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While surfing the net, I did a search on 'Crystal Sprite' and this came up. Do you think that the sculptor captured the 'real' me?



A Brief History of StorySite :

      I began writing my very first story (Texas Gal) in February of 1999. I had, several months earlier, 'discovered' Fictionmania, and I decided that I would like to try 'my' hand at creating a story that others might enjoy reading. I had originally intended only a short story, but it somehow got out of hand and in April I realized that I had written over 600 K and yet had not even approached the end that I was working towards, so I found a good break point and separated off Part One. I submitted this story to Fictionmania and resumed work on the tale. After several weeks of anxiously waiting for my story to appear on Fictionmania I sent an email to Mindy inquiring about the status of the story. Being a 'newbie' I had no idea that there was a backlog and I didn't even know if the story had been accepted, or rejected, or what. I received a nice note back from Mindy saying that the story would appear soon, and true to her word, a week later it was posted.

      The original episode received some nice reviews and a few fan letters so I was inspired more than ever to continue work on the story, which was by this time almost completed anyway. In May I submitted the next three parts of the story to Fictionmania. Shortly after that I began to get requests for more story parts from the readers who had seen Part 1. At first I told people that they would be available shortly on FM, but when they didn't show up after a month I decided to set up my own web page.

       As a member of AOL I was able to set up a small web site using the 3MB of space that they were allowing at that time. My first site was very amateurish but the main purpose was only to have my stories available for downloading and it accomplished that. I continued to write my stories, but I ran out of space in September of 99. When I could no longer post anything, I starting looking around for a larger web space. After investigating a number of 'free' hosts, I settled on Geocities. They were giving 11 MB (later increased to 15 MB) and I figured that that should be adequate for a few years.

      I put a lot more effort into creating my second site and refined the page quite a bit as I learned HTML and Adobe PhotoShop. By now I had submitted 8 stories to FM but only three had been posted. Texas Gal parts 2 through 4 had been submitted 4 months earlier and had, as yet, not appeared. It became obvious that FM was not going to be a satisfactory place to post my stories, so I began to consider options for a permanent home that would give me all the space that I would need. My first step was to learn about creating a domain name and then trying to pick a suitable one that was not already taken. Once I was registered, I found a web-host who appeared to accommodate my needs, paid the fees, and moved in. I spent a month building the site, creating the graphics, etc., and announced the opening of this site late in November of 1999.

      StorySite had only been online for a few weeks when Mindy decided to close FM in December of 1999. I posted an offer to those authors who did not have their own web page, to join me on StorySite. I anticipated that a few might take me up on the offer but I never expected the site to attract the number of authors that it did. The growth, and popularity, of the site has been phenomenal. Most of it is due, of course, to the wonderful stories that an array of incredibly gifted and creative authors have contributed. As I write this we have 966 stories from 124 authors.

      In January of 2000 I began to study the Perl language so that I could use that very powerful programming language to create features for the site that would enhance its use and function. The Perl scripts control the Reader Counts, CyberBoard, Polling Place, Guestbook, and Interactive Stories. I have avoided using frames, Dynamic HTML, and Java because some browsers do not support them. Our chat rooms are Java based but that is unavoidable. Perl script rooms do not function as well.

      The site is best viewed with Internet Explorer 5.0 or better. For reasons that I have been unable to verify, Netscape takes too long to load the pages and some users report that their machines freeze up until the page is loaded. I believe that the problem is that Netscape does not handle nested tables very well. I have reported the difficulty to Netscape but they have never responded.

      I will maintain StorySite for as long as I am able and hope that you, and every other visitor, find it a pleasurable place to visit.


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