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Mare's Tales                by: Beverly Taff


Chapter 1

Miss Williams, deputy headmistress strode into the classroom and whispered into the form mistresses’ ear before turning her stern gaze upon me.

"Miss Beverly! You are to report to Miss Lanes office immediately."

A hush descended upon the class and they all turned to face me. Miss Jones the form mistress rapped sharply upon her lectern calling the class to order. I glanced nervously at my friend Veronica and she squeezed my hand under the desk that we shared.

"Good luck," she whispered.

I returned her affectionate squeeze but our actions caught the sharp eyes of Miss Jones who instantly ordered Veronica to the front of the class. I rose trembling as Miss Williams tapped her foot impatiently then I followed her into the corridor. As I closed the classroom door I heard Miss Jones admonishing Veronica for our mutual transgression of a public show of emotion.

Discipline was harsh at Miss Lanes academy and Veronica knew that some severe punishment was coming to her. I of course, knew that a summons to Miss Lanes office was very serious. It meant very severe punishment, or worse, corrective discipline, or even worse still; corrective surgery.

Miss Williams stalked briskly along the corridors to Miss Lanes office whilst I minced desperately behind her trying to keep up. I silently cursed the tight corsets and high heels that all junior pupils were forced to wear. They made us wobble and teeter along as we minced from class to class. I stumbled as I tried to take bigger, faster steps and Miss Williams turned around angrily.

"Come along Miss Beverly! Don’t dawdle so. You know perfectly well that Miss Lane must not be kept waiting."

Miss Williams knocked on Miss Lanes door as I struggled to my feet. I frantically tried to smooth the creases in my frilly uniform dress and generally repair the damage to my appearance. Miss Lane was a stickler for tidiness amongst her ‘girls’.

There was a short pause and a voice summoned us in.

All my desperate efforts were to be of no avail however for, as I entered the room and courtesied, Miss Lane was holding up the most beautiful and deliciously frilly pair of knickers that I instantly recognised as mine.

"Are these yours’ Miss Beverly?" demanded Miss Lane.

I demurely lowered my eyes and admitted that they were. I could not however, understand how she had discovered them for I had pulled off my nametag and stuffed them behind another girl’s wardrobe in our dormitory.

"Do you know how they got here?" She persisted.

"I- I think so Miss Lane Ma-am." I mumbled, deeply embarrassed that my favourite and most intimate pair of frilly panties should be so publicly displayed.

Miss Lane continued menacingly.

"Well Miss Beverly, Dorothy your dormitory maid found them stuffed behind another wardrobe without their name tag on. Can you shed any light?"

"I- I think so Miss Lane Ma-am. " I whispered as my memory of the previous night came flooding back.

"Speak up child! Can you kindly explain the dirty disgusting stains up the front of these panties? Look! They’re nearly to the waistband?"

She thrust the offending knickers into my face.

"Y- Yes Miss Lane Ma-am." I stammered nervously.

"Oh I’m quite sure that you can. In fact we all know exactly how these stains occurred. The questions we now ask are these.

One, - Why were you wearing your Sunday best panties in Bed instead of your night corset?

Two, - Who let you out of your night corset after Miss Dorothy had laced you up?

Finally, - what are we going to do about these stains in the future?"

I stood dumbly between the two mistresses as I frantically tried to gather my thoughts.

"Well. I’m waiting Miss Beverly."

"My night corset is ever so tight Miss Lane and it’s awfully uncomfortable. It’s difficult to ‘adjust’ myself and get to sleep."

"You know perfectly well the reasons for the corsets Miss Beverly. It is exactly to prevent this sort of thing happening."

She shook the panties angrily in my face again.

"It’s never happened before Miss Lane," I cried. " But I’ve started becoming desperately tight in the corsets at night and been unable to get comfortable."

"That’s the whole idea of the corsets, you stupid girl. It’s all part of the training and discipline at this academy. Is this definitely the first time you’ve stained your knickers like this?"

"Yes Miss Lane Ma-am, honestly." I pleaded.

"Hmmmm," she mused, "this must be onset of puberty for you Beverly."

It was the first time that she had dropped the ‘Miss’ when addressing it and me worried me. She continued talking.

"Well, as you know Beverly, you have the blue ribbon in your hair which means that your step mother and your father are still undecided about your future. If you had been wearing a pink ribbon, it would have been time to have the operation to turn you into a proper ‘girl’."

All the pupils at the academy knew the significance of the ribbons. It was the first thing they learned because it was so important to their destiny. Proper girls wore green ribbons indicating their safe status whilst boy-girls who were definitely to be transformed wore pink ribbons from their very first day at the academy.

Boy-girls with the blue ribbons were waiting for their parents or guardians to decide what they wanted. Sometimes they waited years before their parents made up their minds.

The blue-ribboned pupils often envied the pink-ribboned pupils their certainty and the early opportunity to accept their fate.

The worst situation, as the older pupils were constantly reminding us, was to enter puberty and enjoy all the pleasures of manhood, then to be operated on and have to spend the rest of ones life as a ‘girl’. The older pupils discussed this a lot during the nighttime chats in the dormitories. It was obvious that some of the pupils bitterly regretted having been changed so late after their puberty whilst others seemed quite happy with it.

The happiest boy-girls seemed to be those who hadn’t been operated on but had been treated with very heavy doses of hormones during their growing years. Thus they passed completely as girls except in the showers. Most of the pupils were quite happy to shower communally, whatever their ‘condition’. Some however, self-consciously showered in a private cubicle especially if they were unhappy about their operations.

I was desperately worried about my fate. I hoped that I would leave the academy functioning as a boy but behaving and living like a girl. There was no guarantee of this.

A little nervous sob escaped me as I tried to contemplate my future. Miss Lane ignored this and continued.

"Considering that you were cross-dressing before you came to us Beverly, I’m very disappointed at this development. Furthermore, Miss Dorothy tells me that she has often found the toilet seat left up after the pupils have gone to breakfast. We know that it’s you behaving in this most unladylike manner because the only other boy-girls in your dormitory have both had their operations in the last two months. You wouldn’t know this because they have kept it confidential, as all young ladies should. That leaves you as the only transgressor in your dormitory."

I could not deny this logic. I had been urinating like a boy and enjoying what I thought was my own little secret convenience during the desperate morning rush to prepare for breakfast and classes. I had thought that some of the other pupils in my year were still boy-girls and that the offence of ‘unladylike behaviour’ could not have been pinned on me. Through my ignorance I had been caught. There was no escaping the hard evidence.

"Take your dress off Beverly," ordered Miss Lane, "I wish to determine the extent of your physical development before I contact your parents."

With trembling fingers I fumbled with my buckle. Miss Williams quickly released the awkward buttons up the back of my frock and let it slither to the floor. She then unlaced the tight ribbons of my corset and allowed my bust an unexpected freedom for that time of the day. I crimsoned with embarrassment as my largish, hormone enhanced breasts wobbled free and my exposed nipples stiffened with the cold. The mistresses’ eyes widened as they appreciated my breasts and they smiled at each other.

"Well there has been some excellent development here Beverly," smiled Miss Lane as they both touched and gently squeezed my breasts.

"Hmm yes," cooed Miss Williams who was standing behind me. She gently reached under my arms cupped and my assets. "I’d say a ‘C’ or even a ‘D’ cup and so soft but firm. Look no sagging."

She softly ‘weighed’ my breasts and slowly rolled my nipples between her fingers and thumbs. I let out an involuntary gasp of pleasure.

"That’s enough of that," smirked Miss Lane, "lower you knickers Beverly and lets inspect your other uhmm, assets."

I became desperately nervous as I reluctantly obeyed her second command.

"Oh do hurry up child! And be quick with your cache-sex. Don’t you think we’ve ever seen a boy-girl before? You’ve got nothing to hide."

Miss Williams reached for my cache-sex and angrily tugged my poor little penis free. They both bent down to inspect it then stood up again and started to gently caress my nipples while simultaneously watching my penis. Slowly, despite my desperate embarrassment and fear, my flaccid little organ began to respond to the very feminine stimulation above. Eventually both my nipples and my penis were erect and hard.

My mind was now a plethora of ecstatic confusion as I tried to reconcile the very bi-sexual reactions of my soft rounded body with its masculine roots.

"Well, well! Miss Beverly. That’s an excellent response," smiled Miss Lane as she gently grasped my organ, "It’s just the sort of reaction we have been striving for. In future, I think, for the these next few important formative months we will start programming your responses to go this far and no further."

She wrote some notes in her book and turned to me again.

"Each day you must present yourself to Miss Williams at 10 o’clock to be thus stimulated by your nipples until you get an erection. Then you will be re-corseted before there is any ejaculation or orgasm."

I peered down over my breasts at my still erect little penis and sobbed as Miss Lane continued.

"After a few years of this therapy Miss Beverly, it is likely that you will be achieving erections without ever being able to gain relief through an orgasm or ejaculation. Thus you will become an excellent transvestite maidservant for any future mistress who employs you."

The thought of being unable to enjoy the newfound ecstasies of my orgasms whilst still having erections and urges left me terrified. I flung myself at Miss Lanes’ feet and beseeched her to reconsider. As I hugged her ankles and sobbed, I missed the sly smile that passed between the two mistresses.

"There could be another alternative Miss Beverly but to be offered it, you must first tell us who released you from your sleeping-corsets last night and then enabled you to wear your Sunday-best knickers in bed."

The threat of the ‘therapy’ had the desired effect and I blubbered Veronicas’ name. A little smile of victory played along Miss Lanes’ lips.

"Go and fetch her Miss Williams."

Miss Lane then shook me off her foot and made some phone calls. One I recognised was to my stepmother and father. I longed to speak to my father as I stood waiting naked and afraid unable to even place my hands where modesty behoved me. Miss Williams eventually returned with a very scared looking Veronica and Miss Lane replaced the phone as she turned menacingly to my friend.

"I’ll come straight to the point with you young lady. Miss Beverly here informs us that you released her from her corsets last night. Is that true?"

Veronica shot a glance at me across the room. She noted my tearstained face and naked plight, then realised that the game was up. She slumped crestfallen against Miss Lanes’ desk and spoke.

"Well, yes Miss Lane Ma-am, but it was only high jinks. Nothing else happened honestly!"

"Huh! We shall be the judges of that young lady. Miss Williams be so kind as to invite Doctor James to attend upon these two pupils. Then we shall determine if anything other than ‘high jinks’ took place"

Miss Williams left and Miss Lane turned to Veronica.

"Whilst we are waiting Miss Veronica, you will disrobe."

"What! Here, in front of Miss Beverly?" Replied Veronica reproachfully.

Miss Lane gave Veronica a stinging slap across the face.

"Certainly! You can have no need for such false modesty; especially after the ‘high jinks’ you so lightly referred to."

Veronica tried to turn half away from me as Miss Lane assisted with the buttons up the back of her frock but Miss Lane spotted the ploy.

"It’s too late to try and be modest now young lady," she snapped as the dress fell to the floor. "Miss Beverly! Come and undo the ribbons on Miss Veronicas’ corset."

Thankfully, I left the large window were I had been forcibly exposed to all the tittering classroom traffic as it crossed the quadrangle. I stepped closer to Veronica and gently untied the ribbons and stays of Veronicas’ corset. I let my fingers linger as I unclipped the hook and eyes of her gusset fasteners. Next I gently lowered the corset cups to reveal Veronicas budding teenage breasts. As I looked into Veronica’s tearstained face I caught a glance of envy as she noticed the difference between her own budding mounds and my more developed swaying wobbling breasts. I could tell what she was thinking - with me being a boy-girl and all. Suddenly I felt the sharp sting of a cane on my bare bottom as Miss Lane whisked it across my cheeks.

"Oh come on now Miss Beverly, so considerate and tender. Kindly undress Miss Veronica completely as any lady’s maid should."

I gently tugged the corset all the way down to Veronicas beautifully rounded calves and she gracefully stepped out of it towards me. After peeling off her stockings, I reached out and slid my hands under the waistband of her deliciously frilly knickers. Gently I worked them down over her voluptuously flared hips. Veronica gave a little squeak and shuddered when my fingers caressed her rounded bottom as I removed her knickers. My face was almost touching the soft diaphanous pubic hair as I worked down her thighs. I slyly pressed my lips against her mons and tried to plant a secret kiss with my tongue on her button. Veronica tried to hide the involuntary little twitch of her thighs but Miss Lane spotted it and detected my ploy.

"Hey! None of that you little minxes," she scolded as she stung my breasts and Veronicas thighs with the cane.

She then seized our hands and made us stand facing each other about a foot apart.

"Now I want you to caress and stimulate each others breasts and nipples. Nothing else mind!" She cautioned as she drew the cane menacingly across our breasts.

Gingerly we both reached out and tentatively started to touch each other as directed. Miss Lane bent down and inspected our lower parts as firstly our nipples started to harden then our other natural responses became active.

My little organ started to swell and stiffen whilst Veronica started to breath with short gasps as her eyelids became heavy and her hips started to sway and rock in time with my caresses. I had never seen this in any of the girls before. I looked nervously for guidance from Miss Lane, who had now finished her ‘inspection’. Miss Lane, however, had a strange expression on her face and seemed to be ignoring us completely.

A knock at the door brought Miss Lane to her senses again and she ordered us to stop. My nipples and little organ were bursting for relief whilst I could see a distinct glistening amongst Veronicas’ soft golden pubic hair. Veronicas’ eyes also opened with irritation at the knock and abrupt stop in our activities.

Miss Williams had returned with Doctor Margaret Rosalind James, the school surgeon and physician. Miss Lane addressed the doctor.

"Ah Doctor James; I’m so sorry to have to call you away at such short notice but we appear to be having some problems with these two little minxes. Firstly, it would appear that Miss Beverly is refusing to behave like a lady, especially during her toilet visits. Secondly, Miss Veronica here has apparently taken to some very licentious behaviour under the cover of darkness in her dormitory"

Veronica gasped at this charge but a sharp glance from Miss Lane soon made her realise that denial would only worsen the case against her. Miss Lane continued.

"It would seem that Miss Veronica has recently enjoyed the onset of puberty and, coincidentally, discovered the secret pleasures of her fingers. Furthermore, last night it would appear, she dragged Miss Beverly into her secret web of passion and entreated her to the same pleasures; albeit with respect to the differences of their anatomies. Miss Beverly enjoyed her first nocturnal emission last night with the capable assistance and connivance of Miss Veronica."

Both Veronica and I realised that this was in part truth and part fabrication but such was the discipline at Miss Lanes that we did not dare contest the allegations. We stood mutely facing each other as the three older women started discussing our fate.

"Doctor James, I would like you please, to confirm if Miss Veronica is still possessed of her hymen. A gynaecological inspection should present little difficulty as I have ensured that both these little minxes are well prepared for whatever investigations you may need to conduct."

Veronica and I gave each other meaningful glances as we realised that our earlier mutual breast fondling had been but a precursor to this inspection. This was especially so for poor Veronica.

Doctor James led Veronica to a large raised couch in an anteroom off Miss Lanes office. We all followed and I was made to help the naked Veronica up onto the couch. Veronica was made to lie on her back with her feet spread apart up in the air on two raised stirrups. Thus she was inspected in front of us all. Tears of shame and embarrassment came to her eyes as the doctor gently probed and tested with some instruments taken from a sterile surgical tray.

Despite her shame, Veronica started to squirm and shake as the Doctor persisted with her ‘inspection’. Finally, with a brief nod, she proclaimed Veronicas’ virginity to be intact and let Veronica lower her legs. There she continued her ‘inspection’ by gently pressing and rubbing the little bud at the top of Veronica’s vagina. My interest was noticed and my head was thrust rudely down to make me take a closer look. Using a different instrument the doctor gently teased a tiny nodule of flesh out from under the bud, which I had now noticed to be more like a little hood. I was intrigued to notice that Veronicas’ little nodule appeared to be a tiny glans and the hood was not dissimilar to my own foreskin.

The doctors’ continued ‘inspection’ was now sending poor Veronica into paroxysms of ecstasy. Her hips started to gyrate and her legs thrashed around as she became frantic with lust. The mistresses seized Veronica’s wrists and secured them to some rings that I hadn’t noticed down the side of the couch. Then, after some more wrestling, they managed to re-secure Veronicas’ ankles back into the stirrups. Meanwhile, the Doctor continued her ministrations to poor Veronica’s clitoris. By now my friend was hooting and moaning as she desperately tried to thrust her pubis against the Doctor’s tantalising instruments. I realised now that Veronica was being brought to the same state of agitation that I had been subjected to earlier.

Suddenly, Dr James simply stopped and dispassionately declared Veronicas’ sexual responses to be ‘O.K.’

Veronica was by now frantically trying to complete her fulfilment by trying to squeeze her thighs together and bouncing her bottom on the couch. She looked at me beseechingly and whimpered her need but I dared not cross the line that had been clearly drawn by the mistresses.

After some secretive whispering between the mistresses and the doctor, Miss Williams produced a peculiar looking ‘body-harness’ from a cupboard behind the door. Miss Lane and she then prepared to put Veronica in it. Veronica was still secured to the couch and unable to resist her ensuing bondage.

Her entire vulva was cupped by a strong, stiff, boat-shaped leather cover that was securely strapped under her crotch, round the crease of her bottom and up to her waist where it was tightly attached to a strong, thick, back fastening belt. A shoulder harness cum breast supporter was then slipped over her bust to force her maidenly mounds up and out. The bra cups were ‘peephole’ so that her nipples and aureoles were pushed ludely out. The shoulder harness was then securely attached to the waist belt. Next her wrists were handcuffed to a pair of strong rings set into the belt. Then as the teachers admired their handiwork, the helpless Veronica’s ankles were released off the stirrups.

It was obvious that Veronica could not relieve the desperate urgings in her crotch. She could neither finger her clitoris nor grind her vulva against anything. Miss Lane, who was a past master in these situations, whispered in Veronica’s ear.

Instantly, Veronica lurched towards me and pressed her firm engorged nipples against my heavier breasts. I realised that Doctor James and the mistresses had been in these situations before because Miss Williams then procured another harness from the cupboard. Meanwhile, Doctor James and Miss Lane separated us.

Whilst Veronica uselessly ground her frustrated vulva against the padded corner of the examination couch, my hands were seized and the three of them proceeded to harness me as well. My poor little organ was squeezed cruelly into a tight stiff leather pouch that was shaped to enclose my genitals. It enclosed both my penis and my scrotum and was laced just tight enough to allow the blood to flow. My genitalia were now totally inaccessible to me. The leather pouch was then secured to a strong waist belt in the same manner as Veronicas’. My crotch strap was a little wider and the cheeks of my bum were well parted at the crease. Now my bum flared provocatively to exaggerate the gravid roundness of my girlish buttocks. My breasts were then harnessed exactly the same way as Veronica’s and my nipples protruded like organ stops through the ‘peepholes’. My wrists however, were secured to another pair of stout rings on the back of Veronicas’ belt so that my fingers rested on the tops of her bum cheeks and my nipples were pressed gently against hers. Thus we were helplessly bonded face-to-face.

Veronica and I were left like this in the anteroom whilst the mistresses and Doctor James retired to the office closing the door behind them. It was obvious that we were meant to get on with mutually stimulating each other’s breasts and nipples by rubbing them together.

Veronica was hopelessly frustrated and desperate to achieve a climax, so she proceeded to urgently press and roll her stiff little rosebud nipples against mine.

Because her breasts were smaller than mine and consequently firmer, she was able to get her nipples in exactly the right spot and excite herself. My breasts however, being larger and heavier, tended to wobble and sway every time I tried to brush my nipples against Veronica’s; consequently I couldn’t quite get the correct stimulation. Nevertheless I was slowly getting horny.

Veronica was reaching her climax but I was becoming so tight in my pouch that all I got for my efforts was increased pain. I whimpered in agony as I tried to urge Veronica to a quicker climax.

My breasts wobbled and bounced maddeningly so Veronica had to keep readjusting her position to hit the correct spots on her nipples. Her knees then began to buckle so I half carried and half dragged her backwards to the couch. Suddenly she let out a little squeal and collapsed onto the couch. There she lay panting and whimpering as she writhed her way through her orgasm. Her breasts heaved and shook as she drew stentorian breaths to recover. All this movement only served to excite my nipples even more but I still wasn’t able to enjoy an orgasm because my poor little penis was suffering some excruciating agonies crushed up in the tight leather pouch. Tears came to my eyes as Veronica lay on the couch with me twisted awkwardly above her trying not to hurt her while she was recovering. Eventually she came to her senses and then realised what was happening to me as my tears dripped onto her breasts.

"Oh my poor dear Beverly! You must be in agony."

I mutely nodded agreement as she pressed her head on my shoulders. Then she squirmed around so that we lay on our sides and our breasts didn’t press so hard against each other’s.

"Oh Beverly! I’m so sorry; how selfish of me. I was too engrossed in my own needs. I’m so, so sorry."

She gently licked the tears from my eyes and cheeks and then returned her head gently to my shoulder. Her long blond hair tumbled across my breasts as we made ourselves more comfortable on the couch. The mistresses found us still lying like this when they returned.

A strange little smile passed between them as the separated us by releasing one of my hands and securing it to my own waist belt. My other hand was left to remain lingering on Veronicas’ soft velvety peach of a bottom. Thus attached the mistresses led us back into the office were Dr James was writing some notes. She looked up and spoke to Miss Lane.

"Right Miss Lane. Here is my solution. Miss Veronica will have to be restrained like that in the harness until I can deal with her in the clinic later this week or the next. There I will be able to permanently solve her problems with some remedial and corrective surgery."

She paused for effect and it worked.

Veronica let out a wail of fear. The clinic was THE place of dread for all the pupils in the academy and all sorts of terrible tales were ascribed to the goings-on down there. All sorts of ghastly things raced through Veronica’s tortured mind. I tried to comfort her by pushing my hip against hers and gently caressing her bum with my hand. Dr James saw our actions and smiled as she gently grasped Veronicas’ shoulders.

"Oh don’t worry my little pet," she cooed. After my surgery you will be able to enjoy the most wonderful orgasms, I promise you. No clitorectomies here. We are not butchers."

I felt Veronica physically sag against me as she relaxed at this news and pressed her head against my shoulder. Her tears felt damp in my cleavage as I gently turned my head and nuzzled my lips in her hair.

Miss Lane, ever efficient, then interrupted.

"Very well Dr James. I will leave the matter of Veronicas remedy to your surgical skills. Now; what about Miss Beverly’s unladylike behaviour?"

"I’ve had some time to think about this Miss Lane and there would appear to be three options. It will take some time to go through them with you so might I suggest some tea whilst we talk."

Miss Lane asked Miss Williams to organise some tea whilst she went to the computer terminal and printed out my school records and medical file.




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