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Jennifer     My sister caught me spying in the girls changing room at school. She told me that she would either tell our mother or punish me herself. Since I didn't want my mother to find out what I had done, I chose to let my sister punish me. I let her remove all the hair from my body including my head. She then placed a underwire bra onto me and stuffed it to give a  perfect chest. She then tucked my member up between my legs and slid a thong up my legs. She then attached a corset to me to give me that hour glass figure. She then put this long flowing blond wig onto my head

   Next came my nails. She decided to attach acrylic nails to my own so as they would not come off for a while, and she also decided at the last minute to paint my toenails silver. She then slides a tight fitting tube top and a tight pair of capri pants on me so I can show off my new body. She also chose a nice pair of white strappy sandels with a open toe to show off my newly painted girlish toes.

    She then starts my make up. She plucked my eyebrows to a nice thinness, she used all the right shades, She then tells me that all the guys are going to want the new girl in town.  She then said that we should take a picture to make a memory of this special moment.  I agreed against my better judgement.

    As the flash went off everything felt wrong, my breasts no longer felt fake because they had become my own and the hair was also now mine and the corset she had placed on me was gone, plus I know had lost my male organ only to find out that I was all female from head to toe. But the only thing I wanted to do was go out on the town and pick up men in my new body. It looks like Jennifer Williams is here to stay.



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