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Scenes inspired by the forthcoming Teena Thyme series of novels. Further details at the foot of this page. Please scroll down.


No.3 - A sticky situation.


And again, still in 19th century England ...

"Andy, I told you to make sure you kept the cap on that tube of superglue and now it must have seeped into the glove box."

"Well, I didn't think ordinary objects could jump back through time, Teen. The tube of solvent certainly never made it through."

"Andy - one of these days I'm gonna swing for you, you useless pillock, I swear I will."

"Why do you always blame me, Teen? It's not fair! I wasn't the one who thought it would be a good idea to make friends by dancing the Hokey-Cokey, was I?"


"Thinks: I wouldn't mind so much, but these three actually think this is having a good time! I'll never moan about BBC2 programme choices again."

"Ouch! Watch out for my toes, you stupid great clod-hopping excuse for a Jane Eyre, you!"

Animated image courtesy of (well worth a visit). All images, text and references to Teena Thyme are Copyright Jennifer Jane Pope, January 2001.

The first book in the Teena Thyme series, simply entitled Teena, is available from July 2001, from most good book stores in both the United Kingdom and the USA. Most Jennifer Jane Pope titles are also available on the Internet, either from, or from .

Teena becomes a time traveller quite by accident in 1975 and finds herself popping up as her own ancestors in a variety of eras and predicaments and her natural resilience, inventiveness and ability to see the funny side of just about any situation are frequently pushed to their limits.

History was never like this at school, so if you want to meet Teena and read the opening chapters of her story for free, visit my website at and click on the BOOKS section, where you will find a long extract, as well as extracts from all my other published novels.

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