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StorySite Author Chat # 8        01-13-2001  8 pm EST

Chat Log with Guest Author : Anne Browning

ChatMom : Rose2

Log Secretary : Prudence Walker

The chat lasted for about one and a half hours. I have done minor editing on the log to correct some spelling errors, and remove some extraneous data. - Crystal



[Chatmom] Anne do you have any opening remarks

[AnneBrowning1] Just that it's nice to be here and thank Crystal for the site

[RoyDelFrink] As usual for Crystal's site, ladies first!

[Chatmom] first up Jannete Lynn

[JanneteLynn] Your description of clothing and outfits is WONDERFUL.........

Chatmom] Go ahead Jannete

[JanneteLynn] can you tell us how you became so knowledgeable?

[AnneBrowning1] Thanks it makes a story to me if I can get that part right its a building block

[AnneBrowning1] I've collected quite a number of fashion books f or all periods and I use them all the time in a story

[Chatmom] next up Roy Del Fink

[RoyDelFrink] What inspired you to write CD/TV fiction?

[AnneBrowning1] Hi Roy enjoyed your works. I discovered I was a TV at the age of ten. For a long time I was very active in the TG scene in Australia. I pulled back now and TG writing is my outlet

[RoyDelFrink] Wow someone likes my writing. :)

[RoyDelFrink] Thanx

[Chatmom] next up Joanne

[JoanneHillier] I know this is a lame question but out of stories you got posted here which one are you most proud of and why?

[RoyDelFrink] There's no such thing as a lame question, Joanne

[AnneBrowning1] Hmm tricky one I started writing the Gilded Cage and it just grew and grew  Love and Duty I like best of all

[JoanneHillier] Thanks :)

[JoanneHillier] They are all good hon

[JanneteLynn] Agree

[Chatmom] next up Josie

[AnneBrowning1] Thank you

[josie-1] First off, I would like to thank you for coming this evening. For me, it is a real pleasure to have this opportunity. My question: Now that Hilarie has found true happiness in the arms of her beloved Alice, what can we expect to come our way in the future?

[AnneBrowning1] I've started another series on the predecessors of Hilarie starts in 1900 and works upwards. The clothing from that time onwards was great. the 1920 and 30s etc good for feminisation

[RoyDelFrink] I'm bummed at the slowness of this chat. :-)

[josie-1] Thanks Anne.... We'll be waiting

[Chatmom] next up Brett

[ConnieGrant] Anne I liked Love and Duty best two, what made you depart from the previous themes?

[AnneBrowning1] I do write for reluctant Press as well Jane Barret over there. I like to keep a mixture of contemporary themes going as well.

[AnneBrowning1] as the Victorian ones

[natalie09876] is it always this slow?

[ConnieGrant] I was thinking of the kinder, gentler theme

[RoyDelFrink] Maybe too many people are on at once.

[AnneBrowning1] I have been censored on RP; the ones I put on Crystal are my favourites. I enjoy erotic writing.

[ConnieGrant] Censored, now there is a unkind word

[AnneBrowning1] Yes Connie it can move too much to the humiliation side keeping it balanced is difficult

[Chatmom] A question from Prue ...Will you be branching off of Force/Fem stories ?

[ConnieGrant] The few times I have tried it, it was no problem becoming real bitchy - fun too.

[AnneBrowning1] Connie yes and I think it was unjust the censor to the stage which all my stories will come off.

[AnneBrowning1] No I'll probably keep it going I've written some adventure thriller pre 2nd world war spy stories and I've some of those

[Chatmom] ty

[Chatmom] next up Josie- in the pipeline.

[josie-1] Following Connie's question: Gilded Cage seemed to give you free reign in exploring different levels of eroticism. More so than in your other stories. Will you be perusing this in the future?

[josie-1] Connie's question, re: censorship

[AnneBrowning1] It depends on the storyline Love and Duty was a gentle story The Victorian era on the other hand seems to lend itself to the erotic with all the repression etc yes that remain in some stories. I like writing in that form

[josie-1] It's appreciated

[josie-1] thanks

[Chatmom] NEXT UP Brett

[BrettLynn_] ok, Anne, I notice that your story style is very refined, very patient with a lot of historical references and what not

[BrettLynn_] what led you to write in that style?

[AnneBrowning1] Thank you. My academic traing is literature and history, I'm also a fan of Jane Austen and Dickens so I try to follow their style. I believe the more tempered the description the more erotic it can become. Once you written fuck or cock you cant retreat on the wording its all down hill from there. Probably not too well explained

[AnneBrowning1] I should have learned to touch type

[Chatmom] next up Jannete Lynn

[BrettLynn_] well, you tried

[Prue..> im correcting Anne lol

[JanneteLynn] Which of your characters is the closest to real Anne Browning? (Both in real life and in fantasy)

[AnneBrowning1] James Leshame from Love and duty and even he's pretty distant. I was contacted by a fan of Sugar and Spice who pictured me as a 30 year old history professor in Scotland. I shouldn't tell my age but I've passed 60. So Hilarie's way off.

[JanneteLynn] Thanks

[AnneBrowning1] Hope I'm not spoiling too many illusions

[josie-1] lol

[Chatmom] A question from Prue....Will there be a sequel to "Sugar and Spice"?

[JanneteLynn] No way! :-)

[AnneBrowning1] Hope I'm not spoiling too many illusions

[josie-1] lol

[AnneBrowning1] Hope I'm not spoiling too many illusions

[josie-1] lol

[BrettLynn] anne: you're turning out to be the classically trained writer your stories make you out to be

[ConnieGrant] Anne, your stories are very 'tight,' do you rewrite (edit) endlessly?

[AnneBrowning1] That's another I've started I normally write four to five at a time and they just keep moving towards the end. So yes I've had a lot of requests for S&S. It'll be better next time.

[JanneteLynn] WOW

[josie-1] double WOW!!!

[AnneBrowning1] Connie yes I do a lot of editing. There’s an area in GC8 I missed and must correct

[AnneBrowning1] Just on S&S I know its very popular, but there are a few plot problems and I want the next one to be better.

[ConnieGrant] I don't see the really gross problems until it's posted ;>((

[JanneteLynn] Anne - will you share your e-mail address?

[AnneBrowning1] OK but I’m more intimately involved.

[ConnieGrant] Posted

[AnneBrowning1] Sure its

[JanneteLynn] ty

[AnneBrowning1] Love to hear from you anytime

JanneteLynn] Thanks Anne

[AnneBrowning1] Could I just add a remark, it's a well worn path but we love feed back on our stories and I think all writers will agree

[Prue..> yes

[KimEM..] yes


[Chatmom] as Rose2 yes

[KimEM..] right now?

[Chatmom] yes

[BrettLynn] ok

[ConnieGrant] Yes

[KimEM..] okay... didn't want to interrupt the flow of the chat or anything.....

[KimEM..] I just wanted to thank everyone for the postings and letters of congratulations... there was several posts and more emails than I can every hope to respond to.......

[KimEM..] a number of people who posted are here tonight though, and I wanted to thank everyone for their encouragement..

[KimEM..] (end of interruption)

[Prue..> your welcome

[Elaine.] In sugar and spice what inspired you to write about the Scottish Borders?

[JanneteLynn] way to go Kim

[Chatmom] .

[Prue..> is it open chat now?

[josie-1] Anne: One last question please! Sugar and Spice is a wonderful tale. It reminds me of all that I once loved about tg fiction. I could only imagine how formidable the process of writing it must have been.... though I can tell it must have been a labour of love. My question: Have you ever published commercially??

[AnneBrowning1] Australia is a more difficult country to set an erotic story in . The setting is not quite right for the image so I've usually used the USA or Britain. Scotland I knew and it seemed just right for an isolated works like Evewear

[Elaine.] OK I liked it because I live there LOL and have written some in this area too

[Prue..> Anne why do you write forced fem stories as against anything else /

[BrettLynn] Anne: it's interesting that you're so polished. i feel weird about being on a site with you with my style

[Prue..> is there a special reason?

[AnneBrowning1] Just an add on yes Reluctant Press said they were' not going too so I put in on Fictionmania it was my first. Then all the sudden they published it

[AnneBrowning1] Brett writing styles are all correct, and I enjoy your stories it is just different ways.

[BrettLynn] not so say that you're bad, but it's different, you know?

[AnneBrowning1] right

[JanneteLynn] Have you posted all your works to Crystal's or Fictionmania?

[BrettLynn] and thanks for the compliment Anne :)

[josie-1] Brett... Anne has read Marilyn's tale.... I can hear you heart pounding from here

[AnneBrowning1] Apart from Reluctant Press there are another seven there.

[JanneteLynn] I will look them up!

[ConnieGrant] How is RP to deal with Anne?

[josie-1] me too.... are they published under the name "Anne Browning"?

[AnneBrowning1] Jane Barret

[josie-1] I'm going to buy them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[JanneteLynn] a "non - non de Plume"??

[Prue..> lol

[AnneBrowning1] I pinch my names from my favorite writers Jane Austen and Elizabeth Barret Browning

[JanneteLynn] lol

[JanneteLynn] good taste

[KimEM...] @&$@&*% parachat

[josie-1] Anne. Have you written the story you'd like best to be remember by?

[Prue..> wb kim

[josie-1] Anne..... Or is that one yet to come????

[AnneBrowning1] No hopefully it's still to come.

[JanneteLynn] good question Josie! Ann

[JanneteLynn] When may we expect your next?

[Chatmom] Rose2 asks what draws you to Force/Fem

[AnneBrowning1] another two weeks

[josie-1] and that will be?

[Prue..> Anne any special reason for concentrating on the forced fem type stories?

[JanneteLynn] Look forward to it - is it a new one or a continuation?

[Chatmom] 14 days from now

[josie-1] Anne. I'm sure you've read some from the various tg fiction collections about. Have you found a favourite story/author you'd like to share with us?

[AnneBrowning1] it's a Victorian Novel a feminisation one and includes the original Little Lord Fauntleroy good clothing and terrific setting.

[AnneBrowning1] and better typing

[josie-1] lol

[JanneteLynn] Neat

[AnneBrowning1] Yes Prue

[josie-1] Chatmom?

[AnneBrowning1] Thank and I enjoyed it

[Prue..> well i've asked twice now

Prue..> but got no answer

[JanneteLynn] Thanks for sharing Anne - will e-mail soon! G'nite all

[josie-1] Anne. It was truly a pleasure having you here this evening.

[ConnieGrant] Thanks Anne!

[Sissy_Demi] Anne, I'd like to apologise for coming so late. I logged in as soon as I got home!

[AnneBrowning1] Loved your stories Demi

[BrettLynn] now it's time to stroke my fragile ego!!!! ;-)

[KimEM...] and I'd like to apologize for bouncing off and on so much.. was having tech problems with parachat

[Crystal..] Great chat, Anne, Sorry I was late also.

[Sissy_Demi] I'm sorry I missed the chat but look forward to reading the transcript!

[AnneBrowning1] Ok bye

>> AnneBrowning1 has left channel #XC.2179487



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