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StorySite Author Chat # 1        11-11-2000 8pm EST

Chat Log with Guest Author : Jennifer Jane Pope

ChatMom : Kim Fox

Log Secretary : Prue Walker

The chat lasted for about two hours. I have done minor editing on the log to correct some spelling errors, and remove some extraneous data. - Crystal


[ChatMom] Okay, then I declare this chat underway. Please send your questions to me first, to be in line to be recognized

[josie-1] yes

[ChatMom] and Jenny, any opening statement?

[JennyJ..] Um ... well ... I thought about that ... and ...

[JennyJ..] I just thought I'd like to start by saying thank you to all of you who've taken the time and trouble to come along.

[JennyJ..] And that's about it, I think.

[ChatMom] okay, people, don't be shy...

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[ChatMom] questions for Jenny?

[JennyJ..] Hiya Rose.

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[ChatMom] This could be a short chat :)

[Rose2.] HI Jenny sorry I'm late

[JennyJ..] np hon - glad you could make it.

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[ChatMom] If you have questions for jenny, please ask me in private

[ChatMom] Okay, Ela

[Elaine..] what motivates you to write TG stories?

[JennyJ..] Ah .... well ...

[JennyJ..] Probably the same thing that motivates me to write anything, Elaine

[JennyJ..] I tend to think of a story as a story ... and the actual theme is secondary.

[JennyJ..] I think everyone knows that I write a lot of stuff apart from TG stories anyway.

[Elaine..] even your other works usually contain some Tg element though

[JennyJ..] And as Crystal's is basically a TG fiction site, I concentrate on TG stories for in here.

[JennyJ..] Yep, that's true - at least, they do if I can slip that past my editors, lol.

[JennyJ..] I suppose it's because, like most others who come here, I have a vested interest ...

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[JennyJ..] and the subject DOES open up all manner of possibilities.

[JennyJ..] I also tend to think of TG stories as an extension of science fiction/fantasy in a lot of cases.

[JennyJ..] And maybe there's the element of wish fulfillment - after all, whoever heard of a decent TG story where

[JennyJ..] the hero turns into an ugly heroine?

[Elaine..] ok

her [JennyJ..] Does that cover it, Elaine?

[JennyJ..] Hi Crystal.

[ChatMom] Everyone make sure to click in

[Crystal.] Hi Jenny

[Elaine..] nope couldn't you say you were Tg and be done with it? :)

[SaraUK..] ..

Prue.> here

[Pickles.] .

[Elaine..] .

[JennyJ..] Well, I could ... but do I really need to?

[RGeorgeD] Hi Jenny

[Elaine..] LOL

[JennyJ..] Hi George (and anyone else I haven't said Hi to yet), go ahead

[ChatMom] Ready for the next question, Jenny?

[JennyJ..] Yep - fire away.

[ChatMom] The next question is from Rose

ChatMom] FROM Rose2.] your story with us from the chat room I can see where you got

[ChatMom] that one from but, do your stories come from imagination or real life events

[JennyJ..] Well, that has to be the most FAQ for any writer, I guess.

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[JennyJ..] And the answer is - it's a bit of both.

[JennyJ..] Um ...

[JennyJ..] what I tend to do is store away liddle ideas and snippets and then they sort of come out and meld together.

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[LisaElizabeth] Hi

[JennyJ..] I get a lot of mails asking about this, that and the other that I've written in stories and I have this stock reply

[JennyJ..] "Just because I write about it, doesn't mean to say I do it and

[JennyJ..] just because I do it doesn't mean to say I'm ever going to write about it" but

[JennyJ..] it goes a bit further than that in reality.

[JennyJ..] Everything, everyday has potential to be part of a story, much as it's part of the everyday story, but

[JennyJ..] if we just stuck to the basic mundane, then the stories would be mundane, so

[JennyJ..] we have to select the best bits and expand from there

[JennyJ..] One of the best things I ever read was in an author's preface by Stephen King ...

[JennyJ..] he said he often looks at an everyday situation and then asks himself the question "What if ...?" and

[JennyJ..] that's worked for me, too. Rose2.] ty

[JennyJ..] Does that answer the question?

[Rose2.] yes ty

[JennyJ..] Welcome, hon.

[ChatMom] Our next question is from Josie

[ChatMom] and everyone remember to pass your questions to me to get on the list :)

[ChatMom] also, remember to click in

[josie-1] Considering the broad acceptance and appeal of tg/tv/ts fiction on the web in recent years,do you see any shift in attitudes in the minds of adult lit publishers toward the marketing of these kinds of books for the mass market?

[JennyJ..] Ah ... well, again, let's start with the short answer - which is "no", basically.

[JennyJ..] However ...

[JennyJ..] (hmm, gotta think about this one)

[LisaElizabeth] click

[JennyJ..] overall, publishers are a bit (what's the word?)

[JennyJ..] traditional?

[JennyJ..] narrow-minded (in the strictest sense of the word)

[JennyJ..] The problem is, at least with most of the editors I've encountered, that they tend to be very macho oriented, so

[JennyJ..] they love the female sub plots, etc

[JennyJ..] and they seem to think that a girl getting her poor botty walloped is the start and finish of erotic fiction.

[JennyJ..] Most of them wouldn't know which way is really up in the bedroom and so they surmise that all the potential readers out there are exactly the same as them.

[JennyJ..] They don't have much sympathy with TG fiction themselves, so they blinker themselves to the fact that there's a huge potential market for it.

[JennyJ..] I did have one editor who was looking like being the exception to that, but just

[JennyJ..] as we were getting something sorted, he got head-hunted and left and

[Elaine..] .

[JennyJ..] I'm still working on his successor.

[LisaElizabeth] .

[JennyJ..] Have I covered that? Or do you need any more thoughts on the subject, Josie?

[josie-1] Thank you, Jenny. You answered like someone whose been there, done that

[Rose2.] ..

[ChatMom] our next question is from RgeorgeD

[JennyJ..] Yeah - had a few run-ins with editors, that's for sure.

ChatMom] everyone, please don't be shy about asking, please private them to me

[ChatMom] and everyone please click in

[LisaElizabeth] click!

[Rose2.] clak

[ChatMom] RGeorge?

RGeorgeD] Hi Jenny. Any word when your books will be available in the US

[JennyJ..] Well ...

[JennyJ..] Early in the New Year, so far as I know ...

[JennyJ..] "Cauldron" is being released in January, simultaneously in the UK and the US and

JennyJ..] the third Nexus one will be out in both in March, I think.

[JennyJ..] Then there's going to be a liddle bit of kerfuffle as both publishers start rereleasing the back UK titles to the US market.

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[JennyJ..] The first back catalogue Chimera one will be "Net Asset" they tell me and Nexus are hoping to release both Genesis and Exodus by the time they have Revelations ready to market.

[JennyJ..] Basically, I think everything is still a bit loose, but it should settle down after Christmas and then I hope to have proper dates for all the titles.

[JennyJ..] I will let everyone know as soon as I do.

[ChatMom] I'm sure I speak for all of us in looking forward to seeing our titles on sale here

[JennyJ..] I think that's all I can tell you on that as things stand.

[ChatMom] The next question is from Josie

[JennyJ..] Thank you, Mommy - I'm kinda looking forward to it myself (imagines HUGE piles of dollars floating past)

[ChatMom] Please send questions to me in private to get on the list of questioners... and everyone please click in

[LisaElizabeth] yes ma'am.

[SaraUK..] .

[josie-1] Is Jenny Pope's universe the same today as it was before she found your way into Crystal's cosy little corner of the web some months back? And if so, how?

[RGeorgeD] Hi there

[Rose2.] clunk

[Elaine..] .

[JennyJ..] D'you know, Josie, that's the best question so far and one I wasn't expecting ...

[JennyJ..] Well, you have to remember I've sort of got two universes, same as we all have, but if you mean, as I think you do, the Jenny Head Universe of writing etc, then [JennyJ..] yes, it has shifted a bit since I first started coming in here. Until then

[JennyJ..] most feedback I got was via e-mail and the odd letter forwarded from the publishers, which can

[JennyJ..] tend to be formal and a bit stiff - mainly cos

[JennyJ..] people don't know me.

[JennyJ..] Since I started coming here, I've made a whole crowd of new friends and had the chance to bat a few ideas around and listen to other people's slant on things, which is the most important thing.

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[JennyJ..] I always tell people that writing is a pretty lonely (solitary) pastime, which still holds, of course, but having the chance to share a few thoughts, get feed back, etc is a great boost, and I'm sure everyone else here will agree with that.

[JennyJ..] Does that cover what you wanted to know, Josie?

[josie-1] Yes. and I thank you,

[ChatMom] Then next question is from, um, me.

[JennyJ..] (blows kiss)

[josie-1] lol

[ChatMom] Can you tell us more about your plans for the writing workshop site? and your motivations in setting this up?

[JennyJ..] Ah, yes.

[ChatMom] and everyone remember to click in

[LisaElizabeth] .

[SaraUK..] .

[Rose2.] .

[oanneo] .

[JennyJ..] Well, if anyone wants to know the rough outline plans and I don't cover them fully here, I've now posted the framework for the site with some ideas and

[JennyJ..] a few starter bits in it.

[RGeorgeD] RGeorgeD

Prue.> .

[JennyJ..] As for motivation - well, a couple of reasons.

[JennyJ..] One is what I've just been talking about - ie the loneliness of the long distance writer, lol

[JennyJ..] a place where people can get together and actually help each other with their writings.

[JennyJ..] I mean, I can help quite a bit when it comes to technical stuff and advice on presentation to publishers, etc, but

[JennyJ..] it's also paramount that everyone else has input, because that's the way a workshop works.

[JennyJ..] In trying to help someone else get their work tight and tidy, it makes us all think of our own efforts and sometimes look at them more closely.

JennyJ..] It's usually quite true that it's easier to see faults in others than to admit to them in ourselves.

[JennyJ..] I used to be part of a big workshop/circle here in Portsmouth and I found it as useful to me as I was ever of use to anyone else.

[JennyJ..] Two-way thing.

[JennyJ..] And hopefully, eventually the workshop will encourage new writers to start writing and maybe get a few older hands into print.

JennyJ..] Does that cover?

[JennyJ..] Shall I give the URL of the Workshop site?

[LisaElizabeth] .

[josie-1] .

[SaraUK..] .

[ChatMom] yes, Jenny, that would help anyone who's interested

[ChatMom] everyone please click in before getting booted

[JennyJ..] OK - well, for those who are interested, it's at

[ChatMom] Thanks, Jenny, and I'd encourage all the writers and prospective readers to check out the site

[JennyJ..] And PLEASE mail me if you're interested in what I've said in there.

[Rose2.] .

ChatMom] Anyone with questions, please pass them to me to get on the list

[ChatMom] our next question is passed on from Prue, who's busy logging the chat. And thanks to Prue for her efforts.

[Elaine..] .

[JennyJ..] Yes, thanks Prue. Huggles.

ChatMom] Prue asks if you ever get stuck for endings to your stories? if so, how do you find a resolution?

[JennyJ..] Prue's cheating, lol!!!!!

[JennyJ..] heh-heh -

[JennyJ..] Yes, now and then I get stuck, same as I was with this latest novel.

[JennyJ..] As to how I resolve it, well ..

JennyJ..] first I pray to the gods of fiction and

[JennyJ..] when they refuse to answer an old atheist, I cross my fingers, cross my legs and just sort of bang my head a few times.

[JennyJ..] Actually, there's no REAL answer to this one.

[JennyJ..] It's a case of walking away from the thing, maybe for an hour, maybe for longer and

[JennyJ..] just sort of letting things roll about in my head.

[JennyJ..] Then I sit down again and draw pictures in my head of the cheque from the publishers and

[JennyJ..] if that doesn't work, I log in either here or on ICQ and have a chat, or

[JennyJ..] maybe just go for a walk.

Prue.> lol

[JennyJ..] Mostly, the endings do come as the story starts to unfold, so this last one was almost the first problem I'd had, and

[JennyJ..] most of that was because I know/knew that the editor would expect his quota of certain things and I had to get the story around that, somehow.

[JennyJ..] In the end, the problem was that I had far too much story, so I just phoned him and said "If you want this to be any good, it

[JennyJ..] has to be the first part of a two-parter."

[JennyJ..] and he just said OK, do what you want.

[JennyJ..] So .... I did.

[JennyJ..] I'd like to throw a general question back for everyone to consider, if that's OK, Kim?

[ChatMom] Sure, go ahead, Jenny

[JennyJ..] Right, well ...

[ChatMom] everyone please click in, by the way

Prue.> ok

[SaraUK..] .

[LisaElizabeth] whew, I'm back!

[RGeorgeD] Im here

[JennyJ..] Has anyone ever found themselves, having started a story, in a situation where the characters just sort of take over and the plot starts all but writing itself? Well,

[Rose2.] .

[LisaElizabeth] YES!!!

[ChatMom] Yes, Jenny

[JennyJ..] that's what I usually hope will happen, because that means I've hit something a bit special and

[LisaElizabeth] Sometimes the story tries to write itself!

Prue.> yes

[JennyJ..] the writing then becomes so easy that it's just like being a reporter observing and

[JennyJ..] reporting back.

[Crystal.] Don't they always?

[ChatMom] Sometimes the kids just take the reins and won't do what I plotted

[JennyJ..] It's when outside influences interfere with that I find it gets a bit more like hard work.

[JennyJ..] Yes, you've all been there, I can tell.

JennyJ..] Well, when that happens, don't fight it - let 'em have their heads!

[JennyJ..] That's all I wanted to say on that one, Kim.

[ChatMom] Thanks, Jenny

[ChatMom] Anyone with questions, please send them to me to get on the list

[JennyJ..] Supplementary question - who's in charge of making the tea in here tonight?

[ChatMom] Our next question is from LisaElizabeth

[ChatMom] um, do you need a tea break, Jenny?

Prue.> (ttt}>

[LisaElizabeth] Jenny, a follow up to Josie's.

[JennyJ..] Not yet, hon. Still holding up.

JennyJ..] OK

[ChatMom] okay, go ahead, LisaE

[JennyJ..] fire away.

[LisaElizabeth] Has your universe expanded? Or have you just moved to a different niche in your writing?

[JennyJ..] Yes. And no. And maybe. The thing is

[LisaElizabeth] I'll start the tea pot!

[JennyJ..] that over the years I've written in a good many genres and fields and so, I

[JennyJ..] guess you could say my universe has expanded. Basically,

[JennyJ..] we get a liddle older every day, we see more, hear more, maybe understand more, etc

[JennyJ..] and so there are new ideas, new roads to travel, etc, etc.

[JennyJ..] Um ..

[JennyJ..] I'd hate to think that I would ever get stuck in any one particular niche - there are

[JennyJ..] certain guidelines from publishers, true enough, but if any of you have

[JennyJ..] read any of my actual novels, I'd like to think

[JennyJ..] that I am getting slightly more adventurous than some of my peers in the genre.

[JennyJ..] I hope that doesn't sound conceited, cos it ain't meant to, but

JennyJ..] liddle by liddle I keep trying to slip extra bits in to each new book.

[SaraUK..] .

[ChatMom] please click in, everyone

[JennyJ..] I've been talking to both publishers about doing a time-travel/bodyswap series, which they're interested in (though I'm

[LisaElizabeth] .

[Rose2.] .

Prue.> .

[JennyJ..] not sure they really know what I have in mind [snigger] so

[JennyJ..] with luck I can get to push the boundaries a bit further again.

[JennyJ..] So far, I've managed to slip TG scenes and sub-plots into five of my published books (maybe six) so

[JennyJ..] that opens the way for a bit more of the same and a bit more of something new and different in the future.

[JennyJ..] Hopefully that answers the question?

LisaElizabeth] Sounds expanded to me! thanks Jenny.

[JennyJ..] Welcome, hon.

[ChatMom] everyone, please ask your questions to me privately to get on the list

[LisaElizabeth] tes pots whistling!

[ChatMom] I know everyone is getting tired of hearing it, so send me lots of questions!

[JennyJ..] My kettle's two floors down!

[LisaElizabeth] honestly? Mine's a 15 minute drive!

[ChatMom] The next question is from Prue, and she wishes to know about any new web projects you're working on currently

Prue.> lol

[JennyJ..] Well, I've been working on the Workshop site, as I think you all now know,

[JennyJ..] and, whilst I'm back on that subject, I'd

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[JennyJ..] like to thank Crystal for offering the use of Chatroom 5 for regular meetings of the participants.

[JennyJ..] I also need to tidy up my main site again, but that's another story, lol.

[JennyJ..] And then there's the Hugglebugs site, which has just started, but I'm

[JennyJ..] not the one doing all the work there.

[JennyJ..] Though it should be a fun site, as it started from a few of us just having fun and chatting about the usual things we chat about.

[JennyJ..] The thing that strikes me

Prue.> address?

[JennyJ..] is that there's an awful lot of good things that are basically springing out from this site in the first place.

[JennyJ..] um ...

[LisaElizabeth] .

[JennyJ..] What Crystal started here is motivating lots of people, not just to write, but to get involved with one another and try to spread the "word" as far as possible.

[ChatMom] I'd encourage everyone to check out the HuggleBugs site following the chat

y [JennyJ..] You simply have NO idea what you've started, Crystal!

[SaraUK..] .

[ChatMom] I have to agree with Jenny...

[JennyJ..] Does that cover?

Prue.> yes

[ChatMom] There are a lot of new writers here, motivated by the atmosphere and the chatting with other authors

[ChatMom] Do we need a tea break, Jenny?

[JennyJ..] Um ... I could use a cuppa (when couldn't I?)

[LisaElizabeth] It's ready? Can I serve now?

[JennyJ..] Put it to the vote?

Prue.> lol

[ChatMom] Okay, lets take a 5 minute break, and then we'll continue

[JennyJ..] Three sugars please LisaE

LisaElizabeth] okay!

[JennyJ..] (runs for kettle)

[ChatMom] I have 18 after the hour.. Let's resume at 25 after

Rose2.] (_)>

[LisaElizabeth] Hey! I can pour!

[RGeorgeD] Got to run. Bye.

Prue.> (____)>

[ChatMom] don't forget to click in before leaving the computer for your tea :)v

[SaraUK..] .

[LisaElizabeth] Just 'cause I'm nine in my stories, doesn't mean I can't pour tea!

Prue.> lol@lisa

loo ChatMom] Josie was next, but she seems to be among the missing.. I'll give her priority if/when she returns

[JennyJ..] OK

[ChatMom] Rose, your question?

Rose2.] Jenny Hubble was full of comedy do you plan more like that

[JennyJ..] Yes, certainly.

[JennyJ..] Actually, that didn't start off to be a comedy as such, just a

[JennyJ..] bit of light-heartedness in it and then those damned warlocks got loose!

[JennyJ..] I do love reading comedy stuff and I've always loved writing it, whenever I've had the chance.

[JennyJ..] I did plan a sequel to Hubble Bubble before now, but the ratted novel took longer to finish than I'd planned.

[JennyJ..] But ....

[JennyJ..] they WILL be back.

[JennyJ..] and I've got one or two other liddle ideas floating around, too.

[ChatMom] I have to agree with Jenny...

[JennyJ..] Does that cover?

Prue.> yes

[ChatMom] There are a lot of new writers here, motivated by the atmosphere and the chatting with other authors

[ChatMom] Do we need a tea break, Jenny?

[JennyJ..] Um ... I could use a cuppa (when couldn't I?)

[JennyJ..] I think that covers that, yes?

[Rose2.] yes, cool

[ChatMom] everyone click in

[SaraUK..] .

[ChatMom] and again, please pass requests to me privately

[LisaElizabeth] .

[ChatMom] Our next question is from Crystal

[Crystal.] Jenny, have you noticed any changes in book sales since you started slipping TG elements in?

[JennyJ..] Oh, now that IS a hard one.

[JennyJ..] I honestly couldn't say for sure.

[JennyJ..] Chimera also ran into a problem earlier this year, when

- their main distributor went to the wall, which screwed up accurate

- sales returns for about 3 months.

[LisaElizabeth] She needs a counter like you supply us!

[JennyJ..] The other thing is that

[JennyJ..] with royalty statements coming every six months, it really needs a couple of years to see accurate sales figures.

[JennyJ..] I wish I could give a better answer than this, but unfortunately I can't.

[ChatMom] Everyone please click in

[Rose2.] .

[Crystal.] Okay, I knew that it might be impossible to answer so early on.

[JennyJ..] I will let you know the moment I get any proper indications, though and that's a promise.

[ChatMom] The queue of questions is run dry, so we're going to switch over to open chat now... THIS IS STILL PART OF THE OFFICIAL CHAT, but you may ask Jenny directly...

ChatMom] please, still keep any crosstalk in private mode

[ChatMom] Jenny, how does one approach a publisher? And what are they looking for?

[JennyJ..] Right, well ...

[JennyJ..] The first thing to do is to make sure you're approaching the RIGHT publisher with the right material.

[SaraUK..] .

[JennyJ..] There are also different ways of approaching different publishers, depending upon how they prefer to work.

[JennyJ..] The usual way is to write a letter - brief, but professional and send along a synopsis and a sample chapter or two.

[JennyJ..] Some publishers will accept a complete manuscript as the submission, but mostly they just want the first chunk.

[JennyJ..] Obviously, they're looking to see if you can write, which

[JennyJ..] may sound too obvious, but ...

[JennyJ..] That means that you should check your letter carefully, for

[JennyJ..] spellings and typos as well as phrasing, etc.

JennyJ..] The letter is the first thing the publisher/editor will see and if that looks

JennyJ..] amateurish or messy, he probably won't even look at the MS.

[JennyJ..] Then ...

[JennyJ..] the thing to remember is that almost every editor receives a

stack of submissions each

[JennyJ..] week you wouldn't believe. The priority always goes to

[JennyJ..] writers they've published previously and to work they've actually commissioned.

[JennyJ..] So, if you've not dealt with them before, your MS goes onto

what they call the "slush pile" and

[JennyJ..] will receive attention as and when time permits.

[JennyJ..] So ...

[Prue.> jenny when will the story possecats get added to

[JennyJ..] it's VERY important that your first page or two grabs the attention immediately.

[JennyJ..] (Not long, Prue, promise)

[JennyJ..] You have to get something into those first two pages that stands out and

[LisaElizabeth] .

[JennyJ..] you should make absolutely certain that there are no errors

in it technically speaking.

[JennyJ..] Ideally, you want to smack the reader (in this case the editor) straight

[JennyJ..] between the eyes in the first paragraph.

[Rose2.] Jenny any subjects you refuse to write about

[Crystal.] When you say 'letter', do you mean that electronic mail is

taboo for initial contacts?

[JennyJ..] Also, going back to what I said a couple of minutes ago, RESEARCH your publisher carefully first

[JennyJ..] there are books available to help - here in the UK we have something called

[JennyJ..] "The Writers and Artists Year Book" which

[JennyJ..] lists all UK publishers and the genres they publish, plus a largish section on US publishers.

[JennyJ..] Also, most publishers now have a web site and they'll have details in that,

[JennyJ..] including how and what to submit.

[ChatMom] Looking forward to seeing that, Jenny :)

[JennyJ..] Right, I think that covers that. I shall put something up in the Workshop about how to approach publishers.

[JennyJ..] Um ... Rose ...

[JennyJ..] I nearly missed that one, as I was head down and typing.

[JennyJ..] Subjects I refuse to write about ....

[JennyJ..] Bestiality, necrophilia and ANYTHING concerning kiddies. or about kids?

[JennyJ..] Other than that ... I can't think of anything off hand immediately.

[Rose2.] good, thank you

[JennyJ..] Oh - incest.

[JennyJ..] Nearly forgot that.

[LisaElizabeth] Thank you! An author with morals!

[JennyJ..] Well, I hope so.

[ChatMom] click in, everyone

[JennyJ..] I'm particularly against anything that uses kids - kids are very precious to me - got two stepchildren and a daughter and a sixth grandchild on the way.

[LisaElizabeth] It amazes me at some of the stories that have incestual relationships in them!

Prue.> jenny your stories have been posted to another site too

[JennyJ..] And I ruin all the grandchildren equally and then give them back to their parents in time for bed, lol!

[SaraUK..] Jenny, if you were free to write about any thing, and get it published what would it be about, and why?

[JennyJ..] Hang on, there's two questions there.

[ChatMom] Jenny, one presumes that you are speaking purely of the sexually-oriented stories only, not an aversion to stor

[JennyJ..] Yes, some of my stories are elsewhere. At least one is in Hugglebugs already and now one in Dark Portal.

[JennyJ..] Oh yes, I don't have any aversion to stories about kids in the general sense.

[ChatMom] Jenny, just for everyone's info, DarkPortal is in the process of becoming StoryPortal

[JennyJ..] It's the sexual stuff - I have a very dear friend whose son

[JennyJ..] was sexually abused for two years and no one knew about it for ages.

[JennyJ..] I saw what it did to him, to his mother, to the rest of the family, etc

[JennyJ..] And I know what I'd like to do to the bastards who are responsible for such things.

[LisaElizabeth] I'll hold them down for you!

[JennyJ..] I've got the blunt knife ready, lol!

[ChatMom] If you need volunteers, Jenny, you've got help

[JennyJ..] Thank you!

[SaraUK..] Jenny, if you were free to write about any thing, and get it published

[ChatMom] - what would it be about, and why?

[JennyJ..] Blimey, Sara, where do I start?

[JennyJ..] Comedy, obviously. I love the idea of making people laugh.

[JennyJ..] Time travel

[JennyJ..] bit of romance.

[JennyJ..] More comedy

[JennyJ..] For those of you who don't already know, my favourite author is Terry Pratchett.

[JennyJ..] He's hysterically funny at times and is also very observant re human nature.

[JennyJ..] He may write about witches, dwarves, wizards, trolls, etc, but you can see

[JennyJ..] in those characters traits you see in people you meet every day of your life.

[ChatMom] click in, everyone

[Rose2.] Jenny, Had a great time love to all Huggles

[JennyJ..] It's very clever stuff, if you've never read him.

[SaraUK..] .

[LisaElizabeth] .

[JennyJ..] Huggles, Rose. Glad you could come, hon.

[JennyJ..] Actually, I just had an idea for a story - in which

[JennyJ..] Queen Elizabeth I is really a male CD (probably

[JennyJ..] why she was known as the Virgin Queen)

[JennyJ..] Have to file that one for later.

[JennyJ..] But as for getting it published, well ....

[ChatMom] that one I'd love to read :)

[LisaElizabeth] I'm sure Crystal would post it!

[JennyJ..] Queen Liz: (lying through her teeth) I may have the body of a weak and feeble woman ..."

Prue.> and don't you plan on doing a story based on you experiences under hypnosis

[JennyJ..] Well, I'd like to think I could do something eventually, Prue, but

[JennyJ..] I'm going back for another session or two as soon as I get a free morning again, so

[JennyJ..] I'm hoping there'll be more to come from it.

JennyJ..] It's only been fleeting thingies so far.

[LisaElizabeth] Got to run! have to be up early! Thank you Jenny. I look forward to when your books are

[LisaElizabeth] published in the US. Night to all!

[JennyJ..] Thanks Lisa Elizabeth!

[JennyJ..] Catch you soon, hon.

[JennyJ..] Huggles.

[Crystal.] We can get away with picking on the first family, but can you get away with picking on the royals?

[Crystal.] Nite LE

[JennyJ..] Oh yes, definitely nowadays.

[JennyJ..] Once upon a time it would have been regarded as "bad form", but now it's open season, except

[JennyJ..] for the Queen Mum.

[JennyJ..] She's sacrosanct.

[JennyJ..] Besides, she's 100 now and can't fight back, lol.

[ChatMom] Well, folks, it's getting to be about time to end the official chat. I'd invite everyone to stay around ahc informally chat.... I'd like to thank Jenny for putting up with us all, and Crystal for providing the forum!

[JennyJ..] And I'd like to say a big Thank You to everyone who came and to Kim for being Mom and to Prue for getting all this down and of course to Crystal

[JennyJ..] And I'd also like to say I've enjoyed this and hope everyone else has, too.

[Crystal.] Thank you for a great chat nite Jenny.

ChatMom] okay, I declare this chat over; let the melee begin :)


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