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'Postcard Images' Information

Anyone may contribute an image to use, provided the image is not copyrighted. Because we're talking about images, rather than printed text, the rules for what is acceptable, regarding submissions, are considerably different from what is acceptable for stories. I will not accept any images, real, drawn, or computer generated, which even REMOTELY suggest sexual activity with, or between, minors. Also, I will not post any X rated images because they might be emailed to minors, or to adults that don't wish to receive such images. Keep them G rated if you wish them to be considered. Don't send anything that is copyrighted such as posters, magazine covers, or professionally produced photographs. Photographs showing the person's face will not be considered unless you have a 'model release form' signed by them, or, the event occurred out in the public and the picture was taken by someone who you know.

Images for postcards must be no larger than 456 pixels wide, by 350 pixels high. They can be smaller, but cannot be larger if they are going to fit into the card area. Images that are too large, will be reduced by me. If the image includes a caption, make sure that it is easily readable. Colors should not blend into the background.

Most postcards will have an embedded caption but I will also accept images without captions. I selected the intial categories from the Story Categories and Keywords, and I'll add or remove categories as appropriate for new submissions.

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