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Lovelife                  by: Gingerfred Man


Chapter One – Outed

Something happened seven years ago this week that changed my life forever. In fact, if it hadn’t happened, there wouldn’t even be a story to tell. Not a good one, anyway. I hope that you’ll think that this story of my life is an interesting one.

My name is Melissa Cooper-Douglas. That fateful day, my name was still Jeff Cooper and I was fourteen years old.

I guess you think it’s pretty arrogant for a 21-year-old to write her autobiography, but a lot of neat stuff has happened to me and I wanted to share it with the nice people who read this site.

School had just let out for the summer and I graduated junior high. My Mom and 16-year-old, evil sister Alexis had gone shopping for the day and left me home alone. I was delighted, because I was planning to become my dream girl, Princess Melissa, for six long hours!

Melissa was my girl self back then, but she had had little chance to bloom.

I loved everything femmy. I was a first-rate sissy. When I was alone, I would prance and flit and make up my face. I would pose naked in front of the mirror, tucking my long peter between my legs and cupping my boy titties into as much cleavage as I could muster. I tried to put up a boy front in school, but the other kids weren’t dumb. They knew I was effeminate and they mocked me for it. Real life was not fun. But Melissa’s world was a paradise.

When I was a little boy, I would dream that I was a princess, the prettiest girl in the land and all my loyal subjects had to bow down before me. I wore the most beautiful gowns and all the people who were mean to me had to scrub floors and pick up trash on the palace lawn.

As I got older, my dreams changed. I thought a lot about boys and their pretty cocks. Showers after gym were awful for me. I wanted to look at the boys’ cocks so badly, but if I did, I knew I would be beaten up. The mean kids were just waiting for me to step out of line.

I had a recurring dream that I was on the beach in a skimpy bikini. I had long hair and a pretty face, which is oh so true today, by the way. I was strolling along and my big titties were bouncing, also true today. A lot of men were looking at me. I stopped to watch a beach volleyball game played by four of the hunkiest hunks alive. They noticed me, but kept playing. For some dream reason, my bikini panties disappeared and I was standing there in only my bikini bra. The men saw me and stared, because my big pink prickie was standing fiercely erect and dripping sticky fluid. They stopped playing and looked at me. I never found out what they thought, because I always woke up.

Anyway, that fateful day in the reign of Princess Melissa, or Missy as I sometimes called myself, I waited until the ladies were gone for sure. Then I put on my make-up as well as I could (not very well) and slowly, sensuously rolled on a pair of my mother’s silky black stockings. My prickie was in distress already. Then I added one of Mom’s black garter belts and black bras and evil Alexis’ silky black nightgown. If Mom had worn this stuff more often, I thought, Dad would have never left. I slipped on a pair of Mom’s fuck-me pumps and I was ready for the ball. It was difficult to walk in those stilettos. I had been practicing, but wasn’t there yet. I did my best sissy prance in front of the mirror, limp-wristed and mincing. If my Dad had seen me, he would have had the big one.

It was heavenly! I was, I thought, gorgeous. If only some big-cocked boys could see me. They would want to ravage me, I thought, not really knowing what ravage meant. Maybe I would let them if they were nice. Or not so nice. Goodness I was randy!

All those thoughts of stiff cocks were exciting me. I lay on my bed and began to imagine what it would be like to have a boy hold me and kiss me. To have him grab my prickie and massage it, just as I was doing to myself. Then to kiss his big hard cock and lick it and suck it and just love it to death. Maybe I could make him squirt all his boy juice out and he would be happy and love me and marry me. And ohhhh, those thoughts and my strokings were too much. I felt the inevitable signs and then, SPLOOGEE, all over my pretty tummy. Then more. And more. Ohhhh. I rubbed my stockinged legs and massaged some girl juice onto my thighs under the garter straps. What a mess, but I would clean it all before they came home. I knew that I could make another cummy mess in about 20 minutes or so. Then I would clean up. Unless a third cummy mess was called for 20 minutes later. But for then, I just wanted to relax and think of my dream lovers.

I could see them in my mind. Nice boys. Not mean. Cute smiles. Tight butts. Big cocks. Mmmmm. I drifted off thinking lovely thoughts until I heard, "Jeff. Jeff, Honey." It was my Mom, calling to me in my dream.

Then I heard, "I told you Mom, the little faggot wears our clothes. I can’t wait to tell everyone I know and he knows what a little queer sissy my SISTER Jeff is. Look at that puddle of cum on his stomach. He’s a pervert too, the little nancyboy."

Evil Alexis didn’t belong in my sweet dream, unless..Aaaahhh! I had been asleep for four hours! They were home! I was dead meat! My life was over. Or was it beginning?

Chapter Two - Evaluation

I started to sputter, "Mom, I.."

Mom was sitting next to me on the bed, stroking my arm. "Shhh, honey. Don’t tell me any lies.

That time in your life is over."

Alexis was laughing and chanting, "Faggot queer! Faggot queer! My ‘sister’ is a faggot queer!"

"SHUT UP!" I yelled at her. But she just laughed and said, "Excuse me. I’m going to get on the phone and tell everyone in town about Faggot Queer Jeffie!"

"Stop her, Mom!" I pleaded.

"I can’t do that, Honey," Mom said. I can stop her for an hour or two. But I can’t lock her up for ten years. She’ll tell everyone the first chance she gets. That’s the way she is. And anyway, do you want to keep living a lie forever?"

What did she mean?

"You were never very good at being a boy, Jeff. It’s time you were true to yourself."

"Mom, I.."

"Let’s try a little test, Honey. Some of your cum is still wet. Let me just rub it on the head of your little peter. Do you like that?"

Yes and no, I thought. Mom had a nice stroke, but I was scared shitless. I said nothing.

"You don’t have to talk, just listen. Do you like the idea of kissing a sweet young girl? Licking her nubby nipples and kissing her wet pussy? Would you like to put this big thing in a girl’s wet pussy?

I said nothing and my peter stayed limp.

"What about dressing as that pretty young girl? In satins and lace and wearing petticoats and pretty dresses and silky nighties?"

I was getting warm and my prickie was stirring.

"I see," Mom said. "Now, what if you were dressed as a pretty girl and a boy began to kiss you and hug you?" More prickie expansion under expert Mom-stroking. "And what if he pulled your pretty panties down and rubbed you like I’m rubbing you now?" Harder. Hotter. Visible distress. Whimpering. "And what if he took his big, hot cock out of his pants and pulled the foreskin back and put it in your mouth?" Ohhhhhh. Oooooooo. Whimper. "And what if you licked it and the hot cum JUMPED out and went down your throat and all over your pretty cheeks?" Aaaaaaaah. I came hard and long, arching my back and squealing like a little girl at recess.

Dr. Mom had formed her diagnosis. "You’re a sissygirl. I should have known. I only suspected. It’s OK. It’s not your fault. It’s how God made you and he doesn’t make junk."

I was breathing heavily from the sexual excitement, but I got the message that Mom wasn’t mad at me. Now what?

"We can’t let you go to that high school. They’ll eat you alive there. We have to find an alternative and I think I know just the place."

Chapter Three - Just the Place

The next morning, Mother had me dress in one of evil Alexis’ plaid skirts, a white blouse and penny loafers. She fixed my short hair as well as she could, adding a pink barrette and a ribbon, and made my face up until I was much prettier than I had been able to muster on my own.

She wouldn’t tell me where we were going, but drove me into the city and parked in a lot across from a large brick building bearing a small sign - Miss Cynthia’s School for Young Ladies.

We entered the building and were directed to Miss Lauren’s office. Mother had made an appointment and Miss Lauren, who was a very attractive woman of about 50, greeted us warmly, asking us to sit.

"We have a wonderful school here, Mrs. Cooper, and your timing is excellent. Our summer preparatory session begins in two days. Melissa, you could move into our residence hall and be all prepared when school starts in late August."

I was wondering what kind of school Mom was getting me into. Then Miss Lauren explained.

"Miss Cynthia’s was founded in 1849. We have always been the region’s premier educator of sissygirls. The true sissygirl is one of the bedrocks of American society and we have produced some of the nation’s finest. The names of some of our alumnae would shock you. But let me just say that we are all girls here and we have all learned to compensate for the presence of a pretty cock and balls between our silky legs."

Miss Lauren was packing pork? But she was so pretty and elegant and sexy. And her titties were big and beautiful.

Mom and Miss Lauren discussed my academic credentials and discussed administrative matters.

Mom discussed the "test" she had given me yesterday and I blushed. Miss Lauren smiled at me.

"Very good," she said.


What was happening? Why was she treating me like this? I looked at Mother and started to cry.

"OH, WIDDLE BABY IS CRYING." I cried harder. "YOU COULDN’T CUT IT AT A PLACE LIKE THIS. STAND UP!" I stood. "I’M GOING TO THROW YOU OUT OF HERE, BUT FIRST," she reached into her drawer and pulled out a large paddle. "I’M GOING TO SPANK YOUR BARE ASS, YOU LITTLE PERVERT!"

I bawled, ran trembling to Mother and then, embarrassingly, peed my panties. Hard.

Miss Lauren became herself again and said calmly, "Very good, Dear. I see you are a true sissygirl, perfect for Miss Cynthia’s. I’m sorry, but I had to see how you handled stress. Crying, running to mother and especially, peeing your panties, were excellent responses. We will, of course, help you control your use of such behavioral tools to your future advantage, but I can see that you are perfect for our school. No one will abuse you like that at Miss Cynthia’s. We love our sissygirls here. Now here is a list of the things you will need. You and Mother will be busy shopping the next two days. Report by 4 p.m. Mrs. Cooper, you can sign the necessary documents in room six. Melissa, they’ll have Handi-Wipes, fresh panties and a clean skirt for you in room four. Welcome to our little family!"

Chapter Four - A Proper Welcome

The next two days were a blur of femininity for me. Mom and I spent lots of money getting all the essentials I would need to attend school and live as Melissa. Mom enjoyed it immensely. Evil Alexis brooded in her tent like Achilles outside the walls of Troy.

We arrived on time and made a tearful farewell. Mom and I had bonded in the past two days and I was looking forward to great things from our relationship.

A senior girl named Sarah, who was a mega-cutie, showed me to my room. She was blonde and tanned and had large, plump titties. She told me that girls who finish the first year successfully all get their titties the following summer. They looked scrumptious, even though I had never been attracted to girls. Was I attracted to sissygirls?

Sarah told me that my roommate, a junior named Brianna, who liked to be called Bree, was on a date that evening and that I should not wait up for her. She showed me the closets. They were huge! Each of us had two large walk-ins. Bree’s were filled to the brim. One of Bree’s closets had only shoes!

Sarah stayed and chatted for a while and helped me put away some stuff. She gave me a box supper. Meeting my classmates would begin tomorrow. Sarah helped me put on my nightie (blush) then kissed me goodnight. As she was leaving, I got into the big double bed. I asked Sarah where Bree’s bed was.

"Oh, roommates share a bed here, Honey. We encourage cuddling among sissygirls."

With cuddling on my mind, I drifted off to sleep.

As dawn approached, I began to dream. I was back on the beach, watching the volleyball players. They were eying me in my sexy bikini. As always, my bikini bottom disappeared and my big prickie was sticking out and leaking goo. The players looked at me, but this time I didn’t wake up. The hunkiest stud of all walked over to me and touched the head of my cock. I moaned. Then he got on his knees and put it in his mouth, sucking it lovingly. I said, "Suck it. Suck it. Ohhh." It felt wonderful. Then I woke and got a big surprise!

A pretty girl was kneeling on the bed beside me and had my prickie in her mouth. She had a cute blue nightie on. Her boobies were bouncing as she sucked me. She smiled at me. My eyes were wide with surprise, but the sensation was fantastic.

She stopped sucking. Too bad.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"I’m Bree, your roommate. Hi, Melissa!"

"Hi, Bree. Uh, why were you doing that?"

"When I came in from my date, I was real quiet getting undressed. I saw that you had kicked off the covers during the night and your pretty nightie was up to your waist. You have a GORGEOUS pricklet, Melissa." I blushed. She was right. It’s big and pretty.

"Then I heard you saying, ‘Suck it. Suck it.’ I figured some dream stud and you were having fun, so I decided to give you the pleasure of the real thing. Let me get back to it now. It’s delicious!"

And the bold cutie resumed her skillful sucking. It was the best feeling I had ever had. I never wanted it to end. I moaned and whimpered. Then Bree entered my anus ring with just the tip of her manicured finger. I lost it, pouring the liquid of love into Bree’s pretty mouth. I squealed with appreciation. Bree gulped it down, then sucked me until she was sure she had gotten it all. I was in sexual shock.

Bree was toying with my long foreskin when I said, "That was wonderful, Bree. Thank you.

But I never knew it could be so good with, you know, a girl. I like boys."

Bree smiled radiantly. "All of us sissygirls like boys, Melissa. I just spent the night with a cute one and he fucked me so hard and so often that I’ll be walking funny all day. But sissygirls are different. We’re all sisters and we love each other just as we love boys. Now enough of this talk. I see your little red friend peeking through that big hood again. I’m going to eat you up!"

Bree started sucking and licking me again. This time I was prepared and I was enraptured. She licked my little pink ball bag, swirling her tongue all over it. Then she took my long tosser entirely in her mouth and sucked! How she did it, I don’t know, but it was grand. Then she licked all over the head, tonguing the soft, tiny lips of my peehole. Mmmmmm. I didn’t want to cum yet, and since I had just done so, thought I was safe. I was wrong. Bree stuck an entire finger in my ass, then two. She fingerfucked me as she sucked my skinned helmet. I squealed like the sissy I am, grimaced, arched my back and lost a big, hot load of precious girl juice. Goodness, what a cum that was! One for the ages.

Bree sucked the last drop, then smiled at me with satisfaction. I began to cry. So did Bree. She moved up my body and kissed me tenderly, then hungrily. We grappled lovingly. I could feel Bree’s stiff weapon pressing against my tummy, when it occurred to me that I should do for her as she did for me. My first prickie sucking. Wow.

I asked Bree if I could suck her and she smiled and kissed me, lifting her nightie and lying on her back. Bree was an angel of love. Her long legs invited stroking and admiration. Despite her exercise on her date, her cute pink pricklet stood skinned and proud. Her piercing eyes held love and intelligence. Her full, red lips dribbled with cum. Mmmmm.

I got on my knees and held her pricklet. This was my first touching of one other than my own. It throbbed softly in my hand. Tentatively, I licked the tip. It was covered with Bree’s pre-goo and tasted salty, but clean and nice. Bree cooed appreciatively. I skinned back the foreskin, then released it. Bree squeaked. I did it again, then covered the head with my warm, wet mouth. It was very hot and tasty. I loved the feeling of giving another person pleasure. Bree was acting very pleased. She squirmed, wiggled and whimpered as I pressed my wet attentions. I wanted her to come and told her so. "Finger my tushie," she groaned. So I wet two fingers and entered her anus. They went in easily, since it was still wet from her date’s many loads of cum.

Bree reacted to that with ardor, moving with my finger thrusts and pushing my head down on her cocklet. She groaned softly, squealed my name and gave me my first hot mouthful of girl juice. It was the best thing I ever ate.

I thought I would like being roommates with Bree.

Chapter Five - Words to Live By

That morning, I got myself together. Bree was still sleeping. The poor little doll was beat from all that fucking. It’s not easy being a popular sissygirl.

I put on the school uniform. Garter belt, stockings, pleated micro miniskirt, ribbed, white, sleeveless top (for summer wear) and strappy sandals with two-inch heels. The older girls wore four-inchers, but we weren’t ready yet.

I was sissy shy at breakfast, but I met the other five girls in my freshman group. There were thirty-six in all, divided into groups of six. They were sweet, cute girls named Hannah, Samantha, Catherine, Jessica and Haley. They were all nice, but Hannah and I seemed to hit it off immediately. She was only about 5’4", with a cute face and slim, shapely legs. Next year when we had titties, she and I would be boy magnets!

We minced our way to a 9:30 orientation class on Sissy Survival, presented by Miss Brittany, a 30-something alumna with a dazzling figure and spectacular ass.

"Settle down, girls. Now don’t cry. I wasn’t that harsh saying that." Polite laughter. "Today’s talk will be one of the most important you will have at Miss Cynthia’s. We want you to understand some important things that will help you survive and thrive in this world as a sissy. Miss Rebecca, would you start the slides, please?"


"This is one of the key rules we teach you sweet girls. A sissygirl is a loving, giving person. But she’s no sap. If your man or anyone else mistreats you, or is just not nice enough to you, you don’t have to be nice to him. A grateful, happy sissygirl is a force of nature. She can do more to make a man happy than anyone in the world. But a sissygirl who lets her man mistreat her is cheating the world and herself. Don’t be afraid to walk away, girls."


"When you express your giving nature and don’t receive like treatment, walk away. For example, some men love when their sissygirl sucks their cock and they fuck the sissygirl’s ass. But they don’t kiss their sweet girl or suck her prickie or sometimes even touch their sweet girl’s cocklet!" [Gasps from the audience] "That’s right, ladies. These homophobic losers think they’re walking some stupid tightrope. Knock them off it and do what, ladies?"


"Good girls. Next slide, please."


"Being a sissygirl has many advantages, but one of the biggest is that you really don’t have to do many things you don’t want to do. Your time should be spent on making yourself pretty for your man. You shouldn’t have to do laundry, cook, clean, sew, mow grass, tend the buffalo or fight Indians. You’re a sissygirl! You should never have to lift anything heavier than your man’s cock. And if you’re doing your job, that will lift itself."


"When a man does something for you, reinforce that good behavior. They love to do things for their sissies. It gives them a testosterone rush. But rewards should be appropriate. When a man opens a jar for you, give him big wet, lipsticky kiss. With lots of tongue. When he paints your house, fuck him until his cock falls off. Am I making my point?"

"Yes, Miss Brittany."

"Good. Next slide."


"As good, happy sissygirls, you’ll suck many cocks in your life." Ooooooh, we all thought.

"Some of them will be beautiful. Some only so-so. But the most important thing about a cock is the man it’s attached to. Don’t be like those genetic girls who fall in love with guys who treat them like dirt, beat them, get them pregnant and leave them. They tell their girlfriends about how good those guys really are and how it was the girl’s fault that all that happened. It’s the worst kind of bullshit and I never want you to buy into it. Suck all the cocks you want, but stay with the good guys."


"Miss Lauren tested you all when you interviewed to make sure you cried, ran to your mothers and peed your panties when under stress. Those are all normal sissygirl responses, but we want you to learn to use those behaviors to your advantage. A crying sissygirl will melt a good man’s heart. He will do things for you even he thought impossible just to make you stop crying and be happy. Men also love when you show fear, as in panty peeing, and they can set those fears to rest. In short, Ladies, men want to make us happy. So let them!"


Don’t be in a rush to get married. Even if you meet the alleged Mr. Right at an early age. There are so few of us sissygirls and so many men who, even though they don’t know it yet, want to love us and make us happy. Experience life! Suck a few frog cocks before you suck down that prince goo."


"A sissygirl needs to think about her future. At Miss Cynthia’s, we spend a good deal of time and effort teaching you girls the financial facts of life. You will do wonderful things for men over the next few years; be sure they do great things for you. Real estate is always good. Bearer bonds and diamonds are even better. Make sure everything is in your name, get a good lawyer, and don’t take promises, especially the ones you get when six inches of hard meat are up your ass. It tends to cloud your judgment.

"When you turn 18, Miss Cynthia’s will introduce you to some fine gentlemen who may provide you with the kind of financial assistance you may need so you will never have to work a day in your beautiful, femmy, fuck-filled lives." We all sat forward in our chairs.

"These charming, horribly rich gentlemen all love sissygirls and may offer you a mutually beneficial, temporary arrangement that will help you through life. We don’t endorse this. We only offer it. We will of course, train you fully on how to negotiate such an arrangement to your advantage.


"Our last piece of advice so far, Ladies, is that you be fair with boys, something that few genetic girls do. We are both prickteasers and prickpleasers at Miss Cynthia’s. We like to get a boy all excited, but when we do, we never make him suffer, unless he’s a mean boy. If you tease his prick, you must also please it.

"Any questions, so far, Ladies? Then the time has come to show you your future. Lights, please. The video you are about to see shows sweet Lisa, a senior this coming year at Miss Cynthia’s. It depicts a date with Lisa’s special friend Gary, who is also a senior at our brother school, Manley Academy. Lisa and Gary are lovers and they were kind enough to let us record their love for you one month ago."

On a six-foot-square video screen, we sissygirls saw a heartbreakingly pretty young girl emerge from a bathtub. Her long, black hair hung wetly, framing her lovely face. She had sparkling dark eyes, filled with life and fun. Full, pink lips accented her beautiful features. She had a glowing smile for the camera that she obviously knew was following her. Her pert, B-cup titties featured big brown nipples. She held them up for the camera and giggled girlishly. Her flat tummy was the center of a slim waist and full hips. Her long, red prickie, six limp, lovely inches, hung down between her perfect thighs. The longer, slack foreskin hooded her entire pink pricklethead.

Lisa began to dry her body with little pats of a big, fluffy towel. She lifted her meat to dry it and

we were treated to the sight of full, pink balls, hanging expectant of a lover’s kind attentions. I looked left and right at my fellow sissygirls. We were all terribly aroused. I learned then that, although I had no sexual interest in genetic girls (Yuck!), I was turned on by my sister sissygirls. I didn’t just want to fuck Lisa at that moment, however. I wanted to be Lisa. She was the perfect little sissygirl - a role model for us all.

Finished drying herself, she gave a little prickie shake to the camera and giggled. The edited film followed her preparations, skimming through blow drying, but focusing on the careful application of make-up, particularly eye shadow, mascara and eyeliner. Lisa’s eyes became enormous and inviting. Her glossed pink lips teased the camera, pouting prettily for a kiss. One of my sisters groaned with lust. We all giggled.

Lisa powdered her tummy, added perfume at strategic spots and smoothed on a pair of seamed, black, thigh-high stockings. We got the first look at her incredible ass when she turned from the camera and looked over her shoulder to check the seams. Her love pillows were plump and inviting. She seemed to remember that the camera was watching, so she spread her cheeks to give us a quick peek of her pink rosebud. My panties were very tight and I was leaking sticky goo rapidly.

The stockings were all she wore! At that moment, a doorbell rang. Lisa squealed with delight.

"It’s Gary!" she squeaked. Limp-wristed, she streaked to the door and flung it open. Fortunately, it was not Jehovah’s Witnesses, but her beau. Not shy, Lisa threw herself at Gary in a naked embrace. Gary smiled handsomely and kissed her. He picked her up in a bride-across-the threshold carry and, kissing her with maximum tongue, carried sweet Lisa to the bed of imminent bliss. Lisa’s pretty feet were pointed. She fluttered her legs in joy, squealing Gary’s name. Gary was a very lucky boy to have Lisa as his girlfriend, and he knew it.

Lisa lay on the bed, watching Gary undress. What a pretty package she was! She wiggled and squirmed for her Gary, whimpering softly in anticipation of some world-class fucking. Her six sissy inches were fiercely erect. Her pretty foreskin had retreated slightly, exposing only her soft, tiny, succulent pricklips, which were pouting for Gary’s kisses. Lisa skinned her prickie and stroked it invitingly, spreading the leaking, sticky goo over the velvety head with her fingertip. It was a gorgeous sight to me.

Gary undressed quickly. We sissygirls groaned when we saw Gary’s big nine inches of love. Lisa licked her lips and actually drooled. She rose off the bed, fell to her pretty knees, a perfect sissygirl position, in front of her Gary and began to worship her man’s beautiful cock. She slurped, snorted, licked, whimpered, sucked, grunted and mewed. Gary told her how beautiful she was and how much he loved her. Then his knees trembled, he groaned Lisa’s name and he flooded her mouth with his sweet ball juice. Lisa’s eyes got big. She whimpered and swallowed as much as her little throat could hold. The rest of the sweet goo trickled from her lips and drizzled onto her chin. She was even more beautiful!

Despite my best efforts, the stimulation of Lisa’s and Gary’s lovemaking proved too exciting for me. I made a big cummy mess in my pink panties. Looking around, I could see I was not alone.

Gary drew Lisa to her feet and they shared a long, sweet, cummy kiss. They rubbed cocks deliciously. Lisa broke off the kiss and got on the bed into the sissygirl’s favorite position, on her back. Her prickie invited Gary and he RSVPed. Falling to his knees, Gary kissed Lisa’s pretty thighs. She squirmed appreciatively. He lifted her pricklet and kissed her balls, using his tongue expertly. Lisa gasped and wriggled for more. We all expected Gary to suck her sissypole, but Gary proceeded from Lisa’s balls to her lovely pink asshole, making tiny, accurate licks in a girl’s most intimate spot. Lisa was surprised as well and she squealed in appreciation, lifting her back to allow Gary’s probing tongue freer access.

Gary was fated to be an archeologist, because he certainly knew how to dig in the right spot. Lisa was in carnal paradise. She whimpered with lust as Gary ate her out exquisitely. We sissygirls could all imagine a man’s tongue in our sweet spot and we shifted in our seats.

After about ten moaning, squirming minutes, Lisa squeaked and came a bucket - all over her smooth tummy and onto Gary’s face and hair. He smiled and kept eating her for another three minutes. Then he changed the form of erotic torture by propping up Lisa’s butt with three pillows, kissing her deeply, then entering her lubed, relaxed pucker with his mammoth cock.

Lisa grimaced slightly, then smiled beatifically as her pooper was stuffed with hot, hard meat. She told Gary she loved him, then lay back and concentrated on the superb sensations. Oh how we sissygirls longed to feel what Lisa was feeling then. We knew that it would happen soon enough but we were young, impatient and randy!

Gary plunged ahead and he was obviously enjoying himself as much as Lisa was. She was a prize beyond measure. A lovely, feminine person, devoted to her man’s happiness. And he was devoted to hers.

After 40 strokes or so, Lisa’s pricklet was still limp from the shock of insertion. It was flopping against her belly freely. Suddenly, she appeared to be in some distress. Her lovely eyes widened. Tears formed. She moaned loudly and, though still limp, her prickie issued a steady, thick stream of girl juice. Her body bucked. Her ass tightened on Gary’s manly meat. Gary scrunched his handsome face and flooded Lisa’s thrilled butt with a gallon of hot, manly cum.

The glow they shared after that world-class fucking calmed us sissygirls down a bit, but we were still fired up. If the seventy-year-old school janitor had walked in at that moment, it would have been the luckiest day of his life.

Gary dressed, kissed Lisa to the door and departed. Lisa closed the door and sighed. Then she went over and pulled the cameraman’s pants down and sucked him to a staggering orgasm, all caught on tape. Lisa giggled at her mischievousness, then waved the camera a cummy goodbye.

The film ended and Miss Brittany allowed us a few moments to return to reality, a place that should only be visited when absolutely necessary.

Chapter Six - Hannah

After the orientation, my new friend Hannah and I walked back to her room. We were talking about nonsensical things, but it was clear we wanted to get in each other’s panties ASAP.

Hannah invited me in and then startled me by being the aggressor. Everyone seemed to be in charge of my sex life at that point except me. She kissed me full on the lips and licked my lipstick. She was a sweet young sissygirl, like me, 14 and recently outed by her family. It was all fresh and new to Hannah and she wanted to experience everything about being a sissygirl at once. She threw herself at me and I was too randy to resist.

We sucked tongues and embraced each other’s slim bodies. Hannah started to pull my blouse off. I let her. She unhooked my skirt and I let her. It’s a good thing she didn’t have any swampland to sell me that day.

In a few minutes, we were naked except for our garter belts and pretty stockings. We were groping, licking and sucking in an artless, but stimulating manner. Hannah proposed a sixty-nine. I wasn’t sure what that was, but when she swallowed my prickie and hers was staring me in the face, I figured it out. Hannah was an enthusiastic cocksucker, which is something, like height in basketball, which you can’t teach. She was hell-bent on making me a happy sissygirl that day and I joined in the spirit soon enough. We exploded in each other’s girlie mouths, swallowed, then set about a second round. When that was over, Hannah let me tell her a little about myself, a prime ingredient of friendship.

We lay side by side and I told Hannah my story. She giggled when I told her about my Mom’s test of my sexual orientation. She cried when I told her all about my evil sister, Alexis.

Hannah had grown up in a town close to mine. Like me, her mom and dad had separated when she was young. Hannah had a brother Brian, who was two years older than she and did not take her sissiness well. When Hannah was being "Danny" the "brothers" had gotten along well. Brian had loved and protected his kid brother, who was a bit squirty, but did not accept that he had a sister.

Hannah began to cry and I did too. "It’s OK, Honey," I said. "You have to be who you are.

Brian will accept you when he has time to realize that."

"You’re so sweet, Melissa."

We kissed and hugged and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Chapter Seven - Sissy Summer

The Woodstock year 1969 may have been called the summer of love, but my first summer of love was the one I spent with my fellow sissygirls.

The teachers didn’t want us being with boys until we had learned about femmy things and had

had some time to love each other. So we spent two months exploring our sister’s bodies. The

older girls were sweet to us and, although they went out almost every night and got fucked silly

by boys, they still found time to love and instruct us.

Our third day at Miss Cynthia’s, though, that didn’t appear to be true.

My roommate Bree, the first person to ever suck Missy Cooper’s cock, decided that day that I should learn how to give myself a "douche," which is what we sissygirls call an enema.

"You want to be kissing fresh back there for the boys, Missy," Bree said. "Let me give you an nice enema. It’s a very pleasant sensation."

I didn’t know what an enema was at that time. Was I ever that young? But I didn’t wish to appear stupid to Bree. So I agreed.

Bree laid a plastic cover on our bed, then put an old white sheet over it. She asked me to strip to my bra, stockings and garter belt. She kissed me, then asked me to lie on my back. She climbed on the bed and attached long silk scarves to eyebolts in the ceiling that I had never noticed before. She then tied the other end to my ankles. I didn’t protest, but I was a little nervous. What was this enema and why was I being tied up?

My legs were 18 inches off the bed and spread wide. Bree then tied each of my wrists to the bedposts. I was her captive.

Bree whistled softly as she filled the enema bag with warm, soapy water. She noted the fear in my pretty eyes and she giggled. Bree was clearly enjoying my discomfort. I was also a little embarrassed. My most private parts were wide open. My ass was raised off the bed. And I was helpless. It was more than embarrassing. It was humiliating.

"Bree, I’m not sure."

"Oh stop it, Missy. You’re not that big a sissy, are you?"

I thought I was a pretty big sissy. Maybe one of the world’s biggest. But if Bree put it like that.

"Let me lube this nozzle up. I’ll just put these two lubed fingers in your poophole, so the nozzle will go in easily. How do my fingers feel in there, Missy?"

Despite my misgivings, I was becoming very aroused. My big prickie was stiff and red.

"See. I knew you would enjoy this. Now let me just replace my fingers with the nozzle and give you some water for your bowels. There we are. How’s that?"

It wasn’t bad, kind of warm and pleasant. Bree’s fingers were better. "Isn’t that enough water, Bree?"

"Oh, no, Missy. You need a lot more for a real douche."

"But, Bree, my tummy’s getting all swollen."

"Now see, Missy, that’s why we tie you new girls up on your first enemas. You want to wimp out too early."

"But, Bree, I am a wimp. I mean, that’s how I ended up here."

"Your mouth is saying one thing, but your cock is saying another."

Bree was right. My cocklet was in fierce erection.

"Let me help you take the last few enema drops, Missy. I’ll wank your prickie as I’m filling your bowels."

That sounded better. But I was starting to get cramps. What if I crapped all over the sheet? I would be humiliated. Then things got worse.

There was a knock on the door. Bree yelled. "It’s open."

IT’S OPEN? IT’S OPEN? Was Bree crazy? I was tied up, my tummy was bloated, I was about to crap any second. I was naked. And my distressed cock was about to spew a load. And she was telling whoever was passing by to come in and see me like that?

It was excruciatingly awful. And so exciting that I squealed and shot out six ropes of thick cum as the door opened.

I was so overcome that I couldn’t see who it was at first. It would have been better if it had been my grandmother and my first-grade nun. It was Lisa, the mega-babe sissygirl of film whom I had been dying to meet, but before whom I was now shamed forever.

"Hi, Bree," Lisa said. "Oh, excuse me. I see you’re busy. Are you Melissa? Bree’s told me about you. It’s nice to meet you, but you appear to be in a bit of a predicament. "

My whole body was blushing with shame, but my prickie was once again in its diamond-cutting mode. Why was this humiliation exciting me so?

Lisa went on. "Oh, my. You’ve just come a bucket, haven’t you? And I’ll bet you have to poop really badly."

Was this sympathy or taunting?

"You’re just a helpless little girl now, aren’t you? A man could do anything he wants to you to satisfy his disgusting needs."

The idea of men satisfying their disgusting needs made my prickie even stiffer, redder and throbbier.

Lisa began to stroke my prickie expertly. "You’re very big. A lot of men like that. They’ll want to suck you and have you cum on their faces. Would you like that?"

As Lisa stroked me, all the humiliation, discomfort and animal lust converged on me and I shot

another huge load

"That’s a good girl, Missy. Let it all out."

I did just that. I would have collapsed, but I was trussed up. Lisa and Bree released my bonds and I sissy-ran to the bathroom, where I emptied my stretched bowels in shame. I felt so dirty that I took a shower. I was ashamed to face my roommate again, so I dallied. Fortunately, I had the good sense to put on clean, pretty stockings and a garter belt. A sissygirl needs her femmy accessories.

When I emerged from the bathroom. Bree and Lisa were stripped to their black lingerie on the bed and beckoning for me to join them.

They congratulated me on being brave and taking their little bondage teasing so well.

"We want to give the new girls a full range of sexual experience," Lisa said. "You were terrific and I think you really enjoyed it, didn’t you?"

"I didn’t think I did," I said, "but my prickie sure thought so."

We all giggled.

"Come join us, Missy. You can be the meat in our sissy sandwich."

I didn’t know what that meant, but I wasn’t a vegetarian yet, so I agreed to join them.

"You were such a brave girl, Honey," Bree said as she kissed me.

"And so much cum from those pretty pink balls and this big, hot cock!" Lisa said, as she stroked my girlie stick. "Did you save any for your sisters?"

I could only whimper softly.

"Would you like to feel what it’s like to be fucked and fuck at the same time?" Bree asked.

Would I? "Whimper!"

"Here, Honey," Bree said. "Let me put this lube on your big sissypleaser. Use your fingers and put some up Lisa’s pretty poopchute."

Lisa was on all fours. I lubed up two fingers and lovingly applied them to Lisa’s world-class ass. She moaned nicely. Meanwhile, Bree was exciting me with her slick attentions to my stiff sissypole. After a few minutes of this lovely arousal, Bree asked me to get on my knees and position my pole at Lisa’s sweet rosebud. I was going to fuck the hottest sissygirl at Miss Cynthia’s! And by her grunts and squeaks, she wanted me! Bree lined me up and I pushed the tip of my big, hot sissypleaser forward. Lisa gasped. Oh the power of a stiff cock! I pushed in d with one long thrust, up to the hairs of my pubes. Lisa bucked and squealed, but I hung on. It felt incredible. My most sensitive part was in a hot, moist cave. With each thrust, I could feel my foreskin rubbing my sensitive glans. And Lisa seemed to be enjoying it as much as I was. It was a beautiful thing to be able to impart pleasure as well as merely enjoy it yourself. I longed to feel a hot throbber in my own pooper. Then Bree reminded me what a sissy sandwich meant.

I felt two of Bree’s fingers in my tight puckerhole. Ohhhhhhhh, it was grand! Combined with the anal pressures on my stiff prick, I couldn’t imagine anything better. I had so little imagination in those days.

Bree withdrew her fingers, kissed and tongued my asshole lovingly [Oooooooh], then entered me slowly. Aaaaaaaaah. For the first time in my life, I was being fucked. It wasn’t a boy. It wasn’t as good as it would be with a boy. But it was darned good. My senses were on overdrive. Bree was grunting and plowing my virgin asshole. It was a good thing I had had that douche, because, even though my bowels were clean as a whistle, I felt as if I had to make poopie. Lisa was squealing and begging me for more cock up her sweet pit. I began to cry with raw lust and emotion. In an inspired move, I reached around Lisa’s hips and grabbed her sissy spear. I slid its foreskin up and down and Lisa gave a long squeal of release, shooting rope after rope of hot goo across the bed. This set me off and I flooded Lisa’s warm place with my third load of that fantastic day. My ass clenching and sissy squeals set Bree off and she filled my bowels again, this time with her love nectar.

Every time I eat a sandwich, I remember that day.

Chapter Eight - Time out with Melissa

Hi. It’s me, Melissa.

I appreciate you reading my story. I’m flattered that you cared enough to take the time to read about little old me. I know it excited you. I saw you stroking your poker. Did you cum when you read about my Mom "testing" me to see if I was really a sissygirl? I think you did. How about when you read about Bree welcoming me to school and me giving her a big sissy thank you? I think you made a big cummy mess when you read that too. And how about when Bree tied me up and she and Lisa took advantage of me? You thought that was a little kinky, but I think it excited you too.

That’s OK, Honey. I’m happy I excited you. My life is pretty exciting, I guess.

Are you surprised that I’m talking to you right now? I know. No narrator of a story like this has ever spoken to you before. But you and I don’t have to follow any old silly rules. Do we?

And you don’t have to touch yourself like that any more. Melissa’s here with you, now, Sweetie.

I’m lying on the bed next to you and ready for your love.

Do you like me? Do you think I’m pretty? I know I’m not as exciting as the 14-year-old crossdresser me you’ve read about so far. I’m 21 now and a full-fledged she-male. Do you think I’m too old for you? Oh, that was a nice thing to say, thank you. I think you like my big titties. Young Missy didn’t have those. And I have a woman’s body now in every way but one.

But I think that one big difference is a nice one, don’t you? Oh, thank you. I get a lot of compliments on my big prickie. What’s that? Oh, eight and a half inches or so, depending on if you include the long foreskin that covers all but the peehole. You can touch it if you want. Mmmmm. That feels good.

Do you like what I wore for you? I like to wear stockings and a garter belt for a man. And men seem to love it when they’re black. The old saying is that if a girl is wearing black bra and panties, she wants to get laid. I always want to get laid, no matter what the color. [Giggle].

Do you like my lacy black bra and five-inch-heeled black pumps?

It’s OK, Honey. You can touch me. I want you to. I think you’re cute too. Maybe you would like to suck my titties. Please, go ahead. I would like that. Mmmmmm. You like my big titties don’t you, Sweetie? Do you like my big, brown nipples? I guess you do the way you’re sucking them. [Giggle, titter.]

You can do that all day. What’s that, Honey? Sure, you can stroke my prickie while you suck my breasts. Mmmmm. That’s so good. Stroke it like you were stroking your own big, hot cock before. I like it that way too. Oh, Honey, that’s nice. Ohhh. Suck my titty. Stroke my foreskinnnnnnnnnnn. Ohhhhhhhhhh. [Squirt, spurt, ooze]. Mmmmmmmm. So good.

Oh, what a naughty boy to lick my girlie goo off your fingers like that. Yes, it is delicious, but thank you for saying so. What a considerate lover you are.

Would you like to suck my prickie for a while and see what develops? Pull the foreskin back and lick out the cum that just collected there. You just do that for Melissa and I’ll tell you some more of my life story. And no little lovebites down there, you naughty boy. Now where was I?

Chapter Nine - BOYS!!!!

The summer passed too quickly. We made hot, sissy love in every position and in more combinations than a fast-food restaurant. But it was time to go to the next step. BOYS!!!!!!

We knew boys were flawed. We knew about their short attention spans, intolerance for shopping, addiction to sports, challenged hygiene and inability to discuss relationships, but we wanted them anyway - in our tight girlie holes and in our pretty mouths. We wanted every flavor of their cum. We wanted to satisfy all of their disgusting needs, in exchange for which, they would satisfy ours. And we wanted them to be devoted to us and the victims of our tears, pouting, moods and irrational fears. We couldn’t wait for the Labor Day weekend mixer with Manley Academy.

Manley was founded in 1853. Almost from its birth, it was associated with Miss Cynthia’s, thanks to its proximity and the daily ash-hauling of Miss Cynthia by Bertram Manley, one of America’s finest assfuckers. Manley Academy boys have serviced the carnal needs of Miss Cynthia’s girls ever since. It was said that Miss Lauren and Headmaster John Allen had a regular, daily tussle.

Manley boys were taught from their first day how to love and be loved by a sissygirl. They attacked this challenge with great relish, as well as with oceans of hot cum.

Every year, the new sissygirl freshmen and the Manley frosh attended a mixer on Labor Day weekend. Many lifelong friendships were formed and rivers of bodily fluids were exchanged.

Hannah and I wanted to be extra pretty that night and Lisa and Bree were helping us get ready.

"You girls are knockouts," Bree said, and Lisa agreed.

We blushed. We were both wearing little black dresses with a little padding for out titless chests. The skirts were short and flouncy. If we moved the wrong way, the boys would see our stocking tops or even [Gasp] our panties!

Hannah and I were nervous. She asked the older girls, "What if they don’t want to fuck us?"

Lisa looked at Hannah as if she had two heads. "Honey, any sane male would want to fuck you until you’re both on Social Security. And the same goes for Melissa. You’re gorgeous!"

"But we don’t have titties," I moaned.

Bree said, "This time next year, you’ll have two large puppies and will be started on lots of other chemical and surgical enhancements. Enjoy the time you have when you’re still all you. The Manley boys will be running into the men’s room to whack off when they see you."

That was a very comforting picture and we felt better. Since we had been at Miss Cynthia’s, we hadn’t been out in the world. That night we would feel the breeze up our skirts and maybe a big cock up there as well.

Bree and Lisa kissed us for luck and we nervously went to join our sisters on the bus.

When we arrived at Manley Academy, testosterone was in the air. Dark wood, sharp corners, rock and marble. Good looking, older, upper-class boys watching the bus as it made for the gym and the freshmen.

We 36 sissygirls were apprehensive, but excited beyond description. We alit from the bus and entered the gym. The gym had crepe paper, a "Welcome, Girls" sign, a long punch table, and BOYS!!!!!

For the first time in my life, I was a girl looking at boys who knew I was a girl. Who saw me dressed as a girl. And who wanted me as a girl. Well, maybe they didn’t all want me, but a girl can dream.

Both groups were nervous, but eventually we began to mingle. They were CUTE!!! Blue monogram blazers and khaki pants. Short hair and a clean, scrubbed look. I wanted to eat them all up. I noticed several hot leers at my ass and legs, [Blush] but no one dared talk to me until Jordan stepped up and said, "Hi! I’m Jordan and you’re the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen."

Wow! I started to remove my panties, but thought maybe it was a skosh too soon. "Tell me more, you honest boy," I said as I looked at him shyly through downturned eyes. He was a cutie. Taller than I, even though I was wearing four-inch strappy heels. Sweet face. Nice build.

Smooth talker.

"OK. You have a very pretty face, but you carry yourself in a very feminine way, you know.

And you have killer legs and a great, uh, figure."

He meant my ass. It is a great one. I blushed. "Could I have some punch?"

Jordan streaked over and ran the punch back. Miss Brittany was right. Let a man do it.

I remembered that men love to talk about themselves. "Tell me about yourself, Jordan."

He did. Men were too easy.

A slow number came on and Jordan asked me to dance. He was a dreamy dancer and I wasn’t bad either. It was my first time in a boy’s strong arms and I was very comfy there. Jordan began to take little liberties. He kissed my forehead. My foreskin would have been better, but it was a start. He praised my dancing, my wit, my perfume, my name and my beauty. He wanted me and I wanted him.

I decided to take the initiative. "This is such a big school. Would you like to show me around?"

This was code for, take me to your room and fuck my brains out, you big stud.

Jordan got the message and smiled broadly. "I would love that. This way, please, Melissa dear."

We went directly to his room and closed the door. I said, "That wasn’t much of a tour."

"Maybe I can take you on a trip around the world." And then he kissed me. My first kiss from a boy. I could smell his aftershave. His strong arms held me close. I purred. I could feel a nice hard piece of boy meat pressed against my tummy. He felt the same against his tummy. Jordan kissed my neck and my bare shoulders. He breathed in my sweet perfume. His right hand ran over my tight ass.

Things were getting hot in there, so Jordan removed his clothes. He stood nude before me and I drank in his bare form. I wanted to kiss, lick and suck every square inch of it.

Jordan unzipped me and I shimmied out of my dress. He drooled when he saw me in my black lingerie and heels. I blushed. We kissed again and ran our hands all over each other’s bodies. His tongue was delicious.

I slipped to my knees and kissed the smooth head of his cock, my first boymeat. A little gooey spurt jumped out and I giggled. Jordan locked eyes with me and told me how beautiful I was. That deserved a lusty suck of the cockhead. I did it. He groaned. I hefted his balls in my hand. A nice, firm bag, with two good producers of lifejuice. I scratched them lightly with my lacquered talons. He winced in apprehension, but I was a sissygirl, not a ballbuster. He was safe.

I turned my attention to Jordan’s nice, fat cock. I skinned back his foreskin and he flinched slightly. I licked the exposed, sensitive skin of his sticky cockhead. It was nectar! Jordan stroked my hair and waited to see what I would do next. I was making it up as I went along, but it seemed to be working. I was licking my first boy cock and loving every minute of it.

I decided that the direct approach worked best, so I tongued Jordan’s cockhead with affection and plentiful saliva. Just to be sure that Jordan would remember the moment forever, I used a trick my sisters taught me. I entered his anus with two manicured fingers. They were the first visitors to those quarters and were very welcome. I wiggled my little fingers and sucked his big cockhead. After a few minutes, Jordan shuddered and groaned my name. My little mouth was full of hot cum. Yummy!!!!!! I gobbled it up and gulped it down greedily. My tummy was full of cummy.

I sucked Jordan until he spilled every drop down my welcoming throat. He was enchanted by me and said so. Reluctantly, I removed my fingers from his boyish butt, licked them wantonly, and released his fat cock.

I stood and kissed him, then got on my back on his bed. My prickiehead was sticking up over the top of my panties. It was all purple and sticky and pretty. I wriggled for Jordan’s viewing pleasure and beckoned him to me. He covered my body with his, kissing me and rubbing his limp cock against my sore, hard one.

He moved his head to my crotch. He smelled my perfume and licked my peeking prickie head with the tip of his tongue. It was so intimate and sexy that I almost gave him a creamy surprise right then, but I held back. Jordan smiled his cute smile and peeled my pretty panties down to my thighs. He dove in and licked my goodie package from stem to stern. I wiggled, whimpered and gasped appropriately. Then he returned the favor I had given him by entering my sissy ass with his manly fingers. Oh my! You read about these things, but you really have to be there. Licking my prickie tip and fingering my warm place brought me to an exquisite, screaming, bed-thumping orgasm. Ohhhhhhhhhh. Just thinking about it makes me hard and hot and sticky.

Jordan would have fucked me, then and all night, but a horn sounded to tell us to get dressed and back on the bus. We kissed and made a lot of interesting promises. It was an outstanding introduction to the joys of boys.

Chapter Ten - Gino

When we got back to the dorm, we all had cum-filled stories to tell. Hannah had met a nice young boy named David, who ate her poopie hole for a half-hour before he fucked her with his fat poker. She was shaking with lust as she told about it.

And I hadn’t even been fucked! I guess Jordan and I were having so much fun with the hors d’oeuvres, that we never got to the entrees. I sniffled a little when I told Bree about it, but she was wise as ever. "The journey is as much fun as the destination, Missy," Bree said. It was good to have a zenmistress as a fuck partner and roommate.

"You need someone special for your first boyfuck, Missy. I think I’ll introduce you to my special friend Gino."


"He’s my favorite fucker. A real hunk and a sweetie to boot. Would you like him to take your little cherry tomorrow night? He’s spectacular."

If he was half that good, he could have the whole cherry tree.

The next evening, Bree made sure I was completely edible. I took a long, hot bath and a soapy enema. I powdered my flat tummy and perfumed all my strategic points, including [Blush] my pubic hair. I painted my fingernails and toenails and shaved all the hair from my silky smooth legs and armpits. Bree had me wear filmy pink panties, a pink, see-through babydoll nightie, pink stockings with matching garter belt and pink, high-heeled, mule slippers with a little pink puff on each shoe. I wore two pretty ribbons in my pigtailed hair. I was every pedophile’s wet dream and I knew it. Bree also lubricated me "back there" with some vaginal jelly, just in case Gino was impulsive.

Bree kissed me goodbye and left. A few moments later, there was a knock on the door. I opened it nervously. Standing there was the most gorgeous hunk of sixteen-year-old boy I have ever seen, then or now. He was tall and olive-skinned, with a heart-breakingly handsome face. He was wearing khakis and a polo shirt, but I could see that he had a terrific body. And that smile!!!! If I had been that other kind of girl, my panties would have been soaking wet.

I smiled back shyly. "Are you Gino?" I asked.

"At your service, Melissa. You’re much more beautiful than Bree described you."

[Blush] I looked down shyly. "Thank you," I whispered in my best little-girl voice. "So are you." [Giggle]

"May I come in?"

Come in sit down, take my panties off, I thought. "Oh, sure. Have a seat. I’m sorry there’s just the one nice easy chair."

"That’s OK. We can share."


Gino sat down and beckoned for me to sit on his lap. I did so eagerly. He put his arms around me. I could feel something big and stiff poking against my tiny butt.

"Bree’s told me so much about you Melissa. You’re a gorgeous, sweet sissygirl. May I kiss you?"

[Pant, pant] "I guess so. OK. Mmmmm, that’s a nice kiss. Do you like my perfume?"

"It’s driving me wild." The evidence of that was getting more insistent against my buttocks.

"How about another kiss."

The next kiss was a deep, tonguey one and Gino punctuated it by slipping his hand into my nightie and stroking my little titty bumps. "Do you like when boys tickle your nipples?"

[Gasp, pant] "I don’t know. You’re the first one to do that. It feels very nice." My poor prickie was already bursting out of my wispy panties.

"May I kiss your titties?"

Oh boy, oh boy. "Okay, but don’t hurt me." [Fake whimper]

Gino used his tongue and lips on my titties until I was driven to complete distraction. He knew his way around a girl’s titties and I was the beneficiary of that expertise. I was moaning with desire. My prickie was almost bursting. Then Gino, still sucking, kissing and licking, made his way through my pink panties and entered my anus ring with two long fingers. He wiggled his fingers twice, pumped them up and down three times and I lost it. "Unnnnnnh . Eeeeeeee. Oh. Oh. Oh. Ginoooooooo." Three big globs of little-girl cummies in my precious panties.

I looked at Gino. He seemed to be very proud of himself, the rascal. Without warning, he stood up, carrying me as if I were a feather, and laid me on the bed.

Gino began to disrobe. He pulled his shirt over his head and exposed his chest. Ooooooo! It was all hard and hairy and ready for sissy kisses. Then he removed his trousers and boxers. Wowwwww! Now that was a cock. Hot and hard. Long and fat. Sticking straight out, not up, but that was OK. And a long foreskin that was skinned back to expose a dark, fiery red prick nut. Yummyyyyyyyy!

I wanted to suck it and eat it all night, but Gino had an agenda.

As Gino was taking his clothes off, I was doing what I could to excite him. I lay on my back with my knees up and my legs spread wide. I wiggled prettily and whimpered for his attention. I soon got it.

Gino covered my little body completely with his manly torso. He kissed me passionately and described how he was going to fuck me and how I would love it. I was getting hot as July in Alabama. He told me that he wanted to deposit his cum in my butt at least twice that night and that I would suck his poop-stained cock until he was all dry. I guess those things fell under the disgusting needs category. Bring them on.

Impetuous Gino didn’t even undress me. He stroked my cum-drenched cock as he kissed me, then he turned me over flat on my stomach and, in his alpha-male way, moved my cum-soaked panties to one side and mounted me, much as would a lion with the pride of his pride. Roarrrrrr!

The vaginal jelly made me all slick and the excitement of Gino’s complete domination of me and my little pooper made the insertion a deeply erotic experience. My life was complete! I was being fucked by a wonderful boy and we were both loving it.

For some reason, air seemed to be in short supply. I was panting and gasping and so was Gino. I raised myself onto my knees and reached back to feel Gino’s balls. They were full and heavy. I stroked them as he fucked me. Gino liked that. He groaned.

I was in heaven and then it got better. Gino reached around and found my foreskin. As he fucked me, he teased and twiddled my prickiehead. In a few minutes, I had ten pounds of cum in a five-pound ballbag and the inevitable explosion occurred. "Oh. Uhh. Eeekk. Squealllllll. Gino. Oh. More cock. More. Ohhhhhhh."

Gino was not made of stone. He had made his sissy come twice and now it was his turn. And come he did. Gino made several sequential deep thrusts. Each felt dreamy. He grunted manfully, and flooded my sissy ass with its first load of boycum.

All the harassment and censure of being different were forgotten at that moment and my life began anew. Gino and I made sweet, beautiful love that night and as it turned out, he underestimated the number of times we would each cum. By a lot.

Chapter Eleven -- Me again

Hi again. I need to stop telling the story for awhile because your prickie sucking has me all overheated. You’re very good and very enthusiastic. I think you like me. [Giggle]

Did you like the stories of my first contacts with boys? I saw how big and hard you got when I was telling you. Were you getting excited because you wanted to be Gino or you wanted to be me? No, that’s OK. The answer can be your little secret.

I think that my little secret is ready to put a big load of creamy cum in your mouth. Keep skinning me like that. Ohh. Would you put two fingers in my special place? Mmmm. Very nice. Oh, Honey, you’re very good. I think we’re almost there. Oh yes. My special friend is coming for a long visit. Oh my. Unnnnhh. Unnnnnh. So good. Uhoh. Uh-oh. Aaaaah. Eeekkk. [Squirt. Spray. Shoot. Splurt. Droooooool]

Oh Lover! That was a wonderful blowjob! Thank you so much. Did you swallow it all? You did? Good boy! Did it taste good? I told you it would. Kiss me. Mmmmmm.

Lover, I haven’t even given you one world-rocking experience yet. I’m sorry. Here, let me hold your sweet cock. Oh, it’s a nice one. So smooth and velvety, yet hard as diamonds. I think Melissa has excited you a lot. Would you like me to kiss and suck and lick your sweet meat or do you want Melissa to take you into her dark cave? Oh, you bad boy. You want both? Well, OK, since you’re so nice. I’ll just suck you while we listen to more of my story on audiotape.

You know we sissygirls worry about our weight a lot. So for the last few years, I’ve become a vegetarian. But don’t worry. I eat a big, hot piece of meat at least once a day. [Giggle] And no tofu for me. I take my protein as a hot liquid. Do you want to give me some?


Chapter Twelve - Holidays

Life at school was idyllic. We studied hard and learned a lot about practical matters, especially English and finance. If you can’t write or express yourself orally [Giggle], our teachers said, no one will take you seriously. So I hope you can see that I know about when to use "whom" and "as if" and all that grammar stuff. The finance end was very important too. Sissygirls never work! [Gasp] So we had to know how to deal in the world of big bad men who all wanted to fuck us, but didn’t necessarily wish to make our lives secure.

We all read the works of the great TG writers, Jenny Leeds, Amy Brett, Princess Pervette, Carolyn Collins, Cissy Gaye, Sissy Prissy Valentine, Crystal and, of course, my personal favorite, Gingerfred Man. He’s so dreamy!

The sex part of school was incredible. I had a date four nights a week (the limit during the school year) and was getting my pretty pooper plowed at least twice on each date. It was all Manley Academy boys and there seemed to be an unending herd of them.

The first time we mingled much in public was when we went home for Thanksgiving.

Facing my family was a lot scarier than taking in a 14-inch cock [Drool], if there was such a thing. My Mom was supportive and had been to visit me several times at school. My evil sister Alexis didn’t come once and Mom said that she still referred to me as "Faggot Queer Jeffie."

I could handle evil Alexis.

The entire clan was there for Thanksgiving and, except for Mom, I was the only girl in a skirt and stockings. Evil Alexis and the other women were dressed "comfortably" in jeans, t-shirts, open flannel shirts and hiking boots. It wasn’t my imagination that the male family members, even though they knew I had once been Jeff, were leering at my short skirt, stockinged legs and great, well-fucked ass.

Except for Mom and Alexis, no one seemed to know what to make of me, but as the dinner was served, people began to speak to me as if I were Melissa, not Jeff.

After dinner we ladies cleaned up and the men went in to watch football. When I peeked in on them, there were six sleeping males. Only Grandpa was awake and watching the Dallas Cowboys lose. Grandpa called me over. "Sit on my lap, Honey," he said. "It’s wonderful to have a sweet granddaughter like you when the other one is the wicked witch of the east. Women dress like fucking lumberjacks these days, but not you."

I sat and cuddled with my Grandpa. Despite his seventy years, Grandpa’s lap was very lumpy.

"Grandpa, what a big stiffie you have!" I exclaimed.

"Don’t worry, Honey." Grandpa’s not going to molest his sweet Missy. But you could give me a little kiss."

"It’s a shame to waste a beauty like this, especially at your age, Grandpa. May I molest you?"

Grandpa was startled, then delighted. He unzipped his fly and pulled out a very fine, very stiff cock. I kissed Grandpa with a lot of tongue and wanked his stiffie until he made a big mess of goo on my girlie fingers. I licked it off, kissed Grandpa and zipped his fly. Grandpa smiled as if he had won the Lotto. The other males slept on. Dallas went down another touchdown.

"I’m changing my will tomorrow, Kitten. You’re getting it all."

Was it that easy to make money as a sissygirl? Maybe it was.

Grandpa added, "Of course, I could always change it back. See you at Christmas. [Wink]"

The next day, Mom and I went shopping. It was the busiest shopping day of the year and the stores were jammed, but I was enjoying the opportunity to show off my new self to the real world. It was fun watching at all the boys and men looking at my nice ass and giving me all those wolfy looks. Three or four times I wanted to pull my panties down and take their big cocks up my little pucker, but I didn’t think Mom would approve. I was getting desperate. I mean I hadn’t been fucked in three days!!!!

We got home at six, laden with packages. I had bought seven pairs of shoes, so the day wasn’t a total loss. Evil Alexis was there when we arrived, as was her boyfriend of a year or so, whom I called Poor Bill.

Bill was cute and, at 17, a year older than evil Alexis, so what the heck was he doing with her? She treated him like crap and dressed like a longshoreman when they were together. He would have been better off dating a rattlesnake.

Bill perked up when I entered the room and I gave him my 800-watt smile. The 1,000-watt smile is regulated by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, so it can only be given in carefully monitored situations. Bill smiled back. It may have been the first time I had ever seen him smile and it was very pleasant. Evil Alexis spotted him, gave him a swat, and said, "Why are you smiling at my faggot queer brother Jeffie? Are you a faggot too?"

Bill didn’t answer, but continued to smile at me. I sat in a chair and crossed my stockinged legs, raising the hem to show a lot of luscious leg.

"Bill, stop looking at the little pervert. He dresses like a girl and lets guys fuck him up the ass."

Bill asked me, "Is that true?"

I looked down, batted my eyes and said, "Only if they’re cute and nice. And don’t forget, Bill, I suck their cocks too." More batting of eyes. Skirt raised an inch.

Evil Alexis punched Bill and said, "Stop it. We’re leaving." And she stood up. Bill didn’t.

He said to me, "So am I? Cute and nice, I mean."

I bit my knuckle, looked at him and said, "Very cute and extremely nice."

Evil Alexis screamed at Bill. "Are you coming with me or are you going to hit on my faggot brother? Answer me!"

Bill looked at the evil lumberjack spewing venom at him, then at the pretty sissygirl licking her lipsticked lips and showing her stocking tops. The lady or the tiger?

Bill chose the lady. He walked over to me, held my hand and asked if I would do him the honor of a date that evening. Evil Alexis pounded Bill’s back, but her evil reign was over. He gently defended himself, then escorted me to the kitchen where Mom had been eavesdropping.

"Well done, Bill and Melissa. Maybe this will make Alexis wake up and act like a decent human

being. Melissa, why don’t you take Bill to your school and give him a ‘tour?’"

All right, Mom. She knew my little sissypussy was itching for cock. We have to have it. It’s sissy instinct.

"Be home by 1 a.m., kids. Enjoy." [Wink]

What a victory I won that night over the forces of evil. And now I was going to reap the cummy spoils.

As we drove to Miss Cynthia’s, Bill was brightening by the second. He was very proud of himself and very horny. He knew that evil Alexis would spread evil stories all over school, but he also knew that most kids had had enough of her act.

Bill told me on the way that he was struck by my beauty and my feminine manner. I was like the girls he had dreamed about, not the ones he had known. He also confessed to me that after a year of dating Alexis, he had kissed her six times and felt one titty through three layers of flannel.

I told him that I was going to suck his cock and, if he sucked mine in return, he could fuck my sissy ass until we had to go home. Bill shuddered with anticipation and drove very quickly. His fast driving was scaring me (I am a sissy), and I told him that if he would slow down, I would give him a nice treat. He didn’t just slow down, he pulled into a parking lot and kissed me. It was sweet, coming from a nice boy who hadn’t been cumming much at all. I had to show him how to lick my tonsils, but he was a fast learner.

As we kissed, I freed his cock and got a good look at it in the lit, empty parking lot. It was a beauty, long and hard, with the two indentations along its length that you see in the bigger weapons (like mine) [Blush]. He was very excited, because the poor boy had never had his bare cock out in front of a girl before. Oh, Alexis, Alexis, Alexis. This cock is a work of art and you were too mean to even touch it. Well, I touched it and stroked it as we kissed. I softly entered the tiny lips of his peehole with the tip of my lacquered nail. That made Bill jump. Simple, but loving masturbation and world-class kissing brought Bill to a frothy climax that sprayed the dashboard of his Dad’s Taurus. Bill came so hard his eyes watered, then fixed on me with adoration. I have that effect on most men.

I kissed him again, tidied him up, zipped him and said, "Let’s go where we can get naked and really make love. But no fast driving or you’ll go back to evil Alexis!"

Terror was in Bill’s eyes until he realized I was kidding. But he drove slowly.

We bounded into my room at school and I told Bill to get undressed and join me in bed. I only had to remove my dress and slip, leaving my bra, panties, stockings, garter belt and heels for Bill’s viewing pleasure. I got in bed and struck a lewd pose. My back was against the headboard. My right knee was pointing to the ceiling and my left knee was perpendicular to the right. I pulled my aroused pricklet out of the side of my panties and stroked it for Bill. The tip was all gooey and sticky with lovejuice. My pink balls hung out from the panties as well. Bill was a nice sight. He saw me stroking and did the same. His peter was one of those that stuck out when hard, not up, which makes it easier to pee with morning wood. Mine was an up-sticker, which made for some interesting trajectories of pee and cum. But I digress.

Bill joined me on the bed and took the initiative. I had said that he had to suck me if he wanted to fuck me, so he went right for my girlie stick. It was his first cocksucking, but he was so aroused and so needy and so darn eager, that he got me very excited with his loving licks, slurps, sucks, kisses and tonguings. I rubbed my stockinged thighs on his ears and encouraged him with sweet little sissy noises. I didn’t know what inspired him to do so, but he slipped a finger in my pooper and found my prostate. Oh my. I had never had that massaged before and it was beyond intense. As he sucked me and rubbed my super-sensitive prostate, I remembered Alexis saying once that Bill’s father was a doctor and was always giving the kids physicals. Bill said his Dad would check the prostates of Bill and his younger brother at least once a week. Their Dad was very thorough and Bill and his brother ended up cumming during each "physical." Their Dad never seemed to notice. Hmmmm.

Anyway, that knowledge of anatomy was put to full effect on every nerve ending in my body as I came bloody murder, clenching Bill’s fingers with my strong ass muscles and shooting a big, hot load into and onto my new friend’s excited mouth, lips and chin.

But Bill didn’t stop massaging! I had to beg him to, because I was afraid I would faint. I brought Bill to my lips and kissed him in gratitude for an A-list cocksucking. Bill beamed with pride, then embraced my sexy body and kissed every inch of it.

Apparently, dates with Alexis made for a lot of productive planning regarding what Bill would do when he hooked up with a real girl, because, when he got to my beautiful ass, he spread my cheeks and began to lick out my hole! And he was doing it very well!

Another pleasure Alexis traded in for nastiness and control. I’ll take love any day.

Oh, how that Bill could eat a girl out. He acted as if he were at his favorite lunch counter and he had a two-hour lunch. A girl could get used to that kind of attention. I was becoming very aroused again. Not hard, but . Ohh. That tongue in my pretty pooper. Ohhh. Ehhhhh . Squeakkkkkkkk. Squeallllllll. So good. So good. Billlllllll. Very good. Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh.

And I flooded the sheets with a continuous stream of girlie goo from my limp prickie.

"Please fuck me now, Bill. I can’t take much more of that intense stuff you’re dishing out. Give me your cock. Make me your girl. Take charge of me."

Bill was up to the challenge. He asked me to stand, moved me to a bedroom wall, then shocked me by pushing me flat as a pancake against that wall and entering me from behind!!

I couldn’t move or breathe and my ass was jammed with cock. It was fantastic. I felt like a complete sissy, sexually dominated by her alpha-male. Bill was incredible. As he fucked me, he kissed my neck and the portions of my face that hadn’t become part of the wall. He was rough, but I wanted to be mastered. My now-hard cocklet was rubbing against the wall as he fucked me. When he came, groaning my name (not evil Alexis’ name), I sprayed three soft globs of cum on my bedroom wall. Every time I saw those spots, I would remember a super fucking by a formerly dormant stud.

Chapter Thirteen - The Rest of Year One

It felt so good to steal Alexis’ boyfriend away, but the many times Bill and I have fucked over these years felt even better.

Losing Bill was a wake-up call for her and she cleaned up her act a bit. She started wearing skirts and stopped abusing boys. A few took a chance with her and she began to experiment with actually being nice to them, including light, then heavier sexual favors. The experiment was a great success. She became neutral Alexis, then somewhat nice Alexis. Another sissy service to humanity.

I saw Grandpa at Christmas several times and each time I made him happy with my soft hand and tender kisses. At Easter, Grandpa asked if he could suck my pricklet. I was happy to help the sweet old fella do something he hadn’t done since he was twelve. I shimmied my panties down and stepped out of them, one stiletto-heeled foot at a time. I clacked over to Grandpa and he licked his lips, then licked my prick. He was quite skilled and enjoyed my squealing sissiness when I came in his mouth. By sissy regulations, I had to return the favor, which I did with great enthusiasm. Grandpa had a lot of cum left in him, until it all went into my tummy.

Sadly, the wonderful man passed away a few days later, but he was laid to rest with a big smile on his face. I had one too when the will was read. The whole $800,000 went to me in trust until I was 18. Already I was on my way to sissy financial independence.

When Miss Lauren heard about my inheritance and how I got it, she called a special assembly to show everyone what they could do if they would get off their sissy asses and use some initiative. I was a heroine at Miss Cynthia’s and I didn’t even have titties yet.

Well the titties were coming. In fact, we freshmen had begun a hormone program that would be augmented through surgery over the summer. Our titties were already budding and mine were the size of peaches - ripe and juicy. I played with them a lot and my lovers, particularly Gino, would suck them for hours. [Mmmmmm.]

The day came for the big graduation party for seniors. They would be leaving Miss Cynthia’s and, when they turned 18, would be looking for daddies and financial plans. So their carefree days were over and we would send them off with a bang.

The graduation party was a big, naked, sissy orgy. There was a real prom that was just like any school’s prom except all the girls had cocks and they were all fucked before, during and after the event.

For the graduation party, every girl in the school showed up in the gym dressed only in stockings, garter belts and heels. What a festival of beautiful sissyflesh!

All of the night’s activities were taped and photographed by recent alumnae and a complete record of the party was given to each girl as a keepsake. [You and I can look at them later, Sweetie, if you think your little big boy needs a booster shot. You’ll see me when I was a brunette. I like blonde better, don’t you?]

The fun we had that night! Since we underclass sissies outnumbered the seniors three to one, three of us paired off with each senior. I was with senior Lisa, junior Bree and a sexy sophomore named Jeanette. Lisa wanted lots of hot sissy love that night so we started out with a four-way grope on one of the gym mats. I ended up with my big sissypleaser in Lisa’s hot ass, Bree sucked Lisa’s sweet seven inches and Jeanette fed Lisa all of her sissy love pole. It was so hot!! Cum was flying everywhere that night, starting with that quartet of randy sissygirls. We were all drooling or leaking cum from multiple orifices in very short order. Lisa was insatiable that night. She wanted to remember her Miss Cynthia’s sisters forever as we were at that fuck party. After six or seven heart-stopping orgasms for each of us. Lisa still wasn’t satisfied. Everyone’s cock was limp and presumed dead, except Lisa’s. She went after me, saying that a freshman should have more lead in her pencil than I did and that I was a disgrace to sissyhood.

Predictably, I started to cry, which only made Lisa abuse me more. Then she shocked us all by turning me over her knee and spanking my sissy ass. HARD. It hurt really badly and I cried as if I had lost Old Yeller. But then the unthinkable happened. I got a huge, fiery-red stiffie! Lisa knew this would happen, I guess. She always taught me something about myself I didn’t know. Then Lisa got on all fours and ordered me to fuck her, NOW. I could see Lisa’s balls hanging down about four inches. They looked fucked-out, but I was to discover that there was plenty more delicious cum hiding in there somewhere.

I entered Lisa’s well-fucked ass and she squealed as if it were her first time. Lisa had that sense of sexual wonder that few girls, sissy or vanilla, have. I pumped a few times and discovered that, despite my previous multi-cummings, I was quite worked up. I reached around to grab Lisa’s pretty pecker for a good wanking when I felt a stiff poker at my back door. Watching me get spanked had resurrected Jeanette’s little soldier and it was camping out in my cummy butt. Oh, that felt good. Jeanette winced and I saw that Bree had joined the party by entering Jeanette. We were a sissy chain of love. The delicious frictions continued until we all came hard, long and wet.

I got worried that maybe Lisa would try to throw me off the roof to drag another stiffie out of me, but she began snoring lightly and we all collapsed into a sleepy sissy stack.

My school has the best graduation parties.

Chapter Fourteen -- Titties!!!

That summer, I got my titties! I loved them then, I love them now. They are perfect, C-Cup beauties with big brown nipples and a completely natural feel. The nipples are very sensitive. Sometimes I cum just from a good-looking man sucking them. I feel them a lot myself, too. I love to show them off. I love to go to topless beaches and feel the sun on my big titties. Men drool when they see them and I drool when the men drool. I love to go braless and watch men watching my boobies bounce. And I have very few outfits that don’t show my ample cleavage.

Everything about being a sissygirl is terrific. I’m so happy!!!

That was also the summer I went blonde! Long and very curly. Everyone says I look terrific with blonde hair. And, it’s another nice way to say to men, "That’s right, I’m a girl. And you know what girls like." Genetic girls look at my hair and say, "That’s too high-maintenance. Where does she find the time?" But for a sissygirl, maintenance and looking good for our many admirers (and fuckers) are what we do.

After Hannah and I had recovered from our surgery, we went on a shopping trip to the local mall with my Mom. We were dressed very sexily, with high heels and low cleavage and we stopping traffic and breaking hearts with every clacking step. Fate plays funny tricks, because as we were giggling about something, we turned a corner and bumped into two good-looking boys two years older than us. Hannah gasped and looked down. Why was she so upset?

It turned out that it was Hannah’s brother Brian and his friend Tony. Remember that Brian had rejected Hannah when she stopped being Brian’s kid brother. It had gotten so bad that when Hannah was home, Brian would stay with an aunt, so they hadn’t even seen each other since Christmas. Hannah and I were now mega-babes, so, despite his homophobia, Brian was visibly affected by the sight of us. Tony’s tongue was hanging out.

Brian stammered out a "Hi, Hannah," which made Hannah’s eyes fill with tears, since it was the first time he had called her by her girl name. Then the bonds of family took over and Brian hugged Hannah, saying he missed her and was sorry he had been such a jerk. It was obvious that Brian had been wanting to do this for some time, but lacked an opportunity or sufficient gumption. I was so happy to see this that I joined Hannah in a flood of sissy tears. Even Brian’s eyes welled up. Tony just stared trying to figure out what was going on and how he could get into either of our pretty panties.

As Brian and Hannah hugged and reconciled, I explained to Tony what was happening. He was cute and had known Hannah as a boy for years. By the tent in his pants when he looked at Hannah, he obviously had adapted to her sissiedom.

I reacted the way I always have when I get all emotional and weepy; I wanted to fuck the next boy I saw. Brian could thank his lucky stars that it was him. Hannah reacted the same way and she was hot for Tony’s girliepleaser.

I suggested that we meet my Mom to tell her we were all going out to talk over old times and the future. We did so and Mom, who did not just fall off the turnip truck, told me to be home by 1 a.m. She knew we were getting fucked and her pussy was probably itching for the17-year-old boys herself. I’m glad Mom finally found a good man, but that jumps the narrative.

Hannah said that the best place to talk would be at school, since they always welcomed sissygirls and their male friends for intimate discussions. We ended up in Hannah’s room, with its one, big bed and Hannah said, "Well, this is where I spend a lot of my time." The time for small talk was waning. Brian took the initiative and asked me for a kiss. I shyly agreed and the naughty boy was tonguing my tonsils in no time. Tony and Hannah followed suit and we were soon all steamed up and ready for some serious fucking.

"Why don’t you boys show us what nature gave you," Hannah said. "And we’ll do the same."

Nature gave Brian and Tony quite a lot. Hannah and I looked at each other and giggled.

"I guess we’ll be sore again tomorrow," I said to her. We stripped to our underwear and stockings. The boys were panting.

Brian had obviously rid himself of his baggage, because he couldn’t wait to get at my big pricklet. I squealed with sissy delight as he peeled my panties over my big stiffie. He sat me on the bed and got on his knees to worship my cock. He licked and sucked and slurped and tickled. Meanwhile, Tony had Hannah on her back and was lying on top of her, adoring her beautiful titties. Yum! I loved sucking them myself, so I knew he had a real treat in store.

As with all reformed men, Brian was a zealous lover of what he once scorned. Between licks and sucks, he told me how lovely I was and begged me to fill his hot, moist mouth with my sweet cum. He stroked my pink ball bag exquisitely.

It was very exciting to not only enjoy the love I was getting, but to experience Hannah’s excitement as Tony began to lick and eat her sweet pussyhole. We both squealed almost steadily and that seemed to spur our lads on even more. As he ate Hannah, he skinned her prickie up and down, up and down, more tender ass licking, up and down, Lick. Dig. Mmmmmm. Hannah eeked and pushed Tony’s head into her sweet cheeks as she sprayed a big hot load on her tummy and his fingers. That set me off and I gave Brian a tasty treat, which he swallowed with great relish.

The boys’cocks had become painfully stiff and they were impatient to relieve them in our butts. Bring it on, we said. They put us on our backs, side by side at the end of the bed, placed our stockinged ankles on their shoulders, and entered us with a steady, firm stroke. As I always did when out in public, I had lubed my warm place well, just in case I got lucky. I was on quite a lucky streak. So Brian’s lovely meat slid right in my tight cock-embracer.

Hannah and I looked at the boys enjoying themselves as they fucked us in unison. It was the first time I had been involved in a "double date" like this with boys and it was most enjoyable. We looked at each other and reached out to hold hands. I felt so good for Hannah that she had reconciled with her brother. And I felt so good with that brother’s big cock in my little pussyhole. Mmmmm.

The boys were sweating, grunting and grimacing. Hannah and I reached for each other’s prickies and began to wank them softly, then more rapidly. I felt that little twinge in my tummy that said, stop now or you’ll lose your girlie juice. As always, I ignored it. A second twinge. Bigger. More insistent. No turning back. Ohhhhhhh. I began to feel the loss of control of my body, which was one of the best things about orgasm for me. My nipples hardened. I lost the power of speech except for squealing and moaning. Brian smiled his cute smile at me and flooded my poor little butt with his big, red cock’s juice. I spilled my seed on Hannah’s fingers and she bedewed mine. Tony moaned and soaked Hannah’s poopie hole. It was heavenly!

As boys often do after some nice fucking, Brian and Tony acted all exhausted - as if they did all the work and deserved a nice long rest before the next round. Well, Hannah and I were impatient little sissies. We decided to spark things up for them.

Every hetero male in the world is turned on by watching girls kiss. Science is baffled by it, but it has raised pricks for millennia. Hannah and I stood up and began to kiss sensuously, with lots of tongue. We rubbed our titties against each other and our nipples got very aroused. I could smell her sexy "Angel" perfume. Our cocklets were limp and dripping our cum and our assholes were oozing the boys’ cum onto our divine thighs. We ground our private packages into each other and rubbed cummy tummies. We glanced at the boys. Their cocks were back at full stand and they were practically drooling.

Then the wrong thing happened. At least it seemed wrong to me at the time. Brian rose from the bed and instead of embracing me, he grabbed his naked sister. Hannah was all too eager for Brian’s incestuous embrace. All the emotion of their separation fueled a deep tonguey kiss and Brian’s hands roamed all over his sweet sister’s luscious body. If that was all, I guess it would have been all right, but they hurtled down the incestuous path as quickly as their lust would take them.

A considerate (and nosey) lover, Tony mounted me from behind, so we could both see what the sexy siblings were doing. It spurred our lovemaking into two delicious orgasms without Tony even withdrawing from my pretty butt.

Brian kissed Hannah’s titties lovingly. Then he smooched his way down to her girlish cock and pink balls. He sucked each ball and bathed them with his adoring tongue. Hannah was standing on one high-heeled foot and sort of hopping as she enjoyed Brian’s attentions. Brian then licked her prickiehead for a good five minutes, with Hannah moaning, squealing and squeaking Brian’s brotherly name. It was clear that she had never been so excited. When she filled Brian’s mouth, lips, and face with her load of incestuous cum, her face was beatific. She cleaned Brian’s face with her silky tongue, then presented her ass to him for a good shagging. Brian gave Hannah just that and they shared long, post-coital kisses of love. Then for dessert, Hannah sucked Brian’s big, poopie-stained rammer until he cried with lust and doused her pretty face with her brother’s hot spermy load.

After that night, Hannah seemed to spend more time at home than any of us girls.

I’m glad Hannah reconciled with the brother she always loved. Who am I to judge them?

Chapter Fifteen - Cheers

We sissy girls were all excited about our return to school for sophomore year. Being home was fun, but I hardly got laid - maybe only ten times a week!

I was eligible to be a cheerleader for the Manley Academy football games and I was delighted when I won a place on the squad.

Among the many sensible practices that Miss Cynthia’s had put in place was the policy of cheerleaders showering with the football players after games. It saves water and facilities and is terrific for morale.

After the first game of sophomore year, you would have expected the Manley squad to be dejected after a 35-0 loss. But they were high-fiving each other as they came off the field in anticipation of the post-game shower.

We cheerleaders stripped to the buff in one room and the boys stripped in another. As we filed into the huge shower room, the 33 football players were already under the water, naked and glistening. They were soapy all over, especially their big, hot cocks, which were all standing fiercely in eager anticipation of our arrival. It was a stud smorgasbord and it was all for us.

We sissygirls entered the shower room shyly. I even covered my nipples with my right arm and tried to cover my prickie with my left hand. It was a futile effort. My prickie was much bigger than my tiny hand and the skinned, red head was peeking over my shy fingers.

I could see the boys drooling through the soap as we moved in to share the cleansing waters with them. I ended up sharing a showerhead with a junior offensive lineman named Bart, who had a big hairy chest and a slim waist. His nine inches of love stood in salute of my beauty. Bart poured shampoo into my hair, then began to rub it in gently. I purred. He rubbed his shampoo-slick hands on my pert titties. Mmmmmm. He rubbed his manly body against my girlie one and got me all tingly. Football is my favorite sport!

Bart got my skin all soapy, then did the gentlemanly act of soaping up my pretty asshole with two of his long, rough fingers. That was a waker-upper! We kissed sweetly, then the dear boy removed his fingers from their tight quarters and replaced them with his skinned, hard weapon. Bart eased it in an inch at a time, which was so exciting that I wanted him to masturbate me as he pounded my pooper. Men can be disappointing. The beast just had his way with my sore ass, dropped his load, then watched his cum run down my thighs after he removed his limp noodle.

Check this lad off the good guy list, I thought. What about my migraine-quality orgasm? Where was that? Huh?

As it was, Bart was toying with me. He scooped my little girlie body up into the bride-across-the-threshold position and somehow, brought my needy prickie right to his warm mouth. He held me high as I fluttered my painted, pointed toes and screamed with real fear that he would drop me. He didn’t, and the blowjob he delivered was one of the best ever. He sucked, licked and tongued little Missy like the world’s greatest authority on fellatio of sissygirls. I squealed like a banshee as I poured a thick load down Bart’s manly throat. He smacked his lips with gusto and asked me for a real date later that week. He still hadn’t returned me to earth, so, of course I agreed. I liked that Bart. I know, I know. I say that about all the boys. That’s the curse of a giving nature and a great ass.

Mingling was the rule at the post-game shower, so I moved around watching all the good, clean fun my sisters were having. The floor of the shower was becoming covered with cum, so we all stepped carefully. I was gently grabbed and kissed by Todd, the team’s senior quarterback, who had had an awful passing day, but was receiving all kinds of love from the cheerleaders. Todd was a good kisser, blond and very muscular. Yummy! Todd rubbed shampoo all over the front of my sissygirl body, with particular attention to my prick and titties. Then he too did the unexpected by lifting my ass in his strong hands, bracing my back against the shower wall and entering my butt with everything he owned. I rubbed my sensitive titties against his hairy chest, kissed his hot lips and bounced up and down on his hot poker until we both came screaming and moaning.

I can’t believe more girls don’t like football.


Chapter Sixteen - The Next Generation

I won’t bore you with all the details of my years at Miss Cynthia’s, but there were a lot of highlights. Mom found a nice man and married him my junior year. They are still very happy and that’s great! I arranged for a good money manager for my inheritance from Grandpa. We caught the tech stocks just right and got out at a good time. When I turned 18, I would have over $3 million available to me.

So good stuff was happening. I had boys lined up around the block waiting for their turn at my sweet sissygirl love. It was my duty to give that love to lots of boys, not be Miss Stingypanties for only seven or eight boys.

One Saturday afternoon my junior year, Mom, my stepdad and not-so-bad Alexis were shopping and I was home alone.

I was dressed in a purple Baby-T with bare midriff and "Sissy" (not Sassy) written across my braless titties, tiny, purple, hot pants and bare legs. My nails were lacquered in red and my hair was in big rollers with a purple scarf on top. My make-up had been done to perfection and all I would have to do for my hot date that night would be to comb my long, blonde hair out and get dressed.

I was scrumptious! I was prancing around the house in my pretty bare feet when the doorbell rang. It was our 13-year-old paperboy, Jimmy Malone, making his weekly collection. Mom had left the money for him and I invited him in. He looked at me as if he were stunned and his eyes were as big as saucers. That’s a reaction I get from lots of men, so I wasn’t concerned. But then, Jimmy started crying. Bawling actually.

"What’s the matter Jimmy? What happened to you?"

"You’re so pretty, Melissa. You’re my idol. I want to be like you and I can’t."

This looked like a job for Dr. Missy!

"What do you mean, Jimmy?" I asked innocently.

"I knew you when you were Jeff, remember? You were three years older, but I remember thinking how unhappy you were. Then you went to that school and became a girl and now everybody loves you."

Dr. Missy had to be careful here. Young Jimmy may not have wanted to be me for the right reasons. It was time for the test my Mom had given me.

"Jimmy, I need to evaluate you. Please remove your trousers."

Poor Jimmy looked very fearful. "Why?" he stammered.

"Because I want to see if you’re a true sissygirl or something else.

Jimmy was very embarrassed, but he removed his trousers. He was wearing pink bikini panties!

That was a good sign.

"Where did you get the panties, Jimmy?"

He blushed horribly. "I have three older sisters. They always think one of them borrowed their clothes. They never suspect me."

"Very interesting. Now please remove those darling panties."

"In front of you? Oh. I’m scared." And Jimmy began to cry. Next thing you knew, he would be peeing his panties.

"Just relax, Jimmy. Do you have a girl name you call yourself?"

"Olivia," he managed to say between sobs.

"Well, then, Olivia is what I’ll call you. Now off with those panties, Sweetie."

Reluctantly, Olivia removed her tiny panties, exposing her nice little pink package. I had forgotten what a thirteen-year-old set of goodies looked like and it was nice to reacquaint myself. Her prickie was limp with fear, but it was a nice one - four inches long with a lovely foreskin and a pretty sack of girlieballs.

"What a pretty prickie you have, Olivia!"

Olivia stopped crying so she could hear the praise.

"And a delicious body for a girl your age."

"Do you think so?" [Sniffle]

"I do. Now I’m going to give you a little test. You don’t have to say anything. Just listen, OK?"

Olivia agreed.

I touched her cocklet and stroked it softly. It began to respond. "I want you to think of yourself as Jimmy. You’re collecting for the newspaper at the home of a pretty girl in your class. Who would that be, Honey?"


"OK. Brooke tells you she’s home alone and she lets you in." [Stroke. Stroke.] She asks you to

sit, then she takes her skirt off and pulls her pretty panties down for you. Her little muffie is all

gooey and she tells you that she has wanted you for a long time. She asks you to lick her pussy and tickle her clitty with your tongue. She’s very excited and tells you so. Pussy juice is running down Brooke’s thighs."

Olivia’s prickie, which was gaining life when I first stroked it, had become a limp noodle. And I was giving it my A-list wanking. Very good.

"All right. Let’s say at a different time, Brooke invites you over and tells you she knows you like to dress like the pretty girl you are. She wants to help make you pretty. She makes your face up and helps you slip on silky stockings and the cutest panties." Strong signs of prickie life. Excellent.

"Then, when you’re dressed like a little princess, the boy of your dreams appears, whose name would be.."

Heavier breathing. "Dylan!!!!!" Blood rushing to Olivia’s peter.

"Dylan sees you and falls in love with you. You kiss and lick each other’s mouths. You fall to your knees and extract Dylan’s cock." Olivia was hard and gasping. "You kiss it a few times, but he raises you to your feet and turns you around. He pulls down your panties and enters your tiny butt with his fingers, like this!!!"

"Aaaaaaaah!!!" Olivia reacted as if she had been shot. She began to cry and moan as I wanked

her willie in unison with two-fingered anal stimulation. "Then Dylan says, ‘I love you, Olivia’

and puts his big cock, that you excited to a full erection, right up your cute little poopie hole. It

feels divine. You feel his heat. You."

"Oh, Dylan, I love you. Ohhhhhhhh. Uhhhhhh-huhhhhhhhhhh. Squeallllllllll!"

And she shot her virgin girlie lovejuice into Dr. Missy’s practiced fingers. It was a truly beautiful thing and there was no doubt about it. Olivia was one of us.

She was crying and trembling with sexual heat. I hugged her and told her that she was a true sissygirl and should be in next year’s class at Miss Cynthia’s.

Olivia smiled, but then sobbed. "My Mom would agree, I think. But Daddy never would. He always wanted a boy and he won’t let me be a girl." [Sob. Weep.]

"Tell me about your dad, Olivia."

[Sob] "I love my Daddy very much. He’s a nice man, but very old-fashioned. He’s not very ambitious. He’s a shoe salesman at the 10 East store at the Northgate Mall."

"And tell me more about Dylan."

"He’s my best friend since third grade. He’s cute and smart and dreamy. His last name is Peterson and we’re in the eighth grade at Jefferson Junior High. He caddies at Ostia Country Club on weekends."

"Does Dylan know you’re really a girl?"

"I don’t know. We’ve fooled around on sleepovers. At first we just watched each other as we masturbated. Then we started lying next to each other, naked, skinning each other’s cocks until we came, looking into each other’s eyes the whole time. That was sweet. I wanted to kiss him and suck his cock so bad, but I’m afraid of his reaction."

"Hmmmm. Masturbating each other while naked is pretty far down the road, Honey. It sounds as if Dylan has strong feelings for you too. Why don’t you just cool it for a week or so and let Melissa do some research for you?"

Tears filled the precious little sissygirl’s eyes again. She embraced me, pressing up against my braless rack. All this talk of young love and emerging sissydom had me very excited, so I was delighted when Olivia begged me for the opportunity to suck my big, hard prickie.

I let her peel off my hot pants and wispy panties. The little girl gasped when she saw the size of little Missy, then drooled when she saw all the sticky juices it was already secreting. Olivia skinned the head, then kissed the tiny peehole lips. Then she took the appropriate time to examine her prize before she ate it. Good girl. I was worried about my makeup, but I was proud of the little cutie when she kissed me before she sucked my cock. Sissygirls are lovers, not animal rutters. By the time her soft sweet lips surrounded my prickiehead, I was in a proper state for her carnal attentions. She licked, sucked and slurped, giggling happily when I anointed her pretty face with the liquid of love. I told her it would be even more fun when Dylan cums in her sweet face. Then I sent her home.

Later that week. I picked a slow time at the Northgate Mall and showed up at Jimmy’s Dad’s shoe store. I was dressed in a tight, black, microminiskirt, top showing lots of cleavage, and very high, backless, strappy heels. On a hunch, I purposely omitted stockings, and painted my toenails and fingernails a very hot pink. My long blonde hair and make-up were in fuck-me mode and I was jail-bait (still 16) on the hoof.

After stopping several pacemakers along the way, I entered Mr. Malone’s store. My prayers were answered, because he was alone. He did a double-take when he saw my body and face and when he saw my feet, he almost creamed his pants. Men are so predictable. Why would a smart man like Mr. Malone work in a shoe store unless he had a foot fetish?

"Hello, Mr. Malone. Remember me? I’m Melissa Cooper, formerly Jeff Cooper."

Hummina hummina. "Yes. Uh, hello Melissa. How are you?"

"Fine, thank you, sir. I saw Jimmy a few days ago, and it reminded me that you’re such a nice man. I need lots of shoes. I only have around 70 pairs and it’s embarrassing. Can you help me?"

Hummina hummina. "Sure, have a seat." Mr. Malone got on his knees and removed the sexy shoe from my lovely foot. He shuddered and rubbed it longer than one would think necessary. I trembled a little too. Seduction was fun and exciting. He took a long time to measure me and during the measurement, I gave him some nice views of my panties.

"You’re a size 7M, Melissa. I have several shoes in that size that the pretty young girls are buying these days. I’ll just go in the back and get them for you."

"Thanks, Mr. Malone, but would you rub my feet some more like you were doing before? That felt wonderful."

Mr. Malone considered his options, including that of doing 15 to 20 downstate, and decided a little foot rub was innocent enough. Until I started purring, moaning and squealing in the throes of apparent pre-orgasm.

"Oh, Mr. Malone. That’s perfect. And so exciting. I hate to ask, but could you kiss my toes, too?" [Blush]

Mr. Malone stood on the diving board and looked at the water. He shivered with fear, overcame it and dove in. He kissed, licked, sucked and worshiped the toes on both my feet until I had a very real, stunning orgasm. Mrs. Malone is a lucky woman if she gets half that. Of course I squealed and shrieked when I came. It amazes me to this day that no one came in the store and no one called 911. Unfortunately for Mr. Malone, he was wearing khaki pants that day, and it appeared that he came even harder and wetter than I did as a result of the digital sex.

I kissed Mr. Malone sweetly and thanked him for his gift of love. Then I said, "You know that I’m a sissygirl and that I go to a school filled with sissygirls, all of whom have pretty feet and need lots of shoes. I would love to send them your way. But it’s the future of one sissygirl that concerns me. She’s a sweetheart, a lovely person from a loving family. But her life will be miserable unless her Daddy accepts her for who she is, not who he wants her to be."

Mr. Malone computed two and two. "You mean Jimmy. I guess I knew that, but I hoped it wasn’t true."

"Think of her as Olivia. She loves you very much and you can make her life a happy one or practically end any chance for real happiness."

"Thanks, Melissa. For everything."

"Thank you, sir. I’ll be back when my feet get tired."

With half my mission accomplished, I went home, changed my cummy panties, put on stockings and a garter belt and drove to the golf course where young Dylan Peterson worked.

Luck was on my side again. It always seems to be. The young Adonis was just starting to walk home when I arrived. I offered him a ride and, even though he didn’t know me, there are few boys who will refuse a lift from a sex goddess.

"I need to talk to you about Jimmy Malone, Dylan," I said, as I started the car.

"Is he all right?" Urgently. I knew then that Dylan did love Jimmy/Olivia.

Jimmy’s more than all right, Dylan. Jimmy’s really a girl and always has been. I started life as a boy, but I knew I was really a sissygirl. Over the past three years, I’ve become all girl, except for my big cock and balls, which true sissygirls keep forever. That’s what Jimmy is. You should start thinking of Jimmy as Olivia."

"Olivia." A statement from Dylan, not a question. "That explains so much. I knew I wasn’t gay. I was attracted to girls, not boys. But I always wanted to hug and kiss Jimmy, I mean Olivia, and make love to him, I mean her."

What a fine, mature boy, I thought. Why wasn’t one like him around when I was thirteen?

He continued, blushing. "A little while ago, we started masturbating ourselves while together. The last couple of times, we got naked and lay next to each other while we made each other cum with our warm, soft hands. It was the most exciting thing I had ever done. I looked in Jimmy’s eyes and I saw the one I loved. Now I know why. I wanted to kiss him and take his cock in my lips, but I thought he would reject me."

"Olivia said the same thing to me about you, Honey! And the next time you get together, she’ll be dressed as a girl and ready for all your love."

Dylan was flushed with excitement, but I also saw fear. "But what will I do? I’ve never..."

"Let Dr. Missy make a few suggestions." And I did. Verbally. Not orally. I wanted Olivia to enjoy this sweet boy’s cherry. She deserved it. And he deserved Olivia.

The next day, Olivia called me at school crying tears of joy. "Oh, you’re so wonderful! You fixed everything! I spoke to Mom and she spoke to Daddy. He agreed immediately with no argument. I’m going to Miss Cynthia’s next year!!!! And I’m dressing full time except for school these last two months! And even better, Dylan’s coming for a sleepover tonight and he KNOWS and WANTS TO and HE LOVES ME!!! Mom and my sisters are getting me ready in a slinky nightgown and stockings and a garter belt and heels!!! I love you so much, Melissa. I’ll let you know what happens. YUMMYYYYYY!!!!" [Click]

I was so happy that I was able to help Olivia like that. She was such a sweetie. And the idea of controlling events through manipulation of men is one that’s very dear to true sissygirls.

The next morning, a Saturday, I was in my room at Miss Cynthia’s primping. My roommate, a freshman named Vanessa had just come out of the shower and was fixing her pretty face. The phone rang and it was an excited, delighted Olivia. I lay on the bed and settled in for a long, stimulating story.

"Oh, Melissa, I’m so happy," Olivia sobbed. "It was even more wonderful than I could have imagined and we have our whole lives ahead of us. Dylan showed up at seven. Mom let him in and took him right up to my bedroom. When he came in and saw me, he actually trembled and his eyes were moist with love. I was very dishy, Melissa. My face was made up beautifully and my short hair was styled with pretty pink barrettes. Mom, Mary Ellen, Mary Beth and Mary Catherine painted my fingernails and toenails. They helped me shave everywhere, including [Blush] between my buttcheeks. They even shaved my pubes down to a cute, little patch. They perfumed and powdered me and dressed me in the prettiest pink nightie with pink stockings and a pink garter belt. No panties! I felt like a princess and that’s what Dylan told me I looked like when he saw me."

My roommate, Vanessa, knew of the Olivia situation, knew I was listening to her account of last night, and did the sweetest thing. She came over to me, got on her knees and began to suck my excited cockie.

Olivia went on, "I glided over and kissed Dylan for the first time, Melissa. It was really the first kiss either of us had ever had. And it was intoxicating. Why anyone drinks, takes drugs or smokes in a world filled with sex is beyond me. I could smell his English Leather and his nervous sweat. We both shuddered with the intensity of it. Dylan seemed to take charge then, Melissa. I like when my man is alpha. [Every sissygirl does. Dylan listened to my advice it seems.] He put his tongue in my mouth and we swapped saliva. I almost came right then!

"Dylan stripped naked, sat on the bed and pulled me to his lap. I had seen Dylan naked before, but it was look, but don’t touch. Now I could touch all I wanted. Oh boy! I put both arms around Dylan’s strong shoulders. He kissed me and stroked my back with one hand. With the other, he sought my prickie in the silky folds of my nightie. He found it and stroked it softly as we kissed. He pulled my nightie up over my head and began to kiss my puffy nipples. It was as if they were on fire! I had no idea that having your nipples adored was so intense. [I did, that’s why I suggested it to Dylan. That’s a wonderful job you’re doing on my prickie, Vanessa. Thank you, Honey.]

"Well, the combination of the titty-sucking and prickie-wanking was too intense, and I felt myself losing my cummies. I told Dylan, but he just smiled and kept worshiping my titty-bumps and teasing my foreskin. The rogue loved hearing me squeal like a little piggie and watching me lose it all over his fingers and my tummy. It was delicious, Melissa. Am I boring you?"

"Olivia, I’m enjoying your story more than you can imagine. If I make noises, it’s because my sweet roommate is adding to the pleasure of your story by licking my cock for all she’s worth. And she’s worth a lot!"

"Oh, Miss Cynthia’s sounds like so much fun! Anyway, Dylan, the take-charge brute, stood me up, licked my cum from his fingers, then licked all the rest of my cum from my tummy, pricklet and thighs. He kept licking and kissing my thigh area and prickie long after the cum was swallowed, but it was heavenly. Then he got up and asked me to put my hands on the bed and bend over. He got on his knees, licked his two fingers and slowly inserted them in my poopie hole, just like you did, Melissa. Where did he learn all that? [Where indeed?]

"I squealed and Dylan got serious. Still stroking my prickie, he removed his fingers from my ass and replaced them with his tongue. Zowie!!! I never knew you could do that. It’s a good thing Mary Catherine gave me that enema. I wonder how she knew to do that. Oh well. Anyway, Dylan’s moist ass-worship was the most exciting thing that had ever happened to me and there was no turning back. You don’t get more intimate than that. And I knew where all this <Gasp> was leading.

"When I was squealing and sobbing so loud I thought a SWAT team would be there any minute, Dylan withdrew his tongue, stood up, told me he loved me, and entered me with his five, sweet inches of love. The man I loved was fucking me. I was in girl’s clothing. Without guilt or hiding. I wiggled my hot ass at my lover for more. I whimpered and moaned and told him to give me all his hot cum. I told him I loved him. I squealed his name and shot a big, hot load of my own girlie juice. And still he pumped. I told him I wanted his baby [men always like that], and that seemed to do it. I counted six hot spurts in my poor stretched, virgin pooper. Each one made me quake with lust. Even though I had just come and my cocklet was limp, I came again. My whole body shook with the force of Dylan’s love. I cried and moaned and called his name as my limp cock drooled a steady stream of girlie juice."

Listening to this tale of young love was too much for your author. I held Vanessa’s lovely head in my hands, fucked her mouth for five pumps, and gushed my goo down her throat. I kissed her, thanked her with a promise of imminent compensation and returned to the story.

Breathlessly, Olivia continued. "Dylan and I were breathing as if we had just completed a marathon, but we kept kissing and cuddling as if we had only an hour to live. We were HOT for each other! Somehow we got to the bed and settled into some calmer kissing. In about 15 minutes, Little Dylan began stirring again. He and I had never been properly introduced, so I bent over to kiss his red little head. He was very naughty, spitting sticky goo at me. I giggled. Big Dylan proposed a sixty-nine, which we slipped into as if we had been doing it all our lives. The joy of sucking and being sucked! Dylan’s foreskin was hiding some cum from his visit to my secret place. I licked that up and smelled the pungent odor of my own poopie on his sweet prick. I licked that off too. Yummy!

"Dylan was very good at sucking my girlish four inches. He slurped and purred as if he were eating a gourmet meal. I felt the cum surging first. My balls told me so. Dylan sensed it and increased the rhythm of his adoration. I realized that my man had only come once so far and I had better make him happy. So I put my middle finger in his boyish butt. Wow! He liked that. I doubled the fun with a second finger and he moaned, shook and came. Just like that. I joined him and we both slurped like mad to swallow all we could. We exchanged a big cummy kiss and mingled our juices in our mouths.

"We fell asleep soon after that but woke up three times during the night for ball-aching love. So how was your weekend, Melissa?"

How do you answer that one?

Chapter Seventeen -- Interlude Three

Wow! That was some story that Olivia told, wasn’t it, Honey. You came in my mouth just when she was talking about that big cummy kiss with Dylan. Would you like a big cummy kiss now? I thought so. Mmmmmmmm.

I like everything about being with you, Honey. I like feeling your naked body next to my sissy

skin. I like feeling your excitement build. I like seeing you in heat, snorting like a big old bear,

ready to mount his sissy and fill her with his seed. The only seed I’ve had from you so far, Sweetie, has trickled down my throat. [Giggle.] I think it’s time for you to put me on my back, get on top of me and show me who’s the sissy [little me].

I want you to take this big, hot piece of man and put it in me. I want us to be all one person. I want to feel your cock throb in time with my sissypussy’s throbs. I want you to give me your baby juice. It’s the most basic instinct any of us have, Honey. And I want to feel everything instinct tells you to do.

Oh, I think I may have worked you up too much. What are you doing? I said on my back but I’m not wet there...Ohhhhhhhhhhh. Your tongue is perfect. Delicious. Keep licking there. Uhhhhhhh. Lick there too. Ahhhhhhhhhhh. Oh, sorry. I didn’t mean to clamp my ass muscles on your tongue like that. It’s just so stimulating. Oh, Honey, you have a nice way with that tongue. I just poopied before coming to see you and maybe I’m not so clean. Unnnnhhhh. You don’t care do you? Good boy. Lick where I’m pointingggggg!!! That’s delightful. Now please, Honey, I’m very wet. Please fuck your sweet sissygirl now!

Do you want me to move my ass up? Pillow? Good idea. I’m very hot. Don’t tease me. Oh, your body is covering me. I’m just a helpless little girl, subject to your every animal lust. No one can save me. You’re going to do whatever you want to me.

That’s a good start. The head of your cock feels wonnnnnderful in there. Give me the rest.

Missy needs it now. Don’t tease me, you bad boy. Aggghhhhh. So good. So good. Eh-uh.

Eh-uh. Eh-uh. Eh-uh. Eh-uh. Yahhhhhh. Oh, Sweetie. You’re a real man!!!!! Fuck

your sissygirl. Mmmmmpphhhh. Eeeeeeeeekkk. I’m COMINNGGGGGG!!!!!! Uh. Uh.


Oh, Sweetie. That was awesome! Now I want you to come for me. Come in Missy’s pussy.

Make me your girl. Dominate me. That’s it. Fill me with your special sauce. My ass is sore. Give me your hot lotion. It feels so good. Love me. That’s it, Honey. Let it out. What a good man, you are. What a lover! I’ll come whenever I think about you. Another spurt? Missy’s ass is so full of your cock and sperm. Mmmmmm.

You’re a special lover. Let me tell you the rest of the story and if you want you can fuck me again. And again. I’ll just stroke your gooey friend here until he recovers. Now settle down and hold me. Here’s the rest of my life so far.

Chapter Eighteen -- My Daddy

Olivia proved to be an excellent addition to Miss Cynthia’s, as well as a frequent visitor to my bed. She remained very much in love with Dylan, although by school rules, she had to spread her love around among her sisters and at least five or six other men. Dylan had no reason to complain. He got ten times more sex than anyone in his class, because Olivia and he had sex three times a week and she was kind enough to introduce him to her selected sissy friends for even more. If she had to stray, she reasoned, so did he. And she didn’t want Dylan getting polluted by genetic girls. No real danger of that. Dylan was a lifelong sissyphile. More specifically, an Oliviaphile.

But this story is still about ME, so let me tell you about my Daddy.

I turned 18 about three weeks before I was to graduate from Miss Cynthia’s and enter a world of

men who no longer risked imprisonment for sampling my charms. At our school, that meant that

a week after your 18th birthday party, a nice little gathering where eighteen selected sissygirls fill

your ass with their juice [It was lots of fun. I’ll show you the pictures.], you meet with four or five potential "daddies."

Daddies are special men who love sissygirls to distraction. They’re all rich and aged 40 to 60. They’re all generous. They’re all married to genetic women, who know about their sissylove and could care less, as long as they have plenty of money and the right friends. Daddies like their sissygirls to be young, but over 18. Daddies have powerful lawyers, but 18 is 18.

Sissygirls love daddies because they help the sissygirls gain a financial foothold in a world where primping and shopping are not high-paying professions. They also love them because Daddies are kind and loving as well as generous. And they only take up three days of a sissy’s week.

Daddies and sissygirls have worked out contracts since the day Miss Cynthia’s opened in 1849.

The girl gets financial security. The daddy gets all the sissygirl he can eat. The contracts usually

are for five years or when the girl turns 23 - old by daddy standards. Then the sissygirl is free to pursue her life in any direction she wants.

I knew I had $3 million with those nice men in Zurich, but I still wanted a daddy. Why not be really secure?

The night of my daddy party, Miss Lauren reminded me of all the preparation we had done for that night, kissed me, then introduced me to the first of five daddy candidates. I was wearing a silver gown, with deep d‚colletage, a high slit showing my killer legs and silver four-inch stiletto mules. The daddy candidates were drooling.

The form of the night was a five-course meal, with one daddy and one course allotted for each half-hour. At the end, I could either make a selection, make no selection (five more candidates would be easily found) or ask two or more back for further interviews that evening.

The daddies were in dinner jackets and the whole procedure was very formal. They were all handsome, healthy, commanding, middle-aged men and very sexy. There was something to like about each of the first four, and something I didn’t like, but couldn’t place. Then, over dessert with the last candidate, a dreamy gentleman named Wilson Douglas, I figured it out. Mr. Douglas was the only one I met that night who wanted to talk about me. The others were self-absorbed blowhards. That was when I knew I had found my Daddy. I told Miss Lauren, who told Mr. Douglas, whom I will always call Daddy, and he was delighted beyond words. He beamed with pride and love for me. Daddy was an easy man to love.

Our attorneys settled the details and a few days later we were out shopping for my new home. We found a lovely nine-room condo in the chicest part of town, which was of course immediately purchased for cash, in my name and a trust established that would pay taxes, including income taxes, insurance and utilities for the next forty years, again in my name. Speaking of my name, Daddy helped me legally change it to Melissa Cooper-Douglas. I was still Jeffrey Cooper in the eyes of the law (Ick!) and I wanted the Douglas to show my loyalty to Daddy. He was a great Daddy indeed, because he also gave me an allowance of $15,000 per month to "keep myself beautiful" as he put it.

We were so busy the first two weeks that we didn’t have sex. Daddy wanted it to be special. He told me that he would like me to be two girls. When he asked for Melissa during one of his three weekly dates, he wanted the woman he met over dessert. Modern, confident and very grown-up-sexy. When he asked for Missy, he wanted me to be his 13-year-old daughter, formerly his son, who was overcome by the wonder of Daddy’s sexy body. As I guessed, he wanted Missy for the first date. We discussed the details of the scenario, I got my outfits together and a week later, Missy and Daddy had their first date. Let’s listen in.

"Hi Daddy! Did you have a good day at work today?"

"I did. Thank you, Missy. Did you have a good day at school?"

"Oh yes, Daddy. It’s so much fun going to school now that I’m a girl. All the boys make goo-goo eyes at me and try to look up my pretty dress. They want to see my panties."

"You don’t show them, do you?"

"Oh, no, Daddy. I save all my love for you."

"Good girl. I like what you’re wearing tonight. Are those Mary Janes new?"

"Yes, Daddy and they have a big-girl heel. An inch and a half!"

"You look very grown up in them, Missy. I like your short plaid skirt, but aren’t you worried that your pretty panties will show?"

"Sometimes, Daddy. Would you like to see them?"

"Later, Honey. Come sit on Daddy’s lap."

"Are we going to play tickles again, Daddy? I remember that your lap got all lumpy the last time we did that."

"We might. Are you glad I helped you see you weren’t a boy, even though you had that pretty prickie?"

"Oh, yes, Daddy. I’m all girl. And all for you. Kiss me, Daddy. I’ve been waiting all day."

My first kiss with Daddy was electric. He was a stud muffin and a half. Wow!

"Oh, Daddy. You’re a great kisser! Was that your tongue I felt in my mouth?"

"It was, Angel. Did you like it?"

"I did. And it made me feel all tingly. My panties feel tighter now, Daddy."

"Let me see."

Still on Daddy’s lumpy lap, I raised my skirt. "See, Daddy. My thingie got all big when you kissed me."

"Thingies always get big from good kissing, Honey. Yours is very pretty. May I touch it?"

[Blush] "I don’t know, Daddy. Do you really think it’s pretty?"

"Your prickie is the prettiest one a little girl ever had."

"Wow. OK, Daddy, you can touch it. But be gentle."

Daddy’s eyes lit up when he saw my eight and a half inches d’amour. I guess Miss Lauren didn’t tell him everything.

"It’s so big! And beautiful! I’ll just touch the head. Look, it’s all sticky. Let me wipe that off

with my fingers."

"Oh, Daddy! What are you doing? Oh! That feels funny, Daddy. A good funny!"

Daddy kept up the good funny, expertly manipulating my prickie head that was showing over the top of my panties with his thumb and two fingers. He moved in to kiss me again and I came like Secretariat in the home stretch.

"Daddddddyyyyyyyy! Squeallllllllll!!!!!!!!! What are you doing? What’s happening to me?

Unnnhhhhh. Eeeeeeekkkkkk!!!"

Daddy was very proud of himself and our first date was going very well.

"Oh, Daddy. I made a mess. I ruined my panties and look at all that goo on your hand." I started to cry. I was a sissy, after all.

Daddy kissed me and comforted me. "It’s OK, Missy. It’s OK. That’s something that happens when Daddies and their girls love each other. We’ll clean it up. Did you enjoy it?"

[Sniffle.] "Yes. But it scared me Daddy. I felt very strange."

"As you get used to feeling it, you’ll come to love it."

I brightened. "You mean we’re going to do it again, Daddy?" And I lifted my skirt.

"We are, Missy dear, but not that. I want to show you something else, but I’m afraid we’ll make a mess. Will you take off your skirt and panties for Daddy?"

"Gee, I don’t know, Daddy. That’s scary."

"You can trust, Daddy, Sweetheart."

[Sniffling] "OK, Daddy." I slowly, sensuously removed my skirt and peeled my pretty panties over my gorgeous ass, displaying to Daddy the full glory of my cock. I worried for a moment that I might be packing more than Daddy and that he would hate me. But from the way Daddy was drooling, Little Missy had made a friend for life.

Daddy touched my cock and, in role, I jumped. "What are you doing, Daddy?"

"Just loving you in a special way, Honey. Does my hand doing this feel good?"

[Nice stroke, Daddy] "Very good, but I don’t think I should tell Father Stone this in confession."

"Good call, Honey. I want to show you another way that Daddies love their little girls, but first I’ll have to take your blouse off."

He started unbuttoning my blouse. I whimpered, "But Daddy, then I’ll be naked except for my Mary Janes and frilly socks! I’m scared, Daddy!"

"There’s nothing wrong with being naked with your Daddy, Missy. Who changed your diaper when you were a baby?"

"You did, Daddy." [Tremble.]

"That’s right. Now let’s just see what’s under this blouse. <Gasp>." Daddy’s eyes almost popped out when he saw my delicious titties. They flopped out an inch from his face. He said, "Now let me show you how it feels when I add kissing your sissy nipples to tickling your sissy stick." Mmmmmm. Lick. Suck. Stroke.

"Oh, Daddy. What are you doingggggg???? That’s incredible! Oh, Daddy!!!!!!!!!"

Daddy brought me to the brink of orgasm, then changed his tactics. We were both having a wonderful time. He said, "There are many other ways for me to love you. Would you like to see?"

Gasping for air, I nodded my head vigorously.

"Good. I’ll come back to your sweet titty bumps later. Let me just lick my fingers and, as I continue to stroke your pretty prickie, I’ll put my middle finger right here."

"Dadddddddyyyyyy!!!!!!!!! Your finger is in my tushie hole!!!! What’s it doing there?"

"Do you want me to stop?"

[Considering] Gasp. "No, Daddy. It feels good."

Daddy added a second finger. I winced, then pushed back for more. Daddy put some lube on his other hand and wrapped it around my prick. "Now, Missy, I’m going to keep sliding my fingers in and out of your tushie, but I want you to do some of the work for Daddy. Pretend that Daddy’s hand is a pussy, all lubed up for you. Daddy’s fingers are in your pussy. I want to see you pretend that you’re fucking that pussy. OK?"

Blush. "What do I do, Daddy?"

"Just do what comes naturally. That’s it. Back and forth. Very nice. Do you like Daddy’s fingers in your pussyhole, Sweetheart?"

"Unnnhhhhhhh. Eeeeeeeeeeeee."

"I thought so. That’s it. Good girl. Oh, I think something wonderful is about to happen. Can you feel it?"

"Unnnhhhhhhh. Daddyyyyy!!!. Screammmm!!!!!"

"So much girlie juice! Oh, my! Another splurt in Daddy’s pussy hand? Daddy lives his Missy.

You’re the best girl in the world. Another sploogee? You really needed this, Sweetie."

It was a fantastic orgasm. If only my real Daddy had been this loving instead of skipping out with that aerobics instructor when I was eight. Well, I’ll show him by giving all my love to this nice Daddy. [An analyst would have a field day with that statement.] I kissed Daddy and thanked him.

"Thank you, Missy. Can you help Daddy as I helped you?"

I nodded apprehensively. "Yes, Daddy. Will it hurt?"

"Not if I take the time to prepare my little girl. Daddy will sit here. You just stand there, bend at

the waist and lean on that chair. I’m going to do something you’ll love."

Daddy dug his face in my ass and didn’t pull it out for 45 minutes. He ate me out more enthusiastically and skillfully than anyone I’ve known. My squeals, moans and screams were all real, as was my drooling, intense, limp-dick orgasm. What a Daddy!

When Daddy emerged from the depths, he stood up and removed his clothes. I saw his body for the first time. It was phenomenal. Daddy was my first man (after many boys) and he was a beauty, with a chubby cock a half inch longer than mine. He asked me to kiss it and, after some little-girl reluctance, I did. And licked it. He shuddered with lust.

Daddy turned me around, bent me at the waist and put his Daddycock at heaven’s gate.

"Daddy!!!! I don’t think this is a good idea. I’m scared. You’re so big!!" [Give it all to me, you big Daddystud.]

"Shhhh, Baby. You’ll love it. How do you like just the head in, like this?"

"Ohhhhhhh. That feels good, Daddy. It doesn’t hurt at all. It feels really good. Can I have more?"

"It’s all for you, Sweet Baby. Here’s another three inches."

"Ummmpppp. [Gasp. Pant. Choke.] More!!!"

"OK. This is everything Daddy has."

"Aaaaaaaahhhhh. Daddy, it’s incredible. Push it back and forth, Daddy. Make the Daddy juice come out into my little pussy hole. Love me, Daddy. Love me."

Daddy loved me for a half hour. He had incredible stamina for a man of any age and I needed a lot of aloe after a love session. When he came that night, it was as if he had poured every fluid in his body into me. I was truly his little girl.

"Oh, Daddy. You’re wonderful. Your cock is a gift from heaven. Your cum is boiling in my butt, Daddy. I’m so full of Daddy juice, I’ll leak for a week."

We kissed and cuddled and declared our first date a raging success.

On most of our dates, I was Melissa the sexbomb. Daddy bought me the slinkiest clothes to wear on our dates. Then he would take me out where he knew men would drool all over me but couldn’t have me. [Although I did meet up with some of them later, on non-Daddy nights.] Then he would take me to my apartment and fuck me until I fainted. Daddy has the nicest cock with the sweetest cum. He’s such a good Daddy. And I always have four days each week to do ANYTHING I want. And I want a lot!

Sometimes Daddy even helped me explore my dark side.

One day, Daddy and Missy took their first road trip. Daddy drove and the sweet little girl [me] played with her dollies in the back seat until they got to the big, elegant hotel in the city. They all knew Daddy there, but he made sure they had copies of my birth certificate and passport, so there was no question that I was over 18.

When we got to the room, Daddy asked me, "Are you glad we took this trip, Missy?"

"Oh yes, Daddy. I like being anywhere with you."

"That’s so sweet. I have a wonderful Daddy-daughter game we can play if you want to"

I hugged Daddy. "I love those games," I squealed.

"Wonderful. Now just get undressed and put on these big-girl, seamed, black stockings, black garter belt and these four-inch stiletto pumps. Then Daddy will show you the game."

Well, this was a twist. Missy dressed as Melissa. Daddy and I had a safeword that I would use if I wanted any scenario to end and I knew Daddy would honor it without question. But I was very curious.

As I put on my sexy outfit, Daddy did some strange things. He went over to the TV and disconnected all the cables. Then he called room service and ordered us a full meal, which they said would be there in 25 minutes.

I stood before Daddy, naked except for my big-girl lingerie and very erect. "How do I look Daddy? Like a big girl?"

Daddy panted. "You look awesome, Sweetheart. Come over here and I’ll show you some toys for the game. This is called a spreader bar, Honey. It fits on your ankles and spreads your legs while you’re standing so you can’t close your pretty girliepussy when Daddy’s loving you."

I wasn’t sure I liked that. "But, Daddy. I always give you all my love."

"I know, Sugar. But I don’t want you to flinch or hold back any love. It’ll make this a perfect trip."

I sniffled with real fear. "OK, Daddy. I trust you."

"Good girl. Let me just attach it like this. That should be comfortable; is it?"

My asshole was wide open, and I needed to lean against something with my hands, but it wasn’t awful. I just felt so exposed. My balls were hanging low and very visible. My cock was drooping in some concern. Then Daddy positioned me so he could cuff and immobilize my arms. I was horribly exposed, but not in pain. I thought about using the safe word. Then Daddy put a finger in my open butt and things got better. Ohhhhhh. "That feels good! Put TWO fingers in, Daddy!" My predicament added to my excitement and I was getting stiff again.

Daddy did that for awhile. Then he abandoned me, going in the other room to use the phone. He returned a few minutes later and told me that he had called the front desk to have them send someone up to repair the TV.

"Daddy! I’m right next to the TV! He’ll see me! Let me out, please, Daddy!!!! Sobbbbb!!!!" But I didn’t use the safe word. What a strange one I can be. I wanted to see what was next. I could always use that old word later.

Daddy left me again. A few minutes later, there was a knock on the door. Daddy yelled, "Just a minute" from the other room. I sobbed in shame and distress. Then I did something I never thought I would. I peed! And peed. I was so scared that it was all I could think of.

I was trembling as Daddy casually answered the door. It was the room service man, whose eyes got big when he saw me. Daddy acted as if I weren’t there and the young man pretended to do the same, even though I was naked, clamped, exposed, whimpering and shaking over a carpet wet with my pee.

The man seemed to take a long time to set up the table for lunch and I was too ashamed to look at him. Then, as he was leaving, the strangest thing happened. I began to get a stiffie. I was humiliated and exposed, as I had been with Bree and Lisa. And it excited me as well as scared me. Like a ride on an old wooden roller coaster.

I was still whimpering and moaning for Daddy to release me, but he ignored me completely, puttering around the room. Then there was another knock on the door. Daddy opened it. The shame! It was the maintenance man, who got the eyeful of his life. Daddy pretended I wasn’t there and the man tried to do the same. I wasn’t whimpering any more. I was panting with excitement I didn’t know I had within me. It took the man about 15 minutes to reinstall the mess Daddy had made of the TV. How was I ever going to face the hotel staff? I would have to sneak out at 3 a.m. That made me even harder. I was an inch away from coming when the man left.

Daddy closed the door, locked it and without saying a word, stripped naked and fucked me. I was screaming for his cock! I came in 30 seconds. Again two minutes later. A third time in five more minutes, whimpering slobbering, begging for cock! I was his toy, his little tramp, his cockpit! When he came in my butt, I passed out. He gently unlocked me, carried me to the bed and kissed me tenderly for an hour.

I always have fun with Daddy.

Chapter Nineteen - Dreams Do Come True

On my twentieth birthday, Daddy surprised me with an incredible beach house! It had a full ocean view with eight lovely rooms and it was all mine, with everything paid for 40 years. That Daddy!

I spent the summer there and Daddy came to me for our dates. He’s so considerate. I was a brown little berry, even in places where [Blush] you wouldn’t expect a person to have a tan. The roof of my beach house was private and I worked on my all-over tan up there. Daddy liked to sun naked with me, fucking when the urge struck us. One day [Giggle.] we disproved the old saw about putting something "where the sun don’t shine." Daddy fucked me while I was on my tummy. He rolled off me and he noticed that, because his cock is so big, it takes a few minutes for my anal sphincter to close, and Daddy could see the cream pie he left me. The sun shone brightly up my butthole. It tickled!

On my Daddyless days, I would entertain some of my old friends, like Jordan, Gino, Tony, Bill, Bree, Lisa, and especially Olivia and Dylan. Olivia was 17, a senior and a complete and utter knockout. She had gorgeous, high titties, a slim waist, broad hips, killer legs and the prettiest face I ever saw on a sissygirl. Dylan was a mega-hunk, with a fantastic body and a nine-inch sissypleaser. They never forgot what I did for them and always visited me to share their love in ball-draining threesomes. Life was good.

But one thing eluded me. The realization of my recurring dream of being fucked by a beach volleyballer. I decided to close the loop on that one. When I had free time, I would stroll the beach in my string bikini. The offers I had! The offers I accepted! There were two guys who played volleyball fairly regularly and seemed to meet my dream requirements.

Each day I could, I would stroll slowly down the beach in my teeny string bikini and stop for a few moments to watch them practice. I knew they noticed me, because they always tried to out-macho each other when I was watching. I found out that the blond, six-foot, four-inch hunk was named Rick, and the brown-haired, six-foot, three-inch studmuffin was named Steve.

Late one summer day, as Melissa’s luck would have it, Steve, Rick and I appeared to be the only people on that portion of the beach. They were trying to show off for me, when I surprised them by fiddling with my bikini bottoms. Just as in my dream, I dropped my bottoms to my ankles and stood there facing the studs, proud, femmy and wickedly erect!

Their reactions varied totally. Steve said, "Ewww. What the hell? Put those bottoms back on and get your freak ass outta here, Creature."

My fellow yellow-hair, Rick, said, "Leave the lady alone, Steve. She’s obviously in some distress."

"Are you crazy, man. That’s no lady. That’s an ‘it.’ "

"Mind your manners, Steve. Or go home."

"Are you a fag now, man? I’m outta here. And I’m not playing on a team with a fag like you."

"Volleyball’s just a game, my former friend. This lady is a divine creation." Exasperated, Steve left, taking the ball.

Rick could certainly turn a girl’s head.

"My name is Rick, lovely lady. May I help you with your garment."

I gave him my full 1,000-watt smile. He blinked and erected, as all men do in its magnificence.

I wasn’t sure, but I think a spotted a cock worthy of a certain Irish stout’s annual publication.

"Thank you sir. Could you just bend over and lift my panties for me. I feel so exposed without them. I’m sorry I scared off your friend. My name is Melissa."

"Princess Melissa, I will call you." [How did he know I used to call myself that? Lucky guess.] Let me escort you home, royal one. I believe you live just over there in the house with all the beautiful callers, male and female."

Rick had been paying attention. "That number will increase by one if you see me home."

We were of course, just dancing. We both wanted to fuck, really bad. And knew it. But dancing is fun too.

Rick walked me home and made a big fuss about the shoddy workmanship that goes into bikini bottoms these days. He was funny. I asked him if he had a girlfriend.

"Sadly, no. Nor a boyfriend. But I could kill two birds with one stone if you agreed." That was not a PC thing to say, but I laughed.

"I’m all girl, Rick. Would you like me to prove it to you?"

"Desperately, Princess."

We shucked off our suits and I gasped, then clapped my hands with delight. Rick had the biggest cock I had ever seen. The foreskin alone was bigger than many men’s cocks. It was three of my little hands high, plus the plum-sized head, and it was leaking sticky fluid at a pint a minute. Rick blushed at my joy.

"Let’s get clean," I said, and ran to the double-wide shower, with Rick in very hot pursuit.

I turned the water on and we stepped in. Rick kissed me, overpowering me with his huge, buff, tan, manly body. I trembled and nearly fainted. His kisses set me on fire. I wanted every pore in my body to be a cunt for him and his work-of-art cock. He put shampoo on my hair and rubbed it in sensuously. I shook with lust. He rubbed lather on my titties, neck, tummy and prickie. Then he did the same for himself. He kissed me deeply, rubbing the front of his slick body against mine. Our tongues interlaced as our cocks dueled. Every nerve in my cock was on full arousal. I came hard, squealing and whimpering like the sissy I’m proud to be. My hot cum on Rick’s cock set him off and his huge firehose spewed a gallon of manly seed all over my sissy body. We shook violently, recovered, then hurried through the shower. It was time to move this show to dry land.

In white heat, we left the shower and flopped on the bed, our hair and bodies soaked with water. We tangled our bodies and our tongues, kissing like two people famished for love. Rick turned me on my back and attacked my cock with his tongue. Yeowww! Then he entered my butt with two wet fingers. Cowabunga! I would like to tell you a long story about that first bedroom encounter, but the truth is, I came before he had his fingers all the way in me. He stroked them in my ass through six thick spurts, five of which he swallowed. One enhanced his smile.

I began to think I wouldn’t survive the evening, when a greater challenge approached me. How was I going to accommodate this prototype superman in my little mouth and/or tinier poopie hole? And which would he go for first?

Wrong on both counts, because this fine young fellow was most interested in giving me a few more thrills before seeking his own. He got on his back and had me sit on his beautiful face. He drilled his hot tongue into my all-too-willing ass as I wiggled, moaned, cried, grunted, whimpered, sobbed, begged him to stop and begged him not to stop. My overworked balls apparently decided that today was an overtime day, because they filled up again, gave me all the customary signals, waited briefly as I ignored them, then WRENCHED the cum out of me in four debilitating spasms. Good golly, Miss Molly.

I knew what was next and I wouldn’t have stopped for a court order. The magician was going to hide a salami into the space allotted for a hotdog. Watch, ladies and gentlemen, as Rick performs the trick with his lovely assistant, Melissa.

I was scared. It was the biggest monster ever. I should have left right then. Like hell! Bring it on, stud boy! But be gentle. I have to use this ass after you go home.

Rick entered me slowly. Owww! My eyes filled with tears. Rick told me that was just the head. He put more in. My ass was on fire! I couldn’t breathe. I had a cramp. I was gasping for air. I shoved my ass back for all the cock he had. And more if he could find it. Sissy pride won out and it served me well, because Rick certainly made Melissa’s Best Ten List. Consider being completely stuffed by the cock of a beautiful man, who knows how to love a lady. My ass ached. Rick’s cock was gripped by the tightest vise it had ever been in. He told me how wonderful I was and how beautiful and sexy. He asked if I was all right. I guess by my screaming he figured I was either enjoying it or figuring out which chainsaw I would use on him the first chance I got. I reassured him that I was having the time of my life. This made him so happy that he poured his sweet balm in my beleaguered hole and made it all better.

Really, girls, living out your fantasies can be so..expanding.

Chapter Twenty - Sundays

Well, that’s all the story I have for you, Honey. As Carol Burnett used to say, I’m so glad we had this time together. I especially liked the love we shared here in your bed. Wasn’t that fun?

I loved being with you, Honey. I loved feeling your heat for me. When I excited you, I could feel the blood rushing to your cock to make it big for me. I could feel the cum gathering forces in your balls, then boiling over when you gave me my big reward. I felt your love as you held me and told me I was beautiful. Every girl loves to hear that, Sweetie.

Daddy and I have three dates a week, and I see my other friends on three other days. I usually rest on Sundays, but if you like, we could have a regular date every Sunday. Would you like that, Honey?

I knew you would. We’ll make hot, wet love together and you’ll go home to your wife or mother or girlfriend with a light heart and empty testicles.

But don’t disappoint Melissa, Honey. I don’t want excuses about what your wife or mother or girlfriend will let you do or not do. On Sundays, you’re mine.

Do we have a date?


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