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This page contains information and links for authors. If your only interest is in reading stories written by others, then it is unlikely that you'll find anything of interest here. If however, you feel that there is a bit of creativity bottled up in your soul, and you wish to free it, then you have come to the right place.

StorySite has several requirements for story submissions. You can read what they are by going to the Story Submission Information Page. To the left you'll see links for other pages that contain information about special submissions, such as including images in a story. Please follow them and you'll see your story posted sooner. If your submission is consistent with the rules, you can proceed to the Submission Form.

Posting time for new stories is currently about 3 days from the date that we receive both the story and the form.

Attention -  I am currently restructuring the site so that multiple volunteers can assist with the posting duties. The site has grown too large for me to continue doing it alone. While the work is progressing, a few features such as copies of story review comments emailed to authors will be suspended for stories posted after October 2008. All such features, and many more, will be available when the work is finished.

Stories are almost always posted First In / First Out, to use an accounting term, but there are a few exceptions to this rule. Because of the setup work required to add a new author to the system, the first story from any author may take an extra couple of days. Stories with images may also require extra time because of the amount of work required with them. Seasonal stories may be held so that they may be posted on a special day when submitted within two weeks of that day.

If you do not receive an email from me, and your story was not posted within the time specified, in red, above, then contact me immediately because there is a problem. Either I have not received your submissions, or the email address that you sent is not receiving mail. I acknowledge EVERY email from authors or readers that request a reply, or where a reply is appropriate.

Prior to having their first story posted, every author receives a form letter containing a special access URL address. Linking to that address will show you a summary page with your download counts. This saves you the effort of downloading every story.

Most established authors have a small network of friends who help them with their editing and proofreading. For new authors, we have a wonderful group of volunteers who are ready to assist you. Use the hyperlink to the left to call up the list.

We also have a page of writing tips for the new author. These address the most common problems that are encountered on your way to posting your first story. We have all made our share of mistakes as we were learning and hope that you can benefit from our experiences.  








Please report any problems to Crystal