linda Carolyn Collins
Lingerie Fashion Show Joan Stevens
Lipstick Lesbian Jennifer White
Lipstick Lover Rachael
Lipstick, A Palce For Women And T-Girls Michelle Rose
Lisa's Contract 2Sheds
Lisa's Dream (4) Susan Heywood
Lisa's Friday Night Slumber Party Victoria Vyce
Lisa's Fun Continues Lisa Skye
Lisa Alex MacLeod
Listen Up Jennifer White
Little Again Paul G Jutras
Little Barbara Marina Twelve
Little Big Man Bethany Jacques
Little Deaths Cal Y. Pygia
Little Devil Lia Monde
Little Girl Dresses and Tight Curly Tresses Sissy Gray
Little Girl Lost Ann O'Nonymous
Little Jackalina And The Wedding Belladonna
Little Miss Wonderful Janet L. Stickney
Little One 2 Mastermind
Little One Mastermind
Little Red Riding Hood Jennifer
Little Secrets Vanessa Singer
Little Southern Belles (2) Julie
Little Witch Ann O'Nonymous
Live Long and Prosper (16) Brandy Dewinter
Living The Life Fran Avatar
Loners Mardee Louise Prynne
Long Live Love Shantiva Two Reed
Look, Ladies, His Boobies! Ian Elliott
Looking Back at my First Time Kelly Davidson
Looking for Hope (11) Dawn DeWinter
Looking for Work Sandi Stephens
Lord of the Jungle Jason argo
Lorelei Julie
Lorijo a Little Girl Lorijo Baily
Lorijo at the Mall Lorijo Baily
Lorijo on Becoming a Girl 101 Lorijo Baily
Lorijo the Waitress Lorijo Baily
Lorijo's New Hair Lorijo Baily
Lorijo's Salon Day Lorijo Baily
Lorijo's Salon Incident Lorijo Baily
Loss Prevention Alyssa Davis
Losses Meeah Soo
Lost Balls Jennifer White
Lost Boy Jennifer White
Lost Luggage Alison Barlow
Lost Presumed Missing Zoneefem
Lost in NY Shmuel Yacobi
Lost in Time Nom de Plume
Louis's Mistake Margaret Jeanette
Love Potion #8 Rachel Ann Cooper
Love The Feel of Nylons 3 Paul G Jutras
Love Thy Neighbor's Saree (4) Josephine Gonsalves
Love and Duty Anne Browning
Love of My Life Cindy Johnson
Love the Feel of Nylons 2 Paul G Jutras
Love the Feel of Nylons Paul G Jutras
Lovelife Gingerfred Man
Lover in a Nightdress Jim Rossi
Loving a Witch Tigger
Low Rent Tranny Whore Barbi Satin
Luck and the Lady (2) Gini Lane
Luck be a Lady II (9) Cathy_t
Luck be a Lady Anonymous1
Luck of the Draw Janet L. Stickney
Luck of the Irish Paul G Jutras
Lucky Fantasy Seven Paul G Jutras
Lucky Man Jennifer White
Lucky Jennifer White
Lucky (13) Brandy Dewinter
Lucy's Debut Patricia Marie Allen
Lucy's Revenge Jennifer
Lullaby (2) Wicked Lady


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