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 Banner advertising charges and policies

StorySite is absolutely free to all visitors, and will remain so.

      We average over 100,000 page loads daily, for more than 3 million each month. The number of unique visitors each day averages over 15,000, and the traffic to this site has been growing steadily since it's inception in November of 1999. By advertising on StorySite, you not only help to support this site, but you reach a concentrated target group of intelligent consumers with transgendered attitudes, who also have interests in reading, music, and the arts.

Rotating Banner Program:

      The cost to participate in the rotating banner program is:

 $30.00 US per month.

      The number of times that your banner appears on the site will vary with the site's traffic and the number of banners in the rotating group, but it will be in the tens of thousands. A dozen and a half pages, such as Captioned Images, Poetry Parlor, Postcards, Story Index pages, etc., are used in our rotating banner program. Each time a page is called, the next banner in line is displayed on that page.

Leased Page Space:

      Banner space on the seven most heavily trafficked pages is principally available for fixed rental and lease. These pages are:

What's New Page
Main Search Page
Stories Index Page (Main)
Links Page
Home Page
Cyber-Board Page
Polling Place

      All clients renting or leasing a fixed spot on one of the main pages (except the CyberBoard page), are automatically enrolled in the rotating banner program throughout the term of their contract, for no additional charge.

      When any of the six main pages are not under contract, they join the program and will display banners from the rotating group until a new lease is signed.

      Each client receives a secure area which provides full information regarding exposures and click-thrus, presented in a variety of forms. To see a demonstration, using storysite for the account name, and demo for the password,  click here.  The click-thru numbers for this account do not reflect what your banner will experience since few visitors to this site are interested in leasing banner space.

      The standard size for banners on the net is 460x60 pixels, but other sized banners are permitted on StorySite. The merits of each is evaluated before acceptance. Banners may never exceed 20 k bytes, and it's recommended that banners be kept as small in size as possible to facilitate faster downloading. It doesn't pay to have a great banner if people have surfed past the page before your banner finished downloading. Wildly flashing, annoying banners are not acceptable for placement on Storysite.

      Payment for banners may be made via money order or through our PayPal account. I recommend the PayPal account because your banner can be posted on the site within hours of payment being sent, and there's no chance of it being lost in the snail mail.

      Individuals and companies having an interest in the principal banner spots can contact me here for information.


Prices subject to change without notice. No banners will be placed on story text pages or the site's Entrance page. I reserve the right to reject any banner that is inconsistent with the atmosphere developed for, and maintained on, StorySite.


Please report any problems to Crystal