Crystal's StorySite

StorySite Author Chat # 9        02-10-2001   6 pm EDST

Chat Log with Guest Author : Prudence Walker

ChatMom : Rose2

Log Secretary : Prudence Walker

This was scheduled as a chat with authoress Constance Grant but at the last minute Connie was unable to attend. She recently had a major surgical procedure and our prayers are with her. Prudence stepped in at literally the last minute and did a wonderful job, in spite of the rowdy crowd that we had. In addition to being the guest author, she also acted as log secretary. Prue can do it all. I have done minor editing on the log to correct some spelling errors, and remove some extraneous data. - Crystal


The log starts while the room was waiting for the chat to officially begin.

[JennyJ..] Did you know Prue was originally from Lancashire, Amanda?

PRUE.> any way as i was saying

>> Rose2.. has joined channel #XC.2179487

[josie-1] By the way.... where did the term "huggles" originate? Has that issue ever been settled?

[PRUE.> there was a bit of controversy about who invented it

[JennyJ..] She made her way to New Zealand at a very early age, lol

[josie-1] Hi Rose

[KarnSummerfield] Bout time Rose

PRUE.> Elaine called it a pruism

[JennyJ..] Rosie! Where ya bin?

PRUE.> but i never claimed to invent it

[Sara...] .

[Kim_EM....] Hi,m Rose!

[RoyDelFrink] So, this chat officially beings now?

PRUE.> just that i started using it here

[Kim_EM....] Wassup?

[Rose2..] sorry I fell asleep

[JennyJ..] Not without the author it don't!

[RoyDelFrink] Well, the recorded part, anyway?

[josie-1] thanks Prue.... but I'll be giving you credit anyway

[RoyDelFrink] PS Where's Crystal?

[Amanda_UK] So pick author ?

[Kim_EM....] well, sans the author it'll be a very short chat

[KarnSummerfield] Good idea

[Kim_EM....] we could make it a Prue Chat

[Rose2..] has Connie been here

[RoyDelFrink] Any author! The author you're thinking of is ... Josie!

PRUE.> no

[JennyJ..] Who wants to pretend to be Jackie Collins?

[Kim_EM....] Prue deserves a chat of her own!

[josie-1] How about.......... ROY!!!!!!!!

[KarnSummerfield] Joan Collins!!

[RoyDelFrink] Sorry, not tonight. I have a headache.

[JennyJ..] Either of 'em - as long as we get their money, lol.

PRUE.> well we have the people

[Kim_EM....] Prue! Prue! Prue!

[KarnSummerfield] LOL

PRUE.> why waste it

PRUE.> arh who is going to log then

[KarnSummerfield] I'll volunteer

[Kim_EM....] laughs

[Rose2..] I'll mom for you Prue

[josie-1] Does Connie have ICQ?

[Rose2..] ??????????????

[JennyJ..] yes, she does.

PRUE.> not online

[RoyDelFrink] Prue would work, I guess...

[JennyJ..] Hang on, I'll switch on and see if she's about, tho I doubt it.

PRUE.> no I see she’s not jenny

[KarnSummerfield] K

[RoyDelFrink] What's ICQ? Remind me.

PRUE.> my icq s on

[Amanda_UK] I Seek You Instant message chat

[JennyJ..] Yep, you're right, Prue.

[RoyDelFrink] My ICQ's on drugs.

[JennyJ..] ICQ - where all the witches gather at night, lol.

[josie-1] lol

PRUE.> so whats happening now then

[KarnSummerfield] ROFL

[RoyDelFrink] We're dropping out of this chat room like flies.

[Kim_EM.....] We have to start holding these in a non-java room

PRUE.> opps forgot to tell people to click in every 15 mins

[KarnSummerfield] LOL

[JennyJ..] Jesus H Wasssisname ... there's names blinking on and off this board like a stock exchange panic

[Rose2..] well I guess I deserve a spanking but other than that I don't know

[Kim_EM.....] so, have we decided whose chat this is?

[TeddiSueNM] I don't see Connie up on MSN Messenger either.

[RoyDelFrink] It'll be a real problem if we start dropping like fries. :)

[Amanda_UK] The chips are down

[JennyJ..] yep, we'll have had our chips for sure.

PRUE.> we'd be cooked then

PRUE.> lololol

[Kim_EM.....] too much punning and we'll all be fried

[RoyDelFrink] With or without fish?

[TeddiSueNM] .

[KarnSummerfield] Where is my cane?

[JennyJ..] Oh bugger - we've started Prue on food again, lol.

[Kim_EM.....] no, bull, at least

[Amanda_UK] Fish is too battered

PRUE.> well come on stop dithering

PRUE.> whos on first

[RoyDelFrink] And start withering.

[JennyJ..] nowt wrong with a good dither now and then

[Kim_EM.....] Prue!

[KarnSummerfield] THWACK!!

[TeddiSueNM] what's on second

[KarnSummerfield] Attention!!

[RoyDelFrink] I don't know. THIRD BASE!

[RoyDelFrink] Sorry.

[Sara...] .

[KarnSummerfield] The group will come to order!

PRUE.> lol

[Kim_EM.....] Time for Rose to put on her ChatMom hat?

[RoyDelFrink] I'd like an extra large pizza with anchovies.

[Amanda_UK] Oh heck they're talking about rounders

[JennyJ..] OK - one volunteer is worth two pressed women ...

PRUE.> ok yes ma’am

>> Rose2.. has left channel #XC.2179487

PRUE.> shoot

PRUE.> shute

[Kim_EM.....] well, Jenny and I are out.. We’ve had our chats

>> RoseMom has joined channel #XC.2179487

[RoyDelFrink] Rounders, Amanda? Is that some kind of sausage.

[KarnSummerfield] Extra cheese with the anchovies!!

[JennyJ..] yep

>> scramblerj has joined channel #XC.2179487

[Kim_EM.....] do we have a scribe?

PRUE.> I’ll volunteer if someone logs

[josie-1] Hi ya Scrambler

[scramblerj] HELLO

PRUE.> hi

[TeddiSueNM] Hi scrambler

[RoyDelFrink] Hi Scrambler. Don

[Kim_EM.....] Hi, Scrambler

[scramblerj] have i missed anything

PRUE.> no

[JennyJ..] Hello Scrambler

[scramblerj] hi everyone

[RoseMom] Prue you can't scribe and be author

[RoyDelFrink] No. The author hasn't showed up yet.

[RoyDelFrink] We're thinking of a Prue chat, I think.

[Kim_EM.....] who knows how to scribe?

[JennyJ..] That would be Pruedent, yes.

[KarnSummerfield] ???

[scramblerj] I almost forgot about the chat

PRUE.> josie

[JennyJ..] brb

[josie-1] Well!!!!! I've never done it before..... but..... I could try in a pinch

[scramblerj] too busy putting the finishing touches on chapter four of the raven story :)

PRUE.> i'll give it a try if you're patient

PRUE.> log and be the author

[Kim_EM.....] scrambler.. bout time! *laughs*

PRUE.> sighs

[RoyDelFrink] I'm game, Prue, if you're doctor/ :)

[scramblerj] nasty block since sucked

[josie-1] Want me to try, Prue?

[RoyDelFrink] Why not?

[Kim_EM.....] scrambler, I can relate.. I just got past my block, finally writing EXPO 6

PRUE.> yes the more the merrier

[KarnSummerfield] Enema, Scrambler

[scramblerj] now i just have to send it to connie, teddi and steve to proof

[RoyDelFrink] Karen, did you know that "enema" spelled backwards is "a mene"?

[KarnSummerfield] Prue, you're up

[TeddiSueNM] Ready when you are, scrambler

[KarnSummerfield] ROFL

[KarnSummerfield] Nooo

[scramblerj] a day or two..

[scramblerj] still has a few bugs :)

[RoyDelFrink] all I have.

[RoyDelFrink] Huggle-bugs?

[scramblerj] ha

PRUE.> lol

[scramblerj] good one Roy

PRUE.> well r we going to start this today

[KarnSummerfield] Prue, tell the group why you happened to a T girl site?

[RoseMom] Well if no one objects this will now be the Prue Author Chat

[josie-1] So where are we?

[RoyDelFrink] Cleveland.

PRUE.> lol

[KarnSummerfield] South Jersey

PRUE.> well it was a mistake really

[RoseMom] Prue any opening statements

[scramblerj] say does anyone know if the author of the second side-effect story has more to post?

[RoyDelFrink] New Jersey or old, Karen?

PRUE.> i was looking for a chat room

[Kim_EM.....] can we all be quiet and let Prue answer?

[KarnSummerfield] New'

PRUE.> found sapphires free chat room

PRUE.> and logged in there

PRUE.> not realising it was a tg room

PRUE.> started talking to the people there and found another girl looking for some answers to a problem she had

[JennyJ..] ..

PRUE.> regarding her cross-dressing husband

[RoyDelFrink] ...

[TeddiSueNM] .

PRUE.> any way I wanted to help so I did some research and got to be friends with her and a few others

PRUE.> then came a night when I met Cathy

PRUE.> she was about to commit suicide

PRUE.> and was taking a last look at the chat rooms when we met

[josie-2] .

PRUE.> me and another friend Neri saved her that night

PRUE.> something i hold dear to my heart

[KarnSummerfield] Good that you were there for her

PRUE.> any way to cut a long story short

[RoyDelFrink] Too late.

PRUE.> i tried to convince Cathy to write

PRUE.> and started to give her ideas for stories

[scramblerj] and write she does

PRUE.> hence my muse label

[KarnSummerfield] LOL and you now write too

PRUE.> and I found that I had a talent for coming up with ideas for stories

[RoyDelFrink] Misused?

[KarnSummerfield] naw

[JennyJ..] Miss Muse

PRUE.> but i never wanted to write

[KarnSummerfield] But you are good!!

[scramblerj] very good

PRUE.> I well i wasn’t very good in english

[TeddiSueNM] .

PRUE.> and still struggle as you know

[Amanda_UK] Neither was I, hated it

[KarnSummerfield] Better than in Kraut Spache!!

PRUE.> any way I was forced to write by my friends

PRUE.> lol

PRUE.> they kept on at me lol

[Sara...] .

[scramblerj] good for them

PRUE.> so here I am

[KarnSummerfield] They tied you up and beat you??

[RoyDelFrink] .

[JennyJ..] (with friends like that, who needs enemas?)

PRUE.> yes cruelly

PRUE.> lol

[Kim_EM.....] Prue, it was for your own good :)

[KarnSummerfield] ROFL

PRUE.> still have the rope burns

[KarnSummerfield] Ist gut!!

[RoseMom] first up is Roy

[JennyJ..] yeah, totally un-cord for, that.

[Kim_EM.....] don't worry, eventually we'll give the pictures back.. maybe even the negatives

RoyDelFrink] Prue, what kind of stories do you like to write?

[KarnSummerfield] ROFL

PRUE.> nice ones no meaningless cruelty or sadism ones

PRUE.> i do try to come up with something new

[RoyDelFrink] I don't like meaningless ones either.

[KarnSummerfield] No murders then?? Rofl!!


[JennyJ..] OK,

PRUE.> lol you know what i mean Karen

[KarnSummerfield] Yes, Teasin' like

[josie-2] .

[JennyJ..] Prue, when you're writing your stories, do you tend to write towards a female audience viewpoint, a male audience viewpoint, a TG viewpoint or none of the above?

[RoseMom] .

[RoyDelFrink] Or do you care?

PRUE.> good question i'm not sure exactly

[TeddiSueNM] .

PRUE.> i try to see it from the character point of view whether its a man or woman

[josie-2] .

[JennyJ..] yep

[Sara...] .

[KarnSummerfield] I think you write for your friends and just try to write a good story

[JennyJ..] Do you think you get inside the characters' heads, prue?

[KarnSummerfield] Not fretting on audience

[RoyDelFrink] Probly not. She's way too big.

PRUE.> lol well i try that’s all I can do

[KarnSummerfield] Petite Kiwi bird!

[RoseMom] Prue do you plot your story or just let it flow

[josie-2] lol

PRUE.> no it just flows

[josie-2] .

[KarnSummerfield] God!!

[RoyDelFrink] Like a river.

[KarnSummerfield] Good!!

[KarnSummerfield] Fer shure

[RoyDelFrink] Good "God", Karen.

[KarnSummerfield] ROFL

[JennyJ..] (I'd just like to say here that I think you manage quite a good job of getting inside the characters you write, Prue)

PRUE.> I wouldn’t know how to plot I think of the beginning and certain points in the story but the end is usually vague

[KarnSummerfield] I seldom plot

[JennyJ..] Plotting got Guy Fawkes nowhere good, lol

[RoyDelFrink] Then you seldom get arrested.

scramblerj] i miss anything?

[RoyDelFrink] We missed you, Scrambler.

[Amanda_UK] Yes it was really good

PRUE.> yes all the juicy bits lol

[scramblerj] darn

Amanda_UK] You'd never believe it

[RoyDelFrink] I'd never believe Amanda can misspell.

TeddiSueNM] ROFL!

[KarnSummerfield] Oh?

[JennyJ..] Hey, we're after pub closing times over here, Roy.

[Amanda_UK] Sorry the spellchecker dropped into American English

[JennyJ..] heh-heh

[KarnSummerfield] ROFL

[josie-2] cute!

[RoyDelFrink] How long till they open again, Jenny?

[scramblerj] whaz wrong with American English

[JennyJ..] Too bloody long, Roy

[josie-2] 30 minutes

Amanda_UK] and I have got some Youngs winter warmer Ale here

[KarnSummerfield] Port wine!!

[RoyDelFrink] Everything is bloody with you Brits. :)

PRUE.> ok anyone else?

scramblerj] good show old bean

[RoyDelFrink] Rose dropped out, so he have no chatmom, again.

PRUE.> umm i think so

[RoyDelFrink] We.

[JennyJ..] yes we do, she came back

[ChatRoseMom] I'm back

[Amanda_UK] Prue when you are 'voicing' the character

[RoyDelFrink] Oh, now I see "ChatRoseMom".

[ChatRoseMom] next up Kim

[JennyJ..] D'oh, do try to keep up that man!

[Amanda_UK] do you have problems moving from male to female

[KarnSummerfield] Prue, Now you are winding The Inheritor down, what's next??

PRUE.> sometimes

[Sara...] .


[RoyDelFrink] She just left.

[scramblerj] um she go bye bye

[KarnSummerfield] yup

PRUE.> i get stuck into a character that i move from third person to first person be it male or female

[josie-2] .

[KarnSummerfield] Yes?

PRUE.> kim you're up

[Kim_EM.......] #$^$&&*!!!!

[scramblerj] hello KIM

PRUE.> lol

[JennyJ..] I'll say it for you, Kim

[Kim_EM.......] sorry, booted AGAIN!

[scramblerj] such strong words

[TeddiSueNM] .

[JennyJ..] 888%!!!??*^??

[ChatRoseMom] .

[Kim_EM.......] still my turn?

[ChatRoseMom] YES IT IS

[KarnSummerfield] Yes

[RoyDelFrink] Yeah. I think so.

Kim_EM.......] Prue, what was the original inspiration for HuggleBugs?

[josie-2] I've a question

[RoyDelFrink] Tell the ChatMom, Josie, not us.

PRUE.> well i think people started arguing who invented the word huggles that i'd been using

[RoyDelFrink] My fault.

PRUE.> and it just grew from there

KarnSummerfield] Been around long before Prue

[Kim_EM.......] how did you go from the word to the concept of the nanites?

PRUE.> lol i've forgotten

[Kim_EM.......] LOL

PRUE.> yes karen i know

[JennyJ..] ..

[KarnSummerfield] LOL

PRUE.> i never said i'd invented the word

[KarnSummerfield] HUGGLES!!

KarnSummerfield] Nope

[KarnSummerfield] You did not!!

[RoyDelFrink] .

[Amanda_UK] .


[KarnSummerfield] LOL Others did indicate such

PRUE.> just that I used it I think it was Elaine that said it was my word

[Sara...] .

[Amanda_UK] Josie's gawn

[KarnSummerfield] Zips lips!

[scramblerj] no she's not

[RoyDelFrink] Stick up for yourself, Josie!

PRUE.> josie

[josie-2] Sorry for speaking out of turn earlier. My apologies everyone. Now, Prue. Did you do much writing before you started posting here at Crystal's?

PRUE.> no never, I didn’t think I could, or would ever write

[KarnSummerfield] You write well!!

[RoyDelFrink] I didn't think I could write cursive until I learned how in 4th grade.

[KarnSummerfield] LOL

PRUE.> well thanks to my friends that help proofing i do make too many errors

KarnSummerfield] Nopes!!

[KarnSummerfield] Few that get posted

[scramblerj] i have the same kind of help..makes me look like a better writer

PRUE.> and for that i'm very grateful

[ChatRoseMom] Prue what advice do you have for other perspiring authors out there

[KarnSummerfield] HUGGLES!!

[RoyDelFrink] Put on deodorant.

PRUE.> just start writing it doesn't matter if you think you stink

[KarnSummerfield] Install air conditioning!!

[RoyDelFrink] But it does matter if your armpits stink.

PRUE.> i was very critical of my own abilities

[scramblerj] just don't stand so close to me when you do :)

PRUE.> just put it down and ask for help proofing

[KarnSummerfield] And you have it!!

[KarnSummerfield] LOL even if I pick nits!!

[scramblerj] the short and skinny of it all

PRUE.> yes plenty of people willing to proof remember they get to read a new story before anyone else

> JeanRea has joined channel #XC.2179487

[josie-2] .

[ChatRoseMom] .

[Kim_EM.......] Prue, you don't need as much proofing as you think you do

[RoyDelFrink] Hi JeanRea.

[Kim_EM.......] Hi, Jean

[JeanRea] Hello ladies, heya Connie :)

[scramblerj] hi jean

[josie-2] Hi JeanRea

[ChatRoseMom] no Connie tonight

PRUE.> umm just thought Cathy sorry your missing this

[KarnSummerfield] Doing Prue Chat

PRUE.> she be so disappointed

[JeanRea] I am, is Connie ok?

PRUE.> we haven’t heard

[ChatRoseMom] heard from her Wednesday she was ready to go

PRUE.> i'm trying to fill her shoes

[KarnSummerfield] Hmm....?

[scramblerj] Or heels

[KarnSummerfield] I gotta log off!!

[scramblerj] see ya

[TeddiSueNM] I had a note from Connie on Friday saying she hoped she could do the chat.

PRUE.> huggles karen

[Kim_EM.......] Bye, Karen, and Huggles!

[KarnSummerfield] Mornin' chat Prue!!

[josie-2] night Karen

[scramblerj] I was hoping to ask her if she was still planning to do the second half of roger's plight

[KarnSummerfield] Nite Nites All!!

[scramblerj] nite Karen

PRUE.> byeeeeeeeeee

[JeanRea] Ummm BRB, coffee is here and I NEED a cup!! it's barely 9am here

[JeanRea] bye Karen

[scramblerj] its 6:30 pm here so pass the beer

PRUE.> josie you don’t have to log

PRUE.> i'm doing ok with it lol


[RoyDelFrink] Where are you Jean?

[josie-2] I have been, Prue

[ChatRoseMom] KIM IS NEXT

[Amanda_UK] Good Night all it's been interesting.

[JeanRea] back!

PRUE.> thank amanda

[Kim_EM.......] Prue, what can you tell us about your life outside writing?

[scramblerj] see ya amanda

[JennyJ..] Nite, Amanda

[RoyDelFrink] Nite Amanda. Don't let the hugglebugs bite.

[JeanRea] bya Amanda

[JennyJ..] Huggles

Kim_EM.......] bye, Amanda

[JeanRea] Roy I'm in Tokyo


[RoyDelFrink] Cool!

PRUE.> well i'm a florist in my real life

[RoyDelFrink] Too late, Mom.

[josie-2] Tokyo.... how cool!

PRUE.> i have a laptop now which i take to work and i write in my breaks lol

[RoyDelFrink] Are you on it right now?

[JennyJ..] No flowery prose though, Prue!

PRUE.> i only barely manage 500 words a day

[JeanRea] I do consulting on how to make foods taste better and last longer in a frozen state

[TeddiSueNM] .

PRUE.> no i'm on my main machine

[JennyJ..] Ah, but not so long ago you were only on 200 words a day, prue.

[JeanRea] that's better than me Prue :(

[Kim_EM.......] we want the juicy bits, Prue :)

[scramblerj] better than me too

[JeanRea] I'm not into that , sorry :)

PRUE.> well i'm only a one finger typer lol

[ChatRoseMom] Do you have a big family or are you the only baby

[RoyDelFrink] I'm on 400 mgs of Luvox a day. :)

PRUE.> i have brother in Australia

[RoyDelFrink] I've got two siblings, but I'm the only baby in the family, Rose.

[josie-2] .

[Kim_EM.......] you were born in the UK, right? How old were you when you emigrated? and why, if I may ask?

[RoyDelFrink] Because she could?

[JennyJ..] ..

PRUE.> i was 1yr old when i left

PRUE.> wanted to stay dry

PRUE.> lol

[JennyJ..] btw, Prue, point of interest to you, Amanda - who just left for bed - is from the town where you were born.

PRUE.> no my dad was in the airforce

[Kim_EM.......] diapers would have been easier

[RoyDelFrink] Or nappies?

[josie-2] lol

[JennyJ..] waders this winter here, lol

[ChatRoseMom] NEXT UP JeanRea

PRUE.> lol

[JeanRea] Prue, many of the stories in TG/TS fiction are set so the protagonist becomes hyper femme, do you see that as a limit or a drawback?

[RoyDelFrink] Or both?

PRUE.> and because my dad decided to emigrate i went along with it lol

[josie-2] Prue.... I'm logging for you so you can concentrate on the questions

[JeanRea] Hummm I was in the USAF too :)

[JennyJ..] ..

[ChatRoseMom] ..

>> Crystal. has joined channel #XC.2179487

PRUE.> well i think that's someone's fantasy but its not mine i try to be realistic within the realms of my story

[JeanRea] heya Crystal

[scramblerj] hello crystal

[JennyJ..] Hi, Crys, Huggles.

[RoyDelFrink] Hi Crystal. Where ya been?

[TeddiSueNM] Hi Crystal

[josie-2] Hi Crystal

[Kim_EM.......] Huggles, Crystal :)

[Crystal.] Hi everyone, sorry I'm so late.

[JennyJ..] weeellll

[RoyDelFrink] It wouldn't be the same without you.

[JennyJ..] we'll forgive you, just this once, lol

[Kim_EM.......] s'okay,,, Connie never made it, so this has become a Prue chat

[Crystal.] I hope that Connie is okay

PRUE.> hi crystal huggles

[RoyDelFrink] It wouldn't be the same without you.

[TeddiSueNM] Us too!

[TeddiSueNM] Connie had surgery recently and has been in considerable pain.

[ChatRoseMom] We have all sent wishes for her

[Kim_EM.......] crystal, we haven't heard anything

PRUE.> i think that becoming ultra femme can be a drawback to the credulity of the story

[scramblerj] poor gal

[RoyDelFrink] How much does sending Connie a Wish-a-Gram cost?

[ChatRoseMom] nothing but love Roy

RoyDelFrink] Oh, and where can I get this "love" at?

PRUE.> from the heart

[RoyDelFrink] And are there any of these "hearts" in my area? :)

[TeddiSueNM] Amen!


TeddiSueNM] By scrambler.

[JeanRea] Bye S-J

[RoyDelFrink] Bye scrambler. Don't get mixed up with any eggs.

PRUE.> byeeeeeeee

[JennyJ..] Bye, Scrambler.

[scramblerj] bye all

[Crystal.] bye scrambler

[ChatRoseMom] JOSIE

[josie-2] Prue. The fact that you have become as accomplished a writer as you have in such a short time is a testament to the passions dormant in you for far to long.. My question: Do you see yourself venturing into other kinds of genre to write?

[RoyDelFrink] .

PRUE.> not at this time i have some stories that still need to be written yet

PRUE.> and at the rate i write that will take a while

[josie-2] So you are happy with what you are able to do here?

[RoyDelFrink] If you type single-finger, I call understand why.

[josie-2] lol

PRUE.> my latest story was going to be a short one is now over 20,000 words

PRUE.> yes i like the company here

[josie-2] okay.... thanks

[JeanRea] welcome to word by the bushel club Prue :))

[ChatRoseMom] And well worth it

[RoyDelFrink] Does a carriage return count as a word?

PRUE.> the people I’ve met have been the best

[Kim_EM.......] the people who have met you think you are the best

PRUE.> blushes

[josie-2] absolutely!

PRUE.> ty

[ChatRoseMom] what Kim said

[JennyJ..] (passes Prue a BIG burger)

[josie-2] lol

[JeanRea] Prue, your alright for a .............................. GIRL!!!!!! <<smirgle>>

PRUE.> well its been a radical change from trying to help someone via the web to being a writer?

[josie-2] every journey begins with a....

[JennyJ..] bus ticket?

[josie-2] lol

[josie-2] a trip to Toyko

[TeddiSueNM] .

[JeanRea] lol

PRUE.> wb kim

[JeanRea] wb Kim :))

[Kim_EM........] $#$#&!!!!

PRUE.> lolololol

[Kim_EM........] my 8th boot of the chat

[JennyJ..] took the words out a my mouth, Kim

PRUE.> thats four pairs lol

[JeanRea] I wonder if Kim has a red dress to go w/all those boots?

[josie-2] Roy.... why so quiet? Brain on overload?

PRUE.> looks around

PRUE.> i see them but...

[Kim_EM........] umm.. don't own a single dress. *blushes* skirts, slacks, but no dresses. *shrugs*

PRUE.> hmmmm bad Kim

[josie-2] Christmas is coming, Kim

[JennyJ..] (starts looking through catalogue ...)

[ChatRoseMom] Ok lets shift into open chat now

[josie-2] coool!

PRUE.> just dont rush me lol

[josie-2] Prue.... did ya like your chat?

Kim_EM........] currently a 16 (hint hint) but hopefully smaller soon :)

[JennyJ..] Hokay - Prue, if you had to say one thing to someone who wanted to write but had never before given it a go, what would it be?

PRUE.> yes josie

[JeanRea] ummm I wear between a 10 to 14 depends on the dress

[JeanRea] wb Roy

[josie-2] Roy.... another Brandy????

PRUE.> dont worry about how good you think you are just do it and then show it to someone

[JennyJ..] Excellent.

[JennyJ..] (Huggles Prue)

[Crystal.] Prue, is your latest going to be a saga?

PRUE.> well it was a sequel to my other sequel

PRUE.> but it may be a 4/5 parter

[TeddiSueNM] .

[josie-2] a sequel to a sequel to a...

[ChatRoseMom] .

PRUE.> i'll get them all ready and you can post them one day at a time

[JennyJ..] First rule of writing/publishing - if you get onto a winner, keep milking it for all it's worth, lol.

[RoyDelFrink] Sorry about my absence.

[josie-2] lol

josie-2] Roy LIVES

[RoyDelFrink] I got some new e-mail, then popped-up a floating window I couldn't unfloat.

[Crystal.] But you start wanting to do something different

PRUE.> josie do you want to send the chat log in or do you want me to

[RoyDelFrink] So, what happened?

[JennyJ..] True, Crys, very true.

[Kim_EM........] Prue, any plans to continue John's gift?

[RoyDelFrink] Any plans not to?

PRUE.> yes i have other stories waiting to be written

[ChatRoseMom] Jenny speaking of milk wait for my next story

PRUE.> well yes i will

[JennyJ..] uh-oh!

[josie-2] Prue.... I just did mine as a back up.... wanted to practice in case I'm ever needed. You post it.... I'll see how mine came out

PRUE.> i have gift 9 done and partway into 10

[RoyDelFrink] What does milk have to do with your next story, Rose?

[JennyJ..] That could be an udder thing altogether.

[ChatRoseMom] just something Prue gave me (hint hint)

PRUE.> ok josie

PRUE.> i'll send it

[JeanRea] LOL, Jenny my fantasy novel is grown from a slim 100k to over 250 now and I'm still not done. I just wanted a cupa not the whole bloody COW!!!!

JennyJ..] Herd you loud and clear, Jean

PRUE.> lolol

[ChatRoseMom] oouwww

PRUE.> crystal

[Crystal.] hi

[JeanRea] I see that it be Hoofs me to listen you you, Dear Jenny :)

[ChatRoseMom] wb Kim

PRUE.> did u know that hacker was my first story ever

[JeanRea] wb Kim

Kim_EM.........] F***ing Parachat

[JennyJ..] heh-heh

[RoyDelFrink] This chat is winding down, and my chat room's not doing much, so I think I'll go now.

[RoyDelFrink] Bye all.

[Crystal.] yes, Prue, and a wonderful start

[Kim_EM.........] Crystal, you need to do something about ParaChat.. this is my ninth frickin' boot in two hours!

[JeanRea] bye Roy, have a great morning :)

[Crystal.] Bye Roy

[ChatRoseMom] bye Roy

[JennyJ..] Good night, Roy.

[RoyDelFrink] Roy Del Frink is leaving the building.

[josie-2] night Roy

PRUE.> it came from an idea after the virus you got and me and piper were discussing it and the story just fell into place

[Crystal.] Sorry, Kim. I don't know what I can do. It seems to be mostly happening to you though.

[ChatRoseMom] ah Kim that's not lady like (ducks for cover) but accurate

[Crystal.] I wish that I had that ability, Prue

[Kim_EM.........] I don't think NBCi's flavor of Java is very compatible with Linux... I'd bet it uses MS extensions that don't work right anywhere else

[Crystal.] Anyone else here using Linux?

PRUE.> no

[JennyJ..] (I understood about 5 f***ing percent of that, Kim)

[josie-2] not I

[JeanRea] hummm I connected through a VPN from here in Japan and I'm doing OK, I hope :)

[ChatRoseMom] no just Lucy

[ChatRoseMom] giggle

[JennyJ..] Lucy?

[josie-2] How long will you be staying in Tokyo, Jean?

PRUE.> i would like to make a statement

[Crystal.] Kim, can you have a Windows operating system coexisting on your system?

JennyJ..] Go on, Prue.

[Kim_EM.........] it's possible, but when I installed Linux I ripped Windoze out by the roots.. if I get a laptop, I may set it up as a dual boot, though

[JeanRea] till the 21st josie :)

[Kim_EM.........] most of the authors I know who use Linux don't come here because of their problems with parachat...

PRUE.> i couldn't have done this without the support of my friends who encouraged me and helped me and proofed for me

[josie-2] .

[JeanRea] I was only posed to be here a week and then to Paris for a week then back here, it hasn't been that easy so far :(

PRUE.> you all know who you are thank you

[josie-2] PARIS????

JeanRea] yes josie, Paris

[ChatRoseMom] more than welcome Prue

[Kim_EM.........] here a week, there a week, everywhere a week week

josie-2] Yikes! How envious can one person be!

[JeanRea] that's the life of a consultant

[Crystal.] We're glad that you finally decided to start writing, Prue

PRUE.> lol

[Kim_EM.........] Prue, you just needed the confidence to write.. the talent was within you all the time

[josie-2] I know I am, Prue.... I'm proud to know ya!

PRUE.> had to prise it out but lol

[JennyJ..] Oh, Crys?

[ChatRoseMom] A true renaissance woman Muse, Author, CEO and florist

PRUE.> regretting it now kim giggle

[Crystal.] hi

[JennyJ..] I got a name for the glossary earlier.

[JeanRea] I like to talk to someone (they don't have to be real) when I write, just watching their reactions helps me do a better job

[JennyJ..] Gonna call it The Britionary

Crystal.] Why not the Cockinary

PRUE.> lolololol

PRUE.> cockamamie

[JennyJ..] Gotta figure a way to incorporate the odd Aussie term in the sub title, but I'm working on my supply of puns at the moment, lol

[josie-2] lol

JennyJ..] Hmmmmm .... I'm thinking now.

[JeanRea] 8>

[JennyJ..] Watch out everybody!!!!!

[josie-2] Uh OH!

PRUE.> watch the fireworks


josie-2] somebody pass her another Martini

[JennyJ..] OH bugger it! It's gone for the moment (bangs head on keyboard) bdbdbkdkdfg

[Crystal.] With all your talk of police in the Britionary, I was surprised that you didn't include the 'Lady from Bristol'

JennyJ..] Lady from Bristol?

[JeanRea] she was a pistol?

[Crystal.] Cockney for pistol

[JennyJ..] Ah (makes note for another addition)

[JennyJ..] Wrong!!!

[JennyJ..] Well, not quite,

[JennyJ..] but ...

[JeanRea] wb Teddi

[JennyJ..] Do you know what Bristols means in rhyming slang?

PRUE.> sits in the corner

[JeanRea] re wb Teddi

[Crystal.] no

[josie-2] Pass the Hat?

[JennyJ..] 'kin hell, she's on elastic!

[TeddiSueNM] Thanks. i forgot to ping in time.

JennyJ..] Well, Bristols .... Bristol Cities = titties.

[JennyJ..] Honestly.

[JennyJ..] Bristols means just that.

[JennyJ..] Boobs, that is.

PRUE.> i knew that

[JennyJ..] Well, you're a Brit at heart anyway, Prue.

[Crystal.] That one I hadn't heard

[josie-2] Bristols means boobs.... live and learn

[JeanRea] looks down and says "hi girls :)"

PRUE.> lololol

[josie-2] lololol

[JennyJ..] Believe it or not, I've already got another twenty odd additions since I sent you that copy, Crys.

Crystal.] It'll be growing for sometime

[JennyJ..] Yes - and it seems to be pulling in some interest, too.

PRUE.> umm is the chat over

[JeanRea] I'm going to have to use that, "holstering the Bristols" in my next short fiction :)

[Kim_EM.........] why, Prue, dinner time?

PRUE.> if so i'll stop logging

[ChatRoseMom] that's up to you

[JennyJ..] Yep, that's exactly the expression, Jean.

PRUE.> no its just we started talking about jenny’s stuff

JeanRea] Prue it's 1011 here, what's the time in NZ?

[Kim_EM.........] this should be an interesting log to edit *grins*

PRUE.> 10 past 2

[TeddiSueNM] Got to run. Bye all.

[JeanRea] bye Teddi

[Kim_EM.........] bye, TeddiSue :)

[Crystal.] Bye Teddi Sue

[Kim_EM.........] Huggles!

[josie-2] Night Teddi

[josie-2] Well Prue.... I for one want to thank you for the marvellous evening

[ChatRoseMom] Jenn its just plain censorship

PRUE.> you're welcome

[josie-2] Like always, you're a wonderful host

[JennyJ..] Yeah, you could well be right, Rose.

[JennyJ..] Huggles to you, Prue.

[JeanRea] well I need to bath and get dressed soon, I'm due for brunch and some shopping w/some of the women I'm working with

[JeanRea] bathe

[Crystal.] Sorry I missed the first part of the chat. Glad that it was logged

[Kim_EM.........] I think Prue did a wonderful job in her first chat, and Rose did another fine job as ChatMom

PRUE.> lol

[JeanRea] me too, ty Prue :)

[JennyJ..] When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping, lol.

[josie-2] night Jean.... so nice seeing you again

[Crystal.] ty Prue, ty Rose

[JeanRea] night?

[Kim_EM.........] bye, Jean, and Huggles! Hope you're back again soon :)

[Crystal.] Night Jean

[JennyJ..] Yep, jean ...

[JeanRea] josie, it's 10 in the morning and nicely cool :)

[ChatRoseMom] your welcome all hope to do a Connie Chat soon

[JennyJ..] try to leave Japan as you found it!

[Kim_EM.........] And Crystal, thanks again for making the place for these chats to be held

[JeanRea] lol, I will try Jenny :)

[Kim_EM.........] (despite my feelings about parachat)

PRUE.> crystal ill send you the lot it starts a bit before we decided to make it a prue chat

[josie-2] <blushing> sorry, Jean.... forgot where you were at

Crystal.] I'm just sorry that you have so much trouble Kim

[Kim_EM.........] well... *shrugs* I'll live

PRUE.> yes rose ty

[JeanRea] bye girls, be well :))

[Crystal.] Okay Prue

PRUE.> byeeeeeeeeee

[JennyJ..] Bye jean - huggles

PRUE.> I'll let you read it and then you can cut it if u want

[Crystal.] okay

[josie-2] It'll be a lot to edit.... fer shure!

[Crystal.] Did anyone hear from Connie ?

PRUE.> rose do u want to officially close it

PRUE.> no

PRUE.> she's still not online




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