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Dear reader keep in mind that Mindy started this story in the USA and I have finished it from Scotland in the UK. Therefore despite the US setting, all spelling is in British English. If you have any comments good or bad please feel free to drop me a line or two at Thanks.


How I Worked My Way Into Dresses                by Elaine & Mindy



This story is written for all you people who are just as I was. I have written this to hopefully prevent you from going through the same treatment I went through. I don't regret what happened to me now. I did at the time. Slowly I learned to change, to be compliant and I am a much better person now.

You see this story is written for all those people who are workaholics. Are you one? Do you get yourself pulled into a job or project so deep, and that is all you think about? Do you eat, drink and sleep nothing but your work? Do you become so embroiled in your work that nothing around you matters? Except your work!

Your drive to work is brought on by the feeling that when it is done, people will finally appreciate you. You will then be a person of meaning and held in high esteem. Everyone will love you for what you have accomplished. I can tell you it doesn't happen like that. My only word of advice is love those around you as much as you love your work. Show them the same devotion that you give your work. Because if you don't you could pay a heavy price.

I did.

This story is written mostly from my eyes. How I felt. How I thought. What my emotions were. What I experienced. I had much help in writing this story from the various other players you will soon read about. I have interjected their thoughts and feelings at various times to help the story reach its full meaning.

I hope when you are all through reading this story; that you will take some time to reflect on how you run your own life. Don't be like me. In looking back I only wish there would have been a story like this for me to read. Because if I would have taken the time to read it, I would have never, ever stay a workaholic.


Chapter 1         The Project

'Just a few more wires to solder and it will be ready for another test,' I thought to myself.

"It's just got to work this time," I mumbled aloud.

Yet there was no one around to hear to me, as had been true for the last eighteen months. My life was totally devoted to getting this project completed. I had been fired from my last three jobs. Kathy, my wife of ten years, had inherited several hundred thousand dollars from her father's estate. Without that money, I would have never been able to fund this project to completion. I had just about drained our finances down to nothing.

I could hear Kathy whining in the back of my head, "George, you have got to stop this nonsense. You are spending every last cent we have on that foolish machine of yours."

She was right. I knew that if I didn't finish it soon and sell it, we would soon be broke. Suddenly breaking the silence of my basement workshop came a loud voice from the floor above.

"George, get your fat ass up here. NOW!" Kathy yelled.

The surprise of my wife's voice caused me to jump. And as I did, I burnt my fingers with the hot soldering iron. She was right about one thing I was overweight.

"Damn," I yelped.

My choice of words where not timely by any means.

Then Kathy really screamed at the top of her lungs, "You get up here this minute or I am leaving you right now."

Slowly I made another connection and stopped. I surveyed my work irritated at the enforced interruption and looked up to the ceiling where she was standing. I inched my portly frame off the stool and slowly padded up the stairs. All this work on the project had left me out of condition. I was overweight and in need of some exercise and fresh air. It took a while and I then slowly walked up out of the cluttered basement to see what she wanted. When I finally reached the kitchen, I found my wife madly waving some papers around in the air.

She was an elegant woman and a snappy dresser. She was wearing her work clothes of a pinstripe jacket and skirt with pearls and matching earrings. Her padded shoulders added to her stature as she wavered slightly in her 3" pumps. Her make-up was as always tastefully applied and her lipstick added to the visible curl of anger on her lips.

"So you finally decided to come out of that hell hole." She snarled. "George, this has got to stop. Look at these new invoices from the electronics supply house you deal with. $300, $450 and $600," she said reading each one before dropping them on the floor.

"Are you crazy we can't afford this. You have just about spent all our money. Or should I say all my money," she ranted. You could feel the venom in her voice.

"You haven't had a wage paying job in nearly 2 years. Do you realise that we have had to totally rely on my salary and inheritance while you slink around in that basement on that brainless project of yours? It is going to stop," she was adamant.

Kathy was a lady's fashion designer. She was at the top of her profession and had a high salary to match.

"We can't afford it anymore, you have squandered my inheritance and you soak up all my salary," she continued with a loud voice.

I shrugged, "I know but I am nearly finished."

"Listen you told me that a year ago, 6 months ago and just last week you told me that. Because of you I have lost the chance to start my own fashion studio." She barked.

"Look these things take time, I have had a small problem with the timing circuit and the pulse modulator but I am sure I can fix it. Just give me another few days." I asked.

It was obvious she wasn't listening because she continued. "If you can't make that foolish piece of junk work then what hope is for our marriage?"

"I am sorry Kathy but you know how much this means to me. I promise I will make it up to you," I said trying to dodge the rockets that were emerging from her mouth.

"You will make it up to me all right, you have no idea how unhappy I am with you. I never see you. You spend every waking minute of every day in that basement. When you do decide to come out of that hell hole, it's only to grab a quick bite to eat or a few hours sleep. How long has it been since you made love to me? You know I have needs and wants too."

"I know, I know but fuck you have been busy with Ruth too!" I said hoping that she would calm down but it was like trying to fend off a tennis machine that keeps serving fresh balls while you try to hit the last one.

I had hoped that the arrival of her old high school friend into town would give her a chance to take her mind off our problems. To some extent it had. Ruth had lost her husband and daughter in a fatal car crash a few months back and my wife had been supporting her through her bereavement.

"If it wasn't for Ruth I would have gone crazy at you months ago. Now, when I call you up here to discuss these bills. All I get is four letter words. I just won't stand for it!" She expounded madder than ever and she stamped her foot down on the hardwood floor. I could see the dent her heel had made and winced.

"Look honey, I am sorry for swearing but when you shouted at me, you startled me so much I jumped and I burnt my fingers on the iron. Here, look for yourself," I said looking for some female sympathy. None came.

"Never mind a silly little thing like that, if things don't change between us then one day when you come up you will find me long gone," she threatened. I took that to mean the end of our marriage and our home.

She grabbed a tube of antiseptic and applied some to my fingers. Her long red nails lightly scratching the surface as she rubbed in the ointment. As she did her soothing work, I started to let my mind wander back to the unfinished work I had just left. I just had to get back to work.

"Now listen George I have had just about had all I can take of you and your fickleness," she said laying into me again as she replaced the tube cap.

"I have decided you can't spend any more time on that machine of yours until you find yourself a job. I'm not putting another cent into that hair brained scheme of yours." She said. I could tell she was serious. I had never seen her look so unhappy.

"But look honey. I am almost done with it this time. I was just soldering the last few wires when you called," I pleaded hoping for her understanding.

"When it's finished what do you plan to do with it. Will it bring my father's legacy back?" She questioned.

"Sure it will." I said confidently "Why when it's finished we will have a small demonstration party for my last three employers. We can let them haggle over it and it will be worth millions," I said proudly.

"Millions?" Kathy questioned. "For what? I don't even know what it does"

"You know I can't tell you Kathy. Why if word ever got out on that I have been working on this it could bring us real trouble. The CIA would have a fit if they knew. Remember how tight the security was at my last job at Lake Systems. Why no one except the senior management and government officials could get into the area where I worked. Look, I hope to have it completed tonight. We could have that little demonstration party next weekend. Come on. Give me just a short while longer," I said pleading to her.

"All right, all right but this definitely your last chance. You say that you can have it finished tonight. Well now this is your chance to prove it, because after tonight that's it. No more project, no more basement, no more bills and you go back to work," she was adamant.

"Thanks dear," I said kissing her on the cheek as I started to head back to my usual haunt.

"Just one minute George. I mean it. If you can't finish it tonight then you won't finish it at all. The other option is me leaving you. So you can stay married to me or to that machine, you can't have both," she shouted at me as I descended the stairs.

As I went back to my bench I could hear heels above me and she shouted down. "Just in case you accuse me of being in the way, I've decided that I am going to spend the night at Ruth's. At least I know that she always enjoys my company."

With that she was gone and I heard the front door close. I imagined her heels striking sparks on the driveway and then the car started up. My mind dwelled briefly on how women were able to drive a car while wearing heels.

I stared at the circuit board in front of me and tried to concentrate on the job again. I thought about what she had just said and realised that this was it. No more stalling, I had to get it working and I had to get working tonight.

I knew I was close but it would still take most of the night to make this last modification, test it and check the software before doing a final functional and configuration check.

Over the last few months I had begun to have some doubts in my ability and I had made a few wrong turns hence the extra parts I needed. Now I was sure I was back on the right track and I had one last chance to prove it to Kathy and myself.

I have always thought that my talents had never been fully recognised and I knew that would soon change. I was determined to show that I was the top inventor in the country. After tonight nobody would ever doubt me again including Kathy.

'One last effort,' I thought as I soldered the last wire in place. The aromatic smell of the solder flux was always pleasing.


Chapter 2         Kathy

Little did I know that Kathy was secretly hoping that I wouldn't finish my work tonight. As she drove to the other side of town. She was planning on having a great night with Ruth.

'Maybe we can find a couple of hunks tonight,' she thought removing her wedding ring. 'I am fed up with that fat loser of a husband. His dead-end project, his fat worn out shell of a body, his body odour and his greasy hair. God what did I ever see in him.'

Her mind worked overtime and she ran a red light, 'Oh god that's all I need is a traffic ticket.' Luck smiled on her as she cruised up the street in their six year old BMW.

'George is such a jerk, why he couldn't even trust me enough to tell me what he was working on.' thought Kathy as she approached her friend's smart little two bedroom apartment. 'The crazy fool trusts me though to go out on my own with Ruth. If only he knew what we got up to together,' she smiled at the thought of their last date with two out of town businessmen.

'I know I can still turn a normal man's head,' she thought as she clicked her heels up the long steps to the apartment. 'Even if it isn't George's head. If he can get that machine working tonight then maybe I'll get my money back and more but if he doesn't then I am going to get my marriage back. A dumpster will soon get rid of his worthless efforts.'


Chapter 3         In the basement

Meanwhile I was down in the basement fighting to keep my eyes open from lack of sleep. With only one thing on my mind, I had to finish this machine tonight.

Things had not going well and I slaved away through the night. Finally I hit pay dirt and it powered up, did the self-test and I sat there waiting for a flashing green ready light to blink at me. It just needed a test to confirm it worked and I was done. I had built a lot of protection into the system and I knew that if I ever switched on to find that green light working then I was 99% sure it would work.

The only problem I had was that I was absolutely shattered. I put my head on my hands and promptly fell fast asleep beside my work. The green light blinking at no one.


Chapter 4         Kathy and Ruth

Over on the other side of town, Kathy and Ruth hugged each other close and then showered together that morning. The pair had been friends for as long as I knew Kathy. What I didn't know was that both Kathy and Ruth had enjoyed each other in more intimate ways than I could ever imagine.

After some tender moments in the shower they sat enjoying a cup of coffee and light conversation together. Kathy was in no apparent rush to return home to me.

"You know Kathy," Ruth said, "thanks to you honey I have really started to live again."

"Thanks Ruth," said Kathy who kissed her friend tenderly on the lips again.

"Those guys we had last night were cute. I loved the way Jack took control of me on the dance floor. I haven't been held like that in years and he could dance. George wouldn't know how to walk onto the dance floor never mind dance. Jack held me so close I could feel his erection, it's a great feeling knowing that you can do that to a man," said Kathy with a sparkle in her eyes.

"You are so right last night was the best fun I have had since the accident. I can't wait until we do it again," she responded to Kathy's smile. "I have a great deal to thank you for because you have really helped me come out of my shell."

"That's what friends are for, aren't they?" Asked Kathy. "I know how you feel losing a husband and a beautiful daughter. I effectively lost George five years ago. The pity is I didn't divorce him when he lost his first job. The guy is a loser."

"That's how I felt about Kevin. I hated his macho bullshit. He would hit me hard when he came home from an all night drinking session. It was his drinking that cost me the life of my beautiful daughter Mary. I hope he rots in hell for what he did that day. Picking her up from school with all that booze inside him. The only mercy I have is that it was quick," said Ruth the tears building up and then falling out of her mascaraed lashes.

"Come on honey, stop dwelling on the past. I am sure you will find somebody new, who can give you a new child to care for," said Kathy who had heard the details of the accident many times before. "At least you don't have to divorce George first. That's what I will do later today when I get home. I'll phone Judith my lawyer to start the divorce proceedings."

"That sounds a good idea, George sounds just the same as Kevin. Instead of his project it was booze. He drank day and night. He rang up huge bar bills right across town and then we started to lose our love. As Kevin hit the bottle so his behaviour brought Mary and I together."

"Of course I tried to help him but when the accident happened he had been drinking for three solid days and nights. The bastard may he rot in hell. I would do anything to bring her back; she was so bright and lively. She graduated top of her class in nearly every subject. She had scholarship offers from all the top Universities but she dreamed of going to Oxford in England to study English Literature. Of course I could never afford that, Kevin's drinking saw to that too."

Kathy could feel Ruth's pain as she talked about her daughter and her loss.

Ruth had had the unsatisfactory task of identifying her daughter's remains. "Nothing prepared me for that," she said. "My Mary lying cold and still, she had a small cut on her head but otherwise she looked unhurt."

"What was the cause of death?" asked Kathy hoping that Ruth would be able to tell her all the hurt that was lurking beneath the surface.

"They say she died of a broken neck, mercifully she would have died instantly. When I saw her I thought she was sleeping and I cut a small lock of her blonde hair as a keepsake and I wear it here in this locket," said Ruth pointing to the gold item around her neck.

Kathy childless after those years of marriage sat bewildered as she could feel the deep pain Ruth was going through in telling her story.

"What about Kevin?" Kathy asked.

"What about him?" She replied. "He can rot in hell, I didn't go to his funeral and I had his ashes thrown in the trash."

Kathy listened as Ruth continued. "It is has taken me months to talk about this to anyone and it could only be you dear Kathy who could help me," said Ruth still weeping.

"When she died a big piece of me went with her," Ruth sobbed. "I keep blaming myself for allowing it to happen. I should have been there 5 minutes earlier and I would have taken Mary home in my car. Instead Kevin got there first and then skidded on the wet road and the car hit a tree. The nightmare of arriving on the scene and seeing them both dead will haunt me forever."

Kathy clasped both her hands over Ruth's carefully tended fingers and squeezed hard. The two women looked into each other's eyes and then hugged in a tender embrace. As they parted they tenderly kissed each other on the lips.

Ruth continued, "Besides this locket and hair, I have kept all of her things to remind me of her. This picture was the last taken of her during her high school graduation. There are two full trunks of her clothes, shoes and toys in the basement. I just can't bring myself to throw them away."

Kathy asked, "Why Ruth, you have to let her go sometime?"

"I know I sometimes think that this was just a bad nightmare and that someday Mary will walk right in and sit down beside me. I just hope that everything will be just like it was," she wailed.

Kathy tried her best to console her friend but then realised that a good cry would do Ruth good. It would help relieve the guilt that she felt about Mary's death. Kathy picked up the picture of Mary and studied it closely while holding Ruth's hand.

As Ruth cried, Kathy could see that Mary had looked so much like her mother. She had been a very beautiful young lady and Kathy's bisexual urges were aroused. Mary had wonderful long strawberry blonde hair that cascaded down her back in waves. Her face was beautiful with high eyebrow arches, two gold loops in each earlobe and long painted nails proudly holding up her high school diploma. The most striking feature was Mary's blue eyes. There was something hauntingly beautiful about them as she stared through long dark lashes. Her painted red lips were highlighted with two rows of perfect white teeth.

"You know Ruth, she looks a lot like you, she was a very lovely girl. She could easily have been a model. I would have given her a job modelling some of my clothes. Her hair and her face are her main points but her complexion and her deportment also catch the eye," said Kathy

"Do you think so?" Ruth asked suddenly stopped sobbing.

"Yes I do, look at that lovely long hair, why did she keep it so long?" Kathy asked brushing her own short and easily managed style.

"It all came about because she wanted her father to stop drinking and she declared to him that she would only get it cut when he stopped drinking," said Ruth. "It was her way of showing that she loved her father despite his inconsiderate nature."

Ruth continued, "needless to say it hadn't been cut in years when she died. As you can see she really suited it long and even if her father had stopped I wouldn't have let her cut it. If I had had my way it would have grown down to her ankles. I think her hair defined her femininity don't you?"

"Yes it is certainly very striking, it must have taken hours to keep clean and tangle free," Kathy replied.

"I helped her brush and style it. The two of us would often go to the salon to have it trimmed here and there and as you can see my own blonde hair is growing nicely," said Ruth.

Kathy gave her friend hand's another squeeze, "if there was a way to bring her back to you I would, you know that don't you."

"You are such a dear, dear friend," Ruth replied.

"We have been good for each other, you have helped me over my problems with George and if it was in power to have Mary walk back in here I would," Kathy again comforted her friend with a peck on the cheek. "There have been times when I felt like I was going insane with my man in the basement. You have really given me a fresh outlook on life."

Kathy started crying along with Ruth and the two got up and went back to the bed. They cuddled and kissed before dosing off to sleep.


Chapter 5         Eureka

I woke stiff and sore after just one hour's sleep and headed upstairs to shower. I stripped off my stinking clothes, a shave and a shower and I was still feeling tired but refreshed. I put on fresh jeans and a T-shirt grabbed a bread roll and a coffee before heading back downstairs.

I hadn't noticed before but it stared me in the face as I saw that blinking green light that indicated that the machine's sophisticated self-test system indicated no errors. I jumped for joy and ran down towards it. I knew that it was working it just needed a live test.

As part of my research at the university I had discovered that it would be possible to transform the genetic code of a subject if it was fed with certain external stimuli. My work had shown that sophisticated computer imagery plus the addition of new genetic material could create a duplicate person by rearranging the donor held in a transformation chamber.

I know it sounds like something out of the Twilight Zone but this was the 21st century and our technology had come on leaps and bounds. The software and the hardware needed to interpret the complex mathematical algorithms had given me the most cause for concern. Now I know animal rights people will find this hard but I had to use live animals to see whether that self test light was just an illusion.

During my early work, I had destroyed dozens of cats and dogs when I had tried to get the mind of a cat transferred into the body of the dog and visa versa. Finally management had come under extreme pressure brought on by many animal rights groups, that they had to stop the project.

Of course they had to make me redundant then. I was lucky though when Smith Industrial took an interest but just as I started to make some real progress the recession meant that they had to cut back on their research and development programme.

Luckily they allowed me to pursue the project at home and I was able to obtain most of the equipment at a knock down price of $50,000. Of course Kathy objected but I knew it would be worth it. I met the founder of Lake Industries at a local community meeting and after a presentation he hired me to continue the project.

Harvey Lake was over 70 years of age and feared death. His mind was active and he wondered if it might be possible to transform his body into that of a younger person.

It was at Lake Industries that I made some of my biggest breakthroughs regarding the transfer process and the amount of raw computing power that would be needed to execute the software algorithms. However the project died suddenly when Lake died and his grandson took over. Another $100,000 was needed to buy all the equipment that Lake Jr. would have thrown in the back of a dumpster.

Now here I was with a working machine and it was ready for a live test at last. I had kept some rabbits in cages for just this moment and went and lifted the white one and put him in another smaller cage. It would a real test if our cat could be turned into a rabbit. Just at that moment I heard Kathy's heels on the floor above.

I rushed upstairs as fast as I could go but she caught me when I exited into the kitchen. "What did I say George?" she said angrily.

"Kathy It's finished I am ready to start the final proof test now. Will you help me find Fluffy?" I asked referring to our lazy cat.

"Why do you need the cat?" she asked. "She is sitting over there waiting beside her empty dish. George you didn't forget to feed her again?"

"Yes, I did, I am sorry."

"That's it George, my mind's made up now, I am leaving you." She was as angry as hell.

"Wait hear me out," I cried barring her slender frame with my bulky one.

"The project is finished, it just needs a live test and if that works we will be rich. If it doesn't well I will give up," I said hoping that she would ease up a little.

"George you promised that last night would be it. You have never kept a promise in your life," she snarled.

"Come with me Kathy. I got it working," I said as gleefully as my tired mind would allow. "Grab Fluffy and follow me down to the basement. You have to see it. You won't believe it. It really works," I stated as I got my energy back and bounded down the stairs.

I turned to watch her carefully pick her way down the stairs in her heels. It wasn't helped by the now redundant equipment I had stored on the steps and her sideways walk because of her tight skirt.

"Look Kathy," I said with triumph pointing to the equipment.

"Over there is the transfer chamber, you can see that it is big enough to take a person. In the middle are the main switches and power supplies and over here is the main computer. It was that, that cost the money. That baby has more processing power than 500,000 Hexagon Chips." I said gleefully.

She looked on dumb, her eyes wide open looking at the blinking green test light that indicated that the machine was still ready for use.

"How do you know it will work?" She cried. "What does it do and why do you need the cat George?"

"Easy, that flashing green light gives me the status of the machine. It shows that the machine is not finding any faults. It has been like that all morning."I said knowing that her impression of me was set to change any minute now. It had taken five long years to get to this and I wanted Kathy to see that she had married a genius.

She sat down on my workbench stool hitching up her tight skirt and held the cat. "So this is what you think will be worth millions. This I have got to see," she said. "What happens now?"

"First we take Fluffy's picture with this digital camera and then I save the image on this compact disk. I then download the rabbit's image into the computer. Here have the hard copies," I said as it ejected from the machine. I inserted a high capacity floppy disk into the drive and then closed the door. I fired up the computer and soon its processors were creating a three dimensional model of the rabbit's image in its huge memory store.

"Now we need a sample of Fluffy's DNA, a sample of her hair should be just right," I said snipping a small piece from her thick coat and placing it in an envelope that I handed to Kathy.

"Why the hair sample?" she asked.

"Simple it is needed to transform her back after she has been changed into a rabbit. This sample contains the DNA footprint that will bring our cat back again." I replied. "Just wait and see, it is easier to show than try to explain."

"Bring her back? Do you intend to send her somewhere? Is this some kind of transport machine like they used in all those Star Trek movies?" she asked again.

"No dear Fluffy will not be transported she will be transformed." I replied anxious to get on.

"Transported into what?" she asked suddenly concerned for the welfare of her cat.

"For this experiment I will transform her into this white rabbit here and then turn her back." I said hoping she would ease up a little on me.

"George I am not sure about this," she said.

"Look I know what I am doing," I said taking fluffy and injecting her with something to make her sleep through it before putting her in the chamber. I also tied her down to stop her moving in case she came round. I closed the chamber and locked it shut.

"Now what?" she asked getting up and looking at her pet lying alone inside the glass chamber.

"Now we take some of the rabbit's hair or toenails, add a little electrolyte and put the mixture in this intensifier. This scans the DNA structure and combines it with the 3-D image to alter Fluffy into a rabbit like him," I said pointing to the one in the cage.

"So are you going to change Fluffy into a rabbit? I don't like this George," Kathy said looking uneasy.

"Yes and change her back again," I said still confident, "now just push that button there."

Kathy minced over to the control panel and was just about to push the start button. "I will never ever forgive you if this hurts Fluffy."

"Trust me darling, I know what I am doing." I said and as I did she pushed the red button with my fingers crossed.

"Nothing's happening," she cried, "you are a fake George."

"Kathy this takes five minutes from the moment that the button is pressed for the images process to work and then the transformation begins. Just be patient."

After five minutes the light inside the chamber increased in intensity and a large ring started to spin and move down towards the cat. As the ring encircled first the head of the cat, it slowly changed to that of the rabbit. Her ears were first and then her coat. Her whiskers and her face grew longer until she was same as the rabbit hopping about in the corner.

The further the ring descended then more of the cat changed into a rabbit until it was complete and the ring started to rise to the top of the chamber again. The cat looked like the rabbit in every detail.

Kathy's mouth opened in disbelief, "Come on George, you can't fool me.

It's just trick photography of something."

"If you don't believe me. Then go over and open the chamber door, and see for yourself," I boasted.

Kathy bent down and opened the chamber door and felt the cat's fur. "Look Fluffy even has the same black mark on her leg as the rabbit," she said as I brought the other animal over so she could compare.

"Does she have the brain of rabbit too?" Kathy asked still obviously concerned.

"Yes she does but her instincts and brain patterns should still be that of a cat." I said.

"George change her back this is cruel," She said.

"Just a minute," I said checking out Fluffy's genitals.

"George what are you looking for?"

"Oh I was just checking to see if she had changed into a male rabbit and it seems she has."

"Wow that's amazing," said Kathy.

Slowly the rabbit came round and Kathy was able to get it to respond to her name. This finally convinced her that the cat she had loved was indeed a big white furry rabbit.

"If I hadn't seen this with my own eyes I wouldn't have thought this was possible," she said. "Can we change her back now?"

"Yes we can now lets do it all again. First download the cat's disk into the computer to create her 3-D image. Second add her hair to the electrolyte and then finally sedate her slightly again. Close the door again honey." I said as I pushed the button and the machine into motion once more.

"What would happen if we didn't have a disk?" she asked. "Say we just had a photograph."

"That's no real problem," I said pointing to the workbench under the stairs, "we could use this special imaging scanner to create one."

"So what do you do?" She asked.

Relieved that she was interested and not nagging me she let me show her how to download the photo image into a storage disk.

When we walked back, Fluffy was restored again and still sleeping soundly on the chamber floor. "George it worked, I am so proud of you," she said taking her cat out of the chamber. "Listen George, she's purring."

"Well Kathy what do you think?" I asked looking smug.

"What do I think? I think it is amazing, this machine of yours could be worth millions," Kathy shouted out and she hugged me smiling.

"I have to try it with a slightly larger animal and I would like to try Max," I said referring to Max our Alsation dog. "Is that OK?"

"What if something goes wrong," she said.

"Nothing can go wrong if that green light is blinking," I said reminding her. "It has some sophisticated error checking to stop any problems. The only possible problems could come if we move it from here. It is very sensitive to movement, small adjustments and calibration would be needed to get it operational."

"What about people George how would you use it on somebody?" She asked fully interested in the machine's capabilities for the first time.

"Don't get too excited. I haven't tested it on a human yet and we haven't seen what effects will happen if something is left transformed for any length of time. At the moment that the mind and brain patterns would remain but I am not sure about the long term."

"I may have built it but I still have to document and detail the operation of the equipment. I have to describe how to maintain and repair it, the operation sequence and the safety interlocks. OK it is working at last but there is still a long way to go yet," I continued. "We really need to make sure that a picture and a hair sample is taken of the subject if they ever want to return back."

Kathy didn't seem to be listening to me when she remarked, "George honey, why wouldn't it work on humans? If it is, it's going to be worth a lot of money, then it has to work on humans. Why look at the size of the chamber? You made it big enough for a person to get inside."

"There is no reason why it shouldn't work on humans," I replied. "All the animals have survived after I got all the bugs worked out. The chamber is big enough for a man because Old Man Lake had me build it that way. He wanted to be the first to try it before he died. I guess what we need now is a volunteer. There would be no guarantees of survival or against side effects."

"Honey, this calls for a little celebration. Let me go up to the kitchen and get some wine," Kathy said joyfully as she ran up the stairs.

'Honey,' I thought to myself as I took Fluffy out of the chamber. 'She hadn't called me that in years. This whole project will do just what I wanted it to do,' I thought. 'I will finally get a little love for my long hours of work.'

"I am sorry I doubted you," she smiled when she returned with two glasses and a bottle of white French wine. She filled my glass to the brim and I drank like it was water. It felt so good after nearly 36 hours without a decent meal and nearly 24 without much sleep. I began to feel drowsy when the wine hit my nearly empty stomach. She kept my glass topped up as we talked on about the potential of the machine. The wine flowed mainly down my throat as we talked on and on about the machine. I didn't even remember her going upstairs for the second bottle.

"Well," Kathy asked. "When can we get some money back on this machine?"

I was feeling light headed but replied that there would be another year of development and refinements before it could be put into production.

"George this machine is fantastic. I can see its benefits and I understand the reasons for tight security but another year? We just can't wait that long," she grumbled.

With my eyes a blur in my now drunken state I replied, "look, what's another year if we get ten million."

"After what I just saw, I thought you were finished," she pleaded. "Don't tell me we're still another year away from striking it rich. We won't be able to put our lives back together again if that's true.

"Honey it will not be as bad as it has been, I will still be busy but if I can get an advance from one of my former employers then I won't need your money to complete it," I replied my eyes were starting to droop.

"What is this you and me shit all of a sudden George?" She asked turning on me. "Just a minute ago it was us."

"Sorry dear, it was just a slip of the tongue. This wine is really starting to get to me. Why don't we go up to the bedroom and have a little fun for once? It's been a long time and I owe you that much. Besides you were calling me honey a minute ago. Now you are back to George," I questioned.

"We won't go near the bedroom until I get a few more questions answered. When we get at least a million I want to open my own fashion salon with the money." She stated.

The wine, my empty stomach and the lost sleep were really getting to me now. I had never been this drunk in my life and soon I was saying things that I wish I had never said. How these words were ever formulated in my mind I will never know.

"How much money do you think you will need? Because after this machine and the manufacturing rights have been sold then I will need a source of funds to start my next project," I stated in slurred words.

"I will need at least five hundred thousand to equip it properly with all the latest computer fashion design aids," Kathy responded.

"Five hundred thousand dollars!" I shouted, "give me a break you stupid bitch."

"Bitch!" She banged the bottle down hard on the workbench. "Don't you ever call me a bitch again, there is at least 4 hundred thousand of my money in this equipment so you owe me at least that much back."

I didn't back off and with slurred speech said, "look ashore, it might have been your money but it was my efforts and ideas that got it working. Therefore I'll decide where we spend the money."

"That money was my father's inheritance and you have no right to speak to me like that. Without me your machine would never ever have been built," she screamed at me hysterically. "And what the hell is all this talk about new projects."

Kathy was speechless with rage, my drunken stupor had shown her that the future would be just the same as her less than happy recent past. She shook her head gently, her long earrings striking her long neck. She just couldn't believe what I was saying.

"Look you might not like this but I have so many other good ideas that I need to develop. If you think that this machine is wonderful, then you can't really appreciate what I can really do. Some of them could take a lifetime to complete them. Look Babe, I can't spend the next five years down here, I would like to build my own research centre," I said as I started to pass out into unconsciousness.

Kathy felt crushed and she turned away to clear her thoughts. 'That's it we are through now, I am married to a selfish bastard. He knows I want to open my own salon and then he says that all the money should be ploughed into his new projects. No way!'

Kathy got up from her stool revealing her long legs. "In that case George, I will divorce you. We are finished unless I get my own studio. I want to have a normal relationship with a sound husband and I won't get that if you start on something new."

It was too late as my numb brain finally gave up and I fell asleep on my chair.

I could hear her faintly shouting my name at the top of her voice. Unfortunately for me I had passed out totally. Kathy walked over and looked down on me. There I sat with my head resting on my desk fast asleep oblivious to her unanswered rage.

Quietly she spoke now, "right then you bastard, you wait, you will wish you had never been born after I am through with you. From now on I will be in charge and there wont be a thing you can do about it."

I was out of it, a bottle and a half of white wine in an empty stomach. My head was spinning when I eventually woke up.


Chapter 6         Human experimentation

"Oh my aching head," I said out aloud as I tried to raise my hands up to rub my massive headache. I heard the dull echo of my voice behind my closed eyes.

I opened up my eyes and shouted, "Kathy."

I suddenly felt that my arms where bound behind me and I was tied to a chair. I shouted again, "Kathy, what the hell is going on here?"

The ropes were tied tightly and I couldn't move my arms at all. Ropes were wound round my body and down each leg. Even my neck and head was tied to the high back chair. I couldn't move and I was completely naked. I could just see my flaccid penis resting against the seat between two hairy legs.

"Kathy," I yelled out again in panic. "What is going on here?"

There was a deafening echo as I shouted. As my senses cleared, I suddenly realised where I was. I had been in here often enough I was inside the transfer chamber.

"Kathy! Kathy, get me out of here," I yelled as loud as I could. "Come on this isn't funny, come on get me out of here." The silence after my pleas was maddening, as I tried again, "Kathy. Where are you? Please Kathy."

Then I realised that no one would ever hear me in here. The chamber was constructed using special acoustical material and I had been adamant in specifying triple layer sound proof glass for the door. I tried desperately to look out into the workshop but my head was fixed to the chair and I could only move my eyes. Inside the chamber was bright and outside my workshop looked dark and dingy as usual. I saw somebody moving around as I strained my neck and head as far as possible to the right.

"Hey! Hey you out there come and get me out of here. Someone. Anyone.

Please help," I called out to no response.

Then suddenly the chamber door opened and Kathy looked in at me.

"Ah George I am so glad you decided to wake up at last. I want you fully conscious when you realise what is going to happen to you," said Kathy.

"What are you going to do," I asked suddenly.

"You will soon find out I think," she smiled.

"You can't be serious Kathy," I snapped back with alarm.

"Very serious, I am afraid you will no longer be my husband after I am through with you," she sneered.

"Why Kathy? Please don't turn me into a rabbit or a cat. I don't deserve this.

Please!" I pleaded.

"Sorry George my mind is made up, so open wide," she said as she forced a ball gag into my mouth. "I can't have any movement but I want you to be conscious the whole time you are going through this. It is going to be such fun when we are finished."

She strapped the buckle behind my head and I was immobile. I could not move an inch. Only my eyes could move but she had some advice for that as she moved back. "Now George, you must keep perfectly still while the ring descends past your eyes. I recommend you close them."

I watched her leave in mounting horror and she quickly shut the door behind her with a clang. She blew me a kiss as she bolted the door securely shut. At that moment I doubt even Houdini could have escaped.

Kathy then walked over to the control panel and said to Ruth, "Do you have the picture?"

"Yes, right here, Kathy," said Ruth.

"Right place the picture into the scanner face down and insert this disk," said Kathy handing her a disk. Soon the image on the photograph was downloaded onto the disk and inserted into my machine.

"What happens now?" she asked and Kathy showed her what to do with the small sample of hair she carried in her locket.

"We add a dash of this liquid to your hair sample and then we put in it into the intensifier here," said Kathy smiling. "Not long now."

"Kathy, Mary's hair is dissolving stop this please," said Ruth.

"Stop worrying Ruth, after what is about to happen you will have all the locks of hair you want in a little while," said Kathy as her finger slowly started moving toward the start button.

"Goodbye ashore," she whispered to herself as she pushed the start button.

After what seemed an age, the light in the top of the transformation chamber came on brightly. I couldn't believe my eyes as I looked up into the blinding light. I tried to struggle but it was useless I was strapped tightly to the chair.

'Oh god no,' I thought as hysteria started to fill my mind, 'is she going to turn me into a cat or a dog? I don't want to find out'

There was nothing I could do about it and I knew it. Whatever she had planned for me would happen as the machine ring started to rotate and descend towards my head.

My mind quickly raced over the possible fates that I would endure. I cursed myself for ever showing her how to operate this machine. Why? I glanced up at the lowering and spinning ring, I wondered if I would even survive. I will be my own human guinea pig. Oh no, what if she turns me into a guinea pig. Or a mouse. Or a cat. Or even Max our dog. She couldn't be that mad at me to turn me into an animal could she? Me, the world's greatest inventor turn into a guinea pig! And if I died what would happen to my machine. All those long hours down the drain. I redoubled my efforts to break free from the ropes that held me securely to the chair. What had I done to deserve this fate?

The control ring was now parallel with the top of my hairline and I started to feel a strange sensation in my hair roots. It felt like someone was pulling the hair out of my head. Suddenly I could feel my hair start to sprout out of my scalp and some fell across my eyes. I stared out in blind terror at the scene before me and then saw the underside of the ring come into my field of vision. I realised I had better close my eyes quickly.

With my eyes closed, I could feel my scull rearranging and the impression I had was that everything seemed tighter and more compact. I could also see the redness of my eyelids exposed to the blinding light source. Soon it was darker again and I opened them slowly as the ring's top edge descended down my body.

I could feel the ball gag slacken slightly as the ring passed over my mouth and it seemed less secure. I still couldn't budge it from my mouth but the strap wasn't so tight and uncomfortable as before. This was weird, my head must be smaller now. My vision was blurred for an instant from the tears that flowed. I opened and closed my eyes to clear them and when I did I could sense that my eyelashes were noticeably longer. Oh God no she was turning me into a dog.

I looked down expecting whiskers to sprout and my nose to lengthen. Instead my nose seemed to be smaller and I could feel my moustache disappear suddenly. My top lip also became more prominent. My facial skin felt tighter and my jaws and cheeks now felt narrower.

Down my body the ring travelled lower, I could feel my throat become tighter, my neck seemed to grow and stretch away from my body. To get longer and then I could look down over my chest. I could see two swellings emerge and hang heavily on my front. It was then I finally realised the bitch was turning me into a woman. Oh god why? I was hyperventilating with my breathing rapid through my nose and my pulse hammering inside my skull.

As the ring descended my 13th ribs disappeared, I suddenly found my waist trimmer and smaller like it had never been before. My body was also losing all of it's extensive covering of body hair. Next came such a tightening feeling in my stomach. I felt like I was being cut in two and I winced in pain. The pressure was so great that I thought I would pass out. But the control ring just spun lower heading towards my manhood. My stomach was now flat and tight and still the ring descended. I could barely see my penis and testicles now between my new twin peaks and with no stomach overhang that used to block my view when sitting.

My hips were next and I could feel them widening as my pelvis started rearranging itself. I had child rearing hips and soon I would have the means to have children. I was going to lose my manhood I knew that now.

Soon they too were exposed and began shrinking away to nothing. Suddenly I had a slit now and I could feel a warm wetness in the same place. My eyes must have stood on stalks as I looked for any sign of my manhood. None was visible, I obviously had a vagina now. Fuck, what is that bitch doing to me?

Still the control ring passed down to where my hands had been bound behind my back. I could feel them get smaller and my bonds felt slack. The control ring finally passed my calves and feet. As it did I could feel my heels rise off the floor leaving only my toes to support my weight. I knew now I was shorter in stature. All my previously tight bonds felt much slacker and I was able to move around a lot easier but I was obviously still not going to go anywhere.

Finally the control ring reached the floor and it slowly coasted to a stop in its recess before suddenly moving back up to its normal storage position in the top of the chamber. With the lighting levels reduced back to normal, I was unable to see my body as I had done before. I was so relieved that I had survived. My machine appears to work on humans if I was still alive and not dreaming this madness. Why oh why would Kathy want me turned me into a girl.

I was still tightly bound and I would have to wait until I was released. However I could turn my head slightly towards the door now and I could feel soft hair rubbing against my neck. I could feel the hair against my hands and I tried to grasp it. I was able to tug it and sure enough it was connected to my scalp. I had long hair that went right down my back!

When I let go of the hair some of it fell forward over my face and shoulders and I could see it was a light blonde in colour. As I sat there, I tried to calm down, slowly my breathing and heart beat came back to normal. To steady it I took a large deep breath and felt my chest move and shudder. I tried to clench my fists and as I did, I dug my now long fingernails into my palms. I knew for sure now. Kathy had indeed changed me into a woman! Then I thought, OK just like Fluffy she will change me back in a few minutes. It is with some relief that my panic filled mind started to think straight again. Whew!

Outside both my tormentors were screaming with joy as they saw me change in front of their eyes. When the process had finished Ruth stopped and stared at the chamber door. "It can't be," she said.

Kathy broke the silence by saying, "Well at least George survived."

"George, that's not George. That's my daughter Mary and she's alive," Ruth shouted out.

"No, Ruth you have to realise that is still George. He just looks like your dear Mary now," Kathy stated triumphantly.

"Kathy how can that be George?" asked Ruth "You seem to have brought my Mary back from the dead. Please open the chamber door and untie her.

"Just hold on a minute Ruth. You have to realise that the body inside the chamber may look like Mary but she still has George's male brain wave patterns."

"Oh Kathy, she looks lovely, she looks just like she did when she was graduating last summer. Oh please hurry, open the door."

"Take it easy, Mary will be with you very soon," said Kathy as she looked inside the chamber.

"I hope this isn't some kind of mean trick you are playing on me," she replied.

"No the only mean trick is on George who now looks like your lovely daughter Mary. He is going to know what it is like to be female now." Kathy replied smiling at me through the door. "Don't you remember my promise to you yesterday that I would bring your daughter Mary back to you if I could?"

"Yes I remember but this is like black magic bringing someone back from the dead," Ruth replied.

"Well I have brought her back physically to you, she might have George's brain but she sure looks like an exact replica of your daughter. All we need to do now is get this new Mary accustomed to her new role in life," Kathy said laughing at the prospects that awaited the husband she hated.

"Now I understand, you have punished George and helped me at the same time," said Ruth. "Oh Kathy you are such a wonderful friend. I can't wait to get her home and do all the things we used to do."

"That's right," Kathy answered.

"Is this permanent, will George be Mary from now on?" Ruth asked.

"I think so, it can be for as long as we want. The way for George to return to his old body is to reverse the process using this disk and this hair clipping. For now though he will be your Mary," she said as she placed the clippings into a polythene bag and then along with disk put them into a sealed brown envelope.

"Oh Kathy if this works out and I will try hard to make it, George can become my daughter Mary. I would do everything in my power not to lose her again," said Ruth now anxious to release what she thought was her daughter from the chamber.

"We will see how George adjusts, in the meantime I am just going to hide this envelope upstairs before I put it in my safe deposit box at the bank," Kathy hesitantly answered back. "Don't touch a thing I'll be right back."

As she returned downstairs, Kathy thought 'So Ruth wants George to stay Mary forever. That's a nice thought but I could never be that mean or could I? If George was to disappear now, I could start a new life with a new man who would give me exactly what I want. I could report him missing and the police would not suspect foul play because there hasn't been any. There is no blood or a body to find.'

Kathy was smiling at the thought of George in skirts and dresses for the rest of his life when she walked down the stairs into the basement. 'Now that I have started this, it might be tough to bring him back and not lose Ruth as a friend.' Her mind considered the potential problems.

Looking back into chamber at the wide eyed Mary inside, Kathy said, "Let's get her out now and get her dressed."

"This is going to be fun, I can't wait to hold my daughter again," said Ruth.

Soon the door was open and Kathy started to undo my bonds. Slowing I started to move my stiff joints. She kept my hands tied and the ball gag in place as I was led back into my cold basement workshop.


Chapter 7         I have Mary's body

"Sit here Mary," said Kathy.

'Mary? I was Mary! Now I saw their plan was to turn me into Ruth's daughter Mary.' I thought. Then I saw Ruth approaching and she was carrying a pile of female clothes for me to wear.

"Don't worry Mary, I have the same skirt, blouse and shoes you were wearing on the day of your graduation," said Ruth smiling.

'Don't worry! They have to be kidding.' I thought as my hands were finally set free. Before I could speak Ruth spoke.

"How do you feel Mary?" asked Ruth. "Come let your mummy help you get dressed into some clothes more suited to your wonderful new image. Oh this is going to be such fun."

I was allowed to sit down on my workbench stool and I held my hands up to my face and cried real tears, "Why Kathy?"

As I looked up into my wife's smiling face I asked her in my now shrill voice, "why have you done such a wicked thing? Don't you know you could have killed me?"

"I didn't though, did I?" She answered back. "Just think, now you have first hand knowledge of what it's like to go through this experience and you can pass that on to others."

"Did you save my image and my hair like I showed you?" I asked her half pleading and half in panic.

"That's for you to find out," she replied. "I might have done, what do you think?"

"Oh Kathy, you must have done it, I don't know how to be a woman," I cried. "Please get them and reverse this."

"I'm sorry Mary but I have my friend Ruth here to consider and your new role in life is to be her lovely daughter. I no longer have a husband called George. I mean if you went to the police and said your were George they would just laugh in your face. Have you noticed how soft, sweet and tender your voice has become. Like the rest of you it's so girlish," Kathy stated breaking out into an uncontrollable giggle.

"Yes, I noticed the change in my voice," I snapped. "Now look Kathy you have had your fun. Now go over and reset the machine and turn me back into George. I have work to do."

"Always the workaholic," said Kathy.

"Mary as my daughter you won't have time to fiddle about with machines like this," said Ruth holding a hair brush.

"Please," I said. "The machine settings have to be logged and now that I have first hand knowledge on what the transformation is like. I must make an entry into my notebook."

"Not any more Mary, you are just Ruth's little girl now and I am your Aunt Kathy," said Kathy enjoying my discomfort.

"Come on," I pleaded. "You must see how much work I have to do. Please go and reset the machine."

"Look at the lovely long blonde hair you have now and you have messed it all up. Turn round while Ruth brushes it for you. It is so long it hangs down below your waist." Kathy continued ignoring my pleas as she used her hand to push the fine long hair back off my face.

"You know hair this long and beautiful, must be brushed at least one hundred strokes a night," said Ruth as she started pulling the brush through my hair. "A hundred times!" I cried my voice high and shrill, " you have got to be fucking kidding." I reached round and saw the mass of hair behind me. I couldn't take it in that all this lovely golden hair was mine.

"Mary I will not tolerate you speaking like that," said Ruth visibly shocked.

"Do you think this easy for me, to become something I am fucking not," I said.

"It will have to become easy or else," said Kathy.

As Ruth continued to brush my hair, I bent my head down. As I did I saw two perfectly shaped breasts sticking out of my chest. They were full, round and firm as I first touched and then cupped them in each hand The nipples had a slight upturn to them and they looked overly large. I ran my hands all over them and pinched them between my long nails and they began to get erect. My hands went down my abdomen towards my waist and I could see how trim it was. I noticed that above navel there was a small hole and I wondered what that was for. My hands continued lower and there between my legs was a small fur patch and nothing else. As Ruth and Kathy looked on I cautiously guided my right hand down to touch it. I could feel the moist lips of my new opening.

"Mary, stop that please darling, you will have plenty of time later for exploring your body," said Ruth. "We must get you ready to go home."

"But Ruth I live here with Kathy," I bleated.

"Do not call me Ruth anymore, call me mummy," Ruth said.

"You don't live here anymore Mary," said Kathy. "You're Ruth's daughter Mary now. Can't you get that through that pretty new head of yours?"

"I don't want to be a pretty. I just want my old self back." I cried again.

I needed to be logical and unemotional about this fantastic change that had occurred but I just couldn't. I tried to formulate a plan that would get me out of this fix but none came. Where was my logical male brain, surely that hadn't been changed into that of a blonde bimbo too?

My thoughts were cut short with the advance of Kathy holding that most feminine of garments. She held open a bra and offered to me so that I could simply insert my arms. Unthinking I slid them in and she put the cups over my cold breasts. Ruth moved my hair as she helped do up the snaps in the rear. Wearing the bra I was immediately aware that the weight of my breasts had been uncomfortable but now I felt the narrow straps cut into my collarbones.

I tried, I desperately tried to formulate a plan for my release but none came. Each time I would find that some distraction would prevent me from thinking it through.

Each time my thoughts would come back to the fact that I just had to find my picture disk and my hair cutting. I decided that I needed to get on a less antagonistic footing and decided to change my approach.

"Aunt Kathy to put my mind at rest a little please at least tell me you remembered to take my picture and cut my hair?" I asked with some fear in my voice.

"If I tell you, will you do as you are told?" Kathy asked.

"Yes I will have no option will I?" I replied.

"Yes we did take your photo and cut your hair, they are however held in a place where you can't find them. Cross me or your mummy here and they will be destroyed. Do I make myself perfectly clear," Kathy lectured.

"Oh thank heaven you didn't forget," I answered with a massive sigh of relief. "OK, Kathy come on now this game has gone on long enough please hurry up and get me out of this body," I tried to say in my most convincing of voices.

"This is no game Mary, your mummy and I will see to that," said Kathy.

"Come on honey, panties next," said Ruth as she handed me a pair of matching high cut lace panties. I took them in my hands and was amazed to see that my nails were at least three quarters of an inch long. Kathy noticed too

"My, what lovely little hands you have Mary and your nails are so long." she said comparing hers to show that mine were double the length of hers.

"I can see that we will have to put some pretty nail polish on those nails of yours again," Ruth said, "I always wished my hands were as lovely as yours."

I stood up and tried to balance on one leg but couldn't, both Ruth and Kathy supported me as I pulled the panties up my legs. As I stood, I felt that I had to stand on my toes and not on my flat feet as I did before. When I put my heels on the ground I found there was stabbing pain in my ankles and calf muscles.

"Ow," I said when I tried to put my heels on the ground. As I reached down to massage my leg my hair decided to fly off in all directions again and covered my face and front. "What's wrong with my legs? Why can't I stand normally?" I asked Kathy.

"I know the reason why," said Ruth.

"Why?" I asked dreading the answer.

"Well you always wore heels from the age of 14," said Ruth. "Although I disapproved, it seems you disobeyed me and the permanent shortening in your calf muscles is the result."

"So what does that mean?" I asked still massaging my calves while standing on my toes.

"I think you will find that you need a pair of these Mary," Kathy replied and she handed me a pair of spike heels.

"You can't be serious, I can't walk in those," I said looking at the black patent leather shoes with the 3" heels they handed me.

"Yes you can because you will always find it painful unless you do. Here let's get a pair of pantyhose up those legs of yours," she said.

Soon I was standing in the heels and Lycra pantyhose feeling unsteady but pain free. Ruth pulled a full length silk slip over my head I was able to put my arms through the string hoops. It was carefully smoothed down and I could see between my rising chest that my body was smooth and flat now with no trace of a beer belly.

Next came a skirt and I gingerly stepped into it trying to avoid falling flat on my face with these heels. It was a full length navy blue skirt with a tiny slit in the rear. It went down below my calf muscles and was quickly zipped in place. A cream silk blouse with a high ruffled collar was next and I was surprised to find that it buttoned up the back. Ruth obliged with the buttons and it was then tucked it into my skirt.

"Take a walk over there and back Mary," Ruth urged after she had buckled up a wide leather belt to its tightest position.

To avoid any more confrontations I did as I was told and moved quite slowly over to the chamber door and back again. As I moved I could hear the rustle of my tights together between thighs and my pantyhose house encased legs brushed each other. The smooth feel of the silky materials and the bounce of my breasts felt different as I walked. The simple act of walking would have to be re-learned I realised. I returned and perched against my stool and was immediately reprimanded.

"Don't mess your pretty skirt on that dirty stool Mary, come on let's get you upstairs and get something to eat," said Ruth.

"Look I will give you everything I have, just change me back please," I said in what was a final effort to change matters.

"But Mary as a young girl you don't have any money," said Ruth. "I don't want you to ever leave me again, I couldn't bear it."

That last remark made me look at my new mother through my long hair. She was certainly changed, she had a inner warmth about her, she looked at me closely and smiled with arms outstretched. "Mary come to Mummy darling."

I stood and walked towards her, our breasts were touching as we embraced. We hugged and kissed each other like women do. Then my male brain kicked down a gear and I put my hands up to my breasts to feel them. They felt so good.

"What do we have here?" Kathy asked noticing my red face. "You used to like fondling my breasts. Now you have your own to play with you'll know now what a pleasure zone they can be."

I quickly changed the subject from this new found uneasiness asking, "Kathy, I feel much smaller. How tall am I now?"

"Mary you were five feet six in your bare feet, with those heels five feet nine," said Ruth confidently.

"That means you have lost over eight inches in height," added Kathy.

Ruth put her arms around me and hugged me hard again. Now in this slight body, I thought she was going to split me in two. Then she started to cover my face with very wet lipstick covered kisses. I didn't know what to do as this strange lady continued to hug away.

Our breasts were pushed against one another and my nipples started to stiffen again. The longer she held me the warmer I started to get. Being in this body was not as bad as it seemed at first. Sex had never been a big part of my life in recent years but this was so warm and sensual. Ruth finally broke off her long embrace, grabbed my two hands and looked me straight in the eyes.

"Mary honey, I have missed you so much, let's get out of here and go home. All your old clothes and possessions are at our new home and I can have the spare bedroom made ready for you. Oh, this is going to be like it was but without that drunken father of yours," Ruth said.

"She can't be serious, can she?" I asked Kathy.

"Perfectly serious, you are now her daughter. Mary Parks is your new identity so I guess you had better do as she says," said Kathy laughing. "George doesn't live here anymore and I'll report you missing on the way over to Ruth's place."

"What happened to the real Mary Parks?" I asked my hands still grasped firmly by Ruth.

"Don't you remember? I told you she died about three months ago in a car crash," said Kathy. "Only she didn't did she? You are going to have to realise that your new life starts now because Ruth is taking you to her house after we have a bite to eat."

At that point we made for the stairs and Ruth holding my hand led me away from my old life. We carefully picked our way up the steep steps in our heels, the tight skirt and short legs confining me to just one step at a time compared to my normal two. Although my ankles felt fine, the pressure on my toes and the ball of my foot started to increase and I couldn't imagine walking very far in these instruments of femininity. As we went up the stairs I instinctively ducked to avoid the beam that lay half way up. Kathy following behind me just laughed as she saw me try to miss the beam that was now six inches above my pretty mane.

Soon we were seated in the kitchen at the breakfast bar eating some salad sandwiches that Kathy quickly prepared. I was still hungry and ate in silence looking for any move from the two women.

As Kathy dropped a cup of decaffeinated and unsweetened coffee in front of me she said," Mary just think that you will have to help your Mum around the house now."

"Kathy I can't go with her, I love you, please you have had your fun, turn me back. I thought that you wanted me to get the machine ready for sale?"

"Mary, Mary please, please," Kathy said trying to calm me down. "You just don't get it do you?

"Get what?" I replied.

"You see we don't need your machine anymore. Ruth received a sizeable insurance settlement for the death of her husband and daughter and in return for your arrival as Mary, she has agreed to help fund my studio."

"Well this is for keeps then," I said suddenly realising that Kathy and Ruth would have no intention of turning me back.

"Don't be like that Mary, when the time is right you will get you male body back. It just might take a little time that's all. If anything happens to me then you are stuck as Mary forever, so you will have to keep a watchful eye out for your Aunt Kathy now, " she said with a smile.

"I don't want to stay a girl for an instant longer," I shouted back in my high voice at Kathy. I ran round to her and screamed in her face, "Where is it, what did you do with my fucking disk and hair sample?"

Then she reached with her other hand grabbed my small wrists. With one yank, she had me under control again I just couldn't believe how much stronger she was.

"Now look here little Miss Mary. There will be no more shouting and swearing. Your picture disk and the lock of your hair are no longer here and no matter where you look you won't find them. So you had better control your temper from now on and be sweet Mary Parks for a while or you'll never ever be George again," Kathy replied with a look of triumph over her face.

"That means that you will now do as you are told," added Ruth.

My heels clicked on the hardwood floor as I walked back to my stool as I focused on what Kathy had just said. She meant business and I would have to watch my step or else I would be this way forever. I could feel a large lump in my throat as I tried to swallow. Then both Kathy and I could hear Ruth starting to sob on the other side of the table.

"Kathy this isn't my precious little Mary, this is some grotesque caricature," Ruth cried. "My baby would never have acted like that. You had my hopes up so high when I came over here and saw what you had created but now I know this is wrong. I just want to go home."

As tears ran down her face, Ruth continued, "what a friend you have turned out to be. You have ruined my last real reminder of Mary to create this monster. At least I still have my picture and my memories. You are both nothing but animals and if I knew how to run that damn machine downstairs that is exactly what I would turn you into."

Kathy quickly let go of me and went round to Ruth. "I didn't expect her to react like that. Look leave her with me for tonight and I will straighten her out."

"What will you do to stop her behaving like that again?" Ruth asked in between the tears.

"I am not sure yet but I know I can straighten her out just please give me the chance. Look tomorrow is a holiday, why don't we all go out to dinner tomorrow night. If she misbehaves then you will have every right to hate me but please have some confidence in me please."

At that Ruth cuddled Kathy and the two women embraced, "Just bring her along tomorrow night acting like my baby again and I will keep her." Ruth tried to spit out the words between sobs.

Ruth then grabbed her purse and her picture of Mary and then padded to the door before she stopped and looked back with tears in her eyes. "Kathy, I really hope that you can do this, I don't want this to come between us and I would dearly love to have my Mary back. I don't want to lose our friendship if you fail and remember Mary, no matter what, your mummy loves you," With that profound statement she turned and opened the door.

My jaw dropped and I could feel tears welling up in my own eyes as she closed it gently behind her. She was a very nice woman and I felt such a heel for having made her so sad. But shit, I was a man caught up in some bizarre plan hatched by two emotional females. I was going to be a man again come hell or high water. But as I felt the tears trickle down my cheek, geesh, was I just an emotional female now to? One of them? God help me!

Kathy then turned to me and said, "Unless you want to stay this way forever you had better start to behave. Come with me upstairs and we can have a long talk about this. Then we will start you on a crash course on how to behave like a proper young lady."


Chapter 8         Under Aunt Kathy's Orders

We sat on the bed, and Kathy paced backwards and forwards thinking to herself. I interjected her thoughts with another plea, "Ruth has gone now, Kathy let's go back down to the basement and turn me back, it will only take a minute," I pleaded. "We can come back up here and have some great sex."

Kathy's disappointment in not pleasing Ruth suddenly boiled over and my last statement just pushed her over the top. She stopped in her tracks, turned and slapped me hard across the side of my face. I held my hand up to my stinging face and started to cry. Something I would never have done as a man.

"I have had just about enough of your whining and it's Aunt Kathy now," she snapped. "If you ever want to become George again you will accept this change completely or I will destroy that special picture disk I took of you."

I swallowed hard and said, "You know I would be stuck like this forever.You wouldn't go that far, would you?"

"You want to bet," she retorted. "Now lets make a deal, there will be no more whining or complaining. Because every time you do from now on, I am going to add a year to the time you stay this way. Is that clear?"

"Yes it's crystal clear, how long do you intend to keep me like this?" I replied thinking that an extra day would be too long.

"Right now I don't know, all I know is that you will be ready for Ruth tomorrow night. If she doesn't accept you then you could be looking at 3 months in dresses."

I bit my lip and thought 'I have got to be careful what I say from now on.' She said I could be like this for a long time.

"Sit down at my vanity, it is time we did something with that long hair of yours," she said.

"Before I do I need to use the toilet please," I said.

"Well you know where it is though you may have to present yourself slightly differently Mary," she replied

"Present myself? I asked.

"Yes it's called sitting, do you know how to do that?" she asked.

"Yes of course," I said, "of course I do."

"Well don't forget to wipe afterwards." She replied.

I did my business and headed back towards the room conscious of my new sex more than I had ever been. Once I started to urinate it came out in a rapid flow like a jet powered hose. I couldn't stop it like I could with my penis, once I started I just kept going until I finished. I even sounded like a woman.

I got up and struggled to find my feet on the deep pile carpet. I tripped over to the vanity and sat in front of the large wall mounted mirror. I looked in the mirror and started lusting straight away. I was drop dead gorgeous. My face was perfect apart from a small mole on my right cheek. My blue eyes where big and round, my normal colour had been brown. My whole face was so petite. I reached up with my hands and rubbed my soft and smooth cheeks that no longer had a sign of stubble or beard growth. My left cheek was redder than my left as a result of Kathy's slap. My nose was narrow and upturned slightly at its tip. When I opened my mouth so that I could see my teeth, I found that they were small, straight and as white as snow with no fillings. 'So unlike George,' I thought who had more fillings than teeth in his mouth.

Kathy picked up her hair brush and started to drag it through my long straggly hair.

"Owh," I whined as she caught the brush in some untidy hair. "Please be careful, can't we at least cut this hair now? Does it need to be this long.?"

"What did I say about whining, just get used to it for a little while," she said as she eased the brush down my long tresses. She started to plait the hair and as she did I could feel my hair tighten across my scalp. I now sported a French braid style and then she used hair grips to pile it onto my head.

"Now I want you to watch carefully, because you need some make-up if we are to go out tonight," she said.

"I can't go out and what make-up?" I asked.

"Yes we can, we are going out shopping and some simple lipstick and eye make-up would enhance you even more. Come on, relax this will be fun," she said.

"Please don't do this to me," I whined again.

"Mary I'll not warn you again or it will be another year for you like this, now watch carefully because when I am finished you will have to do this yourself."

"All right, what's first," I said. I couldn't believe that I had just said that.

Why did I say that? Before I could work it out Kathy started on my face.

"The shops will close soon so we will just do the minimum," she said looking in the mirror at my face.

I tried not to be apprehensive when she pulled out some pallet of eye-shadow colours and applied some shades of brown to my upper lids. "Now your eyelashes," she said and she showed me the mascara wand. "Look up when you do your lower lashes and look down when you do the upper ones. Here you try," she said as she rummaged in her bag.

I opened my mouth to concentrate on making sure I didn't poke out my eyes. When I had finished, I blinked a few times and I could feel the extra weight on my eyelashes.

"You have great eyelashes, so long and full," she said smiling. "Just a moment, your eyebrows need tidying slightly." With that she picked up her tweezers and pulled out some hairs above my nose and then for good measure two or three on my chin.

"Good now your lips," she said pulling out a new tube from her bag. "First this dark red lip pencil will outline your lips," she said.

The lip pencil gave my lips a pouty outline and she was soon covering my lips with a burgundy red lip colour. "I always use a lip brush when I apply the colour, it is so much easier," she said.

For some reason, I was fascinated and interested in what she had to say. This was really weird, where had my male spirit suddenly gone? I felt that I should resist but something was suddenly holding me back.

"I have used a long lasting kiss proof lipstick on your lips, it should last until we come back, but you should always carry it with you," she said popping the long dark blue tube in a small brown leather clutch bag.

"Why kiss proof?" I surprised myself by asking.

"Simple because Mary, you might meet a guy and kiss him," she replied laughing.

Just a little while ago that would have sounded repulsive to me but now I just smiled. Kathy could see my smile and she seemed less tense as a result. "You like that idea of kissing a guy Mary?" She asked.

"I had never thought about it before," I replied truthfully. "I am female now, so why not?" I couldn't believe what I had just said as Kathy applied a little blush to my cheeks.

"We have a few small touches to do and we are ready," she said taking a cigarette out of her packet.

"Ready for what?" I asked astonished at my lovely face.

"Some polish on your nails, they will need at least two coats, so let's get them done," Kathy said lighting up her long elegant cigarette.

"Kathy can't we cut them? I have difficulty in doing anything with them this length," I replied truthfully.

"No way, I would die for nails that long, and if I find that you have cut them, then expect to live as a woman for as long as it takes for them to grow back," she said seriously. "In a few days you will wonder what all the fuss was about, I really think that they make your hands so attractive."

She gave me a French manicure finish with white tips and two coats of clear varnish. As the varnish dried she applied a silver motif to each thumb and forefinger. Nobody could ignore these talons now. I certainly couldn't.

"Now Mary, I know that accidents will happen, so if it does let me know and I'll make sure that you use some ceramic nails to repair any damage," she said drawing hard on her cigarette. "Now some earrings, a ladies watch and some bracelets and rings I think."

I was surprised when she found that both my ears already sported two holes in each ear lobe and a third near the top. I was soon sporting a pearl in one and a long gold hoop in my ear lobes.

"Are you ready to go shopping," she said, "and to go for a drink?"

I heard myself say, "Yes Aunt Kathy."

"Good you are learning Mary."

"Can I ask you a question?" I said gently.

"Yes Mary, you may," she replied.

"May I have one of your cigarettes please?" I asked.

"Why yes, of course, I didn't know you smoked Mary," she replied.

"I didn't either but I have this craving for one that will not go away. I don't know why because I never smoked as George. I have detested your habit ever since we first went out together. Now I just want a cigarette and I hope you'll understand."

"How delightful," she said handing me her packet of long slim ladies cigarettes and her lighter.

"Could you help me, my nails are still tacky," I asked.

"Of course dear," she said and she placed the cigarette between my lips. I could feel the heat of her lighter as she lit the tip. I drew on the cigarette and could immediately feel the smoke enter my lungs. I coughed slightly and using my finger tips removed it from my lips to exhale.

"That feels better," I said taking another puff on my cigarette. "Do you have any spare packets, I have feeling I will be smoking from now on," I said looking for my lipstick mark on the tip as I held it with my long fingers.

"I never knew Mary smoked," said Kathy, "obviously she did otherwise you wouldn't have the craving."

"I can't understand it. It does feel natural," I said taking another deep draw and puffing out a strong energetic breath of smoke towards the ceiling.

"Here Mary take these and we will try and pick up a carton for you when we go out," she said handing me an almost full pack of twenty. She handed me the clutch purse and I was instructed to fill it with the make-up, the cigarettes, lighter and a perfume spray that she used on my neck and wrists. It smelled delightful after the aromatic tobacco smell.

I stubbed out the cigarette after a few more puffs leaving the stub smoking in the ash tray.

"One more thing, we don't know when you will have a period, so I think that you should take precautions and pack some tampons and some sanitary towels," said Kathy.

"The curse of womanhood, a period for me," I asked.

"It's not so bad, time will tell if you get cramps like my mother did," said Kathy. "Now then, hair, make-up, clothes, purse and shoes. We just need a jacket for that outfit and we are ready." She tossed me a short jacket that matched the material of the long line skirt.

"Aunt Kathy I am sorry if I am a little uneasy about this, I will try to behave now," I said.

"I know you will Mary, come on the shops close in a couple of hours and I want to get you ready for tomorrow night."

"Could you help me up please," I asked stretching out my hand. She pulled me up onto my feet again and I could feel the pressure on my toes as we headed downstairs. A day earlier and I would have bounded down the stairs two at a time, now I had to place my feet carefully and hold on to that hand rail for assistance. I could feel my breasts jostle in their cups that held them in place each time my high heeled foot settled sharply onto the next step. I could sense my new expanded female rear wiggle and bounce behind me at the same time. It all felt so erotic to me. Where were these feelings coming from?

Kathy locked the house and I stood at the front door shivering with my arms folded under my chest as she activated the alarm.

"You are standing just like a woman, come on Mary, you have nothing to be afraid about, it is not like you are a man in drag, you sound, move and talk just like a woman," she said handing me a pair of fur lined leather gloves.

"Here these will keep your hands warm," she said, "it is minus 5 today and we really need to buy you a new coat."

I stepped outside and could feel the draught of cold air go up my skirt. I shivered with a combination of raw excitement and the cold. The ground was slippery with a thin covering of ice and I had to tread carefully in my smooth soled shoes to avoid falling on my rear. I stood at the car door and again folded my arms under my breasts. This action seemed automatic whenever I was cold.

"If George had been around, he would have had this yard salted," I said as we reached for the safety of the car door handles.

She looked over the roof at me and smiling said, "well he isn't is he?"

"No is he isn't," I agreed taking my seat in the car alongside Kathy. "Do you mind if I smoke," I asked.

"No go right ahead," she said, "I'll have one too."

I pushed in the car cigarette lighter and lit hers and handed it to her.

"Thank you darling, you are not going to lecture me now about passive smoking are you?" she smiled as she let go the handbrake and drove into the street.

"No Aunt Kathy," I said settling back in the seat with my left hand under chest supporting my right elbow as I took my own deep inhalation of nicotine. I didn't feel disgust and loathing at what I was doing, it felt so right.

"I can't understand why I used to lecture you so much about smoking, this is really enjoyable," I said and I took another long drag at my cigarette. I look at my hand it looked so natural my nails curled underneath the cigarette.

I could feel the smoke curl around my lungs and instead of coughing and choking as I would have done as George, I held my breath and then breathed out through my nose. The grey smoke emerging from my nostrils. God I was enjoying this. I felt myself settle in the car seat and I could feel myself getting moist.

Kathy was a good driver and I asked if I could drive home.

"Not today," she said. "I'll ask Ruth if she still has Mary's licence."

Soon we were turning into the shopping complex and she parked the car.

"Mary." She said.

"Yes Aunt Kathy," I returned.

"Oh nothing just checking," she replied. "When we go into the mall, I want to check out some shoes, a new coat, some make-up and if possible an appointment to the hairdressing salon."

Kathy had to wait as I got out. I found that the long tight skirt meant that I had to swing both my legs together and plant my heels firmly on the ground before standing. She locked the car doors and I was grateful when I noticed that she had parked right next to the entrance. As we entered it was with some reluctance that I put out my long cigarette in the sand bucket by the door.

I could feel my legs rub against one another and I felt really comfortable in the heels like I had been wearing them for years.

"Aunt Kathy, how old am I? I mean how old is Mary?" I asked.

"You were just past your 18th birthday," said Kathy.

We headed for the biggest store in the mall and with Kathy's help I soon had a sleeveless long length cocktail black dress with a plunging square neckline and two broad straps. The lace bodice revealing my ample bosom that I now knew was a 36c.

The dress was tight around my legs and walking was difficult but Kathy knew it would create the right impression with her friend and charged it to our charge card.

"What do you think the secret of being really feminine is?" Kathy asked me as we walked away with a pure wool full length coat towards the check out.

"I don't know," I replied suddenly anxious to find out.

"This," she said handing over our charge card again. "Shopping, men never seem to enjoy it like we do, buying clothes for them is a chore but here tonight I can see that you are beginning to enjoy yourself. Now if you are ready let's buy you some lingerie and some shoes."

"Won't Ruth, I mean won't Mummy have plenty at home for me?" I asked.

"I think that it would be a good idea to get some new bras," said Kathy.

Soon we were in a lingerie shop and I was being measured up by a large matrony type lady who showed me how it was done. The lady confirmed my earlier discovery that I was a 36c with a trim 28" waist and 34" hips. We picked two underwire bras that really seemed to make my chest stick out away from body. I could feel the wires under my breasts and they seemed comfortable except where the wire ended at the side. Kathy told me they all did that.

"Do you think that I could get a couple of sports bras too?" I asked.

"Why?" Kathy asked back.

"Well I would like to keep this body in shape," I replied.

"Yes that makes sense," she agreed and I soon had added to my growing collection of clothing. We bought some panties and some stockings and a suspender belt. Why I don't know but Kathy was paying so I didn't complain.

We walked out of the shop to head for some shoes when we bumped into a couple of guys. Both were obviously brothers and they helped restore our dropped packages. I smiled as they handed me back my purchases. Kathy noticed.

"Mary what is happening too you?" she asked.

"Why do you mean smiling at those guys?" I replied.

"Yes I mean if you were George you would never smile at anybody let alone another guy," she said making me think.

"Kathy this is frightening," I said as I stopped to look at her. "I feel that my George persona is losing control and a new person is coming forward. I know what is happening but I seem powerless to stop it."

"That could explain your new readiness to comply with my instructions," she replied. "You are slowly becoming Mary, George is still in there but I think that he will soon have no more control. Oh good Ruth is going to be so pleased when she sees you tomorrow."

"Just now when I smiled at that guy, I felt this incredible lust for him and I have never felt like that before. I am not gay Kathy yet his strong arms, his butt and his waist suddenly look attractive to me," I said looking concerned.

"Well George was a big jerk anyway, good riddance," she said.

"I'm not gone Kathy I am still here but it seems odd that I want to kiss a guy like him," I replied.

"You do, this is better than I thought," she said. "Wait until Ruth hears about this," and she went over to a pay-phone. I stood beside her as she dialled Ruth's number. I stood and waited as she told her the news. I found that my ankles were beginning to get quite sore now and I found myself unconsciously straightening my ankle out while pivoting my shoe about the stiletto heel. When Kathy came off the phone I asked how she had taken the news.

"Much better, she hopes that she can see the new you tomorrow," Kathy replied. "Right we need a pair of boots, a pair of high heeled slippers and a conservative pair of 2" square heels for meetings and job interviews."

The shoe store was at the end of the mall and we clipped back and I found that at last I was getting the hang of these heels. Kathy noticed. "You are walking much better now," she said.

"They take some getting used to, the only problem I have is that they pinch my toes a little," I said smiling back at her.

It was Kathy who called a halt to our march through the mall as we headed for a coffee shop. Kathy soon reprimanded me as we took our seats.

"You may be tired but that's no reason why you should sit down like that, put your packages under the table and use your hands to smooth your skirt under you. Don't slouch in the chair and here drink your coffee," she said showing that she was still in control.

I love strong coffee with cream and sugar but I surprised myself by ordering decaffeinated with milk and no sugar. It tasted vile but I was being over-ruled by something inside my head. Kathy insisted that I should not eat anything though I still had my male appetite.

"Please can't I have something to eat," I pleaded.

"No you can't, you need to realise that you will have to look after that figure of yours from now on," she said laughing.

With my feet restored somewhat, I looked around and suddenly found myself staring at every man that walked past. Some I instantly dismissed but I would home in on every young guy that came within 10 feet of our table.

Kathy broke my gaze at two guys when she spoke, "Mary look over there, drink up, this is too good to be true."

"What's too good to be true?"

"Over there in the department store, they are offering free makeovers, let's go and see what they can offer you, it's not busy so they should see us straight away."

I groaned slightly when I rose back onto my heels and we headed heavily laden down with the packages to the Estee Lauder cosmetic counter. "I'll just be one moment girls," said the assistant. "Please take a seat."

I needed no second bidding and Kathy made sure that I sat in front of the mirror.

The assistant was one of those typical cosmetic girls who was heavily made up with the full range of cosmetics she offered. She started by handing me some colour charts to determine my hair colour and from that she came up with a range of eye shadows and lipsticks that would suit me.

She used a cleansing agent to remove all my previous make-up and started to apply her company's cosmetics to my face.

"Well Mary, I think that you have such a pretty face, I hate to say it but you don't need much to enhance what nature has given you," she said.

"Oh what would you recommend?" I said thinking great at least I can wear less of this muck on my face now.

"Well I would use a little foundation on your cheeks and neck, a lighter shade of red lipstick and certainly less dark eye shadow. You looked like a panda with those dark browns on your lids. I would also recommend our mascara which doesn't clump like yours."

"Could you do my aunt after me," I asked as she did my eyelashes.

"Sure," she said, "You will find that if you wait a minute and then apply a second coat, your eyelashes will seem really long now, just look up please." I did as I was told and when she was finished I blinked hard loving my new longer eyelashes. With my new lipstick applied she looked at my nails and commented on long they were.

"I would die for set of talons like that, they must have taken ages to grow," she said. "We do a line in repair kits that you could use to repair a cracked or chipped nail. It would be a real shame if you had to cut one and spoil the look of your hand."

"My Aunt Kathy here suggested that I could use a false nail until my own grew out," I replied.

"Yes you could but we do a small repair kit that works using small strips of glass fibre and resin that bond to your own nails. When it dries you buff it down and it looks as good as new," she replied.

"We will take a packet," Aunt Kathy interrupted. I was going to have longer nails for a while yet. I should have felt more dismayed but I felt proud that other women liked my nails. I still couldn't manage more than the most basic functions and I asked her what I should do improve my dexterity with them.

"Just try picking up small things, your polish looks fine," she said. "I would square up the ends a little too, the pointed look has had it's day. Take a look at mine."

"Will that be difficult," I asked looking at the flat tips she sported.

"No any beautician could do it, you could get it done here if you like." she replied.

Next Kathy came under the brush and as the girl worked on her, I tried to remember something about a machine that came into my head. A machine that I had invented. I dismissed the thought as I looked at the rows and rows of lipstick tubes. I was inside a temple of femininity and I was loving it. Finally we paid for our purchases and we were rewarded with some free samples.

"Since you are my last customers, you might as well have these," she said as she piled make-up removers, moisturisers and eye shadows in our special make-up bags we were given. Finally she gave us a spray of perfume and I loved the smell.

"Come on Mary, we have just got time to buy you some better shoes," she said as we tried to run in our heels. Running was surprisingly easy as we used our toes anyway. It was all the packages that were causing us problems as we reached the shoe shop.

Once inside a guy in his twenties approached and smiled, "can I help you ladies."

"Where are your ladies size 6?" asked Kathy.

"Just over there, is there a particular style you like or would like to see?" he asked walking closer.

"My niece here is looking for a ankle length high heel boot," said Kathy.

"Please come with me," he said.

"When do you close?" I asked hoping that these heels would not be as high as the pair I currently wore.

"I will close when you ladies have finished making your purchases," he smiled.

The first pair I looked at covered my ankle bone and were fitted with a really high heel that tapered to a 1" point. He undid the side zip and helped slip it on my foot. I smiled at him as he zipped it shut. The boot felt tight and restrictive and I loved the fur trim at the ankle.

"Try those out," he said slipping on its mate.

He helped me up and I walked carefully over the carpet. This felt weird these heels were higher and less comfortable than the pair I had been wearing but I loved them.

"How much," said Kathy to the man as I returned to my seat.

"Not much," he said, "those are in the sale plus there could be further discounts if you would let me buy you both a drink."

"Unfortunately we have a big day tomorrow otherwise we would take you up on that," said Kathy smiling. "We will take those boots and come back later in the week."

"Do you want those wrapped ladies?" he asked.

"No she will take them as they are, you could find a bag for her heels," said Kathy.

"They are certainly very elegant shoes," he said as he rung up his last sale of the day handing me back my heels. "You have good taste in footwear."

"Thanks," I blushed.

"Would you like to go for a drink sometime this week?" he asked suddenly.

"Sorry I can't, I have to go home," I said inwardly sad that I had just turned down my first date.

"Well if you change your mind, you know where I am," he said smiling.

I walked out the store in my new boots and could feel that they would take some getting used to. They did support my ankles better than the pumps I had worn earlier and I didn't feel like I would go over on my ankle like before.

"Come on Mary, let's go home. Was that guy trying to date you?" she asked as we headed back towards the car.

"Yes he was," I said.

"How do you feel about dating and kissing a guy?" She asked.

"It feels strange I am a guy after all, I shouldn't feel that way, I have never had a relationship with a man before."

"Well it won't look strange because you look and act like a girl and not ugly George anymore. Maybe you should stay as Mary forever?" she teased.

"No Aunt Kathy, I just want my old life back. I know you hold all the cards.

Forever is a long time," I said with a gulp.

"What going back to being boring old George, you can't be serious?" she asked as she opened up the car.

"George had a lot to offer," I said.

"Like what? All he did was eat, sleep, shit and work," she replied.

"OK I admit he wasn't always the most sociable of animals but he was a good engineer and scientist," I tried hard to make her see my point of view.

"That doesn't mean anything if he was as inconsiderate and self centred as he was," she replied.

"I suppose so, but look at what I invented!" I said taking my seat in the passenger side again.

"Light me a cigarette. I am looking at what you invented and so were all the men in the mall back there," she said with a giggle as we both started smoking as she headed out back to our home.

A few trips were needed to move all my purchases to our bedroom. Kathy having decided that me sleeping in her bedroom would still be OK.

When I dropped my packages I felt tired, my feet hurt and my legs ached.

"We need to make some space for you," she said as she started to pile some of George's clothing into a heap on the floor. Of course most of it no longer fitted even the tubby and older George. I tried to object on her decision to clear out my wardrobe but when George's boxer shorts in his drawer were replaced with the high cut panties and pantyhose something stopped me. This was too much, I was beginning to like being Mary. What was wrong with me?


Chapter 9         Aunt Kathy's lover

Soon we had unpacked all my new clothes while George's smelly and untidy stuff lay in a heap on the floor by the bedroom door. I started to pack it into a laundry hamper when Kathy stopped me.

"Stop Mary, just put it in these plastic sacks, I'll get rid of it all tomorrow," she said.

"But," I said.

"No buts Mary, it all goes to the charity shop, end of story," she interrupted.

"I will need some male clothes when I change back," I bleated.

"Who says that you will be allowed to change back?" She asked, "I thought you said you liked being Mary."

"I do and I don't, it's just all these things that have happened too fast for me and are so foreign. It's like women are another species instead of being part of the human race," I said trying to get her to understand what this transformation was doing to me. What was it really doing to me?

"So what are you trying to tell me Mary?" She asked softly.

"Just be kinder to me and try to understand my feelings in this, please," I said.

"I think this shows another side of you Mary, it shows your feminine side is coming through stronger each minute." she said smiling.

"Aunt Kathy, can I go to bed now, I am exhausted."

"Yes, Mary but obviously we need to get those clothes and make-up off first," she replied.

With my long nails, I struggled with the catches and buttons, Kathy had to help me more than once. Soon I was standing in just my bra and panties as Kathy reached into her wardrobe and then threw me a silk nightdress and a matching housecoat. "You will find a pair of slippers in that shoe rack over there," she said.

I tiptoed over and found a pair that had a thin strap across the toe and no heel strap.

"Those are the ones," she said looking me.

I looked back at her with a quizzical expression.

"Yes those are called mules, put them on," she ordered.

I did as I was told and almost fell flat on my face. The thin strap was just across my toes and I found that these were just not a good idea.

"Kathy haven't you got something a little more sensible, I don't want to end up in hospital." I said trying to make my way back to my side of the bed.

"It's Aunt Kathy and no I don't, those must be worn at night," she said as she removed her make-up.

I sat down beside her and watched as she used the cleansing lotion to remove her make-up. "Never ever go to bed with make-up on," she said.

Soon it was my turn and she commented on how well I had removed it all.

"You have had a rough day Mary, I think that we need to get some rest now. I am sorry I laughed at you before, but I couldn't help it when I saw your reaction to having a little soft opening just like mine," she said.

"With every hour that passes I feel I am becoming Mary more and more. I am that girl Mary in the picture and although I still have my memories and thought processes they are being overwritten with the new ones I have experienced since Ruth left." I replied trying to tell her that I had changed.

"I know before we get into bed, let's get you into a long hot bath. The bath is big enough for two isn't it?" she asked me referring to the fact that it had been years since Kathy and George had had one together.

"Yes it's been a while," I said and she turned on the water pouring in a whole bottle of lavender bath oil. Soon it was a foaming cauldron as I removed my panties and helped Kathy to get out of hers. "Hey there is blood here," I said pointing to her panties.

"Yes just put them in the sink," she said, "Look's like I have just started my period. That's something else to worry about Mary."

She rushed to the cabinet under the sink and grabbed a box of tampons. As I lay back into the soft bubbles she came back towards the bath and spread her legs.

"Look," she said as she spread them wider with one foot on the edge of the bath. If I had had a penis I would have had an erection but as it was I was still excited by what I saw.

"I'm looking," I said fascinated by the sight of her private parts exposed to me.

"Well watch this," she said tearing open the paper wrapper and taking the tampon in her hands to show me what it was.

"Inside here is a wad of cotton wool that absorbs the monthly blood discharge from the uterus," she said and then asked, "why does that happen?"

Without waiting for a rely she continued, "It happens when the female egg isn't fertilised and you know why it wasn't fertilised don't you Mary?" she said with a sneer.

"Yes Aunt Kathy," I said knowing that as George, I had failed to consummate the marriage for over six months. "I am sorry."

"Well that's in the past now Mary, just pay attention while I show you how to insert it."

I looked between her legs and I could see right towards her slit. There was the sign of blood redness that was present and I looked on as she pushed the applicator towards her opening and started to insert it.

"Finally we push this part and the tampon is inserted. Next we pull out the applicator to leave this string to ease removal later," she explained.

"Oh I see," I said humouring her and suddenly realising I would have a period too and if that didn't happen the alternative of a pregnancy seemed 100 times worse.

I lay back in the hot water feeling the oils making my skin soft and smooth. Suddenly this seemed important to have soft skin. "Aunt Kathy would you wash my hair please?" I asked hoping that I could still get some of the length removed.

"Sure," she said and she walked around behind me and began to undo the French braid she had created earlier. "You don't know how lucky you are to have hair this thick, smooth and rich. Have you taken the time to feel it or look at it? Just look over your shoulder at it. You are so lucky Mary."

"Yes it feels thick and soft but don't you think it is a little too long?" I asked again.

"Yes I do but we might have time to do something about it tomorrow or you will have to learn to live with it until you move in with your Mother," Kathy replied. "I know I wouldn't cut it if it was mine."

"That can be arranged," I said smiling referring to the machine in the basement

"I'm warning you," she replied.

"I'm sorry Aunt Kathy," I replied trying to look demure as possible.

She continued to wash my hair and finally she was done. Finishing the treatment with a final conditioning rinse before putting the hair inside a large towel and rolling it onto my head.

I lay back in the hot tub and saw my nipples rising and falling out of the soapy water as I breathed. I just closed my eyes and put my hands down between my legs and decided to give myself a good clean down there. I tried not to think of other things while I relaxed. Kathy had gone back into the bedroom to fetch her other bath robe and when she came back I was panting with pleasure.

"Hey, save that for later," she said catching me moving my nipples and my clitoris at the same time.


"Yes I want to make love to you," she said. "Come on out you get," and I got up and put on the bath robe she extended to me.

As she did she stepped into the bath and sat down, gave herself a quick wash all over and we re-emerged dripping wet. We dried each other off with large soft bath sheets and soon we were laying on the bed looking at one another.

"We really need to dry that hair of yours," she said looking into my eyes and kissing me on the mouth.

I didn't resist and she continued to move her lips around my face and neck until she sucked my nipples hard. "Mary I want to make love to you in a way that I never did with George," she said looking up at me from my chest area.

"What do you have in mind," I asked still panting.

"You'll soon find out," she said and she soon descended towards my crotch.

She licked and teased my clitoris with her tongue and when she started to bite and nibble it, I went wild. I didn't want her to stop and she didn't. She stuck her tongue up my vagina and sucked hard again and again on my clitoris. All of a sudden I raised my left leg and brought it down on her face, trapping her head between both my thighs. I had Kathy between my legs and I could feel myself coming in waves. She managed to get a breath of air and she dived into my pubic area again. I was building now towards a climax and I tightened my grip still more. Poor Kathy was being crushed beneath my powerful thighs but I just couldn't stop.

Then I came. I shuddered but she kept licking and sucking. I came again and she continued, it was so good and still she kept up with her tongue on my clitoris. Finally she bit me gently and I just collapsed in a big heap completely spent. My legs loosened up and I felt her take in a deep breath like someone who has been testing how long they can hold their breath under water.

I felt so content now, so much at ease with myself all I wanted to do was sleep. As a man an orgasm had been wham, bang, thank you mam, get back to work. Everything was centred around a little piece of flesh on the tip of my cock but this had been a delirious whole body experience and it felt so good. I hadn't been prepared for the glow I felt afterwards as I lay and tried to keep my eyes from opening.

Kathy though wasn't satisfied with my resting state and soon advanced up the bed and kissed me squarely on the mouth. I could taste my salty vaginal juices as she inserted her tongue into my mouth. I was too tired to resist and felt myself drifting away into a deep sleep.

Kathy though had other ideas and soon had me seated while she started to brush and dry my hair. She plaited it into two pigtails and tied the ends with two red ribbons. I removed my earrings and replaced my sleeper studs. She tucked me back into bed on her side of the bed and I was asleep.


Chapter 10        A last day with Kathy

It was nearly 11:00pm when I went to sleep and when I awoke it was 11:00am. That had been the longest I had slept since my student days on weekends. I stretched out and found that Kathy's soft shape was no longer with me. I saw a note pinned to her pillow.


Get breakfast started I have gone out to the studio to take care of an emergency and to buy some slims, I'll be back around 11:30.


Aunt Kathy)

I thought that I might be able to use what little time I had to get back to my own body somehow. I picked up a cigarette, lit it and started to inhale deeply as my body craved for that first nicotine fix of the day. In seconds I felt much calmer and was able to concentrate more. As I flicked some ash into the beside ashtray I looked over at George's pile of clothing still in their sacks.

I opened up the first and saw my old sweat shirt and pants and quickly drew them on. Of course everything was much too big to fit me properly and I was aroused when I could smell George's sweaty odour lingering in my nostrils. No time to worry about make-up now. I rushed downstairs and thought about where Kathy would hide my picture disk and the DNA sample. I looked in the bookshelf, looking through some of books we possessed and dismissed that as too obvious. I was getting desperate and five minutes before she was due back I found them inside a vase sealed inside a polythene bag.

'She was cunning that Kathy,' I thought.

I replaced both the disk and the hair sample with some substitutes and placed my items behind some books in the bookcase. Just then I heard her return in the car and I could hear her heels across the tarmac driveway. I rushed upstairs and headed for the bathroom while Kathy seemed to take ages to come up the stairs.

"Mary," she shouted.

"Yes, could you help me please?" I shouted back as I struggled to do up my bra in the rear and gave up. I sat on the bed frustrated at my inability to do up the clips, my cigarette dangling precariously from my lips.

At that point I could hear Kathy coming up the stairs, as she entered the room she spoke. "What's wrong?"

"Everything I just can't get the hang of this, even a simple thing like putting on this bra, I can't decide what to wear and then how do I apply make-up and style my hair. All this takes ages just to come down the stairs. Right now I feel pretty hopeless at this Aunt Kathy will you help me?"

"Sure it's not so bad, let's get started," she said "Yesterday, you were helped a little, now it's time you learnt to do everything for yourself. Here put this bra on first," Kathy requested while handing me a new underwire bra from our trip yesterday. "Take it slowly and try and feel for the three hooks in the back," she said as I struggled with my long nails.

"No Aunt Kathy, this is impossible." I said taking it off again and showing my frustration.

"Turn it right round then," she said looking sympathetic.

I picked up again, took it in my trembling fingers and started to do up the hooks under my heaving chest.

"That's it now turn it round and slip your arms in," she said. I did as I was told and was soon felling firming of the underwire support under each breast.

"These wires don't half cut in but the uplift they provide is amazing," I said happy that I had crossed my first hurdle.

"You are not finished yet, you need to slacken your shoulder straps just a little using the adjustment," she advised. "Good that's better because they won't cut into your shoulders, now for some high cut panties."

I pulled on a white silky pair that matched my bra up to my waist and was startled to see the effect that they had on my body. I looked down and could see the sexy twin mounds of my labia showing through the material.

"I think that tights are enough for everyday use but tonight I think that stockings are a must," said Kathy unwrapping a dark navy blue pair of tights from their wrapper. "Roll up the first leg until you can insert your toes then gently let go the material as you go up the leg. That's it keep going until you are up to your knee and repeat the process with the other leg. That's right, now pull on both legs and smooth out any wrinkles."

I struggled a little more with the panty hose as I was sure my long fingernails would create a hole or start a run in them but I was able to avoid any by using my finger tips. They moulded themselves to my legs giving a cool silky feeling and rubbing them together created electric sensations as I walked to pick the half slip she was holding.

I stepped into it and pulled up the slip to my small waist. It wasn't quite in the right position and a slight tug downward saw the elastic waistband nestle over my wide hips.

A creamy coloured silk blouse was next and I had no difficulty in doing up the buttons. A shorter knee length charcoal grey skirt courtesy of Kathy was next. It was striped and came with a matching jacket. Around my neck she fastened a broad blue coloured scarf that she tied into a bow. Without being asked I picked up my heels from the day before and slipped them on.

"Will you help me with my make-up and hair please," I asked Kathy lighting up my second cigarette of the day. I loved smoking and I could see that this habit was going to be hard to ditch.

The shorter skirt made movement much easier and I was soon moving over to the vanity. Kathy switched on the lights and I sat in front of the ornate mirror.

"Now since I did your make-up yesterday, I want you do more of it today," she said taking a large handled hair brush and handing it to me. "Start brushing that hair of yours."

"I don't know how too," I looked at her sheepishly.

"It's easy just take small sections of hair and brush each section out before starting on the next."

I grabbed a hank of hair and started my brush strokes at the top and finishing at the bottom. I would do each section in turn with Kathy offering encouragement. Finally when I was done she gave all my hair a final brush until it shown. The whole process must have taken all of 10 minutes and still I wasn't finished.

"Aunt Kathy this is taking ages, I hope Ruth will let me get this hair cut tomorrow," I said.

"You're crazy to want it cut, as a fashion model it could make you lots of money," she replied.

"I can't be a model, how could I be?" I asked her making contact with her eyes in the mirror.

"Quite easily you can start working with me tomorrow. You can help model all my latest collection for me later this month," she said smiling. I thought about that and it slowly dawned on me that I could soon be working for my own wife.

"Yes but it doesn't need to be this length," I said pointing to the hair that now flowed finely and freely down my back. "This just isn't practicable."

"It might not be practicable but then nothing about being female is practicable or haven't you noticed?"

"I've noticed only one thing seems better so far," I said smiling.

"You mean sex, is better?" she asked.

"Oh yes, I have never felt anything like that before," I said taking another sharp draw on my long cigarette.

"How was it so different? I thought you men had the ultimate pleasure centre," she asked.

"A male orgasm doesn't come close to that last night, I came and I came and then I came again, the pleasure was right through my body not just centred on my crotch."

"If that is better surely you can put up with the other inconveniences, you are just not used to that," she replied.

"It all seems so unnecessary, complicated and time consuming to me. It's almost like having a full time job," I continued.

"Well if I have Ruth's agreement this evening it will be your full time job," she replied. "Your work will be to look as beautiful as possible and believe me you have a head start."

With that she started to weave my hair once again into two braids, though much tighter than before. She folded them and tied them up using red and yellow ribbons so that the braids hung in two hoops behind my head. She attached two sets of gold hoops of different sizes to both my earlobes and attached a gold stud to the hole near the top of each ear.

"We had better put something in here, to prevent them closing," she said.

"Now for the war paint," she said.

She picked up the foundation cream and applied a small amount to my nose and cheeks.

"Now take your finger tips and smooth the make up into your skin." she did so and despite these devilish talons that threatened to poke out my eye I was able to massage it into nose and cheeks. As I did so I noticed that my face took on a more natural matt appearance with less red at the side of my nose and under my lips.

"Now for some blusher," she said handing me a big brush that I had to apply to my cheeks. "Suck in your cheeks when you apply the colour."

"You are very quiet, Mary," she said to me.

"Just concentrating," I said.

"Good, this make-up routine is just one of the benefits of being female. I am sure that in a few days time, you will want to look your absolute best," she replied.

"Looking good doesn't bother me it's the time and effort it takes that annoys me," I said bleating.

"If the yesterday is anything to go by, I think that you will learn to enjoy it. You will be able to get your make-up on in no time at all, I realise that it will all be very strange for you." she said.

"It's strange all right, I'm lusting after myself right now," I replied. "I can't believe how beautiful I look."

"Doesn't the make-up turn you on more?" she asked taking out her new mascara and giving it to me to apply.

"Yes and no, I hate the time and effort of it all but the sight of me made up has me lusting after me," I said trying to get her to lighten up.

"Oh by the way, I thought that you should know that your image disk and DNA sample are now in my own new safe deposit box at the bank," she said and my jaw dropped. "Yes I know that you found my decoy material in the vase however you might think the result of using them a little more frightening than your present image."

"Why?" I asked.

"I think that having two identical cats could be kind of fun," she said.

"That other disk was Fluffy's?" I asked.

"Yes that would have been a first to change a human into an animal, so hand them over or just tell me where the items are," said Kathy looking suddenly grim faced. "The other thing I have done is removed the main circuit board from the DNA analyser and that too is at the bank. So you see you are in female form for as long as I want. Believe me Mary I do want this to work out as I have planned."

I was stunned, but played along, "show me how to do my lips and let's get some breakfast I am famished." Shit I thought, in my own haste to get returned to George, I could have ended up as a twin to Fluffy the cat. Kathy now had me by my missing balls in more ways than one!

"Sure," she said taking a lip pencil. "Not every woman uses a lip pencil but I think they are good for increasing the pout look of your mouth. Use the pencil on the outside of the lips and go right round."

I did as I was told and applied the dark red pencil to my lips. I made a mistake or two and she told me to start again before I was ready to fill in the lip area with a creamy red lipstick. Finally I blotted my lips with a tissue as she instructed.

"Come on let's get something to eat," she said grinning at me. "In a couple of days, getting dressed and applying make-up will be a common thing for you, so don't worry."

"Where do you want to go?" I asked feeling slightly nervous at going out in the middle of the day.

"Nowhere special, just the mall, we still need to get you some body care items and I want to pick and fit you for one of my dresses at the studio," she said.

I twisted my head from side to side looking in the mirror, after my abortive trip to recover the disk and DNA sample, my head had suddenly filled with thoughts other than the disabled machine now gathering dust in the basement. Thoughts of dresses, make-up and being female for a long time to come. Pregnancy, a modelling career, making Ruth happy, the machine was not as important as before.

"Come on let's go," she said handing me my purse and bag.

"I second that statement," I said and we headed out of the bedroom door. We helped with each other's coats and moved quickly to combat the cold towards the car.

Without thinking we both smoked and I asked her what I consider the vital questions "You won't ever change me back will you? You like this too much, me being an 18 year old girl who you can relate too. Don't you?"

"Yes it certainly is, I think that it is much more fun." she replied. 'Mary could be like a daughter to me to make up for the one George failed to provide,' thought Kathy. My marriage has been so unhappy and I could have a chance to live again with Mary as my daughter.That wouldn't be fair on Ruth though and my friendship means everything to me right now,' she mused. 'Maybe we could share Mary somehow. If Ruth were to live in our big house here then could we get along as three women?'

We headed into the mall, I felt more at ease in the less restrictive skirt and I loved the clicking sound of my heels on the concrete walkway. It made us look like women on a mission as we headed for the restaurant. I was desperately hungry but took my cue from Kathy who ordered some soup, a bread roll and a cup of coffee. We sat in the smoking section to consume our purchases.

"What do I need now?" I asked lighting up after finishing my meal. I felt surprisingly full after so little food.

"Well you need your own sanitary protection, some hair removing cream, a ladies shaver and I would recommend some women's vitamins and a couple of packets of condoms just in case you spy Mister Right," she laughed.

Armed with all that we headed back to the car and then on to Kathy's studio.

It was locked for the holiday but we were in quickly enough.

"Tonight I want you look like a million dollars and I have a dress in mind for you. I think that it will fit like a glove but it needs just a few small alterations," she said.

Can you take your coat, blouse and skirt off and stand up here on this stage," she asked as she went to get the dress from a rack. I disrobed and waited this latest experience and she returned with a fabulous white evening dress.

"You had better remove the bra too," she said. "you wont need one with this dress."

I did reversing the procedure of earlier in the day and felt the chill air make my nipples stick outwards.

"This dress is very revealing in the front and Ruth will be so impressed when she sees you." she said as I stepped into it.

She inched the garment up over my hips and towards my chest area. As she nestled my breasts into the cups in the dress she turned to the rear and did up the zip fastener. I was shocked that was it. No sleeves or shoulders and my cleavage on display.

Kathy walked around me as I stood above her. "It just needs a little work on that hem and on the bodice top but otherwise the fit is perfect." she said helping me down from the platform. I found that the skirt was really tight with my legs encased in soft creamy silk material.

"Kathy I can't move or breathe it's so tight, do I have to wear it tonight" I asked taking small steps as I found the limit of the skirt width with my first step. I looked down and could see just a hint of my nipples and obviously a dark tunnel where my breasts were forced together.

"Yes I do want you to wear it this evening," she replied.

"It's a striking design," I cried. "Did you design it?"

"Yes I did," she answered, "do you like it?"

"Yes I love it, it is so beautiful," I gushed.

"It is not the dress Mary it is you who makes it look beautiful," she said crouching at the hem. She stood up and went over to a cupboard and came back with a pair of white sandals with a 4" heel. "Let's try these on," she said seemingly very keen to see the effect.

"Kathy these are impossibly high," I said as she helped me fit the first one.

Soon she had done up the straps and I was able to stand up again.

"Mary we need to paint your toenails when we get home," she said ignoring my concerns. "Walk over to the window and back again."

I did as I was commanded and marvelled at the way everything felt. The heels were extremely comfortable though I could feel the tightness in my calf muscles and the pinching in my toes as they were forced into a more severe angle to support my weight. 'Why was I enjoying this so much,' I wondered.

"The dress could do with a little give at the back," I said to Kathy, If the slit was a little longer up my thigh I could take longer strides."

"Yes but the effect I wanted is different from that. This is my first creation, I am sure that there will be others however in this case, I though that a hobble skirt would be just wonderful."

"I feel so helpless in this dress, like a calf waiting to be slaughtered by a hungry lion. If I went out and about dressed like this I would be a rape victim within minutes."

"Exactly," she said. "Tonight though you will be driven to your destiny with Ruth dressed like this."

"Yes Aunt Kathy, Oh yes," I said showing my enthusiasm, " I love it."

Suddenly she halted my reverie when she declared, "of course dressed like that you will be fair game for the first handsome man that comes along."

"You mean, dancing and holding hands, that wouldn't be so bad provided I could still be with you," I said.

"No Mary, that could lead to kissing, holding hands, fondling, cuddling, kissing, sexual intercourse, oral sex and ultimately pregnancy," she said with a smile.

Fear crossed my mind when I realised again that pregnancy was now perfectly possible now. "I still love women, I don't think my male mind could tolerate being with a man in an intimate way."

"The way you have adapted to this change, you will find it easy to do all that too." she said taking some pins and working on the bodice.

Quickly I was changed out of the dress and stood waiting patiently as she made the changes before fitting it back on me again. "The final touch is a sash around the waist," she said. "Walk up and down the stage and wiggle your rear as you go."

I did as she commanded without hesitation and she declared me a natural. "Provided Ruth and my partners give their consent, you can start here tomorrow at $1,000 a week. You walk so well, you're are so fluid despite the nature of the dress. If that long hair was hanging as it should then we would have a sensation."

"Do you really think so?" I asked standing in my heels as she took my dress off and placed it into a carrying bag.

"Yes," she said, "Let's get you back home."

I dressed myself this time except for the blue silk scarf under my chin and Kathy was impressed.

"Here let me help you," Kathy said as she tried to tie the scarf into a flouncy bow again. Then she let her feelings slip when she said, "mothers always like to help."

"Ah ha," I said, "so what's all this mother business. I thought you said Ruth was going to be my mother."

I could see Kathy's face turn red as she now found herself struggling with the scarf. Her fingers where trembling as was her voice.

"Well if Ruth still feels the same way about you tonight then I just thought that perhaps I could look after you as a mother should," she replied.

"Would that mean that we no longer made love like we did last night?" I asked.

"Unless I found another man then of course it would," she said sounding flustered. "I could still fuss over you like a mother though and we would be best friends."

"But not lovers," I said, "I would have to listen to you and your new beau make love while I lay in the spare room. I don't like the idea of being your daughter if that is what is involved."

"Don't worry by the time I take a new man you will have one of your own to look after," she said.

"No thanks I don't think I could do that with a man," I replied.


Chapter 11         The Salon

On the way back home, Kathy stopped the car outside a salon.

"I'll just be a moment," she said as she left me smoking my tenth cigarette of the day.

She tried the door, it was open and she walked in. Within two minutes she was back, and I opened the window.

"My friend Darlene was just tidying up and she has offered to do something with that hair of yours for tonight if you would like to come in," she said.

"If I would like, just hold me back," I said opening the door.

I got out and shivered as the autumn sunshine failed to provide much heat on my scantily clad legs. The white sandals were certainly more difficult to walk in but I loved the noise they made as I walked in the door.

I greeted Darlene, with a, "hi I'm Mary can you do something with this hair?"

"You want me to cut your hair?" she asked. "How much?"

"It really is too long now, it goes right down past my waist and there is not much scope for it other than tying it up into a French braid," I said to her as I took a seat.

She quickly unbraided it and started brushing it out. As usual it took some time to get it tangle free and to a stage where she could see what condition it was in. As she worked there was something about her that was odd. I looked at her was surprised to see a large Adam's apple.

"It's certainly very healthy hair, though I would suggest you could lose a couple of feet in length without too much worry," she said.

"Could you do it now and give me a more bouncy style?" I asked hoping that Kathy wouldn't interrupt.

"Yes for Kathy's niece and working on such beautiful hair it would be a privilege. The first part will be quite ruthless I am afraid. I will just cut two feet off the length, could you please stand." she said and I got up onto my toes again.

As I stood there, as she slowly started cutting back the hair to just above my waist band, I decided that I would start wearing more sensible shoes from tomorrow or I would soon become a cripple. My legs felt on fire as I patiently waited for her to remove the last of the hank of hair.

"Now let's get some style into what's left," she said and she led me over to the wash basin. Kathy had taken a seat and was reading some women's magazines

After shampoo and conditioner, she applied a whole mass of curlers to my head over the next half an hour. Then I found myself sitting under a dryer waiting for the curls to dry reading a lady's fashion magazine. It was strange to read something like this instead of a science journal. But I found myself drawn to the articles and images wonder how each applied to the new me. An hour later I was sitting back in front of the mirror and she took each roller out. My hair was much tighter and I could see that it would be much easier to look after than before.

"This wasn't a perm, you may decide to have one later," she said, "but for now it will give you a healthy mass of curls. The curls will brush out in a few days and you will need to put some curlers back in or see me again."

I looked in the mirror and was enthralled my hair looked so healthy and bouncy now. The curls looked so natural and the length although still really long looked fine in my eyes.

As we drove back Kathy had a go at making me lose my just acquired inner calm.

"You know I was just thinking," she started in as she took a bend in the road, "you said earlier that you were an exact duplicate of Mary."

"That's right except for the thought process," I answered.

"You mean to tell me that every part of you is now a complete replica of Mary now?"


"So if she had some illness when that hair was cut and the photo was taken, you would be sick too?" she asked suddenly.

"Yes, that's true but Mary was fine, wasn't she?" I asked.

"What would you say if you knew that Mary was two months pregnant when she died," Kathy said suddenly.

"You mean I am pregnant now too?" I asked shattered at what Kathy had just said.

"No you are still a virgin so I hear," she said laughing. "What's wrong can't you take a little joke."

"Some joke. It really was a joke. Wasn't it?" I asked in panic.

"Yes it was a joke," she said looking sorry. "Mary was kind of old fashioned in her thinking and planned to save her womanhood until she married."

"So great I have to lose my virginity if I ever go with a guy," I replied wondering how painful a torn hymen would be.

We didn't say much more until after we had arrived home. My mind was racing with the thoughts of what it would be like to submit to a man in the most intimate way a woman can. Me an ex-man or was I?


Chapter 12         Dinner with Mother

I put my new hair into a shower cap and let the hot water flow over my body. I was smelling sweetly and before I could re-emerge, Kathy had handed me some shaving foam and a disposable razor.

"Do under your arms Mary," she said. "When you had the dress on I could see stubble under there and you might as well do your legs too"

I did as I was told and soon had all the hairs I could see removed. I dried myself in my sweet smelling bath sheet and felt how smooth and soft my skin was.

"You know what to do," she said, "quickly get into that dress."

"Yes," I said.

I put on my garter belt and twisted it round much like I had done with my bra. With the belt on, I started on my stockings and pulled them up each leg before fastening them on the three garters on each side. I stood up and saw that besides a long seam, the stockings carried two cute, small, dark, cat motifs on the outside of each ankle.

Next on were a new pair of panties that would go over the top of the garters. My unsupported breasts bouncing as I walked over to the vanity to brush my hair and start my make-up. I decided that the dress would have to wait for Kathy to finish her shower.

So I began to apply some colour to my eyelids and remembered what the Estee Lauder lady had said a day earlier. I used lighter and brighter colours that highlighted my eyes that hadn't been achieved before. When I had finished one eye, Kathy came out of the bathroom her hair tied up tightly and her jaw dropped.

"What's wrong?" I asked, "you said I should be able to do this myself. I didn't think you would mind."

"It's not that, that style of eyeshadow was the same Ruth's Mary used in her picture. It is uncanny that you should do the same as her without seeing her picture," said Kathy.

"This is weird," I said, "I feel that there is an inner voice telling me what to do."

"First it was the smoking and now the make-up." said Kathy. "Do you think the changes will extend to chasing boys or letting boys chase you?"

"Chase boys," I said with panic in my voice. "I don't think so. I was a boy once remember."

"Well looking the way you do, I know that they are going to chase you Mary," she smiled watching me finish my makeup. "You are really getting the hang of it," she said as I laid my mascara down.

She helped me on with my evening dress and I adjusted my breasts so that they nestled correctly as she did up the rear zipper.

I watched as she fastened an ornate gold wrist watch around my left wrist and a couple of gold bracelets on my right wrist. Then she slipped several rings past my long polished fingernails and onto both hands. I had never worn rings before not even a wedding band and this was too much for me as tears started to form in my eyes.

"There is one final touch and you are ready," Kathy stated. "Now just close your pretty little eyes."

I closed my eyes as Kathy pulled out a bottle of perfume spray. She then literally sprayed me from head to foot with perfume. My nostrils filled with the sent of the perfume on my very next breath and I started to cough.

"I smell like a brothel," I said to her.

"Not with this stuff you won't, at $80 a bottle," she replied.

I slipped on the four inch white heels and adjusted my stance to cope with the footwear.

"Give me a twirl," she said and as I did I almost fell on my face. "You look great, Ruth is going to be impressed."

I looked in the full length mirror and was stunned. For the first time and probably not the last, I was smiling at my image. If I was going to spend some time as a woman then Mary would do just fine I decided and as I moved back to get a better view, I caught my left heel in the thick carpet and almost stumbled.

The dress looked perfect, I turned to the side and could see the low cut rear and the gravity defying bodice that seemed to trap and support my breasts. Just as I looked, Kathy came up and lowered a gold necklace that framed my neck, the pendant in the centre descending towards the gap in my cleavage.

I just stood there frozen as my eyes took in the vision in front of me. I felt like I had stopped breathing and my eyes refused to blink. I thought I could easily fall in love with the image that I was now. To be honest the girl in the mirror was better looking than Kathy. My first impression was god I would love to screw her but then I couldn't could I?

I fingered my necklace and my earrings. Then suddenly I went and opened up my lipstick again. I gave my lips another creamy coating and then I pursed my lips together. I gave them another coat of thick lipstick and I wet my lips and looking on, I was just full of lust for myself. Where my penis should have been, my pussy was getting wetter and wetter as I played with the lipstick tube. It ached with a feeling I had never felt before I knew if I couldn't fill it myself then it would just have to be filled by something else.

"You are actually being turned by what you see," she said to me as she put the finishing touches to her own make-up. "I bet you would love to jump into bed with yourself," she added.

"That would be nice," I said shuffling uneasily from one foot to the other.

"Well, I think you look tremendous," Kathy exclaimed. "Ruth is going to love your new look. You just need to be on your best behaviour and no swearing."

"If I do swear I could stay here with you," I said.

"Yes a promise is a promise though and I really think that you should go home with Ruth if she accepts you as her daughter tonight"

"Do you really think so?" I stammered back. "I would really like to stay here with you."

"Yes because I know that we would have some great sex with you as a female," she replied smiling.

I turned beet red with embarrassment. I quickly tore my eyes away from the mirror and riveted them to the floor in front of me.

" I told you earlier that you looked dynamite so don't let the truth embarrass you. Let's go downstairs and have a cup of coffee before we go out," she said.

We picked up our handbags and headed downstairs, I felt the material of the dress move across my legs as I made for a high stool at the breakfast bar. Kathy poured out two cups of the black fluid as I sat down.

"Here," Kathy directed. "Sit here in front of me and I will slide this one round so we can be sit face to face."

We drank our coffee in silence, but Kathy made the first move. She reached out and took my chin and slowly but surely brought my lips close to her set. We kissed hard and I could feel our lipstick merge together as lips slid on the creamy film.

"Now listen carefully, I want you on your best behaviour tonight, I want you to accept Ruth as your mother and to go with her if she requires it. If she does want you to go, you will go with her, there will be no arguments or foul language. We will still see each other because you will be working for me from tomorrow."

"Yes but can't we go back to being man and wife again?" I asked. "I could transform backwards and forwards as you needed me.

"No Mary. My opinion is that as Mary you are a much better person. Right now I can't see any trace of maleness in you and to be honest it suits you. I really you should think about being Mary for good."

"But," I said.

"No buts, Mary give into this or you will be female for a very long time," she interrupted. "I had to find some way for you to learn that there are other things in life than your work. I think that I have succeeded with this transformation. Have you thought much about your work today?"

"No apart from this morning I haven't had any chance to devote my efforts to the project," I said.

"Well look at it this way," said Kathy, "you haven't taken a vacation in five years and now I am giving you one."

"A vacation with a difference," I whispered.

"Yes quite," she said, "now that you will no longer soak up my spare cash, I can also plan ahead for my new studio. Are you ready to meet your mum now?"

"No Aunt Kathy, I will have to pack all my new clothes and things."

"Remember after dinner you will live your life as Mary, Ruth's daughter. If you cause her any problems, then I will have to take appropriate action. I wont be afraid to use the ultimate sanction and that means a permanent life in dresses."

"I realise that," I said.

"Of course while you are away becoming Ruth's daughter, I will report George missing to the police and then find a new man in my life. Of course whether you ever become George again will depend on you."

"How long do you propose to keep me like this?" I finally asked throwing the last of my possessions into a large case.

"As long as it takes to make Ruth happy and then some. But then if you do re-emerge as George you will not have a wife or a house to come home to.

You can see it really doesn't matter one way or the other to me if you ever return as George. I have had it with that slime ball. But I am a person of my word. So when I say I will help you get back I will."

"So I am like this until you decide that this punishment is sufficient or you need George's abilities somehow?" I asked in a very depressed tone.

"I think you understand now, let's go Ruth will be waiting." Kathy replied. "Cheer up you will find that Ruth loves Mary very much and nothing will be too good for you," she said.

I helped her with her coat while she helped me with mine. I was grateful for the coat we bought yesterday because this off the shoulder dress was certainly going to cause me hypothermia if I didn't have it. I loaded my case into the trunk with a heavy heart and we drove to Ruth's apartment. Kathy gave me some last minute instructions on the way.

"Just remember that she is your mother and she must always be treated with respect. That means you call her mummy and not Ruth. If you can behave yourself, then I am sure that you will come out of this a better person," Kathy explained with a real touch of sincerity in her voice. "You have to realise that this loving mother daughter relationship will be the biggest thing in your life, because our husband wife relationship is over after tonight. Even after you return to George, I will not have you back."

"Yes, I understand what is expected, but what about my past. I don't know much about Mary apart from who she was. I just hope that you will change your mind about me and take me back," I said with some concern in my voice.

"That's easily taken care of by Ruth, you will soon pick up all of Mary's life interests and some new ones. Ruth has your birth certificate, credit cards and drivers licence and because she never registered your death you can pick up the pieces easily. The story will be that you have been in hospital with memory loss after the accident," Kathy said with some emotion in her voice. "Any other questions?"

"Yes I want to see you again. So you will stop by to see me once and a while?" I asked.

"You will be living with my best friend and of course you will be working with me so you will still see me," she said as we arrived. Kathy stubbed out her cigarette and then we went up to Ruth's apartment. I dragged the heavy case using the castors.

Kathy told me to wait outside and out of sight for five minutes and I stood and lit up another cigarette. I paced backwards and forwards grateful for my warm coat. I tucked up the coat collar to shield my ears from the biting cold wind and walked around.

The door opened and I stubbed out my cigarette with the sole of shoe and walked towards the door. Kathy held the door open and then kissed me on the cheek. "These last two days were the great fun for me but now your transformation is complete and your mum is waiting for you in the living room. I hope that one day I will have a daughter as nice as you," Kathy said with her voice cracking and tears welling up in her eyes. She went through to the kitchen.

"Please come in Mary," said Ruth with her arms outstretched.

I walked in all self conscious and stood in front of her taking in her elegance and tear stained face.

"Let me take your coat Mary," she said.

"Thanks," I said and gracefully turned to help her efforts.

"How have you been?" she asked. "Have you accepted this?"

"I have been fine, it has been a really strange thing that has happened to me and yes I have accepted it all now," I replied as I sat tucking my dress under my legs.

"What a beautiful dress," she smiled looking at my bare shoulders. "Do you like wearing dresses now?"

"Yes but not in such cold weather," I replied smiling. "My feet are like ice."

"I see you have cut your hair, was that your idea or Kathy's?" she asked.

"Both of us really, it just wasn't practicable to leave it as it was, even now it is still a little too long," I replied playing with my now curly mane that cascaded over my shoulders.

"I must say it looks tremendous on you," she said still somewhat nervous with the situation.

"Kathy tells me that after some reluctance on your part, you are now accepting the situation and that you are prepared to live with me now as my daughter," she said finally getting to the point.

"I feel that Kathy is part of me now. I have picked so much of her mannerisms and habits. Did you know that she smoked cigarettes?" I asked.

"Yes I suspected she did but she would never do it in front of me," Ruth said.

"As George I never smoked a cigarette in my life and now I smoke twenty a day. May be you can help me stop," I said.

At that point Kathy came through into the lounge carrying three cups of coffee. "How are you two getting along," she asked setting down the tray.

"Really well," said Ruth as she took a cup and saucer. We all stopped talking and I took the opportunity to look at both women closely. Ruth looked radiant if somewhat nervous while Kathy had obviously been crying her mascara had run slightly down her cheeks. Whether it had been through sadness or joy I would hopefully find out though I suspected it was the former.

Ruth finished her coffee and rose to fetch a small photo album that was on the coffee table. It was full of photos of Mary as she grew up and she was obviously relishing the opportunity to show me how her daughter had looked.

There were pictures of her playing with her dolls and riding a small palomino pony. There were none of her father who caused her death but there were many of Mary and her mother. I looked at them with interest trying to imagine myself in these situations.

From the table she drew an envelope.

"The insurance company paid me $500,000 on your death and I have invested it in stocks. The portfolio is now worth three times that amount because my broker suggested some risky high tech stocks. That should be enough to give you security for the rest of your life," she said passing the details to me.

"This doesn't belong to me Mum," I declared conscious of my use of the m word.

"From now on it does," she said. "Your dead father's insurance will be enough for me."

"Thank you," I said looking at Kathy who had a look of bemusement on her face.

"Here are your college certificates and diplomas. As you can see all your grades were excellent. There are some credit cards for my accounts, your birth certificate and your driver's licence," she said passing them on to me. I carefully opened my purse and placed them in the appropriate sections before closing it.

"I see your purse has no money, so you might as well take $100 to use in an emergency," she said smiling.

"I am very grateful," I said. "I now have the identity of an 18 year old girl and I will be your daughter to the best of my ability. Kathy has offered me a job as a model with her studio, do you mind if I accept now, she wants me to start in the morning."

"No dear, I don't mind, you always wanted to be a model and now you have your college life behind you, you are a free agent to lead your own life," she said cuddling me.

"Come on you two, let's get going we have a table for three booked at the steak house," said Kathy rising up.

With some difficulty I was up again on my stilts but I was able to offer a hand to Ruth who sank lower into the couch as I rose to my feet. We quickly donned our coats helping each with them but I was suddenly surprised when a floppy fur hat was placed on my head. The dark fur contrasting strongly with my blonde hair.

We stepped out into the cold Arctic air and Mary dragged me over to a dark coloured car beside Kathy's. "This darling is my gift to you for coming back to me," she said as she pointed to a dark red Toyota Celica sports car.

"It's gorgeous," I said and I hugged her close. As I kissed her on the cheek she handed me the keys saying, "drive carefully." I walked round and I decided that I would like to drive everyone to the restaurant.

"Please no arguments, I will drive and you two can drink as much as you want then." I said opening the door. There were obviously going to be some problems, one was I never drove a manual gearbox and the other would be these 4" heels I wore

In the event I found the heels really comfortable to work the pedals. I was able to pivot my foot between the brake and throttle with my right foot while my left controlled the clutch. I was later to find out that it made sense to remove heels for long journeys but this short five minute drive there was no problem apart from one thing.

As I drove I found that I was not taking the same risks I would have taken as George. I would hold back from the car in front and I certainly didn't use full throttle like before. Which was a pity because this car had plenty of power and Mary wasn't going to use it to it's full potential.

We were soon at the restaurant. It was odd not having to make the table arrangements with my two overseers taking complete control. We visited the ladies room and I re-did my lips, though I was keen to buy some condoms I wasn't able to with Ruth watching me closely. Perhaps later I thought.

We ordered and sat back to wait for our starters to arrive.

Ruth spoke first, "Kathy I think you should know that Mary will be staying at my house now, you have fulfilled your promise to me and I am very grateful."

I could sense some disappointment in Kathy's voice when she said, "Mary has been transformed over the last day, the signs of George are diminishing fast. So she is all yours now. Mary is your baby after all."

I looked on as the two women briefly kissed on the lips and then kissed me in turn.

"Good then it's settled," said Kathy, "George no longer exists and Mary is Ruth's lovely daughter now."

Strangely the thought did not fill me with dread as I had half expected. I just hoped that I could keep Ruth as happy with me as I had obviously managed with Kathy. Tonight had obviously been a good start.

After the main course which had been a low calories chef's special I had made my excuses to go to the rest room but once again Ruth and Kathy accompanied me thwarting my attempts to buy condoms again.

The meal went well but I was happy when we finally drove out to go back to Ruth's apartment. I was very tired and excused myself and went upstairs to bed. I laid out my bag and started to unpack looking for my make-up remover but I found that I had cleanser and tissues on my vanity.

I stripped away the carefully applied make-up and found that even with it gone I looked desirable. Very desirable. In fact I desired myself so much that after I had visited the toilet and donned my new silk night dress that I couldn't resist touching my smaller sex.

I rubbed it and massaged it and soon found that the experience was very pleasurable. I was though unable to climax as both women appeared to wish me good night. Ruth tucked me into my quilt and gave me a kiss on the forehead while Kathy just kissed me on the cheeks.

In my own room for the first time, I didn't sleep very well that first night. While I would often massage my penis in bed as I slept, my hands turned their attention to my breasts and then my vagina. I missed holding my penis, it was something I never realised I did before until now. The old saying that you only miss something when it is gone is true for that too. I also found that sleeping on my stomach was more difficult and moving from one side to another meant propping myself on my elbows.

There were times when I could scream as the inertia of my breasts meant some discomfort as I tossed and turned.

When I finally did fall asleep I had the strangest dream that things did not go well between Ruth and me. My tired brain suggested that living with Kathy would make sense but the dreams turned out to be one of tormented and tormentor as Kathy made my life a misery. I was woken with Ruth's voice in my ear. As I stretched and yawned, she said "Mary, wake up sleepy head, you have to get ready for Kathy's studio this morning."

I grabbed all my covers and pulled them tight around my body and gave her a frightful look.

"What's wrong Mary? You look as white as a ghost," Ruth asked.

"Mum, I have had an awful night because I had this terrible bad dream and when you woke me you scared me half to death," I answered still clutching the bed covers.

"Well don't worry darling it was only a silly bad dream," she said kissing me on the forehead.

"I guess you're right," I said slowly coming to.

"I had a strange dream too, I dreamt that you were getting married and moving away from me," she said in an inoffensive way.

I put my legs out of bed and straighten my frilly night dress and immediately found my feet in my high heeled slippers and toddled over to the ensuite bathroom. I stood for a second in front of the bowl and then realised I had to sit down now. I wiped my fanny with some tissues and then ran the shower. As I stood in the shower, I though, 'how many more dreams would I have like that before my current situation finished.'

As I stood in the shower letting the hot water cascade over my body I was shocked to see red stains in the water, "Oh god no," I shouted knowing that I had just started my first menstrual discharge. I was disappointed that another physical act was determining my new sex.

"Mum, can you get me a tampon please," I shouted out to the bedroom.

Ruth ran into the room and asked what was wrong,

"Nothing's wrong I think, it's just that I have started my period," I said from the security of my shower.

"I'll show you what to do when you come out of there," she said.

"Oh I know what to do," I said.

"You do? How?" She asked.

"Easy Kathy started hers yesterday and she showed me what to do," I replied quite smug.

"So you know how to insert and withdraw a tampon?" she asked

"Yes I know now I won't bleed to death," I said coming out of the shower.

"Here you go," she said handing me a green standard tampon.

I used my teeth to tear open the wrapper and inserted it into my waiting slit and pushed the second part home. I could feel the cotton wad being pushed inside me and was surprised how it easy it was to insert. I withdrew the paper tubes and felt the string dangle between my legs.

"You might want to wear some panty shields too until we establish just how heavy your discharge is," she said handing me a packet.

As I followed her instructions I pulled up my panties and felt the shield against my crotch area. I just didn't even consider that I had just invaded my new love nest. I felt some frustration that I would just have to get used to this process each month now.


Chapter 13         My first day at work.

I decided against wearing a skirt in deference to the overnight frost that had developed and looked out a trouser suit that belonged to my predecessor. It was like old times putting on the trousers except that they zipped up the rear giving my crotch a smooth appearance.

I found a bright red blouse and a pink angora sweater and some sensible heels to wear. I unwrapped my wet hair and started to brush it straight. After a while I shouted on Ruth who came running to help me.

She smiled as she used the hair dryer and brush on my now clean wavy hair. I watched her intently after I put on some rings and opened up a new packet of cigarettes. I could see Ruth frown, so I put them back. Then I remembered what Darlene had said about my nails and decided that the squarer shape would be cool.

I took my nail manicure set and used a small rotary file to start the process. It seemed heartless because each nail was pointed in a beautiful oval but then as a I proceeded I could see that I would have shorter nails.

Ruth watched me start on my left hand and when she saw that I was not removing or cutting them she smiled again, conversation drowned out by the noise of the hair dryer I was using. I finished my left hand and then started on my right just as she finished drying my hair.

"Could you help me square off my nails please, Mummy?" I asked as a proffered my right hand.

"Yes dear," she said looking at me intently.

I was soon sporting a shorter but I thought much neater set of nails though the polish left a lot to be desired. Nail polish remover was used and I decided to paint them in a pink shade to begin with. I blowed on them to help them dry and was soon starting on my make up.

I was becoming quite expert at applying the colours, though art had never been a strong subject at school.

Ruth looked on as I filled in my lips with another pastel shade and then we walked downstairs.

"LetÕs grab a quick bite to eat at the mall," she said, "we donÕt need to be at KathyÕs place until 2:0pm. You drive," she said handing me my car keys.

We trooped outside and I saw my little red sports car gleaming in the winter sun. It looked a real fun car to drive,Õ I thought as I sat down in the driverÕ seat and adjusted the controls to suit my small frame.

I drove carefully over to the mall I had been to before. We had plenty of time before my appointment at 2:00 so it would be a long walk backwards and forwards through the mall. First stop though was the fast food place where we tried a couple of hot dogs to keep away the hunger pangs.

While we stood and ate, I took up a position overlooking the main hallway and instead of looking at the women, my gaze was on the boys who walked past. Not that there were too many on a Tuesday afternoon in a busy shopping mall.

"What do you want to do first?" I asked Ruth.

"Well I want to buy you a present for your first day with me and to show you that I love you," she said. "Come on lets go spend some money."

She headed off in her spike heels and short skirt towards a jewellery store and looked in the window briefly before heading inside. "Tray 123 please," she said to the assistant.

Next she pointed to a pair of gorgeous solid gold earrings with ornate settings filled with small diamonds and a single large green emerald. I looked at the price tag in amazement as she held the piece next to my ear. I was in a daze as she purchased the jewellery there and then. She then proceeded to remove my inner gold hoop from my ears and put them in the new prentation box. Soon I could feel the extra weight on my ear lobes and the rings would bounce off my neck as a swung my head from side to side.

Ruth could sense my feelings and hugged me. "You like them don't you?" she asked.

"Yes it is uncanny but I thought I had seen them before," I said.

"They are not exactly the same as a pair you once had but pretty close," she said.

"What happened to the original pair?" I asked wishing I hadn't asked.

"The old pair were your favourites so we buried them with you," she said. I immediately had visions of Mary's body decomposing slowly but the bright earrings still attached to her ear lobes that were now my ear lobes too.

"Thank you mummy," was I all I could say. She knew that I meant what I said, because I kissed her on the cheek.

We walked back to the car and headed to the studio. We arrived at 1:30pm and waited for around 20 minutes until Kathy was free of a meeting.

We were ushered into her office along with a male photographer called Geoff. He was quite handsome having long dark hair with hair on his chest and the back of his hands. He wore a gold medallion around his open neck tailored shirt. He wore white slacks and sandals which although out of place in the winter really suited him.

Kathy asked us to sit down. She was wearing her usual dark blue business suit of jacket and skirt.

"Now Mary before we can offer you a position, Geoff here needs to take some photographs," she said smiling.

"You will find him a smooth talker and he will soon have you feeling at ease," she said to me while looking at Geoff. "Let me talk with Ruth while you get acquainted," she continued.

Geoff started to take me through to his small but lavishly equipped photographic processing area.

"Just to make you feel at ease, we will take some photos of you in your own clothes first until you are ready to start modelling some of Kathy's latest creations." He said.

I felt stiff and rather awkward but anxious to be co-operate with him as he led me over to a stage using light blue coloured paper as a backdrop. After about 30 shots, he stopped and loaded a film in the camera.

"Perhaps you will react differently when I put some film in the camera?" He asked laughing.

"You mean I did all that posing for nothing," I laughed and shook my head.

"Yes it is always a waste of film, so I was pretend with the first time a girl is photographed. You were nervous to begin with but I could see you start to loosened up a little towards the end. You just need to keep up that momentum and we will have some great pictures," he said laughing.

"Now pose for me, let me see that great head of hair, move your head from side to side that's it," he said. I felt that after the 30 earlier shots that he couldn't take much more but I was wrong.

After two rolls of film he asked me to sit for full make-up and a clothing change.

I was soon made up in very dramatic strong colours with darker red lipstick than I usually wore while I quickly donned a matching tight skirt and jacket. My nails were painted a bright signal red colour while a pair of 2" comfortable pumps were eased on my feet. I was led back to the stage where a desk and chair had been placed. My role was to look like a young female business woman right down to the dark glasses on my face.

This next session took some time of course and during our shoot Geoff chatted me up more and more until he eventually asked if I would like dinner with him that night.

"Yes I would love too," I said wondering why I had said that. I found him nice to be with, he was very professional but also very understanding and capable.

As I sat down to remove the strong make-up, he asked me if I could wear the same make-up later that night.

"Of course I can," I said smiling, "I prefer pastel shades but if you like me this way who I am I to argue. I will need to take some of this home because I have nothing like it."

The next shoot was using a new yellow and pink sun dress and as Geoff arranged the lights to give the impression of a hot sun, I was helped to change by one of Geoff's assistants. She was able to put me at ease but the lack of formal changing facilities meant that Geoff was able to get an eyeful of my body.

Not that he stopped working as he made the set ready for the next session. With the dress came a pair of white button earrings and a white string necklace and several white bracelets.

A pair of white 3" high heeled sandals and a sun lounger were the other props that I had to use and I was soon moving to Geoff's directions. He ran off reel after reel of film and all the while I had to keep smiling. I ran my hands through my hair and played with the dress hem, smiled and looked as seductive as I could.

After two hours I was exhausted and was more than happy to get back into my trouser suit again. I removed the make-up and brushed my hair before pinning it back behind my head.

I was led back to Kathy's office and was surprised to see that both she and Ruth were pouring over my first takes. They had several picked out on the viewer and I was surprised to see how demure I looked in those first pictures. I certainly didn't feel that way in the last session. I sat down on the stool and looked through the viewer at photo after photo.

Kathy was obviously impressed because she picked up the phone and started talking and within minutes her two partners were in her office peering at the photos too.'

"Is it a deal?" she asked them.

"Yes it's a deal," they said.

"Ruth we will offer Mary an exclusive modelling contract of $1000 dollars a week plus expenses, beginning today," said Kathy. "Do you agree?"

"Yes we agree," said Ruth smiling. I jumped up ran over and gave her a hug. I really should have been unhappy at this outcome but I strangely didn't feel that way. My mind was on the forthcoming date with Geoff. I wanted to be perfect for him and I was sure that he would be the perfect male to take my virginity.

"Good, I'll get our legal people to draw up a contract right away," said Kathy.

After some discussion, it was agreed that I would start the next day with a shoot at an abandoned warehouse near the river at 10:00am. It would be cold and I was to wear plenty of warm clothing.

As I drove home, I told Ruth about my date with Geoff.

"He is a very handsome man," she said looking at me.

"Mum do you mind if I have a cigarette I am gasping. I haven't had one for nearly four hours," I said pushing in the car cigarette lighter.

"Yes I do mind," she said. "I think that you should stop now."

I knew that she would object further so I agreed to do without mean time.

"You are going to look really special tonight," she said.

"How?" I asked back not knowing what she had in mind.

"Well Mary had a new prom dress made just before her death and it is very nice with lots of lace and net petticoats," said Ruth.

"I can't wear something like that, I just need a simple black dress with some jewellery," I argued.

"But Mary, that prom dress would look so lovely on you dear," she replied.

"Yes Mum but it is my date and I want to wear the black dress," I replied. "You know the one with the long sleeves." I couldn't believe that I had just said that.

That remark astonished me because I had never seen the black dress before. Though suddenly I could faintly remember wearing it at a function in the recent past. My mind was slowly merging into Mary's subconscious and I found her thoughts and ideas coming to the fore again and again.

It was though I was becoming Mary. I should have felt repugnance at the thought of being asked for a date with another man, instead I was terribly excited and flattered that Geoff had asked me out.

My date was at 7:00pm and we arrived back in the house, the first thing I did was go to the toilet to remove my soiled tampon and insert another. I watched it flush down the bowl to make sure it wasn't left for the next visitor to find.

I rushed upstairs and decided that a long hot bath was in order after such a hot day in the studio lights. I ran the hot water and added some lavender bath essence to the area under the foaming taps. The result was a deep hot foam bath that had me anxious to enter.

Normally as a man when time was so precious, I would have stripped off in a great rush but this occasion I took it easy. I carefully folded each item and placed them on a small stool.

I moved into the hot tub and was immediately surrounded by soapy bubbles, I lay back and looked for a rough sponge and used this to exfoliate my skin. I felt really alive and fresh. I washed my still long hair again and rinsed it clean of soap before applying conditioner. I wrapped it with a towel to help dry it quicker.

I put on my dressing gown and my panties and then I sat at the vanity table and stared at my face for a while. I looked first at my eyebrows and decided that they needed some attention with the tweezers.

I yelped with pain as the first two or three were removed and I decided that I would leave the rest to Darlene later in the week. I opened a fresh packet of cigarettes and drew hard on that first inhalation.

Putting on my bra would be a lot easier now my nails were shorter but I looked through Mary's lingerie for something easier. I sorted out a padded front opening dark blue bra that wouldn't show under my dress.

Just as I had fitted it and found it to be perfect, Ruth arrived to see how I was getting along. I took out a pair of grey opaque pantyhose and eased them on my legs.

"How do you feel now?" She asked.

"Fine apart from having my period," I replied.

"It is perhaps better to let you know that Mary was generally OK on her first day of her period but she sometimes suffered when it was her second and third days," said Ruth.

"Suffered?" I queried.

"Yes with cramps and back pains," she replied. "I often had to rub her back to ease the pain."

"Well it looks like I have that to look forward to now." I said deliberately pulling hard on my cigarette. I hoped my period wouldn't stop my photographic shoot in the morning.

"You sure you want to wear that black dress?" she asked looking at me.

"Yes mother I know it will look good and it fits me well," I said blowing out smoke into the air. I realised that she would wonder how I knew that because I had never worn the dress before.

"It did fit you well but maybe it is a little strong for a first date," she advised.

"It could be but Geoff is a professional photographer and he is used to seeing women in revealing sexy clothes. Even if I wanted him too, there is nothing he can do because I have my period," I said trying to reassure her slightly.

Ruth unwrapped the wet towel surrounding my hair and helped me brush it to get all the tangles out. Then she started putting her large heated rollers into my hair. Again and again she applied the rollers until my head was completely covered. Next she put on a plastic hood and in turn connected that by a hose to a hair dryer on the vanity.

While this was spinning away, I decided to put my make-up on. It was easier for me now and not so involved. I learned that it made sense to use smaller amounts. However Geoff wanted me made up the same way I had been earlier and I was happy to oblige including that same dark red lipstick.

When I was finished my make up I walked on tip toe into the bathroom and stared at my midriff and remembered by belly button piercing. I returned through to the bedroom and looked through Mary's jewellery box. In it, I found a round gold ring with a ball at one end. Somehow I instinctively knew that this was the right one and I winced slightly as I inserted the ring and closed it off so it wouldn't break free.

After half an hour Ruth returned from the kitchen and helped me remove all the rollers. Using my large padded hairbrush she brushed it hard and then began folding it into a mass of curly hair on the top of my head. When she was finished it was piled high and only two tendrils remained to frame my face. I touch the mass of hair and was pleased that it felt silky smooth.

I stepped into the dress and could feel its cool silk lining against my skin. The bodice was in a black velvet with little sequin effects scattered around waist. The skirt was fuller than I expected and flared slightly above my knees. After I did up the catch in the rear I could see the shallow depression left between my heaving breasts. This dress was so low cut it left little to the imagination. I looked closely in the mirror and could just see the start of my dark nipples.

A wide black sash tied up in the rear around my waist. As I walked around in the dress to find my shoes I found that it was easy to walk in. That was until I saw the shoes that were destined to go with this dress.

They were matt black of course but with a four inch heel going to a sharp point. They were also equipped with a one inch platform sole so in effect they were the same as my other three inch heels but I would an inch taller.

I reinserted my new earrings, added a double row of pearls around my neck, Mary's elegant gold wrist watch, several rings and bracelets. Ruth sprayed my neck and wrists with Ysatis perfume and I was ready to go out on my first date with another man.

When I sat there and stared into the mirror I was in a total daze. It was like I was now caught in some little fantasy world. Not only for Ruth, but for me now too. I was really looking forward to meeting Geoff.

I had time to kill so I lit another cigarette and went through some scrap books that had belonged to Mary. There were autograph signatures of rock stars and pressed wild flowers in others. Pictures of her in fancy dress and even some of her having dancing lessons.

As I waded through the pages I could feel myself being in those situations. This is weird I thought, it is like Mary is coming back from the dead and replacing me.

I looked at my small wrist watch with its tiny hands and thought time to make a move. I looked in the mirror one last time and moved confidently in my heels down the stairs. I felt and saw my breasts wiggle as I descended the stairs my male persona coming through again to the fore to savour that moment.

Ruth kissed me on the cheek and wished me good luck when Geoff rang the door bell and I rushed to open it.

"Don't be too quick," she said, "let him sweat it out a little."

I donned my coat and pulled on some fur lined gloves and was startled to feel the cold air hit my legs as I opened the door. I found Geoff well dressed in a suit and tie with his hair slicked back and combed. He had made a big effort to impress unlike earlier when he looked like he had been dragged through a hedge backwards.

"Can I come in a moment?" He asked handing me two boxes.

"Yes of course," I said standing aside and then closing the door behind him.

"What are these?" I asked.

"Gifts one for you and one for your gorgeous looking mother," he said.

"Oh you shouldn't have but thank you, can I open mine now?" I asked looking at him with what I hoped was a pleading face.

"Of course, it will look prettier on you than in the box all wrapped up," he explained.

I quickly shredded the wrappings with my long nails to find a white lily mounted inside a clear plastic box. I took it out and sniffed itÕs perfume and let Geoff pin it to my dress inside my coat. I had been given my first corsage and I just loved it.

It smelled sweet on me as I watched Ruth open her gift to find she had been given a box of creamy white Belgian chocolates. I walked over to the hall mirror and looked at myself to see the effect of the flower on my dress. I stood there, looked myself over and was pleased with the image reflected back to me.

I gave out a big sigh and watched the tops of my breasts move. I was absorbed by the rather elegant and sophisticated hair style and teased a stray hair back into place. Was this really me or some bad dream? I pinched myself and it was definitely me all right. I just couldn't get over how lovely I looked. I picked up the edge of my dress and spun around once. I was proud of the way I looked now. I enjoyed being Mary.

My thoughts were broken by Geoff who was watching me, "let's go," he said.

"Where too?" I asked.

"That's for me to know and you to find out when we get there," he announced.

My knees went week when he said that. For years I had made all the decisions when I had taken Kathy out, now the tables were turned, giving up the right to choose where we went just reinforced my helplessness.

Soon we were speeding out of town in his big Landcruiser with the warmth of the car's heater playing on my chilled legs. Geoff's surprise turned out to be a secluded hotel with a host of facilities such as a dining room, bar, dance hall , swimming pool and gymnasium.

I waited until he opened the door for me and he helped me down. He took my hand and we walked quickly indoors. The restaurant was lavishly decorated and homely with a carvery and salad bar. I was famished and headed for the carvery along with Geoff.

As a man I would have piled my plate but now I felt some inner restraint tell me that too much food would just not be eaten. Eating had been one of my favourite activities now it was just eating.

We walked back to our table which was conveniently secluded away from the main restaurant. A bottle of champagne was opened and Geoff proposed a toast to his new model. Me.

"You are so natural and I think you are going to go places. I am just happy that I was the first to photograph you and saw that inner beauty," he said proffering his champagne flute up to mine.

"That inner beauty what does it look like, because if you could bottle it you could make a fortune?" I asked back in between sips of bubbly.

"You have that rare quality not normally found in women, you have an ability to give everything in an uninhibited fashion," he said. "I have only met your like once before and she was rather special too."

"Oh really what was she like?" I asked knowing no one could be like me.

"I can't say, maybe one day I will let you see her photographs, she asked me to respect her confidentiality and anonymity."

The meal went well and we were soon holding hands across the table while our legs were touching under it. We chatted about the prospects for the weather in the morning. I also told him that I might be under the weather myself with the second day of my period.

"I am glad you told me for two reasons," he said.

"Oh yes," I replied.

"One I know how much this can affect a woman and many of today's modern women think they can carry on as though nothing is wrong. They are wrong, they should react to what their bodies are telling them. So if they feel lousy then they should take it easy. If you don't feel like working tomorrow, then phone in sick."

"And two?" I asked.

"Two is not easy for me," he replied. "If you would have been agreeable, I wanted to take you back to my place to make passionate love to you. Now you are having your period we will have to abandon that plan."

"Yes lovemaking couldn't happen but I would still like to see your place, I'll bet it is full of paintings and pictures of nude women," I said.

"You will just have to find out," he replied.

After the meal a small dance band started up in the neighbouring dance hall and we decided to have a dance or two before he took me back home.

He held me close and I felt myself be controlled and guided like never before. He was in total charge of my movements and as he held me close I could feel the effect I was having on him.

The slow dance seemed to last forever and ever. I snuggled my head into his shoulder and kissed his neck leaving a red lipstick stain on his collar. It was weird to think I had left a lipstick stain on another guy's shirt collar.

After another dance the effects of the champagne started to be felt and I needed to visit the restroom. I was pleased to see that a condom machine was attached to the wall and I quickly obtained several packets and rammed them inside my clutch bag.

I did my toilet and went over to check my face. As I did so two young girls came in giggling and laughing together. They saw me and straightened up a little but pretty soon they started again.

"Your's is an absolute animal," the blonde said.

"Don't talk to me about men, they just have one thing on their minds," her partner said laughing.

I felt like passing a comment that not all men are like that but thought better of it. As I re-did my lipstick, the two collapsed in the lush easy chairs opposite the mirror.

"Well are we going to do it at my place or yours," the first said.

"You know the answer to that, my parents are away until the weekend, so my place is the perfect. Besides I will be able to do it in my own bedroom," she giggled loudly cuddling her friend.

I made to walk out and one noticed my dark lips. "What beautiful lips what shade is that?" she asked.

I had no idea and pulled out the tube to find the label was missing. "I am sorry, I don't know." I said.

At that point she rose unsteadily onto two high heeled feet and lurched towards me. Before I could react she had kissed me firmly on the mouth.

"You ever been with a girl?" she asked looking into my eyes.

"Yes, just two nights ago," I replied remembering my last night with Kathy.

"How about we meet up one night for a girl's love night," she asked again obviously the worse for wear with drink.

"Sure," I said my male instincts reacting.

"Give me your number and I will call you," she said looking menacing at me.

I wrote down the first number that came it my pretty head and handed it to her, saying "see you soon."

When I returned to the hall, Geoff was standing waiting with my coat. He helped me with the thick woolen garment and we were soon walking back to the car.

"Hey why did you take so long?" He asked.

"Those two girls that followed me in were trying to get me to join them," I said.

"Join them?"

"Join them for a threesome," I said laughing.

"That sounds like it could have been fun," said Geoff.

"I might have considered it if it weren't for my period and I wasn't with you this evening," I replied truthfully.

We were soon on our way but half way back we changed roads and I knew Geoff's explanation of a short cut didn't wash. We were heading away from his house and not towards it.


Chapter 14         Gentleman Geoff

He drove up a long unmetalled road and stopped outside a dark and lonely cottage amongst the trees. I was feeling apprehensive. I had never been with a man before and here I was miles from anywhere in heels and a skirt. I felt so defenceless and vulnerable.

"Why did you bring me here?" I said keeping my legs tighter together.

"To show you my holiday cottage I am renovating," he said putting the headlights on to main beam. Sure enough there was his cottage with scaffolding all around.

I relaxed a little but was soon back on the defensive.

"Mary I want to make love to you tonight," he said.

"You can't my time of the month remember," I replied.

"There are ways around that," he said quietly so I had trouble hearing him.

"Like what?" I said sounding frightened at what he had in mind.

"We can kiss and be intimate in other ways," he suggested and I knew then what he had in mind. My vagina might be out of commission but he wanted to explore my other body cavities.

"No thanks, please take me home," I said anxious again for my safety.

"Sure, I just wanted to see if you were easy. I am glad to see you are not," he said starting up the car.

I was relieved when he did that and felt even more secure when he started driving back the way we came. Soon I was stepping out of the car with Geoff escorting me to my front door. It didn't feel odd living here now knowing that Ruth was inside.

As I shivered in the minus 10 degrees temperatures he said, "I'm glad you said no to me in the car, I would have been tempted to have left you there if you had said yes."

"Why?" I asked.

"Because I am looking for a lady to share my life with and I think I have found her," he said.

"You want to marry me, what makes you sure that I am the right one for you," I said shivering now. "Let's go in."

I opened the door and let us inside. My nylon covered legs feeling instantly warmer. There was a note on the table from Ruth saying she couldn't wait up any longer. I tripped into the kitchen and made two instant coffees and found Geoff sitting on the sofa waiting patiently.

"You haven't answered me yet?" I said as I sat down carefully beside him crossing my legs so that my body language left him in no doubt I was interested in him.

"Well remember what I said that you reminded me of another special girl?"

He asked.

"Yes, go on what was so special about her?" I asked

"Do you know what the term transsexual means?"

"Yes someone who thinks that should be the opposite sex to what they actually are?" I replied not sure I knew where this conversation was leading.

"That definition is close enough and I sense that about you, I sense that inside you are male and you are trapped inside the body of a beautiful girl. That makes you very special and I think that you will not regret it if you marry me," he said.

"Why?" I asked suddenly feeling vulnerable

"Because you will learn to take and give pleasure to whoever you marry in a sensual way that no woman ever could. I am glad you rejected my advances tonight because it shows that you do not want to be a pushover or easy. However I will gamble all your next four paychecks that you will be inside my pants within days of your period ending." He smiled and I smiled back. Was he right? I had a feeling he was. He perhaps knew me better than I knew myself.

"So what happens now?" I asked giving out a sigh, like George had just been discovered.

"This," he said and he moved his head to kiss me gently on the lips. I opened my mouth and probed his with my tongue. His lips parted and I was in. He sucked my tongue hard and I enjoyed the feeling and taste of his mouth.

Our saliva flowed and we kissed and kissed again. We talked for several hours and we agreed to go out a few days later.

"I had better get to bed," I said.

"I wish I was coming with you, I don't feel like travelling home tonight," he said.

"You can't stay here my mum would freak," I said.

"This couch is quite comfortable, I could sleep here," he said.

"OK I'll get some blankets," I said as he started to take off his shoes and socks.

When I returned he was stripped down to his jockey shorts his body was hard compact and muscular. I told him to get up and I made a rough bed for him on the sofa. He climbed in and I bent down to give him a goodnight kiss on the lips.

"You have beautful breasts, you know," he said.

"Thanks I know," I replied.

I was still 30 minutes from getting some sleep myself as I headed back upstairs. Jewellery, make-up, hair, clothes, tampon, shower, hair, tampon, nightdress it was like some checklist I had to go through just to go to bed. I mastered them all including the tampon noting how much heavier the discharge was on my panty liner. I was going to have to go to a super plus over night plus a panty liner just to avoid a mess on the bed.

As I turned out the light feeling tired I started to feel the first cramps in my lower back. Right now I could use GeoffÕs powerful but sensitive hands to rub my back. That would feel wonderful. With that thought I fell into a broken sleep.


Chapter 15         Housework and Darlene.

I was up bright and early. I had no option, I stretched and found that my usually empty bed was full of another body. During the night Geoff had joined me in my room and had laid down beside me. I woke with a shock and almost shouted at him to get out of my bed. My wits prevented that and I insisted that he get his clothes and go home.

I turned over and went back to sleep only to be awoken by Ruth opening my room curtains.

"How do you feel?" She asked.

"Like someone has run me over with a road roller," I replied.

"In that case, you ain't going anywhere today, young lady," she said.

"But Mum, today is my first real day at work, I can't bug out now," I replied.

"I spoke to Aunt Kathy about you last night and she has postponed the shoot until Friday," said Ruth. "I told her it would be unfair to ask you to do your shoot knowing how badly your menses affect you."

"I take it she agreed?" I asked quite relieved.

"Yes she gets bad period pains herself but then as George you wouldn't notice these things." she said mocking my previous existence.

"Well I am glad because I feel awful right now, could you rub my back please?" I asked her rolling with some difficulty onto my stomach.

"Sure honey, I will just get some baby oil," she replied.

She rubbed my back and I lay transformed. I could feel the lining of my uterus saying thanks for the help, we can do it ourselves now. I knew that I would have a heavy period now and I would be better the next day.

I lazed about all day, steadily feeling better but as the day wore on, each tampon removal and insertion started to hurt. My vagina felt on fire when I went to bed after my fifteenth change of the day.

Maybe being pregnant would be preferable to this blood letting I was going through.

Thursday morning I woke bright and well and fairly jumped up towards the shower. My panty liner and tampon showed that I could go back to wearing a regular smaller tampon today.

I phoned Darlene's salon and asked if it was possible to get an appointment that afternoon. After a few minutes delay, she said yes because one of her other clients had made a cancellation. It was set for 2:30pm. I looked at the ashtray beside my bed and counted nearly 20 butts from the day before. I was slowly weaning myself off the weed but right now I desperately needed a nicotine fix to start my day.

Fearing the searing cold outside I put on two pairs of panty hose before donning a smart trouser suit. I put on a sensible pair of shoes and felt my ankles complain again but decided that I would have to get used to it or else I would have to wear heels forever. As it was, four years of wearing heels had also deformed my toes and they curled together in a distinctly odd shape with my big toe pointing towards the others instead of being straight.

I felt myself hold back as I walked downstairs, no bounding down two at a time now. Ruth was in the kitchen as I walked in. She told me to do the washing up while she prepared some muesli and some decaffineated coffee for my breakfast.

In all my years of marriage I had never washed a dish or a plate and here Ruth wanted me to do the washing up.

"I don't know how?" I bleated.

"Yes you do." She replied. "Run the hot water and put in plenty of washing up liquid. Start washing but first put these on unless you want to damage your skin and nails."

I put on the apron and then the rubber gloves and soon had the plates and dishes from yesterday spotless.

"Good now you have some bras and panties to hand wash while we also need to do a proper clothes wash in the machine," said Ruth as she continued to control my activities. "You will find that the easy male life is over and females bear the brunt of the chores around the house."

Ruth showed me how to wash out the small spots of blood in my panties and we soon had the washing machine going non-stop for the next 2 hours.

"Right while we have that going, the lounge needs a tidy," she said. "Goeff may look a cute guy but he was quite messy. We need to remove the crumbs and sweet wrappers he left behind."

'Sweet wrappers?' I thought looking at the foil and shaking my head.

I cleaned up the mess and then headed with the vacuum to tackle my bedroom. I gave it a good clean up and brought more dirty laundry downstairs including my bed linen. As George I would have slept in them for another month but as Mary there were smelly and dirty. When I was yanking the bottom sheet out I broke my nail right down to the tip and almost cried when I saw that I had ruined my complete set.

Apart from a few cups of coffee, I worked through lunch before getting ready for my salon appointment. Ruth wanted to come with me but she had to do some shopping for food. She dropped me off and I walked quite calmly back into Darlene's clutches.

Darlene was a pretty woman with a deep husky voice, her eyebrows were well arched and she wore long dangly red and gold earrings that stretched down to her shoulders. She chewed gum with her mouth open and her red lips looked inviting. She wore heels despite being on her feet all day. Her uniform was short giving a large expanse of thigh to any male who might come near.

"Right honey what can we do for you today?" she asked with that husky sexy voice of hers. She flicked some errant hairs back behind her ear to reveal those gorgeous pendants.

"Remember we cut off 2 feet the last time we were here, could we do it again?" I asked.

"We can do anything you want, you sure that's what you want?" She replied.

I looked at her face looking for a clue for what to say next and then it struck me Darlene was a transsexual. I could just see it now, her prominent Adam's apple the faint outline of dimple in her chin. Slightly large ears and nose. She could sense me looking at her and I could tell she didn't care.

"OK let's just do it, and give what's left a perm," I said.

"I can see you wondering honey," said Darlene. "You keep on wondering because I am all woman now honey."

"You have had surgery?" I asked.

"Sure have everything taken away and put back in the right place," she said with that dusky voice.

"You have volunteered to have the surgery?" I asked curious. I bet Darlene would have robbed a bank to use my invention.

"Of course honey, I was always female just my body didn't reflect the way I felt," she replied.

"Oh I see and you love being a woman?" I asked.

"Wouldn't change it for the world," she answered taking the first part of my long hair to cut.

"Why?" I asked somehow wishing I hadn't.

"Because I can be Darlene all the time, I can tease and flirt with men, I get to be the woman I always wanted to be." she said with sincerity.

"I think I know how you feel," I said. "Didn't it feel strange relearning all there was to be a woman?"

"No honey I felt like this all my life and I have lived like this for the last 12 years now."

"Do you have a significant other?" I asked.

"Yes I have a girlfriend who knows me and I have had a whole string of men at my feet. However I am still looking for the right guy to treat me like a real lady rather than as some freak who might know how to please him in a special way."

"Is that the only drawback?" I asked again as the hair started to fall away.

"This is very fine hair honey, you are so lucky I would die for hair this fine," she said. "Drawback? Oh yes not being able to have kids. I would love to have kids, to suckle and bring them into life, you know. That's my main regret."

"I am sorry," I said

"Don't be sorry," she replied, "Otherwise I am truly happy, I love talking and this job gives me that and more, I love to wear sexy clothes and I just love being a woman."

With that she got on with her work, the shampoo, the set and the hairdryer all doing their part in changing my look. When she was finished I had a new ceramic nail to match the length of my newly manicured fingers. My mane looked naturally curly and hung down just past my shoulders. She had removed all of the long hairs on my eyebrows and at my request pierced my ear lobes again.

As I paid her fee I said, "I hope you can meet Mr right soon."

"Don't worry there are always plenty of men who are fascinated by girls like me," she said smiling now.

"Good I'm glad, I'll be back in a couple of weeks or unless I break another nail." I laughed as I paid her. She was slightly taller than me and I said, "I hope you don't think I am being patronising but I really do think that you are a very lovely woman."

"No honey I take compliments from anywhere," she replied and with that she kissed me on the cheek.

I walked outside and could see Kathy and Ruth in Ruth's car. I rushed over in the descending gloom to the car and got into the back seat.

"Your hair looks lovely now," said Kathy.

"Yes it looks so natural," said Ruth.

"That's Darlene's fault she is very good. Hey Kathy did you know about her?"

"Yes I did, I knew her as a boy in high school and she makes a better woman now," said Kathy.

"Did you get the food you wanted Mum?" I asked.

"Yes all loaded and I guess we better go home to load it into the freezer," she replied

"What about you Kathy how are you coping with George's disappearance?" I asked.

"Quite well, he has actually died you know," she said looking at me.

"Yes, how?" I asked incredulous

"Well I formally identified a body washed up from the sea it's wedding ring as being you. Your face was too badly disfigured to be shown to me, so that's it you have died George. You cease to be and I have the death certificate with the cause of death shown as accidental drowning to prove it. Now I have already started looking for another man and I have had some telephone conversations with your old boss Lake Jr. about taking away your project."

"You spoke to Lake?" I asked.

"Yes I told him that it could be demonstrated to work and that you had given so much to the project that you just tipped over the edge into the sea. He will be dropping by on Monday for a demonstration while you are modelling my clothes with Geoff."

"Will he buy it?" I asked.

"He is interested," she replied.

"Kathy if he takes the machine I can never change back," I cried.

"Well before it goes back, Ruth and I have decided that we have been unfair to you and that perhaps you have learnt your lesson now," said Kathy. "So before Lake comes on Monday you will get the chance to turn back into George."

"Do you really mean that?" I asked.

"Yes if you want to change into boring old George again, you have to do it by Sunday or lose the chance, because I reckon Lake will take it all back again," she said.

"So where is my disc and DNA sample?" I asked.

"Right here," she said handing me two packages. "One is your passport back to manhood and the other is the circuit board I removed." she said.

"Thanks," I said taking them back. I felt sudden burst of joy and regret at the same time. I was confused, deeply confused.

"You sure you wouldn't take me back if I changed back to George?" I interrupted them after a few minutes of deep thought

"Quite sure, don't even think about it Mary," said Kathy. "There you have it, whatever happens you will have learnt a lot about what it is like to female in the early 21st century."

"Ruth can I stay with you after I change back to being George?" I asked.

"No as soon as you stop wearing a bra, you can leave because you won't be my daughter Mary," she replied.

"Oh I see," I said realising that I would have to start out with nothing as George. "I don't even have any clothes to fit me now."

"That's true but we can get something for George to wear," said Kathy. "A nice skirt, blouse and heels," she added laughing.

"That's not funny," I said clutching the disks and circuit board to my bosum.

"Right Kathy, we will see you later," said Ruth. "I suppose we had better get Georgina home now."

"Mary if you don't mind, my name is Mary," I said trying to re-assert my authority.

"Not George, Mary?" said Kathy smiling. "Whatever happens on Sunday will be very interesting."

With that she got out of the car and walked smartly over to her own car. She seemed much more radiant than I remembered.

Ruth and I got home and I carefully took the disk, cicuirt board and DNA sample upstairs to my room. I had just another two full days to live through and I was back to being George again.

"I have just ordered a Chinese meal for us Mary, I hope you don't mind but the delivery boy will be around in about 20 minutes," she said taking her bag and the purse. She took out a $50 bill and handed it to me.

"Where are you going?" I asked.

"Out," she said, "I have an appointment for my psychiatrist now. Before you came along I was being treated for depression."

"How do you feel now?" I asked.

"Like Ruth again, like your mother again, so much more happier. If you go back to being George then I am sure I will go back to what I was like," she said.

She wasn't going to let me forget that I would make her miserable by being George again. At that she put on her coat and kissed me goodbye. "I'll be back in about an hour."

Just after she left, the delivery boy arrived with my food.

"That'll be $25," he said. I thought that if I gave him all $50 he would assume a huge tip was for him so I went to my purse and rummaged through it for some loose change.

As I walked back I caught the side of the carpet with my shoe and went sprawling. The delivery boy seeing me stumble outside came inside to see if I was alright.

"I am a little winded but otherwise OK," I said. "Thanks for your concern," I added getting back onto my bottom and smoothing my skirt so I had some decency again.

"Take it easy, there's no rush to get up, let me check you are fine. I am a first-aid attendant at college," he said.

He then started to give me a thorough inspection checking my legs and arms for sprains or breaks and he didn't let me up until after he had felt most of my body.

"What's your name?" he asked. "Mine's Phil."

"Mary," I said feeling reluctant to be drawn into a conversation with this young guy. 'How could I ward off him off when I was all alone,' I thought.

"My name is Mary Parks. I am staying here with my mother and she should be back here in a few minutes." I replied thinking he would drop it at that.

"Yes I know your mother, I have been mowing her lawn all summer, I didn't know she had a daughter as lovely as you," he said helping me back up onto my feet.

"I have been in hospital for a couple of months after a bad accident." I said

"I wondered why I hadn't seen you before," he replied, "I am happy to meet you, I just live a couple of doors away."

I gave him the 25 plus a couple of dollars as a tip as I started to show him the door. "Thanks Mary, do you fancy a burger or a movie tomorrow night?"

"No thanks, I am going to be busy," I said lying.

"Well I get Wednesday's off and I could show you around our little town," he said with some persistence. Thinking that I would be George by then, I accepted knowing I wouldn't be going on a date with him.

"That would be nice but I am sure you would have other friends you would rather be with?" I responded.

"Yea, but none as pretty as you," he said as he ran out the door back to his delivery van.

I put the money back into my pink leather purse and as I did I kept thinking how persistent he was and how when I sounded negative he still came up trumps. As I turned to take the Chinese meal through to the kitchen to prepare it, I saw Ruth standing in the hallway taking off her coat

"Oh you weren't long, how long have you been standing there?" I quizzed her.

"Long enough," she replied. "Is that another date you have organised? What about Geoff?"

"What about Geoff? I am not engaged or anything, Phil just wants to show me the sights around here. There is nothing wrong with that is there?" I asked.

"The only sights that boy wants you to see are what's inside his jeans," said Ruth.

"That's nonsense and you know it, he was just being nice." I replied.

"Well if you saw the look on his face when he ran out of here, you would understand what I mean. He definitely wants inside your panties. I have seen him staring at me often enough while I was sunbathing to know that a young man wants more than a tour of the town," said Ruth.

"OK, OK, I bow to your superior knowledge, I was kind of pushed into it, I guess I am still a little naive," I replied.

"Kathy should be here soon, so let's get some food inside us," she replied.

Despite its wrapping the food was cold now so I zapped it with the microwave and served it up on two plates. We were munching through the last of the spare ribs when the door bell rang.

Leaving Ruth eating, I tripped to the door careful this time of the carpet that had caught me unawares before. I opened the door and in walked Kathy and without giving it a second thought we kissed each other on the cheek.

She was carrying a special dress bag and was holding it by the hook.

"What's in the clothes bag?" I asked Kathy as she walked in the front door.

"A dress I want you to try on tonight," she replied. "It's a new idea I have been working on."

"Right now, Mum and I are eating in the kitchen, would you like a coffee or anything else?" I asked.

"A coffee would be nice." She replied.

I switched on the coffee maker and resumed my now cold Chinese meal but my appetite was gone and I felt really curious about the dress.

I took a few more mouthfuls and decided to make the coffee for everyone. Knowing their tastes and dislikes with coffee now. I quickly made three large mugs of hot steaming coffee and sat down beside the two others.

Ruth was still munching but Kathy was sitting back looking pleased with herself.

"Why the pleased look on your face?" I asked.

"Well I thought you would have been right round to change back to George, there is nothing to stop you now is there?" she said.

"Not really but I have been busy since I came home, I can go over there now if you like," I said suddenly determined again.

"Here take my keys let yourself in and come right back here," she said.

"Do you mean that, so you think I have learned my lesson Kathy?" I asked.

"We'll find that out when you come back," she added looking at Ruth. Ruth just slumped in her seat looking sad.

"OK I know what to do I'll be back in about an hour," I said. "Did you throw out the old pair of overalls in the basement?"

"No they are still there stinking in the corner," she said.

"Thanks I'll be right back," I said and headed out the door to my little sports car. I started it up conscious of my heels carefully backed it out onto the street. Soon I would be able to drive it like it should be driven.

I drove off and soon doubts started creeping into my mind. What's so attractive about George? He was always working on that project, he was insular, withdrawn, smelly and boring. While Mary is attractive, making contacts and friends, in demand, sweet and certainly not boring. I continued driving.

Meanwhile back at the house. "Mary's gone?" asked Ruth in tears.

"Yes but I have a feeling that Mary won't go through with this," said Kathy.

"How do you know?" Ruth asked.

"I don't know I can just feel it, George has been subdued by Mary's spirit. In four or five days, my George has gone from being a boring engineer to a beautiful model and he wont go back. I am convinced of it." Said Kathy.

"What if you are wrong?" said Ruth.

"Then there is still no harm done," said Kathy.

"Mary doesn't know that the hair sample is one from Darlene's a few days ago dyed to look like George's and of course the picture disk is Mary's. So even if she goes through with this, nothing will change. Mary will still come back to you," said Kathy. "In any case Mary can ever never go back to being George, remember we threw out the hair sample and picture disk after dinner on Monday."

I knew nothing of this of course as I parked the car and walked towards the door. Glad of my trouser suit in the cold weather, I was relieved to enter my old house once again. Soon I would be reunited with my beloved project. I stood and looked around the empty house and it was strange. It looked different somehow.

I saw the way Kathy had tied the drapes on the windows, the way the furniture was arranged, the fresh flowers on the dining table and on the coffee table. How neat and tidy it all was and how the place carried a woman's touch. I had always taken that for granted, I seemed genuinely interested in these little details. Like I should be able to do them too.

I walked through to the lounge and sat down. I stared at the envelope on the table and thought long and hard about what I had to do. My project had been like my baby. I had nurtured it and fed it until I had finally managed to get it all working. Now if I stayed like Mary I was almost certain I was going to get a baby for real. What was I going to do? I got up and tried to pull myself together to get my George persona to the front.

Mary though had other ideas and tried to make me see the advantages of staying exactly as I was. - Mary.

I paced up and down over the hardwood floor and suddenly I felt the urge to light up a cigarette. I resisted it and soon found myself heading towards the basement.

I stood at the top of the stairs armed with my picture disk and my DNA sample. I took a step downwards and suddenly decided against it. I needed some time to think. I pulled out a cigarette and lit it clenching the filter in my teeth before drawing the smoke deep into my lungs.

I looked at the glowing end of the cigarette and then drew some more nicotine into the deepest part of my body and soon the drug had its usual calming effect on my spirit.

I walked back across the hardwood floor my 2" heels making obvious dents in the floor. How could I give up my second youth, this wonderful body and the attention I now attracted. Something inside was saying help! Let me out give me my life back but it was being over-ruled by a stronger force.

I tried twice to go down that stairway into the basement but my legs wouldn't take me past the doorway. Once I tried to take a run but I just wouldn't go. It was then I realised I would be Mary forever and that George was now gone.

Poor George.



All that was ten years ago. Now I am married to Phil who was as good as his word. I found him to be a good man and he is the father to two beautiful daughters called Ruth and Katherine. Obviously both older women were delighted with the choice of names. Phil's choices were over-ruled by me.

Despite the childbirth I am still a busy woman. I have my own detached villa just outside of town about 2 miles from Ruth's house which is convenient as she acts as my baby-sitter when I am away on assignments.

I am one of the highest paid models in the country now. My face has graced the cover of Vogue a couple of years ago and despite all the gossip I have a great relationship with Phil.

Relationship? That first time on my wedding night was so exquisite. I endured the pain of him taking my virginity with pride and later that night I lay back as my new husband pumped his massive erect penis into my love channel.

I was a taker not a doer, I was the receiver not the giver, I was the socket not the plug. He drove me wild that night and sure enough we gave birth to Katherine 9 months later. When she was born it was only then that Aunt Kathy told me that I would never ever go back to being George.

Kathy by the way was shown the holiday home too by Geoff a few weeks after me and she fell for him in a big way. Geoff was able to provide all the tenderness Kathy needed to keep her sane. She still had some intimate moments with me and she was the godmother to both my little girls.

How I cried when I got back that night from trying to change back into George. I cried in Ruth's arms and told her what had happened and how I just couldn't go down those stairs. She hugged me close and told me she loved me and she knew that her daughter Mary now lived inside my transformed body. George was in there somewhere but he very rarely came to the surface.

The project? Oh yes the start of all this. Well it was bought by Lake Industries and as far as I can tell is locked up in some underground government laboratory. I am led to believe that other experiments with humans just didn't work. But then I did say that it was sensitive to movement




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