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'Stories With Images' Information

Stories that contain images require quite a bit more preparation work than regular 'text only' stories. In order to insure that the images are placed where the author desires them, it is necessary to accurately follow the directions on this information page.

In placing images, I position them on either the  left or right border and then wrap text around them, as is normally done in books and magazines. Some sites prefer to simply place them in the center of the page but I dislike having a glaring white space surround them. The composition of the picture normally determines whether the picture will be on the left or right.

Images MUST be submitted as separate items, not placed within the story using the capabilities of MS Word or some other word processing software. When the images are embedded in the text I can't even see them with the software that I use. I prefer that images be in either .gif or .jpg format but I can convert .bmp, .pcx, and most other common formats. Images should be named so as to indicate their position, if possible. For example image1, image2, image3, etc.

In order that images fit properly on the page, I require that they be no more that 450 pixels in height and no more than 550 pixels in width. At 72 pixels per inch, this translates into 6.25 inches and 8.75 inches. If you aren't knowledgeable about such things, send the images however you have them and I will convert them. It just saves me time if they are prepared in advance, and some people want to know what I am looking for.

Once you have determined where the images should be placed, insert the image 'name', not the image, with two asterisks preceding and following it. For example, ** image1 **. Images should never be situated within paragraphs. If you wish to have a caption associated with the image, enter that after the image name, surrounded by double quotes. For example: ** image1 - "He delighted in the feel of the soft clothes." **. The caption will appear in 10 point bold face type immediately below the image. 

Next, send the image, as an attachment, to my current address. You can include multiple attachments in a single email, or you can submit the images along with the story by creating a zip file. Include a very brief message in the body of the email, such as, 'Here the images for my story, etc.' I get a LOT of spam and virus email and I block emails over 9k in size. If the subject and body look genuine, I retrieve them from the server. Spam and viruses rarely get into my machine.

To see examples of stories that contain images, look at the stories submitted by Christopher Leeson, Britney, or Sissy Demi. Other authors have also submitted stories with images but these authors have a preponderance of them.

An important note : These are the ONLY instructions that I will follow when inserting images into a story. Don't send me special HTML pages showing me how you want the page to appear. Don't insert tables in the word document and expect me to follow overly complicated directions. I'm happy to spend the extra half hour or hour to format stories with images, but you must do it my way, and you must work within the limitations of my instructions. If you don't, the story will be posted without the images.

If you have any more questions just ask Crystal.







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