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Abbeygail's Dreamland A place for gentleness, innocence, relaxation and love, with around a dozen stories.
X Alamo Preacher's TV and FemDom Fiction Site No longer available. An excellent site with original stories by Alamo Preacher. Your browser must be able to handle 'frames'.
Alt.Sex.Stories ASSTR is home to over 500 authors of erotic literature, host of the newsgroup,, mirror site for, and host of several popular erotic literature archives.
B'Ellana's Web-Quarters A site for lovers of TG fiction and the girls that fill the pages.
Bea's TV Channel "A place where transvestites and cross dressers can relax and feel at home!" Contains both free stories and stories for sale.
Beverly's Balcony A growing collection of TG stories by a number of authors.
Big Closet A nice site that contains over a hundred stories. It was only updated during it's first two months in operation, but I've received an email from Joyce Melton (06-11-2002) informing me that it's going to become active again.
Bobbie's Sissy Stories Around 2 dozen stories about males forcibly feminized and turned into cross dressers, transvestites or even shemale transsexuals. Beware of using the site's links because they 'capture' your browser and won't let you return.
X Body Swap Story Archive As the name says, dedicated solely to body swap stories by various authors. About 2 dozen stories.
Brandy's Beginning Brandy Dewinter's stories and artwork
X Britney's Page Britney's site contains her Alexis stories and others.
X Cee Kay Verified gone on 02-27-2002. Original stories by CK1. Around 2 dozen as of this writing.
Creative Works of CJ Wenhurst Many captioned pictures and around a half dozen original stories.
Cromexx Central Cromexx Central, the home of fiction writer Cleo Kraft . A TG Story Archive with emphasis on magic and sci-fi transformation themes.
X Dani's Fiction Keeps moving around. Currently closed. Was a very nice site with around three dozen stories.
Daphne's Secret Garden A wonderful fiction and artwork site best known for it's very popular story series, The Petticoat Detective Squad Adventures, and Lipstick Discipline
X Dark Portal Merged with the new StoryPortal site
X Eighth Circle of Hell Concentrating on TG Fiction with a Horror theme. Subjects might include vampires, shape-changers, mad scientists, and other things that go bump in the night.
Ellen's Office Ellen Hayes website featuring her well known series, 'The Saga of Tuck'. 
Emily Ross A very nice site with around 3 dozen original stories.
Female Mask Homepage A "Way Station" on the outer limits of the World Wide Web
for travelers with a fascination for Female Rubber Masks. Currently has around four dozen stories.
X Fiction by Karen Anne Summerfield Original stories by Karen Anne.
Fictionmania The wonderful site started by Mindy and now run by a task force of more than 15 volunteers. Contains more than Three Thousand TG/Transformation stories.
Heather's Hot Spot Heather Sinclair's website featuring her original Kingsley Investigation series.
X Holly's Stories Around 20 original stories.
I'm Shirley Ann Sometimes Original stories by Shirley Ann Sometimes. Around 8 stories posted.
Indian Crossdress Stories Asian Indian, not American Indian stories. Around a dozen stories.
Jennifer's TG Story Pages Creator of the popular 'Altered Fates universe'. Her site contains over a hundred stories. Many of them AF stories, of course. She has also posted the 'rules' for writing a 'Medallion' story, and there are a number of graphics and animations.
Jennifer Jane Pope Jennifer is a popular, published author. Her site contains some of her original stories, access to her published ones, writing tips for aspiring authors, and more.
Jens Place of Innocence and Relaxation 12-03-2002 New site dedicated to stories.
X Jessica's Crossdressing Stories Verified gone on 02-26-2002. 16 stories by various authors, some unidentified.
Joan's Story Alcove Original stories by Joan Banks.
Joanna's Diary Lots of captioned pictures and a few stories too.
X Joanne's Haven New site with a couple of original stories by Joanne.
Magical MtF Transformations ( Transgender / Transformation stories centering magical, SciFi gender changes, comics, pics, discussions, dating, chat ) The introduction is available in English, German, and Russian, but most of the site is only available in Russian. Features original sex stories from a variety of authors, plus submissions from readers.
X  Kismet's TG Story Archive 16 stories by various authors, but one of the most annoying homepages that I've ever seen anywhere on the web. Not updated since 11-1998.
Maddy Anne Bell's Story Site Original stories and artwork by Maddy Anne Bell.
X Maggie's Attic Original stories by Maggie Finson.
Maid's Quarters

Original stories by Cynetta Cynthia Cynclaire

X Melissa and Renee's Transgender Home New 10-26-01. A new site with a few stories and a system of  message boards.
  Michelle's Mid Day Break Resurrected. A StorySite visitor has provided a new link to this wonderful site containing almost 300 stories, although it doesn't appear to have been updated since September 1999.
A Midsummer's Transgender Night Dream New 03-26-01. Rachel Maeve's Werewoman Site
X Miss Vicky's Fantasy Fiction A nice site containing around 65 stories by various authors.
Monica's A nice site by a German TV/CD. Contains 4 stories.
Mylene's Dreamworld Around 4 dozen original stories.
Nifty Archive One of the largest story archives on the web, featuring gay, lesbian, bestiality, Bi-sexual, and TG/TS stories.
Oberon's Realm of Magical Transformations A beautifully crafted site containing about 2 dozen stories and numerous captioned images. Last updated 08-2001.
Old Joe's Collection A collection of TG stories on ASSTG that were assembled from newsgroups. Last updated 11-1998.
Oturus' TG Transformation Page 11-28-01.   A new site with a few stories, captioned images, and other features.
Our Own Stories New Site 05-15-03. Transgendered Fiction with a Difference. Transgendered people have marvelous stories to tell.  They are stories of courage, inspiration, struggle, victory, defeat, joy, sorrow, even humor.
X Outside A wonderful site by Pyrite (formerly Paul1954). It contains almost 400 stories, and is updated frequently.
Patricia's Archive of Original Stories Patricia Marie Allen's Website with around a dozen original stories. Hosted on FortuneCity so be prepared for a ton of unwanted popups by the provider.
P.J.'s T Time Tales P.J. Wright's site with 9 original stories. Last updated 10-1998.
X Pink Gladiolas Edith Bennett Bellamy's site with her original stories, and reviews of other TG sites around the world. Edith maintains a webring and confers awards to sites that are outstanding in visual appeal and/or written content.
Purple Zone Fiction and Fantasy Contains one original story as of this writing.
Rebecca's Little Girl Playroom Little girl site with a little over a dozen stories.
X Rebecca A Stories Contains 4 original stories by Rebecca A. Last updated 11-1999.
X Radioactive Loner's Homepage Contains around 20 stories and numerous captioned images.
X ROBO's World Well established site. Contains around 150 stories, many morphs and images. Last updated 08-2001.
X Queergendered Stories Verified down 02-26-2002. Contains half a dozen stories.
Sandra's Home Sandra's home on the internet. It contains her stories, plus poems, and images.
Sapphire's Place A premier site in TG Fiction circles with hundreds of wonderful stories.
Sapphire's SRU Annex An archive of SPELLS R US stories, the wonderful universe spawned by Bill Hart.
Sarah's Homepage A nice site containing half a dozen original stories and a selection of captioned images.
X Sarah Jayne's Story Corner Verified down on 02-26-2002. A site that contains stories about boys that want to be little girls. Contains about 20 stories.
X Serena's Sanctuary Contains 6 original stories by Serena, and about 70 stories from other authors.
Sissipus A large Sissy site with around six dozen stories.
Skjam's Fanfic Page Scott Jamison's fanfiction site with around three dozen original stories.
X Stories by Jennifer New site 05-15-01. Has a few stories as of this entry.
Sissy Stories by Marcia New site 01-27-03. Has five sissy stories as of this entry.
X StoryPortal New site 12-01-00.
X SummerCandy's TransGender Fantasy Verified permanently down 08-19-00
Surrealistic Wordsmith An excellent site containing Deane Christopher's stories, cartoons, and captioned images.
Sweet Chastity A site devoted to TG, BDSM, and Fetish tastes. It contains stories by a number of authors, and original artwork by the site's webmaster, Chas.
X Tamara Lynn's Tawdry Teasers Contains several original stories and a large selection of captioned pictures. Very annoying Wonder Woman music, without the usual 'music shut-off' button. Last updated 05-22-2001.
TG List TG site with stories, comics, manga, and more. (Portuguese)
TG Story Time Diana's site with around five dozen stories. Last updated 12-14-1999.
Tigger's Scratching Post An excellent site with around three dozen original stories
Tonya's Original Stories A nice site with a couple of original stories by Tonya
Transformation Story Archive A large story archive with dozens of TG/TS stories. The site also archives other transformation stories including animal, mythical beasts, furry creatures, various universes, and unclassified stories. A statement on the site states that there are over 552 stories housed there.
Transgender Book Review Includes half of 'Cherry Single', a book that is available for purchase.
Transgender Graphics & Fiction Archive Jenny North's archive of transgendered comics, RPG information, and fiction. A very nice site.
Transgender Support Site Stories of Transition A transition support site with a couple of dozen stories.
TSAT A bimonthly e-zine for transformation related science fiction and fantasy.
Version3 by Abi A place for gentleness, innocence, relaxation and love, with around eighty stories.
Vixen Vicki Erotic Tales Half a dozen stories TG stories.
X Weirdo's Body Swap Story Archive 03-14-01 The site is no longer on Geocities.
Wendy's Home for Midnight Downloads A nice site featuring Wendy J's original Midnight Downloads fiction.
  Whateley Academy
The Academy is a strange place, tucked away in the remote hills near Dunwich, New Hampshire.  Some people say itís strange because it was the site of so many of those HP Lovecraft stories.  Others say the school is weirder than that ≠ itís a school for mutants, superheroes, and even supervillains!  They claim this is where those powerful teens spend their high school years, growing into their powers, forming alliances, dating, and learning who and what they are.  The wildest stories of all claim that powers can do strange things to a person ≠ altering their mind and body, even changing their gender!  And you know what?  All those stories are TRUE.
Wishes Granted Inc. Micah Distel's official website of the Wishes Granted Inc. Universe. Contains ten stories as of this writing. Last updated 04-2001.
XoYo's Story Archive Contains 16 stories. Last updated 12-1999.
X X Zero 23's Pictures & stories site Verified gone 08-30-01.


Links to TG/Transformation Related Sites
Above and Beyond
X Breast Expansion Archive
Crissy Wild's Transgender Library - A very large resource site with loads of TG information and links. Worth the visit if you can stand the incessant, highly-irritating  barrage of pop-up banners and windows.
Eddie Glover's Site
Elayne's Illustrated Romantic Adventure Fiction No stories, just images and related text.
Elizabeth's Mainstream Fiction TG Reference
Femur's TG Art Pages  
Gender Free Poetry Place Poetry from the intergendered and genderqueer.
X Girl's Night Out A T-girl website
X Haurana Scribbling (Japanese)
Hosiery Resource An informational site on hosiery.
Lady Cyrrh's website Links, website reviews, and story reviews
  Lana's TG Sci-Fi Fantasy 03/01/2006  - Back on line after an extended absence. Super site dedicated mainly to television and movie TG discussion, video and audio clips and links.
X Martina's Links A links site that contains thousands of verified links
X MaskFiction Mainly stories about masks, with some TG content
URL has been taken over by a porn site.
  Miss Elnetty's HomePage (in German)
Nora's Nest
X Paul Ovid's Picture Gallery
Petticoat Discipline Monthly
X Sassi Anne's Internet Home  
X Siren's Song  
X TG Body Swapping Fantasies Mostly captioned images. Requires that you join Yahoo 'Clubs' and sign in to Yahoo everytime you try to access the site.
TG-Community.Org A Friendly Place for Everyone. A forum for expression, interaction, and creativity for the online transgendered community.
X TG Mad Scientist's Transformation Page
X The Bug-House
Transformania 02-05-03 - A new site by Candy Lee, formerer webmistress of SummerCandy's Transgender Fantasy site. Enter this strange portal and encounter a reality that has been altered and shaped by space and time.
Transsexual Dating For SAFE and RESPECTFUL Dating for the discriminating M2F TS



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