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Stories are accessed by selecting an author and visiting their page(s) where a synopsis of each story is presented, along with relevant categories, keywords, age group, story rating, size, date, and completion status.


Author Feedback is important !


StorySite has an online, reader comment function so there is no excuse for not leaving feedback for every story that you have enjoyed. It only takes a few minutes to tell authors that you have appreciated their efforts, and you can remain completely anonymous to the author and other readers. The 'Reader Comment' hyperlink is on, or near, the same line where you click the 'Story' hyperlink to take you to the story.

     If you prefer, you can send an email directly to the author. An email link is provided on each author's story index page, for those authors who wish to have their email addresses made public. Remember, authors need to know that their stories are being read and appreciated. It's what keeps them writing more stories for you to enjoy.







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