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My Life As Jennifer             by: Donna Spencer


One – Peek-a-boo!


"Mrs. Spencer, I called you in today to inform you that we are still having a problem with Jimmy peeking up girls’ skirts and dresses."

Mrs. Baldwin, the school principal, had called Mary in two weeks before for the same thing. It seemed her son liked to lift up skirts and dresses to peek at the girls’ underwear. She was mortified, but she also understood it wasn’t unnatural behavior for a twelve-year-old boy to like to see girls in their underwear. Still, with all the sexual harassment law suits being filed these days it was possible that one of the girls’ parents would come after Jimmy and her for harassment. That terrified her. She was a single mom and couldn’t afford legal counsel much less any damages that might be incurred. She was fairly successful in her dress shop, but just enough to take care of Jimmy and her. Her husband, Jimmy’s father, had been killed in a plane crash ten years ago. His life insurance had paid off the house and left her enough cash to start up her dress shop.

"I’m so sorry," Mary told Mrs. Baldwin, "I did talk to Jimmy about how embarrassing it is for the girls he’s been picking on. I will certainly talk with him again."

"We really need it to stop," Mrs. Baldwin said, "I like Jimmy and you very much and I know he doesn’t do it maliciously to hurt the girls, but one of the girls reported the behavior to her parents and they have contacted me about it. I don’t think he really gets it how much it hurts the girls. One more incident and I will have to suspend him from school. If that doesn’t work he may have to be put into another school."

"What school?" Mary asked. "Would it be another public school?"

"That would be up to you," Mrs. Baldwin replied, "but I don’t know if Burlingame will take him with the behavior issues."

"That would be a tremendous hardship for me," Mary explained. "My shop is here in Millbrae and I wouldn’t have any way for him to get home after school. I don’t think I can afford private school, either."

"I know, Mrs. Spencer," Mrs. Baldwin empathized, "but I have to think of the other students here, too."

"Yes, I understand."

Mary paused for a moment thinking about an idea that had been formulating in her mind. She had first thought of it the first time she had been called in by the school.

"I think I know something that will help," Mary started, "but my plan will need your cooperation and permission, Mrs. Baldwin."

"Why don’t you tell me about it, then," Mrs. Baldwin said.

Mary laid out her plan to Mrs. Baldwin leaving out some of the details she had in mind. When she finished Mrs. Baldwin looked surprised, but interested.

"Well," Mrs. Baldwin said, "I can see the logic in your plan, but it’s pretty drastic and will be very hard on Jimmy."

"We do have to get the point across to him, though," Mary said, "and it’s been pretty hard on the girls he’s been picking on."

"Yes, you’re right," Mrs. Baldwin answered, "I guess it will be OK to try this. I’ll email his teachers and let them know about it. Today is Thursday, will you be ready to start your plan by Monday?"


Mary picked Jimmy up from the detention room where he had been sent because of the trouble he was causing. He had been crying.

"Come here, Jimmy," she said, "everything’s going to be OK. I’m going to send you to Aunt Audrey’s house for the weekend. She wants to take you and Diane to the new Disney movie Saturday. I have to cover the shop since Brenda is off this weekend."

"Ok, Mom," Jimmy whispered, "I’m really sorry about all this, I just can’t seem to help it. I don’t know what makes me do it. I forget that I’m going to get in big trouble and … well I don’t know it just makes me feel good to do it. I really like the girls, but they hate me because of it."

"I understand, son," Mary hugged him, "just promise me you won’t peek up any dresses tomorrow, OK? Then you can have a nice weekend with your cousin and Aunt Audrey."

"Ok, Mom." Jimmy sighed. "I really like spending time with them. They’re cool."



Two – A Redecorated Room

Mary’s sister, Audrey, lived in Marin, so after school on Friday she picked up Jimmy and drove him there. She stayed the night but left first thing Saturday morning to go back and do what she had to do for the plan she had made with Mrs. Baldwin. Actually, Brenda, her eighteen-year-old assistant, was working that weekend, but she had a lot of things to take care of before she brought Jimmy home Sunday night. Mary had told Audrey about the plan and Audrey thought it might work. Her twin sister was her best friend. Mary and Audrey were identical twins and had that peculiar bond that identical twins seemed to share. They looked alike, they dressed alike and they thought alike. Mary’s husband had been a business partner with Audrey’s husband and had been on the same plane as Audrey’s husband and he had died, too. It only brought them closer than ever. Their parents had retired and moved to Kauai a year before the plane crash.

Mary picked Jimmy up on Sunday and while they were driving home across the Golden Gate Bridge she told Jimmy she had made some changes in his room and bought him some new clothes for school.

When they got home Jimmy could hardly wait to look at the changes in his room. Jimmy started to run into his room, but Mary stopped him and told him to go get a shower first. While he was in the shower, Mary came in and picked up his dirty clothes.

"I’m leaving a bathrobe for you, Jimmy," she told him.

"You scared me, I didn’t even hear you come in, Mom!" Jimmy said from behind the shower curtain.


Jimmy toweled off and then looked for the bathrobe. The only one in there was a brand new pink satin robe. It was a girls robe. That was weird. "Hey Mom," he called out, "where’s my robe? You left one of yours in here."

"Sorry," she answered, "just use it for now. I want you to try on the new clothes I got for you."

Mary’s stomach was churning with nervousness. What was Jimmy going to say; how was he going to feel; maybe this is a bad idea; her mind was whirling with the implications of her plan.

Jimmy walked into his room. His bed was all done in pink, the walls had been painted pink, there was a new dresser in a cream color with pink trim and there was a vanity with makeup, too. The room looked like girls’ rooms look.

"Pink?" he asked his mom who was standing there. "This looks like a girls’ room, Mom. What’s going on?"

"Jimmy," Mary was trembling with fear; "I have to do something about you peeking up girls’ dresses. You don’t seem to understand how it feels for a girl to have boys lifting up their dresses all the time. The only thing I could think of was for you to see how it is for yourself."

Mary opened the closet. "These are your new clothes. This is what you will be wearing for the next two weeks."

Jimmy was stunned. His closet was full of girls’ clothes. There were dresses, skirts, blouses, and a wig on the shelf and on the floor three pairs of girls’ shoes. He started to feel weak and sat down on the bed. "Mom," he said," I can’t wear those things, I’ll be the laughing stock of the whole town."

"Jimmy," Mary answered sternly, "one of the girls you have been harassing told her parents and they have threatened to take action if you don’t leave her alone. You have already embarrassed me enough with your shenanigans. For the next two weeks you are going to be dressed up as a girl so you can see what it’s like. It’s all been arranged with the school, the decision is final. Maybe then you’ll be a little more sensitive to the other girls.

"Here," she pulled open one of the dresser drawers and handed him a pair of satin panties, "put these on. I want to make sure everything fits."

"But, Mom!" Jimmy was on the verge of tears. "What are my friends going to say? I won’t have any more friends, that’s what!"

"Your behavior has gotten you here." Mary told him. "It’s all of your own doing. Now I’m going to turn around while you put these on."

Jimmy took the bathrobe off and slid the panties on. He felt stupid standing there in satin underwear with flowers on them. "They’re on," he said dejectedly.

"Ok, put this on," him mom handed him a training bra and two small rubber breast forms.

Jimmy struggle with the bra. "I can’t get it on, Mom. I don’t know how."

"Hook it in the front and then turn it around before you put the straps on. It’s easier that way." Mary instructed him.

Jimmy followed the instructions and got the bra on. He then put the two breast forms into the cups.

"Pantyhose next." Mary said handing him an unopened package of pantyhose.

Jimmy opened the pantyhose and started to struggle to put them on.

"Here," Mary said laughing as she watched him, "let me show you."

"It’s not funny, Mom," Jimmy complained, "I’ve never put pantyhose on before. How would I know how to do it."

Jimmy finally got the pantyhose on.

"It looks like everything is fitting so far," his mother said. "Put this slip on."

Jimmy slid the satin slip over his head.

"Come and sit down at the vanity," she ordered him, "and I will put some makeup on you."

"Why do I need makeup tonight" he protested, "if I’m just trying on clothes?"

Jimmy had resigned himself to his fate and had realized he would just have to do this for two weeks and then it would be over. His friends would forget about it in a couple of weeks and everything would be all right again. He would be sure to let his friends know he was being forced to do this. The clothes weren’t uncomfortable to him so he would live through it.

"I want to make sure the colors are good for you and give you a lesson so you can do it yourself eventually," she told him. "Now get over here!"

While Mary was applying the makeup to her son she realized that he wasn’t fighting her about it. She wondered why he had stopped fighting her. He didn’t seem to be enjoying this all that much and it must be terrifying for him to think about going to school like this. "What am I doing to him?" she thought. "He may hate me for the rest of his life for this. What am I thinking? If I hadn’t spent all this money getting everything I might reconsider."

Mary finished the makeup giving Jimmy instructions about how each item was to be applied. Jimmy thought his face looked weird in the mirror with all that makeup on it and told her so.

"Put these shoes on," she said, handing him a pair of black maryjanes from the closet.

Jimmy put the shoes on and his mother buckled the straps for him.

"Ok, now for the dress," Mary announced. She pulled out a lime green sleeveless dress with pink, orange and purple flowers on it. She unzipped it and handed it to Jimmy. "Just step in like this," she showed him, "then pull it up and put your arms through the openings. I’ll help you with the zipper."

After Jimmy had the dress on, Mary had him sit back down at the vanity. "Well son," she said enthusiastically, "it looks like you are a petite size 2 in dresses!"

"Great mom," he said with much less enthusiasm than she had shown.

Mary took the wig off the shelf in the closet, went over to the vanity and gave it a couple of brushes with the hairbrush and placed it on Jimmy’s head. Immediately Jimmy was amazed. He was all of a sudden looking at a girl sitting in front of him. He stood up and looked in the full-length mirror on the closet door. He looked just like a girl. "Mom! I look just like a girl. What is Peter going to think when he comes here in the morning? He’s going to think I’ve gone queer on him." Jimmy was now getting really scared at what was going to happen tomorrow when everyone saw him like this.

"It’s too late for negotiation, Jimmy, I’m very upset about what you’ve been doing and I think this is the only way you will understand what it’s like for these girls. Final answer!" Mary was upset not only at Jimmy but herself, too. She didn’t want to alienate her son but he needed to learn about sexual harassment. This was when she missed her husband the most. He would have known how to tell Jimmy about this kind of stuff. If it came from another man maybe it would sink in. She thought back on how her husband, Rob, had loved to play with her. About how he loved to lift up her skirts and peek, telling her how beautiful her panties and pantyhose were. She used to love walk around wearing only panties, pantyhose and a bra. He loved it when she did that. There was even the time just before the plane crash that she came home from her shop and he was wearing her panties and pantyhose waiting for her. They had had a wonderful time sharing her underwear that night. Was there a connection? Is that what made her want to dress Jimmy up like a girl?

"Mom," Jimmy interrupted her thoughts, "can I take this stuff off now?"

"I want you to try the other dresses to make sure they fit, too. Then you can go to bed. Give me the wig and I’ll put it back."

Jimmy tried on the other two dresses in the closet and then a couple of skirts and blouses. There were a couple of pairs of girls’ pants and shorts that he had to try on, too. They all fit well enough to get through the next two weeks. He wouldn’t need them after that.



Three – The New Girl at School

The next morning Jimmy woke up with dread for the day that was ahead of him. He was hoping that his mother was going to change her mind and let him wear his own clothes. His mother was already up and dressed out in the kitchen. She always wore dresses or skirts to her shop. Jimmy actually thought she was one of the prettiest ladies in town, which she was.

"Jimmy," she said to him as he put his cereal bowl in the sink, "I know how hard this is going to be for you. I don’t know what else to do, though. The Thorne’s have threatened legal action against the school and us if something doesn’t change in your behavior. I want you to apologize to Jessica today for the way you have treated her. I love you very much, but I am really ticked off by your actions. I’ll help you get dressed. Go put on the panties, pantyhose, bra and slip and I’ll come and help you with the wig and makeup."

Well that was it. He was wearing girl’s clothes to school today. He was already thinking up ways he could get back at his mother and stupid Mrs. Baldwin for making him do this. He was steaming mad. Every time he started to get mad at his mother, though, he felt ashamed for the way he had treated some of the girls at school and he knew he deserved what was happening. "I’ll just have to make the best of it," he thought as he pulled on the panties.

Jimmy was amazed at the transformation that took place when his mother put the makeup and wig on him. He really did look like a real girl. A pretty girl, too, if he didn’t say so himself. It didn’t feel so bad to be wearing the dress, either. It was more comfortable than pants in a certain way. His stomach turned sour, though, when he heard the doorbell ring and his mom tell Peter to wait out in the car for them.

"Jimmy," she called, "let’s go. Peter’s outside. We’ll meet you in the car."

Jimmy sat on the edge of his bed playing with the hem of the dress, feeling the nylons on his legs with every movement of the dress. "I might as well just get this over with," he sighed inwardly. He got up and walked out the front door.

Peter was sitting in the back seat of the car when he saw Jimmy walk out the front door. "Who’s that, Mrs. Spencer?"

"That’s Jimmy," she answered off handedly though her heart was pounding.

"No it’s not," Peter said, "it’s a girl. Is it his cousin Diane or something?"

"No, it’s him all right." Mary told him. "He has to dress like a girl for two weeks because he won’t stop peeking up girls’ dresses. We want him to see what’s it’s like to have to be a girl."

Mary was trying to sound as nonchalant as possible, like it was nothing out of the ordinary for a boy to have to dress like a girl.

"Is that really you, Jimmy?" Peter asked as Jimmy climbed into the front seat. "You really look like a real girl. How does it feel to wear a dress?" Peter was leaning over the seat and grinning at Jimmy.

"It’s really scary," Jimmy said back, "If you dare make fun of me I’ll beat the crap out of you!"

"Don’t worry about me," Peter said, "I think you look pretty good. I didn’t even know it was you until your mom told me. I won’t make fun. I don’t think I’ll be peeking up any dresses any more, though!"

"Peter!" Mary scolded, "you do that, too! You should be ashamed of yourself. Now sit back and buckle up!"

"Sorry Mrs. Spencer."

When they got to school Mary escorted Jimmy into Mrs. Baldwins’ office. "Well, here he is, I mean she is, Mrs. Baldwin, Jennifer Spencer."

"Jimmy!" Mrs. Baldwin smiled at him. "You look lovely today. You didn’t tell me you were going to dress him up completely, Mary. I thought he was just going to wear a skirt or dress as a boy. He, I mean she, looks fantastic though. Jennifer, huh? That is a pretty name for a very pretty girl."

Jimmy was mortified. Jennifer? This was news to him. "Mom," he complained, "you didn’t tell me I had to use a girl name."

"I know," she said, "it just came out. I never thought about it until I said it. That was the girl name your father and I picked out if you had been a girl. Jennifer Ellen Spencer."

"Mrs. Baldwin," Jimmy said, "I’m afraid of getting beat up by some of the other boys."

"You be sure to tell me if anybody gives you any trouble," Mrs. Baldwin said. "But you won’t get a lot of sympathy from me if the girls are lifting up your dress and peeking." Mrs. Baldwin was smiling as she said it, "but you let me know right away if things are going really bad for you. You can come straight to this office if you need to. OK?"

"Ok, Mrs. Baldwin," he said. "Mrs. Baldwin, I’m really sorry I have been teasing the girls so bad. It’s just that I really like them and want to play with them. I guess I just get carried away."

"You’re a good kid, Jimmy," she said patting his head, "I think you should know that the girls will like you better if your just nice to them. Treat them like any of your other friends and they will like you just fine. Only Jessica was really mad, the others were just frustrated with you. I’ll walk you to homeroom."

As they walked down the hall to his homeroom Jimmy heard some of the kids whispering about who the new girl was. He heard one girl, Sara Alexander, tell Katie McLean that she had seen her coming in with Mrs. Spencer, Jimmy’s mom, but hadn’t seen Jimmy that day. "I’ll be safe wearing a skirt today, then," Katie laughed. Jimmy noticed that Katie was wearing a short wool skirt in gray plaid and black nylons. She had been one of Jimmy’s targets before. They were in the same homeroom and had the same English and math classes.

Jimmy followed Mrs. Baldwin into his homeroom and she stopped him from sitting in his own chair. "Wait right here by me so I can introduce you and explain to your class," she smiled.


Mr. Bratt, Jimmy’s homeroom teacher, came over and greeted them. "So this is Jimmy, Edith?" he asked Mrs. Baldwin grinning at Jimmy.

"Sure is, Bill," Mrs. Baldwin explained, "but he wants to be called Jennifer while he’s wearing these clothes."

"I don’t…." Jimmy started to say before Mrs. Baldwin shushed him.

"I’ll take just a minute and introduce her to the class," Mrs. Baldwin told Mr. Bratt.

"Ok," he said, "you got it. By the way, Jennifer, you are a very pretty girl. I want you to know you can come to me if you need any help. I’m going to keep an eye out for you today so come to me with anything. Ok?"

"Sure Mr. Bratt." Jimmy said surprised at how nice Mr. Bratt was being to him. But, he was always nice to him. He wished he could stay in Mr. Bratts’ class all day.

The bell rang and Jimmy’s classmates started filing in. They were all looking at him and whispering. Jimmy heard some of the boys saying things about checking out the new girl. One of the boys walked real close to him and brushed his hand against his leg while mumbling an "excuse me." Jimmy had never realized how obvious it was that it was intentional. He had done that a million times in the crowded hallway thinking he was getting away with it.

"Good Morning, boys and girls," Mrs. Baldwin started. "I know many of you think that I am here to introduce a new classmate to you. Well, I’m not. This young lady standing next to me is actually Jimmy Spencer." Everyone started whispering, laughing, staring and pointing at him. He even heard one of the tough guys in the back whistle at him. Jimmy wished he could die and wasn’t so sure that he wasn’t going to. "Quiet! I won’t have any teasing or harassment of Jimmy while he is dressed like this. Many of you know that Jimmy has had some problems with teasing his female classmates. His mother and I have decided that he needs to spend a couple of weeks as a girl so he can experience first hand what it is like. If I hear of any hostility towards him I will deal with it harshly. Be sure of that! You are to call him Jennifer for the next two weeks. Jennifer you may take your seat."

Jimmy sat down in his own seat, which just so happened to be right next to Katie McLean. She glared over at him disgustedly and then turned away. Jimmy thought he was going to die. He knew Katie hated him, all girls hated him, but she had such a look of disgust that he just withered inside. He knew the next two weeks were going to be the most awful time of his life. He had such a huge crush on Katie and she hated him. And now it was worse than ever.

Jimmy didn’t hear a single word in homeroom that day he was so lost in his thoughts of self-pity and fear. Finally the bell rang. Homeroom was only a ten-minute period, but it had seemed like hours. He was scared and tired. When Jimmy got outside Mrs. Baldwin was waiting for him.

"I’m going to take you into all your classes today, Jennifer, and explain your situation."

Jimmy just nodded his head but he could see and hear all his homeroom classmates talking about him to other kids coming out of their homerooms, "That girl over there is really Jimmy Spencer. They’re making him dress like a girl to punish him for teasing girls," was one of the nicest things said.

Mrs. Baldwin took Jimmy by the hand and led him through the hallway to his first class. When they got there they went through the same procedure as they had in homeroom, only his teacher Miss Sharp wasn’t as nice as Mr. Bratt had been. She just told to sit down and that he wouldn’t get any special treatment from her. In fact, Miss Sharp had a few words with Mrs. Baldwin outside in the hall before the class started. Jimmy thought he overheard her saying it was totally wrong for a boy to be wearing girls’ clothes at school, but he couldn’t really make it out.

After his second class Mrs. Baldwin met him outside and said to him, "Well, it’s recess time. Do you want to find your friends or come to my office with me."

"Well, I’d like to find my friends, I guess," he said, "but I have to go to the bathroom. Which one am I supposed to use?"

"The boys bathroom, of course," said Mrs. Baldwin.

"I just wanted to make sure since everyone wants me to be a girl I thought maybe you would want me to go in the girls’ bathroom."

"Don’t get smart with me, Jennifer," Mrs. Baldwin scolded. "I can make this easy for you or hard."

"Sorry," Jimmy apologized. "I just wasn’t sure, though, really."

"Ok," Mrs. Baldwin said, "I’ll meet you outside Mr. Selk’s room for your next class."

Jimmy went into the bathroom and headed for one of the stalls. "Hey, there’s a girl in here," Sergio yelled out.

"That’s Jimmy Spencer. They’re making him dress like a girl because he’s a pervert and always peeking up their dresses," Brian said. They all laughed at him and started taunting him. Mrs. Baldwin who had waited outside opened the door and yelled into the bathroom telling them to leave him alone and mind their own business.

Jimmy finished going to the bathroom and when he got outside he found a crowd of kids waiting for him. Mrs. Baldwin was gone. "Nice dress, Jenny." "Check out the legs on her!" Whistles. "You fag!" All kinds of taunts followed Jimmy down the hall. Mr. Bratt stepped out of his room and intercepted Jimmy.

"Looks like things aren’t going so well, Jennifer," he said, "do you really want to be called Jennifer, by the way?"

"Jennifer's better than what they’re calling me so far," Jimmy said. "I don’t really mind. I think Jennifer’s a pretty name, anyway."

"You do, huh?" Mr. Bratt said. "I meant it when I said you can come to me with problems. Don’t let those bozos out there get to you. Ok?"

"Sure, Mr. Bratt. I got to get to my next class. Thanks for stepping in."

"You got it, Jen."

Jimmy smiled at the nickname and left for his next class. Every one was rushing off to class so Jimmy was pretty much left alone. As he walked around a corner he all of a sudden felt his dress go up in the back. He pulled the dress back down and turned around to see Katie smirking at him. "Nice panties, Jennifer," she taunted. "Now you know what it’s like to have your dress pulled up you little pervert. I heard Jessica Thorne’s parents were going to sue you and that’s why they’re making you do this. I would have sued you too."

"Katie," Jimmy said, "I’m really sorry. I won’t do it again."

"I’m sure you’ll be so sick of having your dress pulled up by everyone that you’ll never do it again. I’m telling all my friends to do it to you. There’s no way Mrs. Baldwin can stop us. If you fink I’m going to call the TV news and tell them there’s a boy at my school who likes to wear dresses. Then you’ll be on TV for everyone to see."

Just then Mrs. Baldwin came around the corner, "There you are Jimmy, you’re late for class. You too, Katie, let’s go."

Mrs. Baldwin looked over at Katie and noticed the scowl on her face. "Is everything Ok here? Jennifer, is everything Ok?" she asked.

"Yes, Mrs. Baldwin," Jimmy said. "Katie was just telling me how much she likes my dress and if she could borrow it some time." Jimmy smirked at Katie and she scowled back.

"I better not hear about any incidents from either of you."



Four – Amends and New Friends

It was finally lunchtime and Jimmy went to go find Peter and Keith who he had lunch with every day at school. He learned to just ignore the stares and comments from people and he noticed that most of the kids just looked, maybe said something to their friends and then went about their own business. It wasn’t so bad. As he got to the lunch court Katie spotted him and got behind him in line.

"Hi Jennifer," she sneered. "How about another look at those panties." She said as she lifted up the dress.

Karen Plummer was right in front of them in line and she turned around and took a peek as well. "Nice panties, Jennifer."

"Thanks, Karen." Jimmy said, "I’m glad you like them. Want another look?" he said as he lifted the front of the dress for her.

"No, you creepo!" she said and turned back around.

Katie lifted up the dress again. "I’ll have another look, though. Where did you get those panties anyway? Did your momma buy them for you little girl?"

"Yes, she did," Jimmy said. "And if you bring my mom into this that’s when I’ll get mad. You can look under my dresses any time you want for all I care, but don’t make fun of my mom."

"Think I will take another peek," she started to lift up the dress again when she was suddenly pulled out of the line.

"Look here, Missy," it was Mrs. Baldwin who had pulled her out of the line, "if I catch you or your friends harassing Jennifer I will put you on detention. Now go apologize to her!"

"Yes, Mrs. Baldwin, I’m sorry. Katie got back in line behind Jimmy, "I’m sorry Jennifer," she said almost in tears, "I was just so mad at you for doing the same thing to me I wanted to get even."

"I know, Katie," Jimmy said, "I really meant it when I said I was sorry. I really like you and I think you’re the prettiest girl in school. I think that’s why I did it. I know it sounds crazy, but that’s what I think. I don’t want you to hate me, I want to be your friend."

Jimmy was remembering how Mrs. Baldwin had told him that the girls just wanted him to be nice to them and they would be his friends. It seemed to be working with Katie.

Karen turned around and said, "I’m sorry, too, Jennifer. Why don’t you sit with us at our table?"

"Well, I don’t know," Jimmy couldn’t believe his ears. These were the prettiest most popular girls in the school and they wanted him to sit with them?

"Yeah, come on, Jennifer," Katie said, "let’s try to start over. Maybe now that you’re a girl you can be friends with other girls." Katie winked at him and smiled.

Jimmy got his lunch and waited for Katie to get hers. He followed her over to the table where Katie and her friends always sat at lunchtime.

"Girls, this is Jennifer Spencer," she introduced him, "she is Jimmy’s ‘cousin’ and I think we should be her friend. She’s really nice. Scoot over Teresa so we can get in."

The other girls all looked around at each other not knowing what to say or do. Katie had told them all that she was going to really get even with him. They all thought she hated his guts.

"Well, what’s the matter with you guys," Karen scolded them, "can’t we have new friends here?"

Teresa scooted over to let Katie and Jimmy in. Jimmy was sitting in between Katie and Teresa. Teresa hadn’t seen him yet that day, but she had heard. It was all over the school. "You look fantastic Jimmy, I mean Jennifer. That’s a really pretty dress. Where’s it from?"

"It’s from my mom’s shop down on Broadway, I think," he answered. "She bought it for me before I knew all about this."

"Do you like it?" she asked.

"It’s not so bad as far as actually wearing it. I could use a little less harassment, though," he smiled at her.

"How do you like wearing nylons, though," Katie asked him.

Jimmy turned to answer her question and as he did his leg bumped into hers. He felt an electric shock going through his body as his own nylon-clad leg rested against hers. She moved her leg away but then moved it back and rubbed it against his leg a little bit. No one else was even aware of the little interplay between them, but Jimmy could see a light in her eyes as he answered, "I don’t think they’re so bad. They feel kinda neat when you walk. You can feel them moving on your legs with every step."

"Sounds like you like ‘em," Katie said. "I’ve like ‘em, too."

"You gotta be kidding," said Janice, "they’re so hot and itchy I can’t wait to take them off."

The conversation started to drift on and Jimmy joined in when he had something to say. He got a little embarrassed when one of the girls mentioned her starting her period, but she stopped and apologized. "It’s ok," Jimmy said and just shrugged. "I guess I’ll have to get used to girl talk."

Peter and Keith appeared at the table after a few minutes.

"It looks like we lost a friend here today," Pete looked at the girls.

"Hey Pete, Hey Keith" Jimmy said, "I think it’s more like I’ve made six new friends. You know everybody here.

"Can they join us?" Jimmy asked Katie.

"Sure. Why not?"

"Why don’t you guys sit with us?" Jimmy invited.

"No thanks." Keith said. "We were just going to go shoot some hoops before lunch is over. I guess you’ll be out of action for a while here since I don’t see how you can play very well in those clothes."

"I guess not," Jimmy said. "Anyway, I want to visit more with my new friends," he smiled at the girls as he said it.



Five – At Mary Fashions

After school that day, Katie found Jimmy at his locker. "Hi Jennifer," she said. "You want to walk home with me today?"

"Sure, Katie," Jimmy said. "I’d love to, but I have to go to Mom’s shop downtown. She’s driving me home from there. Don’t you usually go on the bus?"

"I’ll call my mom from there," Katie said, "she won’t mind if I go there as long as I have a friend with me and I call her."

They started walking down Taylor Street towards downtown. Nobody had bothered Jimmy the rest of the afternoon, except in PE some of the boys teased him about his panties, but the coach stepped in told them to stop it. He gave Jimmy a funny look, but went on about his own business.

"Did you really ask to be called Jennifer today?" Katie asked him.

"No, that was my mom’s idea," he explained. "She said that was the girl name they had picked out for me if I had been born a girl."

"Do you like being a boy?"

"I guess so, I always did wonder what it would be like to be a girl though. Do you like being a girl?"

"I love being a girl," Katie answered with obvious delight. "I love everything about it, the clothes, the makeup, the toys I get, having boys fuss over me, everything. Plus, I get to do all the boy things, too. I can wear pants or dresses. I can play baseball, soccer; football, basketball or I can play with dolls. If I do a ‘boy’ thing no one says a word, but look what happened to you today just because you were dressed like a girl."

"I know," Jimmy sighed, "I never thought of wearing a dress before, but I always liked ‘em on girls. You know I actually like the way the dress feels on me."

"I thought so," Katie smiled at him. "The way you walked with it on and just ignored all the others, you looked so proud to be a girl for the day."

"Thanks," he said. "I really liked it in a way. I don’t know if it was just the attention I was getting or if I just like girl things."

"There was something different about you today, Jimmy," she said, "Jennifer I mean. You know I always kinda liked you?"

"Really?" Jimmy was surprised.

"Yeah," Katie said, "that was why I got so hurt when you teased me so bad. I wished you would just be nice to me so we could be friends."

"I’m so sorry, Katie," Jimmy had a tear in his eye, "I didn’t know how to treat girls, I guess."

"Don’t cry," Katie stopped him and looked him in the eye, "you’ll run your eye makeup."

They both laughed as a tear ran down Jimmy’s cheek. "I thought girls were allowed to cry?" Jimmy queried.

Katie leaned over a kissed him on the cheek, "Yes they are. And so can boys."

They had walked a little further and had been walking down the crowded main street chatting about the adventures of the day when Jimmy said to Katie, "Have you noticed that no one can tell I’m a boy?"

"I didn’t even know it was you until Mrs. Baldwin said it in homeroom this morning," Katie said. "You really look like a girl, except you might need to shave some of the hair on your legs. I didn’t notice it until I got close, but all us girls are starting to shave our legs now. You probably should, too."

"I’ll ask my mom when we get to the shop if I can. I’ve never shaved before," Jimmy mused as he rubbed his chin.

Katie just laughed and put her arm through his and held him close to her.

"Hi Mom," Jimmy called out, "I brought a new friend with me today. This is Katie McLean. I think you know her mom. Katie said her mom shops here sometimes."

"Nice to meet you, Katie," Mary said surprised at how relaxed Jimmy was. "You’ve been in here with your mother before. I remember you. How is your mother?"

"She’s fine Mrs. Spencer," Katie answered, "she loves your shop."

"Thank you, Katie. Tell her I said hello and to stop by sometime.

"Well, how was day one being Jennifer?" Mary turned to Jimmy.

"It was Ok, I guess," Jimmy answered, "the best part is making friends with Katie. She’s the best, except of course for you, Mom."

"Is that you, Jimmy?" Brenda stepped out from the back room. "I thought I heard your voice but all I see is two beautiful girls out here!"

"It’s Jennifer for the next two weeks, please," Jimmy acted all put out for Brenda before laughing and running and giving her a hug.

Brenda had been working at Mary’s shop for two years and loved the work. She had hopes of becoming a fashion designer someday and was starting college courses for it the next year. She already drew up designs on her own.

"Brenda, this is Katie. Katie this is Brenda my Mom’s assistant."

"Nice to meet you, Katie."

"Nice to meet you, Brenda."

"Can I call my Mother, Mrs. Spencer?" Katie asked.

"Sure, why don’t you use the phone in the back room. Brenda will show you where it is."

"Thank you, Mrs. Spencer."

"Jimmy, she is a beautiful girl!" Mary hugged him. "Tell me what happened today. I was expecting a phone call to come and get you and yet here you are walking around town in a dress like you had been doing it all your life! And then to come in with such a pretty girl on your arm, well, I’m just surprised and delighted for you."

Jimmy told her about the day at school; about how bad it had been in the morning; about Katie being one of the girls he picked on; how Mrs. Baldwin scolded her for picking on him and that was how they had become friends.

"It was just like Mrs. Baldwin said," Jimmy finished, "Katie just wanted me to be nice to her. Katie told me she was more hurt than mad at me."

"That’s wonderful, Jimmy…"

"Jennifer, Mom."

"Really now?" Mary looked him up and down. "You seem to be enjoying this being a girl adventure an awful lot!"

"Well, Mom," he stammered, "I really do like wearing the dress I think. It was pretty fun being a girl today. You know I always wondered what it was like to be a girl. But I want to be just Jimmy, too."

"You have two whole weeks to enjoy Jennifer," she laughed, "then you can be just plain old Jimmy again.

"I don’t want to burst your bubble, sweetie, but Mr. Thorne called here today. I told him you wanted to apologize to Jessica and he wants you to apologize to her in front of them. We have to go there on the way home. I guess Jessica was not at school today."

"Ok Mom," Jimmy looked down at the floor, "will I be wearing the dress?"

"Yes," she answered, "that’s all you are wearing for the next two weeks."

"Do the Thornes’ know I’ll be wearing a dress?"

"Yes, I told Mr. Thorne about your punishment and he thought it a little strange but agreed it might make some sense if you understood what girls go through, which I think you are learning already."

The door to the shop opened and Katie’s mother, Carolyn, walked in. "Hello, I’m Carolyn McLean, Katie’s mother," she introduced herself to Mary.

"Yes, I remember you coming in to the shop before," Mary greeted her. "It’s been a while. I’m Mary Spencer and this is my daughter, Jennifer."

"Oh yes," Carolyn smiled down at Jimmy putting her hands on her hips, "Katie told me all about the new friend she made at school today. Quite a story, but she didn’t tell me how pretty you are. I can’t believe this is the same ‘friend’ who teased her so unmercifully in the past."

"I’m really sorry, Mrs. McLean," Jimmy stammered, "about all the trouble I caused for Katie. I just want to be nice to her now."

"That’s fine Jennifer, Katie has totally forgiven you. She told me as much on the phone. She is quite taken with you it would seem. I’ve never heard her talk about a boy, uh, girl quite this way before."

Jimmy blushed. Katie walked out from the back room where she had been chatting with Brenda all the while.

"Hey Mom!" she ran up to her mother and gave her a hug, "I see you met Jennifer!"

"Hi dear," she hugged her back, "you didn’t tell me she was almost as pretty as you, though."

"Yeah," Katie gave Jimmy a big hug and smile "she is pretty, huh?"

"We’ve got to get going Kate," Carolyn said, "Dad’s waiting for us out in the car. Mary, why don’t you and Jennifer join us for dinner tomorrow night? Pat says he’d love to meet Jennifer, but he couldn’t find a parking space so he couldn’t come in."

"That Ok with you, Jennifer?" Mary asked. "That would be great then," she answered when Jimmy nodded Ok.

"We’ll see you around six, then? I’ll call you with directions to our house tomorrow."

"Sounds great," Mary answered. "I’m looking forward to it."

"Let’s go Kate," Carolyn said.

"I’ll be right there, Mom," Katie said, "I just want to say goodbye to Jennifer.

"I’ll see you tomorrow, Jen," Katie said, "what are you going to be wearing?"

"I’m not sure yet," Jimmy said, "I hardly even know what’s in my closet. I think I have a wool plaid skirt like the one you have on, only it’s green and blue instead. I’ll wear that with the blue blouse I have."

"Sounds cute," Katie said, "I’ll wear blue, too. Bye!"

She gave him a peck on the cheek and joined her mother going out the door. As she left she turned back to Jimmy and blew him a kiss.



Six – Another Apology

"Ok, this is it," Mary said as she pulled up in front of a huge house up in the hills.

"I’m scared, Mom," Jimmy said as he started to get out of the car.

"We’ll leave if it gets bad, honey," Mary stroked his hair, "I’m right here beside you. This is the right thing for you to do. It takes a big person to apologize for their mistakes."

They rang the doorbell and a huge man opened the door. "Mr. Thorne?" Mary asked.

"Yes, I’m Howard Thorne," he said in a booming voice. "You must be Mary Spencer and this must be your son."

"Yes, that’s right."

"I’m pleased to meet you Mrs. Spencer. I admire the courage it takes for a young man to step up and take responsibility for his actions. I wish more grown men had that kind of courage," he said in his booming voice. "Pleased to meet you as well young man. Your name is Jimmy if I remember correctly."

"Yes sir." Jimmy was terrified.

"Please come in, my wife, Rose, and Jessica are waiting in my library." He showed them in. "I conduct most of my personal business from the library."

Jessica started to giggle when she saw Jimmy walk into the library wearing a dress. "Jessica, that won’t be tolerated in this meeting!" her father boomed at her.

"I’m sorry, Father," she said.

"Jimmy I believe you know Jessica. Jessica this is Jimmy’s mother, Mary. Mary, Jimmy, this is my wife Rose."

They all finished the greetings and Howard showed Mary and Jimmy to two chairs across from the sofa where Jessica and Rose were sitting. Howard walked around the big walnut desk and sat in a big leather chair behind the desk.

"Jessica tells me you’ve caused her quite a bit of trouble at school, Jimmy," he started. "Is this true?"

"Yes sir." Jimmy said.

"Do you have anything to say to her now?" he demanded.

"Yes sir."

"Well tell her then," he instructed.

"Jessica," Jimmy started, "I’m really sorry I have been so mean to you at school. I promise I won’t lift up your dresses anymore. I just want to be your friend. I only pick on the girls that I like and I didn’t know how else to treat girls. I’m really sorry."

"That was a fine statement, son," Howard said. "Jesse, do you want to say anything to Jimmy?"

"Yes sir."

"Well go ahead, Jess."

"I accept your apology for now, Jimmy, but if anything happens like this again I’m going to report it," she started. "I also want to know why you’re all dressed up as a girl."

"Jesse," Rose said to her gently, "I explained to you that he has to dress like a girl as punishment for picking on girls."

"I know, Mother," she said, "but why does he still have a dress on now. And why does he have a wig and makeup, too? School’s been out for 4 hours. Why didn’t he go home and change?"

"Jimmy is going to be wearing girls clothes only for the next two weeks," Mary answered. "Not just at school, but everywhere. We are taking your charges very seriously and we want him to learn better behavior towards girls by seeing what it’s like to be a girl."

"I see," she said. "So he has to wear girls clothes all the time?"


"Is it because of my complaints?"

"Yours and several other girls, too," Mary answered. "Katie McLean, Karen Plummer, Teresa Nova and Sara Alexander all complained about the same behavior. Jimmy apologized to all of them today and all apologies were accepted by the girls."

"I see," Jessica said, "I guess I understand everything. I forgive you, Jimmy, but please don’t embarrass me ever again with your stupid games!"

"I promise, Jessica," he said. "I learned today that girls will be my friend if I’m nice to them. I hope we can be friends."

"We’ll just have to see," Jessica said. "I’m afraid to even be around you when I’m wearing a dress or skirt. You can’t seem to keep your hands away."

"I know," Jimmy said, "I feel terrible about that."

"Well then, I think that settles everything," Howard boomed out. "That was a fine apology son, it takes a real man to stand up and take responsibility. I admire you for that. I’ll show you out if you’ll follow me, then."

Jimmy and Mary both sighed in relief when they got outside. "That was something!" Mary told him as she put her arm around his shoulder. "I knew he was a judge, but I didn’t think he would be bringing his court manner out tonight."

"I guess I really picked the wrong girl to pick on, huh, Mom?"

"There’s no right girl to pick on, but yeah, you really made a bad choice in this one," Mary laughed. "Let’s go get some Chinese food at Lai Lai’s, how about it?"

"Sure mom!" Jimmy said. "You going to introduce me as your daughter, though?"

"I think that will be easiest, Jen."



Seven – Interlude

The week went flying by. Except for one episode when a couple of toughs hanging out behind the school called him a bunch of names as he walked by, no one bothered Jimmy at all. He and Katie coordinated together each day, Jimmy’s wardrobe was pretty limited, but Katie always matched his colors for the day. The dinner with Katie’s parents was really fun. Katie’s dad was really nice to him and Mary and Carolyn really hit it off. Katie’s dad told him about the time he had dressed as a woman for Halloween, but he didn’t look anywhere near as good as Jimmy did in a dress.



Eight – At the Mall

On Saturday morning Jimmy came out to the kitchen wearing the denim skirt and navy tights Mary had bought for him. He had the wig and makeup on, too. "You don’t have to wear a skirt and tights today, honey, why don’t you put on the shorts instead, " she told him. "In fact I don’t think you need to wear the wig or makeup either."

"Oh, Ok, but since I have them on already I’ll just leave them on."

"Whatever you want honey," she answered. "I have to go to Stanford Shopping Center today. You want to go?"

"Sure Mom," he answered. "What time you leaving?"

"As soon as I finish my coffee and get dressed."

"Ok, I’m going out front for a while."

Peter was outside with Keith when Jimmy came outside. "How come you’re all dressed up today?" Keith asked him. "You’re not starting to like this or anything, are you?"

"No," Jimmy answered, "I have to dress like this for the whole two weeks. Even on the weekend."

"Whatever," Keith said. "But don’t girls wear shorts and stuff on Saturday, too? Why are you wearing a dress and stockings?"

"My mom’s going to the mall today and I’m going with her," Jimmy answered. "And it’s a skirt and tights, not a dress and stockings."

"Sorrrreeee," Keith said sarcastically. "You’re becoming a real expert in girls’ clothes, that’s for sure. More than I ever wanted to know."

"Geez," Peter said, "Give him a break, Keith. It’s not like he wants to dress like this or anything. He’ll be back in boys clothes after next week."

Jimmy got a knot in his stomach when he thought about not being able to wear his girl clothes anymore. He felt so much nicer in them. He felt like he could just be himself, and not worry about being somebody he was not. He had always thought he had to act tough, but that just got him into trouble; now he could be kind and sweet and nobody thought anything of it. That was how girls acted and that was how he acted when he was dressed like a girl.

Mary was going to the mall to shop for a new pair of shoes for the new dress she had gotten in at the shop. Her dress code at the shop was for the salesgirls to wear something from the shop. That was part of their pay since she could only afford to pay them minimum wage. She could at least let them have a new outfit once a month. She gave them $100 credit on the wholesale prices of the clothes. She also insisted on skirts or dresses and pantyhose. She also hoped that the customers would ask about the outfits her girls wore. She had Brenda and two part-time girls from Skyline College, the local Junior College. But she needed shoes and she hadn’t been shopping anywhere since Christmas and that was almost 5 months ago.

Jimmy looked really cute in the denim skirt with the navy blue tights, though she thought it was a bit hot for the tights. It was a really nice day with temperatures expected in the 80’s in Palo Alto where the mall was.

"Aren’t you hot in those tights, Jennifer," she always called him by Jennifer out in public so it wouldn’t arouse suspicion. No one had ever caught on that he was really a boy.

"A little bit, but I like to have something covering my legs to hide the hair."

"Maybe it’s time we got you a razor and you can shave your legs."

"I was going to ask you about that. Katie thinks it would be a good idea. She says you can see my leg hair when you get close enough."

"I noticed it too, but I didn’t think you would be interested in shaving your legs. We’ll stop and get one on the way home then. Do you need anything to get through the next week at school?"

"The pantyhose you got me have a run in them. I could use some new ones."

"Ok, let’s go into Macy’s and look for some there."

They went into Macy’s and while Mary looked at some jewelry Jimmy wandered over to the junior’s department to look around at the different outfits. "Hey Mom," he called over to her at the jewelry counter, "what do you think of this?" he said holding up a dress.

"I don’t think it’s really you," she said coming over to him. "Besides, I don’t think you need to get a new outfit today. You only have a week left of being Jennifer and you have plenty to wear to get you through. Let’s get over to the Hosiery Department. You do need pantyhose."

A teenage girl shopping on the other side of the rack looked up at Jimmy with a puzzled expression and then looked away thinking she must have just heard that wrong.

Jimmy’s spirit’s sagged when he again thought of not being able to wear girls’ clothes anymore. His mom had been having so much fun with him that he thought that she would still let him wear girls’ clothes. Apparently not, he thought sullenly.

"I think off black would look good with that plaid skirt, Mom," Jimmy said. "Katie said that’s what she would wear with it. She said it would bring out the black background."

"Katie’s got a pretty good eye," Mary laughed, "I was thinking pretty much the same thing. I think you need off-white for your church dress tomorrow, too. I’ll get you a pair of beige for school, too. Do you want sheer or opaque tights?"

"I like the sheers better," he answered. "But do I have to shave my legs?"

"Only if you want to," Mary answered. "I told you we get a razor for you, but the hair isn’t that noticeable. I’ve seen plenty of women with a lot more hair than you have on your legs."

They bought the pantyhose and Mary found a pair of shoes for her new dress. On their way out of the mall they passed a spa and Mary asked Jimmy, "Jennifer, should we get our legs waxed?"

"What’s that?" Jimmy asked her having never heard of it.

"They put warm wax on your legs; then they put a strip of cloth over the wax and pull it off really fast with all your hair stuck in the wax. It leaves your legs a million times smoother than shaving and it lasts longer before you have to shave again. It usually lasts about four weeks for me before I have to shave my legs again. It will easily last the whole week for you, then you won’t have to worry about it anymore."

"Sounds painful!" he said. "Doesn’t it hurt?"

"A little bit at first but they put nice lotions on to soothe the stinging," she told him. "It really feels good after a few minutes. Way better than shaving your legs."

"Ok, I’ll try it."

"Let’s hope they can take us both," Mary said.

They walked into the spa and the receptionist asked, "How can I help you ladies today?"

"My daughter and I would like to get out legs waxed," Mary replied. "Can you take us both?"

"We only have one beautician working wax today, but she doesn’t have another appointment for another hour. I think she could fit you in."

"Can she take us together?" Mary asked. "This is Jennifer’s first leg wax and I would like to be with her."

"No problem. We have two tables in the wax room. I know your daughter is Jennifer and what is your name, ma’am?"

"Mary," she answered. "Mary Spencer."

"Right this way Mary and Jennifer."

The receptionist showed them into a room with two tables that Jimmy thought looked like the tables in a doctor’s office. "Sit right up here," the receptionist directed Jimmy, "take off your tights and skirt and put this robe on."

Jimmy shot a look over to his mom and she gave him a reassuring smile and mouthed the words "Don’t worry."

The receptionist gave the same instructions to Mary telling her to remove her skirt and pantyhose and putting on the robe. The waxing specialist arrived and introduced herself, "Hello ladies, I’m Rita. I’m going to wax your legs today? I understand this is Jennifer’s first time for waxing. She looks to be about the right age to have that nasty leg hair start growing. Don’t be nervous, dear, you’ll see it doesn’t hurt that much after a few moments. It does sting quite a bit the first time though. If you come and see me regularly then each successive time hurts less as the hair follicles weaken. I take it you’ve through all this before, Mary?"

"Yes, Rita," Mary answered. "Quite a few times, but never here."

"Well who should we start with, then?" Rita asked. "The old pro or the rookie?"

"Can I go first, Mom," Jimmy said, "so I can get it over with. I’m kinda nervous about this."

"Ok, Rita," Mary said. "Start with the rookie and then the old pro here. Though I’m not sure I like the ‘old’ part!" she laughed.

"OK then!" Rita said, "Just lay down sweetie, relax and put your legs up on the table. How far up are we waxing today? Just to the knee or all the way up the thigh?"

"As far up as you can see dark hair," Mary answered. "Same with the ‘old pro’, too."

Jimmy reclined back on the table and put his legs up. He felt the warm, sticky wax being applied to his lower leg. Then Rita took a strip of cloth and pressed it into the wax and then ripped it away. Jimmy flinched but managed to not yell out although he could feel a tear roll down his cheek. Rita continued on soon finished the lower half of his right leg and started to lift the towel away from his thigh. He froze. What if she saw his panties? She would know he wasn’t really a girl. Mom didn’t seem too worried about it though. So why should he? There wasn’t much hair on his thighs yet anyway.

"Interesting," Rita whispered when she got to his left thigh.

"What was that, Rita?" Jimmy asked her. "Did you ask me something?"

"No sweetie. I just noticed that the hair on your left leg grows in the opposite direction than you’re right leg, that’s all," she answered.

Jimmy had never noticed that, but it wasn’t something he supposed he would notice anyway.

"Ok, all done." Rita had finally announced. "Do you want to get dressed and wait outside while I do your Mom?"

"Is it OK, Mom?" Jimmy asked.

"Sure sweetie."

Jimmy put on his tights and noticed how much better they felt on his really smooth legs. They were definitely smoother although he noticed some red blotches.

"Don’t worry about the red spots, honey," Rita told him, "they’ll be gone by the time you get in bed tonight."

"Ok, thank you, Rita."

"I’m really glad your mom brought you to me for your first leg wax. It was a pleasure helping you."

Jimmy left the room and went out to the reception area to wait for his mom. He talked to Debbie the receptionist some and then turned to the magazines when Debbie had to answer the phones.

Back in the wax room Rita had started on the ‘old pro’. "Mary," Rita said, "Jennifer isn’t really your daughter is she?"

"What do you mean, Rita." Mary started to get a lump in her throat and a knot in her stomach.

"She’s your son."

"Well, yes, actually. How did you know?"

"I saw the little bulge in her panties and knew she was a boy right away. May I ask you some questions about her."

"Well, I guess so," Mary stammered, "I hope you’re not offended by this?"

"Oh, no, no!" Rita exclaimed. "Not at all. We get men who dress up as women all the time in here. It’s just that my boy asked me about wearing a dress the other day. I didn’t know what to tell him. I’ve just always thought that these things would happen to other people. I never dreamed that my own son would want to dress like a girl. How did Jennifer first tell you?"

"Well actually he never asked," Mary said, "he is being dressed as a girl for two weeks to get him to stop peeking under girls’ dresses. His school and I thought that maybe if he knew what it was like to wear dresses he would stop peeking under their dresses. One of the girls he was bothering has become his best friend just in this last week. She lifted up his dress a number of times the first day and when the principal caught her doing it to him she had to apologize to him. She explained how bad it made her feel to him while she apologized and he got it. He’s apologized to all the girls he was bothering. I guess he doesn’t really need the second week, but I never thought to make him stop and he hasn’t asked for his boy clothes back. He does seem to enjoy being Jennifer, though. I was surprised today when he asked about a dress over at Macy’s and kept on me about shaving his legs. When I saw your salon I thought it might be better to get a waxing than have him cut himself to ribbons with a razor. You’re the first person who didn’t know him that actually figured it out."

"That’s quite a story, Mary," Rita said. "I would have never known if I hadn’t seen his panties. My little Juan loves to play with his sister and her dolls. She is a little older than he is and I think her dresses would fit on him. I want him to be happy, but I think his father would be furious. He doesn’t like that Juan even plays with his sister at all; he would flip out if he saw him in a dress. What does your husband think about this?"

"My husband was killed in a plane crash ten years ago, Rita."

"Oh, I’m so sorry. I hope I haven’t brought up bad memories."

"No, not at all, Rita. I like to be reminded of Rob every now and then. Actually this whole thing has reminded me of him anyway."

"How so?"

"Well, he used to love to play with me by lifting up my skirts and telling me how much he loved my panties and pantyhose. Then he would fondle me for what seemed like hours. It was so wonderful. I would wear nothing but my panties and pantyhose and my bra and walk around in front of him. He would get so distracted he couldn’t do anything else but attack me! Then one night just about a week before the crash I came home and found him walking around in my panties and pantyhose. I loved them on him and I attacked him. It was the best sex we ever had. I am wondering if Jimmy, that’s my son, somehow remembers us playing with my underwear. Maybe not consciously, but sub-consciously and started looking up the skirts of the girls he likes because that’s how Rob and I played. We didn’t think anything of playing right in front of him. He was only 3. We never had sex in front of him of course, but I remember Rob lifting my skirts up in front of him and I never really thought twice about walking around in my pantyhose and bra in front of him."

"How did Juan approach you, anyway?"

"He walked out in the kitchen while I was cooking dinner one night last week and he was wearing one of my dresses. He had pantyhose on, too. He also had on a pair of my high heels, make up and a pair of my earrings. He had his ears pierced one at a time a couple years ago. I didn’t think anything of it at the time, you know how kids are, but now I realize he wanted to dress like a girl and that was why he wanted both ears pierced."

"What did you say to him?"

"I was stunned and didn’t know what to say so I just told him that dinner would be ready in an hour. He just went back to his room and when he came back out for dinner he didn’t have the dress on. He left the pantyhose on because it looked like he didn’t have socks on with his slippers, but I could tell that he had my nylons on. He’s always been kinda effeminate and never liked sports or anything. He’s such a gentle boy, though. I hate to see him hurting."

"It’s so hard, Rita. I don’t think Jimmy really cares if he doesn’t wear girls’ clothes again. I think he misses playing sports with his friends and would just as soon get back to his regular life."

"I don’t know, Mary," Rita said, "Why would he agree to getting his legs waxed for just a few days of having to wear dresses. I would think he would want his leg hair."

"His new friend, Katie, suggested for him to shave his legs and I think he would do just about anything for her right now," Mary said. "I really think he wants to get back to being Jimmy again."

"Thank you for coming in today, Mary," Rita said. "I really needed someone to talk to and God delivered you. Thank you."

"Here’s my card, Rita," Mary said handing her one of her cards from her purse. "If you’re ever up in Millbrae stop in and say hello. I’d love to see you again."

As Mary and Jimmy drove home from the mall Mary asked him, "Do you think you’re going to want to wear dresses after the two weeks is up?"

"I don’t know, Mom, I hadn’t really thought of it," he lied.

"Rita figured out you were a boy, you know."

"She did?" his heart leapt into his throat. "What did she say? How did she know?"

"Yes," Mary said, "she got a glimpse of your panties and could tell you were a boy, if you know what I mean."

"Yeah, got it."

"Her son walked out in front of her wearing a dress, pantyhose, makeup and jewelry just last week, he’s almost fourteen and he apparently wants to wear dresses while you’re being made to wear them. She thought that maybe you were enjoying this experience enough to want to wear the dresses after the two weeks is up. I told her I didn’t think so, that you were anxious to get back to your normal self."

"Yeah, I guess I am," Jimmy said, "I guess you could say I’m getting used to the dresses and stuff is all. It’s not that bad, it’s even been fun at times."

"I think you’ve probably learned your lesson, so after church tomorrow I’ll give you all your boy clothes back if you want. We won’t have time tonight, though."

"Uh, Ok Mom." Jimmy was heart broken. He was looking forward to at least another week of being Jennifer. How could he tell his mom that he really liked wearing all the girl stuff? She would be heartbroken if her son wanted to be her daughter all the time. Was she going to take away all the dresses and other stuff or leave it all there? He had seen his regular furniture out in the garage and his clothes were in her closet he knew. Would she give away his girls’ clothes? What if he started peeking again? No, he could never do that again and he didn’t want to. Would Katie and her friends still want to be his friend when he was a boy again? Does Mom know I’m really enjoying all this and taking it away so I don’t get hooked on it? He was still wearing a skirt and tights now and had church to go to tomorrow so he would enjoy it while it lasted. He decided he wouldn’t say anything after church and see if she remembered.



Nine – The Trouble with Some Churches

The next day Jimmy savored every moment of getting dressed, dreading that this would be his last time as Jennifer. He put on the new off white pantyhose he had gotten yesterday and looked at the off black pair he might never get to wear. He hadn’t even thought that there was a whole new group of people who had never seen him as Jennifer at church. He didn’t care; he liked being Jennifer and didn’t care what people said of didn’t say. He took out the chiffon dress his mother had gotten specifically for church and slipped into it. He had done his best with his makeup and wig, which he was getting pretty good at anyway and then went out to wait for his mother. She finally came out wearing a pink sleeveless dress from Donna Ricco of New York with soft taupe pantyhose and the soft taupe strappy sandals she had gotten yesterday.

"You look great, Mom," Jimmy said.

"And so do you, Jennifer," his mom said smiling at him. "Let’s go!"

When they got to church, Jimmy went in ahead of his mother to look for any of his friends that might be there already. He didn’t see anybody so he sat in the library looking out the window and the little kids playing on the lawn.

"Are you new here today, young lady?" Pastor Easton asked him.

"It’s me, Jimmy Spencer, Reverend Easton," he told him.

"What are you doing in a get up like that, child," he said crossly. "Where’s your mother?"

"She’s out in front talking with people," Jimmy said.

Pastor Easton rushed out the front door of the church, "Where is Mary Spencer?" he asked no one in particular.

"Right here, Reverend Easton," she answered. "What’s the matter. It looks like you’ve seen a ghost."

"Look here, Mary," he said breathlessly, "I won’t have the boys of this church parading around like little girls. I will not have it this kind of behavior at my church! Take Jimmy home and get him into some proper attire for a church service."

"Excuse me?" Mary was surprised at her own anger. "Are you telling me that God loves my boy less because he’s wearing a dress. What kind of Christianity is that?"

"Deuteronomy 22:5 clearly states that wearing the clothing of the opposite sex is an abomination to the Lord and I will not have abomination in my church!" he exploded.

"Abomination indeed," Mary got in his face, "the lack of love in your position is an abomination. The New Testament seems very clear that to love one another is the only commandment. That fulfillment of the Golden Rule fulfills all the commandments. You will apologize to me and my son now or you will never see either of us again!"

"I’ll have to ask you to leave then, please," he was red in the face and the veins on his forehead and neck were bulging from being so upset, "I will not have little transvestites and their perverted mothers running around my church!"

"Your church," Mary gasped. "I thought this was a temple of God, not a shrine for Jerry Easton. Come on Jennifer, let’s go find a loving congregation to attend!"

"Jennifer! You call him by a girl’s name, too. Indeed you are a wicked woman. Get out from my church and never come back." He stormed back into the sanctuary leaving Mary, Jimmy and a stunned group of worshippers outside.

Mary stood stunned holding Jimmy protectively in front of her. "What are you all staring at. We’ve done nothing wrong."

"You heard the Reverend," Claude Fuller said. He was on the board of deacons. "Transvestites are an abomination to the church. It says it right in the Bible," he huffed on, "you must leave here."

Mary looked in shock at the judgement in the faces of the others standing around her. "Come on, Jen, let’s get away from this madhouse of demons. They don’t even know what love is."

Mary took Jimmy by the hand and led him away from the cruel stares of people who purported to love all men equally. "As long as they follow their rules is the only caveat," she thought as she fumbled with her keys to unlock the car.

"Mary, wait," a man’s voice called out to her. "It’s me, Sam Woodbury, our boys are in the same class at Taylor. Billy told me about Jimmy’s situation this week and I don’t think there is anything wrong with what you’re doing. I saw that little scene back there and I am appalled, too. Where are you going to go?"

"Well it certainly looks like I have to find a new church," Mary said. "I don’t know where I’m going to go, though."

"A friend of Sharon’s at her work gave her the name of a church down in Palo Alto called Unity. She says they’re very open there. We’ve been thinking of switching there anyway. I think they have a service at 10:45 and it’s only 10 now. Sharon, my wife saw the whole thing, too and is going to get our kids and take them there. Do you want to go with us?"

"That is so kind of you, Sam," Mary said, "Are you sure Sharon doesn’t mind?"

"She sent me after you," Sam said. "I think that means it’s ok."

"Ok, I’ll follow you," Mary said.

"You can ride with us," Sam said. "We have a minivan and there’s plenty of room for all of us. We can get to know one another better, maybe."

"That’s so kind of you, Sam," Mary said. "We’d love to join you."

"That’s our Windstar right across the street. Here comes Sharon with the kids right now."

"Hi Mary," Sharon said, "I’m really sorry about what happened back there. You must be absolutely mortified."

"I have never been so humiliated in my life," Mary said, "but I really feel worse for Jimmy to have an alleged man of God treat him so poorly. I’m shocked, really."

"Billy you know Jennifer," Sam said, "and this is Debbie his little sister."

"Hi Jennifer," Billy said holding out his hand. "I’ve seen you at school. How’s it going."

"Not too bad," Jimmy answered him.

"Hi Jennifer," Debbie said. "Can I sit next to you on the way to the new church?"

"It’s your car," Jimmy said, "I’ll sit where your parents tell me to. I’d like it if you sat next to me, though."

They all climbed into the van with Jimmy and Debbie sitting in the back, Mary in one of the captains’ chairs in the middle and Billy in the other one. Sharon closed the sliding door and climbed into the front next to her husband, Sam. "Every body buckled in?" Sam asked. He got an affirmative from everyone and said, "Well let’s get going then."

"What grade are you in Debbie," Mary asked.


"What school do you go to?" Jimmy asked.

"Green Hills," she said. "Do you know where that is?"

"Sure," Jimmy said, "I played Little League there a couple of years ago."

"You like baseball?" Billy asked him.

"Sure," Jimmy said, "I love baseball. Just because someone wears a dress doesn’t mean that they don’t like sports and stuff. A lot of girls like baseball, too."

"I guess you’re right," Billy said. "Your friend Katie is a really good softball player, you know."

"I know," Jimmy said, "she likes watching baseball on TV with her dad, too. She’s really cool."

"You’re really lucky to have her for a girl friend," Billy said. "She’s really pretty, too."

"I don’t think of her as my girl friend really," Jimmy said, "she’s just my friend. I’ll introduce you on Tuesday because tomorrow’s a holiday. She’ll be happy to meet you."

"I’d really like to meet her friend, Sara Alexander," Billy said. "She’s really pretty."

"Yeah, she is," Jimmy said, "and she’s really nice, too. You can meet her, too. We’ve all had lunch together all this week. But Mom told me she thought I had learned my lesson about how to treat girls and I might not be dressed up as Jennifer much longer. Isn’t that right, Mom?"

"Yes I did tell you that, didn’t I?" Mary said. "I think Katie, Sara and all their friends will still want you around without the dresses. Don’t you think so?"

"I’m not sure, Mom," Jimmy said. "We never had lunch together before and they don’t have any boys at the table. I thought that maybe they let me sit there just because I looked like a girl."

"I don’t think so," Mary said, "I think it’s the real person under the clothes they like and that’s what matters."

"I hope so Mom," Jimmy said.

Everything went fine at the new church. Jimmy, Billy and Debbie did not go into Sunday school because it was their first time there and they wanted to get to know more about the church. After church there was coffee served in the breezeway. Jimmy and Billy talked to some of the kids from the church and no one knew that Jimmy was a boy since Billy was introducing him as Jennifer.

Mary was very impressed with the service and the minister and decided this would be a great place to go to church. She asked Sam and Sharon on the way home if they felt the same way and they did.



Ten – Could it be Over?

"Your Aunt Audrey and Diane are coming over later today to help me move your room back," Mary told Jimmy when they got home from church. "They should be here any minute if you want to go change your clothes. Your regular clothes are in the spare bedroom if you want to get something from there."

"Not really," Jimmy thought as he walked slowly towards the spare bedroom. He didn’t know how to tell his mom that he wanted to leave his dress on. He didn’t know how to tell her that he wanted to keep wearing dresses as often as he could. How would she feel if her little boy wanted to wear dresses like a girl? He couldn’t tell her he really liked being a girl for the last week. He got to the spare room which had been locked all week and opened the door. In the corner of the room were 3 or 4 boxes marked ‘Jimmy’s stuff’. He saw his nicer clothes on hangers in the closet. His own furniture was in there, too. He opened one of the boxes and there were some of his t-shirts, underwear and shorts. He pulled out one of each and started back to his room. Just as he left the spare room the doorbell rang. Jimmy was just a few steps away from the door so he opened it and standing there was his Aunt Mary and cousin Diane.

"Hi Aunt Audrey! Hi Diane!" he greeted them.

"Is that you, Jimmy?" Aunt Audrey grinned. "You really are a pretty little girl just like your mother told me."

Diane just stared in disbelief.

"Come on in," Jimmy said, "Mom’s expecting you.

"Mom! They’re here!" he called out as he let them in.

"Hi Audrey," Mary came out and gave her identical twin sister a hug. "How’s my sweetie Diane?" she said giving her niece a big hug.

"Pretty good," Diane said. "But I am tripping out over Jimmy in a dress! I can’t believe how much he looks like a real girl."

"Well you got here just in time to meet Jennifer," Mary said. "I just told Jimmy he could go change into his boys clothes."

"Yeah, I have my shorts and a tee-shirt right here," Jimmy said trying to sound excited about changing back to a boy.

"Hurry up, Jimmy," Mary told him. "I’m sure Audrey and Diane are starving. I know I am."

"I’ll change after lunch then," Jimmy said. "If it’s ok with everyone."

No one objected so they all went into the yard to have lunch. Jimmy was eating slowly so he could savor his last few minutes in a dress. It had been a trying week, but Jimmy had enjoyed the experience of dressing like a girl immensely. He was wishing that he could keep on dressing like a girl and that his mom would let him. But he knew it would never happen.

Lunch was soon over and Mary told Jimmy to go and get changed so they could get started moving his room back the way it had been. Jimmy took off all the girl stuff and put it away. He felt a tear running down his cheek and wiped it away. He couldn’t let on that he really liked wearing all this girl stuff. What if his friends found out? What if Katie found out he really liked being a girl? She would never talk to him again.

Jimmy put on his boys’ clothes and went out to tell his mom he was ready to start moving everything.

They spent the rest of the afternoon moving Jimmy’s furniture back into his room and the girls’ furniture into the spare bedroom. Mary explained to Audrey that Brenda had given her the vanity and bureau. It was the furniture Brenda had grown up with.

"Why don’t you kids run along and play?" Audrey told Jimmy and Diane. "We’ll take care of this."

"Can we Mom," Jimmy asked.

"Sure go ahead," Mary told him.

"What are you going to do with all these clothes?" Audrey asked Mary as they started moving dresses from one closet to the other. "Jimmy sure had a nice little wardrobe for his experience as a girl. But he sure won’t need them anymore."

"No I guess he won’t need them. I guess I haven’t really decided yet, Audrey," Mary hadn’t even thought about it actually, "I guess I’ll just give them to a charity or something. I think they’re too big for Diane. Maybe I’ll keep them and let her have them when she grows into them."

"That would be nice," Audrey said. "She might grow into them pretty soon. She’s started a little growing spurt recently."

"She is at that age isn’t she?" Mary remarked. "It’s amazing how fast they grow up! She’s almost as tall as Jimmy even though she’s a year younger."

"Mary, can I ask you something personal?" Audrey put her hand on Mary’s arm and looked at her in the eye.

"You know you can, Sis," Mary said.

"Mary, this may sound strange, but I think you enjoyed dressing Jimmy up as a girl."

"Audrey, you know I did it to help him understand what it was like for girls to wear dresses. He was lifting up a lot of girls’ skirts and dresses and really embarrassing them. He needed to learn how it felt and this seemed the only way to get him to really understand."

"Mary, be honest about it. You brought home enough clothes to last him a year. You completely changed his bedroom including painting it. You took him everywhere dressed up as a girl. Why didn’t you just make him wear a skirt for a day or two? Why did you dress him completely with wig and nylons and makeup? Do you remember that when you were pregnant with him how much you wanted a girl? Are you just trying to make Jimmy into a daughter?"

"I can see where you get that from," Mary searched for words. "I think there was a part of me that wanted him to be my little girl, but how could I do that to him. No, I was trying to teach him a lesson about how girls feel."

"I think he liked it, Mary," Audrey sighed. "It looked like he had been crying when he came out after changing."

"Don’t be silly," Mary laughed. "He doesn’t want to dress like a girl, not for me or anyone else. He went and changed as soon as I gave him permission to."

"Did he?" Audrey said. "It seems to me that he stalled by having lunch first. If he really wanted out of those clothes he wouldn’t have waited for anything. I think he really liked it, Mary. You could see it in his eyes and his expressions."

"I think you’re reading something more into it," Mary was starting to feel defensive. "He was just concerned about everyone else having to wait for him."

"Maybe so, sis," Mary said. "Maybe he just got comfortable after a week of wearing girls’ clothes and few more minutes didn’t matter. I’m not trying to accuse you of anything. I just wanted to share my feelings about it. Personally, I really liked the idea and I thought he looked really cute. I think it would be ok if he wanted to dress up occasionally. There wouldn’t be anything wrong with that. I know how fun it can be to have a daughter and dress her up and I wouldn’t blame you for having the same feelings."

"Audrey, what would I do without you?" Mary hugged her. "I guess I did get kind of carried away with it. All right, it was a lot of fun having a little girl to dress up. I’ll see what he does this week. Let’s see how he reacts to being just plain old Jimmy again. You know I wouldn’t force him to do it anymore, I really was just trying to get him to understand and I think it worked. It never even occurred to me that he would like being a girl."

Jimmy and Diane went into the backyard and sat down in the lawn chairs.

"So how did you like me dressed as a girl?" Jimmy finally asked her.

"You were really pretty, but it was kind of weird seeing you all dressed up like that," Diane said. "I guess I’m not used to seeing you look like that.

"You looked kind of sad after you changed," Diane continued. "Did you like dressing up as a girl?"

"Can I trust you, Diane?" Jimmy asked.

"Sure," she answered. "You really liked it, didn’t you?"

"Not at first," Jimmy said. "But after the first day and things got kind of back to normal it was like normal to me. I felt really comfortable being dressed up like a girl. I’m really sad that I don’t get to do it anymore."

"Who says you can’t?" Diane put her hand on his.

"What if my friends find out? Or what would Mom think if I wanted to wear dresses? I don’t think people will be as nice if I wear dresses because I want to. It was different because I had to wear them. It was only because I was in trouble for teasing girls that I had to wear a dress in the first place."

"I think your mom liked dressing you up," Diane said. "I don’t know, but it just seemed odd to make you wear a dress just because you like to peek at girls’ underwear. Lots of boys do it, as I can attest, and I’ve never heard of anyone making a boy wear a dress before. That’s what made me think she just wanted to dress you up like a girl. And why did she make you look so much like a girl and not just wear a dress and still be yourself? It was her idea in the first place and look at how many clothes she bought for you. She bought you 3 pairs of nylons for you just yesterday. And yet she was going to let you change back to being a boy. I’ll bet you there’s no way she’s ever going to give away those clothes."

"No, I don’t think so, Diane," Jimmy said. "I heard your mom ask her what she was going to do with them as we were walking out and my mom said she was going to give them to you when you get a little bigger."

"I bet if you went in there and asked her if you could wear them she would let you," Diane said.

"Then why did she stop making me wear them a week before I was supposed to?" Jimmy asked.

"I don’t know," Diane said, "Is she making you stop or does she think you want to change back?"

"I don’t know," Jimmy said. "I never told her I want to keep dressing like a girl, though."

"You should just tell her, Jimmy."

"I can’t. I mean what would she think of me wanting to dress up like a girl?"

"I think she’ll understand," Diane said. "I really think she wants you to."

Jimmy wanted to change the subject because it was getting too nerve wracking thinking about his mother wanting to dress him up like a girl. Did she really want that? Why did he like the idea of that? Did he want to be a girl? He had thought about that several times during the week. About how it would be better to be a girl. If he did want to be a girl then how come he liked girls so much? He knew he wanted to have girlfriends like any other boy, in fact he wanted to be able to hold Katie’s hand and kiss her on the lips. Girls liked boys, but he liked girls, so how could he want to be a girl? He was getting confused and wanted to change the subject.

"Do you want to go in and play the piano?" he asked Diane. "Remember that duet we worked on last summer? Let’s go in and play it."

"Yeah," Diane said. "That would be great."

Aunt Audrey and Diane left about 8:00 that night. Mary had asked them to stay but even though the next day was Memorial Day, Diane had a piano lesson in the morning, so they had to go. Jimmy and Mary had a small supper while watching TV and then headed off to bed.



Eleven – A Friend in Need

"Hello," Mary answered the phone in her bedroom.

"Mary I’m sorry to wake you. It’s me, Brenda."

"Oh hi Brenda, no problem. Is everything ok?"

"No Mary," Brenda started to cry on the other end of the line. "My mother has gone into a coma."

Brenda’s mother had been fighting breast cancer for the last 6 months and was still getting chemotherapy to try and stop the cancer.

"Oh Brenda," Mary said as she sat up in bed. "I’m so sorry. What happened? And what can I do?"

"Mom had a stroke earlier tonight at about 9:00 and lapsed into unconsciousness," Brenda cried. "Mary I feel so lost right now."

"Do you want me to come over, Brenda?" Mary asked. "Where are you?"

"I’m still at the hospital," Brenda cried. "Could you come over Mary. I know it’s a lot to ask, but I really need somebody."

"It’s nothing to ask Brenda, I’ll be right there."

Mary went in and woke Jimmy.

"Brenda’s mother has had a stroke, Jimmy. She’s in the hospital in a coma. I need to go over and be with Brenda. Do you want to stay here or come with me?"

"I’ll come along, Mom," Jimmy said. "Is she going to be all right?"

"I don’t know, honey. Get up and get dressed then. We’ll go in just a few minutes."

Mary and Jimmy got in the car and drove to the hospital. It was only about 15 minutes away from their house. They found Brenda in the waiting area outside of intensive care. Mary rushed over to her and gave her a hug. Jimmy was right behind and gave Brenda a big hug, too. Brenda was overwhelmed and broke down crying. Mary got her back to the couch and put her arm around her and tried to comfort her.

After a short time a nurse came out and told Brenda that her mother was still unconscious, but she was stable. The nurse told her she should go home and get some rest. They would call if anything changed. Mary offered to have Brenda come over and stay with them. She could use Jimmy’s room for the time being.

"Oh Mary that is so kind of you. I think I will come over and spend the night. I don’t want to be alone right now. And the house would seem so empty without Mom there."

"Why don’t you ride with us and I’ll drop you back here in the morning?" Mary asked Brenda.

Brenda asked the nurse if she could leave her car there overnight and the nurse told her it would be ok. She would let security know that it was a patient’s car.

When they got home Mary showed Brenda into Jimmy’s room and Brenda was surprised that it was back to the original scheme. "I thought you had another week of being Jennifer?" she asked Jimmy while Mary went to go get a nightgown for Brenda to borrow.

"Mom is letting me go back to dressing like a boy because I learned my lesson already," Jimmy explained.

"Too bad," Brenda put her arm around his shoulders and kissed the top of his head, "you were really cute as Jennifer. Guess I’ll never see her again though. I wish I could have said good bye at least."

"I was kind of surprised, too," Jimmy said. "It was unexpected."

"You seem a little disappointed," Brenda turned him around to look at him in the eye. "Are you?"

"Kinda. But please don’t tell Mom. I don’t want her to think I’m some kind of weirdo."

"Why would you be a weirdo just because you liked being a girl for a while. Its not so bad being a girl, you know."

"I know, Brenda," Jimmy said, "believe me, I know."

"Well good night, sweetie and thanks for letting me stay in your room," Brenda gave him a big hug.

"Sure Brenda," Jimmy hugged her back. "Good night."

Mary came back in with the nightgown for Brenda to borrow and handed it to her. "Mary you are so kind to me," Brenda hugged her. "You are like a big sister to me. I’m lucky to have you for a friend."

"Brenda, it’s nothing," Mary said as she gave Brenda a kiss on the cheek. "If you need anything just come and get me. You don’t have to be alone for this."

"Thanks Mary. I don’t know what I’d do without you."

Mary awoke a couple of hours later and heard Brenda sobbing in the other room. She slipped her bathrobe on and walked down the hall to Jimmy’s room where Brenda was staying that night. She slipped inside and whispered, "Are you all right, Brenda?"

"Oh Mary, I hurt so bad inside. I’m so scared."

"I know sweetie," Mary sat on the bed next to Brenda and stroked her long dark brown curly hair. "You are such a beautiful person, Brenda. I hate to see you hurting like this. I wish there was something I could do for you."

"Just hold me Mary," Brenda was still sobbing. "Just hold me."

Mary lay down behind Brenda and wrapped her arm around her. She kissed the back of her head and whispered comforting nothings to her. Soon, Brenda was asleep. Mary stayed next to her and awoke next to her. Light was streaming in the windows through the curtain lace. Mary still had her arm thrown over Brenda and her hand was resting on Brenda’s breast. She gently cupped her hand around Brenda’s breast and kissed her softly on the back of her head. Brenda moaned and pushed herself back into Mary’s embrace even tighter. Mary fondled Brenda for a short time before Brenda turned over to face Mary. Brenda looked deep into Mary’s eyes with a puzzled look. Brenda then moved close to Mary and gently kissed her. Mary accepted Brenda’s kiss and gently kissed her back when Brenda pulled away. Mary and Brenda kissed each other for several minutes, exploring each other as they did so. Mary was just reaching down to pull up Brenda’s nightgown when they heard Jimmy get up in the other room and walk to the bathroom.

They both sat up, as the disruption seemed to waken them from a trance. They looked into each other’s eyes and saw each others fears awaken. Mary got out of the bed and straightened her robe before starting out towards the kitchen. Just as she walked out of the bedroom she heard the toilet flush and Jimmy came out of the bathroom.

"Good Morning, Mom," he yawned. "Did you sleep in Brenda’s room?"

He looked puzzled.

"I heard her crying and I just went in to comfort her and we both fell asleep," she said

"Oh," Jimmy said nonchalantly, "I feel really bad for her. I can’t imagine if anything ever happened to you Mom."

"I’ll always be here for you, Jimmy," she said. "No matter what."

"I know Mom."



Twelve – Not That He Can’t…

"I’ll be at the shop if you need anything Jimmy," Mary said as she stepped out the door. "I’m going to drop Brenda at the hospital and then head straight for the shop. Call me later."

"Ok Mom," Jimmy gave her a hug. "I’ll be ok. I’m probably going to just practice piano most of the day. I might see if Peter and Keith want to play some baseball later, too."

As soon as they left Jimmy went in to the bathroom and took a shower. He loved the fresh and clean feeling after taking a shower. He went into his mom’s bathroom borrowed some of her lotion and smoothed it onto his whole body. His legs were still so smooth from the waxing he had done last Saturday. He really wished he could put on some panties and pantyhose right now. As he thought about it he realized there was nothing stopping him from doing just that. His mom was going to be at work all day. No one would ever know.

Jimmy went in to the spare bedroom where he had slept while Brenda used his room and where his mother had moved all of his girls’ clothes. As he thought about it he realized they were his clothes. His mom had given them to him. She never told him he couldn’t wear them. She had just said he didn’t have to.

Jimmy slipped into his favorite panties and opened the new beige pantyhose and put those on. He pulled a dress out of the closet and pulled it on over his head. He then put on the black maryjanes. He went to the vanity and found all the makeup and took the makeup out. He dabbed on just a little bit finishing with a nice bright raspberry lipstick.

Jimmy took the pantyhose package out to the kitchen and threw it in the garbage. He then went into the living room and started to practice the piano.

The piano was a 7’ Steinway that his father had bought for his mother just before he died. His mother had been quite good in high school and college. She still loved to play and Jimmy loved to sit and listen to her. His favorite times with her was when they played the duets they worked on together. He loved the way she smelled and how soft her hands felt when they touched which they invariably did when they played together. There was no way to avoid it. It would just happen. He thought about the time he had taken his hands down off the piano and he brushed his mothers’ leg. He remembered about how good her nylon covered leg had felt. That had been only about a year ago.

That was when he had become fascinated by pantyhose. That was when he had started to lift up girls’ dresses. He loved to touch girls’ legs when they had pantyhose on. That was what had really gotten him into real trouble. Jessica Thorne had not complained so much about Jimmy lifting up her dress, but that he would run his hand along her leg in the class they had together. He couldn’t help himself it seemed. It felt so good to touch her nylons. But now he was wearing nylons. He touched his own leg and he realized it felt just as good to wear them as to touch them. He had to tell his mother that he wanted to keep his girls’ clothes. He couldn’t imagine not wearing pantyhose ever again. It felt too good to him.



Thirteen - Brenda

Mary was surprised when Brenda walked in to the shop in the middle of the afternoon. "Brenda what are you doing here? You didn’t need to come in today."

"I know Mary," Brenda said. "But I have so much to do to get the fashion show ready. The girls are coming in tomorrow for fitting and I’m still have a couple of things to make. Mom is the same. They’ll call me if anything changes."

"If there is anything I can do to help just let me know." Mary told her. "Brenda, about this morning, I’m sorry. I don’t know what got into me."

"It’s all right Mary. We’ll just forget about it," Brenda said. "Nothing really happened anyway. We’ll just file it away as ‘one of those things’."

Brenda went into the back room to start sewing the clothes that were needed for the fashion show in less than two weeks. Brenda was doing a fashion show using girls from the two local high schools, Mills and Capuchino, for the models. Some of them were her friends since she had just graduated the year before.

Brenda had been somewhat withdrawn at high school because of the abuse her father had given her before he died. Brenda was a victim of sexual abuse at the hands of her father. It had continued for two years before he killed himself in a one-car drunk driving accident. Although Brenda had been an excellent athlete she did not hang out with the athletic crowd, but felt like she fit in better with the liberal arts students. She had taken up sewing and designing clothes when the abuse started with her father. It had been an escape that helped her to overcome the guilt and shame she felt for what she perceived as something that was her fault. She liked to wear nice clothes and her father would blame her way of dressing for making him do what he did.

Brenda was voted Best Dressed in the student polls her senior year of high school. Although she didn’t hang out with the popular crowd she was well liked by just about everybody. Despite the horrible abuse her father had subjected her to Brenda had a pleasant personality. And she was stunningly beautiful. At 5’8" she was tall for a girl, but not so much that she looked out of place. She had long dark brown hair that was naturally curly. Her skin was fair with a natural blush in her cheeks. Her figure was well proportioned and shapely. She was not overly thin and she was not overweight. She was the envy of many girls and the object of many boys’ desires.

That was where the abuse affected her the most. She would never date any boys and stayed away from them as much as possible. There were a couple of boys who were her friends, but as it turned out they were gay. Karl and Chris had been caught out at the football field in the bushes having sex with each other one day at lunch break at school. It had been an infamous incident with both boys being suspended from school, not because of committing a homosexual act on campus, but just because they had committed a sexual act at all on campus. There had been several incidents over the years involving a boy and girl and the punishment had been the same. While it was talked about it didn’t cause the same sensation as Karl and Chris.

Brenda went home after school almost every day, declining invitations to different functions. Mostly the girls’ basketball coach wanted her to play for the school team, but Brenda declined. She would dominate in PE class at all sports but especially basketball and softball. She was a natural athlete. Her father had been a minor league baseball player that was highly touted as a future star in the major leagues before his drinking ruined his career.

Shortly before she graduated she applied at ‘Mary Fashions’ in downtown Millbrae. She had been a customer for several years with her mother so she knew Mary a little bit before she started to work there. Mary hired her on the spot when Brenda showed her some of her own designs. That had been one year ago. Mary completely supported Brenda’s ambition and was encouraging Brenda to sell some of her clothes at the store. Already that year Brenda had made at least a dozen gowns for the senior prom and other special occasion dances at the high school. Word was starting to get out and many of the other women were starting to inquire about custom designs.

Mary had come up with the idea of the fashion show as a way for Brenda to get some exposure in the community. They had hired the hall at the local Catholic Church for the second Saturday in June for the first fashion show. It was now only about 12 days away and Brenda had all the dresses made, but they were to be fitted the next night and she would make the necessary alterations. She sewed all the dresses herself so each was unique. And they were beautiful. But she was going to have some late nights.

Mary walked into the back room where Brenda was hard at work. "I’m going home now Brenda," she said as she kissed the back of Brenda’s head. "I’ll lock up the front door. Call me if you need anything."

"Mary, would it be all right if I spent the night at your place again?" she asked turning around from her sewing machine.

"Of course, darling," Mary said. "You’re always welcome at my home. I don’t think Jimmy will mind taking the spare room again, he’s wild about you. Give me a call when you’re leaving and I’ll have the lights on for you."

"I wont’ be too much longer, I just have a few dresses to touch up on and then I’ll be on my way. Probably just an hour or two at the most."

"Ok, I’ll see you then."



Fourteen – Whose Pantyhose Are They?

When Mary got home Jimmy was practicing at the piano when she came in. She went and gave him a hug from behind and told him dinner would be ready in a little while. She went into the kitchen and got a package of hamburger out of the refrigerator and opened it up to brown to put in spaghetti sauce. When she threw away the wrapper she noticed a pantyhose package in the trash. It was the pantyhose she had bought for Jimmy on Saturday. But he didn’t need them anymore because she had suspended his punishment of dressing like a girl on Sunday. "That’s odd," she thought. Then she realized it had probably been Brenda. But they wouldn’t have fit her very well. They were way too short. "Oh well, she probably just needed them and she didn’t have anything else. "I did notice a run in her nylons last night."

Mary thought nothing more of it and finished cooking the dinner. Brenda had arrived by the time dinner was finished and she ate with them. After dinner Brenda asked Mary if it was ok if she stayed there until things with her mother had been resolved and Mary told her it was ok. Brenda went to the hospital to check in and then stopped by her house to pack a few things. She got back around 10:00 PM and Mary was still up, though Jimmy had already gone to bed.

"I see you brought a few things, I meant to tell you to bring some things over to get you through the week," Mary told her. "Those pantyhose you found must have been very uncomfortable for you, they’re so short."

"What pantyhose?" Brenda was confused. "I had an extra pair in my purse like I always do for emergency."

"I found the package for the pantyhose I bought Jimmy in the garbage and I thought you must have needed them."

"No Mary," Brenda said. "I always carry an extra pair with me. Maybe Jimmy wore them today."

"I don’t know why he would have," Mary couldn’t figure it out. "He doesn’t have to anymore."

"Maybe he likes them Mary," Brenda said. "He really seemed to enjoy dressing like a girl this last week."

"I don’t know," Mary said. "My sister Mary said the same thing. I didn’t really notice if he liked it or not. It was fun dressing him up, because girls’ clothes are so much more fun, but I didn’t think he really liked it. He never told me he didn’t like it and he never told me he liked it either. I just don’t know."

"It’s no big deal, Mary," Brenda said.

"I guess not," Mary said still lost in her thoughts that her son might have actually liked dressing like a girl. "You must be exhausted, Brenda. Are you going to go to bed right now or do you want to watch some TV with me for a while?"

"I’m just going to go to bed I think," Brenda said. "Good night Mary and thank you for everything."

Brenda gave her a hug and went off to bed. The fog had rolled in off the hills that afternoon and it was kind of chilly so Brenda left her pantyhose on, as she sometimes did when it was cold, under her short cotton nightgown. The pantyhose were light enough to not be restricting or too warm, but enough to keep the chill off her legs. She liked the way the pantyhose felt under the sheets, too. It was a cozy feeling to her. It made her feel safe.

Brenda woke at about 2:00 AM after dreaming about her mother. She started weeping into her pillow. She had dreamed that her mother was going to die before she regained consciousness and she was grief stricken. Her mother appeared to her in her dream and told her it was very important to remember that love was the only reality there was. She had a vision that she could only vaguely remember that had to do with men and women being the same, human. The genders were all blended into one and there was no male and no female roles. Every human being was just pure love, or the pure essence of the universe.

When Brenda awoke she was thinking about how good it had felt to have Mary cuddle her the night before. She had enjoyed it when they got a little carried away and had started kissing and fondling each other.

Brenda got up out of the bed and was grateful that Mary had left a night light on. She went to the bathroom and then started to head back to her room when she decided to go into Mary’s room just to look at her sleeping. Maybe it would help the way it had always helped when she went into her mother’s room after her father was dead.

The bedroom door was open and Mary had a night light on by her bed. Mary was slumbering peacefully. Brenda was overcome with grief and started to weep silently. She crawled into the bed and put her arm around Mary’s waist. Mary stirred slightly and whispered, "is that you, honey?"

Brenda whispered yes in her ear and kissed her ear. "I love you Mary, I really do."

Brenda wept until she fell asleep in Mary’s arms. As the first rays of morning started coming in through the window Brenda awoke and was momentarily unsure where she was. Then she remembered that she had come into Mary’s bed in the middle of the night and had fallen asleep next to Mary. Brenda was then aware of the shower running and realized that Mary had gotten up already. She lay there silently listening to the running water and thinking of how kind Mary had been to her. She felt an overwhelming love fill her as she thought of Mary. The shower shut off and Brenda could hear Mary getting out and drying off. The bathroom door opened and Mary came out wearing just a towel. She came over to the bed and sat next to Brenda.

"How did you sleep, sweet one?" she whispered while stroking Brenda’s glorious mane of dark brown curls.

"Like I hadn’t slept for days," Brenda answered while sitting up. "I had a dream that my mother is going to die before regaining consciousness. I think this is it, Mary. I didn’t want to be alone. There was something else that I can’t quite remember, too. Something about men and women really being the same. I can’t remember it though."

A tear formed under Brenda’s eye and rolled down her cheek.

"Whatever happens I will be here for you sweetie," Mary wiped the tear from Brenda’s cheek.

"It’s ok, Brenda, I don’t mind," Mary answered. "It felt nice to have a warm body next to me in bed."

Mary had reached under the covers and started to massage Brenda’s leg. She ran her hand along Brenda’s pantyhose covered leg enjoying the smooth texture of the nylon and Lycra. Brenda opened herself to Mary’s touch and leaned back against the headboard as Mary continued up her thigh until she had reached her smooth crotch. Mary cupped her hand over Brenda’s nylon covered mound and massaged her. She leaned over and kissed Brenda on her luscious lips. Brenda moaned and returned the kiss. Brenda and Mary kissed each other passionately while Mary continued to massage Brenda’s pantyhose covered mound. Brenda soon cried out in ecstasy as her orgasm coursed through her. Mary climbed in beside her and moved Brenda’s hand on to her own flesh and soon Brenda had brought her into ecstasy. They lay together for several minutes gently kissing one another tenderly. Mary then told Brenda that she had to get Jimmy to school and got up to go get ready.



Fifteen – Is She?

Jimmy awoke to hear the shower running. He lay there listening to his mother in the shower and thinking how much he loved her and couldn’t hurt her by telling her he actually liked dressing like a girl. He heard the shower stop and shortly after heard the door of her bathroom open. She’ll be coming to wake me up soon. I think I’ll get up now. He started down the hall towards the bathroom and noticed that Brenda wasn’t in his room. The bed had been slept in but Brenda wasn’t there. She must be out in the kitchen or family room he guessed. As he went into the other bathroom he heard his mother whispering to someone. Was Brenda in with her? Jimmy went to the bathroom but he didn’t flush yet. He tiptoed to his mother’s room and saw the door was open. His mother’s bed was around the corner and he couldn’t see it from the doorway. Just as he stepped in he heard Brenda moan. Only it didn’t sound like she was in pain. The she cried out his mother’s name and she said she loved her. Loved her?! They were both girls. Were they doing it?" Jimmy peeked around the corner and saw his mother and Brenda kissing madly and Brenda was moving her hand on his mother’s private parts. They were doing it! Jimmy watched for a while and when he heard his mother start to cry out he turned and went back to his room.

Was his mother a lesbian? Was Brenda a lesbian? He thought they must be if they were doing it to each other. Jimmy stood in the spare bedroom in a state of shock. He didn’t know what to think about this. He had heard other kids tell stories of how they had walked in on their parents, but he had just walked in on his mother doing it with another woman. If she was a lesbian then why had she married his father?

Jimmy heard his mother walking down the hall and she came to his bedroom door and knocked.

"Time to get up sweetheart," she said through the door. "I’ll start breakfast."

"Ok Mom," he said.

Jimmy was still in a state of shock as he went in to the kitchen to have breakfast. He didn’t say anything to his mother and she seemed to be happy albeit a little nervous. He wasn’t quite sure what to do about all this new information anyway. He finished his breakfast and went to his room to get dressed for school.

This was going to be his first day back to dressing like a boy after spending the previous week in girls’ clothes. He was a little nervous about it. He had missed Katie over the weekend and was looking forward to seeing her again. He had just become a friend with her after he had to dress like a girl as punishment for pulling up girls’ dresses to peek at their pantyhose. Katie had been one of Jimmy’s targets and when Jimmy had to wear a dress she victimized him the same way as he had victimized her by lifting up his dress. The principal of the school, Mrs. Baldwin, had caught Katie in the act and made her apologize to Jimmy. Katie had never been in trouble before and the humiliation of getting yelled at in the middle of the lunch court melted the ice between the two of them. Katie had told Jimmy that she really liked him and that she had been hurt by his abusive actions.

When Jimmy went back to his room he noticed that Brenda was back in his room with the door closed. Jimmy was using the spare bedroom while Brenda spent some time with them due to the grave illness of her mother. His mother had put his school clothes for that day in the spare bedroom so after he washed up, combed his hair and brushed his teeth he got dressed for school.



Sixteen – Back to School

Jimmy got to school about 10 minutes early and found Katie waiting for him where his mom always dropped him off. Katie stuck her lower lip out in a pout when she saw him wearing regular boy clothes.

"What happened to Jennifer?" she asked. "I thought she was going to be around for another week."

"Mom thought I had learned my lesson so she let me go back to boys’ clothes," Jimmy explained.

"That’s too bad," Katie said, "I really liked her."

Katie grinned at him and winked. "But it’s nice to see Jimmy back again, too!"

"Thanks Katie," Jimmy said.

Katie grabbed Jimmy’s hand as they started off to homeroom. They sat next to each other in homeroom so they were headed in the same direction. Jimmy’s heart skipped a beat as he felt Katie’s hand in his own hand. He squeezed her hand and looked over at her. She turned towards him and they both smiled at each other.

Jimmy actually got teased more at school that day about wearing boys’ clothes than he had been teased the last couple days he was wearing dresses. It was getting kind of old by lunchtime and he was tired of it. He met Katie at the lunch court and they joined the other girls at the regular table. None of the other girls said anything to Jimmy about wearing boys’ clothes. They talked just like any other day.

Out of nowhere Jimmy got hit in the back of the head. It was Sergio, the school bully. "Where’s your dress you little faggot," he taunted him. "I see you’re still hanging out with the girls. You might as well wear a dress. If you’re not wearing a dress tomorrow I’m going to punch your lights out." Sergio laughed when all the girls told him to get lost and mind his own business.

"Don’t think I’m too afraid of a bunch of little girls and that includes you Jimmy. Or is it Jennifer," he taunted them. As he walked away he turned and yelled, "Remember, faggot, a dress tomorrow or I punch your lights out."

Jimmy apologized to the girls for causing them a problem with Sergio. They told him it wasn’t a problem and started to laugh at Sergio. "He’s calling you a faggot and he’s the one hanging out with all boys. You’ve got a new girlfriend and he’s just jealous," Katie spoke up as she reached for Jimmy’s hand and gave it a squeeze. "Don’t worry about him. He’s all talk and no action."

The other girls all looked at Katie and Jimmy and all started talking at once. "Are you guys going out?" they giggled. "You guys are so cute together." They were all talking at once and Jimmy and Katie just looked at each other and smiled, though they were blushing as red as an apple.

"Katie what am I going to do?" Jimmy asked her as they started to head towards their classes after lunch.

"About what?" Katie asked him.

"About Sergio," Jimmy said. "I can’t wear a dress tomorrow. But he said if I didn’t he would beat me up!"

"Oh that, he’s all talk. I wouldn’t worry about that. He’s just a lot of hot air."

"You think so? I guess you’re right."



Seventeen – Oh! A Tough Guy, Eh?

A couple of days passed and Sergio would come around at lunchtime and bug Jimmy for a short time and then leave. Jimmy noticed that the girls would just roll their eyes when he came around and didn’t seem to even pay any attention to him at all. Jimmy started doing the same as the girls and just ignored Sergio. By Friday of that week he didn’t even bother them at all.

After school on Friday, Katie and Jimmy were walking with Karen Plummer after the softball game that Katie and Karen had been in. Jimmy loved baseball and softball and even though he didn’t play very well he loved to watch. Katie and Karen were the stars of the seventh grade girls softball team and were very good players. Jimmy had waited around outside the girls’ gym waiting for his new friends to come out.

As they rounded the corner of the gym they encountered Sergio and a couple of his friends. They hung out behind the gym by the pathway to the city recreation center. That was where they went to smoke cigarettes.

"Well, if it isn’t the little faggot with his fag hags. Why aren’t you wearing a dress today you little fag, just like your friends here?" Sergio taunted them.

Jimmy, Katie and Karen just kept walking past Sergio and his friends.

"Hey!" Sergio shouted, "I’m talking to you, faggot!"

Sergio stepped in front of Jimmy and shoved him.

"Leave him be," Karen warned Sergio.

"I’ll do as I please," Sergio sneered, "And what are you going to do to stop me?"

Sergio shoved Jimmy again.

"Come on, fag," Sergio dared, "defend yourself."

It should be noted here that Sergio was much bigger and stronger than Jimmy. Jimmy would be no match at all for the bully. Regardless of that Jimmy was concerned about Karen and Katie and he urged them to run away. Sergio continued to shove Jimmy until he had him against the wall. Jimmy tried to hit Sergio but Sergio caught his hand and pressed him against the wall and spit in his face.

"Now you’re going to get what’s coming to a fag like you," Sergio stepped back and cocked his arm to slug Jimmy in the face.

Jimmy flinched and threw his arms up to defend himself against the blow, but the blow never came. He opened his eyes and saw Sergio doubled over in pain with Karen standing over him. Sergio’s two friends rushed at Karen and Jimmy was amazed when he saw Karen whirl around and kick the first one right in the face and then grab the arm of the second one and throw him to the ground.

Sergio stood up and glared at Karen. "You little twat," he growled, "I’m gonna kick your ass all over the place."

He charged Karen, but as he reached her she grabbed his arm and threw him face down to the ground. She jumped on top of him and grabbed his arm and wrenched it behind his back.

"You want a piece of me now?" she demanded. "Didn’t anyone bother to tell you I have a black belt in karate? If I ever see you or hear of you bothering Jimmy or Katie again I’ll hunt you down and show you how good I am at karate. You’ve only gotten a little taste today. Now fuck off and leave us alone."

Karen stood up and smoothed her skirt back down and turned to Jimmy and Katie who were as surprised as Sergio and his friends.

"Let’s go. I don’t think these guys will be bothering us anymore today."

"Karen!" Katie exclaimed, "that was amazing. I didn’t know you were that good!"

Jimmy agreed and thanked Karen for defending them.

"I was division champion last year," Karen said. "I don’t like to talk about it that much because that would be against the principles they teach us. It is only for self defense and I wasn’t going to let Sergio have his way today."

"He certainly got what he deserved today!" Jimmy exclaimed as the trio walked away and towards home.




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