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'Captioned Image' Information


Anyone may contribute an image to use. Because we're talking about images, rather than printed text, the rules for what is acceptable, regarding submissions, are considerably different from what is acceptable for stories. I will not accept any images, real, drawn, or computer generated, which even REMOTELY suggest sexual activity with, or between, minors. Also, I will not post any X rated images.  Keep them R rated if you wish them to be posted. The laws in the U.S. for what is considered 'obscene', dictate what I will post on StorySite.

Captioned images must be no larger than 520 pixels wide, by 450 pixels high so that they can be viewed on an 800x600 monitor without scrolling. They can be smaller, but cannot be larger. Images that are too large, will be reduced by me. If the image includes a caption, make sure that it is easily readable. Colors should not blend into the background.

Along with your image, include a note giving the name that you wish to use for the credit, and the email address that should be used with the name.

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