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Life With Brian

1999           Complete : Yes       rated: R

An out of work 18 year old moves in with his college-student best friend, and discovers a new side to his life...

Age: College Age 19-26   Categories: Crossdressing/TV   Keywords: Hormones


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Added : 03-18-2001

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Marcia and Me

1999           Complete : No       rated: R

A young kid lets his next door neighbour cut his hair, and pretty soon everyone in the town is confused. Not a great deal of sex, but a bit of romance.

Age: Teenager 13-18   Categories: Crossdressing/TV   Keywords: Hair or Hair Salon

part 1

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Added : 03-19-2001

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part 2

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Added : 03-20-2001

Wild Horses 1992 Complete: Yes Rated: R
When young Mike, from a tough Chicago background, finds himself blamed for a murder he didn't commit he ends up in the 'James Brand Youth Correction Facility' amongst a lot of older tougher boys. He is befriended by his older cellmate, and the friendship is enhanced when Mike is subjected to a unique treatment by the strange Dr Blaha. Adventures follow, involving prison breakout, sex, drugs and Rock 'n' Roll - a LOT of Rock 'n' Roll.

This is a sensitive, sometimes sad, sometimes happy but deeply moving story of one young man's journey to eventual
fulfillment. I edited this story and was frequently moved to tears by Becky's wonderful imagery. I think you will be too.


Age: Teen to College Age AP     Categories: Crossdressing/TV     Keywords: Hormones

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